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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, December 12, 1958, Image 7

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>.TAWAi*»*MM!m*v^?iW:-rt*?°<!**m*^^ mmmmfrtofifZ •'•A+' »^'i^'^\-iviJ^>^(iiwr«^M^O^^'i^i^Jri. r , , '^,tA^>-^ • . ' ' ^M«itM\- ' \ •M +\t if* f M **t*\f f* '-(^• i ~**\~>rrv$'J'' t *Y ••<*•* iP-****n*» T {fa W^M^'B \Is love practical among the na- tions in our times? The answer is an unequivocal yes!\ so stated H. D Trapp, circuit supervisor of Je- , hovah's Witnesses from the world headquarter's in Brooklyn, as he spoke on this theme recently at the Kingdom hall, Colonie. \Men have long recommended love as a practical solution to the world's .problems, yet no worldly nation has practiced it,\ Trapp said as he briefly reviewed this world's fruits of crime, corruption, poverty broken, horries, mental ailments and interhuman strife. He stressed, \A family, a community, or a nation cannot be held together for long unless it expresses love.\ Trapp blamed men, today, for ignoring this Bible principle and seeking to buy peace and security.. Mr. Trapp offered numerous scrip- tural examples of love's power and practicability and pointed out, \Love practiced in the lives of men will erase wars, revolutions, anxieties and fears, and create a new world, for love never fails.\ He included Bible texts such as Matt. 22:37, 38; 1 Cor. 13:4-13NW,. and Jsa. 2:4, and said another six months.\ tliflt men of God have long recog- nized love as a practical motive In re and have looked forward to the r^liS 1 P qo ? lo s , w ? uld res P°nd to Kindergarten: Mrs. Saddlemlre «SL ..„ g !? en i S . M l ? vo and \ beatl We are sorry that Dennis Krapp men swords into plowshares and is Ul. We hope He will feel much w'f spw into pruning hooks.\— belter soon. ML 4. , I We are bus y making presents for ( Mr. Trapp summed up by saying,'Christmas. We wrote a picture Woof that applying the principle of letter to Santa Claus telling him love will work today is shown by what we want for Christmas, true Christians world wide. Their Jilly Coulter and Dawn Maekey love, first for God and then for their | brought-Christmas records thaf we reiiowman has in a practical way!enjoy very much, Debby Herzog enabled them to do away with'and Noreen McManana brought national, political, racial, traditional, their books to share, and religious barriers and differ-.Kindergarten: Mrs. Risley ences. It has .altered their desires, I Our room begins to look like interests, disposition, mental outlook Christmas. We are trimming a and heart condition. These true large paper tree, which is lots of Christians now look forward to a fun. We are making a surprise for new world wherein everyone who our mothers and can hardly wait lives will-express love. They recom- until each have finished. Mr. Cohen mend this course to all who desire is helping us with our song for righteous conditions.\ |our program. We are making in- In his closing remarks to the teresting pictures in Mr. Arh's art Colonie congregation, Mr. Trapp said class - he appreciated their wholehearted ' 0ur new snow shovels had their cooperation. He mentioned he en- first try-out on Monday and were joyed meeting and talking with the in S reat demand, people, pf Colonie and was looking Grade 1: Mrs. Quay forward to revisiting Colonie in' N ancy Rendo is very happy with gVjft'f^ST, FfllDAY, DEC. 12, 1958 P^GH $wm Amusement Devices TTJ mi,: • \.^''>i*& A new law which, levies 9!>,-3Jfe nual tak of $10 on. eacjti M0@$8m device and $250, <m •«#<* x J«p»; device, regardless of h.ow <hejf'J^ pperated,\?