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i i^Pr> : '' •:RAG^,^|GHt $Bi& |cpiNi|^p : *^0$piow / •1* <•; * M J ' AL*AMO*T (N. Y.) ENT^jp :: ^ 8ANY COVPOST, PR,^^ „ Churches, Schools, Fraternal, and Other Organizations 1999 'iH^i^iil- wvmti | (Continued from Page 1) BAKE SALE DEC. 20 The Senior Girl Scout Troop 94 will hold a bake sale Saturday, Dec. 20, at the Altamont Super Market, beginning at 10 a. m. SNOWFLAKE SWIRL\ DEC. 20 The Senior High Student Council of Guilderland Central High school will present its annual Christmas dance, \The Snowflake Swirl,\ on Saturday, Dec. 20. The affair will be a \dressy\ dance, from 8:00 to 10:30, with all students in grades 7 through 12 welcome. CHRISTMAS PARTY DEC. 20 The Altamont Reformed church will hold an \old-fashioned\ Christ- mas party and family night at 7 p. m., Saturday, Dec. 20, in the parish hall. There will be enter- tainment and fun for everyone, es- pecially children of all ages. CHRISTMAS PARTY DEC. 2.1 The annual community Christmas party sponsored by the Clarksville Civic Club will be held Sunday, Dec. 21, at 7 p. m. in Clarksville Elemen- tary school All invited. advertised 'W^t^M^^S, car anil sm fn t«.«& vktla-.fl&.'tt: i the Lens out c _ -Id^^lbS^iiMas? iiunt-*T»«> « - coffee read all th* MIL* ^?e# s$ breakfast foptts, drink Mvertiseti car and go to^ «Sfc ^ s ^ tl ! ed - OB\. «»* In an advertised vertismgd^t^yf^^n^^ 61 '^ 1113 on tae Wounds that ad ed peSSSuMf #^»inen, that immigrant \boy who start- ^^Sr^^^^Stp^ m \^ (or wRt GerhlM^Jifipls*^\ *> r ^elocal paper persuaded wnenh, ™J2TI,£ J^ d Pj=& flyer in advertising. Some time later, . and Publisher Ward K. fiarOett of Kentland, Jnd., in ^ffi ^SJ\g «* up from an advertised- fnfttreW n advertised m*™.. MiA'-zu^z^vrvt H 7 YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GIFT WELCOMED |Y ANY MAN OR BOY =«sg ffiBH®E\«ss=s=i«-*— i ^whether he thought it paid to advertise. \I don't know,\ replied^nen, \but I'm afraid to stop.\ 'FIFTH\ WHEELS What happens to a labor boss after the Senate rackets committee proves he's cheating his own members and intimidating the public? We've seen many of these Fifth Amendment wheels of the labor move- ment sweat briefly on the stand, then disappear from public view. These men go right back where they- came from and resume the business of cheating and intimidating. Honest employers are required by law to sit down and \bargain\ with the crooks. The reason is that the twin evils of legal immunity and compulsory unionism have riot been dealt with by Congress. The Kennedy-lves bill didn't even mention these things. So the exposed labor bosses rule on, shielded by laws and court decisions put into effect years ago to shelter the then infant unions. And the bosses are made absolute rulers by laws that allow them to force men and women to join their unions or go without jobs. \A showdown is likely to come I the total the government should in the next Congress on a new spend and then tailoring the indi- plan to check the free spenders, vidual requests within the limits Bureau officials have been play- set by the total. This seems a ing with the idea of looking first business-like way to approach bud- 'at the whole picture' before sett- get operation. But congressmen ling upon a budget. This would are not expected to like it.\ — mean determining from the outset j Newark, N. J., Evening News. Bast Seme M; * W Ifffi WHITE GIFT SERVICE DEC. 21 The annual \White Gift\ service and Christmas program of the Al- taniont Reformed church school wil} be held in the sanctuary Sun- day, Dec. 21, at 9:45 a. m., during the regular Sunday school hour. The \White Gift\ offering for Chi- apas, Mexico, will be received and iedieated during this service. CHRISTMAS PARTY DEC. 22 Trie Woman's Auxiliary to Knox Fire department will hold its annual Christmas party for children of the community Dec. ?2 at 7:30 p. m. in the firehouse. XMAS EVE SERVICE DEC. 24 A Christmas Eve service of carols and- candlelight will be held at 8 p. m. Dec. 24 in the Altamont Re- formed church,. CHRISTMAS SERVICE DEC. 25 A Christmas morning worship service will be be held Dec. 25 