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The Babylon beacon. (Babylon, N.Y.) 1966-1972, June 29, 1972, Image 15

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By Bile en Brown 842 9133 A rather startling and won- derful coincidence was brought to my attention this week. On a comparatively short street , East Gate , three young men have attended or will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on full scholarships . WILLIAM WALKER a June 10th Graduate of RPI attended on an Army R.O.T.C. Scholarship. He was Dean ' s List all four years ! JOHN ROBERTSON , having just completed his first year with a 3.75 GPA is also Army R.O.T.C. Scholarship and PHILIP TRIOLO , Valedictorian of this year ' s Copiague High School graduating class , will be at- tending next year on a full Alumni Scholarship ! Rensselaer is rated one of the best Engineering Schools in the Country and is located in Troy, New York. CHRISTOPHER HOELER , a 10th Grader , ws inducted into the National Honor Society at ceremonies held at the High School on June 14th Congratulations Chris ! On July 5th , DR. CARL POCKEDLY , Director of Pediatrics at the Nassau County, Medical Center will be the Guest Speaker at a Special Public In- terest Meeting sponsored by the National Leukemia Association . The Meeting will be held at the Amity Harbor Clubhouse , 100 Western Concourse at 8:30 PM For additional information please call 842-0662. The following young men and women from the Copiague area received diplomas at an outdoor Graduation Ceremony at St. Joh n the Baptist Diocesan High School in West Islip on Saturday : PATRICIA BROOKS , SUSAN BROWN , LINDA CASERTA> JANICE COL LERAN . MICHAEL CORBETT , JOANNE COSTANTINO , KAREN DAMM , RICHARD DONALDSON , THOMAS EIDE , FRANK GAUDIOSO , KEVIN HODGKISS , FREDERICK KOSSEGI , ANGELA MONTAMNO , ALICE MOON , ROSEMARY O'REILLY , DONALD PAGL1UGHI , HOSEANN RINELLI , NANCE R1TZERT , WILLIAM ROHRER and BARBARA VOGEL. -hear tel l the Comanch Raiders marching for the Copiague Fire Department were one of the ' stand-outs ' at the Centennial Parade. MISS DEBBIE HOELER , a member of the National Honor Society and a Graduate of Copiague High School will leave for the Atlantic School of Hart- ford in Connecticut on July 1st. MISS HOELER will be training for air line ground stewardess. Amity Harbor Swimming program for beginners , in- termediate , swimmer and life- saving classes will begin on July 10th. Registration will be held the week of July 3rd at the Beach. DENNIS WILLIAMS , instructor , will have the registration forms. Registrants must be members of the Beach and Civic Association. For more information call 842- 2459. MISS KATHLEEN HOELER was among the Graduates from the Junior High School this past week. The Ladies Auxiliary of the V.F.W. held their annual President' s Dinner at Sunrise Bavarian Village . Nice to know that Connie Mescavage was well enough , to make it' and she had such a good time. Belated birthday greetings to DAVID HOELER and DAN - NKTTK CAVANAl ' GH! Round About Copiagu e \LOOK UP AT THE HEAVENS\ By Percy M. Proctor In the southern sky as the stars come out these evenings of late June , one star , the famous An- tares in the constellation of the Scorpion , stands out strikingly red in color. The Greeks , who knew the god of war . and the planet named for him as Ares , ga ve this star its name of An- tares, which means \ rival of Ares \ , while we who call the planet Mars as it was known to the Romans , would refer to Antares as the \ rival of Mars. \ It is an appropriate name for a star whose color so closely resembles the red of te planet that they look like red twins whenever they are seen close together as they usually are for several evenings when Mars is making one of its close visits to the earth. Antares is a supergiant among the stars , some 400 million miles in diameter , so enormous that if the sun wer e put at its center , there would , be room enough completely within it for four planets - Mercury , Venus, the earth , and Mars - to follow their orbits around the sun. In volume forty million suns would be required to equal it , yet so nearly is Antares only a red-hot vacuum that its huge sphere contains only material enough to make about thirty suns. In. its beauty and majesty, Scorpius is the constellation of the summer skies which rivals Orion , the great ornament of the winter heavens. It is an easy constellation to find and trace if you have a vantage point from which there is a good view down to the low southern horizon. Red Antares will stand out clear and red as the starting point. Above and to its righ t are three stars arrnged in a shallow arc roughly perpendicular to the horizon . They are the claws of the Scor- pion. Down from them through Antares stretches the long line of stars that outline the Scorpion ' s body and end in an upward loop to the left so that they form what looks like a fishhook or a capital letter J. Matthew Wilensky Is Appointed To Head Wes t Babylon Schol Schools The West Babylon Board of Education has announced the appointment of Mathew Wilensky as Superintendent of Schools. The appointment caps a career in the West Babylon School system that begin in 1952 when Mr. Wilensky joined the faculty as an English teacher . He later became Chairman of the English Departmen t , and in 1960 was appointed Assistant Principal of the High School. In 1966, he became Director of Secondary Education , serving in that capacity for three years. In 1968 , upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools , the late Helmer Petersen , Mr. Wilensky was appointed Assistant Superintendent. Mr. Wilensky, served four years in the United States Marine Corps , nineteen months of