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The Massena observer. (Massena, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.) 1897-1989, May 11, 1959, Image 12

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MM mmemmimmmaiaasi- •if!il&l&&>&* 5-* • •itminiii—MfMiuali'W tai-'i -i)a.<c»i«jJBa, -,n .. 3* CI llJBMff.S .; House t' Camp* * Farms c Bostnest WEAL ES Booses House 1 Camps * Farms Business Apartme Apartmc Apts. Ft Rooms l Boom a Trailer MERCHAI Housefaoi Boats at Farm E Musical Doitdiag Dry Got Misc. fa SBsc ft ACTOMOl Cars - Tracks | Pacts ai i Motorcyt PVESTOC Pets and Livestocl Poultry Feed, a KMPLOYB TBelp Mi Help Fe Help Ma Sales H< MALE INS INSTRUCT TRADE SF NOTICE AUCTIONS SERVICES IN APPR1 IN MEMO WANTED JJOST AN1 REAL E HOUSES THREE r for trailer Wokott, : LOVELY jost outsit dam Rd. bath witl floors, bas 80x160 ft. be seen t« taxes. £ must sell arranged, er, Brashe >ESIRABI esidential id comm he exclusd Street. PRICED room Hoi FIVE RO port, villa old, $7,00 June 1- I THREE complete er, attach land Ave. ing arran WE-2-9470 MATH HOI 46 Dovei Monday 8 p.m.; : day, 2 t pointmei 94096. 4lbes< ~i$ Dwre ^Franchi: Nptfkfflal 1 %d Fran] m. — « * r C ? On flpferiart ai *.• DW ftftw. Bf Z i YOUR GARDEN YOUR LAWN IN SUMIMt - Samaier is the season wbea the lawn is of most vahie—for appearance, for tie mete pleasure of walling on k, or for play. If you look upon the tardea is in outdoor tiring room, life » its carpet and deserves to be as well cared for'as aa indoor carpet If it is the children's for play, yon sardy wilt err* spasaaesa ejrw^ na^ w *w n%* 4a)4i | apayaaaa»^^ir^ 3j*isg SMPSSSPS\JW 4w9MaawPw* aar^paspBras^ssssssssBBBB* A home is known fey the lawn it keeps. Tending the lawn in summer is no treat task compared with the old days when lawns were cut with scythe or sickle, when less was known of what makes grass good and green and bow to keep it so. Now.we have learned that the grasses in the lawn need food, and mat a good time to supply it is early summer. Spread it all over and water it well to get it down to the roots, so that it will be avail* able there through the coming weeks of heat. One rule may be laid down about watering: never sprinkle. Wait un- til there are signs that water k really needed, then soak, continu- ing until this imitation rain has wet the soil to a depth of five inches. This will take some hours, probably, and preferably in the evening to prevent evaporation. In summer weather the grass should not be cut too short—^wo inches is about the minunaaaJQfc is not the shortness of die grass that makes a lawn look smooth, but the evenness of the cut. which should present no difficulty with the modern mower. Such slightly longer grass is more pleasing to the foot, means stronger plants, conserves the soil moisture and, by making more shade over the sur- face, deters the germination of crabgrass and other weeds. A thick healthy stand of the cul- tivated grasses is one of the best deterrents to crabgrass, which can- not come up without sunlight, and in such a lawn is far from being .._ .,, „_« _ the ugly pest it is where the grass [be stiated •olu' the roots are weO is sparse and under-nourished. Yet {supplied. To get more enjoyment from your garden send for Gifts from Your Garden, a free booklet of Vegetable recipes. Address postcard to Asgrow. P.O. Box 406H. New Haven 2, Conn. —J Its seeds are very widespread, and though any that appeared last sum- mer died down with the frost, this nuisance will return with the warm- er weather if given any chance. Fortunately it needs heat as well as light for germination, and by the time hot days come the lawn grasses should be thick enough to shade it. If despite mis natural control it does make a start, there are now efficient sprays and pow- ders for killing it Get one of them from your garden supply store, and be sure to follow with care the instructions on the container. For one reason or another it sometimes becomes desirable to repair or patch a lawn in summer. In such a case it is better not to seed with the regular, good qual- ity mixtures. Stir the soil, add some fertilizer, water it in and then sow ryegrass. This will come up quick- ly and make green cover until early fall, when the place should be gone over again with the bet- ter seed. The rule about watering laid down above is equally, or even more, applicable to the flower beds and the vegetable garden, where sprinkling may do more harm be- cause weeds will be encouraged in the blank places between plants, and the plants themselves will spread roots on the surface, where they are likely to.be hoed or burned. As with the lawn, water should not be applied until it is really necessary, and then it should not Mrs La vine Rites Held On Saturday {Mrs. Ettsabrtk Kirtay Laviae, 96, lifetime resident of llaaaena aajjl mother of Maurice La«iae, M Arvern Ave., died Thursday af- ternoon, May. 7, M8t, ** the Ben- nett Narabur Home, Wmthrop, where she had been a patient four years. The body remained at the Phil- lips Memorial Borne. Services were held at. 10 8a*urday morn- ing; in St. Mary's Church with burial following in Calvary Cemetery. Mrs. Lavine was born Oct 29, ISO in Massena, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirkey. She spent all her life here. In 1881 she and Henry Lavine were married and they formerly farmed at Racket River. He died to 1937. Surviving her are one son, Mjautice, 20 Alvern Ave., three grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. THE MASSENA OBSERVER, MONDAY, MAY 11, 1959 '{JHtfE TV SHOW USTBtG Choral Concert Set May 20 A Choral Concert will be pre- sented on Wednesday, May 3D, in the new high school auditor- ium at 8 p-m. The public is In- vited. Participating in the program are the Mixed Choir, School Chorus, Girl's Combined Chor- uses, Male Chorus, Choral Club and the Harmonettes. An added feature-of the program, will be piano solos by Kenneth Jack- son and James Phillips at the Steinway. The entire program is under the direction of Mrs. Charles Swarts. Livestock Empire Livestock Cooperative, Gouverneur, gist of May 5, 19». The following prices were paid per hundredweight Dairy Type Cows: Commercial 24.00, utility none, cutters 18.00- 20.50, canners 15.00-.