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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, December 12, 1958, Image 14

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» !• » 1( » » V * f r ^!W ^ — i, -I *«fe6t;«0N* \TWO '— \PAGE ' iix •4- •C • I \ 'iff ' I>HI jf • ' j^,v • 'mi f f We?t Berne Berne Conservation Qun Club, Inc. ywjll jnget Saturday Dec 13, at me club-house ^Miss. Eleanor Bassler and bro- ther John called on their grand- parents, Mr and Mrs Harry j SPH ' Ai-TAMONT <N. V.) •M.>X J'.^wwy ipiiiliiisw^ «^? Weidman 5 ?Mr and Mrs Jun.us Wagoner <*•' &^ \^TtnTSk imp Reformed church Mr* Ha/el Dec 21 froni 3 t0 5 •«•& Mr and Mrs At$ie De^fter meeting #£>M*] ft^d'Grange, fykOty S*8p Pepu^f Robert Grasses and Wo'rjhy Statf] s w ^yehile Deputy jMrs. Robert Gras* ^ a ^ .$<£$ng worship, sie were present, 1 youth filiojr will sing, Sk-- % The annual, Christmas'party wiJl|\What sChrfetjmas Meant_ Jo JtaJ, Rey; jP^Vfg^efliJwjik, rhinister, Suftday, J|eG,enilier .£#&; 9J45 a. m...J§unday school The \jSerm.on: fee Mrs. 'Stanley Grpujnsi';Ma?^|S' IjSwt' , ' ' •..'\vWlS ' Mr- and Mrs, QQ^^'^e&bw^ or Veeder Rd., W^toj^^fSp parents pf a daughter, •$j^m$&J) day Pec. 2 at'&eBf^dy^MMl?} Baby Jacqualine WSipe<|/vftfMfj •* A 1_ —J. U: U 4.T ~ n «JI CA. \Alii i *'.••£>; ; ,y,.T*.y»».<, $|tfM£f CO.'POST, ^RfOA^ • b^'te^a m J4 6z. at birth and is tfiep thjrd child, but first ; gffl^.^ ' be held m the hall Suhday afternpord 3 p. m. Part one of BmmVs ~ \- ' •** •= ~'-'—i. inl \Messiah\ will fee presented by the • « 1 ~* .v.i«-.,.„ -^._i_£i- «!„!, school Berne Reformed church Mrs Hazel £ e a c rg f J r Xatgementeflal' Mrf) GunKIand\'TW ' High Swart, and Mr and Mrs Frank Sfnce%ay, Mrs. AlbWt. Eolke.fehqir at theGCHS wditpriuni^ . -T r r -i- *'' - •-\• _•_...'_t_ja i._.fl T _ Vnii^U IpAllrairemn TOPIC, Hototoft Beaverdam church at- ^^^^t^^r^aV^^rrY^'F^^ te Mi e d T Services pf installation -$£L$ Se\j?hn Moller andJ-Speech Makers and the R^fS^iWuldS ?5S^jf2?W^»^ ? e fervice n dl L elder, Ponna Vincent. _. j, j j ui. t iiT f/nospjtauty committee. • Our foends and neighbors of the h ,£. t + «,„* «_ Sunny South are wrifSig your cor I We are sorry to ryprtlW W* resident for West Be?ne news m »?^2^5 ( S 1 S?i!teSS' the paper So folks cay youi ? ^ ,g misfortune to tracture I The refreshment committee fqr ; next meehng are Mrs. Earl Gray,; JMrs Levey Giffprd Plans will be-j made for members to go Christmas /jarolmg during the holiday season. Bible,\ items mNto West Berne 2023 Well be glad to put them in our column, Items must-eo in Tuesday s mail to Altamont earlier if possible When holidays fall in the week items go iri Mondays .mail Mrs Martha Maurache spent tha««weeik eiJd with Mrs George Noltner and Mr and Mrs Fred Batt of _W am ervilte afs^* u-_ •iLj The first Christmas gift cover for U S Savings Bonds, issued a dozen years ago ^reproduced satt or wamerviue aozen years ago repfouuceu