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The Gouverneur herald, and the Gouverneur times. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1880-1884, April 08, 1880, Image 4

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•.?*. v. •«'V I .•# ;•: ; .*; • « **»>>* ?!**».»' OOUTKHNSUR HERALD 1J5: AJTD OQgTlBWtpB tin EH. l#l / . Wit, < m***** Apt Cawtf4tl*wwrt9** of UM wlrVt W*V*| / ••*• \awt*! W*a*be*1 aad the vlorld W*at *<t, vl^'A Am* wwa*** s*eaa*ed wMn Ae WM gone. ^^7 t r' * ,>M NI •**• aSr**Ae*l f * wl<4 aall h.rltd; *tt 'a AM *a»ly a Nw am*» slghadl I V* ^oJtsfe*4*n*ao* IhaworM I , r*«^at **f«MN|«Mr, tea* foight p> Uii, And fast ttew* slain la HI* blajaaVetalaed mail. t* AM at er hi* mesa they siepej HM Mail we* last, awl hi* bAaa** rnflad j AiM ealf a wtisaaa wept. . (Mat th*s4et*rsaettw^ taxied; I aa*a§ eeallasj i*ag* from a* o*rwreajght hsari; &*• at* mmk Hstsail, tee §t4aa ahd Wind Witt *na*AisnT the NM| en-ung Ilk* a wav*l 1 Attd Mt of Ma (MM, that It III aaaf depot*. fit km ear ar Mar J In Ma grave, '*•**« bw4 ef tft* #3Mt «lar> only I*?*, [l r to>*wa% ae* griored, *ad evajod * we**-f 1,- 'im^ ***» •***! e*e those g«ajo to tho Ood an*)*** i Mi\ / \Wl*at aA«»*\»f one* ran I •ay t [ . ^ 4 *i V J****** beaaoe tower* that flowav iM full, ^'/Tajs . ' - - T** Aiheopnag, r ' HOIJftftNOM* MRCiriOi of riOiiylt ,),: #41 #r II hM rttrfi itt iho •iMMigit •• Air ' ^ |rfvAil t on« ctip nt %t\f (u\\ of liitiiir, $*'f iWO Wlpi of lugar, twi rff(|4 wn I I'KS b#4Ull, Ofili OUp of-iaUli.a, oim« ainntl , V»/ ; |#M|Xl<Miftil <>f AOIU, flivi^r i%|th 1 In - * 4 ; tlAVIOn «lt<l tiulrtipg # Vnid flntit-ftflOMgh 'i^ in m«kt •• 01 Itt it* oihitr «llr ruK** t ' ^v\ *' ftwtADC^iin.- ThriNiciipi IJtTtlABT ffOtlpBk MNlltlfM Hn*t» ftrli wooo ft- ORAYfffO. . » ^ Thetdltot of 8or.bn*i\ ib lhdApr!> tiuitibtrt ttlih Ihfj d#»tlHi to •tlmuUt« lh« irt o(f wooil fogr»Tlng» oflT^ri •«••* *r») |irvniltilii* for work* by pupil*,** follow* j tlOO, $75, and $&0 f r«t(^c* tl?#ly r 10 I ho flrtt, ifcondl find third »n4t *p*olmeii* bt wood Mgrmvlnf, produrrd Wid *f lit to that Ofllco tjiy tlmo during tho prc*oiit year, 1880, by pcipll* In fin? »rt-*chool or utidt 1 any? prlTAt« lf«rbor In tbe Unites Htntia, * Thojr rrqtilr* to «rf otil* nr<Mi»f*, iooompanicd by M* t4*0li«r'» iiar|lflc«ti that tho competitor tub mlttlng th0m )• In reality 11 pupji who hat n#rer done rngr»?Ing for (be public or fbr pny, Tbo bowrd i • Judge* are Mr. Alrxmider W. prakr, *iiperliiteiidriil of tbe department of tlltiit ration In H( rtborr'a Mom hi •tMlHt NloholM, Mr. Timothy Cole * prattle*) etigr«Tcr of lb#* flret rank HIHI rtr, Tbcodore h. D* Vnnc, who It probably the beat prjntrr of wof<« *»Mgt»Tlng« In tbe l r ii|fed Btate*, ft* di^lalnn will be ren<pnred Jw> Ut, IHUt, end tbe awards trUl be prompt- ly madf. 1 WW \-\A */ T.J -» gg**^i^ C . • •• ' ATA 14 '(,„'/ tdeft aet In a warm place to rl*«v \ A ',> TbU aaaltea a good large f*k#. ft^' * . # [ i; /$? VflAailWi RniiA,^ Ooa f]J*r(onokn r ^UV> warm water, one tta^ttp of ye*«t, '' V V,!/ t 111 ^ tfour for A allfT battrr. I Whrn ^'•*4>V tlfbtt add one fgg, t#o reat|iooofui* * V4M of btitter, and knead In ftoitfr urn II Mi \ ^ l \ r i9l0,, i h {i} ri}]K Whrrl h K hf . 0,,t ni|>a or sugar, (wo-tblrdt tap of butter, (out «'gg«, f olkl aiMl whltea bfcatnt a^p^raUly, 0oe «np of aweet milk, tb»>e nupa ot 4r> floor; and three tf>a*poonfiita of hak- ' tug powdaft V • - L j I ,. j l^lrl ffitl.—One p oi W* of lig* [^ (»bopp)e<| Nn# 9 one cup o^aogar, on«<- balf ettp of water, lft»)i buOl to a |NUte v Malta ITreiinb lake In two layer*, eprvad fig paete l>etween f and )ee top. Ilotled froailnJ I* the nlmat. B '/: v H6ittn F^wrnwu.- 1 OOehalf rup of boiling water, .1 V /I Ml unlll It thread* fro Abotll AfUeti mlttuti * ; |ti tbe apoon, M at the white of omo fgf to a *t ir ft <fU, I brn pour Iba hot •> rttp over l» HI Will not fall oil 4*11 «uiil r **•. / Hafvarg'a KlUkea, Tbe Hlnuig Aamitatai iaB ploy ate be*lda Ita tan-boraa power etiglnt* y ^( ; y y ton*** mml \*r day, hr^it* the build- f ,>.;tV Ing aod auppllea ateant >nn cup of l«iir. Tbla g the oake. Avar (ONa 1 io. m haa ninety htrward, A hunting two Mir the rook K /^* ; tO| At*d iNiklngt »ot when Handor'a Theatre la Aeetod, a thlhl ton of coal la rax)tilr«d Tbe rook jug ep^amtoa 1 it> grrat aoup and (a **!<! la on a +Ajk aeah\ T kettle bold* llo gallon*, to he tbe large**, k»tth)i evrr oaat In tbla eountry. Only 1 (0 gallotia of eotip, bowerer, aro required f0r O10 PP|H) dglly dinner, The oatmeal kettle \' f ^ : '/»' b#Uli 05 gallon*, and that lor rrarke<l Wba)at I0,gali«»n*j but not quite, Iboogb ffry nearly, tbla amount la aonaumed dally. i j 1 , Tbe great range, twenty fl*e fiot^ iOOgi OonUln* four oreu*, end doea all tbe frying nd heatln|r platea, ate. There art eeten bettlen for boiling meale and Are for vegeiablea, and t T ^ *jf ' Hi '* t re* ^ , t fioti# of them of very arnall alto, y* >\ , While tba great ehareoal jfrate will »yV lS eaally brollateak n>r 030 men, Hut »*''£ l *p lh# m<141 **t<»\ndlng part' of the ••/;'• eullnary arrangetnenta ere, tbe two ff ; * v great o?en*i one for baking nioal* * , and one for bread and pt*<*, The i ftrat will 000k at oure I.CMIO pihind* of meat, and tbe other TSK\ pie* They 1 V\'\u t * ) are notf by any meana, ton large, V? H , ' bowei^r, alnoe from MOO to I.CMFO / ^-> ponndeof meal are oohautned dally, v,) ' V 11 and aome ninety !oa?«fc of graham /;/ ,' *' m*X eerenty Ct?o of whlto bread. \XT< ' Tbe heat nevar leasee tho p**try oven W * 'J froea one month to another. h¥ \ \ t M How mtiolt flour do you d*e per if, :\ 'i ' r!J • . 1 lit' Yr >r 1 ^ v IV. :* 1 day r I Mkad. f *• We ayerage Wt lea*t a barrel and kbalf,\ waa the reply. 94 And how many pie* at one liffiehr , M A hundred and twenty five, for Irhlcb three barrel* of applea are oeedaHl/' ., •Hjaae dellnlou*-look ing hot for wn Wing unpaoked from a hugh hov t and t learned that aevrntv-flro pound* jr#re Oally uaod for the tahUa, and about tba eame amount for rooking. That tbe atildent* had not gone hun^ gry on that «lay waa < (>ooto«lv< lv' abOWn from the fe« t that At hrettkniat 450 pottnda of Irump atrak and aeven ty-Ufa pound^ of fl*h hatllbneil 11011 etimed ; that the larder e<litalf**d for the dinner JIOO pounla of (in kev ami, tVOOpoundeof lieef; that ( lftO gallon* Of m»lk (the dally allo^aiie««) Hip<l ft»rty puddlnga of large aike wrre In atore, while twelve Immeaae pane ot gingerbread Were being prepared for tba oven* n >fot tbe leaat loterfatUi^ feature of the eatabllahment I* tia* lauhdry, With Ita waablng iriaohlneL It* huge wringer, whloh will ra#olve I (u}0 tlrnee per mlm^te, ami It* eipeital^e piangle, wbleb coat $IMI lAltogMther there baa beeA, within ft wo yrar«, gl,060 WOrtb of inaehlneHy put In ; and tbe arrangement*, ln< judlng the dumthwaltera, moved by byilraulle proeenre, are all aop*r!».- U<titt* ThePaa#lAn play at Ob*jr Animrr- fan will b«t aoted on the following dayai May U, J3 f 30; Juhe fl. t:t t l«i t 10, U % II; July 4. 11, IN, H ; August 1, H, 15, tt, iv ; H< plntfilirtr 5, M, II, Iti !•, A IMIW thratre ha* been boi)t, whloh li'.uu I.'IOO |f« r«on*, and laV like that <>f |H,n, un««>venMl t with the eaeeplloti of ihe rriny.nl aoat<, Wbleh ar e more eommiMDIoo* .than tboie Of IN70, The rnatimifia *nt1 ^aHNtritMltia tro new. Il.h railway front Munteh la nvw atWanrcd l<» MurrlHii, Whlnh U'i4 kllfMtietre«,thrre hour*'drive from t >h r Attimergau. Tbe telfg^Apb, mnreover, now put* <)IM r Atntoergao In dlrtet ii«»inniMnt eaMon with tbo ontur world* The pari of Chrlat ft III l>e aaeunieil by Joaoph Malor, and that of tbe Virgin I Mary by Anaataala Kra*^i.