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-V#* * - • * , , - V . ,'i . W t o s i r w - w - .■S' P a g e S ix ■f *' ’ s > - ' . f V t i- » ’.K / t G H H O N I C L e -K X P R E S S , P je N N V A N , N . V., J U N E 17,1926 - t elephoi^ ^ —■ H* Federal Commissioner Middlesex Field Day Winners R U S H V I L L E SECTIO N -IR O N I C ! Announced . m i r » The field day and picnic for the schools of Middlesex was held Friday, June 11, 1926. Program of afternoon sport events: Ball Throwing Contest Boys--finder 9 years, 1st prize, Ar­ thur Emprson; 2nd prize, Hqrold Bay- les; 9 to 12 years, 1st, HqAyar.d Fox; 2nd, William Reynolds; 12 to 15 years, 1st, Harold Dunton; 2nd, Ward Emer­ son; over 15, 1st, Cline McCombs; 2nd, Edgtrr Latter. Girls—Under 9 years, 1st prize, Lu­ cille Reynolds; Emerson; 9 to 12 years, 1st, Alice Cooper; 2nd, Rose Martin; 12 to 15 MRS. RUTH B. HALSTEAD, Local Representative Telephone Ruabvljie S4-Y-1 Wecfdmgs STURM-FRANCISQO At 6 o’clock Sunday evening at thc£ Methodist cfiurch ip Middlesex too& place the marriage of Miss Fra nee Francisco, only daughter of Mr. and) i Mrs. Robert Francisco, and Charles Jt. Sturm, of Vine Valley, Rev. Charles -pd prize,^ Margaret ; Fryer performing the ceremony. ! The chuyob had been beautifully deg- R U S H V I L L E LO C A L NO T E S Rushville stores were closed last Thursday afternoon from 2 to 3 o’clock during the funeral services of Henry F. Fisher. R U S H V I L L E PE R S O N A L S a _ . . , orated for Children's Day with snow- years, 1st, Marguerite Dinehart; 2nd, | |^a]|s> spirea, peonies and iris and Jivelyn McCombs; over 15, 1st, Mary maj e a very lovely setting for the Hadsell; 2nd, Florence McCombs. ceremony. Three Legged Race ! The bride and groom were attended Boys under 12 years, 1st prize, Mias Iva Powers and Howard Mack. Harold Middlebrook and Arthur Liner- bride wqre a traveling costum/e son; 2nd prize, Clellan Mull and How-, of voa(?j ap(] por niaid a gray hat and ard Fox; boys over 1- years, 1st, Guy , COat with a green dress. Francisco and Lypn Hughener; 2nd, i r£\\$ newly iparried couple arp Herbert Jacobs and Millord Chrysler. | spending a few dg,ys at Niagara Falls Shoe Race j and upon their return will reside op Older girls, 1st prize, Dorothy* El- | tjie gr 00 m’s farm in Vjne Valley, lick; 2nd prize, Marguerite Dinehart, ](nown the Clawson farm. The younger girls, 1st, Harriet Dunton; gr 00 m’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John 2nd, Margaret Emerson. Sturm, have moved to another house Wheelbarrow Race on the same farm. Boys 1st prize, Ray Fox; *nd prize, The bride is a graduate pf Middlesex Gordon Cooper. high school and attended Brockporf Peanut Hunt Normal one year. For the past tw Boys and girls under 1- years, 1st ; years she pag taught school in tl) prize, Marguerite Ellick; 2nd prize, Reddout district. Gordon Fitch leaves Syracuse Uni­ versity Wednesday qf this week with the varsity crew to take part in the annual regatta at Poughkeepsie, Francis Harkness has been elected to the Chimera Society of Hobart Col­ lege, an honorary society of the junipr class, for excellence in general activi­ ties. ♦ W. J. Falke leaves here Thursday for New York to attend a meeting of Overland dealers. He will drive back the new model called The Whippet, re­ turning Saturday. E. J. Pratt and George Carr are building new porches on their respec­ tive residences. A new cement porch and walk are being constructed at Mrs. Orra OlmsteacVs home. ♦ Rushville and Middlesex residents particularly 'will he interested in the article from Mrs. Franc Adams, of Ma­ son, Midi., and formerly of Middlesex. The article appears op page nine of this week’s Chronicle-Express. \ 4 « ^ Rear Admiral H. 0. Stickney, re- ( tired, who has been appointed by Sec- j retaries Hoover and Kellogg as Fed-i eral Commissioner to the Sesqui-Cen- : tennial International Exposition com-i memorattng the 150th anniversary of \ American Independence and which ] will he held in Philadelphia from June; 1 to December 1. Admiral Stickney j will be in full charge of the United States Government exhibit, which will fce the largest of its type ever made. ------------------------------- <*. ------------------------------- P R O N U N C I A T I O N A I D Ernest Cooper. Candle