a Mrs Fred Posson is visiting her jaamtmg of a New England winter son in-law and daughter Mr and scene That was succeeded by a Mrs Nelson Hunter of Schenec cover for all occasions, titled, '-The tady, , Gift That ^Ceeps on- Giyiftg,\ fre^ Mr and Mrs Lewis Sonn have at your bank Now there's a new their aunt with them for the win item, at your post office: Gift books ter 'of $250 and £5 worth of U. S. • .Savings Stamps to start Someone Subscribe to the Altampnt Enter- on the way to a $25 E^Bond for prise — ?30Q por year ?I8?5 and *ver.e .vfrs, John A. Ether, Mrs. Irene B. Twmey^Kst/.m^* tered nurse at the GiWajMa® Center Nursing Home wg§ '#lfem2: -..,-.. ._- _ 3rd vice-president of the.' -'^ffikl 7:45 p. m. Youth <choir. : District Chapter of ftie Neji^AW Monday, Pecemher 15th: State Nursing 'ass.oi^iKiiMkafe-'a^i]P''; 7:30 p. m. Dutch Arms. Cpnven- ner which was held.T^urSaWyifP tion delegates will report. Refresh- j^ 4 a t the Sheraton-T^mSr^ ments: King and Kranendonk. Ajton Barlow of Canton;-^vvhWlli Tuesday, December 16th; the New York state Pxe$i$em*fo'\ S p. m. The Busy Bees wjll meet] ^e association was the' iftSMiiwi for a-Christmas party at the home , officer.e ••'\ • > : '^? 1 S of Lois HeidenEeich- | Mr. and Mrs. Albert J, Wednesday, fiecember 17tn 4 p. m. Junior choir. 7:30 p. m. Senior choin his official vj.gJM.fit '0jie->-;re»J . , .•;;),.,•••...'...•.•-•,.•;•• ^meeting 6f .I^aw^ ,||r^.| .' Tihg Mw^#lfllf^tr41.-Se fejjirthday cske w^s .prfi$Mte.d,'.«}! f ^f'^^wM^J^I^k m .|tor,^f *e SJst birtl^ay ^^gtlhuW*'*• «« , %^ v 'SfeflM* aMee. Worthy mm* ^Lnuai J ^^T^'^: Thursday, Peeember 18th: 12 noon. The Social Union in- vites all of the women of the church tp a covered dish luncheon Gift (50c) exchange will follow. Sunday, December 21st: 7:30 p. m. Three choirs will pre- sent \While Shepherds Watched.\ The White Gift service will be in cprporated in the musical presenta tion. Worthy. Deputy ; Lpue|« Sister J&thJsen'. Tren<|ft- „,_. a-silver seriate, Sister J^pra Faessler sang a solo. ' ' '•. ' %ortliy Deputy Lojicjts spoke ori, the ritualistic work and,'legislation J yoiijth meeting Dec. 17 at Hiawatha, i«M urged \Operattpn Forward.\ 'ijfte National Grange building has £$*L: (f^p^ius), . Christm^ a (Scotp, Shepherd'* v Noel ^ae- vert), Caroi df th£- Bells Ofepffto- i.t^j Cdye>itry- 0|^6l ^J^^i-r;-U4i^--^U&^P\:- t ^p^ sense of hgrapr causes ^^m^^^^^'^Wm'm^ words of wisdom-were S#^S^t%#. Sgftt^nofLKdJfS «to^^OT'*^^.^ M ^'.'*te' ^\nshine a sense of humor, •?%$L!3r ^t^ n -J -VV 'and above all, courtesy.''. Just iJ&P ¥^ w iv A *,fi!'p--JW»S^ri printing that quote probably am- ^S^ At ^ p ^¥^i%'^^wnis to a better editorial than lS^fK 0f f U ^'H'* U ^^#i.aW pontificating on this page to- W£^kf^ Pplw i^^W^.^V -day.\ — Utica Observer'-U^ctcn. |#.\: ) pvogfogfi- ..,:.,-. ,• T .,',„<! : . — - —.- •- __., • p : : >''A v'-\'\' ' -,' Subscribe to the Altampnt Enter- ^gffi^e J >dfi.