-JV. V. ma. Herl1iniif p for AprllJeloae« 0 e iftll VolOuie of tbla niagnzlne, u Jilnh wil b4 ten yeara old In November. Tbe edrfetit number cniitalfte a large ve* rlat^y notwltbatandlng tbe apace glv* en \o the eerlale whleb grow In In ter*)*t 4 Tbrro are aeveral alngle pa IHtr^i of |K>pular Intereat, tho mo»« iiot|iwable t>f which aro -, The (Irowth <if Wood-cut rrlntlng,\ by Mr. Tto- odore L« fhiVlnne, the printer of Hrrlbner, ••The Oreheatra of To- dey, M b/ Mr,e Hldney Lanier, an<t 'Kjghty ttillea In Indiana Cavern*/ by | Mr. II, 1% llovey. Tbo depart- tnr^t*! though not quite \ » full a UMial, haVO a nuuiber of anaaoiifihle Aialtirea. TJtpplndo^t'a Magaxlnf, for April, opijn* with the loth ehepter of Dr. <>«*Al<r* ••Hummei Und Hkrlebea;\ <leafrlliea tbe ruin* of rimal, that tpyet* rlotie burled vUy of the New .W«;rld. **Thiea hake* of Central Now York/* la n p^eaaantly written and well Illustrated artlelo, by Frank J ll» Taylor. Mr*. Mary Treat de- Mrlliea *'A IMiaie of Lite In Kloitda.*' Mr. It Oigood Mkaon hn* *n Inatrtio tlVo nrMete \('oiovtnhitf Animal eoh**. M I>r» Doltet* ^Ive* prM'tlnn* ao^ig hlioim 1 l» nil ^Knilog ;\ nt tl at •••MUM tooti* \» rit* r give* mi rtreotmt of *lho ItViJ (Wk,\ the name ap- plied to auto* Kiho revolutionary o«H Ui«*Mk*ofthr HII«*|HII peeaijitty dur- ing the laat hf%lf century. The Action po««naa4* the tin rIt u*u*lly found In 1 hi* moat eievlhnt tnagnxlne. Tin '• Monthly (lo**lp M la tintiaoally full and entertaining. The Noriii Anurlcftn Ilnvlew h*a for Ita leading attlchf a paper mil- tied **Mt t:iitMan'a Unt aervlce to tin 'Uepiinlle/' whleb cover* the Whole period of Medelhir* ndlitary re rrvc< It U Intended to vindicate the general agalnat the charge that be wa* f»Vfir-eautloii*. and Contain* many Matemcnt* of an Inlereatlng character. Hlr Fraim|k lllneka con- tribute* a ptfpor on the 4 'lleU(loiie ot t'anada with the United. Mate*.\ Canada, be aay*, l«dea!rouaof renew- ing the rcelproolty treaty, and I ready to concede all reasonable de- hiainla. The Iter. I>avld Hwllig Write* about \The Failure of tbe Houtberh Pulpit.\ The d!ton*eton of the third term question, begun In tbe February number <»f the Kovlew, |a continued In the present number' by the lion, (toorgc It. Hoot well. ('has. HteWat t Parnell *«tta fbrth tire refi»rin* In the lawa of the land lctn.ro wlr!< h are advocated by l»(m*< If ami hi* po- lltleal a**oclate* t umler tbo heaillng, '•The lrl*h Inind Queatlon. M i The iHMik notice* are by Mr. Kflward C?ary. •'Stories of the llorder\ I* a Collec- tion of stories Written by .1 IMHotint, i»f Ogdensbtirgt It la pnMUhed In a neat pamphlet form by l>extor K. Or- vis of that city. The first story en- titled tbo ' 4 luvluol*>loa,\ la a bur- lesque account of tbo defenao of Og» nen«hiirg during tbe war ot 1812, and la wilt ten In an emmdng manner, j ••I«u< llle Me Touraluo\ la a romam e ot the early French settlement arol the Indiana, tbo scene being laid along tbe 0<wegaV;hlc* ••John Mar- shall'* Luc*\ Is an Interesting story Will told eoiiueeted\wltb our lato olfll war. Tho llttleWolumo eloeea with a gfaphlc dc*< tiption of the great Area In OgdciKbu'ig In 1852. It will bo read with Intel est by St. Iittvrciire Co. people. Price «!\> cl*. COMUH sent on rifcelpt of price, by !><<iter K. Orvla, publiiiher, Ogilena* tnirg, N. Y. i * ptwiifiwrs TE8T1 MYsaimartryalolaa. iJYi . fbratv Triad Regular Triad Patent Madloifiea. tAMFORD'S RADICAL CH mfiaana wtrga a IOTIRH^- JVl »racU*#(t nifdlrtna lor thirty yd |»««a a Miflvrvr m/acir e»r Hr«tva y rrh la U* *M«I »*«*«f t, fanera ai iarrh la U* RMil »•«••( •, fanera a liairaaaad avarrtlUaa; ttf lha mmttria oai aav Banaaaaniraltff.Qntll Anally to try a e***at a»*4t<tw (•omMAjni ara ++ry Iota to do). I l ikar* an«U I ff at hom of 701 ftioaa to 0** If bar. and an 4 a pa>fnaa«nt rura. T t tmrf^hiSy % N«pr>f romhl aara of that uiofi aji^«>*aAt aad diaaastib f f aad with add larynt F / Tours, fWe^ftral n w ORAI Of Dr. T>. W. Orajr a ao-i, PS l««.rtm. lawr^Mr* 4 *'' u ^ Taa Vatn* of jlkfa rtmedy mtut not b^JevartsJel ta t*« ««r« or tit* iu«a 4 SYMPATHETIC DISEASES f tafllon* of tha Fr«, Kir. Taroatl La*f* roaeliUl Tobw whlrh tn many «a*>Hi aro^ai a*»v«rt rat« >f CaUrrh. ihn IniarMfM and rondltlon or ttia niaaoita ai«n#raaa la S ioaa of all thtt* troublva; and unttrjhn ayai m Ir 94 *. 11 kroaarlit arvptrly and r tha lifaaarti ea/MMH Va reaaoaaaly atV^ttd. T^ i ll*» ^?t 4hl> « # **•* •tnea eAKr^tto'e RA| CAL CUHR w*» pUevd barorvthw iwhllr.bu that ihort time It Tin* found It* wav frtmi Malnn, Callforala, and It rvtrywhera arkmiwladftd druajfttU and t>h vHr Imif t<> tip the m<*t fiic« araparalloo for th« ttiorouah trra|m« nt of O ••*r cnaiiNtundcd. Tha furl will t»a ditrai aaora lu>portao< a yt%*n n U coaaifd wttta t*a ai«*4i snant that wfthlri flya yaara OT«M ram«dl#4i for Catarrh |i«va b«an plac U>day # wltn ona or two •vcrpt) aaanot b*> rarallad by tba batt-l abaolotsly ona or two awcep ballad by tba bast' AdTarthHaa may taarard tn f bot. an|M« th« Vapiady v<m*u B tdfral propwrtlaa. It )• abaoU to BMrltad obaoarIO/. cen mtd lhajti dU>M a salt. 1 I- tr itsi ddraawi n fo*aiag{a feriii und<mbtaf tparl rtaintof PCRMANSHTLT OUIttst KIDNEY DISEASES, LIVER COrVIPLAIMTS, Constipation and PII*|S« PS. IL HU CT'ARK#aa«iaB*hM,Tt^aaq ^fMMtfLlMV TCOtBLEB all mH*d taaaaharo. It h««*«rtdaia*TT*»T] *«daaMMiarri3i:«» uad a«aMvaafbtta4la>| aata*VI<^e«?7.** , HKIAON r Arncrri.3, a#a^ Aibaaa, ru\ aagra, •*U U mtfaU U>« va'aa. Aftor alat y&* «d #rreoC KifTbrlaa; nraaa VOm aa4 Oaa-1 Kaaiw II aaai»ki4aly aair«i aaa.** iU A, noOAD09I. ari<ai*«*l*a, aafa, a^eAaa^bMdowa woa«1ar« far'aaa l a alatfljr a«irla« a> aa^cro Llrar «a4 KJ IT HAS WONDERFUL POWER. BKCAITFB I T ACTS OjN T0I| IJVKJ^TH^ nO\VEI>* AND KI NKVK AlATHKMA.Hfcl TIME. ajeoauae it oleonaea the afbaasw o#| thapofaonooe humor* thsrt 0* In Kidney nrui Ortnary dlaaaai lovanoeo, Jnundloe, Oooatlpatlont 1 PHoe, or In Phoumatlem, NeurWRgha itnd Forruile<tieordora« \ KID\CT-WORT It a dry v^Mnal«»oaVl aaood a»d aaa h« «cai by a^att prepaid. 0»apaeAsalP«III mal#»*» 1 \ <|ti» < r itirdlclaa«j •m l, 5r XT* ucro^ir i Roy It at Ihr OratrfM*. PrUa, ei.#*\, • WILLS, KICSAIHQg A CO., rwfrWtew, 3 - • »«TO—JaayVt. taea e*fV*c* of §AHFORt)'9 RArJtCi with niil dlraatlpas for (u'u»a In nil aoaUlna Dr. TUnfard'S Improve Itb rail dlr*atloas for Its u»a In fj it. eoid by alTwholaaala and rHhll itaiarf Ihroaahpot thf Inlua Si-av« •ala Dro«Mt*i«, H^ton, MAM.. • 1 m a»»i OI»>] _ OLLINS' VOLTAIC PLASTEl 13 8IMPLY WONDERFUil . :. '\RHraflffill; ! 1 conaldfr COLLI«•* VoLit»tO rLAataa tha b«at plaatar ISvtr haw. and am raeouiu*«B4aiaT [ IbtBi to all. C. MohfOi It has dona my thaa alt othrr ro new*, itt., AD! V aow low to arhool III Iba world a DrrftiiiD, A. It April 11 thr»«» ji»ar« RUIA JAK I Mart h ». VSTI no dolib a L Mconlu IWraihaon^ i'jaiwill'lhiw %hm baft yUrtora. no dolitit. Atn Onors. Mo, ^C^fpl my thanks for BP »«*nt ma Dm«M°- W.C.M00BJI l . . T,I*t' rLAlTSBP »«*nt DmaM°- W.C . COLLINS' VOLTAIC PUS fbr (oral paint, lamcntaa, foranaat, wai e umbo^aa, and Inflammation or tba laofa. Idnfya, aplern. bowrla, bladdfr % braTI. a*^ a|aa. It aqoal *» aar army of doctora aad plant and«hrabt. I*rlcs>, Qf% o*ntaj« dold by all Wholtaala and Ratall 1 thlT»I ho »t the Unltad Stataa and Ctsiadi WaUM * rOTTKK. r>oprt«tort. Boston. ——4* OLD AND RELIABL DR. 8AJfroRD*a LTTRR IKTIOOHA: la a Standanl Family It-mod j for die •aane of tho Liver, Btoma<4i and Howpla.-*It is Vejcetfihle.^ It, novor DolMltUtea^-rt ta OatliarUo aod Tonio TH I Feeble WIVES, MOTHERS, and every weakly, sickly pcrsory can surely strengthen and build 11^ thfc brolccn-down system by taking RICHARD'S TEETOTAL fONIC • Mo remedy* has ever made more wohderful cures of. Dys- v jx^psia, Nervousness and Lvcry Weakness and Debility, ;< It is the l>est regulator*of the Liver and Kidneys/and the saf- 1 est and best stotnhch, bruin and 1'nerve tonic in the! world* It makes the Weakest nerves strong, and the most despairing mind bright and cheerful; it gives new life, vigor Tend \\energy to the overworked body and brain,, and all who take iti eat and sleep better and become, healthier and stronger, Free from alcoholic dangers, Physicians pronouhec it the saf- est remedy ever sold.and it must be tried to know the perfect II«*>«|ttb' nttfl Strpnirlh iff* u*f ih«ui«»*». VauBuaklrk A to n 1\ Vc««y 4(reo( t N. V DrnjuietU M'lUt, Tint dot I ION $ I.