- 5.00 with 3 below. Bulls: Utility ters 21.00-22.00. 2240-23.00, cut- . Calves: Good 36.00-39.00, stand- ard 32.00-36.00, Bobs, 110-115 lb., 32.00-34.75, 100-105, B>., 30.00- 33.00; 90-95 lb., 30.00-3X.75, 80*5 ib„ 29.00-31.00, 70-75 lb., 28.00- 30.00, 60-65 lb. 26.00-29.00. Receipts: 77 cows for slaugh- ter, 6 bulls, 378 calves and 5 re- placements. Cow and bull market active and steady. Calves active and I mostly 2.00 higher. II (41 Basest t, U:H pjn. (6) Late movie. 11:30 p.m. <7> Truck Busters, ilcl5 pjn. TjNSiay* May J* (3) He Ran all the Way, John Garfield, SbeHy Winters, 11:20 p.m. (41 Feature film, 11:22 p.tn. (0) Theodora, Slave Empress, 11:30 pan. (7) Case of the Lucky Leggs, Warren William, Patricia Ellis, 11:15 pjn. Wednesday, May II (3) Beachhead, Tony Curtis, Frank Lovejoy, 11:20 pjn. (4) Feature film, 11:22 pjn. (6) Tokyo File 212, 1951 film, 11:30 pan. (7) Castle on the Hudson, John Garfield, Ann Sheridan, 11:15 pjn. TjKtfsfay, May 14 . <3) Motion Dollar Manhunt, Richard Dennins, Carole Matthews, 11 :M P m. f#J Feature fnm, li:2j p- C5> Rebecca, 11:20 pjn. H* t6) In Old Chicago, iw, Power, Alice Faye, #2 -'•-•pjn. (7) Widow from Chieaga, *a j ward G. Bobinson, ti!« *• PJBU s ' t t REX O'NEIL GENERAL INSURANCE Dial RO 94464 TIME PAYMENTS ft 6OV2 Main St, Massena, N. Y. REX CTNEII \WHILE YOU WAIT\ INSTALLS OFFICERS Miss C. Marjorie Silver, comptroller of the Massena Banking and Trust Company, in- stalled officers of the Potsdam Zouta Club Wednesday. She is the charter past president of the mb and was elected to the board ' of directors. BUFFHAM'S upholstering WSTS 1060 KC MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 6 AJUL Sign On 6-9 Danny Nichols 9-12 Dick Cook Homemak- ers Show 12-1 Frank Telak 1-4 * Dick Cook Top 40 4-6 Danny Nichols 6-8:15 Les Comstock 8:15 Sign Off ACTION CENTRAL NEWS, 25 MINUTES, AFTER THE HOUR, 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE HOUR. SPORTS ROUNDUP 7:40 A.M. 6:25 PJK. SATURDAY 6 A.M. Sign On 6-9 Frank Telak 9-32 Dick Cook 13-3 Canny Nichols 3H5 Dick Cook Afternoon Ballroom 6-8:15 Les Comstock 8:15 Sign Off ACTION CENTRAL NEWS. 25 MINUTES AFTER THE HOUR, 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE HOUR. SPORTS ROUNDUP 7:40 A.M. \6:25 P.M. SUNDAY .7 A.M. Sign On 7-i Frank Telak M:15 Sacred Heart Program 8:15-9:25 Sunday Hymns 8J*»-8:4S Sunday Morning Devo- tions 3:45-8:55 Sunday Hymns 941 Frank Telak 11-3 Dick Cook 3-1:15 Les Comstock t:J5 Sign Off ACTION CENTRAL NEWS, 25 MINUTES AFTER THE HOUR. 5,, MINUTES BEFORE THE H0UK. SjrOKTS ROUNDUP 7:40 AM. <*» FJf. GIRL SCOUT BULLETIN Apr. 23, Girl Scout Troop 25 held a candlelight ceremony in which the girls formed a human horse shoe. The meeting was opened with the Girl Scout Promise. During the meeting the laws, slogans and motto were recited and there was singing. Several girls were invested into Troop 26. They were Ann Stoddard, Patty Romeo, Sheila Podgurski, Elaine Gallion, Bea- trice Conesse, Jerry Mattison, Evelyn Simpson, and Carol Kin- near. Other girls taking part in the ceremony were Charlene St. Pierre, Sandra Bray, Mary Ann Martin, Kathy DeRosie, Jeanette Festa, Julia Catanzarite, Janice Agresta, and Judy Berkley. Following the meeting, Mrs. Joseph Palmer, troop leader told the girls about Spain. She displayed handkerchiefs and scarves. Some of the girls who are working on their active citi- zenship badges were shown her citizenship papers and passports. The meeting opened and clos- ed with a flag ceremony. New Span To Open In 1962 Ottawa, Oat.