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The Massena observer. (Massena, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.) 1897-1989, December 23, 1897, Image 4

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„JL „.JU^ (£H£&£raU<&-. i*>,# %!*?• % ^ ^^e^-^is^^.^,^,^ ;.^./i: '>? vte •m ,y'v 5ft /to. Sft-' • »tt rasa ill Ffl H ^w 1 'n \7fflR')T'5 «® t4 The Massena Observer ubllshed every Thursday at Massena, N. Y. SUTTON & MCDONALD, PROPRIETORS. TERIIS, Strictly in Advance, $1.00, 85 cento ostra will be ohargud when paper Is Bent out of the o»unty, to cover cost of postage and wrapping. All subs.-rlpttons discontinued at the expira- tion <>I the lime paid tor, or continued at the option of the putllaher. ADVERTISING RATES. Local reading notices 6 cents per lne each insertion in business column. Notices tor any church or charitable ins ltutlon where an *?: mlttanoe lee Is charged will be Inserted at hall Marriage, birth and death announcements tree Obituary notices, poetry, cards of thanks, rod resolutions of respect 5 cents per line. Business cards ol nve lines or leas $4 per Lega advertisements Inserted at the rate >rescrlbed by law. Bate card lor space advertisements will be dent on application. Entered at the postoffloe at Massena, as second class mall matter. WATCHING l*0R FILIBUSTERS. N . Y. , THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1897. One of the several crimes in St. Lawrence county's record for the past few months has been cleared up. This is the famous Lisbon assault case. Luella Scott, the alleged injur- ed party, is reported to have made a full confession before Justice McRos tie, of Ogdensburg, followed by her marriage to her affianced lover, George Gregory. The confession completely exonerates Homer Moore, who was thought by some to be the criminal as charged by the girl at the time. This is a scathing rebuke to various persons and a few papers that have made great efforts to fix the crime upon an innocent person. District Attorney Hale seems to be all right. The Moiitacinery Uuardlrfv Against a I*< imnt'tila KKiiedltlon. I\ :.-..»•<.• . . u . Dec. 21.—Information ,. ' . ii. ..n-nder of the United ',! . promery Friday to . 1 suspected fill- »• ii bor Kites were M... 'i ^i\ 1 i>M*i..iiciuons made for get- ting UIHII r way at a moment's notice. A nquaii uf armed men, In charge of a n oftUei, won- plai-fd on board the reve- nue cutt.-i Penrose, and they will be rellevi-d evt'ry four hours until further dewl'ipments. The Montgomery fitted out Fevcral boats with guns, ammuni- tion and armed crews to patrol the harbor, while the Penrose did duty out- side, around Warrington. All the boats of the Montgomery have orders to Are two blank charges to bring to any sus- pected vessel, and upon her neglecting to do so a loaded shell is to be fired. The Somers N. Smith, a pilot boat; a vessel called the Britannia an d a schooner are loading here under official supervision. The Smitl^is said to have run several successful expeditions in the past, having escaped the Mont- gomery once. She came in from se a on Thursday night, and i s taking on board a cargo. The Britannia and the schooner are also taking a cargo ot boxes, supposed to be ammunition, etc., on board, and it is reported that the Dauntless is waiting somewhere out- side the bar in order to ship, the muni- tions at sea. *8T CHRISTMAS IN THE CHURCffjf EXERCISES IN COMMEMORATION OF BIRTH OP OUR SAVIOR. Programmes Which WW Be Rendered Ifr|| Various Places of Worship.—The' Llttf Ones to be Made Happy. -. ADVENT. j 1 Christmas and Mission service || i be held in the Advent churchy Christmas eve at 7:30 The progisi q will consist of singui* and reeitawMJ MJ by the Sunday school. Arrangomei will be made fo. presents All &\i invited j CONGREGATIONAL. J Exercises Christmas eve. The|ti; gram follows to be rendered by ? |tV members of the Sunday school, :.'f, Singing BytheSp] Prayer Bev. A. HJ TM , Becltatlon Lelft Sri I ' Becltatlon, A Little Boy's Bequest '. % • LloydMc»i)| Exercise, What shall little children brlfg , Christmas day By eight PrlniarW Becltatlon Camejfl\') Beoltatlon, Two Little Feet..., Bobert Kirkb ' \ Song, We'll clap our hands By l?rlmarl« Becltatlon, Hang up the Baby's StooMngJS, < ' Halbert fttfl I\' Recitation, Christmas Chimes.... M. ., Carl MoDo*<\V Exercise, Little Bell's Byy Five