^^ f ^^ l ^'pise — $3.00 per year ! ^_ beep sold and a new ,pne will be 1 vieh , When the In&nt TL.^V^ 0 \ & by next fall and jyill lie ±i, kins) ' ntant J ^^ -fflP^' wer recent dinner g«e$^<bf/their son and daughter-in-law^' \Mfc*M& i Mrs. Ernest Henion pf ' Chilton - - Also invited were another ;soE Ma J Mr. and Mrs. Marshall .Gray were daughter-in-law, Mr. and ''- v '\ \ \--•- -\•- iI - : - •- Mt by ,. ., ,_, T _._ Stores high. Schenectady, Sreene^ jytenjbers ,pf the robed ,>h n ,v ,„K« and Albany county directories wjll will: sing iiej^ - T -' - ^° I'te available by next meeting. Happy! S 0 Pr.MosS^Judi'Ash\r)nWc -n,™« ^rthday to Sister Lena Mafeely ^im& : mk^^^^S^ \:J = hivthflnv Dpn fi . Linda Uaiin ^fe£nK^^umphi«y, ti»r ? f*?\ 6 - Anjrj ; -J^gn.ni|tta.jGhrfei toe lfi§^,. ::mm $ iQu^ had a birthday Dec, .6. Dunnsville A dream of a bowling ball! S»» ike new lighfwetjht vertfen of fhe fernom Tornsdo—favorife of eliampions since 1905, now available in nek mulberry color .. . Jh» 10 fc. Junior (full ABC specifications) and-fha 9 lb Panfam Get your y9ungster fitted to an Ebonite . . he II bowl beHer overnight Writ* for mi boollet. ' Better Bowling\ {with individual scor» sheer] to Oept. Ebonite PLAN NEW YEAB'S PARTY Thp first in a series of planning meetings of the New Year's eve party committee of the Guilderland Center Volunteer Fire Co. was held last night. The committee, composed of Mr. and Mrs. John Ether, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Empie, Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burns, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiss, decided that invitations to the party Will as usual be .extended to all members of the community. The party will be held at the Community hall. A fee of $6.50 a couple will cover dancing, refresh- ments, entertainmerit and favors. •JThe theme of ^the party will riot be revealed. The committee suggests that people attend the party and find out. Members of the Fire Co- wjll Clarence Henion of Scheneetadvv?'' J. Harry Cusack wishes to' : aiii nounee that there ' wjji : be--.n \Sparky\ meeting Saturday, peg 13, at 2 p. m. at the eonmiunity The Helderberg Hpme.: Demon- stration Unit of Gm'Jderj^iji^Ggh- ter held its annual Christaias §irtv Tuesday evening Dec. 2, at |hie home of Mrs. Blanche Klett f 'li Neilson Rd., a buffet supper'was served at 7 p. m., followed by- a grab bag drawing. Games were played and prizes awarded The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Jan. 6, when Miss Gladys Meade of Guilderland will be hos- tess. Mr. and Mrs. R. K Empie of Ithaca, were recent visitors of Mr Empie's parents, Mr. and Mrs Luther Empie. Mrs. Alta York invited Bernire hold a meeting next Tuesday night Dec. 16 in the parish hall at 7 p m Mrs. Edmund Witherwax will'^p the leader and Mrs. -Luther Snyder will act as hostess. Mrs. Joseph C. Bank and grand- children, Janice and Joseph were week-end