(NK n'A:i\ \ « fA %l fJllXr.HN! T 'WIVES!! 'MOTHERS!!: Uterine Catholicon. VliF CURE FOR FKMAJ.K COM- PhATNTftl in my |>rn «1 !>y tho jMihlio, morn than i\:% $mp% with ohprtHN\l*titod f. MnUr %- 6END FOR CIROU1_[f 17. }. r. w. SAKFORD; M,O„ ^w^fc I in aatiMtisr WUA Taia, tot ira iisrt Y*ff»». MRIr. LYDIA K. PINK TlilrtT-ftro rfftara of atnfte andTsneil ox|M»rl- cnw» haap*o«r'fMt be%oi»j the -hadow of a doiihl • hat Dr. MaiohUrt UierltioCHllmlnvMi will rnro PHIIAJMU Iftt^rtor falling of the w<»mt>, l*enc»r- rhtas FUtor A'but or H nltea t I lirontc Inflam- mation and Ulceration of tba womb Incidental HftttorrhaK* or F knowing, PA In Till, 8ri|>prf»iiM<Ht (ind Insular MeimtrUation. elo., with all thrir /H'onmpah\ injr evlla <rknoor exce|iu*dj no mitt* tor how aorer*f, or of |iow lona* atandlnfr. Ht^nd for |»ajniifot froo,* Uli trralinent and rrrtiftc.tfc< fmrn %hyticlana to ttowA»D A HALI.ARD IHira N. Y. For *ite|t>y all DruMgiMtm I'rioe II M per Initio. He fur* and a«k for Dr. MM cliltrt ( «tl^llcon. Thka no other. h.lvi \•:'•• W, • 1 I, •• , / \ , . \ ' >. . ••*.'•. !• \ >, \ /•- 1 • . !••-•.* L - - • m^m :! avjaaasssaw- ,1r% * aiasjiBsji Tf'Kx fiiMt<L :i^*t**%)^M. 'y- ^1 WWrftOo, an 1 i» •KM 1 A n •• — A BREECH-LOPING REPEATING; RIFLt FOR $6.50. THE IMPROVED \CHICHESTER. 1 \ Ight fkram 610 •^ da. Length of'Barrel 22 Inohaai 5Z^-' 4^i MUI •W THYBKLVJ S6.50 k m T»aaiaaFfaa<l«r»af tate PaSar wfll a*-*)*rfc 1 tf Il»tt#r1«r *dltoH*[ n tO>«« ta tba |law Y\i k ** Tr1t»«n*. IDW. 4a| iMld«4 toaaataitAlijrtmpmra aarriSa.anJ aa aow a*>rad It latl«mo<t* SMaarararh^caC^^tto^ltwattayarta^^lAtUaiirtih, . Koia-hhtUiKt! E au«tth«»An«Bi*^ii(Hiato tn BOCK ptVaaatMrora. WS ItarrY COI •l> rtaarkM, n«f r t>» a»«f harfttlft laBWarlna a»*r prtf atM I* m i-<I.Urt«f I M4rrh Ifth, lS7l.au/ IHI^UTa. CHlCHCSiT r »rt c tat rtl rr AOT'nATK and wwrifrw it tWlH*tala aUathi^hayingaa#» aar arf*»rtta*m»tit wf tHawtw f»Ubr»ixt CHlCHC8Tff*I HIFLJt • r *\* w, ra*'M • World,'• aa«l al'^r l*«<iu« tiv^»p«|wra lttr»/a«houl tba rn«tatrr la rr*cn»« la 1 Hii<wiul4>ii«tii'i i.«.tu ».iqu»?i*r», •»• •I in una ) tatliattii •w»d hf watt. WI WILL *>a>rl«tawiapoa of tha alaaif aatatvac*. Trt«wlmpia at llii'»n *4 i»a,KP ani *!/>*.* MOM M tf» wtil.fc nir»f m«»>tt- ntt>>atm4inMa*Jv«a«« in U>thrn«Ul ani Ubar %• ahall t-#-r 4h* CHtClUf STtfl wlia all tba n«w Inpruva- a , art<ir*r»,anT«JtUa* r ir»w »*-«« Tr*»»uri* ,, a'n4oO»»i |»«|*«rt ^ A**i»<ranj»*'>iJa. l<it»a K!li>a taava b#*n li • <»n ••©* a^Hva itiaaM'artara f«»ro*»raaay»iar. 1 h« IVUata w)>l<li c<>\ Crt KIFLCS 4 r \ WAUltANUD an<1 GPAKAN 1 Kl D fo a« WW' V «• jf ,# ••«/, rVW «»4 U«* tk»r*u \m mimm^r in trtry DAW !'<'• !'• IM> la I'•• *n<J t'\« iTi<nr*ffr« tha *n<t < a**p*a^way In Indodur* lanrblltalntna W»ri.| ( Walnet Mora mdtt i*h,Hnf**H*c**.\ BEAR IN MIND™* laaaoJdfaahl >jraV.Tara> itfiPtl inaUr ifeU'ltp . «..»dr-«o» ?a, MaadttraHhra, wMrh ar* a> M ••T,»IW, rirTtlS SIVCN »&5.O0 A Urafl on adfr York or I' nrvfrrrrrf fvrwfrd tit an? Riproat Mt*n\ (Week. Will prove KsjraUaWCHICHK jtnVa Prollt peJ 1 fulfill |A(M). |i| A&.Ufj Afcenrt i p r«iit pet!week, wutprove , T««JolA«.ai* aT^«a4««A • it or l?»if«ut I Mm. fll outtlt free. C. O. 1 | ^ I ra1 i el ^ r _ ,, _^\ ,lld - e * KlDKOrT A CO., «i8 FliUon .ttnrei, v cw • 'Jf-_V_!r-^r^. 7t . _». : fork, N. V. [ ^Wtn4 ( ' rnilTB' Bonn Wanted I \JOiMiflT.W** MIKI Fur $05 io $lon|>(*r tiiontlh.Miurlnic Winter ancl : Spinijf. r'or fi^/t parn'nl rJ M'lorv-H, j J MCCVROY A CO., ^ g5ftw4 /^_^^ U'HllailelphlA, Tn._ f»r M>ct4. l.argol HUiHr\raie*l t*apcr, y«nr. JIL A^t'Mta wiinfo<l. ll.Lill AH^INUH 47 C<Mliiiill.^O«toii t Ma»>«. K4!IIII! orsnv other kinfl, Vy yo4i can llle yourt«oif w in ou» no,;r marhine, no trvAt it will rut better tfmfi ever. The teoth w^p'all remain of C<|UH1 atti AIHI hlinpe. Hrnt fr^e on receipt of li'flo.to nnr part of the Cniteil >HHI#«S. Illtirttrnteii Circular! free. « O<M! ttK«nlH Granted In every ootmtv ano] f ity. Atldrvaa, K Horn A BKO., <ew o\fonl f U'H. We have hiiu <lie«l«of letn«ra from men tiling our mneliifie. i who aay they wotihl not takq $6 for it. h'2m3 -!; n990t !•• aold at tha trmnrna* frf'^t a«k»4 bj *••• m««o r *rlni>ri o( itO»«i ianafariar»rt t tSaacSitleotibafni t.ut aamali aart ai tba a-41 of arl.a.l 1 b« CHICHKaVTCH vtll tra-armg. but «>alr *»r t^a rarpaat afftatrwtactJ •\» » Ut hat Ml at #i# rraaant prlr*. ai*t«ti1rr.r aUrnn* 1 ifm-. Wa k aa»taar4aVi«>«« artl la. W« MTABATITEB taa CHiCHKSTCR ~ la<*ft*t+aK,nia4^»lat#»l,a*.tHna4lfta tha aviat car^U^i.na.nL . „ _,. r .. .. - r fc - ---»-—— raaP a»4 <JI/O** «lrM•,<•*.#->!«rdrtMKi hammar and tri»Pfr. ana|*W6*«lfl/ rf^lanka.1 BEA*| IH M|MO^ n >« la aa old faahtonad ftap^r ranridra atmr ana. Uc aaatt ravolvar wlUica*ap w^*4 •i+ku. It la a SRA?f KkW faartea* ATaTa) , P'\^ t«futar ia*U<ltp « *jtndr-«o« ?1. Maad ttralthra, wM<h ar* a« Id Wfnwt.rrr. T|M8S witaanalaaainc. aadlafrry ACWT'UATIC and KrPV.CrmVK at l-VT Ta«rt a At «a«f dlaUbf^a. It r«o l« l^dai In An#aaaa<«»«d».aa4 »*^* •».'»t dla^hargtd In taa • (!aal« aaadaa a alalia ahoiriia ir d|alr#Hl rr.»rv r*a f« aVtt and fhoroaf hljr taatad bvfor^laaviat tha fartorr. ICTT* rp* ia n*mt*r*4 »nH WaaSAKT i* »(«• / K M /k, «^*f4 ^ (k* (imjp »| HlCH*T8TEIt *t mMraaaa.llliat cannot ba baat<fi. I«^h an# U ItQWaaaal t« at*ir*l*l* and WOHKIlAK\1lir tnmnf blltaln t».# World. rM*-«a*«f'r4«f .«fyt«a#r4. Tha bana*« aio.^li frhatrtm»l»-* ara]alMi^Hia»j»la**d. -i l»'a« IfJV^alnfct ^tora and tarr baada-«maty drtlrord I ar«l rul/Ur i.U«\1 aMp. A*1J»»tal>la \\ i#»»«*'l ar»-| rlonttr ri'-r Ct SIVCN \»ttS rlrantnc • v \d. ««.. aai »«-n» u» anyadJrraaaa rt-r*l|.t Wf aa*# urtata iaa4a wlta V ^ mw ^ w . _.» I r+i*i'£Jut ia'TijiMM <'oaipaBl«a a oil raa f uaraataa tl>ai tha Kxrrraa Charr«a will Dot amount Iv o*t# D ONC CHICHI8TKH ftCVEN eHOTKatPEATIHO fll^Lf aa^a^ih#daM^. rSJa t 4U>lo7 |..h< i«u tf <i riiU iTcl-Jir 4 anil.licr*. 'li.3oltT«) <>l t..<9 « lli< IIK^IIM SlKLK <t> |a tit J.rarjr » If W\f'l *fd wlthlaona t>l«»ra ,>f ttia V+ri*m (t«*Yi tttlntitaa'aail from *4»* York CIU > I' TO* '\***' «''l«al«tan< •• In N>w Ymk or TirtnltT. aak ttiam to *tf>p tttt<i our aalvaroama aul aiamfaaji>a OHIOHaTSTCII ** mt'l ranra.ihat rannnt ha haatdn. f^n ana l« pankM •*p<*(»i^tr In a n*at .is ... >^ mWjU p SHOT HgPEATINO rtl^LE MA**ni>*4 »Mw. toanv ad.1ra«> for SJO Ktj. r«fafa11jr1*>**4. tMahrn r«»h li.4v/i<r«)i »i t..<9j ' iliriiKSIluU fii of frlca; Wa will f*t a|M<i<4 ra|«t luu t» a IJH *•• Conpaaiaa aall raa f uaraataa ti>a| tha Kxrraaa Charr«a will Dot amount tv o»ai tu or U c«at* tu mvat i^'»»f lk« CQUUIIJ. Wa raaaot or ardappanka ard«r, WUIIIVB #Uf 4 6ol«r|..i.< i«u«t<i rUU aUi.Tn- < anil.licr*/ *i nal v/lf *> «>l t..« « IlirilKSri KlKLK CO la lit J.ffcrjr « H> *i J.,».'»i t-rhni»yi .,1 tK* l> fi««i.i> It.H CHfirtR^TKS KIFI.Sa.aad TarraU |aa«ta with «»am at l*«f and •njart ranr*, aad raad Watlmwalala rvi^lv. d rom w* II known •portamm # [ Pm mvraaponalbllltr w« rW4r to V>* ri'MIjmirH OP Ting PAPKK aai lo thi priarlpal^Uitk* aad Ktpr^aafVtmriaalaa of J*f*yC\\\. tn nrd»rina aand W»«i«r»r R#^Ut»r»d l-»i»#rJ PnftOSVa MoaapOnlar. Urafl on ttdar York or I' nran>rrfd forwfrd tn an? Kipraat avant In J#r*#<rCtT> . * MS t*i»tru< tlorn to ^y m^nry it. u« >n d*4ir'r v i.f ti.a iUUt. . alak* all CiHM.kft aa4 Oraart pa/aMa W CHICHESTER MJFLE CO.. T N rilOHItlT. Triaaanrr, Bt «••.