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•*r, rcff The Massena Observer. THURSDAY OCTOBER 21. 1*97^ Town Correspondence. RACKET RIVER. Death of Two Old Residents—Much Sickness and • Wedding. Oct l^-Much sickness prevails in our town and sadly we are forced to announce the death of two of our oldest inhabitants. Mrs J. C. Gilman, whose death was announced in last week's issue. WBN born in Massena Jauuary 8,1819, and had lived on the old homestead at this place for over fifty years. Sbe nad been in failing health for over a year and her death was not unexpected. Mrs. Mary Payne, wife of Barney Payne, died last Tuesday. The fu- neral was held on Thursday. Alex Fmnie's family, wh-> have been suffering from diphtheria, are reported better excepting little Mabel, who.it is feared cannot recover. lire. Joseph Frego is slowly im- proving. Curtis Wells, of Canton, is visiting his parents at this place. David Deloah, of Cornwall, visited friends in town the past week. Wm. Clark and wifey-tff North Lawrence, are visiting at day Smith's. Mrs. S. Haversfock is also among the sick. Fred Beauleau and Mils Mary Fre- go were married by Hey. Father Nolan at Massena last Tuesday. The young couple went to Burlington on their wedding trip. Long life and happiness is the wish of their many' friends. Chase Mills. Wm. Davey and wife, of Butte City, Montana, are guests of his uncle, Wm. Gilmore. Jessie and Mary Powers, of Louis ville, are visiting relatives here. Mrs. John Layau is improving slowly. Mrs. Sarah Graves and grandson, Georgie, and Mrs. George W. Tuttle spent a few days visiting friends in Massena. Jerry Wilson was in town Satur- day. Gracie Nowland, who fell on the sidewalk a few days ago and hurt her knee, is having quite a serious time with it, but we are informed she is on the gain. Mra. Hamilton is moving to Bay- mondville. Ed. Barnett and daughters are im- proving slowly. At the rate that wife killing is go ing on of late there will soon be one in each town and taking the time and expense of late trials in this and JeC- erson counties it would not only take aUthefreeholdersiathe county tot tfflar \'Jurors but it wdukt be the means of bonding the county for not less than $7uO,QQu to pay the lawyers and expert witnesses. It is a start- ling fact the way our courts are spun out even when there is no dispute as to who commited the deed; but there appears to be no remedy only quietly foot the bills. Alva Martin and wife, of Lisbon, called on F. L. Harrington Sunday. Dr. Putney, of Norfolk, was in town Friday. West Stockholm. Oct. 19—This place added to its social list a Court of Independent Order of Foresters on the evening of October 6th. The court was insti- tuted by G. S Phillips, of South Hammond, assisted by members of the ordei from Canton and Morley. The officers chosen were: Court Dep- uty, M. G. Lewis; physician, M. P. Cook; C. R., Orson L. Decker; P. C. E., H. A. Lewis; V. C. R., G. L. Pelsue; R. S.. C. Clark; F. S. C. G. Wellington; treasurer, Frank Magin; chaplain, M. G. Lewis; S, W., J. Ma gin; J. W, O. L Wilkins; S. B., M. Rose; J. B., B Wilkins. This order besides being among the first of fra- ternities ^gives its members a cheap and safe fife insurance. It is rapidly gaining ground in this part of the state. Hartford District, Norfolk. Oct. 18—Farmers are busy digging their potatoes which are better than they expected. Mr. James H. Hartford went to Massena Centre last Friday to see his brother, who is dangerously sick. Mrs. Thomas Hartford is on the sick list. Mrs. James Hartford and daughter Mary, visited at P. E. o'NeiTs on Sunday. Lewis Triffany went to Potsdam last week on his wheel. Edward and Han Hartford visited friends in Massena Centre Sunday. Educate Toar Bonrels With Casoarets. Candy Catuorilr, cure consilpailon forever 100.28c. If C C C fall, druggists refund money. Good News. No other Medicine was ever given such a test as Otto's Cure. Thou- sands of