Race Older girls, 1st prize, Marguerite Dinehart; 2nd prize, Florence Mc­ Combs. Broad Jump Standing—Boys 9 to 12 years, 1st prize, Harold Middlebrook: 2nd prize, Arthur Emerson; boys 12 to 15 years, 1st, Lyle Whitman; 2nd, Ray Fox; boys over 15 years, ------------ Running— Boys 9 to 12 years, 1st prize, Harold Middlebrook; 2nd prize, Arthur Emerson; boys 12 to 15 years, 1st, Lyle Whitman; 2nd, Ray Fox; boys over 15 years, 1st,,Karl Emerson; 2nd, Herbert Jacobs. Dashes Boys— Under 9 years, 25 yards, 1st prize, Arthur Emerson; 2nd prize, Thomas Roach: 9 to 12 vf >« vs , 40 yards, 1st, Harold Middlebrook; 2nd, William Reynolds; 12 to 15 years, 60 yards, 1st, Ward Emerson; 2nd, Ray Fox; over 15 years. 100 yards, 1st, Sheldon Moth- ersell; 2nd, Karl Emerson. ♦ Wins Success On Monday Mr. and Mrs. Frank W y man received word that their soq Whit ford Wyman, who is conipletin his sophomore year at Cornell Uni versity, had won an appointment as assistant manager qf the campus laun- ] dry for the coming year, with ad­ vancement to manager next year. This position carries Avith it a salary amply sufficient to cover his expenses while* at college and }s awarded to the stu­ dent employee wjth the highest num­ ber of points (or the year’s work in the laundry, based on several lines of effort including new customers se­ cured, bookkeeping, window displays and office management. Wyman Avas one of the youngest students ever graduated from Rushville high sehopl and with one of the highest averages for the four years’ work, thereby win­ ning a state scholarship at Cornell. He also won the county scholarship Mrs. John Rupert, who is conv*alesc- ing from a serious illness at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Karl -Mallory, in Penn Yan, wa's able to spend Thurs­ day at her OAvn home here. She w ish­ es to express to her friends here, her appreciation of their remembrances during her illness. ------ —♦ --------- The ladies of the Methodist church will hold a bake sale at Fred Bard- Avell’s store Saturday afternoon of this week beginning at 2 o’clock. They Avould like to be well patronized as they expect an abundance of various articles of food including salad, baked beans, cake, cottage cheese, bread, rolls and cookies. Stanley Reddout had the ple.asdre last'week of entertaining from Tues­ day until Thursday his cousin, Rev. Joseph W. Angell, of Glendale, Ore­ gon, Avho came east as a delegate to the Presbyterian assembly at Balti­ more, and stopped here on his *:vay Mr. Angell’s last visit h e r e Avas 50 y e a r s ago AArhen he Avas a home. about child. begins his Avork as assistant manager of the laundry on July 1 st so will be home for only one week-end before that time. A wide circle of friends and well-wishers are much pleased with his success. 1 Girls—Under 9 years, 25 yards, 1 st ! through competitive examination. He prize, Margaret Emerson; 2nd prize, Ruth Slack; 9 to 12 years, 25 yards, 1st, Rose Martin: 2nd, Harriet Roach; 12 to 15 years, 40 yards, 1st, Rose Hegerty; 2nd, Marguerite Dinehart; over 15 years, 50 yards, 1st, Dorothy Ellick; 2pd, Florence McCombs. Tug of War Leaders—Boys, 1st prize, Howard Fox; 2nd prize, Arthur Emerson; girls, 1st, Alice Cooper; 2nd, Uneida Law- ton; older girls, 1st, Rose Ilegerty; 2nd, Florence McCombs; older boys, 1st, Ray Fox; 2nd, Ward Emerson. ♦- Make Plans for Reunion ♦ Rushville Church Notes June Webster, descendant of the famous lexicographer, Noah Webster, presents a copy of her ancestor’s work to the Publicity Department of the Sesqui-Centennial International Expo­ sition Association to help them in pro­ nouncing properly the name of the big events which opens June 1 to cele­ brate the 150th anniversary of the Signing o f the Declaration of Independ­ ence. There are many types of pro­ nunciations heard but there is just one proper way Noah says. It is “ Ses- Kwuh-cen-ten’-nial” with the accent on the first syllable of the “ Sesqui” and on the second syllable of the “ centen- - ----- ------------ Good Hawks and Bad FIRST CONGREGATIONAL HoAvard B. Withers, Pastor i * 7 At the regular Sunday morning serv­ ice of 'worship at 10:45 the pastor will preach the Baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class of Rushville high school. This is a union meeting of the Methodist