««• -a»r y aKr^ea. J^r^» rut. »,w J*raajr,U. ft. A. r Oat M< al. OQ (\AT itiEAl,. HAVlKfi VKKT Ml'dl IMPlKiVa^) ItT ! Z f)at Meal Machinery I 1 Tit* 4nt*M miaarlea that re- ptHt fr1>ui in<u<*« I**II .n turwl life raj4 IN* aileviait^l ao<l eiiiiHtt Tho^e whortituht 1I1U a*-M4\t{4.| ^h'MiM piirxMtaae t<*e i «*M tawitcail work iiiii»lii>hf*<l In tho l'SAltoni UPDICAl. I%aTifITI. ll4H*ion. end 1^1 IHp. IN I r:\CK <»K I IFr ; or, HKJF -ritlCHlCliVAT!o>. K \..«ui>i^r> iiM.ur , m»r\^«i« ai.<l physical cieliili- tv, ««r vhitltr lm^>ahc| b« theerromo yoaih or I«M» rl<^c application to b^aineaa, otav l>* reaiorti) and mnnhooit rea:i'i»»e«l ^ Two htiavlroflth e<litlon reTla*xt am! enlnrjrtHl, Jn »t IHil.lWlHsi. It I-H N|«H<U»<1 ni^U'a' w<*rk. the IM'M in tlie Knp7ll*»h l>tnmiMjrp, wriiten h\ a ph\nMiaa of V***t riLm*rifnor, to whom wxa awaMl«-da frohl and }<wellt^l nunl^l hv the Na- Mon>l Xlalical A ft - <M l,,u ^- It catitaina lieau «• fjHtan«i V*rt exinrn^fv*'enjr»*Hvli»ir*. Thirehnn- <ln«l |>aa;aa, moie HINUAI taJiml»ie pfk*actipi|oitt for all fortna of prt vnllm^ IIIMM-*-, UM* rrauit of manv yeart «f rxteiinive land HooreHaftit pra« tic**, either «*nt* of whM'h !»• W\t'h 'en tituea ii.f price of tin* M>4»k^ 11-UIKI in IrriN li rhitli; price onlY II. aonl |iy mail |w»ai'|iaid ' Tl«e l.ojn'ihm I^ancat aa«l: 'No ncr>ofi MH»U*<1 ' r witjiotil • liiar valuable lit»nk. 1 lie auUiortH a noble hetefnetor \ \ An iilnM»nie*l aampl# v^tit't« AW on rereipt of r» a4*nta f*jr |H»pO-t«te \ * The auth<»r relet a, by r«»rmi*«loTu1a Jo*. ^. I lf*ll RH. preaitlent; W'l |*. Ix^ivA li A M. VICO- on»»Hlent; W I'AIM, Mil) ; V. rt.«»at'jeTr, M D : If. J ixnoiT. M I> ; K II. Ki isa, M. f».; .1. Id l|oi.\o*H M. Uh S R. lYjnif.M. II.. and If It. OM[ oMtii.1 JW D. facuiiv of the I'hil.gltlphia I nnrr>lt\ «*f lM«*<licine and *ur- K r er» ; nlM» the f«riiH^ of ih«i Ameiictn Cniver -»tx of rai)tt(!cJpliiti; alao lfa>n. I*. A. KIHHKLI,. M. |» , }>iS»»>ir|«iil « f itiv Naliitinl kl^tir^l Anho- elation. / I Addtc4a Dr. W. II. T'ARKtllt, Sn 4 litrlflnch M M«m*. llieaMtho »u1tc<t ot| ml <IIM n«ei« ie<pm ibp: «kill Hrx) ««x|>ei leirve *'»i> 1 . r . G 0*7*7RatlfSflM WatSLtcVAVil WiXTkU 4KfiA IJKGIX3 SJOV. POLUTT \jient for the *afc <>b ,T II C K E T S ! 1*4* nil pa riu of r-tnHinboiit; alh<> Tfrketrt. KtUl 11 the tnblca fUrjn Hleppio;* Ix'tipn i C Tnart Ari' Insurance Tivl-rh, uicArpraoifri oat tftieK OJlh the qouijtrr.; by rnilrna<l And|; «»rh; W^' (Ate. KimbalTa Oat Miytl ja aohl m t«t I n,m \ v «* j*' 1 taiMiatiiriti ealnraeiaieiita. Doea n.n Hlcean Meamoraand Kxcnr^lon I LiwrenceMOTintv In tbe foil >w •iiHriAineil llrrnV » \ ,, ^ ! *' r - H-'*\ rtberjuat for nr»\ lament on tieaat Hi)f<*rmHtloii /riven mapM and! NIC hniifi, Norfolk, \r. II. Iteiuimh likhulte ' or mMU .\hah cured lilp-)oin| la i.eneaa In a Ini-hed, bafrjrnso checked Rn< i ! . A] (i. HHVI'A, •• 't; K Vai^h ke •* *• l»«-r^«»ii Mt.o bj«d ^^lfle^•«l IA >e*Jra. Al»o cure<i kcitred. • •; W h. tiiblpoiiajlarmor, I. A < arpent! ke< tiv'le ,,u ' IJ,n,II ^ m ' CH|n '*' »V«»»Miltet ^»r anv bittiaea, V ^ <• iiilrrncur. ,fy rpUl NUi:*l, Ll-btniiiK, Kind and Uain.y.m ~ ii«'taj\*fji £ will oe%er have Mich a dhance again. Wo f **\ ••T-n ** tiufe the l>OHt Ijirge ftize, iui|ifovod littbt>er Holt Cl«>ih«8 A rinjrer in the ^<a-i<I, t*ellin|( at )CH« than half price, tbaid ndfdrcnco |ctiamnleeU Kver\lNHjy *'ied hot\ to K*t v\**' N*» competi- t oo I T.it* .K?f«t chance, of >oilt life time to make iiutnev. ajitmplc, I'i.'O. tiiriilaia anil fttd •aniciilaia Irco. Ageiein willliiK to l»econvinced J/I/ A>t !/ ititdtetttt, bJml L'AllAfjO^ IV JtlNUKK CO., Nev Hedford, Mass. pa NMO!\ Obtained for tltasbltHl soltUer*, from date of dhcharge, if application i* II 1HH0 I'enMoiiA increAHPtl. new ta^a. biankn and intdrtittiotip. A«ldi'ea.H t W. C. HK ed l»e fore .Inly I at, 8end poatngc fur | yj ItH USi.KK A CO., •iit'.'ittrs;, l*a.,or W tsVtiiiipTi<»n, D. C. I fi\gp\ Ohlent i^Utiii AKdicy in] the United .Ma c*. iriuri , Piocnred for Soldiers ftiHlibled In V. 8 aer- Tice from r.nv caiifo; al«o, for heira of decea^etl nohlierrt. Ail pein»IOIIH date iutck tot|a\ of diH- rbara:e, rti»d l«»daioof tho depth of the noldivf. r roiinioni me.ieaKtd; lloiiitty i|nd iiewiUaeharKQ^ '. t reunion* me.ieaKtd; HoiiitU- ilnd IM l>rociiied. A«1dre-.H with afarnp, HTODDAdT AicO, Hoom No. H, M. cbm<t itiuillniK, WnHV»Jn^' f, n» D. < . I Iriinl —' . < W itNTKD.-lmmedialelk', a few Yonng Men an I Ladieit to fe.trn TeleKrapin. -, m ft u flf H | ttiH»d hituitlom guniantce'l. A<l'ITi:>n, MI atauip, (HIKKLIN TSLtnKA III (.<>., hitnl I <lbctli»' t i.ihlo IPIAITIC lea viliK thro i,i^ii dire* | TAKE TDK * <! l**Mlaw*Kiiin«y \ I A. \Va»kJr. ; flfl I 1 ^ I H, A. p.aue •• I>HVUM, k iioiini, • LaSiAil i VTA r. a K A .ID XasAQii •• icli itajldtilii, •• •••'••I % Wdtcrtown and C)<r<kn&l ^Me.^citw. # |J v \ k ^ »*\••'«*<»!.. A r..ii'« Ko^ic, WdiiLM'iown anci vvg Urg R. R. f New York Con- I traK jind Connecting I -incs. nvoMinJfr HmngtM, ferry transfer nt O/r*- ! V\f fur,,,K \ ^ti^tce landa for li'iO, la *ecifon*, wonderful tour i H<> d*nr.inrg. Hit* Jiinceriitlniv of erinneeiion at i ^/' I, » fn »»» dion aa lo Jaxmn latidij |ftvi»ii UIKMI ran be |ial in ».t>e \Utrjfe It l a Ki»e tlo fffriMi u|i »it f and the inspection of img- ro/ytpi «»» .Vi -fam tn |» H v* I^K»^ k ?tmf gaire|>V Cuttoin|Ho*o,e odiciab*. —) .- nil tt/ftOnly |/4|o| 'jfyo. 7'i«P #^da rhnny€9 ituin by ijtni/ i>thrr ~ Irm Chic, ron/rl KbJ^ilnt Pafxftnjrcr tioiuira lo r*ti'4<'ii*e WIMIOIII eiuti.^e ln;ikhi^ and ret^ftiHe coTiiieriioii with special t;hJ- » mm hxprc-arri-nin for all |*omtH Weal j f F^ , * K WOK Iff rifjiio leav* (Kotivernetir an folloaA; r IHI lotie 4:4.* i> llralffe via jrtnKHia Ifal ;cial Chi|M| ri»B HABPKITKl i| n new m-iiument IJ U. 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I Itava aeenred the aervioea of rilARI,F.*J IflilRC'KAI^snexperieaceil fllack-inbh from tigdei^bnrg who will do all iftudneaa entrusted to hi«care with MOHflVNESS AND DESPATCH, have nn \rf.Qttmm*o> ot u.rii^, t:itta<!. r ysmrt phi fttxl ha* iHafti marrl^tl af*M ItatatHiUlbS STa^ttieror || \nm $ Whist) mlf hly bs) sppf<ip r |« tlaWflliit M IWO lol utrsis 4wo •f IfJtVMt MA IWO Ss«i|or ir^pUU I rfci A V All A Hf. K WOltlt. Wt> hftTfl rit^ntlf ror#«lTi»cl from tho Atnrrioaii IKiok kiohnnje, N. Y. Vol, 5 ut ^Library of, Uni«*ra*l Kniiwit*lgf.\ It Is A rfc-pritu oi (!hamii«ra v rtncvclopAOillA of !H?9. vflih in arty atltliitona of *|atltntal ititrr fiat to American teadera. it ia to he ooittpletr) tu 111 volume* a\ii(l la A work of great valuM, whloh sholiUl Hud a |rla<fi In every llhrary, yf*, am! In ovnry family. It la In fat t a hi I l| Urary In Ilarli, ami aa a hottk of ret>i- eii n s Ita value cannot hn ovrr«satl* tnatotl, Ita wonderful clioaiin^aa places It within tho reach of all, Psjco tin wliolo asl of 20 vol ti mas, • to. Athlren Afneilfan Hook Kx change, Trlhuuo nulUlln|r# New Vork, or J AI, Ito) nolils, Jr., (louv- ernetir, ( ., i »« •• Via#*-— -^ The lriahniafi|ha<1 a corrsot appre- ciation of the tltnesa of thing* who, l»#lng asketl l»y the Jmlge when he applied for a IIreuse Ui sell whisky, It lie waa of good mnt»l character, r««- pltsNl? M Knltlt yer lionir, i don't see the neeeaslty of a good nioral eharat* ter to sell whl«ky !*' , . ; • \ , lafalrte NeWa* •*, ^ ; lldp RiUf«r% which are a«lTtrlla*«l Its our col- nnutai ate a «ui* eorafoi ague bllliottfiieaa and kldttajf oomptaitia, Th<««a who a a them a*t the* aaanot be tt*# highly rtKwonmentta i. Th^ua AiftKdVd akvniiit.giT* them a fair trial, aatf w|U l^^rnie, thereby #nthuaiaatie In the praise of their eiraliva power.. I'oruimt A«i. »•*$ LYOIA B^ PINKH VB0»TABL1 00MP0 mi Thaa foal ^ Th Positive Cora TOT all Fe|nslo Complain Tifta raspAaaTtoa) aa^Toama TUB an^uTe rr« MATia4l, (CONDITION, DIH*(T*> TU* VtT AaiaiiT,aTMa«TTtuiM*Tiia NtmoLs* or TU AWD urra IT taro PLACS, AND oivaa it ant*aoTff,aoT lAfTitaei RR i«r*t*H*al llrf. Ilatreavitli^aaf Ttia *A<K AM* OtoSf ; ITMI, Ra TON* TO Tit* WllPUNE raw: iv R*«Toaaa Dt«rt.