at 10 o'clock in the Altamont Reformed church. NEW YEAR'S PARTY DEC. 31 The Guilderland Center Fire de- partment will hold its annual New Year's party Dec. 31 at the Com- munity hall. Dancing, refresh- ments, entertainment and favors. Reservations should be made with Mrs. Mickey Ether - UN 1-2267. POLIO CLINIC JAN. 12 An adult polio clinic will be held on Monday, Jan. 12, from 7 to 7:30 p. m., at the Guilderland Elementary school. A. PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS A BRAND NEW PORTABLE TYPEWRITER From Albany's typewriter Headquarters Choose from These j Famous Machines: Royal Underwood i Olympia Remington Corona Hermes i'i 4>A*.^! <$!&*• w& Buy Where Service h Part of the So/e BEN ROTH PMTABLE S FROM $69,95* ' <'\. '• *T« Included 66 CENTRAL AVE. Phone 4-4222 \ \MY DOCTOR...\ This possessive phrase is familiar to allT It represents the profound confidence American people have in physicians. But do you really have a family physician? ^ Even though you may have been fortunate, not requiring medical care, it is stitch-in-time wisdom to establish, a \family doctor\ relationship. Simply contact the physician of your choice, requesting that you would like him to serve ybur family should the need arise. . And if such a heed arises, 1 / ^-*$ bur prescription department /iU-*^i. ^ is prepared to serve you and your family. 1011 DELAWARE TURNPIKE.- CLARKSVILLE —PHONES— EAST BERNE, RENSSELAERVILLE AND WESTERLO 4 ,, , ENTERPRISE 9669 ALL OTHERS — POplar 8-2020 Prescriptions — Drugs — Supplies * CARD PARTY JAN. 22 .The Unionville Community asso- ciation will have a card party in f^f^all Thursday P TghT Jan. 22. Prizes and refreshments. The OlcfLlvery Stable (From the Publisher's Auxiliary) Editor W. L. Schmitt of the Car- SV 111 ^ ^ quirer remim^es I™s Chasing Headlines\ column- f„* . ^ ver y. st able, predecessor of today s dnve-it-yourself auto rental fSf' Was once «\ American msntubon . nearly every village had one; today I doubt if there is ° ne /eft to all the United States . ™ e „ of fi c e h ad a pot-bellied stove, a cot for the night keeper, spittoons, etc On. the walls were lithographs ol the famous Dan Patch, a well- Known advertisement featuring a S D aby d ^ a S 00d wor d for Mail Pouch tobacco. \The stable office was a gathering .place of men who could horse trade, chew tobacco, tell shady stories, and | pt petty politicians and just plain loafers. Kids, if' not run off, also hung around—as I ought to know. „^ nme ?' s , were regular customers with their heavy sample cases . . . i came along close to 'the end of. the era when a young man going a-cournng would rent a rig . . '. the horse was a well-trained anirhal and could be trusted to return to the starting point with a. minimum of guidance. Knowing this, 'the young swain could wrap the lines about the buggywhip in its socket. Both nanas then were free.\ Aidinglio^ital Patients rJ 3 \- 0 ^ \\^ of _th e Gfay'lidy- way Man Service, Albany County Chapter, American Red Cross, are in, a i y u en ^ ag f d in aiding patients in Si 110 * during the Christmas Ad^ S ; 9° Nov - 25 the Veterans ^T^^ 11011 ^sPital unit under ^nrt^ eCt !? n ^ f Mr*- ^ed Yoiikers ChrkL^ d ^buted hundreds of thKSS? CardB t0 ^ Patiehte for their own personal use *'' • unWrES\ ^u 016 Albany, hospital C?rn e ^L the , direction of ^ toS? Eaw » ri f met at her h °me tob&tn^ fa X ors to be dis- hrSSS? £ e - P ati ents at Albany hospital on Christmas Eve. for tie ^rt 2 ?,* ^ e P* Lee ^me of Mrs W&,* a?** ^ direction a dedoralf 4 ^ Hunting ' *& hol d tripljted- toover'SOODatiehti in Albany Public, Market ^nd Cnaries iuevaient in all the hospitals this coming v -seasofl 1 :. • ...> r . ™ s if all of -th'^ < zMjbdo pouhds 1 n t weld metal .used ohlheTJ newest aircraft carrier USsfc8g* dence, was one-quarter inch «;^% |ould,,extend lorn NewYork'. to Sah Francisco. - an iSihSrtSri^\Vf^^.be too difficult for a man to get up from thidln If^vl^A^ *& ofV unadvertised bed and perhaps erorl £2 ta? touS^^i*^ -W Put on. But he'd have a long SdUbe\ hominv if to*«22 WV&^ttaui, and would be driven to home-made nommy if he insisted on Ui&dvertised breakfast food. like el U e r^r?