which were stfent in the South Pacifi c Theatre of Operations , received his early education in Staten Island having graduated from Curtis High School . He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Univer si ty of Illinois , and was one of the first men to be ad- mitted to Hunter College where he received his Master of Arts Degree . He has done additional graduate work at New York University and Teachers College , Columbia University. Superintendent Wilensky resides with his wife , Helen , and daughter , Sara Lynn , in Bay Shore. Summer Cinema The Possession Of Joe l Delaney B y Steve Podd If you are looking for a first ra te thriller , The Possession Of Joel Delaney is for you . With all the trash released at local theatres recently, this film shines with excitement and is a top notch suspense yarn. Shirley MacLaine gives a beautiful performance and the film is in her capable hands . She plays a rich divorcee whose brother begins to act strangely after his return from Africa . The suspense builds as the audience and Miss MacLaine begin to find out why. The picture holds your interest all the way until the chilling climax , and is well worth your time and money . On the same bill is the disasterous Hannie Caulder. If you ' re smart , skip it , but don 't miss The Possession of Joel Delanev. Men and women who are interested in joining a 50-plus Club are invited to attend a meeting on Sunday, July 9th at the Beth Sholom Temple , 441 Deer Park Avenue , Babylon. For further information , phone 587 8193. The first summer concert of this season at the Babylon Village Bandshell at Argyle Park will be held on Friday, July 7th. It will feature Al Worsley ' s Society Orchestra . They have performed at the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf Astoria , the Americana , and the New Yorker. The pe r formance will start at 8 P.M. On July 14th , Bill La Forge and his Big Stage Band will be the big attraction. These concerts are FREE , and all are cordially invited to attend. ^_JlillMIIIIEIIilllf(tlllllM!IIiailffElltlltlllllillll[lll9l|l|lllSIII1 MlftllllStllllllinElllllltMIIilllllflllBillltMllllSII'^ llUlimmillllllimimHmitllllllHItlllimitlllllllinilillMlllllllfllllll lllllllllltliiiiilli iiifiii!!^!!!!!!!,!!,!,,),,,,!,,,,) Village Report •;illllllllMIHtlllHllllllMlllllllllltllUtlHltllltlltllllllllltllllHllillllllllII I|||||inilllllllltlltHtiailllll»llllllllltlltlttII B y Harrie t Rosenberg § MO 7-5792 V jv-^v^^^v^^^vr^v^7vrv ^o^yrvT»T yryT»^yryC)00_<>SOC y^^ Another notice lor FOOTBALL and C II E E R L E A D I N G REGISTRATION. It will be held on Saturday, July 1 at 2 p.m. at the Town Fields on Old Country Road and Pineaire Drive. Ages for boys and girls are 7-13. First child $10. ; second child $5. three or more $3. are the prices for football registrars. Cheerleading calls lor $8. for the first Child ; $5. for the second and $3. for the third and rest. Anniversary greeting ' s to PHYL1S and ' NEIL GREENE and to two dear people who have just hit their Silver Wedding Day, THE FERLISE'S. PHYLIS and NEIL are still babes for they are just starting their 8th year of wedded bliss? Just kidding. What a beautiful Graduation Day the SENIORS at DEER PARK HIGH SCHOOL had on Sunday. The speeches were short and very poignant and 470 students will noq be going on to greater glory. Love to all of you on this very special day of days. As 1 listened to the names being called , 1 wondered where the years had gone to. 1 also laughed at an applauding parent who said , \Hey I' m applauding for me not them . \ That' s about the size of it! FISH of DEER PARK was delighted to hear thah JAMES IHcDONAGH . President of the Eisenhower Republican Club and SYI) ASKOFF , County Legislator , visited County Executive JOHN KLEIN to discuss discount movies for the Senior Citizens in the Town of Babylon. One gentleman present wants to also have eoliee and cake. We understand tfi.it he was a representative from United Artists. Transportation reduc- tions for the aged was another item on the agenda , that should not be forgotten . Birthday Happiness to ROBERT MANTIA , son of MRS. GRACE MANTIA , of W. 14th Street . He was recently promoted to Army Specialist Four at Fort Hood , Texas where he is serving with the 2nd Armored Division . The ROSENBERG household was quite busy as of late , what with relatives coming and going from California ; South Carolina and Florida. Son David was home on leave and his grandmother visited from Florida and the entire family took pride in son Joel ' s graduation from Deer Park High . Bless you all , and have a good week , Deer Parkers. DP Happenings ¦¦ ^ ¦ <!xX&K&£>^{X <f9tfgjff8&&X&4 )i J J MB . ¦ ¦ -::::: ¦ mmmmBmmmammmMmmmmBBBmMB w: ¦ ' : __MHMM_ -H_ --i CANDIDATE for - 4th District Republican State Senate Owen Johnson ( left ) of West Babylon , witnesses the changing of the guard, as Edward Pardocchi ( second from left ) of Lindenhurst , turns over the President' s gavel to Sal De Roma ( second from rig ht) of Lin- denhurst who became President of the Triangle Republican Club , this past week. With them is State Assembly GOP candidate Stuart Levine ( right). Over 75 local residents attended the event. THE TOWN OF ISLIP SENIOR CITIZENS , West Islip Club , recently held their installation of officers at a luncheon at Flynns Restaurant in Bay Shore. Newly elected officers are (I to r) Julia Maline , 2nd Vice President ; Jeannette Fields , Treasurer; Charles Grouse , President; Italia ltegga , Secretary ; Walter Sekira , Vice President ; and Town Supervisor Peter Fox Cohalan who installed the officers. Also elected hut not shown in p icture was Muriel Griffin , Sergeant at Anns.

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