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Altamont enterprise and Albany County post. (Altamont, N.Y.) 1958-1983, April 18, 1958, Image 9

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W*?pip«Hpjf«if^^ ^^tmmmmmwmmm \**»^*E , \EWOT? \>SW*fS&*!j%9 ;«W«!f«!wfW Sfess^S^^i^il^ 'S%#6f,*fjlifti»< 1 THE ENTERPRI8E>ALTAM0^!iJ^ FRIDAY, , SECTION TWO PAGE ONE VOORHEESVILLE Church Notes minister. Installation Banquet Of Fire Company Apr. 24 Rev Walter E. Taylor Sunday, April 20th: 9-45 a. m. Sunday school. •U a. m. Morning worship <W P°ayc,-.\ An d Th ° y Co ««\ued Fellows!^. m - Im - m ^'atc 6 p m. Youth choir rehearsal. cording of script aM h?mn,!l f ^ g °!!, ha \ at 7 p ' m - Thursday, ish the visual aid * on tW/\ 1 ' 1 ^ ^ Th<? Womwl 's Auxiliary of of then tLMi commandmr n c St p ° Uf the . , com P a \y. Mrs. M. D'Arpino, wm i, ^Rsvis l ffMi£r and scrve ^ More than 100 firemen and their i„ i a,( ' '••xpoctod to attend the an- in nu fJ | installation banquet of the Voor- Ynn.J'rh'; Volunle «-'r Fire company. Youth | J he company is observing its 56th K-ar o{ lire fighting. Norman Bay- ly, chairman, has announced that the Wednesday, April 23rd: 6:30 p. m. Junior choir. 7j-30 p. m. Senior choir. Charles C. Curlette, local attorney and company member, will be mas- ter of ceremonies. In addition to the installation of officers the program bo r hold n TuUdal Ur An^rT,^ll iwi11 includ ° P resc \tation of'awards, ^cia luesday, Apr. 29, at 7:30 presentation of diplomas to graduates The Factor ?,,„/, .. . I? f t«e State of New York fire fight-1 class included- tt confirmation ing course, and a short talk by a' P Ba or Rohor v n Ba ' ley ' John' government representative. All ac E Edson Ka?hfeen Tr, DUt l Can ' J ? h , n l! Ve ' h ° nor ary and exempt members t n Ti\! w\ 1101 \ .Flansburg, Lil- have been invited. eh rirS n U ^ ^ Ct ; ar £ M - Fro H The Voorheesville company is un- Hamn?Z 9,L Gll ^ er ' 7™°^ C -I der *he able direction of Chief Fran- S S \' Pa , San ? ozl< ^f. 1 - Carles, cis H. Person, assisted by Chiefs E M™ M» ° ia r^S 01l ^ er ' John George H ' Hotaling and George E A nr&f\ a T?- , RusS , e11 ' Cher y 1 , K1 °P f er. Assisting Mr. Bayly with h« S d v Fremk R ™ n -! the arrangements are Mario D'Ar- Frederick CWinsser Way and - P i n0 ' George Bidwell, Mr. Klopfer Adults who joined the church on Easter Sunday included: Mr and Mrs. Henry J. Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs Josiah Gilbert, Donald Gilbert, Mrs Thomas Roe, Donald Chase, Miss ^ adcly !? „„ Conte ' Bonna Halsdorf, I Mr. and Mrs. Walter Armstrong of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Robbins, Mrs. I Altamont and Florida, entertained at iLli^abcth Robbins and Miss Muriel a law.n party in their orange grove on Mr. Curlette, Michael Michael R. Frohlich. Ricci and Honored At Florida Party Robbins. Baptisms on Palm Sunday, Mar. 29, included: Darlene Lois Chase, Mar. 29 in observance of the birth days of Mrs. E. K. Hallenbeck, Mrs. G. F. Boyce, Walter Armstrong and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mrs. Emmons D. Day. Chase; Sanford LeRoy Hood, son of I Other guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Hood; Burton'Tunis C. Swart, Mr. and Mrs. Verner Ellis Mintline and Donald Edward Hurst, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Robin- Mintline, sons of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. son, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Crouch, Mintline; Gayle Donna Monaghan, Emmons D .Day, E. K. Hallenbeck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. F. Boyce, Mrs. Walter Armstrong, Monaghan; Margaret Ilene Morse, Mr. and Mrs. Albertis Van Wie, Mrs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert,Floyd White, Mrs. Frank Swan, Mrs. Morse; Raymond Chester Oliver, Ralph Lynn Oliver and Patricia Ann Oliver, children of Mr. and Mrs. Chester B. Oliver; Glenn Thomas Roe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roe; Mrs. Betty Oliver; Kathleen Jo- anne Tarrington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Tarrington; Arthur Edward Van Buren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Van Buren; John Peter Batcher, Richard Charles Batcher, Joan Ann Batcher, David Clarence Batcher; Alfred