i Irfl Becltatlon, Santa clans is Coming. Santa Glaus It p : , :§ v Embossed in Gold. # fojiy \and reproduce famous 'ititjm involves an expenditure 1 camd hardly be borne unless, 'fc& case of the Youth's Compan- •? m$ enterprise is sustained b y Iktibtoval of more than five hu n JH thousand subscribers. The Com |o|i;8ouvenir Calendar for 1898, a aesftf char mine figure pieces, faith- tv copied in colors and embossed feofdT is recognize i as one of the Ln'e$fe<md most costiy examples of It **Pt evory new subscriber re- pefeit wi'hout additional charge. I m< Hon W E Gladstone, th e j^ .Shnrna* B Reed. Rudyad Kip- K --Lillian Nordica. John Burroughs ? J>,' Howells and Max O'Reil are .minent in the lone list of contrib- >rmi amed in Tbe Companion's an- iiri|@ment. which will be sent free nn¥'one addressing rms YOUTH'S COMPANION, 205 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. Lots of Nice Useful Presents Can be Found in Our Store. Make your selections early and avoid the crowd as Christmas draws near. SAY RUIZ IS STILL ALIVE. So Rumored In Havana, According t o a DUpatch to Paris. Paris, France, Deo. 21.—A dispatch from Havana says that while the in- surgents report the execution of Lleut.- Col. Ruiz after court martial, rumors are also current that he i s still living. BEET SUGAR. A great impetus is being given to the beet sugar industry in various parts of the country. Experiments in the culture of sugar beets have been preceding in many localities in which agricuLurists never before thought of making such tests, and in nearly all instances the result has exceeded the expectations. The sue cess attending the factories now be- ing operated in Nebraska and Cali fornia has had a general awakening effect. To come nearer home, several counties are preparing to follow the example of Oneida and build a plant next year. W e understand that sev- eral up-to-date farmers around Mas- sena are to try the experiment of raising sugar beets next season, and w e p*ediQt that within three years a t o turn the huge grinders being fur- nished by the St. Lawrence Power Company from the world's greatest power house on the banks of the Grasse river. There seems t o be no good reason why St. Lawrence coun- t y should not raise as good sugar beets as any locality. In Oneida county the climate is quite as frigid as our own, while no better soil is to be found in the state than on the banks of the St. Lawrence. The establish- ment of a home sugar industry inde- pendent of outside supplies would S2em to have a great influence upon the political and economic questions ofthediy . The pioneers in this en- terprise were obliged to import their machinery but it is now built here and at a lower cost than is charged by foreign makers. Thus the ma- chine shops will be kept busy. Enor- mous sums of money, amounting in some years to over $100,000,000 will be retained in this country and dis- tributed chiefly to the farmers This cannot help but assist very material- ly in establishing a permanent bal- ance of trade in favor of this country and greatly add to the nation's wealth Official Report of tbe Execution. Havana,' Dec. 21.—The official state- ment as t o the execution by the insur- gents of Lleut.-Col. Joaquin Ruiz, aide- de-camp of Capt.-Gen. Blanco, says that he was shot last Friday, by order of the insurgent commander Alejandro Rodriguez, with the approval r.i the in- surgent colonel, Nestor Aranguren, whom he went to see, to induce him to accept the Spanish scheme for autono- my. The general opinion here is that it was a barbarous act. Wcyler'i Plan of Campaign. Madrid, Spain, Dec. 21.—The National gives prominence to a double-leaded editorial, under the caption of \Wey- ler,\ to the effect that the latter's prin- cipal mission in life a t the present mo- ment is to defend the army and his command in Cuba against the \insults\ alleged to have been contained in President McKinley's recent message to Congress, and that he will energeti- cally protest to the Minister for War- Gen. Correa—and to the Queen Regent against these \insults at the same time justifying the acts of the army. • METHODIST. The members of the Sunda schu will render the following program < Christmas night. Music, King, BeUs, Bing ..C\ Becltatlon, Thrice Welcome Ira J>< tti Music, While Bhepards Watched Sen Prayer „. Music, Brlgbest and Best .0' Responsive Beading Song, Temperance Selection Class 9 o Beoltatlon, No Boom In the Inn. xn Grace tUj Music, Herald the Tidings Sfll n-TB BespoDBlvo Beading „ , _> Singing, Calm and StUl S«l i©r Responsive Beading Processional Hymn, Westward Still. Glasses 1,8, i 4, and fll H Bible Beoltatlon Classes 1,1 Music, Where Is he? ,<• Becltatlon, The Christmas In the Skies. Grace B tl« Singing, Light, Love and Joy , .