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Keep Kids, Gopf, ^ from c ity PUTTSBURGHJ.RESS.REPUBLICAN-SATURPAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1952 If there was an unsoaped, windlw In Piattsburgh as of last midniAt it was simply because of an ovjr- slght. Homes, business estabUshmei L and, <a.ptomobi|e8 came in equally, i ir HaUJ^een daubing, and sevei i # thousand , man-hours , of wind' *' washing were in prospect for;t|e city's residents. Police and firemen had a btt 1 night answering a multitude of cal ; that .were anything but productlv Grass and leaves fires set k ' prowling youngsters sent flrernt t out about a dozen times during tt : evening. The youthful arsonis ; J were'conspicuous by their absent i by the time firemen hove on tt ! scene. 1 Police received most of their calls from householders irate over small* fry antics that ranged from innocent mischief to vandalism. > A. Riley Avenue trio of 2, 4 and S years respectively held the dubious distinction of setting the pace in the J latter 1 category. They set fire to a multi-car garage behind their home. Total damage—$1400. The city's recreation department supplied a parade and block dance calculated to reduce youthful de- predations. .•( • jI Recreation DAr'ector Peter Blum; ette estimated ihat 8,000 persons witnessed the parade that started on St. Peter's Field/wound down Cor-, ~y nelia; to Oak, then on to Broad, Margaret and. .Cornelia Streets, terminating in front of City Hail. v Higji school .and college factions took over therei, participating in* blocki dance that continued untiu about 9:45. Peter,! Blessent's orches- tra provided music for. the dance. '' Costumes in the parade rang' from • bedsheet.'. shrouds to wei: r multi-colored attfre that would ha. taxed the imagination of a surrea' 1st. .4': Six judges mimed two; Kings a: two queens, choosing Burid Attorneys for Mrs. Ann M. Reke- meyer of Albany have filed a claim against jthe cijy ^orJ^OOO, as a result of. -injuries the ^3-year-old woman received when stjjuck l)y tin auto while crossing Bridge Street on July 20. Corporation Counsel Allen M. Light said yesterday that .the of aim against the city has heertforward- ed to the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, the city's in- surer, for disposition.' The claim is based on negligence charged to Patrolman Edgar St. Louis of 160 Montcalm Avenue, driver of the car that struck Mrs. Rekemeyer on Bridge Street near the City Hall Place intersection at 8:50 p. m. St. Louis, was on leave of absence from the force and was iperating his own auto. The claim is made solely against the city and refers only to St. Louis as being negligent in operating his motor vehicle. Mrs. Rekemeyer, eiglrt-months pregnant at the time of the acci- dnt, suffered reported injuries to both knees. Her daughter, Cheryl, five, who was walking- beside her mother, was also struck to the pave- ment. The woman was admitted to the Charnplain Vdite&j$apitta. Her daughter was discirarged. following Hattsburgh Man Acquires Control ^Westport, Essex, Lewis Phone Co. S'reew rhe'cont ^^ R \ F ° rder < 37 N ° rth Catherine Lewis Telephone r 9 ,nterest ° f the W «t P ort, Essex and n ^cter £™ fe^ ™ounc* yesterday. . .-_ the stock from O. Thompson of Westpor company's president and •t, the general an examination.- Mrs. Rekeme^.eWahfisbttnd, Ron- ald, also crossing the; street, yank- ed his son, ThomaSi'three, out of the car's path as it was turning east on Bridge Street from City Hall Place. John Walker, Sherry 1 Thompson. Twenty-four other yjra cited for the ojigiria garb.j They were:- Vie} Vie LaFiSjfeti JT in, Martha Merffit, Sauyf McCauHesr, Alice Ryan, Juliannl Svenbjornsson, Graq Glvney, Bonnie Be! Walker, Kattierine Downing, Bradley FonjjL !ri ,.„ „. Garneau, Pat and Jack gallon, Gail Bornheimer, Mike, Barryvftnd Susan Guibqrd and Charles .\\\ \ Runs Through fel Light, 7 tojiiW^ WAJTERTOWrl, <fl>-FoUce re-% ported, yesterday\that a man ru*h-.\_. ^„,.„ ,»c u«i wi«i ine city •ing his expectant wife to a, hospitaJHbuilding Jnsfetotf$£3$»6flgt of $58,- rah through a red lleht ami mvpnUsin r n A.7— * -\•*»- ,;s~:.. ran through a red light and sevenf persons suffered union injuries iri-j \la two-oar collision that followed.. Police Identified the man as Rob- ert J. Thornton, 21, of nearby Ther- • esa, who was driving his wife, Bev- erly, 20, to the House of The Goods Samaritan Building Permits fop October Total $105,041 Twenty-six building permits with a total of $105,041 were filed with the city building inspector during the month of October, revealing an increase over the previous month. The permits showed the construc- tion of four new homes at an es- timated cost of $43,300. Two busi- ness places, an insurance and travel ! office :-and doctor's office, are plan- ned afctt cost of *21,000. •'Seven additional apartments are .contemplated at a cost of $6,700. Tour permits were filed for addi- tions, alterations and repairs to dwellings at a cost of more than $1,000 each with a total expenditure of $9,800. Less than $1,000 in cost, eight permits at a total cost of $3,081 were filed. Business construction permits call for the erection of a service station on North Margaret Street adjoining iscomotion Creek at an estimated cost of $15,000. Also, a storage ga- rage valued at $4,425 on Pond Street. During- the month of September, 27 permits ufere filed with the city manager The purchase price was not dis- closed. Forcier, who lias been employed by the New York Telephone Com- Richard