—The St. Law- rence Seaway Authority has called for tenders for a major portion of the sub-structure of a new high-level highway bridge to cross the North Channel ef the St. Lawrence River between Cornwall and Cornwall Island. The tenders are to be received up to June 2. In December last year, the Seaway Authority and the United States entity, the St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, handed over to the Cornwall International Bridge Co. the ownership and operation of a new high-level suspension highway bridge the two Seaway entities had built over the South Channel, between Cornwall Is- land and the United States mail- land. The sub-srructure work' called for under this new contract w'Q comprise el^ht concrete piers and an abutment on the south or Cornwall Island side of tie river and 15 concrete pie-s en the north or mainland side. The work will extend over a distance of some 2.300 feet and is to be finished by June 30, 1960. The entire bridge and ajv proaches will be about a mi'e long and will be composed oK a series of continuous-truss-type* spans. It will involve one or two other sub-structure contracts, one more for the steel super- structure and one or more for the road-finishing, deck, lighting etc. The bridge, which will have a 27-foot roadway, is expected to be completed in 1962. The firm of H.H.L Pratley of Montreal has been retained ly the St. Lawrence Seaway Au- thority as consultants for the de- sign, plans and specifications and to supervise the construc- tion of the new North Channel bridge. The firm has, with the approval of the Authority, re- tained Foundation of Canada Engineering Corporation Ltd. as associate consultants for the de- sign and supervision of construc- tion of the substructure. On\ May 7 the intermediate Girl Scout troops held a songfest • at the town hall with approxi- mately 150 girls attending. Mrs. Ronnie Sedlock and Bars. Mayford Hartford led the sing- ing and Mrs. Marie Eldon- Browne demonstrated marching. Square dancing and rock and roll were part of the program and were enjoyed by att. Mark Snider was the caller. Another Line Starts Service To Mediterranean Inauguration of direct Great Lakes - Mediterranean range service by the Concordia Line opened with the departure of the orwegian Flag ML S. Bengazi from. Chicago May 7. The Bengazi will call at Mil- waukee, Green Bay, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto and Montreal lifting cargo for Casablanca, Alexandria, Beirut, Piraeus, Lat- takia and Trieste. The new Concordia Line serv- ice will be on a monthly basis with the Norwegian Flag Motor- ships Borealis and Bysanz alter- nating with the Bengazi. These vessels are approximately 5,500 tons gross and 350 feet long. Boise-Griffin Steamship