guests of Mrs. Bank's .sister-in-law, Mrs. M. Overbaugh jn. New York city this week. Mrs. Earl Gray was hostess to the Wildehausen Club recently. The jiext meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Carl Giffprd Tuesday, Dec. 16. Mrs. Norman Hennen and Mrs. Vernon Crounse are on the sick list. •Visitors at the home of Mr. and SiH^sags SISPF Humphrey, ICa#envFaujldifr, Shh?; ley Lawfon, Connie Banas, Vala Steadwejl,, Beth Tetpening, Lee Welcyng. . Tenors: Gene .Janetsky, Larry Janetsky, Larry Geier, -^Charles La-v Porte, Lowell McDuffee, Gary Sny- David. Lawton. CJlydei der. Basses Mrs. Earl Gray were'Mrs. John Pownes,.. David\Mek^rT' A^.^ Anthony, Mrs. Lloyd, Sharp, Miss' - - --fJCltspri,. Abrairj Margaret Clute, Mr. and -Mrs. Evan Crounse and Mr. and Mrs.' Rodman Van Denburg, Mrs Frank Rinas has been enter- taining her sister-in-law frpm New York. , Mr and Mrs. John Kemner have moved into their new home on Lone Pine Rd., Guilderland. feowltng Ball NOVAL: B0WUNCTsUPPLiE5 1 #&. 'WV AIBW* (Rwr & 2/5 *. Scotland Ave) \BAUS mm mm* Y<ni ^AIT- p mm 2-asii\ xwsr* ' Op«r) 10 to 5 Daily Sat }ft \*% ¥/ap| EVenli^ 7 to« f M her son and daughter-in-law, Mr., and Mrs. Chester Albright of Guii-] derlahd. .COMMUNITY NOTES Mrs. Bessip Albright plans „.„„„ spend the coming week-end with Robert Church at Alcove, Sunday her son and daushrpr-in-law MT I oftomnnn * JWrs. Harold Gillespie pf Hurst of her grandparents, Mr and Mr^. d.. Will ODen her hhmo tn mom. T?>/»r>v> w TaiAft.;—™ -* •»* — ™ Rd., will \open her tome to mem- jfejirs of tifte Up and Dpjng class oi Fallon, Mae Sholtes. Anne Fredei^- ithle Heldjerberg Reformed chureh ick and Lulu Coss for dessert>flrw Monday evening Pec. 15. pinner-cards last Saturday evening vyjJJ be served at 6:30 p. m, follow- 1 ,/r - ™ J \— TT ' [•ed by a 50c grab bag exchaage. I Mrs; Robert Hurst, president .of the Mr. and Mrs. Howard Vincerij' entertained at a canasta party lj^t jr „„„,Friday, evening. Their guesb class, ; haj asked each member tpjwere Mr. and Mrs. Francis- Faufl^ l&iS^M'itP^i''«f\ < 'wii'rten^- iotl'^uie'l^,. 'S™! 1 Mrs; Charles Lmcoln; *\- [^Sn^Jree.\ CP-hbstesses wyTl SPECIAL PREMIUM SIIENT- Tb< 4 -fljf<!<iK *W Armrtrona Silent Storm King ht* 4?$ hig(mf trottjpn In d«ep Mow ^mr, *Wfrtr grip on packtd Kit .and, iitevy, Armstrono frah AriMd ffefft>re> have been h bU|«K iiitO f ^18 Slight Stbrm 1 Ktn^Uo s|yt you a qui^ie'r, -smoo/h^f rrdfc trjan itibny l|lfl««0ftBANTEtBWB BE L T S BAGS Robinson & Hennet Ii874 Western Ave., Albany, N-Y. 1 Pbpnp 2-OfH — F E E E \ — YOUE 1959. LICENSE PLATES t\yi-m THE PURCHASE OF ANY CAR iJSTEO BELOW Plus ft (bU Jrmsteo(*g gives you A<MiFETMLR0«DHUA|D UMfi^DITIII^L GUAMKTEE. Far.nfed^ttydiwfc*- tw«flrlW* 6U ard **,!;* AMERICA'S FIRST SILENT SNOW TIRE MAD! f WITH . . Main Bros. ,fi,Q Pown Payment -.-Payments to jfH'Ywr Budget.- Up. t$i;36 Months f&. P,ay'-- No Payffiejn|» Till Next Veaij -- Arm(?ry's',Farn\ous Guaran- tee *;'Every Car Price Tagged. y.S& : iPegojto v4-#«»r'•..'