\ci;t> oitoaxt aariHAu ramai. THAT PKKIINO O DOWN, cAraiNo r.\nf, wrtonr AM> *A<MACU>:, !• AXWAta rtaaANTNiLr ci KHUBV IT* I NE| It will, at »|| tlme«aa4 aader ad lit re aaa. Staaeea, aetlali«riata>ar wUll Us* l#ra thai awrerwikar#»a«laa>rt^. If »a>r tkeeare«f KI, •eTT*aVsael«lwtaUf elttier •*>«• ikaavtaHaiiaaaiaial laatiSrarraaaeil.r l.yatlaiH. Flakiiavaa*. vf^-hl* < :L Isprcpan d attUeproprietorataborutoiyl^ a\i I# l? tt w# » f * r a Avaaaa, lyaa, M MXPKRIKWORD WAQOtf MAKER forwrnxlfwork. Cirriage Ironing and Horse %Mn a Specially. (ilVK US A CAIX! UIchTille HUtion, March 1.1880. g5lrf FRANK flfClffB. of beauty and a Joy forever, frenl prepaid In a dekonptlon itt trticlea, carried eilhtn- way afrnl f reiTAttenHt package (which I cnaiirea absolute j dcUvere<t at aatfifaciory i<riceai Menmntlle apd nafe delivery I on receipt of piice, $«.<W 'Kemii tlnlLheial afTaiiJ entruated to (air carowill be by po^t ofllee order or regiMeted letter. * * ' -—' L ' <liefta, KiNDAi.i.ft Co ton, kltt^i* iraJhtacteil proralptly, and all tirrarxia d<»ne and s/raiikliu 81. t Boa- j m<f «agea<ielive|cd by truaty anil careful drivera. . ,. ....... j TlajHtage will if II at the Kiillef And Van lluren 1 'An old eHtabllahed conCeri whoa* reliability • lioiHen U ia un(|uej»lioitod. M — X. Y. \\ m. Dairy Interests W HITE'S 1KIUHLR WATKR-LKAVEH MILK MN Is fast becoming the I>airytnair» favorite. UH iHtiuta ef aiiperiorit> over all other iiivent*oiiN being Wo marked and apparent that aluce the j llrrtt intitMluction of the Wkter-l.eavad Milk ran, in Ma> la*t. <IH7t>», the hlemand has Mid re* of the country The invention keeps tip a (imilnnoua circulaf- li.»n of o<N>l water on all aideajof the rotlk and is THE OSIA MILK l*AN ANO COOl.KR KVWR rNVJCNTKD tempeiature only Kecmetl by away with the nece»al f'tct alone i» moat poa guaranteed, r JOHN W1II1K, Inventor and Patentee. Morley, N. T. iUliaajeil ti^^a, aod IVrpItHtjr of too : Lpier7YVViffprf IM\I. C. N, CRITTENTON, N, Y«, ol'l Agt V4 tMUdbr w ^ 11 i^ .HtM*tAW. m onmn^. •Tbr a!nl:lrg aprl!a, fta t di*x<ii< 4.r4.ti<i»t- tion^nd low f;»i.U, l«U&a Hop Bitten.\ ar, pi^^iea UH« Il« l> 1.114 1^, (mwilltte >t>oiu( hjanU ba4>j»y > '* •(Ladtaa, do yo\i wast to be ».fr« ntorm Baj. \fjSOv^'Ihe paid for a ra. o thai Hop Bit- t<- i \ ill uoi cure or h^•»^».• , \IW IMttera taaQdy i.M. r luii^tluut and • tl-Yi continually I i\>*i tho flrat doaa. tr T>« Ilor TAB fo I ivy h,, I K-* y.-,i.i f»t i, i h l.h.r an \gktncT an d TJrfw w«,t • » t^ .t-«., i* LI •'\¥ waaplalntaofrll «*** ^^i .««- I \ ft °i* Cortan Ce**la •™jrraateat appe- IIVJM, „ ww .t*>t, aauat Hop nHaata. •H^ergyinea, Lav.-* jara, hultoia. laoik- era and ladiaf netnl Hop mtiara daily/' •Ttop Mwera haa r#- aaaraal to aobrtrty itnd haalta, part eel» rei 1. * froaa iataanf raiw^ w \Boar aWJinach. air* aaaitaa'«.M and iiu»t- •and for t»<> u'i <»t1 nm, Curra \r fi'^orpttoa* Aak l>n^l!!Uta, n.I.C.Iaafiafeaofata .- ul irrrriNtlbla euta f< i (!mnkcniM*aa, Ufa < f n» i^rm, tobaooo aad nunolM-a. # /'I f*)wrm anH *T « r •• .». ifnjjiuttrra Ma:, nor urri% tJix, luWIltae Clrcalar. pT^rl 1 ) UK 1,1/» ClIAMPIOlK BAUREIJ numbered in like A«t« b2ml OF CANADA 1 Ojtilr one Change of Ca*ts BrjirWLKN odlOKNHIIURU AND CIIItAUfQ, 'lenVy'lVrung »\p % ioV^i hi airtfiegrwouTry cl'ii- 74 Miles Shorter to Detroit th*n titling by new l»ai- » —•? , e^it Troccaa of my own-I can ta>w |»ITor u* my c^Htomera an Oat meal ejiual to |tiiy|meal if IH>4 a^perior. \\y the peculiar proeei* o| tnanufac4- ' ~*3 iil'lng It j*elaina the aweetneH* whbb UMtk^ath/* ^^ i Hrtotcharid Irlah Oat We»|, ao Juath ^ele^iatHl | I'tit up in barrel*, or half barrel*, and a»arnte«l U> keen, three irra«le« \A\ e(»ar»«s \It\ iiiedi t .f+, f f ..... HEAL fHTSELF! 4 <T2 tT3 f**tire|to eure Spavina Hphota, «. uH», ^tc. It temovtia h!l iAU4ialnra< eainraeiaieiila. dura n«»t Him. Linn? < olltn-At% Vibi j cut or IStheneaa. Il ba<* no CNjugi fnr anv bit in* snxmnnrc itthcrs. • H. ! W. I>av. OgirnaMirg'll Hone* NoiwootI ! »-»\ on Iu4>e». Send fi»r illiiatrJail rirrular giv- 6lgn eontitriea Mild nt llptslow-' K. KcllMtfg, o ; Valle* AKfglM'Sif lo '• ' ' M, aT l»*^l|i»-e prt>r.f, IVu-e t ij All d<iipgi*ia| J in A. GO.IHMI * C'o.'ft ll:tnk.i <; 8. ThillTpa, •• U. M Mnbli •• ( »\*«'»l \J canaret HfoViou. Dr. H. .1. Ken-iall »0M from H tt | Da to | p. in. h'Jffl Th»»a. Mullignn 4 * Norw *l tnmlti'r Co *V *<••'»•. I'e-iprielorh, K«i»ftiurg Willa, Vi, g« 1 ' J Killmer. Oouverneui J ti & K sjloteod \' , \V~ -\\\\. — -. *\ ^ X~^ - \\\ ^l UNO WIM ^ | .I.W.lInrlamr ' •' U h. K.-.W MurrM^n f I ACENT8 W4*f| ID i ING WIM TAKE TI1K I, .I.W.IturlHmr, WbitnSAH'Idwin\ <| IwildlawAKinney \ j! Me Ken ai> Hroa. K ¥.; KeBoitg, MorrM*n ' «• M. Ilitl.ltfnp. ralla ! \ . Watktr AGENTS WVnED ffl TOUR / Around tlie WORLtl. TA* OUi**t.thm Brwi EndOmVrd. *>» CM«fr^<**t A Afo#f r f >irrr<,u* A<\$aemiq JniMtmMon *%/' A'or//.rrji AW For*. j T^ > T; TH1MU.U AM* Kbl,IABLKJlkrirrUTl6|l offers man> and * porta** ailvapSagci to tnoasj 4 «tealrlug aoademie inatruoUoB3« [ j ' •/$ THE TtiiT(fa-¥<:yii ta lent I ban any InaUlutiowDf ItivgtaVli ta KortaH jWM e n Sfw York. The Inalltutloiv ta la****** ta> U_ 2 ba«f M»* saoat tborotigfi and pr^HM^ieiatrwotaW* 1; Lh^(>Ss ly PENHANffllP I I «T«giw»» with natly practias btirtmib tH« «** t CMr H Charge;) tire term (v< SLooo tl^K fAVULtt ia ma jjggf. permanent^ eonneciail wltlt tb« feofcbo) atii ke teaching a prt»fe*aion. THE ShJmXAHY BfrtLfihm baa i»een nn thorotighlv repaired a* 14 rei lo all reapcru prao Joally a aew bttU^tBg FI7TIXO W>H COLtko It la conrtdentlv bellevod thatftti trnt for ofdlege In a lietter aaae^er line tlran at any other plavray. V doubt ar« n^»ierio<l to ooasm iVincipal. STUDENTS will t»e reo,boated to take ata)dles Iv oo« Jlb p\ their time, ami ajpa to taVe ao njany a* to imped* . TIIK DKi^AKTMKHT.ftr ftflTStC haa \H**n lateiv idaccKl in eilsYrfre ^f a^rnC, W. ft M* 1)1)5. ant (a conduetavl on the fUa Of \ lloafcon DonaervwtorA of ktsiale, 1 nr ror Cata|o«niea or pt * er tnforafgUow . Addroa. Hlrfikl W. HTN X, A. M.< l^aa^pal , . Ooa*emiar. - ' fH. l>*wrowoe Oe.« H. T, new. f II. NpTAHY, rrealdeas. f 7t/ :4vi V. F. ITIIBAI,*;, f WHt,a-toarTt,N. T nd gra ehie deaeripiion of hhi recrp tl<ma 4 apoerb**'. A*-., in all tbe <|tU-«* b< VIBIKSI ,' All other oiieS'ilume diUNT 'lw»»C t»%*okH r|oM? . - , <<t the icSeption^ gtwn <»KANI |uiro>*«lia(«lv <»n } -i ^^-^T hi A nriiV|d at Han KmncUeo, nte our^ con* i ' #B a A. V A !.<».<• t . k •»•— •« .^..,»!••» .-..i! • IJUMIVI »>, *W** • V» »»mll ^ Villi* 1 i II a aV^ aJ. i .l*\!' ,ON ANI 1 Mr. A I. Kb- taitiH in ii^taaddit.oeatgivina: I/in receptiona |l|' A . lh AOKNCa. tieor^te ft. KovnoIdH. Au otlier toma of i ahfornla, in Obei.oib Neva«la, opfnbdit amp Whartnit o., T« '!»•, btna ar^ Y>!iinha, IHi-Ji . Kt , m . -italeaon/gi Mcmlou, tia- . ae-la lexa-* landa on c>.mmi»tion; WiI|a1a<»loeafe lena and t'hlcngo. The only UOnk on tirant'a he on ft in Cori»-an «*-(- •» cMnyet from (Jourmievr fo Danchy Sc Co. «K|«VO T«»luti,e of 4H»; I^ILTOA tor Hf no. V quickly. lK;caUM* ten rh4-o|» .lAMica It < i>.. l k iibUHbrr<. II «r Jo(/i t i ;onn.fi ^ L \ All tbla l\ illu-irated (or ftffxi. Will ^ell H* *>TTH A 1*3*4 i l|efKli:i»V^ « OR2V Hfl.VlM,- 1^ I \ // ngcr Conrh attaehial to train *M. fa N< { < J ,lh lk N V VA * Vnr >«* J'\ ,M \^ k /|h TITX^/ A >ll •ifitr at \2:H p. „,., and tun f/; i , \ V' MM v f l a! ' ,P ' <; * °' ** ''< KI ' 1 ,,Y ' IMJW ltd! /' J9L en e wIMioiil rhnt.gia inakliig '\•*\••«\>. *^w ^ «»rk. ( I.:iw4. ^*T« / «* *e ttaisaKiia^'miiadata t>a>aOr. 14 a*.aj*>p5a*a# 1 WITII OT%T|4C«,*% lulaliiiily cured with llvo apt'onl «if inedi-' jci-eln t-aoor three hotira Y r ,,„, f H „j (lf a.nd- - j d»«jHn \\iih atftni|i f It. I'HKli'fH.N, No. 4 si , DAv RXIMJKIU h.:u a. m., arriving nt Water- J *M»VH p| nr€| Nl . w Voak . , : , %4 tovMJ Kl;,0a. di.j tlt-wi-go i_:o,1 p. in., U<*uie l ;:{.