CO., Inc. are general agents of the Concordia Line and Great Lakes Overseas, Inc., Chicago agenK AMERICA'S GREATEST HOME VALUE Modern Hone BiiMers mWEfm n WIUIAM H. IAUMIER RANDALL DRIVE — PH. RO Mil Chauffeurs' Photos Taken Main St. MASTERCRAFT PHOTO Massena TASTEE FREEZE lea Cream Drive-In store next to Northern New York Trust Co. on East Orvis St. road. We serve all kinds of milk shake, sundae, banana split, ice cream cone etc. PINTS and QUARTS TO TAKE OUT The Parkin Lot is All Black Top BRING THE FAMILY AND JUST DRIVE channel 3 WCAX rtURI.INGTON HMtfey, May 11 . 1959 8:45—T«rt Pattern 8:59—Proczmm Previeur* 3:0tV—This World o f Oars 9:15—E*riy News 9:80—TV School 10:00—On th e Go 10.-JO—Arthur Godfrey 11:00—I Lot* TJUCJ 11:30—Top Dollar MAO—LOT* o f Iif« 12 :S0—Search for \Morrow 12:45-<3tiWins Light 1:00—New. Headline* 1:10—Aeron the Fence 1:16—Duke'i Swmgbilliea 1:30—As WorkT Tnraa 2:0A—Jtudas Bowl 2:30—Housepertr 1:90—The Bi z Pa?aff J :S0—Verdict U Toms 4:00—Brighter Da> 4:15—Secret Storm 4:30—Eds* of Night 5:00—Cl.uekwagon Tales 6:00—Living * Learning C:10—World of Sporta S :25—Weather»riae 8:30—Nemliim 6:45—Edwu-d*. News 7:f>0— Zb He n 7:30—Name That Tuna 8:00—The Texan 8:30—Bold Venture 9:90—Danny Thomaa 9 -.30—Ann Sothern Show 10 :00—Perry Mason Show 11:00—Esso Reporter ll:in—Vermont Edition 11 :15—Weather 11:20—Sign Off Tuesday, May 12. 1959 8:45—Test Pattern 8:59—Program Previews 9 :no -Industry on Parade 91S- Earlv News 9:30—TV School 1,, : ini—On the Go 10 *0—Art! or Godfrey 11:0\—I Love Lucy 11:3C—Top Dollar 12 :0Ci—Love of Life 12:3'\i—Search for Tomr\ow 12:45—Guiding Light 1 :P0—News Headlines 1:10—Across the Fence- T :1 S —Date's Swingbillies 1:30—As the World Turns 2:00-—Mixms Bowl <L ..! i rtouseoerty S :r>iV-Tha Bis Payoff 8 :30— Ve -<Het Is Yours 4 TOO—Brichter Day 4:15—Secret Storm 4:30—Edge of Might 5 :Ci>—Cbockwason Tales 6 :?.*\*-—^ rtnons 6:45—Country Squiree 6:10—World of Sports 6 :2S— Weatherwise 6 :30—Newstirae 6:45—Edwards. N«l 7:00^rjnion Pacific 7 :?n—rBfrneymooner* S :i.»—TBA 8:3C»—To Tell the Truth 9 :WV—Arthur Godfrey 9:30—Bed Skeiton LIL'S Brasher Falls, N. T. 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May 13, 1959 8:4»—Teat Pattern 8:59—Program Previews 9:00—Air Force Story 9:16—Early News 9:80—TV School 10:00—On the Go' 10 M— Arthur Godfrey 11:00—1 Love Lucy lltSO—Top Dollar 11:00—Lore of Life 12:80—Search for Tomor*ow U-.4S—Guiding Light 1:00—News Headlines 1:10— Across the Fence 1:15—Dvke's SwingbiHies 1:30—As the World Turn* 2:00—Hurin* Bowl 2:30—Htmseparty «^0—The Bi g Payoff 1:80—Verdiet la Yours 4:00—Brighter Day , 4:15—Secret Storm 4:30—Edge of Night 5:00—Chock-wagon Tales 6:30—Cartoons B:45—Duke's SwingbOlies 9:10—World of Sports < :25— Weatherwise 6:10— Newstime «:45—Edwards, News 7 :00—Whirleybirds 7 :S0—Tneiioat AnnU 8:00—Highway Patrol 8:30—Trackdown 9:00—The Millionaire 9:3*—fv e Got a Secret in :00—Theater ll:O0—Eaao Beporter 11:10—Vermont Edition 11 :1S— Weather 11:20—Sta«e ? li:4&—Sign Off Thursday, May 14, 1939 8:45—Test Pattern 8:50—Program Pre-.-iews c, : f.rt_ World of Oars 9:15—Early News 9:3<>—TV School 10:00—On the Go !