..„ MP&J&utfr W^top ^•jBytyc_•&%&? 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Luncheon will be served at 12 noon, followed by a ^evption- al period and short .business ses- sion, ending with a 50c . gifjt ex^- change and the singing of Christ- mas carols. Mrs. Merwin Anthony, president, and Mrs. Kenneth,\ vice- president, have appointed these committees: Luncheon, Lo$ta Wor^ mer, Ellen Spawn-and Salina Ack- ner table decorations, Mps. Ches- ter Calkins arid Mrs. John Mar- tin; gift exchange, Mrs. 'Leon King. TORO Power Handle 115 ACRES Located at ^^JsOokfrs. 9 roomis, 2 fireplaces, ^ferc#n, ^^^ ^chen, fuU ceUar, enclosed porch; 2 m^i^i^^kis^^ creeks. Other building's. '. ';:P|'M^-$^|00 on Terms QFFICE ppera,EyjERy DAY AN^ SUNDAYS — 9 to 8 WALT Ml, Altamont UNion 1-8111 SMALL ENGINE AND LAWN MOWER SALES and REPAIR SERVICE J. SIMONS 108 Lark Street Altamont Phone UNJon 1-64Q9 afternoon. Miss Lois Gifford of Richmond, Va., was a recent week-end guest Jaeob W. Blessing, ofi Mam Sfc mi Mrs. R6delle Thompson, -1«« and Mrs. Stuart Barney and Mr and Mrs. Stanley Crounse.-\' L i \~ Mr. and Mrs.' Hatold-\Dr Heald j,of Main St., were guests of .Mr. 'and Mrs. H. E. Dawson of Patter- sonville, Saturday evening Seaman Garth Heald of the TT Navy, stationed at Newport, R. I., is spending a 20 day leave wi \ his parents, Mr. and Mrs Haro D. Heald. Thursday evening Dec 11, the ladies of the Helderberg Reformed church were guests of tne ladies ofi the Lynwood Guild for Christian Service, Lynnwood Ref ormp* church, at a Christmas party and gift exchange. * The Women's Missionary Society of St. Marks Lutheran church will Mr. and Mrs. Leon King were afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs: Melvin Reed of Altamont, last Sunday. Denny Empie, son of Mr and Mrs. Luther Empie, was unable to at- tend school for several days be- cause of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Frederickr and son Burton spent the week-end in Bennington, Vt., at the homex>f Mrs. Frederick's parents, Mr and Mrs. J. J. Cunning. Mr. and Mrs. William Endicott of Rochester were recent visitor* of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brate of School Rd. Two year old Susan Ann Martin is feelang much better now afjer a case of-Streptococcus ' Mr, and Mrs. Robert D Hurst\ of Main St., entertained theirj neighbors, Mr. and Mrs John H. Marfin, at cards Saturday evening' Mr. and Mrs. Harold V Bgjcer of Lenan Dr., combined a business and social trip to Glens Falls last hursday. While Mr Baker yyas attending a hearing, Mrs Baker 1 visited their daughter and son-Sh-J law, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Seigen- baum and family, also their son David and his family ' ~ RUSSELL OGSBURY 1 • •. -rr TWM&fiy e Years Experience — l Jfp jPhar^c fpr Estimates or Information 2 <|>Ay OR EVENING) • §qHENE0TADY