«l teeqrne ^^-^^^^^^^ Sdd y Jan ' 31 ' 1959 f¥ is effective Jan. 1, *W*<tax will be prorated, SvSaid. Thus, he said, Untaining a gaming ma- We for the first time on ^rhust pay $125 tax by If he maintains an Red Cross Appoints Vice-Chairman Roger D. Sidford, Albany banker, •flevta 'wh'icr becomes *** ^g» named u vice-chairman of the 1959 membership and fund campaign of Albany County Chapter, Miww'jr ar^usemeV^d\^ erican Ksd Cross ' : -So**, 'fi • ce s * for wnicn taxpayers I Appointment of Mr. Sidford was SgK.-S^W_ Paid the $10 or the announced by Harry_ N. Fitt, general ffJO* for the fiscal yei ' ' ~ \ her now baby sister. Joyce Jones is also pleased with her new baby brother. Our housekeepers have been Linda Palmatier and Patty Porter. They were busy trying to keep the boots in a neat row and 39 snowsuits on 28 hooks. We are so happy for the Christ- mas 'decorations that Karl Mulson, Kenneth Lendrum and Mark Shultes have brought to our room. Shirley Salsbury brought several nice ever- green branches. 'We are learning the different kinds of Christmas trees. Everyone is happy to have the snow to play in and to ride down the hill. Grade 2: Mrs. Horl Sandra Sehanz brought a treat for us Tuesday afternoon. Mark Kolanchick had a birthday on Wed- nesday. Judy Dexter, Mark Kolanchick, Marie Stapleton, Deborah Bartels, Susan Hart, Debra Tubbs, and Les- ter Raymer brought books for us to share this 'week. Grade 3: Mrs. Lockwood We have been making plans for exchanging gifts at Christmas and also have a little surprise for our mothers and fathers. We hope they will like them. In art, we have been making decorations for our room. Every- one has had an opportunity to paint using the easel in our room. In English, we have been mak- ing up rhymes. We hope to put them in a book and illustrate some of them. We are sorry Donna Tubbs has been absent for such a long time. Grade 4: Mrs. Gage Roger Shafer brought Mr. Bones to school one day. Mr. Bones is a miniature human skeleton. We have been learning about bones in health, and we enjoyed having Mr. Bones. We were able to see exact- ly how bones give us shape and protect us.-,. Roger wrote a poem about him, too, We compared it with our show storm Jast year. We have learned many new ways people are helped by, modern inventions. We are starting to multiply in arithmetic. Most of us like this. In English we have been writing poems and make believe stories. We like to read these stories to each other. ' We are trying to increase our vocabularies. Grade 5 — Mr. Ecker We are sorry that Rick T. is sick. We are done studying New Eng- land in social studies. Now we are going to study the Middle Atlantic States. In science we are studying heat Bruce Bunzey is the one we elecfed to help Mr. Whitlock. We all had a nice Thanksgiving. We are studying division problems' in arithmetic. Grade 6 — Mrs. Filkins We are making a large map of the country of Italy, which we are now studying. On it we are locat- ing mountains, rivers and principal cities. Several have brought in articles of Italian origin. Sandra Quay brought a lovely mosaic bracelet and Wayne Sagnedbrf a pin. Nancy •Yarmchuk brought a pottery pitcher, and Linda New some 'Italian money, a silk scarf and a folder of pictures. We drew names for Christmas giving this week. Our party will be Dec. 19. Darlene Michaels is news reporter for December. Grade 8 — Mr. McAuliffe We all hope,you had as wonder- ful a Thanksgiving as we did. All of us could feast happily after {hat pleasant score at the end of 4he game with Duanesburgh. We're certainly proud of our Beme-Knox team. We hope Joan Plotkir will soon be well again after her re\cenf operation. Genevieve Monroe has joined us again this year. - We're happy to have her back after sev- eral years. Our class gave 'reports on what they were thankful for.. We • certainly, have so much to be thankful for. Juniors — Mrs. Osterhout and ' Mr. Pickens We congratulate the following. girls who made varsity cheerlead- ing: Diane Becker, Patricia Berts, Barbara Boyden, Verlane Gibbs, and Carol Walk. Diane Becker is varsity\ manager. We have been planning qvx Christmas party and we have invited Miss Riou, Mrs. Tigner, Mr. Haas, Mr. Cohen and Coach Shaul^to our party. . ' - .