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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, August 15, 1958, Image 12

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,,. ,*^*t«-W»W. w ;^i„««,.,,i Wfv4 ; > ^i few **>*wv-*'*-^-*>*s , ,i.. Vit ••Ul.- ^^W.-.f'-i' SECTION TWO — PAGE FOU* THE ENTERPRISE, ALT^fe^ M , y^RI PAY, AUGUST 15, 1958 PADDY CLIFF A A garden pool reflecting the beauties of its surroundings can add much to your landscape, Cornell bulletin E-265, \Pools for Home i .^m, •, -_^ Grounds,\ is a handy referent ., • , le \Mpstry setscs no tax outs Newy Yorkm residentse max-g get, afr»e *ffii wouldS*^, endanger national de- I fuiflTi \h?^*^™ 1 \I\*\ ^s,' 7 \) copy from the Maih^ocS Stonl ££&, T* S^'S? pre ^ m «** Ncsrl - V s lte ™ sots are listed cho\ S^uL»^i«g 0e,c ^teT Hall, Cornell University, wS^ N\£M£ t0 ^ e • fUl1 **»«** o! ** *» the ftw ff*nd«and entertain- tertaK Lt^,« v ^' AUlaca » ^-t initiative rt.«,w and productive rww program at thek, Altamont Re- L„,V a „}\£ ™ ay - ? ut he also siJ_ 1 „ Must Be Reduced (Free Grandstand Acts . At Hie Sunflower Fair \)™ff e i2£wn^ i?At^* iness today. Not onlv AW. .bus- iness today. Not only I fulfill his master of cop fro th Mailin RoSm Ston \ T J Hall. Cnrnpli TTniuo^-f,, T«,»-« » pipcta to the full nowenng oi the in Hie roee grandstand entertain-1 *-&'>':\ \\ -»\«\«u« and'-'S initiative, daring and productiw iwni program at the Altamont Re- £rt e T£IL= ' A he ako sinL* ability of the American people must oons! Fair next w August 18 \l n ;*h™*%L ™ P°r*ray s $£**• be reduced if our m-mnmv is to ro « ent cnaracters. ««rer- Y. Subscribe to the Altamont Enter- prise — $3.00 per year. luiiiiMimtitimmi be reduced if our economy is to TO 2,'V meet the demands which will be made upon it in the years ahead. \The Sadlak-Herlong Bill is mado- tc-order for fee present situation. A scintillating new extravagan- AL MARTIN'S GLAMOUR ON PARADE a been „„ „„. top th^ s D^»J« P I I ^ der for ** Pi^ni\simation. A scintillating now extravagan- I Audiences ^r^^ **» Str? Bonds & insurance 5 s n predioated m *><*« **• *» <* ^^ p>™.on s chSms H T s \reS^S w s* d ^g&tea uivHiHiivv I auenoii, but on the revenue increase routines hv t.vi imviv o-i.-ic ° r sones- T\ Old Line or Mutual Automobile and Fire miiiimiitimtUMii CLYDE L. BALL BERNE, N. Y. Tel. West Berne 2001 «. ...... „. —v,.. .. «*, .... f . ; .—..- „ W1 ,„s reperioire of sone^T duetjon. but on the revenue merfase routines h>- ten lowh' girls, amid jEd Sullivan said, \A great which comes from economic grvwth. a c«lorful pattern of lights and tainer with a beautiful vn -en * e r Its annual modes} scheduled rate hinght now s.vnc this is the Al Paddy Cliff.\ \ v °ice is reductions would rtot prelude the al- Martin Reuie. location of needed funds to the de-• Tins da7.7hn.c unforgettable spec- GAUTIER'S STEEPLECHASE fense budget. pro\ided sa\ings aiv taole \\ ill make its appearance at ~ . , . E made in the non-defense estocorios the Altamont Rocional Fair next I, . iralnea . P° mes . and dogs Com of Federal spending. The schedul.vl iwk. as one of the five grand-1 t i\l q f m , *i p the ^OUPe of Qau rate reductions can bo spread out stand entertainmeni features. npar a t «i AiT '\.\'I c < 1 ' ' ->ji- over nine .wars stiould a greater Captivating dancing, spectacular pe , at ln8 Altamqiat Regional need develop for defense funds than ciistumes combine to make this an' raa \ next; weej ^- is now apparent.\ — West Chester, Pa., Daily Local Xews. Advertise in the Enterprise. MOW «W« tmiori for I** 'oelj.,. ' IRON FIJI A be\y This group, highly trained u young la- Arsene Gautier, is presented 5 by unique and novel manner whh* a unequalled smoothness of DPW£ ^ ! ance that makes this ^ +^™°nn- field. f orf mcomfwjrable pivduction. of beautiful and talented yuung ia- —^ Ilc uaU uei-, is presentpd • dies in rh\thmic mnnbei-s, each one unique and novel manner Suu distincti\v!y different. I unequalled smoothness of > ZSr •x.!amour on Parade\ is as col- ance that makes this act tr£» • nn \ orful as it is a production of beau- field. The splendid Scotlar^\ 1 its ty. Gorgeously costumed and pre- , ies clear hurdles with hum ^ cise in its dancing, this is a most ' dummy passengers on their l. ke attractive outdoor production. The dogs perform on th? aek& This spectacular extravaganza is ' backs, while the ponies arl f° laes truly \pulchritude on parade.