Squires Wounded in Korea On October 23 Private First Class Richard Squires, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Squires of 27 1 2 Couch Street, has been seriously wounded in action in Korea, his parents learned yesterday. Squires said in a letter to his par- ents that he had been struck be- tween the knee and ankle of his right leg, but a Defense Department telegram noted that he had been struck in the right thigh and lower right leg by mortar fire. The wounds were received Oct. 23 while Squires' 7th Division unit was fighting off an attack by North Kor- eans. The Piattsburgh man entered the Army in September 1951, shortly af- ter graduating from St. John's Academy. Mail sent to him should be addressed Pfc. Richard Squires, Co. G, 32nd Buccaneer Infantry Re- giment, 7th Division, c o Postmaster, San Francisco, Cal. Political Advertising pany for the past five and a half year, will assume the presidency and general managership of the 450-subscriber concern Nov. 15. Thompson and his wife had ope- rated the company for 37 years. Modernization-,of the firm will lead eventually 'to installation of a dial system, Forcier said. He in- dicated that a long-range plan of rehabilitation is contemplated. Forcier, 24 years old, is a native of Ticonderoga. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Forcier of 35 North Catherine Street, and graduated from Ticonderoga High ' School in 1947. On Aug. 5, 1950, he married Do>-is Anne Crossman of Ticonderoga. They have one child, James Peter. Montreal Stores To Ignore Closing MONTREAL, Que., (JP)— A city or- dinance ordering Montreal stores to close on Roman Catholic holy days will be largely ignored for the third time today. All Saints' Day. Seven big department and jewel- ry stores, which won a court judg- ment against the ordinance July 17, announced. they will remain open. Many smaller stores in this predom- inately Catholic city of 1,650,000 are expected again to follow suit. Although Superior Ccurt Justice Albert I. Smith has ruled both the ordinance and a provincial statute on which it is based are invalid, the ordinance remains on the books pending hearing on an appeal by the city,.perhaps in January. $6,800 Bid Accepted For Prison Project A low bid of $6,800 for construct- ion work at Clinton Prison at Dan- nemora has been received and open- ed by Bertram D. Tallamy, state su- perintendent of public works. The bid for Clinton Prison in- volves heating work for recondition- ing the side wall of a boiler in the power house building. Fred W. Kael- ber Company of Long Island was low bidder \among six submitted. Low bids totaling $938,171 on ele- ven projects for construction, re- pairs and alterations to various state owned facilities were among the bids opened. A total of 67 bids were received on the 11 projects in- cluded in the letting. Paj* fhrM Let's Listen to Jim FitzPafrick DEMOCRATIC RADIO TIME SCHEDULES WEAV WIRY TODAY Walter V. Newell 6:30-6:45 A.M. Martin M,, Goldman 7:45-8:00 P.M. James Brannigan 12:55-1:00 P.M. Walter V. Newell Allen M. Light Irving Goldman MONDAY, NOV. 3rd 6:45-7:00 A.M 8:30-9:30 P.M. James Brannigan 12:55-1:00 P.M. J. W. Davern 10:15-10:30 P.M. Demo. Nat. Com. 7:15-7:30 P.M. James Brannigan 9:30-9:40 P.M. Council 255 to Hold Halloween Party» Knights of Piattsburgh Council 255 will play host tonight to their Iauiss at a Halloween party in the council's BrinkerhofI Street rooms. Balloons, bells, streamers, card- board skeletons and cats, pumpkins and cornstalks, all designed to give a Halloween air to the occasion, Niagara Falls Is divided fay an island. The height of tlje falls on; one side of the Island is 155 feet\ and on the other 165 feet. .. . , S\ it » ornament the rooms. Prusss will tie • awarded those persons witfi ,the_)»«t-.;: tiest, most orginal and most humor- ous costumes. An orchestra will provide music for dancing, and refreshments will be served. SUNDAY 2:45 to 11:00 MONDAY - 2:00 - 7:00 TO 11:00 GREATEST OF ALL WILD ANIMAL PICTURES! Bow-and-Arrow against fang-and-claw. /, with Howard Hill braving the fury %> of Africa's deadliest denizensj.; Political Advertising \A Campaign Summary\ TONIGHT-WEAV 7:00 P. M. Re-Elect Jim FitzPafrick ORDER BY MAIL NOW Simply send a money order to the Forum, Montreal, Can. (Canadian Funds Please) Nov. 16th thru 23 incl. Matinees Nov. 16-22-23 MONTREAL FORUM LISTEN TO ASSEMBLYMAN JAMES A. FibPATRICK HIS FINAL CAMPAIGN ADDRESS TONIGHT at 7:30 on WEAV BENJAMIN F. FEINBERG IN BEHALF OF REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES TONIGHT at 8 P.M. on WEAV TODAY-2.-30 TO 11:00 4 BIG CARTOONS! REX ALLEN South Pacific Trail' SERIAL & NEWS 630. In Aifeust,\3Sr'J>errhIts were filed with on overall total cost of $152,980. City add Vicinity | Temperatures—Oct 31, 1952 \ Max., 56; Min., 40. YMCA Square Dance A square dance for teen-agers will be held at the YMCA, Monday with music by the Western Star Ranch Boys from 8:30 to 11 p.m. Rosary Communion The, Rosary Society of Our Lady -\ of Victory Church will receive Holy Communion at 7:30 Mass, Sunday. Dues will be accepted after Mass. Society Communion The, Rosary Society of,:St. Peter's Church will receive Holy Commu- nion, in a body, at the 7:00 o'clock Mass, Sunday. ! HELEUPS BEAUTY SHOP Morrlsonvlue Road, will be closed from Nov. 3 until further notice. • , YARNS Sock Paks and yarns of all kinds and colon, attse Little Gilt Shop, Hotel WltherUl. Start jour Xmn knitting now. SPRINGFIELD RIFLE

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