<-, : gn—Arthur Godfrey 11 :<50—I Love Lucy 11 :3r>—Top Dollar ,12:0(1— Love of life 12:30—Search for Tomer'w 12 :4>^—Guiding Light 1 :*«i—News Headline 1:10—Acro«s the Fence 1:15—Duke's Swinghiilies 1 ^n—As World Turns 2 :<•'<•\— Miring Bowl 2 :30—Hcuseparty 3 :0<>— Big Payoff 3 :?.<5—Verdict Is Yd 4 K>0—Brighter Day 4:15—Secret Storm 4:3»>— Edge of Night 5:0Ct—Chuck-wagon Tales 6:1\—World of Sports 6:25—Weatherwise 6 :30—Newstime 6 :45—Ed-K-srds. Nevrs 7 :Art—Huckleberry Hound 7 :3T»—State Trooper ? :<K>—December Bride B :S0—Yancy Derrincer 9 :•\ 0—Zane Grey Theater 9:30—Playhouse 90 11:09—Esso Reporter II :10—Vermont Edition 10:20—Weather 11:25—Ready o n Stage S 12:35—Sign Off channel 5 WPTZ PLATTSBORGB Menday, May 11, 1959 S:30—Classroom 7:00—Today 7:25—Local News 7:40—Today 835—Local News 8:80—Today (Con't) 9:00— Big Picture 9:30—TV School lfr:00—Dotuh Re Mi 10 :S0—Treasure Hunt 11 H30—^Price Is Eigiit 11:30—Ccncentration 12.00—Tic Tac Dough 12:80—It Could Be ton l*m —News, Ford 1:15—Smiley WilleEte 1:30—For You Madame 2:00—Queen For A Day 2:30—Haggis Baggis 3 rOO—^Dr. Malone 3:30—From These itocta 4:00—Truth or Conseq. 4:30—County Fair 5:00—Match the Muse ' 5:30—Mickey Moose Crab 6:00— Dick Ford News 8:15—Atlantic Weather 6:20—Sporta 6:30—Looney Tune Tims 7 : 0 1 j_Film Feature 7 :3d—Buckskin 8:00—Restless Gun 8:3 f >—Wells Fargo 9 :00^-Peter Gunn 9 :3<j—Theater 10:00—Arthur Murray 1\:3'1—Confidential File ll:Ce—News £ Sporta Tuesday, May 12,- 1959 6 -.30—Continental Class 7 :»*—Trxiay 7 :2S—Local News 7 :3'l—Tc<iay ?:25 —Local Ne«vi 9 :S0—Today •9:00—This Is Tarn Life 9-3 f >— TX School Time 10 :W— Dough Re Ml 10:33—Treasure H-anrt 11 :f>0— Pri«-e Is Right 11 :30—Ccncentrston ' 12:CU-Tic Tac Dcagh 12:3C>—It Could Be You 1 ;»{i-SeT!. Ford 1:15—Smiley Wi.'lette 1 :S)\i—For Yrm Msdame 2 :fr-i—Que*n For a Day 2::*'i—Hairgis Baggis 3 K'O—Ycpng Dr. Malor.e 8 :S r >— Frorn These Roots 4 :'! r > —Truth/Ccnsequences ' 4 :S0—County F?ir •• :<•<\> - Smiley Wilierte 6:3-:i—Walt Dis=ey C : f t^ —Ne^v«. Ford 6 .IS—Weatl-.ennan 6 :2>'> —Sports Scorehook 8rtf* —Loor.ey Tnr.e Time 7 ;»-•<:,— Yorj WaEt Ct-IIepe 7 :S'>—Flight g:C^t—?tev e Ctnvon 8:3-:i—Jimmy Eodgers Sbow 5 :'\ '->—Californisji? 9 :3':<— Bob C-un. rr.ings lf..t»}-Dav,d Mve , 11:00— Le», Ne4.tS*. Wednesday **4%] May 1J, 1J5J J 6^9—Classroom 7rfH3—Todiy 7:25—Local ?.'e*. 7 -.SO— Todey 8:25—Locaj Nerj 8:30—Todiy, Con't 9.-00—The CrrU-torf,-, 9:S0-TV Scb--^^ lO.-C-C^-Dough E« {cT | 10:30—Treasure Hm' llrtO—Price a El^ 4 - Il:3o—Concenrjauon 12 .to—Tic Taclw 12 :r^-It Coaij sTf^ - lrf»—Ne»,. Tori 1:15—Smiiev Wi!!»ft, 2:00—Qu«s Fcr a Da7 !*i-Dr. MEJOET 3:30—Froai Thes* Zeat 4ssf 4:30—Orcr-.tv FaiT^ ; 5 JO—Mickey Moaj, 6 .<<i—S'e-scs.. Fcrrl A * :1S—WeaiT-ermaB 6 :2'>—Sc<:<r^^ook 6:3'— Looney TTU* r ^ !_•: - -f .La- re :.f 1 : ^ ,k —Wa^tsr Train 8:3\—Ozz. e & Rarrie! 9:.^— Milt.-.- Ber> 9 -.?.''- Ba-r Mi.r.erson 10KK:»—P.ehts 11 :0C>—Late Newi Thursday. May 1( W) 7 :»—Tocay 7:25—Loci i Srir , ^ . :20—To-iay 8 :^5—L-.-C&; S\e»i 8:3 r ^—Today 9:fC— Th:« Is -j* Aj^ ?:*-—TV ^5«) Tfa, 1C SO— L*oigc He Mi V'-.Zt— Tr«.rwre Hant II :f.