and Congregational churches. Sunday school meets in all depart­ ments at 12 o’clock, immediately fol- loAving this service. Y. P. S. O. E. meets at 6:30 p. m. with Miss Althea Schweickhard as leader. The topic for this meeting is “ How Important Is Money?” ♦ The red-shouldered hawk and the broad-Avingod haAvk prey upon the de­ structive rodents of the farm, and they are enormously valuable to agricul­ ture. The most destructive hawks we have over large areas of our central and southern states are the sharp- shinned and the Cooper’s hawk. These hawks usually perch in a tree. In many places pole traps are set up for the purpose of catching hawks. The broad-winged hawk and the red­ shouldered Jiavk do not; hide in a tree; they do not feel that it is necessary for them to secrete themselves. Along comes an enthusiastic, wen-meaning but not well-informed game protector; he puts up a pole trap because he saw a hawk catch a quail. Flying slowly across the field, comes a hawk which is beneficial to' agricultural interests, alights on the pole to look around the meadow for the mouse or rat that is working near, raid is caught, instantly, and subsequently reported among the other vermin that have been killed.— T. G. Pearson, Pres. Nat. Audubon Soc. -------- + -------- The state college has a free bulle­ tin on feeding work horses. The num­ ber is P 437, and a postcard 'Will bring it to you. — 2 ----- ........ Gave Oriental Tales to Western Readers On February 17, 1715, there passed into the great unknown a man whose name is all but forgotten, but to whom a vast multitude of readers owe a great debt of gratitude. Antoine Gal- land was the discoverer and the first to translate and introduce to the AVest- ern world the “Arqbiah Nights” euter- taipment^, qr “The Thousand and One Nights.” Galland was born in 1646 of humble parents, but he early manifest­ ed such talent that he was enabled to secure an excellent education. He was appointed as attache to the French embassy at Constantinople, and devoted himself to the study of eastern authors and the collection of oriental literature. He traveled much, and in Bagdad he gained his first knowledge of the classic tales of the days of Bagdad’s glory, under the re­ gime of the immortal Haroun A1 Raschid in the Ninth century. He be­ gan his work pf translation at once and in 1904 his “Mille et une Nutts” was published. Galland’s learning was prodigious, and he ranks among the greatest ori­ entalists pf all time, but it is to the “Aragiap Nights” that be owes his lasting fame. Macaroni combined with diced celery, green pepper, pimento aqd onion or cucumber, makes a hearty attractive dish for a summer meal. A meeting of the officers of the Re­ union Association of Rushville school was held Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Anna Headley and plans made for the biennial reunion Avhich will be held Ibis year. The date doi cided upop Avas Jqly 15th and it was ] also decided to liaye the dinner served by the ladies of the Congregational church in the social rooms of the church, after which the company will, go to Memorial Hall for the program. In former years the program has been gixren in the assembly room of the school building, but it was decided to, this year, use a place which 'was more accessible. Cars will be provided to take any to the school building Avho wish to visit it. Among those attending the commit­ tee meeting Thursday evening Avere the president, Mrs. Ella Read, of El­ mira, Mrs. W. Frank Jones, of Canan­ daigua, and Mrs. S. H. Torrey, of Ge­ neva. The members of the men’s ,clas,s and the Pomioy class of the Congregation al church, with their families, will pic­ nic at Gonundawali cottage Saturday evening of tljis week. Bring sand­ wiches for OAvn family and one other dish besides dishes and silver for own use. W ill those who. have ejetra seats' in their cars and thqse ,who have nc mode qf conveyance please meet at the church at 5 p. m.? ♦ The regular meeting of Rushville Grange will be held Fiiday evening,of this Aveek in Memorial Hall. The pro gram is in charge of the home eco­ nomics committee and the social hour Of games in charge : of Dorothy ah.d Doris Gage and Hugh Hill. A large attendance- is requested as this is tin last meeting indoors until September