« 32! * Q mse ^^at advertising can't miss. Advertising wfflftf^W 1 '^ two Styles - good and bad. And bad iff GoodI advfrtM 01 ? ^ ej R ^^ bad eggs, bad checks or bad dispositions te easflv rSli\ Us l ob ^rve the rules. It must be attractive, it must slmed to ?hP 3Sr* ?l Y**&. it must be convincing, and it must be pre- livesLto^ »ri g $J? e -° P,e at t^\ ^ e - FinaUy - 4f «» Product s priced ri^h? adV *S& i* easily available to the would-be huyer and is priced right . . . ADVERTISING PAYS and PAYS and PAYS! SEVEN WAYS TO LIVE LONGER or hSrd^or^n^h-! m&r that can not be tasted or smelled or felt f blood Tin* thfT \ J T h j s gas has an affinity for hemoglobin, the red I rarw that conduct life-supporfing oxygen to the brain When I S™tte°^nt% 6 & g ^^ ithed £ ** same ^ these^Us I dii^rmL^^J? fa y°r.oftfiepofeon. Even slight exposure can re- S ments^lafel^^^ mA '^ m time t below n^toum ^uirl- oroXeSiv ^ dn^ns Heavier concentration in the blood bring progressively, extreme drowsiness, unconsciousness, death. tn vJ^^t i? d 5 ter ho ^ well'we know these things, we cannot seem' Jffi^^r^y operating automobile engine is' a corKe S ical plant that is contmuously generating this deceptively lethal gas . ™rh^ ^ ® ff °? t0 - cut the mounting toll of accidents and death from fr^S monoxide Poisoning, Rayco Manufacturing Company has issued «^f of n ?e Y eo rules to; protect motorists from this S whose ^ iX*?** ^f 86 Wthe advent of cold weather -when more driv\ S?• th™^* d ^ Sed \ta**\ ^ \ is a ^^r temptatoi^wW up the motor m the garage with the doors closed. \ ^^ Heoe are the rules: tion 1 ' K ^ e ?/° Ur e 5?® e i 11 g«*i repair to assure complete combus- SSSd in ( tol ffiStS!* C ° mb4flD ' tile \^ Carb ° n ^oxideTS- When starting the engine, be sure the garage door is open. Never work under a car with the engine running. DRIVE IT y0U TfT *** ^ ieakimanifold, exhaust pipe or muffler, DON'T utiiviL u. if m doubt, a cHe&up may avert tragedy. 5. Never drive without at least one window partially open. RF' r-'AT^^. U ^il ee i y ' itc|*once, YOITR DROWSINESS MAY BE CAUSED BY CARBON fttVOXTDE. Get out and walk aronnd m^e open air. After you Itjack in the car, drive ^th aU widows 7. Do^'t \tailgate.\ ly may drift into yours, To please,THE man on your Christmas list - check off his favorite sport -- clip this ad and use as a handy shopping ffuide . . . Remember - if it's for a MAN, you can be sure TAYLOR & VADNEY has it! GUNS 2. 3. TENNIS GOLF ICE SKATES SKIS SKI BOOTS IGE SKATES BASEBALL POWER MOWERS BADMINTON PING PONG FISHING GEAR CAMPING GEAR BOWLING GEAR TOBOGGANS SKI CLOTHES SNOW PLOWS ICE FISHING FOOTBALL USED GUNS BODY BUILDING INDOOR SPORTS WE ALSO OFFER A GREAT VARIETY OF GIFT SUGGESTIONS FOR ALL THE FAMILY. IF IT»«5 FOR A SPORT, YOU'LL FIND IT AT TAYLOR & VADNEY. I 1 T|e|£haust of. the car you follow too close- tn w^fi^i* be ,S e ? m i te ^ i add ageneral observation to these aids- S^™*^^ 1 ? 31 ^- 118 five J** house-plante in toe ^2^;^ W %* i ee i!t tter -.Jp#ett^ ; BE.:better if we'd button UP our ^^>^^^^:anA^aa:fhe outdoors we^n P W hS JJL The .'only difference ^fe| stumbling blocks and stepping^ is in the way you use theni^. 'een -: A modern mother is one who wor- ines ,ries only when ner daughter gets j home from a date at a decent hour. § 303 CENTRAL ^VE. OPEStNIGHTS TILL 9:00 TO OHR^TMAS ALBANY, N.Y. PHONE 4-9183 Beading time: 4 minvies (and worth every second) Alpeeial message for people who plan to buy a'59 car By noyjftju've had a chance to look over all the; 10§9 models. They're all on the marketnoi#brigIit and shiny and dazzflihg as onlynew.cars can be.. Now is the time to ask yourself the qiies- tion, <Wbich car should I buy? Which car j™ givemethemost value, t^Le most satis- faction for iny money?\ y^fhat do you . want in a car? We don't expect to sell everyone in 1959. We knowrfchaisonie people will end u p buy- ing small jcax?,; and some, foreign imports. Weai^pftM'fact that a few will buy high- perfp]Sgaiic| jSpofts cars, and that others, oeia^-olt.tBeirpP^ 011 ' cars that cost far morejhaif/any podge. That's fine. W e don'tf%|ctf^J sel^ them alii - • Bui ifypw't&'ifl the market for a tmarl-look- tng.wjdtyfiiiiU'i fullr-sized.car that's reason- ublypkceatijfd that performs beautifully, a car (kfatM.for Hour comfort and conven- ience mimoii can drive with pride anywhere -WAEpTALKING TO YOU. {mN^on is the sincerest .