•.?\ James A. O'Hara, Distri'ci' : pi< rector of Internal Revenue-saidJOK;.__ .,_„ , i t , . . , . old law which'ends Dec. 31/;)$^f§SLP f JW the fiscal year 1959 chairman. The drive will take place imposes these taxes only on 4&$Pf$ ;fi3| |P e(i, ? d by the new law. ; in March. operated by insertion of a P/S^ibmi.ml !? ld , „ e new - law P r ° - Mr ' Sidford, an alumnus of token, or similar object. • ' ' %% The new law is ope of the pr<j; visions of the Excise Tax Tec ~\ cal Changes Act of 1958, .'(B$i Law 85-859). ;-kf Mr. O'Hara said any -so-caHeJ; \slot machine\ will be taxejl 6% !§!$!, rate of $250 per year for -^ip| machine. This includes all .p$,Tj chines which may deliver, prvpfe title the person playing, or Qpgpir* ing the machine to receive throy[ chance cash, premiums, m.evchJgnH; dise, or tokens. /' •% \' Since the tax year runs, frcjnte July 1 to the following June 30 $$ ydeslit Tr ,„ e \ ew - iaw P ro _ Mr- siotora, an alumnus of JWleiffifL . Percent tax on Princeton University, is vice-presir ;«S1 IVS^. ? ot ap P lv t0 amounts dent of the State Bank of Albairy. iarntaT'^f- any amusement or He is also a member of the board IfflonW* • on which an occu - o f directors of Trinity Institute, a Wfr *!''•£? f . Im P° sed - How- vestryman of St. PeteVs Episcopal SS' , ls aUowed on the church and a member of the Fort Wm W+i ona i- ^ on w -ag ers Orange, Schuyler Meadows and Wte aF-igro year ending Princeton Cll > b s- ^Mr.&0Tfo ra advised taxD „ ' I to accepting the appointment, Mr. :*# Wftans Ser 11?' Sld [ 0rd « Said \\ is ^^^^ that tm, «S« ft TDreS*l eac h o f «s recognize the resppnsibU- a^to^s h?s ^fef in a f tesjfs^* 8 ** cross atm $0, Washington Ave., Albany 1 ,£T* BC f: €£•* ?P man is always willing to aster programs, service to the Am* W$ ?»'music, even if it's a wed-i\ J \ J dmg march. ed Forces and many others, it plays an important part in the lives of more Americans th,an, any p.ther noji- governmental agency,\ He added. - Thp majority of bicycle . aecjr dents, are caused by failure of fpe cyclist to observe traffic .'law^. J mM & $ I a FCsta!%,Goopemtive 1 Extension, Seme6, .^ginally es- tablished primafiily for farm.peo-- pfe\ now in.^i(jae^,:^^^^e^p>- . gfa)n; for- ^•'•sm^mi^i ^ell^v? ers. , ; .•.'.'••/•-•'•' - ; '',. •. \.•••••';•' : s '*•> •2\\*'* ••'' «-?•\ ?\'. ; '.' \ ''''.. ,• •• •• \'-?ia ^ ^^-- -' - _....••••_ .,_ . . >• • ^-jj. I •M WVE BEri«(\#^^ WITH FULL HQUSE POWER STILSING ELECTRIC, TO,wiU instalij&Tid seryice: either commercial or residential wiring-. Salegfuard your family and your home with proper installation NOW! Ask about our financing* plan, Member* Albany Adequate Wiring Bureau \ AIKEN AVE., RENSSEMEfc -- Phone! A^. ^065| fer •& r r NEW .2f0' J*,jR%\# Cars ftni^Al^mHMmir^ ;.j^^';pdi|jjhg,^')^0''i^i^ <tweiijan$, •• Iddii^leii J«ijp>rb performance with economy. N«WP«r*onialix«d Comfort—Individual sectional sofa front S«ats; reclirong seatbacks; adjustable headrests. AS REVatUTlbNARtKtN ITTS Fiftf) AS RAMBLER! DRIVE IT TODAY! This Christmm MAKE IT A HOiyiE OF YOUR OWN! - • • it's your best investorsn£ '^cw^^^^^ff^f. A YEAR ON SYSTEMATIC Now Is the Tims Jo Buy cr Build Pay for If fh© Permanent Way! Come In — We'll Be Glad To Talk It Over m SAVIH6S AND L0AH ASSOCIATE. 