bottles of this great German remedy are being distributed FREE OF CHABGE, to those afflicted with Con- sumption, Asthma, Croup, severe Coughs, Pneumonia and all Throat and Lung diseases, giving the people proof that Otto's Cure will cure them. For sale only by Hiram E. Smith, Massena, or A. G Taylor. Louisville Samples free Large bottles 5()c and 25c. In cases of burns, sprains, scalds, or any of the other accidental pains likely to come to iht; human bodv. Dr. Thomas' Eclo ti ic < >JI niv rn ultnuNt instant relief. To Core Constipation torc»v«*r. Take Casearets t'uodv( aihartlc 10<j or2Sc If ft O. C. foil t o cure, druggists refund money NORWOOD. H, , Conductor John Aawdla lijartd—4.. E. - Boyotoa't New HoaK—Other News. Oct. 19-At Ptytedefjphia SSatitfday night Conductor John Auable, of this village, was accidentally caught between a moving and a still train, the space between which was so nar- row that he was rolled along' some distance, when he was found jfrelpless aud speechless. He has since nearly recovered from his injuries except those connected with the spine, which beep nim still in bed, but is hoping to be out soon. J. £. Boynton is making things around his lot on Prospect street as lively as a bee hive in June. If fa- vored with good weather the cellar is expected to be done in seven or eight days. A. W. Emery is super- intending the\ work. He is known to be competent for the execution of any plan given him in his line. Mies Mary Kiogsley, of Montgom- ery, Vt., is visiting her friends here. One constable Friday night and another this morning from Winthrop were here looking for Jesmer, the would-be wife murderer. Prin. W. C. Davis was home from Massena a few hours on Saturday. Mrs, Nickerson has sold her house and lot on Ashley street to Will Leonard and bought the Townsend place on Cottage street. Our ex-resident, George H. Wil- liamson, is having his vacation for some ten days, and he and his wife will spend most of the time with her father, G. W. Richards. Their large circle of friends are glad to have (hem here again. A son of John Bray, while chop- ping wood near a clothes line, hit the line, causing the ax to strike the lad in the back of the neck, making a wound of about one and a halt inches long, which Dr. Sumner closed with a few stitches. The trustees of the village have audited the bills incident to the suit brought by Mrs. Hannah Murphy against the village for $5,000 for al- leged injuries caused by a fall on a sidewalk. The bills were Dr. Pease, $50, Dr. Reynolds, $50, W. J. Fletch- er, $150, court expenses and witness fees, $100, Judge Swift $100. Total $450. The village has a judgment of $120 against Mrs. Murphy. There will be no appeal from the decision of the court and this action closes up the matter. N. M. Chaflin has just painted his residence on Prospect street. The effect is very fine. Massena Springs. Oct. 18—-George Nightengale, of Chazy, has been visiting his brother a few days. L. Fowler was in Cornwall Friday. A. B. Cook was in Aultsville Thurs- day on business. Mrs. Alonzo Gibson and Sarah Car- ton have been confined to the house with LaGrippe the past week. 8imon iBush has moved into the: house vacated by James Collins. Wm. Keys has his barn nearly completed. Levi Ashley has his new building well under way. It is to be used for a grocery, Quite a number of young people from here attended the Episcopal social at Louisville Wednesday even- ing. Edward Nightengale recently re- shingled his dwelling. We'll wager these will not last as long as the former ones, this being the first time the bouse has been shingled since it was first „ built somewhere about fifty years ago. Coaches were left on the new R. R. track over the Sabbath. A new boiler was put in at the R. R. pump house last week. •» Massena Centre. Oct. 19.—Mrs. M. Stetson 4eft Tues- day to spend the winter with her daughter. Mrs. L. W. Farr, of Earl- ville, N. Y. Mrs. Clara Bush will occupy Mrs. Stetson's house during her absence. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Shetraw has been very ill during the past few days. The school mates of Miss Mabel Stearns gave her a very pleasant surprise last Friday evening. About twenty-five were present, and all eDjoyed themselves «o the utmost. Alice Robinson has returned from New York to spend a few weeks with her grandmother. R. Hartford has been quite ill dur- ing the past week, but is gaining now. (reo. K. Martinis moving into W. Kinney's tenement house. K. LOUISVILLE. \ Attempted Burglary—Rev. Sanliul Ing Specjal Religious Serif] Squirrel Hunt-Law S«H. Oct. 18.—Fred C«affy»jof illness we o§ve, ^&raV died Tuesday of typJhjUid was a young man efc-ma He was kind and genial, arid faitnful in his work Ofic m tha malignant nature <<$.%$< no funeral services were\ held those at the grave. T Rey^ Nolan, of Massena r ofllcMipg, week Friday services wiipr 4 the R. C. church in remem.V—_ him. Those who - Bttearipit funeral from a distance w$ * Claffy and wife, James Cli son and Charles Claffy, of and Allen and George Bi Philadelphia, N. Y. Timothy O'Brian, of B,£ool visited his son, Dr. J. f;1 Tuesday.' . Mary Gaynor, of Potsdain^li ing at James Gaynor's. ^f- James Miller and wife, of m$L visited their grandchildren al'vl Belle Oliver's Saturday. X|H Mrs. Sarah Graves ,and gi George, of Minneapolis, ai „ George Tuttle, of Chase MiHsJ& Saturday at John Sullivan's Thomas Tobin and wife, le to spend the winter at Behi Mines in the Adirondacks. »,; J|^ Mrs. Will Douglass, of Madufl^ been visiting the past wr *- \^ friends in town. Ira Duell and wife start foj| home in Maxwell, Iowa, Mom Amon Bouck,,and wife, of ville, are spending a few dayl| George Elliott and wife. e *C Mrs. Timothy McClusky is\% her sons in Syracuse. <x^ Ruby Whiting has returned a visit at Galilee, N. Y. *\ Oscar Taylor,, wife and & Norwood, are* spending a fev with friends in town. Mrs. H. T. Underwood fi seriously sick with heart failui Mrs. Hogabone and dai Edith visited over Sunday wii niece, Mrs. George Elliott. Rev. Samuel Call, of Syipi preached Sunday morningj evening in the M. E churon!$ will hold services in the same' Monday and Tuesday evenin] this week. There were no preaching in the Presbyterian church Sui Miss Lamping, of Massena,; visit our village with millinery, every week, Wednesday. Thisl Tuesday and Wednesday. Our, pective millinery store has given up for the present. Wednesday night a daring burj was attempted on Mrs. G, Lawrence, who lives alone and/§, supposed to have considerable mbi about her at the time. Tue \ ' made an unsuccessful sean house, and left Mrs. Lawrence ly frightened. All were very much, please* the entertainment given by Matthews with his gramaph day evening at the social. ,.Mft,l.„ J ., W«t Potsdam.: ; * dot. |*HThe poverty social given, byjtbe'%g>I)a»ghter8Ta:sfe Friday eyenmgJnSimmon's Hall was a m& mLm^msi&m and flcywcfaUyv hey gaye4uring w»e evening a short 'BtttVtfejgy, pleasing .program, one lief tbfmaro features being the \colored etatoji* by Ben j. F. Butler. Misa Ago*' Caldwell and Master Arthur ^taiSecarried away the prizes for hev Jttfc .TO' most poorly clad, while Qharies Bajdey and Mrs. F. E. Griffi4 seeded, the cabbage head and jacjf- Mm ? M»Iory Grant, of Potsdam, has been visiting, relatives here the |>asfc}WjEiek, :v'Mrs,,/F. L. Simmons has been spending the week with her sister, MI'S' P. L. McCarthy, of Potsdam. ;VM*s. George Erwin and Mrs. Dr. Botsford, of Potsdam, visited Thurs- day ^& G> & Lane's. Mrs; Edna Loucks and daughter, of £otsdam, are visiting their cousin, Mrs. C. W. GraLt. Mrs. Truman Evans who has been making a two weeks' visit with her son in DeKalb returned home Sun- day. * Winthrop. Oct? 18—Mrs. Jonn Dunlop and daughter Minnie, of Lancaster, Ont., have been visiting in town the past Mm residence of the late Mr. MoJmes of this place was sold on #ipay.vto Charles Proctor, of Ray ^oMfJUe. Consideration* $L500. 