and plums must be made for the an nual picnic and flower show. f ♦ interesting Activities at the Canning Plant The new 80 foot brick chimney which has been under construction for several Aveeks by William Summer- hays and Son, of Rochester, 'was finish­ ed Saturday and is a fine piece of work. It is eight feet in diameter at the base. Several people have climbed the steps up the .inside for the view from the .: . * :, • * • t°p. A seAvage disposal plant is being built across the road from the factory to care fqr the liquid refuse which has always caused considerable annoy­ ance to nearby residents by the dis­ agreeable odor. In connection with this work, Mr. Gay ton, of Bloomfield, is drilling several wells. The cattle 'which have been fed on the ensilage at the canning plant, for the past eight months were taken away last w.eek. Of the 106 head brqught here last fall, only one was lost. The school ball team met Stanley on the local diamond last Wednesday afternoon and won by a score of 23 tc 2‘. In the game played a Aveek before Stanley was the winner. The line-up of the teams was as follows: Stanley. Whyte 3b, Mosley ss. Clark c, Hotch­ kiss 2b, Shannon p; Murray cf, Cross rf, SAvartout lb, Murphy If; Rushville, Brennan 2b, Wyman c, Bordnvell ss. Bootes lb, Horton cf, Shaw rf, Baker If, Palmatier 3b, Eddy p. ♦ ♦ Rushville School Notes Our mol to: time. All the news, all the .in average of tlie figures for New York state indicates that farmers are using appreciably higher protein feeds I *-ie graduates will be available tor the Catharine Harkness, Editor The commencement exercises Avhich mark the closing of the school year and the graduation of the class of 1926, will be held on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the coining week. The Baccalaureate sermon will be given by Rev. H. B. Withers in the Congrega­ tional church at a union service Sun­ day morning at the hour of usual morning service. The class day exer­ cises will be held Monday fwening in Memorial Hall and on Tuesday evening in Mf 4 IU01'ial Hall there 'Will be an ad­ dress by Rev. Dr. Wunder, of Baptist Temple, Rochester, and the presenta­ tion of diplomas. The seats which are not needed for the invited guests qf Miss Sadie Green returned to the Rochester school for the deaf last Fri­ day to receive her diploma from that school ‘with the Jjune class, although she completed the Avork there in Jan uary and has since been at her par ents* home here. She has been a stu dent,in this school since the beginning of her school days 15 years ago and has. acquired an excellent education in spite of her handicap. Her sister, Miss Rae Green, accompanied her to Roch ester and attended the graduation ex erclscs. '9 Rushvillo’s business section was ap­ propriately-and attractively decorated Monday, Flag Bay, for the first time with the uniform system of placing flags on staffs set in the sidewalks Through the efforts of the Robson Savage Post .of the American Legion the merchants of the village Avere per suaded to purchase the flag and holdei to be placed at tlie curb in front ot each business place and the effect or Day 'was very pretty and inspir C. R. Smith, of Penn Yan, wa: last week setting the holders. Flag ing. here * than they 'were fiye years ago. G o o d V e a l 12% cents at E. I. Hicks & Son’s lumber yard, Monday, June 21st. W e are in the market at all times for fat cattle, hog’s, sheep and iambs. W ill take in stock every Monday until further notice at the lumber yard in Rushville. M o r a n Call F. 0. TW ITC H E L L , Rushville, Phone 25-Y-l public who is cordially invited to at tend. A reunion pf all those pupils whe attended school to Mrs. Horace Fitch will bo held at her home in Canandai gua next Saturday afternoon, June 26 Bring something for the picnic suppei which Avill be served on the lawn it the 'Weather is favorable, also dishes and silver for own use. Mrs. Fitch left here abqut 20 years ago aftei teaching in Rushville school for fivt years and she carried with her ant has ahvays had the deep affection of e large body of students-. Many nov live at tqo great a distance t,o returr but there are others who Avill be able and delighted to gather in a reunioi at their former teachev’s home. * 1 ♦ Enter? Partnership With Walter f£n,app