\ 8\ nwu o 1 :l. r >|t. )ot| l(»:tio p. hi.| \MH.OO ChalloUe 4:4.*JI|I , HbHJIlit* * 1 m..fcmi ii ^W\ .at f>aiert«»wki itoelientei 9:f) d. m. Ibiflal • 1*2: (» H. m. ( leve - HAS FXILKI) 'Mt (UAKK idling o|u ^Vonderftil InventtoQ to Imnae kei p- * ( A L *; lf a>V.- 1 • M ^\••n«» 11 . ^^»\l<. Mana . o r YnrL AjlirUotl r<) . t o, r uik U ol, New York. i II i Imnm* mfmUi nrr.i r , , 0 ., < M . ,. ,.^— t>»iC4»nl, N. II. nn Jn-t an cleap a«* bv anv «»tber r«'»ite. K, A. p'ANlliJKMC ticn'l Supt., Walertow4H^ 4 Y. AKY, (^cii'l Ticket Agtmt, Wniertown, N. V. u* N*JON % «i CAIM INK rc A rrr re n NN N KKK <; t.'i A A; r r < c n \ N \. K <! ; A A I* PC II JS N N K <- ' A A rri» c if p«i N N I;K IJ A A A I* C II N N N K ' «' C A A I* ' C C II N N N K CC A A 1' Vi: II K N N KEfc ;roRoin* 'i • ri.A.HTKR. -4 BI-CARB. ftolpA Which io tbe aame Impair* fca\l*r«<w* arBI*€ (%vhtirft lalbaaantetliUag;;I*«>f ij dirt/ vrait«€a>i«vr wklte. •laYaatsi \ CO* «• ARM AI*DH AMMsW^lUJUlD •jrlU Ikow U»# diatWwi Sea thaH jrwatr Sarlcamtsia, at»f Ing Soda la wtalta »»d Ptmfi* ** Z.oald a>e ALL, Hr*tlL,AR •t'g>aTTAJf* ..a uaed for l«>od* \ rimplabntsaTerateat ef tltw - x . . ^i.idiff*r*ntbraa i ci»ofr»odaoroaJaratn*)aa ^ <;K« -lva a deaacrt apoontu! of aaclt liad peejaaiau borotaahli -Tit utaptnt of water (hot kw^arradila tiUll latbocotaftblyjaJaaea daiet«-U»uattia-.lwbla mat tar Ta tB]*iA*Ji ' w « atlrrlr.gbn !:: 4 u '1 will be abowe a:< r eettllng aorwf twauty i9iuateaorao>ojsr ( hy t*^milky ape^araaaSaef tfcaadut <m an j t h lgk , *£ ,il 7 of ttoatiag atoskj . av.tcra^x»rdingto*rfRamT. ;i .J-j. I \ lia aura and aak f* t^fifvh A )TVi.^aw*m*JaaTv ^alerat a and aea that their &aj»e fh o* Uj X p*<Vageand y^n will n^t tba pvraat *lW whltasj > ' tnade. TlKtufcot thHvltha^rmtUJaiWtfajaj Apr« to baking low tur. aavU taa*ity$Uaw*S l*# tiAe on* potmd r>ac1raffa for ok aud ro*d carufWly* j t s , , •\ \ SHOW THIS TO YOOII i;i.>ma For*alrbv <>'«Mve neur a l*ophl*rj« heatylirod One Prue It* rorer^ «!«>!! S Kll/^Wlt MKbuHV 4.£ : bKAY*.* \SPKidFU: ..... U1B1 . 'Ilictiaet Kn-ta>apf THAOE MAPK.^J^J, Henicaly, An unlading, cure Tor t>emi- nal u oakaaaa, >|KMinau*rrht'u lmi»mencv ami a I I IHaeaaes that follow, a* a Mvjo'cnco of l> l r tr u* N;, < Al»ti-#, aa X>6w0 AaVUllg loan of memoi'y, ^_ „ UDIHI^I >n Mttuyle, |>aid in th* b«u^di«aaa*4«*t>/. *i^, : vision, metnaitii^e old ag«, Ss>d ma a e 01 &* f dl* ^ *f^jf wa-e-* that lead !• h>a^nii> ^QAioeawiampUOaVaad tf*'/ A^taUi^:// a prematttre gritae. Kull pnrticulara tn we deane to •end flee bv mad toery.. ,„,. ; - Hf>eciflc kf^Mticine in aold by all dniggaata At |ier packaKC o^aix |»acka)g«a for I IT or wtu aenr free bv mail on receipt of the aioaer bt dreaaing TflKt^KAt HhinctNIC OO.- Mechanic*' Ulock. J>etfoH, MK)I%* IT hold In Uouret near and e*4rywb*rf kf a) Id rug gl Ma. , gfjyl —— -••— - -— \•« , > '„, a i |j.. t , ^ ^ TOSEPH LAMI^ RDsvli be new Stage Route i>etwe*n Cjouvcmeur \ » k , r M/) „„ ir>.A. O.A ^... . /1. /J - /1 / • - -. c* 1 V* vi m ,. Hammond, Jm Noinorviii*. tv>gatchio, o» , 7/l Ercry »(/;/ Superior to (he Ordinary Slotr achng Porovs J'hvtsr*.. ii. »-3w4 • b AVUH Hum mo nil caeh da> at l|i:,tt) o'clock a. to. I! arriving at tiouvt»rneur at i o'cliM % k j> in I'Aanen gejfs are carriedjover thoaentlre or part of the ro||te at about I ; ONKIlkl >K THIC Kil»KN$K 1 ' j £ : £ of l^silfoao fare.J r^vpreaa pae|ftgf», and erorj I or paaaangera and pa^kagon JUHI pre< f vbiia to leavlnjr t^ouverneuri and the Ta} lot llojji»o previoua|,o leaving Hammond. Wfl. IH|||fis t ,\ fb>-i f Contfacior of Uouuv and wsnaa/r| /Mil AND T^l NK HtlMtiV that carrlei a btxty of waterier the top of the h XoiT nel.fi^rnin^a? H a'?™ Ifit pan, thereby perfecting the Temperature mak- //M*^, ^Vifl \ *\ ing It eatutl en all aide*. What ta eiruall^ im- ' c Aw ° * timn t ^ < • ,, } »ortant, the hot air of the milk room la kept n»tn aettliug down on to 'he milk by tbe watei- leaf thul oavora tho top of tlje pan. The oven puia Invention d( trningat *-M a. 111., and Ing at 7:40 p. i«., coiiiiorti wlta all traina li r tho We*U 1SUOHT KXPtlKssat 'i;4d a m.; arriving atf \>*M iioir aaml evening at 10:o5 p. in., audi 1 t'tilCAOo nextk*orolngat7:40a m #f eonuectinr' iroriiatnV' ice\and \thll ' w 4 * U tra,n * ft ,b<5 * e ^ •Vive at com^Hbdii £i\\ . *¥™ l > TH W ttt H:<l ° »'< in - ^rfiray atalloe T 1 . ,,,Tm r* l *r.^i- f i-Uuiveei. I'ltKHdiTTaml II oea dertce that the White hvatem |a the only peiicct j &{ J H(H 5 KVJU UH^, | ( n , by amy other J^bufe. TRUISM i.BAtk PRraroTjr Jtrwoxio rou.owa: 11 .JOINU WfcihT, invention in the market. . • IH olSt>4 AST Agent* will be a-ppliod witli panaon thomoat j jib y pxplliki at 'i 4*2 a. in favorable term* b> the invtiu^ _ f _ #n n ^ | M «|rTK«A,, al Hifl a mi.eonncetl lat, when (bt County /cft/Afaforaaleat fJldl each until Oct. J ^TIMT^?^ rice will be n*Wl ^vibfmuion j „ |/\'Yiiirf ^^ toiut-,an«i tho W.UITK orlDformationf.iMldreaa M«*7NTAINH. Nl CCC II ^11 U C C II H\V' C C II H U •C H M V . c 1111111(11 u C II II U U c . c 11 II u u c c 11 11 v v CCC II II ITUU has been in UMJ oy many .tadihg Danrymeh of St Lawrence (Ountv for over t UltUR N K It NN R It W N 'N OtiiQRU N N N \ R R N N N R It N N N R UN NN R It N N N jl N N o ycaTa and haa Homo of ita point* S lven Universal &Uufnet io*. f superiority are: The <|iiiekti«s8 and eaae of eliurning butter; ita capacify for churning a large quantity of cream; it \4orka and Malta U,t butter eadv for market, and U, In fart,tho KA VOKITIC CHURN with our beat dairymen. I manufacture live atzea, rakglng in capacin from *) to nft gallons, nutt var| ing in pneo from $6.00 to # 19 00. C. H. BOWNB. Hani ware I Merchant, la my agent at Gouverneur. '• Other agenta are: ftackridor A 8on, Canton; d. II. Higl>eo. Og<leiiflbtiig:f Helton A Rro., IxHilsville, and Dudley A I'cll, Malone. IllRA fJfJp?L.L. t Inrenfor an 1 Mannfac- ^TKpANKlT at < turer,Heuvfblt4 V%\: April. i:--5raffi 1. RTHreWdferiTII Cores RtienTnatismCnrerCoQ£>]i f Com RliMImaii^m,Cores Com ftColdf (Cold (Virea Mora TOrMt, (^trea DIpMtheHsl laaa^ouiosi. TtiaTeii Wor* impoaltlon in lisklag rowiier l thaa tof pni.lle have anv Mea of % wanv arttcsaa patltiv^iv lalarhHaa e» nealih and the dlgaetl^a orgaaa/are a*e* by rival wianitfaeitirara. to eakv bie Isjlat lo un<l*rielt otheva. RntihaTaal l6- * — la whet* •aanyraeturera eoadaaia All MMI *« »^a i..u..u..l<., IHlvwt.Crfa r5a£3 illlSSafL aaaWaWJfl m Wit •fii ''»»«*r i* aiMoiatsfrj C«aaa* Tartar ami ftloarb, aisat is fall w#*ghu ra#a»th<t All eth#r » are ahoet wvUt a»aa. Jii °^RaS« kAMR BACK sad STirrtt^ll^ crmes LAMB STACK a** sTirr|f<>iKT « CtejntAf BURNS, CUTS A JBi? Ctar»AT BUnits, CUTS A BR T*> Ser rouj Rnffertti Remedy— Dr. J, B. tHmpmtn'i Six** fa Dr. J. It. Stntpaofi'a Specific Ifedtoiea Itapo*- TAe ftroaf JTtiropeni it 1 ve cure foi Spermatorrhea, Impotehey,Weak lltlna: f. c II -AC g froai 8elf- b\ 1 1 lai Htde, I^oas of Memory, Premaii^e Oki neaa ami all dlaeaaeaes reaa \bime , aa H Anxiety, 1 Hpirfta and •tern m 4 Mem* . AroRS \buae , aa Narnxte Debilltr. Irritability, Mental * fixlety, Lanatior, I^aaafti \ ^ id Hi a and ranotional < Nervous tfyatrm generally, Pa|aa |w Back or Anxiety, Lanatior, I^asaftude, t>eprea#ion of ranotional derangemenU of the llUTTfcK ANO <lir.i/,hE. 1 weald say to the Dstrymeb le the vicinity of Gouverneur, that I have \puncd a Butter and iX'heetfO Depot in the banement of Foater A llar- [ hour, blm'k on Main Ht. wherd I ahall buy butter and cbeene I would take tbifc meana of inform 4nx all who have either of IhtLe product* to aell that 1 am contident I am no rdtuiitcd that I CJIII pay The Htah«*t kfrite the market allows, and thonk who dispoae/ef their butter in tioitverneur wal tlnd it to then intereat to call on me hefot enduing elaewhere. I ahall endeavor U* deal with otie atut all in tuch a manner as to servo their la^t intere«ta, am thtia eatetdiah * permanent tjuaineaa. 