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Plattsburgh press-Republican. (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) 1942-1966, October 23, 1961, Image 7

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MATTffWCH WHSt-WUiLICAM -MONDAY, OCTOMI U^m* •' ' • • - •• • f i fii/J-^Ti-n i ii IlKMN BKRI.IX MlNKITERS—SoMlm and trucks <if lh«- l \ S. ,*Mm\n» nimp alunjr, Wet Berlin ittrwt to bruin a Uiw-da» ie-,1 .!! c-inibal readings, Ai'oul G.IKifl nf Uir divided fiiv's 6,.V»0- i »JSI I .s c;.rti-nii .lie taking jiarl :n the litaior I j|l cvcrri'r . \-i tTiuLoiLi'i! (nrr't in th? .linrrir^n sertnr soathwr'-t of the Pi! v i , . Hungary Accepting 'Net*? 9 * -WMTOBV* MOTBi Oo Oefc t», UM, ttninti «f Haagariaas pwe d lata Ike streets e( Bejla- post kt a rove* agatart *e Ceos- monfct refine. Associated Pros* tormpsadeat Anthony Fearee analyse* cesMUUoas five year* after Soviet tanks dialled the By AJjiTHONY PEARCE BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP<— Hungary as the worM now is con- stituted. In the five years since Soviet tanks put down the rebellion-tin Red regime has taken the edge off the people's frustrations and the people are in a mood for what can best be described as \Iron Curtain normality.\ The ruthless and virtually au- t inroous political 'ice have had their wings clipped. Their unJ> Five years after the Hungarian jfiirm. a symbol of dread and hate \ jwopie rcee sa a brave but funic ho the people, has been-aboiiished. revoBTlfie ComhHBilil guv«rn<5r!,:T!i€ apparatus of internal security and the governed live in a form i is Mill there, and its aim is the or coexistence with a wideningj same, but it works at a distance give-and-take on both sides. ! and is more discreet. Gone for now is the unrelenting-! The party maintains that \So- Iv brutal Stnluvtype communibm cialist legality.\ flagrantly flouted thaP brought on the revolt Oct. 23, 1450. In its place is the so-called liberal brand espoused by Soviet Premier Khru-,hc!iev and prac- ticed by Hui!i>:irian Premier .la- JMIS Kadar. Mnteriallv. morally More 1956. has been restored This seems to mean that torture, setrH trails and e\rt 'ions no longer are tolerated. Many of; those Jailed tn the 1956 revolt | have been released. But from 900! t» leas dedicated to -'iblishing an atheistic society. Atheistic campaigns recently were launched in a number at schools, and there is evidence\*** a new assault on parish priests, the backbone of Catholic resist- ance to communism in Hungary since Josxef Cardinal Mindssenty took refuge* in the U.S. legation In Budapest in 1956. He still is there—a virtual exile. Kadar's \new look\ commu- nism has made a number of eon- cession* to the people's material and cultural wants. * * • • There is a reasonable anppiy of consumer goods and a sufficiency of good food. New restaurants, cafes and bars cater to the gre- garious Hungarian, never one for < limits. One obvious symbol is ! sitting home nights. Bright lights j Hungary's border with neutral J and new buildings have covered J iSSSSSSSiiSSSSiiSSSSiSSSS; the scars of battle. \Socialistic* realu-m\ — dcr.ict tfstanc* from the l.JS mfltton peasant* affected. But then were conceptions, too. Keeping alive—for the present— the idea of private properly, the regime pays a nominal rent for the land and the peasant can re- tain small plots to produce crops to sell on the open market. There also have been change* in the Communist hierarchy. Hun- gary is firmly tied