< 1 Beoltation, The Little New Neighbor. ByFoutlli Song, Send the Story of Christmas . ' i % Classes 1 i ll Exercise, The Name and the Star '« _ > ciass> 7% Song, Hushaby ..Primary! Duet, Counting the Days till Christmas, \ Jennie Munson, Gertie < Beoltatlon, Christmas Stockings jj i Primary- 1 IMK Singing, O, Night of all the Fairest ScUJfiJ Distribution ot Gifts ' a Music, T'ls Holiday Time Choir &9 I * Benediction. •* « '!* fc protect Your Child's Stoma h. Titt is sheet iron coated with tin ntaining from 20 to 60 parts of id, The leavening power of all Jripg powders is carbonic acid. Car- inic acid in contact fcith lead forms ibonate of lead, or tommon white «uht, which often gives thework- JI n painters' colic. . This is why Jft Dipd's Fair Judge, Chicago, found \all baking powders put u p in tin con- *i ruinated. Thatcher's Sugar of Milk aking Powder is put up in glass, n3 was the only one reported with- jbnlSli grain of impurity. If youex- \ccjfc your children <o have good ,iKestion and strong intellects use •only Sugar of Milk Baking Poprder. \*ti|fdrmula is registered at Washing- rtii it's always alike, it's always holesome. Tbe Hawaiian Muddle. Washington, Dec. 21.—Senator Davis, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, says that as soon a s the Senate reconvenes he will call the Ha- waiian sumeisatton treaty up and press H continuously until a vote ts Becured. iie believes that the treaty will h e rati- fied. Senator Morgan, it i s said, will make the effort of his life in his appeal for the ratification of the treaty. The Ad- ministration makes no concealment of the fact that it depends much on Sena- tor Morgan to bring about the ratifi- cation. The indications, however, are still that the treaty will not be ratified. ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL. ' Services, consisting of nlOF|ili E rayer and sermon followed tojfSj oly communion, will be held irij John's Episcopal church Christ mi morning, begirihing at 10:30._jTJ church has been handsomely d ^ ated with evergreens and Sp*iH music prepared. Following is II musical program. Processional, \O Come all ye Faithful Venlte .-. Gloria •.. • • Te Deum van,. Jubilate Deo Anthem, \Behold I Bring Good GIFTS POR THE MEN FOLKS. Neckwear, Suspenders, Shirts, Collars, Cuffs', Gloves, Mittens, Neck Mufflers, Shirt Studs, Collar Buttons, Cuff Buttons, Handerchiefs, Shoes, Overshoes, &c, &c. ^. Lots of presents for the Ladies and Childr,en. Store is Brim Full of Goods and Customers. No trouble t o show goods, Yours for trade, F. E. Bailey, Massena IBlPDon't forget our Shoes. Bfc<? Delineator for January is call- tjj© Winter Holiday Number and Bjins the .New Year with such an ttraetive* display of fashions and .Jtiriiry matter that it will easily re- ife in its place as the Woman's Favor- ^Magazine. The winter styles are Exceedingly becoming and are hand- pety illustrated in colors and black. .py Jeune's review of London So- lely is at once a picture of its salient itures and a defense of its essential bdliness. Tbe number is replete \w ith good things in all the depart- in ants, and for 1898 promises t o be even* better than before, if such a thing is possible. ilt Nearly 27,000 copies of theSyra- •* n '-', Mfi^Evenihg Herald ar» now being miffed, while actual paid circulation \lifer 25,000. This is by far the latest circulation ever attained by luMS-cent evening paper in tbe state i i(J|fde of New York city. Tbe Her- il|»Ss certainly enterprising and up* 'iHate in every respect. le OBSERVER will be sent to new Mi(bscribersfrom now until January 1 If899, for just one dollar, paid in a tvance. Add 25 cents if it is to be ilou$sid,e the county. m 1B*rle.,;rfj,^ Gloria Tlbl..................«*>»i4&«.8>2gij Hymn, \It Came Upon tbe Midnight Clo 8EBMOST '.'W Made the Cardiff Giant. Blnghamton, Dec. 21.