Frederick T. Henry, son of Frank II. Henry, of Gorham, has entered into partnership with United States Com­ missioner Walter H. Knapp in his law office at Canandaigua. Mr. Henry Avas graduated from Canandaigua Academy and later from Cornell. For a time he *was connected with the buy firm of Dudley, Stowe & Sawyer at Buffalo and later with Eidlitz & Hulse in New York. During the World War he served in the na\ry. * Automobile Liability Insurance F. O. Twitch ell, agent, Rushville, N. Y. Phone 25-Y-l. 24w2 ♦ ! At the commencement- exercises o' Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy held Monday morning, engineering de grees were conferred upon J. Luthei Holton and Daniel Harkness, of Rush villcv Both of these students have been interested in student activities at the institute. Holton has held a po sition on the Press Club Board; har been a member of the Students’ Execu­ tive Committee and of the Student Council: and he lias represented hi. class in baseball, and his fraternity Delta Tan Della, in boAvling. Botl young men have positions for next year, Holton with the General Electric at Schenectady, and Harkness remain ing at the institute as an instructor. Miss Esther Greene is spending few weeks, with her uncle, W illiam Green, and other relatives 'at EHicolt ville, N. Y. Fred E. Smith is spending the sum mer with hjs sister, Mrs. S. T. Lewis Mrs. Janette A. Greepe, of Ellicott- yille, N. Y., is visiting her son, Everett H. Greene, and wife. Mrs. Charles Korb returned home from the Health Home at Canandai gua Thursday. She is still unable tc care for her home anrl Miss Anna Car > son remains with her. Mrs. William Osborne .and son, Hen ry Osborne, and tier father, Henry Smith, of Rochester, visited Mrs. Eliza beth Blqdgett and Mrs. Mary Eberts Thursday. Dudley Washburn, of Memphis Team, came Thursday to spend tin summer Avith hjs brother, Beecher B. Washburn. Both have gone to the I-|any Mack cottage qn Canandaigua Lake to spend several weeks. Miss Sarah Harkness was with Mrs Ellen Bates and Miss Anna Harkness during the absence qf Mr: and Mrs E. L. Moody the first of this week. B. E. Brunskill returned home Thurs­ day, leaving his father, Thomas Bruns kil, improving in an Albany Hospital, and his mother with relatives neai that city. Miss Florence Brunskill re­ turned home also. Mrs. E. L. Moody left here Saturday to attend the commencement exercises at Wells College Avhere her daughter, Miss Ethel Moody, Is a graduate. Mr. Moody and son, Robert E. Moody, Avent for the final exercises on Tuesday. Mrs. W. Frank Jones, of Canandai gua, visited Miss Helen Jones ovei Thursday night. Mrs. Ella Read, of Elmira, visited Mrs. Anna Headley over Thursday night. Mrs. Nancy Jackson and daughters Mrs. Wealthy Loomis and Miss Eliza both Jackson, tire spending this 'week with relatives and friends in Roches tor, Albion and Medina. They art making the.trip by auto with Ben and Roy Jackson, of Albion, and although Mrs. Jackson is 90 years of age she an ticipated the trip with much pleasure and enthusiasm. Mrs. Henry'Fisher, who \Aras called homo from Candor last week Monday ,night by the sudden death of her hus­ band, returned on Friday to the bed side of her sister, Mrs. Ira Wheeler at Candor. Miss Hazel VanAiulen, of Cleveland Ohio, and Miss Margaret Densmore, oi St. Petersburg, Fla., arrived Saturday ro spend the summer with the former’s father, Joseph VanAiulen, -at Poplai Beach. , Tlie folloAAdng men from Rushville are serving on jury in Penn Yan this week: T. L. Graham, J. H. Hurley, T M„ Jackson, F. B. Loomis, .Tamer Cliamplin and Winfield Gillette; als< Orson O. Knapp, Roy Williams and Charles Williams, of Middlesex. Mr. qnd Mrs. Russell Brink ami fam ily visited her brqther, Gle-n Fisher, ut IXimrod over Sunday. ' ' ( Mr. and Mrs. Dwight ’ Falke, ol Lyons, are spending this week Avill: Mr. and Mrs. W. J*. Falke. Sunday visitors at the home of Mr, and Mrs. John Mothersell were Mr and Mrs. M. B. Mothersell, of North Cohocton, John Stemple, Sr., of West Lake Shore, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Yax­ ley .and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fox and son Elwood, of Avoca, Mrs. Gordon Yaxley, jf Waterford, N: V., and ME and Mrs ATlliam Fitzsimmons and daughter Ruth, and sons, Donald and Burke, and heir aunt, Mrs. Donnelley, of Rush ville. , Mrs. Mary L. Mothersell spent tin .veek-emi with Mr. and MrS. M. B Mothersell, of North Cohocton. Mr, and Mrs. Harsh and daughter, Mildred, of Bates, Mich., start from heir home Wednesday of this week o visit their daughter, Mrs. Susie Fox, of this place. Mrs. Fred Danforth, of Silvei Springs, is spending tins week with her brother, Joseph VanA-nden. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Scofield Charles Fredericks and Kenneth Grow )f Rochester, were over-Sunday guests at the M. W. Fisher home. . Mr. and Mrs. Howard IfaAvley, of Ge leva, visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Conk iin, over Sunday. .Miss Beatrice McKibhen, of Hornell tpeut several days last week with Miss Mary Fisher. Lester Merz, of Spencerport, spent last. Aveek with Guy Fisher. Miss Henrietta Goodrich returned home Saturday from Rochester Uni versity for the summer vacation. Sin will go back to the University Satur­ day of this week for Campus Day. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Falke entertain d on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Henry J'alkc anti Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gindei and daughter, Freda, of Lyons, Miss Mildred Falke, of Newark, N. Y,, and Carl West, of Phelps. Mr. and Mr’s. Frank Robertson and xvo sons visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Robertson, in Rochester jver Sunday. Frank Ledgerwood, of Detroit, Mich... vas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A VI. Ledgerwood, over Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Story, ol Sayside, L. I., have been spending sev eral days ’with Mr. and Mrs. Williair L. Hobart. * Other visitors at the Ho hart home on Sunday Avere Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hobart, of Potter. Miss Fran •os Hobart, of Geneva, Mr. and Mrs I ohn Hobart, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ho- hart, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hobart and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Derby. Miss Louise Morton was home from Rochester Sunday. Mrs. Alice Fitch and Mrs. G. M. Fitch spent last week Wednesday ir Canandaigua with Mrs. Horace Fitch who was entertaining a cousin frob Chicago. Miss Elsie Morton is spending a feA\ Jays with her aunt, Mrs. Bert Mid laugh, in Canandaigua. a to M ID D L E S E X METHODIST EPISCOPAL Middlesex and Vine Valley Next Sunday morning service Vine Valley at 9:30 with a story the juniors and at Middlesex at 10:45 Sunday school will follow each serv ice. Ep’worth League at 6 :45. Topic ‘‘Why Study the Bible?” Leader h Mrs. Charles Sturms. At 7:30 we shall have the annua Baccalaureate sermon Avhich Avill b. preached by Rev. Clias. Emerson. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. f Charles Swarthout, Leslie Button Oliver Williams, John Fairfield and Rev. Charles W. Fryer attended the community committee meeting of thc- Farm Bureau at Dresden on Mondaj evening. The addresses given by tin state Farm Bureau secretary and the state trooper should be echoed bad; io each community .for they are ot real value to all fruit, growers. Middlesex and Rush uie high lave both secured ab? speauS -ommencement, Rev. Canton \\v ^ :or Rushville and Hon. Charles ' H Lyons, for M i d d l e s e x , H i rorn Hobart College tins Three Middlesex boys Mji ^ i*k, P Pike, Frederick Gray and ^ J\ son. Howard Mack has omvc3 s fear tin Om HIGH SCHOOL NOTES School closed last Aveek Avitli leld day celebration on Friday, hundred and fifty people, including pu pils, teachers and guests partook o: the delicious dinner served under the maples on the school lawn. 'The aft­ ernoon was marked with sport events of various sorts in which the pupik showed an active interest in the com petition for prizes. A program of the events appeal's elsewhere in tins if to go. Four members. of the John^. dy, Pipe Corners, have beai||^ he measles the past vtvo weot, Miss Phalen, ol Auburn, ha. visiting friends in town the pastT“P The marriage of Miss Prances' cjsco and Charles Sturms look it the Vine Valiev church S ub \ Tune 13th, Rev. C. W. Fryer ofl* ng. The couple are among the af our young people and their riends wish them long life ami ha­ rt ess. The nomination of Bcokhart f0» 3. Senator in !