-i—Price U P.^ht 11 :'{•'• — Crr.'-err.-.Ti.Uon i: :'-'C—T:cTae N-jgb 12:?'>— It rcrj.- B, tc 1 :C0—Ntvrs. fr-tj 1-15— Srr.utv W; U «J« 1 :30—For Yon Hzita 2 •\\-'—Ctaeen F-i a Dsj t:'i r < —H£.gg:« Basga , 3 :->?•—Young T-r Katssj 3:\0—Frer- Tr.ese Vaa 4 :«'—Tru*h > _ .\*iaeE9 4:30—Co-j-- : . Feir ' :• ' -~rr .. > \\ iler-e 5:3^'—Mickey iloste 6 :•'•<: —New. Ford 6 :l-£ — Wea-.h^rrcaa £:-•!\—?r<- r u ?<xrfcbonk 6:S''—Looney Tta« Tist - ..-.-_ r,. r .i •\r^b fttxsi \ :15— Her*- ' '-T.es Js.a 7 :?•'—U. S. Marshal ?:•'—B'-arjs * uldW ?;•)•->—Real VcCcys 9 **) —Laf f L=r.e 5 :S0— Ford Sbo* », 10:C«—You Bet Yoai Bl lC-:f->—Decoy ll:C-0—News and Sr*rrS 11 :1=— Art :r--:r.-.w :i:J'.*—-\tr. '.-=.-.:.-> T» SPONSORED BY MASSENA CASH FUEL SERVICE, INC A. CAPPIONE PRES. ATTENTION HOME OWNERS AND BUILDERS See Us Before You Replace or Install Your Heating System. INSTALL DELCO HEATING EQUIPMENT Product of GENERAL MOTORS CORP. For a FREE HEATING SURVEY CALL CAPPIONE'S MASSENA CASH FUEL SERVICE DIAL 9-3533 M Liberty Aw. BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. channel 7 WCNY 42ARTHAGK Monday, May 11, l»i» 9:35—Spanish 9 :55—News 10:00—On the Go 10:30— Arthur Godfrey 11:00—I Lova Lacy 11:30—11:30 Theater 12:00— Love of Life 12:30—Pantomime Quiz 1:00—Mosic Bingo 1:30—Matinee Theater 2:00—Jinuny Dean Show 2:30—Hooseparty 3:00—Beat the Clock 3:30—Verdict Is Yonra 4:00—North Country CaL 4:15—Secret Storm 4:30—Bandstand 5:00—Tr. With Father 5:30—Kiddies' Karahral 6 K>0—People's Choice 6:30—Atlantic Weather 6:35—Local News «.-40—Early Sporta 6 :45—New*. Edwards 7 :O0—Film Feature 7:30—Watt Disne/ 8:90—Seahunt 9:00—Danny Thomaa 9:30—Ann Sothern 10 :O0—Dial 999 10:30—Theater 11:00—Th« Late Newt 11:05—Esso Beporter 11:10—-The Late Sporta 11:15—The Late Kovie 12:45—Sign OS Tastday. May 12, 1959 9:00—Science tor Grades 9:25—Guidance i 10:00-On tha G* 10:30—Arthur Godfrey 11:00—1 Ltrra Locy 11:30—11:30 Theater 1»:W> Lotre o f Ufr 12:30—Pantotnina Qui* 1:0ft^-Kusic Bingo 1:30—Baby Time 1:45—Candid Ounera *:W—Jimmy De« flboW fc:3«—Hooaesarty 3:00—Beat' the deck 3:3«—Verdict la Yoors 4*0—No. Cmatrr Cal. 4:1$—Secret 9bum 4:30—Bandstand «:00—Tir. With Father f :30—KMdVa Kam*»al »:00-P«opU'» Ohoic* •:3o—WaatherasaB *:*S—Local Hew* • :4a—Burly Spoeta • t4aV-Wws«la, Nwwa 7:00—Eeaew* 9 7:30—77 Sunset Strip 8:30—To Tell the Troth 9.OO—Peck's Bad Girt 9:30—Mickey SpiQaao 10:90—Garry Moore 11:00—The Late News 11 rf>S—Eeso Reporter 11:10—The Late Sports 11 .»R_V|eht 8h*w _ 12:45—Siza Off Wednesday. Hay 13. 1959 9:35—Spanish for Grades 9:55—World News 10:00—On the Go 10:3O—Arthur Godfrey 11:00—I Lova Lucy 11:30—11*1 Theater ' 12:00—Lova of Life 12:30—Pantomine Quia 1:00—Music Bingo 1:30—North Ooantry BOOM 2:00—Jimmy Dean Show 2:80—Honsepally ' 3:00—Beat the Clock 3:30— Verdiet I s Yours 4:00—No. (Country CaL 4 :15—Secret Storm 4 :30—Bandstand 5:00—Tr.- With Father 6:30—Kiddies' Karnival 6:00—People's Owiea C: 30—Weatherman 6:35—Local News (:40—Early Sports 6:4S— Edwards. News 7rf?0—Lewman 7:30—Lawreniea Wetk 8:30—Speeia} Arrat 7 9 :f>0—Alcoa. Presents 9:30—I've Got a Secret m .