%rrn of flattery Let's starfc^b^^y'ing- Mow a car looks is an im|{)rl^tiBc6risiderata6n; no one buys a car they $0wflce&V& ^^ styling, like beauty, is r|aQv6:3ii0*^8vhofc-stuff to one person is <ti$yd$i$$$o another. So we will only say th^^MP^^Se styling: Our com- petitbrs ofevPily « k6 ' ^ ^e think that's quit^tilp^ ' '^rrijffiS&rte 'S9 cars are •• .^i§0b-io. fijet into Y ou'^h'lileSll^rs:wMd be about as easy to m^M$0^ ;^M as;cpmfortable to siibJJ^fe^aUi ih^,.all have doors and tUf^m^m^<^e',Uiti8, there's a bie%ejr^Wte#^^arly this year. A«er^ • , ** ,on W ^* ,on B «y»» , »I ..iJbjd^^Mv^pn^affe.terrific, toirWlite idrtfQitffriie copy of the %mMiao^0m^d, Detroit SiLy^m^r •' ' • fei&^&jftr^* to watch li^PlWelk, • • y~ ••'&•' '•'h- : '', . . -V\ W • Frankly, some '59 cars are known to be a little difficult to gel into, as»well as out of. This wasn't intentional, of course. In try- ing to design a car that was as low and modern as our Swept-Wing Dodge, it just worked out that way. This is not true of Dodge, because Dodge is designed around you. You get in easily and naturally, without banging your knee on the door pbst or the steering wheel. You sit on seats that give you wonderful sup- port. There are no high door sills to trip over. Of course, we won't even mention the fact that the otb,er '59 cars don't offer Swing- Out Swivel Seats. Oops! Which do you want: Push Buttons or a shift stick? \v^e know that a number of people like a lever-type automatic transmission. They've used them for years and they're satisfied. We have no quarrel with them. But there's a lot of wisdom in what Alexander Pope says in his Essay on Criti- cism: \Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside.\ - fush-button driving isn't new. This is the fourth year that Dodge has had it. We would gtiess that, conservatively, over two million owners have used it— and loved it. So we're hot going to try to sell you on the ease of push-button driving; we do hope you'll just give it a try. YpU want a modern ride, don't you? You can divide all the '59 cars into two groups. Those (like Dodge) that \have Torsion-Aire and those that have coil springs. Now don't get til wrong. Cbil springs are okay. They've been tfsed. on cars for years. * a 1959 car, you want a 1959 ride t o go with it. That's Torsion-Aire. It's the newest, finest, most advanced suspension system in the industry. (Pardon ouf enthusiasm.) And remember this. You don't pay a penny extra for the extra comfort you get with Torsion-Aire. It's standard equipment. Wouldn't you like to be pampered a little? There's almost no end to the wonderful convenience features you can get in a '59 Dodge. Swing-Out Swivel Seats. (They're great!) Push-Button TorqueFlite trans- mission. Full-Time Power Steering. Out- side mirrors that adjust from the inside. Inside mirrors that adjust themselves elec- tronically t o banish glare. They're all avail- able at extra cost—and well worth it. A few Words about quality, performance and price These are thingsthat are hard to measure. What dp you mean by quality? What con- stitutes ahnrt nn\*-- \ -'.1. „„ B~«v 1 /cMuimance.r What is a good buy? We would sum up our case for Dodge in this ttianner: It is a car that is well engi- neered and well built to give you years of driving satisfaction. It will more than match any other competitive car in the ' performance department. It is, we hon- estly believe, an extremely good buy for the money. Are we prejudiced? You bet we are I % our And sho* you this P6d|ertonoi«t n ,ff h -t nce ' cclusiye advahc^ to handover l& ny ' ' -<%tt ybucanrdriVe Tanffi- • k »W- tfniV(nn,iftv.iA^ &\\ r*. • 1C - ancl draw your ex so But Ul af. iusUheaub , e . wtalyoublly Sl^lSfSP^W YOUR NEARBY DOO^fe DEALER 4 MAIN Sf REET ALTAMONT, N. t, .*. '*** *»•#!'**« * *^*»-**#*l.h»HWi*Wk^htf.,». . 1}

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