</..'a is the death^ io President Coplidgp for another^ and will probably result in anot^ pepiocrat being elected from Ioua\ Adams & Jackson recently ^ carload of Avostern yearlong ew^ mutton 'which they intvinled io ^ and sell for breeders this fall. J traipls of live stock are high in ^ VVe would think that our wes^, brethren would be feeding theircl^ corn to or go\'eminent Congress it ) ) live stock instead of howto , aid. One shaker^ Sli aid that scores of fan^ wove committing suicide on aecount^ financial trouble. --------+ ------ Hail Insurance Now is the time to insure crops rom damage by hail. F. O. Twitcliell, igent, Rushville, N. Y. Phone 25-Y-l. 24w2 Good Wood for Sale Beech and maple, 14-inch. F. O. rwitchell, Rushville. Phone 25-Y-l. , 24w2 * 4 Subscribe for the Chronicle-Express which The Fran- w issue, Tlie celebration concluded .vith a ball game, tlie Middlesex and Rushville H. S. boys vs. the Penn Yan hoys. The Parent-Teacher Association en­ joyed a delightful picnic luncheon on Monday evening at the cottage on Can­ andaigua Lake of on’e of its members, Mrs. Francisco. After the trials of regents, this week, the school year will draw to a close with class night celebration on Satur- lay evening, June 19th, the Bacca- :aureate address on Sunday evening, Tune 20 th, and commenccunent. on Monday evening, June 21st. We think you will be highly enter­ al ued if you attend the class night .-xercises on Saturday evening will be given in the town. hall, program is as follows: CLASS DAY PROGRAM Selection, Junior Orchestra lass History, Maxwell Knapp Recitation, “ If,” Kipling, Guy cisco Recitation, “ I f for Girls,” Otis, Eloise Robson lass Poem, Mildred Halstead Piano Duet, Kathryn Fryer and Eloise Robson 3ong, \Fido Guv Francisco and Shel­ don Mothersell Dlass Prophecy, Doris Roach lecitation, “ Overworked Elocutionist,” Sanford Emerson ^election, Junior Orchestra^. Jiarinet Solo, Guy Francisco Jharge to Juniors, Mildred Halstead •Song, Five H. S. Girls fuuior Response,\Beatrice King long, Sheldon Mothersell and G'uy Francisco Mass Will, Dorothy Ellick Selection, Junior Orchestra Xlma Mater Rev. C. S Emerson will deliver the baccalaureate sermon this year. The commencement address will be Tiven by Hon. Charles H. Beits, editor, Lyons. Miss Dorothy Ellick, having ‘anted the highest regents average in ler four years H. S. jvork, svill de­ liver the valedictory address. Max­ well Knapp, the second highest, will ?ive the valedictory. INTERM EDIATE The following pupils were success- ul in the grade exams and received >romotion: Sixth grade to seventh rrade, Evelyn Mull, Rose Ilegerty, Inez VanScoter; seventh grade to dglUh grade, Violet Roach. Intermediate room to academic de­ partment: Esther Knapp, Julia I-Ieger- y, Mabel Wagar, Raymond Holmes, .Yard Emerson, Gordon Reynolds. Promotidns in primary department: From primary to intermediate room, Jnadah Lawton, Harriet Roach, Mar­ guerite White, Arthur Emerson, W il­ iam Reynolds, Harold Dunton, Thos: Roach. From third to fourth: Marie Heger- y, Kenneth Fryer, Harold Middle- nook, Julia Cottona, Clelland Mull, largavet Emerson. From second to third: Lucile Rey­ nolds, Leta Rogers. From first to second: Elnathan Mull. Julia Cottona Avins first prize as bo­ ng at school every day throughout the chool year. She Avill be presented ■vith the doll house June 19, which is :dass night. Perfect attendance ifi primary room tor June: Julia Cottona, Margaret Em- jrson, Marie Hegerty, Unadah Lawton, Lucile Reynolds, Harriet Roach, Mar­ guerite White, Leta Rogers, Harold Dunton, Kenneth Fryer, Harold Mid- llebrook, Clelland Mull, Elnathan Mull, William Reynolds, Thomas Roach. Honor roll for June: Arthur Emer­ son, Harold Dunton, Unadah Lawton, Margaret Emerson, Kenneth Fryer, Marie Hegerty, Harold Middlebrook, Leta Roger Additional Locals Miss Doris Twitchell undonvert, tonsil operation at Memorial Hos^ Tuesday. ♦ The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Robs* Savage Post of the American,1^ will meet next Tuesday evening at home of Miss Leah Headley. ♦ Rushville W. C. T. U. will ban charge of the evening service ini^ Methodist: church Sunday and ty speaker will be Mrs. Frances A. ft Graff, of Amsterdam, N. V. Mrs. Anna McGarvey, of Sraeq