with the Soviet bloc, but there has been a grow- ing realization among the «im- \try*s Tillers that Hungary has i lot to gain by seeking closer links with the West. Feelers constantly are out, probing for increased trade, for cultural and scientific exchanges, for tourists. But the liberalization has its Aaetrta, (toosiaap) tag the ttWnvoit. It It at' «aB et narbai witov i aaj mtaa Mb. ~ There still m Km feci* troops h> Hungary, a tact ttsjafer irksome to the population. If Kadar could negotiate for a Soviet troop withdrawal, Ida re- gime would move some way to- from the people OH.KWM*W<5§- PlattslirsfcQtall.W JO &I4M and culturally, st it, somewhat' to 1,200 still are believed to be i ing man in the process of building ; more acceptable to the proud behind bars. I socialism—is stiil the keynote for j Hungarians. * * * - all artists and writers, bul ihoyl r i ne-JIUngHnan _»mhnr»tios i.re The public worship nf God, once f ™> w a™ S\; en , m u™. oppiirtunisy <ivv,ire that the intnnatioi iiil (\'irn-• a hazardous ufioVrtaRing, how is nuniv miiven\i.t , ''.mint uif-jid widely pnicliwl throughout liit* ;:r,.!'.l-o: \--itj luirMni; And the iarpcly Roman Catholic coi:niry. jw.p.o I'.iizf im-n J^ n» work-i There is iitile evidence of police tiiie aileiii.'it've i'< «-n;niimism in ' ir-terfcrenc. But the regime is 1 to breathe -reaWif* into-it. In the countryside, the regime \ • has collectivized 90 per cent of! , the arable land without much re-1 Propaganda Value of tlw Berlin Wall Il'l TIC \r> c i*f in„ rr t f> ^nd | i j] lulu < li I Hie \\c f ft unnu Ont i >•* eie i t t 11 \ it lh» t t ill i 11 f 1 iiio ( n m Ur i 1 i I in t si Ibf u U i j t u f [-il l h w tu iC\ i f li i n I ; i h \ t ic i t in ii m * ii n ) \n i H f ml ! I ii r 1 ti h i l F r I i l ! n 1 Ic tn to I (ho v ill lit lulu i 1'it.nh nil blf rurrr Ifi^rc I rt if n v t«i c^t Wished th I n \uu r v ii*?- <onstriflin Mhc \ ill i bif.uu tir F 1 Gor n n |K IJ. f p lrce~tho \np< — it tm. c I >r h i(Vr h^ n tin rru it] i in (h it p u r 11 irk uM 1 t tPit a <! II (U i il * I nh vi' 1 ifi*\ *\m<»!i i rd 1! en Hici rcTi v ifll it nimel n | Ievent II n u Hew ill P s I c'u ct in n l 1 <M( t V lf- f K tnt i al 11 u it v ith Ih m tb- i to «- -> h» iov - c c i \ zo 1 il pec \be\ i cmted So ma^e it le«s I ean t difficult l i run a disciplined police Once there v,m t\ei a wedding ' tie at the will \he bnd» and trtom Thn co* i \ \ ith it n v J»fi» fn \^ ^ide mum nl the P p up Inr t oile nen tt It v s ns )r r * jp for Mirtfihibcv [n deed t im> hive b^cn v> iropor lit v ic(( r nr \ J C idei« ird hi politico th it it i totted the jiro ceding? at lie 2Jnd tnrama m 1 coi(,rr<> in Mfscnv There Khj u hchei h mi apoe red to 1 \€ h r mbnl'« *\ a nov Uh il lr i i« fc x ithn the , > IP re th at Id p i \ leader ih r ! h \ 1 n *) \s for tl -> pt po*n! V e te n t ripieind m! J» r l! v all t en tl t it c i h f i cH ev dent t o u ii i de lu r 1 i i ) tir nnisK I (i u the ' tt L i, 111, I ll f 1 is I r n (' i t- v, thn ii? wd th \ i i it' li r pn f *i' n in •* i i m iiuj, Rockefeller Invites Nalions 1« World Fair ALBANY, N. V. f\P' — Guv. Rockefeller has invited S3 nations to participate in the 1962 U.S. World Trade Fair in New York •City next May. The governor's office said Sun-; day invitations also were being sent to Soviet Russia and JEast- | ie ,ern European countries.' Toe fair, sponsored; by the New thousands toasht to B»rl D— tu \ Y OT k City Department of Com- d-irt« inpati^t VOUIIB tren frnra