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Page 14 Massena, N.Y. Observer, Thursday, April 27, 1989 Salmon River Board Issues Warning To Section 10 /* . BY ELLgN EMERY FORT COVINGTON — A prop- osed league realignment of Section •i Ten athletic teams involving the ~ r locaT'scHool\ districts ^thifTtfieTTec- ~~ tdon has raised the ire of Salmon River Central School District officials. The district has discussed opting to go independent in its athletic competition if the proposed league rea&grrieqt is instituted. District of- ficials had indicated the section has threatened to deny Salmon River's voting privileges if they go independent. SalmorTRiver has \advised\ the section that this action by the sec- tion is \unacceptable to the district\ and any attempt to impose such a penalty could \possibly\ initiate court action against the section or find the district withdrawing its funding for the position of section -coordinator. SRCS Superintendent Robert A. Jaeger told school board members that all the district was asking was \to compete locally with traditional rivals,\ which he added, \we>feel is being denied us.\ Jaeger told North Athletic Con- ference President Richard Nelson, in an April .18 letter, that it was his -—\hope that we can resolve our dip\ ferences in a more amiable manner rather than have a constant escala- tion of movess^nd -counter-moves.\' But, this call for a friendly settle- ment is'preceded by the district's declaration\ that their position on — leaguer-res]ig innent \VeffiaiTTs^\UgUehsBurg, unchanged.\ In the April 18 letter, Jaeger in- ; forms NAC President Nelson that ij the section would chose to impose a penalty on the district, \there is a •\distinct' pc%sttsittfy ttsafthe\district would withdraw funding for the position of interscholastic athletics.\ • ——-~. Instituting \litigation\ is also another \distinct possibility,\ the\ Salmon River letter said. Jaeger explained that if the sec- tion imposed penalties on the dis- trict, \we (SRCS) would chal- lenge...we would go to court and get a decision,\ he said, noting that this waft nnly n possibility nnrt not, an absolute. , \We are currently exploring op- tions open\ to the, district, the letter states, for the sports of basketball, • •' soccer, baseball and softball. Jaeger told the Observer that the league had \apparently been doing some experimentation with league SRC offers, \we do not have the alignment\ during the past few percentage of students to draw years.. from.\ He said this was the second year In their winter sports program, ~5fTrW(rye^r-experimentr \In es--~SR€S-\rOT[8Trf^ sence, they're forcing our district to .• Jaeger said, offering hockey, swim- compete with teams that are a long distance away and teams that are not our traditional rivals.\ Jaeger explained that Salmon River s .\major problem is in basketball.\ He said that if the problems can- not be resolved, Salmon River \may go independent.\- \ '\ SRCS Athletic Director W. Hast- ings Perkins told school board members that by going indepen- dent, \we would go to our local ri- vals.\ He also explained that SRCS could be \selective\ and go-indepen- dent in certain sports. Jaeger said he was concerned ab- out the students' opportunities, in- dicatng \to the bjest of our know- ledge (as an independenrgctrool) we could compete, in section and state championships, but would probably be, seeded last.\ The proposed league realignment would put SRCS in a B/C league, Jaeger- said. The league would be divided into .two leagues, B/C and D, he said, \Beacuse of our size we .are a C \sch66r said! The size designation is estab- . lished based on student enrollment in grades 10-12, he said. ThfTB/C league would be.com- prised of Canton, Gouvemeur, Ma- lone, Massena. Norwojod/Norfoik, Potsdahr, Str=La- wrence Central, SRC and Tupper Lake, Jaeger said. He pointed out that a trip Gouvemeur, Canton ;and Ogdens- burg are all \Jong_ triBa/' . Perkins pointed out that SRCS was presently addressing the sport of boys' basketball. Within this proposed realignment, Jaeger said, \the onTy schools, I would consider traditional rivals are Malone, Massena and St. Lawrence.\ \Our rivals are Brushton, Cha- teaugay and St. Regis Falls,\ he said, adding \which is one of our concerns. ? aeger -sauLihat-anothjf SRCS concern was that \even though we are classed as an eligible 'C school, because of the number of programs we run, some of our sports are just not competitive.\ He had told the school board that because of the number of sports ming, rifle and,basketball. He told the board, \we are spreading ourselves thin.\ Jaeger pointed out the \size dif- ferential\ of local schools. Massena has 710 students (in grades 10-12), Franklin.Academy (Malone) 713, St. Lawrence Central 254, Canton 356, Gouvemeur 476, Ogdensburg 537 and Potsdam 388,. Salmon River has 324 students in grades 10-12, he said. \We have spoken with our coaches,\ he said, adding, \tKey share my concerns.\ Jaeger told board members that \it appears at this point we are> headed for a league alignment we are not particuarily happy-with.\ \One potential solution is to go in- dependent,\ he told the board. Perkins reported to the boardthe propsed realignment would mean \much more travel.