Floyd Batcher, chil- dren of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Batch- er. Floyd Smith and Mrs. A. J. Stimson The table was decorated with bas- kets of azaleas, surrounded by citrus trees in full bloom. Wfren the party ended at the Armstrongs the guests gathered at the home of E. K. Hall- enbeck and spent %he evening, which was a farewell for - some of them who were returning to their homes Village Officials Explain Voorheesville Tax Hike In the wake of one of the largest public hearings in the history of the village, the Voorheesville Board of Trustees is expected to meet Sun- day night to adopt the 1958-59 bud- get calling for a tax rate increase of about $6.75 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. Mayor George W. Vunck expressed NewScotla^«fe Voters Veto Closing of New Salem School family of Schenectady were Sunday!party Thursday at Hamilton Union callers of his uncle and aunt, Mr. 'Presbyterian church, Guilderland. and Mrs. John Kammerer. I Charles Childerose of Rensselaer Mr, and Mrs. Norman Poh of Al- was a Sunday guest of Mr. and 'Mrs. lentown, Pa., were Easter guests of i James Frederick. The old New Salem school is to '^jag* 1- ^ famil y- Mr - and Mrs-; Mr. and Mrs. John Michna and son ' of Albany were Sunday dinner Henry Crounse, Clayton guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Mint- ogram A representative tteState Youth nfxTnieetfng <* * e *»» Scotland rhT\V n ? e educ ^™al busines^}^ Flansburg. &ltoniVS„>Cw ,*! l° lers decided Saturday. • Mesdames Her . lis Mcintosh h& •\J\***! L^y^ t° cl °se the school per-!Bouton, Joseph Watson and Clifford line rJS^L^T^mffl *t KTSSe'S'll'rS' ^ de ^ d ! Gree \ atte ^ ' \\*,«\ andjard^ (Continued on Page 2„ Section 2) Possibles u c)l||lBM?ri h / o £ KHith ; The referendum • ~'*-••\\•^ •- \ ^ was taken in' out for the hearing, commenting that it gave village officials a rare op- portunity to present a detailed ex- planation of the reasons for the tax boost and the long-range objectives involved. The proposed new budget totals $61,795, calling for a tax rate of r^uTThis' sUWmf, k ~ at fded' UUl f \ \ e I^endum P \Tte^need is ***W Mr Mc i^%P lsuict 4 - Supervising Prin- the board's gratification at the turn-jtotash said, \J**^ *«« to know not affe^rUS\ o^l ^ ?* neLsTry to get ft r°lhp Uon l s » the fate of the old school had AwpmblvmanJB^Ootninenf Ai rontly the high scn ool. The new V v,i, ,^,u,, v«iii,> B wi a uu iaic v.1. , ASSemOiy»'« u £Zjt K l. '\\5 Ot Al- junior-Senior hicrh c^hrv^l ,.,;n u $32.75 per thousand as compared bany; Clifford W*™' President of opened in L fn WlU ^ with a rate ofe about $26 for the I the Clarksville \SlJ^a Fredt-r- _-J. a . U : year. It will be effective I ick, representing ^««wUe tow with a current yea QUOTATION in appropriations were \traceable to ! be seen in better P^f*^ after the iigion°of'you'rhome'\''—^Rev Wsker the planned expansion program in youth cornnnssipi^representative has E. Ta>lor. ...<-:~L. tu. ..:n :-/i °r,A- ™wn a hoard roanoer said. - June 1. I folk, and KennethUWrge^a teacher • Mayor Vunck explained at the'in the VoorheesviUe^nttal school. I \The way you live in your homo hearing that th principal increases | The plea for ^JV^mtion will makes all the difference in the re- be seen in .-<•..,. youth com which the village acquired' 1,000 acres .spoken, a board rBf *? a * t said, three years ago, and has since ex- In other action » \s recent s< ; - tended water lines, streets and light- sion, the board ing in the area. Noting the number I Contracted with w Unesquethaw of new businesses and residences that land New Salem eurs departments Arthur Young, youngest son of have since been added to the. tax for fire ProteCTgn. Onesquethaw Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Young is a rolls, the mayor pointed out that the'will receive $4,SS» <\« New Salem guest of Mr. and Mrs Clyde Loss increase in taxable property would !$2,409. , , Arthur terminated his service in the more than compensate for the initial ' expenditures. Personals and Locals f~} \XA. \^ iff vXafcjfrKs *^0 s is your assurance of getting a beautiful, enduring monument in keeping with your most cher- ished thoughts. Visit our display or call us, without obligation. To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.