1«sn of. this place was largely MfnfeaL Th6ex&clsesbythechil jdj|pt;|itid.Iadiea were very good. f$pMf$he*>e «*K* took in the ex- m£Tfato.»JL J>. Miller and wife, *fT|yon and wife, T. B Holcomb 3*% Crapaer and daughter An- ffl¥ »fS.are coming into town |heir notatoes and return home Iffce&TMk bushel. Willie Smith, who has been «|j|0uatain View, has returned fe^l^.MpDonald, of Massena, has * ^fislting-schools in this vicinity f r %|»ees arte\shedding their leaves He'verything begins to look like ijwiipr^, ;/ -, y'' 1, Wipttndville.\ •^QffsfJ^Pss' Jeanette Douglass, of n&$&t&8ft tke,Sabbath with her VfySgp was accompanjed^by orajBtackett. of PotsHam. j«i Harris and John Lydamore, are attending school at Norwood, home over Sunday. :iss Clara Rickard'left for New LW$I$!N Tuesday where she ^ppun for Borne time. 'gWMfmnneit is visiting her nor. E. J. Bennett at Antwerp. Its Proctor has sold hia resi- ontae Brooklyn side to Mrs. milton, of Chase Mills. Mr. Proc ^olte|abves to Brasher Falls soon. -™„r^k , J .°fr -^ tbe'NormaL wheeled F^S^wi.Knday evening. . . ,*.,. ^|S^i^S9 Club meets at the home The squirrel hunt Friday pMved J§ mp'W* Joy Friday evening, Oct. 28. very exciting one. There w#eabou|S» extensive programme is being, twenty hunters on a side w||h Merl if#P 8 'fed. Sullivan and Mick McGilnisS mm I mv»n.i u... nI i SSKSto• hS D ?h° fi f ?V h \lr d f lfe% i0 - h°^torn e 4 a \ ln „,. hand . not go to bed the night before «i:««ia||ed to teiime of the accident, order to start out at midnight. GaptfJlllH& b # f - i.couitfbaraiy understand Bullivan's side won. The game con«| l 8 ^ f8 i\? k8 5 CI T?' cr # 9 « ^dm-S^ t n z^ HszEggi wood, for defendent. F^what my little pilgrim meant.' to-day: and red squirrels, chipmunks, blu|ffiK^ven|U!me to mend your toy,\ i said. !$&'Wfe«A - - - -• ;pok up his kite and went away. D laK«,. 0 «&t«^H»#'* tW *0 *a»w:y that I hear j L T ^ -rrr „ e,a 9j?. rftt l m&Z!&&*** °* IUB little baby feet. supper served by J. O. Welle. There! MSetiifteaJ almost think that he. is near wasageneril complaint that game' Sa»#I#f«- is scarce. £ m£?, JW^, _, m. mm „ . ,. , *i aM?r«*0'JS give my every earthly thing Iherewasa very interesting law? i^f^satisfied could i bring back the suit before justice Miller and a jury!]\ \ \ Tuesday,, between Lewis Snickies^kj! plaintiff aDd George Wells andf S^^thered up his kite and went away another party, defendents, resulting^ !&'*•,*. -Chicago Record. in a verdict of $4.43 damages in favor' »: *=. : \~ of plaintiff. Walter F. Willson for?»^s- »heii. power, plaintiff and T. N. Murphy, of Nor.pg^®g f lwr baby «»»««-with ymptmshfiyea. heartbroken.- wonder- tender Catarrh Cannot Be Cured I with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot roach the Beat o t the disease, catarrh Is a bluo<l dr constitutional disease, and In order to cure it you must take Internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Oure le taken internally, and acts di- rectly on the blood and mucous surfaces. 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Mrs. Kllen Johnson, of Northfleld Minn., is at her father's, Asa Daw- son. S. Elliott, of Bombay, was at H H Taylor's last week. Samuel Butler, of North Lawrence took dinner with his old neighbor N' W. Stearns last Friday. ' ' ' Henry Lashamb, who has had a run of tever. in on the gnin. MWS jiweet uselessness, we said the ^W'reii rose was all that they could &1|tot)»lngdown i , to Elss her hair's soft MiflWJtJie springtime's light would fade ! ifjal^Mf* goto* from us one little day. Wp^tar,JJaby' njUlds, yet now they make la'cbi day less rough the path that I must a&W#igftt»at ^arry STOWB less heavy far. pMfitfCl-ttnow those little fingers are |ajSMf wwft. to me through time and §§^#»4ril I fta«,Cbver fhem with kisses by and by. Settha^3«rneau.x Davis, in Chicago Ad- To Cure Coniitlputlon Forever. \I t C. 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