91 STATE ST. OF ALBANY, M. T. In fhe Heart of tanking omT Biuinut DUfWeJ* MemfccK of tb« fadcral Hon* loan •» M. Y. ^— T»! armers Announcing Increased Muftial Strength • i; • 19 This new emblem identifi8»,p rn^niber of one of these incorporated Mutual Co-opW \' tcordtJ In New York State; -_ Andes Cooperative Crewnerj, Ai>dcs Aosibie Vtlley Mill^ Prodticeri GoojonUve, Port Boonrille Farms Cooperatire, BoooJIHe Border Bulk Tank Milk • Producer! Coopentire, QiiO Bridtawater Dairi F^rjmari -, Cooperative, Bridjewatar CanastdU Ml * Producera Cooperative Aisectatlon, Cahast^U Cbateaucaj Cooperative Marketing Ailoclatlan, €ba'tea^say Chenango Valley Farmeri^ Cooperative CQnjpany, Onwa Clinton County Dairymen - ! 'Cooperative Anoclatlon, Plattlfiufi Conesus Milt Producer! Cooperative AtioclMlwh LiioTllle Conklln Baler Farmer* Cooperative, CwUin Coventry Produoeri CoeperaUm -*- Coventry Crochio Milk Erodureri Cooperative. CrochM Crowley - ! MUk Produoeri Cooperative AswelatlM. Blnelianton Delaware Ceunty VaraeH Coopbra^lve, Delhi FrariklDivllle'Mllk Producera Coaparatlva. •FranWinVllle Fly Creek VaUaj CogoinUW , Fly Creek Gullrora Producera Coao«ratt» Auoclatlo.. tMlM f ZM&xiiim** OjjBavAliM. HUlsdile ' Holland Patent Farmeti , _. Cooperative. Holland PaUM Klrkland Milk Producer! Cooperative. CUnjonJ Llale ProSucen OxpeJaUvo, tlala , r LbwvtUe Producer! Dairy CooperaUiw, 1>OBVU1«; litdoera Fertci-AlKma KUk ProduMta Cooparatlfa, '. Mober«;FBrkt' ' •• Nmj?,^^»«a ^ Ouer»»af Maralt Byraevie •\ •'- \- t NKtll tairratiea jrwiraedOW *-J^lbpei«UT»'A»l6«l.t|»»t : ^Jorih Iiiiwrenoe, .J, , OnUM* Milk Producer! ' \CibntraUve. Mexico JVnn-'Tork Bulk Producers Cjopeiatlrc. Oweco ' IhtUdelphla MUk Producer! Cttperatlve Association. TWledelphia XtnidKcrs CooperaOve . TMtaaTllle mtenrarr Chaay Milk Prbducerj Cooperative. tgMUbnrs larajjile Producer - ! ^^petatlve , Mt. Upton „ »^t,Koy*l Cooperative. \' iKrKoyal . ' •lliihiili County Cooperative ( ^5B5ei Coblesklll BBlAaunnk Cooperative, Tt^tia Kyserlke •banin-Hishbridee Milk P>«duceri Cooperative, •' MwrlU a«MK Cayuca Bulk Milk Ck-MMratlTe, Locke •flown Tier Bulk Milk IMucera Cooperative, loypat •alttvan County Cooperative Hairy Association. \ > JeTWnonvillo •yncuM Dairy Farmer! Caoperativc. Syracuse \ looupklm County Milk Frorlucert Cooperative Ithaca tW MUk Producers 5- CooparaUve, Troy T»»^alornelvlBe Milk Producer! VM^llatlve. %an T Horocsville Vaaoluton Rensselaer OMwUetvProdticers Coop- fNltn Assoditlon, CSftridje \1NM Central Bulk Milk FWtuoeri Cooperative, , »*«Tan JH INnnsylvania: tlMiwatlve Dairy Farmer! of *llafonte Belleronte < Oaa|» VUk Producer! OioMtailve Association. «ao,idale feMiatlre Dairy Farmers of _ iMJtjiburt:. LeVUburg tltlve Dairy Tarmen of \0«bur«. Middlebuw •lite Dairy Farmer! of I Hall. Mill Hall i Milk Produoeri atlre Allocution, rneo Bu* Miik -^Imcera Cooperative, Troy ftMIMUtlve Dairy Farmers of Mlll>rsprlnB Mill! Plants Mutual Co-ops merrket members' milk Mutual dairy corPperatives are legally organ izeH Iptal. Asscicj^- tions of far^r-botlnessmen. Eq«?h is independentlyJ ^^r.^ 1?y its members Qt*4 r«pr«ejnted on the Fedeycltion Boqrd by th* voting delegdte-dimctor* *hey choose. Mutual is th* qualified bargaining arid! mil^-TOqrkttlng agent for. more thorn 8«0Q& members of 54 local cd^oj?efxtt|ve!8 \% . and'the fastesttgrowlnfl dotlry farmer group in the Nevy Volk milkshed. Why? Beeoti$« Mutual Cp-ops recjlly bargcjiria and pjqc|uce definite bargoining 4r«iults/ MUTUAL MIRATION OF $ Hi ml $ii|l«uii,N.;ife' ; mmm loioi^r' '\'•-'•SB'\' -'i.'.-.t,^^ .41; I i, i < I J-1 11.. 1 Si¥ M J'I I <!&*•§ v *h i 1 t, I -5,i,| f H It !: X I in •!• mi T. 'i.\'•'• \a .. * \ f H.>. •\*:?•• •':• ... :^sK.^M\fci**^-«M • •i-^isf ' t* \ .*•.

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