\ , He said the district was \investi- gating'all possibilities...for the bet- terment oi our program.\ The board-gave their approval to . the .Pejjdnjjjsqj^^^ tion to continue to pursue the dis- trict's options. A section vote on the prpposed realignment is expected in May. • Section Ten is comprised, of St. Lawrence County and Franklin County--Schools,Jaeger «ai4,— • ( Clcu^ &cco PAST FIREMEN OF THE YEAR — This elite group of .volunteer firefighters are past recipients of the Fireman of the Year Award given annually by the St. Lawrence County Fire Chiefs Association. The an- -miaI-di4?flra^i¥as-heW--Sa4uT4^ lands Restaurant. 'Attending the dinner are, seated from left to right, William Reid, 1972.recipient from Massena; Joseph Finnegan of Madrid, president of the association; William Knowltdn, the 1989 Fireman of the Year; Earl Mousaw, 1978 recipient from Han-* nawa -Falls and current president of the Firemen's \Assotiatrorri Collifls, 1981 recipient from Hannawa Falls. Stand- ing are Lewis Hiter, 1986* recipient from Massena; Lyle C. Wood, 1977 recipient-from Heuvelton and now residing in New. Hartford, N.Y.; Glenn Rickett, -4987--recipient—fmm-Heuvel-tonj-Emer-sen---F^rbes— 1976 recipient from Canton; Jack Nicholson, 1985 re- cipient from Norwood; Dominic Zappia, 1974 reci- pient from Norfolk; Thomas Frank, 1982 recipient from Coiton; and Paul L. Wood, 1979 recipient from Heuvelton. 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Prior to May 1 people may call ' foj, consultations throughout, the county at \the following numbers: -Canton-Potsdam, 386-4586;- Massena, 769-3525; Ogdensburg, 393-1980; ancT Gouvemeur,' 287-4598. Many people have legal problems . and don't know where to turn. This Bar Association program makes it easy and convenient forpeogle.who need legal Kelp lo'rTrTd^h'attorney\ Those who call will'be referred to a lawyer who can answer their ques- tions, the announcement said. , Law Day is a national celebra- tion designed to education Ameri- cans.in their legal right and reflect-. on the unique rights that are guar- anteed under the U.S. Constitu- tion, association Law Day Committee. Included among its 70 members are lawyers and judges. The associ- ation works to enhance the inte- grity of the. legal profession, im- prove public, understanding of the law to assure equal justice under thel aw. Membership in the associ- ation is voluntary. GOOD/YEAR Why choose Goodyear for Auto Serviee? CONVENIENCE: COMPLETE CARE: CONFIDENCE: WIN A NEW CAR — The Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit is hold- ing a drawing for this new Chrysler automobile on \May 28. The winning ticket- will -be based on the, New York State Lottery's \Daily Numbers- Pick Three\ game. Tickets are available for $20 from any member of the rescue squad. (Gray Photo) (- SRC Students Donate muufr At Scjjoomrim The- following students and em- ployees at Salmon -River Central School -recently donated blood at a blood clinic sponsored by the school. _.' Total statics: 111 tried to.give, 92 pints accepted, 74 first-time donors-;--' ' Donors were: STUDENJ DONO.RS: Angus Adams, Stacy Babcock, Eric Bailey-, Trade Barney, Maureen Ben-' edict. Mike Benedict. Scon Benway. Shad Blguoe. Fred Boardway. Jason Bombard. Frank Bova,.Jell Boyea, Trade Brownell, Tom Bljrt. Derek Capplello, Bruce Cartler, Keith Cartier. Carolyn Cavanaugh. Atso^Tony GhamberSrJoe-ChartlerrTornGhubbr Amos Connors, Paul Cree, Cory Cunningham, Bret Donahue, Gary Dumvllle, Ricky Dupra, Nancy El- mer,-Tammy Felmann, Dean Fleury, Eric Fleury, Penny Fleury. Denise Francis, Brent Fullum. And Jessica Gagilanese,. Chris Gardner, Alex Garrow, Chris Godek, Tony Gray, Tracy Gray, We- sley Greenwood. Abilgall Groleau, Kim Gunderson, Joakfm Gustavsson, Dawn Halneault, Cathy Hall, Chris HoWen. Kerry Hokten. Gene Husl, Louie . Jackson. Kyle Jacobs, Mary Jo Jock. In addition. Mark Johnson, Phyllis, Johnston, Jodl Kaplan, Dawn King. Jefl Latrellle, Eric Laughing, Scon Lauzon, Tricia Lauzon, Leslie*La/ore, John Leduc, Bart Lopez, Chris'Meaux, Tina Mitchell. Flo- nan Muller. Tamnjy'Patnode, Roger Perkins. And Arnold Printup, Lynn Proper. Kateri' Pyke. Jeremy Ramos, Roseanna Rarisom, Marc Richard- son, Larry Riley, Chris Rogotsky, Robert Rourke, Rodney Rubadeau, Bill Rule, Rose Shallaw, Mark Smoke. Scotl Spinner, Alison Swamp, Candy Tall- man, Claudlne' Tarbell, Shllo Tenanoe, Charles Thompson. Andy Toth. Henry Tuper. Mike Villnave. Jamie Warner. NON STUDENTS: Wendy Capplello, SrferrTelle Chapman. Korieen Croloot. Cart Cross, Joan Cun- ningham, Pat Gagilanese, v Conn,le Gerow.-Patty Heme, Jane Johnson, Laurie LaPage, Joyce Latu- lipe, Sylvia Lauzon, Patrida Leroux, Jacblyn Mont- villa, Doris Polrier, Theresa Pdhtlus, Carol Prosper. Jean Russell Connie Schell. WORKERS: Stacy Babcock, TracIeTarneyT Mike Benedict, Penny Boardway, Tammy Board- way, Lorl Brown, Carolyn Cavanaugh, Derek Cook, Bret Donahue. Nancy Elmer. Denise Francis, Chris Gardner. And Tony Gray, Carrie Griffin. Kim Gfinderson. Jessica Jackson, Jeri LaPage, -Trida Lauzon, Mary Ann Oakes, Blllle Jo Phillips, Lynn Proper, Jeremy Ramos, Roseanne Ransom. Robert Rourke, Gwen Smith, Alex Smoke, Tammy Snyder, Steve Wood. Diana Zerella. 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