ELpn 5-2460 { E. ©> 1 -- Altamont J BERNS CAMERA STORE GIGANTIC ^^^mmm^m^^mm^m^* •-• in from the largest stock the Capital Djstrcit A Welcome Gift foi the Youngster BROWNIE Star Flash Outfit Reg. $9 95 I Bern's ^JLow Price 4kj> 1N CQLpK AT $8 39 $J. 95 OUR FALL (M0M mw REABY FOR YISJ^FRI^ER — You Can Order a -r- Front Quarter +• Hind Quarter Glens Falls. of, Squjh CUT, WRAPPED, FROZEN, AND DELIVERED JUST ^ A§ YCU WOUpD LIKE IT.. . . -OB — you can come to our Retail Store at the farm and choose ypur roast, steak or hamburg from our freezprs. , Anyway 1 you buy it — it is the same fine aualijty, tender, juicy be^f that ^<eeps,our^:ustpmers coming back year after year.. TheGAGESTOCK FARMS On the Altamont-Delanson Rd. — DELANSON, N. Y. • > PHONE DELANSON TWilight 5-2345 ARGUS (M4 I ARGUS 04 €amera, Case, FlashfCaiinera, Case, Flash teguljrim , $\f||.95 J S Regular $99 SO Items /T |5frjBeras $A«* KODAK SIGNET 40f ^ODAK BROWNIE 8 m „ Movie Camera m The New Airway Motors HAS THE CAR FOR YOU John A. Ether, chairman o{ the New Years Eve party, sponsored by the Guilderland Center Fire department at Community Jiall, j held a meeting at his; home lastj Sunday night to formulate plansJ The committee includes: Mps. Ether, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Empie,' Mr. and Mrs. KplimAr n/r,*-i.-\ - and Mrst id Mrs. . Mr. and ., ». auu aas. faul Empfe, Mr. and Mrs. Kellogg Mitchell, Mr! and Mrst Arthur Burns and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiss. (2) (1) 1958 PLYMOUTH Hardtops — Yellow. Ne^r, At Cost. ' . flAjSMrftifS^\ ' Regjilqi;>$i2;5P; • WirtiVai:Col6r; niture.V Reg, vBei&l;^'' : ?\*' iSJ^JBK! HI-FI Reg. ,$29.95 ' Ber*s. $4 § Saja Tape Recorder S Rag. Bernt $Q|D- 5 P 8'.- $164;00 Low Price \\ wfm mm W: Revere Tajpe^RecDJrdipji\ \$l$9.5Q LoW Price l>*w< •f> ,30.0-J^^lPmtiapr •\•.•'*-'.$9.*5|Oown.' n* 1953 CHRYSLER Hardtop New, At Cost. • Saratoga. Four- Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Anth~. '• have returned from Hn^W ^ *e holidaysTt h?^ *° fur^i, re^nts^i^^d on Tuesday eveningTDK ic^* •] : 'iiiW'i^' Wm®s .of Mi« wil I '57 '57 £LfliOUTH &sdan ..\..... Red 'and Wfiite. 6,000 Miles. OiEEVROLET' station Wagon V-8 4-D6or. Powerglide. CHRYSLER Hardtop . 4-Door. u ftej! and White. $6 I^Y#01t#HS (2) Suburbans. $1796 $1995 $2*95 $H95 iiiW ; M\, with-3 jlenses, -only $Uft$ .m •.'••{ OVEfit 100 CARS TO CHOOSE FpOM THl^V^ CHftY^ER - PLYMOUTH -. IMPERIAL, : fflf. '#$p9;t r «^T«?llf lEitHLAEII ••• ...'304 'tm^i^-'^Mf'..'\- : -- J m^'::0m &*%$**<• NK Y, \:k iTtt wayEAi • «U*ILWT|£ \e'e'jthelbwestprioedautomalic tleotr),c Eye turret camera dp the the World to operate The miracle of light energy sets the lens for you for nerM Wtjwd «ftf«pQugh haze, use same film indoors «id;out? '•^TOfflfe $ !\ ; ! ALBANY mlw hfnectady it r^-yt _» P JhU-4.^,lhL w!^UA-,^. }',!/ »» k)t **' '^ #»••*#•* *t*UUi<

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