f merce am j Pu jjij C Events, \is fte I aim taw- frcm Aiia % m ( outstanding established and cea- tfne The couW I ardlv nM i trailed marketplace in the West-1 relatives rn the othf All were ueepms T ! inv i Be I I riluiei ^v would like o cee peopl\ bv th- Living In a Charming Atmosphere A delightful eombmatjon of convenience, *jui*tnesi and distinctive address. In the faihietttble May fair are* adjacent to Central Park... near theaters, restaurants and exclusive shopping\ dis- trict, Lttsurioasly furnished rooms and suites. Home of the vary popular 'Passy Restaurant Th* Only GIVES YOU NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SANIT0NE DRY CLEANING 3 Convenient Locations: 53 Clinton Street 311 CornwMa Street take Shore Rood i i) i \r X I HltHII t } It tl Hi \ \-\ ltd | t rt l h't etn 1 i tl i ir r th n \ \A iK-df Dffip Ih\ \ ill th it Vl« tt < f it 1 ' Jl » ( ei m i th I Ihr \cM Berlin iad West &e» m n nin i nf h *• irwi 1 tt p t the ill f(i vi wfi Th ri| 1 K t tv nnrt ibl* 1 \\i t fr n It An '<••• P niwff « ,f set i 1 ui hr\ intfi to i if r rt! mj 1 ti\\ M ° uJu c t Hw v 11 the imp-K* tal t^ (let t« P\ liner the ™ fcunr ncn I d m\ nrtin ci cnb\«.cm? Stvi tivpe comma m«rT( n •> -sicim rf tn 11 VI hi ' iid cic t i\ , \>i Ti ™ m* 1 IE\ 5 th \ ojd ii l e ! n* cculd h\ 1 th\ mo effect c pnpT«i d\ ic-d i« * vt li* n d J Ft rt irli 1 il tip I enchi if u)Q' rf nt n*i r ssMnlf -ti /in cli r ' r iti^Hw*\ MUl 1 t 1 I 11 dt f I lid H tl\j %e*ereat em Hemisphere tor the mass sale of .goffds and services from all countries* producers,\ Rockefel- ler said. The fair will ba iieSd May 11-22 in the New York Coliseum, 2 HR. SERVICE DRIVE-IN WINDOW AtCNrLakeSWoRowdPhnt WE CLEAN • HATS •RUGS •FURNITURE • DRAPES •SLIPCOVERS •CURTAINS - FUR STORAGE — Dial 10 1-3200 FOR PICKUP AND DELIVERY ONLY CLEANER AND LAUNDRY IN 4^^/.\ Grcen Stomp* * PLATTSBURGH GIVING ;hose who enjoy the very best HI ^£ •> 41 N < h~> \ rv *rt!v ir si\ »i - pu-chK rf a regulcud \v-t co f rotj 0 ml \? F J douv erne »* arei ttn n a th Vvt'Hup Bre*d° t r| !c nt on SirclfP Dwd Gib ot I of Erir hn \l T l he chenley whiskies are older whiskies Age makes the difference. The older the whiskey the better the whiskey.The straight whiskies in these Schenley brands are aged 2-6 years longer than competitive brands that cost the same* GENERAL THURBER INN Will Be Open Throughout the Fall and Winter Months Imported Imported Hrvomo o.r.e. t ?•« «M, »ht tin* C*mKH»n tt t y**rt oNfer WvafMrthtf !••*\« . QSMMHOIIS, yot «os*ii»o IN* CHAMPION IOUftl0N~ft W«r uM Str»*tt Sourtxw - Z to A yMft oM«, CHAMPION. It TiAN Ot»-aiM •v«'*«W*- tCWCNUV MMWC-100 ttRJOMM>t0v«*rotd month oM t«t«ht vMtkitl Kr»(«M «tM»Ww »*y»«l iM« MmMdwtth (MM n*utnl tor. ^ • (r««nrwirtrsl saMts.OWBOS* W. 2lo4y«»r»t»»«.»nl«tO. W.«|OM«litlUl«W» . mooMgo c.r.c tx IMT •M, Me* w>» •«• o» la»a*t C*wd»n*j»>»«tttirtl»mw», H« truly H^ <»OW 00W»M. SCHEHLEY-THE HOUSE OF MED WHISKIES geawiiy««wf-*iw«»»w«w. «*»oor.e« •» wor.swoni. w« ^^ ..._. , -4 «»» M»-«t rsoor* WMWWMI IJ »t*« Bt**ouw>io SMAHJIT mm Mats, »»Nwo^te«mi»oi»T.«i,t<TC.<irc »wi*i*TUk*ioi.s-«i««of.oiiaisf.oik.O.»«. ltw olaftBt 4oew •* •!» Stnaral Thartwr Inn PLUS its *)is«nctrv» ei»fim» . . • »•«« dmjng • momorokto ov»nH Mala «• <M» N *«• •• *ha N«rtfc CaanliV'i most dittmetfvn rottaurant! Th« fo«4 fel well. lont and it larvt j in •« • tru* eontinantal manner. at 12 o'clock no«i; C»JCou>ctAX7. ROUSES POINT, 'a^a .*-.

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