\ Do tion. ^ e ln mo not miss this package of grace rhythm and beautv , - ., , -... -hen - they pla™d%rniS1 1 ub S ^ Cti0n h - open w-,th the grandstand show at, tne country^cludtae t£ n ? 8hout | the Altamont Sunflower Fair. j \Latin Quartet''fa S itl fa ™ ous Don't miss this beautifT »!?!?• presentation when it aSSra^Af I tamont next week ' \^ I EVY AND EVERTO Evy and Everto, KARL ROHDE BAND Don't miss hearing the well- known band under the direction of Karl Rohde. when they appear at the Altamont Regional Fair next week. Each year this well known NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That LICENSE No. 9A-2112 has been issued to the undersigned to sell CIDER and BEER at retail un der the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, in a Gro eery Store, at the intersection of Routes 85 and 85A s^tLn° f MJb§aJ> ^ Y ° rk ' fW ° ffpremises c - KENNETH R. McVEE INTERSECTION ROUTES 85 AND 85A R ' D 2 VOORHEESVILLE, N. Y. band trave, ^\^\to^d w^lt .^tTSW^ -S| JS^thTSr Sth^L ^oS ' JTS^Jj^^ £ he grandstand shows at fairs I stand en fc^ 66 «\ * owlooked ~ L 0 * 11 * \\ \ r^ y T . actl0 . ns ', ^ ^ by throughout the country'. ' \iLenainment nrnorww. _*' Few people appreciate stand entertainment program at the Altamont Regional Fair, Aug the am- 118 to 2.3. & ^i u ^ many ctuuuiis, ana ic i one. — Lord Francis Jeffrey. STEEL CULVERT PIPE • Galvanized for Long Life • Corrugated for Extra Strength , , • Stock sizes. 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36-in. Diam. Md By GRIMM BuildiR & Maferial Co - 1110 CENTRAL AVE., ALBANY. 2-4489. GRATE UNI 18 to 23. ount of work involved in playing I This handsome young couple pre for a fair performance. The band •' sent a sensational act of thrills on ' ' of differ- ' wheels. These two talented uni s*tga«ftm | ,'HMiiM«m«i li »«J had to learn hundreds of differ- ent musical ent musical cues every summer i Ztt ^\ese two talented uni- and adapt themselves to an eXI- ffi^^ balance - ^r- ly new set of cues as the nerfor^ P c , ularI y Ev \-to who rides an off- P.- S nh a n CTO 0 „1 LI lne P ert orm- j balance machine, wheels of difS; ent hpio-htc sn ri „;A ... u*«er- Vort«OHBwo« COOIFMI««1 .. ..„ .,.c perform I ers change each week. f Immaculately attired in their un- iforms, this band is an advantage on ever fairgrounds. When Karl Rohde leads his brass band through •• • I • m. •• #• • his resounding overture, it's usual- the comments critics SfllVe Oil Wlfll abOVg-arafClIIIG lINHa , ly a sign that the big \show\ is making abouts this act. •rwvw «*•• *••••• «-^w w 0 ^ about tQ beg . jn ^ / originally a European Whirling Vortex flame starts at the grate line, covering the hearth and sweeping the side walls of the furnace. Radiant heat penetrates the whole furnace with full intensity in same manner as heat from a coal fire, for which coal furnaces are designed. By contrast conventional burners release heat down in the ashpit, missing important heating surfaces. The Vortex gets more heat out of the same amount of oil and has saved up to 30% on fuel bills in thousands of homes where it replaced former ofl burners. Trouble free... all moving parts are outside the furnace of boiler, protected from firebox heat. Worry free ... Iron Fireman automatic controls provide precise, economical regula- tion of day and night temperatures. ent heights, and rides up a series of ramps which get progressively higher. Unusual, exceptional, superla- tive, outstanding are only a few of the comment critics have been They are act and EASY BUDGET TERMS Enjoy Iron Fireman comfort NOW and pay for it the easy budget way. CHARLES ^rris Mask- - Is««f \Hg THE LACY TROUPE ^eir arrival here, they have T' An amazing group of European haT been \K3 ^VfSf •# performers, consisting of four wo- , cuses, parks and famlbT^ •£*\ men and one man. the Lacy Troupe outstanding entertaSnf^ °^ eT \ Z^lJP.™^ a ™y of diffi- tations th™ u %T^l%J£ S ^ cult acrobatic feats while balanc- ing on large rolling globes. Not content with level spaces, they play see-saw and walk the globes up slanting ramps. \ These agile artists make a ca- reer out of balancing prowess. An- xious to prove their complete mas- tery of time and muscle co-ordin- ation, they go from one more dif- ficult feat to another, climaxing their flashy display with a parade THE BOURNELLYS Comedy shenanigans will be Jin full view when the two Bournellys make their appearance at the Alia- mont Fair's grandstand show next week. | I- This comic duo never attei^pffc anything the easy way when|| a'\' trick or comedy sequence canfpliei; accomplished in a more con .manner. This duo's bag of / .