1 would eateem It a fat or if thoae who) are now making dne fall buttgr would aildretk me. giving eati mate of their entire fall make] and at what lime thev wiah to dlapo^e of Any portion of fame*. oil u> nt. 1 will promise to obtain t»rtheiti thehigheat mar- ami K vM iy»t»i I \nv SMS &SS told Iry LAVAog A Cox, OourIffjealL Ff, T. Oo to I ivaeh * f>n fornfr* rm National Dy*a. ret briahinaas and.t nf color thev are nneoaaJled * Col prle* (A aanla. 5— liaeasea tba lead tooonaump-a lor*, InaABltyl tml in eartyl /ran*, ar both J Xo matter bow, * haltered th yatem may hsi tins exeoaaaa o» kiod.athoj\ eourea ef this' Mfrhclne will leewjre ihe leal funetlena and v>rocu araa elne PamphleU aaar free ta all. Write far them •nd gat fall particular* I'riee, Suav-iiaLt i.uo,-_.__ per package or six park age- for $4.00. Will b^f^;*2i -«nt by mail ew raeelpt oT mower. *<!dreaa all I & aw oonault me about an btaln tv>rthed lent and quid W. Barbour will receive better in my ab- ipoing ori oonaignment. 1 In f»r them the bight ket raiea, and honont and i}tiicA retunia. IMUMW win iwaorw tne mat raneftona ann 9ti e Health and Happlnes* whera before deapondenoy and gloom. The Spaelfto Matt- e ta being need wlta wonderful atioeaaa. «ni ay maw oa reeeflpt off mooer. %ddreat a »rUers, J. fkHlMPftoVfl MK1>I< INC CO, Bos, 104 and 10S Main Itt., Buffalo. N. V. eVdd !• Ootrrernaur »• LATAJOK A Cox. . ^ WookMalehr Moore A Hubbard, ftyraeas*. N. Y. gflOwlOr^ow to l*o 1, im. TT1llK« Impfwred Boot Seer faekAga, tl Makoaavi ralWwtaof artle* I leg t a Mark^aireai, aa aytlaJMefasaaa sp*r> aad t*m|>enua. Sold t bt aaa 11 0 » receipt re f> , J. w. Barbour will recetveibuwer m m r at aenee from town. W.I M A HHr IL Cu. Uoaremeur. N. T.,ea>pt. 12,h»7a. Buyer for Win, Only, 88 W Arren street, New York I g*l\* Watertowiu ty H. IKIHPLK aV MJiN, Sign, Shade Banner and (Ornamental PAiNTERS. dp ••$»««• (Mr Uhoaw. kMHlcl $****• Aitmm Inmoa a Co., 'SLUi •'•% •Jl r» W »th it rwiwa. Jrdin M<>M ritEAi. and FRFRCOTI Jl'iCTioN to <»«4rKiHT and (Jim A<io withom chjhge. I.WlbigkagctlhV^k^d Through front OftTJgNH- Bipt(* atid iitit iuajodt to diatom HOUMJ exami- aaua.m. M>k tor and *;bf 'tHoliirand Tr Stafe Mroets. I iirAi. H.t^SVVl JltaKPH III w. At Adii And WAINWH In. a»*KN, 'Mlanl A (l>'a /. -^l- Hardware. zxl \S 'tOVtint IvtOVE*! i\ '/J w rfj'fj /j 'Jj r /j /j '/ j i r/j 7) h a 7i HsHS TTTft OOO V S H T O O V H A s s T i T! T I T T O O O O <» - it t» O OOO V V V y vv \ \ rl fl • *v ; \\h rl SS.SS 1 * : ?7. V. /. .7- '^ ^ ^, '7- \ fc X at boAkhMAN & CUTTING H H H W U3 ~M P >-», A ^ ^ ^ S— w w w w ^ J>, r>; >> > t J »* -^ ^ ^ ^ ^ g; I ^^ W w w s^ w HOCK Vi IM.K.arriving; arriving ab nn Mlt.HT fcXIlHKftSat 4;M' p.m.^airivlng at MoirrKKAL alp.iju p. m., oonne<>tiug with trajiia ^r Qv smfco and POKTLAN D sk»eping tri through liiiii AloSiuKAl, lo Uuisic and jt'ohTbAND. M'lXKD rRAAf'st 10:17 a ia M fogstaAleiislie. twajjun IMtaartfTk* a d WONUUL, uritingat me, ogdei^lhtrg to I>etn»n, '20 honra, me, •• 1 *f Chicago, !f0 houra. ,'Tlta HllOKTKiTfgT'rt'K 1ST AM) CltEAPEKT KOI TIC TO o o ^ ^t >^ ^^ ^/ H L'Oltroitt Chicago, Milwaukee) ' A.4 ALL POlts+a Wg*t, HotTTH-WgaT AND li I IlOltTll-WEHT, PiilliiiAhfg llrawlor fiootn Cant p» DAY TRAINS. iPulImaii^ FAlatlal MeephigCara Of |llCI«T TRAINS, ftttn thrnughj jsoa that your Tickets read via <;ickNi> Ti<UNk RAILWAY, tho abort line to theljWeiit. * ferry Steamer TR ANSIT leavca t>g«|enaburgfoi' freacxitl, at 1 .-00 p. m. (noon aiM|li20a m. (knillnlahtl. cotmecting with Da\ an'|Nighl fcxjnfeib Traina for tbe Weat. Ail atjO. R. It Conner I with Steamer gdbnahurg AT\T further ifarlicuiara apply at the office of k (Railway, corner of KonI an rlKsra llhick, Ogdeuaburg, N. Y L.KiiKtern Agcnt,Ogdcnabtirg ;:KJ*ON, Oeneral Manager. Montreal. V. Q. Of T.(]cneral Taaaenger Agent, Monti eai< V. U. JAR, Agent Ootivcmcur. N. Y. 7v T.7J '/) n '/J ti t* '/) r fJ r fj Hare «n extra large i-%ck, all Um K bi IK-fore i x I anv adv.-mce jn piie«. and ¥ «hieh will in? hold H t : ^ 1 bottom pneoa. Amieg tbla large aaaoi ;meut of J C * HUivts Will IK* found ; *-» q ** ; f'AlfLOlt STflVKS OF ; * * ! TDK BUST AND \ ; LATEST rATTi:RN<*'.' • 13^ BOX STOVES AND ; jgj OOOIC^TOVKs, 1VITIT' : j ALL MODKRX ; IMirROVEMENTS. ; Be Mire and look at ^hem before purchasing. i ALSO STOVr; PITH AND STOVK TRTM- MiNGs AT KQIJALIJY LOW llATEfl. C c •^ makanyt a pedal ty of f HORSE SHOEING. \ • V ' I- .V ' And ail kind! BUck.mUb'S •BafAfallWCL Work done in tire bast poattbl* ner.at Uielowea^dvlngprtotau r , « m -\ . *-'jl& A afH-ciaity U made of pXm with had fSei, > J X quarter craoka, <)orna, ajMf all olfear talauiaa. I * . , guarantee to atop a lioraa of iatergsrlng, or aa ' ' £< iv will l»a aake4t. * dinner'! pro*luce takea la eiohaaga lor . \ : '--t *' s ^ *t * \ pav will ha aake4 r*ai work All Work WAttfiAJfTElP wbd SAT- 1 1 -*' t 't* •v IRFACTie)N Olren to all. Shop on Bfooklm 8t. t we#t alAA of Href,OOtrav erneur. N. Y. .!< am 1,ABeiLl>aa. gSStl ._ •' • ' ' mmmtmmmtmmmmmmm^im^mmmmmt^m^tm JLeical. 4c tn oU. S TAT*, or .eon De b ami Newum ' AidrlcTi, plaintiffs, fa. KW VoltK.rtt*PRmiCOC»T ( a vv re nor C<»nnt w, Ahthth V4 ettioo, Or- Martin tj. KaHeriy, «tc/cndaw.~Huaamona. i he jilamtifla desire tbe trial o! the ah^ira entitled «rfIon in ibc r4>untvof Ht l^awrenoe. - '1 Ajttrw-1 Wrtlrt»:Wt*:P5 w ys n K w « . T- 7 A >' » 7- 7. * X _ X7. :»: m W p: ?? - CI r. W 1 . T7- r 7 X A 7 X X X . X x A x X ^ 7. X- To iiie ab<>ve uajino<i defendant*: You a\f% hortdiy Httmtnoned i» answer the eomplalnt III tbla action, and to aer-o a oopy of your an a wag * V- J^ on the piaintlff'a attorncia within twenty day* . 7 *\^ after tlie service of I Ma aummona, aselaslre of ^ * \tf tlie day of aervtce; and in<ig^e of ytmr fader* ta> * ** 1, ' ap|K*ar or anawer, Jydgmaal will ha taAea M axatnM vou b \ defnint for the relief driiaanbVai in the rv»m plaint. Hated Match lib, ltttjk . l v *« < «»N(JM» A t.i-r.AHoN, nainUfTfl AttorrMtfS* * . ^ ***% tlfll C ni.d To^nMbcc :iddref«i.nf»U>eraa^ur,y V. * ' 4. Sw*, To Marliu t. Ka^terlt : The fogeg HOC aa«K +>s ^'^ m .n* t- rerttti u^.u op b> pubjictiiJa, ar« , k# ^aW-'* Mian- loan or-te of Hon V. P. Abbott, sjlpeclal f ' ^^^ < ountV Ju Ige, dated me 1 ah day df Marchjafa, '. \ and filed ^ith lh»* rwmtalaJtit in thA oftee of the' * *. • chiikof M. Lawn n « County, at Cantaai, K, f. t tu.M.lh A tal.r.Afe>NL niw7 ri»iiM»fT0 Attorndya; % fl mm,AUK ^AL^^-Whereas delanlt haa :--«3 IK^II made in the |fta\*aentt>f money aa- uii^i by a mongaa\ , *eariog<faia thethtrUafttk i.'tihj «iu> of .s« ptemlHsr. AD. lo7%eAeouted aV IVidlnm t oc<rnne ami Jane t>a3ltraee hia wifa^ both of tbe town of Oa*«»gaicbte.w lb the endntjr *W gS4tf 4 Special Indncementii for tho Fall Trade. The Place fo|*!Real Bargains! *— - -**—i * . ^ • » d thr^. We wlab to call the attention bf our fiatrona'an Jrtat received a large iuvon^c of . aai \y pWwaibie tl) aet ttnleag lowing to Ithik tact I am now man ing a ttPlftl ALdl hf flue gentlemen's and la<lie*' lijmboro Adja. v lltt|ng Odblltinliant- leag majrle Ui order. A |N . aai aettltigi perfect I \v pWwaibie tt> g< lowing to jthik f: IrClALI'afYbf finest weaf It ia triilvUahl that jnaiure haa mad a ••onifc queer feft but there ia g waf of fitting theil ita a ooml>rtibie and heenming manner aa >')*Hfho hav4 favored me w»th thei^ patronage ha v| learned. I Bd*idea, hou>c-made good a ara knofrn to be m|ireklural4e Ami cheaper in the ion il run. O^Alib VYoME WaRMAKTih. all. Ira ATCoaial anent regnai and is empl buafbeaa a> heretofore aj fortnef proprieto^ of the ea- # ! brothfr, /ohh D. Oo*|», and is omphiyetl by hlm'To oonduct the labllibaTient regeaiia with hia wfc bare avloptet tbecnah smtem sjnd redaced pHcfatoto e^rrekpojidorreepohd y JtJlIN lh COATH. Hlileaboro^ IT IT, Mar Ath. 1*7* , #*jtf tiave a<iQptea tbecoi o , eahoTo^irij,, Ma r J Uii <;|in>K WTTII7 ^1* ltX MiliUry aad Kmb&amalio Banner* toonler. and every description of plain raamontal work, in gold ajad peal to order. Thirty yeara* etperiaaoa. eliding of glasa a spa^iilty. Estimate* fur* tabled by mall 00 ap- plhoatloD. v W. K. aaaJpLB A Co.. » rsetory Bt. Walirtowa, K. t^ ' gttyl I P. O. Box *70. maaatraAalfxa^n , 4^¥?THJSlt * lb*. Jaaaa Tea, eleaa a* Wheat, for 41 | | L9kvV- L ^ WT t p -» t lw*. r ~ •• allrarledt tor II. ». t^jbA, - \ extra ffnTfer 11. , tMIhv.