-fic-Highway Patrol 10:30—The Viae llrOO—The Lata Mewa 11:05— Esso Reporter 11:10—The Lata Sports ll:15-The Late Hmfo 12:4SJ-Sisn Off Tiwrsday. May 14, 1959 9:00—Science for Grade* 9:25—Science 10:00—On th e Co 10:30—Arthar »t3odtray 11:00—I lor. Lacy 11:30—11:30 Theater 12:00—Lova of tif* 12 :30—Pantomine Quis 1:00—Music Bia«a. l^o-Matbjs. Theatsc 2:00—Jinuny Dea« 2:30—Houaeparty 8:00—Beat taw CToek . 3:30—Verdict la Yostrs 4:00—North Coaintry CaL 4:15—Secret Storm 4:M—Bandstaarf *!00—Tr. With Pmther S:*0-Kiddk. AmircT fiOO—PeopU's Chsie* <:M—Weathermaa «:35—Local Newa «:40—Early Sports C :45—Edwards. News 7:00—Trackdown 7:30—Silent Service 8:0f>—December Bride 8 :3'>—Derringer 9:00—Zane Grey Theater 9 :30 — Fleyboose 90 11:00—Late News 11:05—Esso Reporter 11:10—Late Sporta 11:15— Late Movie 12 as—Sign OS chan. 4-6 CBMT MONTREAL CBOT OTTAWA Monday, May 11, 1959 2:15—Sign O n ' 2:30—News (4) 2:45—Nursery Schoo/ 3:00—Dear Phoebe . „,. 3:30—Open House 4:00—P. M Party 4:30^-Howdy Poody 5:00— Follow Me £ :15—Newsreel 5 z3*3—Mickey Mouse 6:00—Metro 6:00— life of Riley (40 6:15—Leave K to Beaver 6:30— Yesterdays' World C :55—Sports Preview 6:45—CBC TV News 7:00—Tabloid 7:80—Nation's Business 7:45—TBA 7:45—Scan (4 ) 8:00—The Millionaire 8:3*—Hit Parade 9 too—Danny Thomaa 9:30—Gannonball 10 SO0—Desihi Playhouse 10:00—WesUnEhouss I*} 11:00—News 11 :15—Viewpoint 11:22—Sports Final 11:22—Gunanoke (4). 11:30—Featnre Film Taotday, May 12 . 1959 2 ;15—Sjmon tm— Newa (4) 1:4s—Nursery School 3:00—Dr. Hudsoa 3:30—Open rloaae 4 y?0—Anthology #;»0 , Friendly niwrt 4:45—Story Book 5:00—Whistle Towa S:«0—^ry King irtW—-Metro 6^0—How to Harry *rlS—Francisco Beat COO—Sportscap HI «:4S—CBC TV Newa 6 :55—Srcir-s 7 KJ0—Tabloid 7:30—Donra R«e<i «> g^«, - Krr-B-. r»sr» C64i $:Z'~> — O-fy Show 9:S.-i—F<? ••> H:Ca'—CBC TV New 11:15— V^^.M 31 :22—Spot-.? f-.cal » 11 :S0—Feature TSr * Wednesday >laj 13, W» 1:0C—Festure FOm (t) 2:80—Newi (4> 2:15— Signon 2 :1b —N urs«ry School 3:00—Our Mi s BrooO 3 :30—Open Housi 4:00—P.M. Party 4 ;S ! )— Howdv HoodT^ 5 ; pO—P.,r.c:nE StorrWOl 5:01— TBA .4) B.-M) —Huckleberry B*» t:00—Metro ,- 6.-CO—HonevTO-oaert 441 6:15—The R.flemSB * '6 :30—Meet Lorraine I* «:45—CBC TV Ne«» 6:55—Sport* 7 :C-0— Tabloid 7 ^0—Walt Pisney 8:30—One of a KiM 9:00—Muse Hall •9:^\—Bat MVsenW 1<) ns-j—Clcse-up H zoo —Ct«_ 1 » Seas 11:15—Vieis-roiDt 11:22—Sj>:,rts Fmsl 11:3&—r'esrare Film Tharadaj. May U. W 9 2:15—Sign On ^ . 2:S0—News >l) f 2:45—Nursery SeBe»l 3K30—Dcus:! as Fairtal* 3:30—Open BOOM ,„ . 4^0—Speaking Fw»*<* 4:30—Magsie M««» M 4:45—Pieces of E>8* 5:00—Wbistleton ^^ ». 6:30—Woody Wso*** • 6:00—Metro . 1,] { 6 tOO—Animal Para* i« 6:15—HoBy^ood . <e' 6:15—Tennesse* E\* ' 6:45—CBC TV N«« 6:55—Sports Pre»»* 7 KW—Tabloid . ^.. ; 7:30—High ray PstWi 8:30-GTm. Will «*•! 9^0—Wyat t Ear? 9:30—Loretta X,/fl 9:30—Feature Film V TCdSO—Esploiationi 10:30—Ihrffy 11:00—CBC News 11:15— Yiewposct «t22-^porta Fto£ «:30-! i eature FB» 11:30—News (4) 11:50—Feature $0* '*_, 4 1 i **mMmmmm**** mmmmmt ansrteijsii'^saaHasagfcft-- 1 n s>..n i.iifH fit J * if ~t---'--- \•>•• • • -^•*-^*-* ,v * h *^rT^nrr

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