—George Hull, the inventor of the famous Cardiff giant, is ill at the home of his daugh- ter, 16 Pennsylvania avenue, this city. He is now 76 years of age. Fo r some months he has been able to get about only with the aid of crutches. He never tires of telling about the big stone man with which he deceived the public twenty years ago, and still bears -i erudge against the relative to whom .o confided his scheme, and who, as he i's, \gave away the snap that lost . ..i a big fortune.\ Tbe Ladies' Home Journal For 1898. To make the Ladies' Home Journal for 1898 \the bebt of all years; the most cheerful and helpful magazine that a woman can possibly have in her home,\ is the purpose of its editors, as disclosed by a prospectus outlining a few of the projected features for the coming year. A notable feature, \The Inner ex- periences of a Cabinet Member's Wife,\ a series of letters from the wife of a Cabinet member to her sister, will, it is said, reveal some startling and graphic pen-pictures of Washing- ton Social and official life. The biographies of President McKinley, Mrs. Cleveland, Mark Twain, Thomas A. Edison, and Joseph Jefferson will be presented in a novel wa y by a series of anecdotes, giving the vital characteristics of each. Rev. John Watson P. D. (\IanMaclaren\), will contribute a series of articles on matters close to tbe interest of every man and woman; Edward W. Bok will have a special page for young men, in addition to his usual editorial discussions; Lilian Bell will continue her bright, crisp letters from European capitalists; Mrs. Burton Harrison will describe society at the beginning of the century, and ex- President Harrison is to write on •The Flag w the Home.\ \Inside ol a Hundred Homes\ will be continued and supplemented by other articles upon fitting, furnish- ing and beautifying the home: and in addition to the Journal's \Moder- ate-Cost Houses.\ churches, schools, farm buildings, etc., will be given —with detailed plans and speci fications. H<4O,v/(>0 Pearl Nechlaoe. >,v York, Dec. 21.—Robert F. Bal- i,- P. of the well-known Ballantlne ..Iv.'of Newark, millionaires by vlr- »f its connection with the brewing i.sis, has presented his wife with 1 ne-cklace which Is said to have . :.o less than forty thousand dol- .'.>. The necklace is said to be one of .• finest of its kind ever seen in this fi Jiitry. It was given to Mrs. Ballan- tinp in the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Hnllantine's fortieth wedding anniver- wiry. l • NEW YORK MARKET REPORT, WHEAT—The market advanoed from lVi to 2*40 whloh was 11 some respects remark- able, considering the proximity of holiday time COKN — Went up In price onacoonnt or a visible reduction in the supply. BEANS- Offerings are quite liberal, and with ii sli'w trade the market rules easy. BUTTER - With the arrival of a good deal less stock, and older weather at all points of production there was quite general feeling that prices should go no lower. CHEK8E—There Is some looking around by exporters for large, full cream cheese and a few sales reported, but no general move- ment. . _ , APPLES-Reoeipts of apples are fair, and there Is a pretty good demand. The market Is steady to firm, with rather more iDquiry for the best qualities. Flour, winter straights,in bbls.... $4,SO®1.00 spring patents 5.10@5.<0 70®75 .75®77H 30®88W Corn meal, flne yellow Feed per 100 lbs... Buckwheat, grain Wheat. No. a red. Corn No. 2 Oats, white. No. 2. Rye Barley •»»» Beans, marrow 1.30@135 red kidney 1.65®1.60 . Pork, alive, pr. 100 8.6*81390 Beef \ \ 4JS5®6.06 Calves \poor to prime 5.00@8.60 Sheep \ \ 8.0(Xa>4.M> Tallow .<BX I*rd 0H&MH Butter, creamery, extra .33 N. Y. State .31 \ N. Y. ,. flrklns 18W@.i9 Egg*.Penn M \ Jer«ey 2S@,88 Cheese mi Apples. Ben Davis 2.W@3.50 \ Greening S./ SO@3.50 \ Baldwin &60®8.60 Poultry.drossed U@12 Hay prime In b*les. per 100 lbs . 75 Potatoes in bbls. Long Island 8.50®2.75 \ Jersey 1.76(a3.«5 Offertory, \The Birthday of the Kitg.'-||j|ap Sanotus .V.V.V.V.V.V.V.'.* V.., JfMif I Communion Hymn 5psmn»9j s Gloria in Excelsls Gregorla-tt flha>| Recessional, \Bark the Herald Angela 1 Sing; | Tlw musical program wiltUe re-| peated Sunday morning. f •: BAPTIST. ' On Sunday December 26th, Rev.| W. Wyeth will preach as usual ; The order of the services is as fol»; lows: ! •Morning at 10:30 Organ Voluntary Song, \The New Born King.\ t Invocation Song, \Those Holy Voices.