^ « \ ^rst pie stag for $L ! |2 lb, Black - rarmoe*Tfo\ jl. ts WW PAR the heat Busit and lland-Bookevprpuldb « Hoi Siadat^eeesalollT. MaWrUea oanataat rafai<kea> A< «r all or »p*fa Ume. ^RKALraJlteaod ItrnA. g«iy dibllc generally to the fact hat we have ELEGANT DRESS GOODS! which we bonght as a job and which we are ie|IIng at lbe. to J6* 4 . tier rard. Tber t>r? good* th-* aold tha fore pArt of tbe aeaaon at rtry much hi|her pnc4*a. They include r, Bhcaa l&HtM»l&S>a 10 SUCCESS 1 j rott ,ik i^SINESS ! AND , SOCIETY IsandAneiaiouid* U. Much the >ate*t. Straoi war. How to be do BtMine^a ror- to Aot In aoclatv eonaina * gold Meteairelaaae* M|T« WANT- > know war tbla better to 00*,Bostoa,Mas#, m - Aberdecm. Beiges, Buntings, Bhxadd-Mohairs, I\fclangs, &r„ &t i ft HAVE Al.«i) A LAROX LTNW OF 4 iilack Ca^HmorUs at 45c. to Si . 4 25 u ot ft MOCK or PRINTS, COTTONS, SIIIRTTKCX TICKS, COTTONADES, &c. t . ts templet*, and our jir|cei aa low at tbe lowest, TABLE LINENS, if A P K IJf'jS, DIAPER'S and CRASHES \ I, at the loweat prlcea yet heard of. Nottin gham Ldbes i Lambrequins | , in great rarvfy. inkinti»ual large atock of ^ 1 GLOTts and ROSIER? at 5c. to 60c. per Pair grery merchani cLtim* to have the best Wo, IttdfJfove that la to 1>« bad In the world, risaae tr> oura before you give yourpqnlict. Kxamine oar atock of ' READY-MAIIE CLOTHING, will a*/ar ut out In tba rUfeihent that we nave flic JfW <3OOO*J, the fir»t up goo-la for the m nlpr in Uiia market Our Lurf/ny Jnemtsrtf Srfn in of .M. La** ience and <Ma4* <4Ne Vork, partio* of the tl*rt pan, vo Jo>c|»ii > at. (Vjehrmeeof the aarae plaee, i»ahy of the aecomf park, wbleb m-in^age with OM* |x»werof aade therein ooa- taitK^i M«« tiui; ncoided ia the office of tha Count <;b rk of Hiid <vruut> <4 M. I^iwrence oa - »» AJT the lHtb «lav of OctolM-r, A.D. 107^ at It o'clock . ,\ - » /S? M. ..f that .lav. tn Hook of Morlitaiea No, 71 A r 1* - ' *M& at i»age iGti Ac. a,,<j M-hich mortgage lw aow bebl ai^1 nauH b\ Kaid Joaeph tf. C OObraaO. A lei %%l<eieu» tbe «. rmuiui cia<mO>l lobe due Oat *aid motiKagrai ibe i nue of the fifwt pubitoaiHHM »»f thl« noiKM' ia the atim of eight .hundred and, three • oll«r» ami eigbuaflve oeaitfti ( f*l(t.a u Uy wit; aix I iiielrvl and forty-ala doJUura ajfd AftYr, haven renta ( fHt'.e7> <d i ntu ipaLigj^d^ue huaA dte<l and tin^-MMen dollam an^f«wen%>-aigbg^ tenia llo7 2H< of jn'ere*i, and iwhich ia tha whole iirnoUut dull:.* d t u bo Udpaid OO Said' morljragt, N»iv». UiOrefore, notire ia Kerehriglrew that \yf\ Virtue of i be JKHMT of.^fde conlAjni**! ia a«#d' mortgage ainl dui> iee>ir4er| *»afUjrVaaid.atHl ia* pumuoce of ib«j atatuu- in rucli ctkae made { >r<mde<i, ibe KHI»I morigage will be Jhjtwokoaed i >y a aai* of the preod-e« therein deacribed At'' publie ane^)«M> at the Law Omoa o| K. H. Neary in the \ illage <d OOUMn»eu» in aatd C4»unty of Si l,awi ene>e on tbe 2*iti day of Ifat, A.D. 1800, i at lOo'rbTk m the foremooai af tbaFday. Tue ptimiaCa arc Ufevtriboi tg *jaM aMoiiowa: * ^^ . Ml tbaitiartor paft^el ot lawdjaltmite ta tba town oi « »*M egatehie afore»aid,beaWg known aad diM^inguiahed a- part of H ration u»4 Si»rnieriy aobi loNeiieet ^fiai.e\, an'l which,lol hereby in* tei»de<i t<> IM' e«iii%eM*<l ou ia obi map of aaid i<»^ I. wa« •it»ijiiKui\he«J *• the aouibweat half or l«>t number im-nb-M-,en; but on a map of aaid town ti. tba po»ae*»ion of the betfa of the lata N,ilium hitnl i* known aa tlie a/»uuiw*at par^ of l«H n.iniUr tbin\ -two upon the eaUtavdoof tha en Kf-jcMd leadinir fit>m tlie ridge jo the Pariah* vibe tuir pike; !M*ginnlng ia the »f!d at ftttmon Nulib'r, i^rthoaat oori.ef of |iia old lot and tunning thence eaatert. aioaajlboiaioMJeof flic ansae lorty i«Kla; Uisnog a^mtboawtarly aasd <»n a line |M»ialb I raiiii — ia ai* ^mt'ft*^niwl njissoti's n<irtItoa^t lib« to t »e nor th** oa^oHyataaof aquara lot number lorn-one; thinoeaootaroaUTly aldag; thi* Ntiu« p> rdo*M»n'a a »u«bea»dieoraH*r; SJMI Mm'i a 'Uibe*f*tl >m aniak, eotitajntofx forty a/n aybe tbe MHIO ia*Ha >r l*ba; aod whtaa ig uia Milnti> to the pine* of t^eartaniajg, oontainin >\o* * aaitfpremitW'a Are tbe Kamv wbifh ware dn we are confident you will 9tple$, and the beat got tbla department have encoura j*d ua to incHaJaae our ato<:k ibuitif for men and Hov* at I3.A0 lo ibi n<4 ab»ux bla n<>ttt*.*«t«rly Jin}* and ioat of luce of beg' MQO *S«Ha .• tbe Korne rr\ty/\ to v* idt«m H<'uha4>e aod |far% h*a wife b> <ue<l date-1 tbe Alb da% ©• Wctob. r, Mi,**** fined bv Joseph Bo»ae« | and I^O*)iaa hia wffe. And rec^inlaat in the ofUcet»f tbot.lArk oi hi.Law- i mi county, in Book of I>eedaNa. 4V A, pegos 44C-4ilK I A<M» atl that other tiaci or aareal of land situ- ate in the town of O»wegaictii*,|<oountv ot at. l^ivirenre and Male <»f Se« i«|rk, being tea arix*n off the oortberl^ nnd of tbe weaterly half of lot number H, aeetion 4 of tlie lasma altaate la aaid turn t*t o»wegat< hie. foriu«wl« koown a* | ihe Van Mdintren Uav I. and fo*nm> owaad try the late Dr. Ilcnn M Vantjollngaa, tky whole of ubicti (oi a>a« heretofore OtNttAjred b^ Qoia* ning > BedJoHt aifi wife to Aiogander t aid*' { wt II and >.d«aril t>emp**y. Thai uart of aaid w noriherrVeiitd of ^aid w # atoiiy hjBM avsrahy jU.- U*fkde<l <<• U* c»«iiveved ahall be Ddende>i ae lol* \o**: H«'ginning at the oofthoaaAi)ti%'lx>rneV\af a%-M we ieil> half of i<rt No g U^hoe alo^tg tne oaateri) line of ago} weateriv half la a soeame|y dir« ci on a diatsM e anOicient ibaL a line drai $15.00. I>on'l pay $ J0.UU or f \AoO f»r> cuM*»rti made auk a hen we can give von one c<juall good fa every rospeot for $10.00 oi $13 00. We have a full line of (Groceries, Teas, Crockery, Bats, Caps, &c. We do not claim to hare the \biggest stockM In fhe fttate, nor do we think It neceaaary te give feu an ejunijtrtUmi inventory of our goods. Our policy ia baudneaa, not blow and bitutor.' We have t)u Goods tits Peopte want and at Prices to suit all Bring along any quotations yon may haqe and we will match tbem. fie want roar trade air Will aire yoa prteae to seeare It, With lhaatkg fereaat faeota aad aolleitlng s[eemtlaaaaco of the same, \ > We iwaaaU, yours respectfully, ...^.ieJ mOitIwBKaalHiaaMl.rJiiM^ , ;Jkaaa^ <j|Uao;iOia^fc)a^<<^»j9nV'.M^^Tia^/rar ^Ma^|Sl^E|pWPSM^^^Ma^a^^B v aa rrvm li *«' ,,c « |»arallol with ibe n^tberly llao ' -a-d werieih half of lot No. 9, .and rntialnj acr»ava the wi-aterly half of -aid hf No. tto tl we.-terly Hue of aaid He terty baMof sat No. -- ibenre nertbcrl^ aloug aaid weateffy line to thS) nofltiweat* rly corner of aaid lot f o. t; thaooo alonif ibe aonherh line ot aaid wo-toHy half UL* too piaoe of bog^umng.iHrtiialnbaglustloa aeresT^ of land avim bo more; an«i which H werv (>»nvevbd «o St ilitaw ll-KiMj baatrhig date Ow %\ da« of Audi, b\ Alexander t % at^*»etl and Jane recorded l«i tiie oai<* of Hie C'larl \f ^u I .aw re ce in B ok ot tk Of 3 oUC-Daietl ManhAjh. iata\ ,,- v ( at. IT. XEAJtTa AA$0taa7 l +•:* *S* m fA

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