\ CAMPBELL G. F. BOYCE VOORHEESVILLE, N . Y. W98SB •<**m***m**mmm***»mmm*^m0*M*m*mammi*kM*mm*m0**Mmmmmmm* William D. Smith William D. Smith, husband of the late Caroline E. Patrick, died Apr. 15 in Albany hospital, where he was taken Sunday, after a long illness. He was born June 29, 1880, in Rensselaer, where he spent most of his life. He owned and operated a gasoline station in New Scotland un- til seven years ago, when he and his son and family moved to 99 Maple Ave., Voorheesville. Survivors are his son, Clifton G. Smith, Sr., with whom he lived; a •brother, Carols B. Smith, Clarksville, and two grandsons, Clifton Gr Smith, Jr., and William D. Smith, 2nd. Private funeral services were held from the Brunk Funeral Home yes- terday afternoon with Rev. Homer B. Silvernail officiated. Interment was in Albany Rural cemetery. Class Sponsoring Dance Spring Weekend At Camp having a happy gathering in St. Cloud on their return next fall. Mrs. John B. Taylor Funeral services for Mrs. John B. Taylor, 83, descendant of one of Al- Ibany area's oldest families, was held College, university,;- nursing and last'Wednesday afternoon from the technical school students are invited Brunk Funeral Home. Burial was to participate. in^Keu^tef„;4,,|ai&jin>.,.Mount Pleasant .cemetery, New that ••Workff'mr^dTOuaglltl^to^SrT-at'fgaJlnl '\\' : '•** , '\ '\'•:.' T ; • •\ \•• • «« **«irt-»™ sftriihwwwasteS^v, «l - Mrs . \ Tay i or ; the former Kittie Wands, died Saturday, April 5, at her home in Schenectady, following a long illness. She was born in New Scotland, where her family had set; •tied in Revolutionary days and where they operated a large farm for many years. Her late husband descended from the Van Rensselaer family of early Dutch settlers. For many years Mrs. Taylor was active in the New Scotland Presby- terian church. She resided in Sche- nectady the past 18 years. Survivors include two sons: Van Rensselaer Taylor, warden of Albany County Jail; J. Stanley Taylor, of New York, and one daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Schneiderwind, of Schenec- tady. The junior class of Voorheesville Central school will present the \Sky- liners,\ a dress-up dance, at Voor- heesville school gym Apr. 25, from 8 in the North and, looking forward Jo | p. m. to midnight. The couples will Again took undo'^deration .h,'Army in November and was with his matter of pjnpanOnWJtnejown garage, parents in Florida until Apr. 4. when „„«77I!7c~TROnD w „ he came t0 Voorheesville. Arthur BROWNIEJHOOP 268 ; stated he was looking for work and TWr,f-v cnrls attended ft P lm nT lH dccid<? in the near future which were the leadasjresaa. _ fm o { Utham _ EKvood Rufiso ^ \As an old timer *e cat, remember' T™£x$°* %X ** ^° ^ ChMTeU when the only ^™**te coffee- Mrs. Edward Wendell. Jr.. of Al- a^wTh^r^ of Mr. tec, N. M., independent-review. Ml T and Mr £ ^^ Tymchyn and th& \Eastern SpMhg-^eikfil^' as Camp Pinnacle,. J|p>. 4^2°- Spon- sored by Inter-vfe^it^JGhristian Fel- lowship; the guest ^speaker will toe H. Wilber Sutherland of Canada. Rev. Wilford Fowler will conduct a vesper service at Albany Bible In- stitute, 281 State Sjt., Albany, on Sunday at- 4 p. m. Advertise in the Enterprise. SEPTIC TANKS AND DRAINAGE SERVICE Sewers and Drains Cleaned Electrically Prompt and Complete D. TORK RO 5-7386 B. PAFUNDA RO 5-2784 VOORHEESVILLE, NEW YORK - ANNaDNCEMENT - Dear Friends -and Neighbors of Delmar, Elsmere and Glen- mont: Did you know that you can have the finest service on your TV, Ra- dio, Tape Recorder and Hi-Fi (in- cluding all imported makes) just by calling von BANK'S TV Telephone 4-5887 Honesty — Responsibility 19 years experience assures you quality service , FRANZ von BANK Oakwood Road Glenmont, N. Y. (Off Bender Lane) Son Baptized Donald Frederick Slabom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slabom, was baptized last Sunday' in the New Scotland Presbyterian church. Rev. Homer B. Silvernail, pastor, offici- ated, assisted by Arthur Ackerman with the baptistry. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Slabom entertained with a dinner at their home on New Salem Rd. The guests were the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ableman and Mrs. Marion Millett; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Severson, Mr. and- Mrs. Ed- ward Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ableman, Jr. and son, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gill and children, Charles, Mitchell, Roger and Dawn, and Mrs. Ruth Gill. \dance to the music of the Red Jackets, a band from Vincentian In- stitute. The theme of the dance will be a night club and it promises to be a very enjoyable evening. Honored At Stork Shower The home of Mrs. Kenneth Sagen- dorf, 468 West St., Albany, was the! setting^recently for a stock shower' given l?y>Xa\ SEpsilon Chapter of \Beta Sigma Pad International' Sorority fpr:j Mrs. Arthur Hatch of Koonz Rd. Refreshments were served to the following guests: Mesdames Raymond Bauer, F. Warren Hempstead, Floyd Hughes, Helena Lawson, Joseph Tib- bits, Hugh Trainor, Herman Van der Linden, William Meyers and the Misses Virginia Bos'ley, Marie Cable and Peggy Sayers. Father and Son Banquet The father and son banquet Mon- day night at the First Methodist church was well attended, with 1 89 being served a fine meal. Dr. Edwin P. Adkins was toast- master for the evening. The toast to the sons was given by Robert Morse, Sr., and the toast to the fathers was given by Robert Morse, Jr. Group singing was led toy Wil- liam Jorgensen. Entertainment, on the theme, \Take Me Out to the Ball Game,\ was in charge of the Couples Club. Chairman of the event was Mrs. Frederick Blackman, Jr., assisted by a committee including members of the Ivy Circle. Modernization Loans to fix up your home for summer FAST ACTION CURRENT DIVIDEND - 3 14 Percent Per Annum St. Matthew's Church Rev. Nicholas Fitzgerald, pastor. Sunday Masses at 9 a. m. and 11 a.'m. HUDSON die If III(f COAL Chenpi-'Coat process insures more complete combustion... more heat for ybur rnohey! ORDER NOW. 1 LUMBER<OAl • BUILDING SUPPLIES POULTRY k DAIRY FEED SUPER X FEEDS r AlTANONT, N.Y. BNidn 1-8543 mum Born March 25, a t Albany hospital, a daughter Susan Lynn, to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gade, Jr., Main St. Voorheesville. ' son Mar ptrS ^tSrA^na h M eetvi£ ne R St D L - ^^VS March 3 at Albany hospital, a daughter Yvonne, to Mr. and Mrs Wilham- G. Haling, Voorheesvilli ^esvTlle Ebe ^ ?2 \^Jtvt James W. Lohdell James W LobdeTTdied at the home of Ins nephew on the Altamont Rd after several weeks of failmg health He was born\ n Westerlo in 1872 and had spent most of his life there as a farmer He retired five yS and came to live in Voorheesville Survivors are a nephew Chai-iiS u Smith, with whom he liVedoftS: Altamont Rd., and a nieceTM^JS lie Wise, New York citv?akn^, , Nel ; grandnieces and iSgephX^** 1 a uneral services were crmriii/>+ n j ,u Rev. Walter E. Taylor oastoJ ^£ y Voorheesville . Mettt^cSrrch *Jn Saturday afternoon from the jLSS Funeral Home. Brunk Interment was in Westerlo. REELECTED^PRi\ s | DENT At the annual dinner in Rofi,i„i. Central school last Tueldriv If' 1 ?? Jerry G. Badgley of' vSSL ^f was reelectfd Sde°nt %&%£& ° f ^Perative ' Services of AlS About two and one^half biilioh ral Ions of water are lost each Z;^ g New York State f^^SUXSSS evaporation. v s ™ 0 ugn Pr^on^^dabiuty'was vital on this wild trail! CHEVY TAMES THE TOUGHEST tRANSCONTINENTAL HIGHWAY! ! Atlantic to Pacific and back, across tbS towering Andes, in 41 hours. Grade Retarder gave extra braking on corkscrew descents. With hood scaled shut bv the Automobile Club of Argentina, a '58 Chevrolet station wagon husded from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso, Chile, and back over the highest transcontinental road in the world! 7aJW it rocketed two miles high in the sky and not one drop of oil or water was added, nor was the mighty Turbo-Thrust VS ever shut off! Here was an all-out test of Chevy's new engine, of the Turboglide trans- mission, Jumbo-Drum brakes, Full Coil suspension and Ball- Race steering—triumphant proof of all uie advances that have made Chevrolet great in '58! You'll get the best buy on the best seller! CHEVROLET Don't miss yout Chevrolet dealer's APRIL SALES SPECTACULAR! See your local authorized[_CJmrdeldml&r_ M Park Street, , N. Y. Igj^^V;^^^ ^^*£!&&$^^^ •\:.^:,-^#^^e.^>X'^^. ^^^r^mMf^^^pM^

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