Falls, who has been the lioaseker^ at the Elmer Savage home forsevivj months, suffered a shock of panfe last 'week Tuesday night from tfe she is sloAvly rallying. Her-son, liam McGarvey, of Syracuse, waste Wednesday evening. Gordon Holbrook, who grate from Rushville high school this leaves here next Thursday for C:u berry Lake in the Adiroudacks irl^ he has employment Avith the Empori; Luinher Company for the mm< This work avas chosen as a prepare for entering the forestry course atC* noil in the fall. 5 * Mrs. Roy Conklin and Miss Beatria IIuAvley entertained 35 guests at j kitchen shower for Mrs. Ho waul lb- ley at the former’s home Saturday aft­ ernoon. The feature of the aftf!*': entertainment rwas a mock veddis; ’ aa T i I' c R exhibited all Hie pfiitcttjl a real event of that kind and the vy in which they should act. All tnjsf ed a delightful afternoon and delicite refreshments. O The publication of the Coalite Ijf-ader has been suspended for a fcf wet-ks until Mr. Siebvrls is i\-aiiyy .operate his printing establislimte this village. He has purchased M E. Page lot between tlie mill andie t National Economy store and ospttf to begin work on a building as sows the final transfer of the lot in mk Mr. Sieberts was here Monday lc* ing over the situation. ♦ ¥^The following ydung men fromt» village ami vicinity* were gradual- from Hobart College, Geneva, at.it? fi-nal exercises Momlay moniii;g: Nfc Graham and Frederick Grey. Jr, ft Rushville, Perry Pike, of Middles and Carl A. Robeson, cf Yin* Valley. The exercises Avere ail ended by tk following relatives of* those youil men: Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Orahsm,5te Guy Graham, Mrs. F. \V. Gray, Harriet Gray, Richard Gray, Mr. sal Mrs. diaries Robt-.son, Miss Carol** Robeson, Mrs. qiicodore Foster, fr­ ond Mrs. William TJike, Mv. and W- .Joel Pike, Mr. and Sirs. Roy Pike ail Mrs. Effie Dunton. ♦ Bradley H. Bontwell, of Middle was graduated Monday evening I*® t the Rochester School of Opfometff where he has been studying [ortit past three years. The graduatingfr ereises were attended by his falM- Charles Bovthvell, Mr.-and Mre. # A'efne El well and Mr. qjid Mrs. ElE1-' Wagar. Mr. Bordwell goes nvxl vt* to Ohio to try the mate examinati# there Avith a view of locating ia tW state. After that ho will, for a H Aveeks, take up Hie work in which li Avas engaged last summer for $ Mandeville and King Seed Compaq covering the stales of Kansas & Missouri. * i-e r . O Dr. and Mrs. Wixon, of North Co hocton, called on friends in the Mid dle'sex Valley Sunday. Children’s Day exercises were suc­ cessfully carried out by the M. E. S. S. Sunday evening. Dogs have been in flocks of sheep belonging to John Powers, Jay Pad- Jock and Frank Dinehart, doing con dderable damage. The clogs wore shot by LeVerne Elwoll. Ernest Kessler and Peter Voorhees ’lave been in Alden the past Aveek tak- *ng 4 hc black w a t e r baths. A ‘welcome shower visited this sec rion Saturday Avhich was needed very badly.* Wheat is heading out short and thin. Grass will be light unless we have more wet. Corn is up fairly well. Part of the beans are planted. Others were waiting for rain. The most of hem -will be in this week. C. W. Hunt has a field of red kidneys up fine. Field day was successfully carried out by the teachers and scholars of the tOAvn Friday. The ball game, Middle-' 3 ex and Rushville vs. Penn Yan, was won by Penn Yan by a score of 14 to 6 . In Memoriam La tier—In loving memory of La tier, sleeping in Jesus since IW ary 25, 1926. “There is someone who misses F°* sadly, And finds time long since you vent There is someone who thinks of I8* daily And tries hard to be braveundc# tent.” Sadly missed bv daughters, MRS. OSCAR BASSETT. MRS. FRANK DINEHART. MRS. EMORY SPEERS. 24wlf. Card of^Thanks W e wish to express our . predation of the thoughtful kindu^ extended to us by many during ^ recent bereavement, to those who r sisted in the funeral and burial & ices and to those who sent tlovvers- MRS. LILLIAN FISHER MRS. EMMA MOXAOL^ Notice I wijl be at the home of Miss ■ Phelps Wednesdays, afternoon * evening, of each week to examined and fit glasses. E. A. BeVIER, Optometrist. Successor to E. V. Hennessey 4 ^ ■ «* - , » ~ ( f ■ f \ li v'..S

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