*>»»>MIIII mj.- iii» iuiutiiitt> llllj. 1 — ^— J \\'fp.y »mi a parade t„ ^ ™. \ J \«ie contuairli nor, 'rr- ' \1 : ^ , Mf—i^-w^ . WV. up a steep ramp and then; to-ttll^-^^-- This duo's bag of tr« 537 Kwgd:#Qad •••,^, i Schenectady. N Y ^f^ent of all, reversing and ™ c ^ de s.aU sorts of cclneay^l - Since 1903 ^ D 7£5 Y \ Lrtl^^ ^clw J «W -^ons in which $« down the same ramp. These are rugged trucks picked at random from the world's most complete line. International Trucks, of course. Engineered to combine economy with comfort and an ease_ q[ handling you can best understand after one turn at the wheel. Roomy, easy-riding pickups offer bodies up to 8{4-ft. long. Just one of many models in the world's most complete truck line. tually demolish thernseJres \ ipd* give the floor a thorough dustii|;. >. In the parlance of |he erter* tainment world, they 'jilay it for laughs,\ and since comedy is their business, they are always out 'pn the firing line piling up joyous dividends for customers. THE GREAT EUGENE , The Great Eugene, harlequin |o£ the high wire, who entertains a^ the Altamont Regional Fair next week, is one of the few such per- formers working with comedy. To went the appetites of thrill-de- manding audiences, The Great\ Eugene calls upon a huge bag of tricks, not the least of which is a brand of comedy and a sense of timing that have pushed him to the very top of his profession. When not deliberately trying to scare the wits out of spectators with acrobatic jests that bring him dangerously close to the brinli of disaster as he clings to the steel cable, he employs his rubber legs to toss off a few balancing inven- tions that are purely from his own book. Eugene can do a better \trip\ on the wire than most\ people can on the ground without blood-letting, and the way he hand- les a bicycle at a 45-degree angle in relation to the wire is a feat for the eyes if not for the heart Eugene refuses to do anything the easy way that can be accomp- lished the hard way, but the way in which he does it makes it all seem as easy as pie. Sunshine Fair To Feature Quarter Horses Aug. 24 Officials of the Sunshine Fair at Cobleskill have come up with 'a genuine treat for everyone for their program of Sunday afternoon, Aug. 24, with a quarter horse demonstra tion or show. TW* -' §mm' Easier to handle, easier to park! This compact model it thart in length, low in price. Come in and see them. If TSiNATIONAL TRUCKS cost least to own! 102 Prospect Terrace Altamont, N. Y. or show. This - „ owuw. xnis show will in- clude a full scale western show with roping and \cutting\ with calves and will include nine halter events and 12 working class, events. It will be the largest quarter horse show in New York state this \— definitely will outrank hr.!-\\- \ u -w schedu Syracuse a week later) year , and hprse-shW'sche^eTfo^^ Fair at Syracuse a wee^ e ? tate Horses from this state PS , kter ' New Jersey, iS^S^^^t necticut, VeSncmaSte,, <** are entered m ° already The quarter- horse gets «,„ from the fact that he fs n ? e Iiams fastest things afoot for » T of ^ a mile, ripping that dislaSnf^ °* a sizzling 20 fecomds or^n off *» staff reporter wrote- « ral *. a western cow pony, a VersaniA^ and profitable pastures S * *e* track promoters, ritfnHfe*** the dwindling hroSF S ^°^ and 1. YOU AND YOUR TAMILY WANT MORE ENJOYMENT OUT OF LIFE. 2. YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FAMILY FUN AND RELAXATION. 3. A CULTURAL PASTIME AND HOBBY LOADED WITH FUN AND EXCITEMENT. 4. A FINE PIECE OF FURNITURE TO ADD CHARM, POISE AND DIGNITY TO YOUR HOME These are a lot of ifs, but we can supply the answer -- a THOMAS ORGAN, as low as $695.00 -- some studio used models as low as $495.00 -- see us this year at the fair. m ••% 1047 CENTRAL AVENUE PHONE 8-8552 ALBANY, NEW YORK dwindling makers.\ breed of and SiidcUe- Enterprfse ads &ay _ ^tfiem. WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU CAN PLAY A THOMAS ORGAN. FREE LESSONS ARE INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF AN ORGAN AT BROWN'S. 'Seejthe Thomas Organ in our building located next to Grandstand — Register for FREE PRIZES — FREE BALLOONS for the Kiddies. Organ music afternoon and evening. 11 PRIZES AWARDED EACH NIGHT SEATS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR RELAXATION 15

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