\ Beading In Concert, Psalm 23. Hymn 288 \Joy to the World \ Scripture Beading, Mathew 2:1-12 Offertory Prayer Song, \Star of Bethlehem.\ Sermon, Text \A Beautiful Star.\ Matthew 2:2 Prayer Hymn 235, \Hark! hark my Soul.\ BENEDICTION. Sunday evening at 7 o'clock special music appropriate for the Christmas festival will he rendered and the pas- tor will preach from the theme \A Service of Sonjr in the Skies.\ The decorations will be in keeping with the season of the year. CHURCH OF THE SACRED HEART. Christmas Day, the day of days, will be fittingly celebrated at the Church of the Sacred Heart. In the morning there will be two services, one at 8:00 o'clock and the other at 10:30. The latter will be a High Mass, the additional ceremonial be- ing to give additional honor to God. After this an appropriate sermon will be preached by the pastor. Christmas is the season of \glad tid- ings of great joy to all the people.\ It commemorates the most awful and the most lovable event that has oc- curred since the foundation of the world. It is the celebration of the night when the heavens opened and the Angelic Host descended and sang out \glory to God in the high est and ond on earth peace to men of good will. Vespers in the evening at 7:00 o'clock. A special musical program is being prepared for the occasion and tbe church in its adornment by the ladies, presents the appearance of festivity. Good Butter for sale 16 to 18c per pound at CLARK & WEBB'S. Ogdensburg will have no musical convention this year, as there does not seem to be sufficient interest to warrant it. Something in Cutlery, Kitchen Furniture or Crockery make nice Christmas presents. CLARK & WEBB. iiiltale not very robust need a fes rrntnfrbuildtog and fat-forming jMMwnetnine to be used for two |M^6 months in the fall—that ly may not suffer from cold. Liver Oil with Hypophos- ' Lime and Soda supplies ly'^what they want. They thrive, grow strong and be ''\Iftrinter on this splendid food Nearly all of them become ,el<mi of it. For adults who MMTtat not very strong, a course of treatment with |he Emulsion for a couple pof months in the fall will put them through the winter in first-class con- dition. Ask your doctor about this. OU get .SCOTT'S Emulsion. See Out tht i'unanthewfapper. :§00 druggists; 50c. and $1.00. * \\ &BOWNE, Chemiitt, New York. m M PEOPLE'S 1 Price Cash STORE. Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Toar Lift Amy. To quit tobacoo easily and forever, bflmag netlo. full ot life, nerve and vigor, take No-To Bao, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 60o or »1. Curoghjran teed. Booklet and sample free., Mjmh Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or «•! Irorlt No-To-Bae for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, m«fo» weak men strong, blood pure. 60c, tl, AU drogg^ts. THE KEROSENE OIL That Burns, And burns the last drop, That gives White Light, That is free from bad odor, Can be bought at J. L. Hyde & Son's Bring your cans or leave your order. THURSDAY and FRIDAY Visit our store and look over our handsome line of Furniture. Your ^holiday season will be in- complete without something from our stock. TheGreatest Salesmen on earth, viz: Quality and Price are at work for us. LEON C. BALL & CO. tfOBWOOD, N. Y. airing secured the Valley §|fth store north of our o|d pPpBTopen up to the public * ^^\flay morning, Dec. 9th, jejt of Dry and Fancy Mons, Chjistmas Nov- ides and Rubbers, Por- jOe curtains, Window ^Jjaiqpets and Wall paper, _ kV j^fi% this opening week, F^ftlitvCwfer' many bargains id ^#r|sh CrOods. Come and l^lp^'©. can do for you. lor selling New Goods at ices~ i^iNtrk * Co- ft has been proven Without a doubt that the Holiday Headquarters is at DISHAWS' this Christmas. The reason given for this is that we have the finest stock of Holiday Goods in town. Our stock embraces everything that goes to make an Ideal Christmas Pre- sent. We have lately received another shipment of Sterling Silver Novelties, among them being the State Souvenir Spoon of the Power House soon to be erected here. We ask you to see these goods. Do not forget we have an elegant line of Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Rubbers, etc., which make very useful Christmas Gifts. gggrCall and get a calendar for 1898. T\t **tm*m mm +<r* 9 Cash*Shoe and UlSiiaWS Jewelry Store. V.t;':

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