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?'\\\\\ \••\\\ ..,„„„ \ '\•Illllll , Albany County Weekly | The Enterprise Is amon 8 the oldest | of country weeklies, and oarr.es news from ha.f-a-hundred commun.t e,T 5 to 3,000 homes. EJMI The Knickerbocker News Photo BUDGET DISCUSSION—Going over the 1938-59 budget in the first of a serhf of meet- ings at Guilderland Central High School are, from left, Carl Barney, Board of Educa- tion member;' Ernest Bachand, chairman of the budget committee; M. A. Preston, repre- senting Guilderjand Elementary School PTA, and Justin Tiernan, representing the Guilderland Taxpayers Association. Civic and educational leaders in the district comprise the Citizens Advisory committee.' EVENTS TO COME Churches, Schools, Fraternal, and Other Organizations CHOIR AT BERNE APRIL 11 The Hope College Chapel choir of 66 voices of Holland, Mich., will pre- sent a concert at Berne-Knox Central school, Berne, Friday evening, April 11. ANNUAL HAM SUPPER APR. 12 Knox Volunteer Fire company will hold its annual ham supper Saturday, Apr. 12, at Knox firehouse. Serving begins at 5 p. m. Prizes will be awarded. HAM SUPPER APRIL 12 Hiawatha Grange will sponsor a Virginia ham supper at the Grange hall in Dorihansville on Saturday, April 12. First table at 5:30 p. m. School Budget Meetings In Guilderland District The first in a series of school budget meetings was held Thursday night, April 3, at the Guilderland Central High school. Approximately 40 at- tended the three-hour session. Richard Barnett, business manager for hte oBard of Education, was mo- derator and read the items on the ten- tative budget fpr the 1958-59 school year. School district principals and personnel assisted in answering ques- tions arising as the items, were pre- sented. Included in the advisory group were Ralph V. Westervelt, supervising principal; John Bush and Charles Ciaccio, Principal and assistant princi- pal of the high school; Dr. John Ether and Miss Senta Dombrowsky, princi- pal and assistant principal of wesfmere elementary school; Marvin P. Wash- burn, principal of Fort Hunter elemen- tary school, and Virgil Sheeley, prin- cipal of Guilderland elementary school. One of .the largest items T4^ iri- CLOVER HOP DANCE APRIL 12 The' 4-H Council of Albany county will .hold'its annuEd^over^#^Quare,]- V*£ °5 V .m largest; items ^ m- 'dance'st •TOS\'H^feali^^ooi|%Set-T stragaM ^ WCMts ''' whush-jneludes teach^ mari- Satorday^^IrJ;i^|rSffiS:(iiCftofers'.salaries — and another item 12:06. Music Dy'y:R#bl&#.'^erchant, covering capital expenses had to be Tickets cart be qbtaipd . from 4-H members and at the door. Also at this time the square dance contest will be held. The winning couple will rep- resent Albany county in the Eastern District dance contest. Most of Cancer Funds Are Used In This Area AL: least 60 per cent of the funds raised in the campaign of the Albany County Unit of the American Cancer society are expected to be used in Al- bany and vicinity. The April drive, to be climaxed by a \lights on\ canvass Apr. 22, has a goal of $60,000. \ Last year 72 per cent of the $59,- 401 raised in the county was used for cancer prevention, treatment and.re- search work in Albany. Edward J3. Poole, Jr., chairman of the local drive, said generally the national society takes 40 per cent of the funds raised. Twenty-five per cent is allocated for research pro- jects; 12 per cent for professional and public education, service, administra tion and fund raising, and 3 per cent for medical grants and medical fel- lowships in cancer work. Mr. Poole has named these di- visioikjAiiirmen foe 'the 1958 drive: AutpmQbile*,4eale\*s Trell Yocum, president of'tne county unit. These sounding board meetings to ob- tain the reactions of the taxpayers will influence the board in adding or elimi- nating items when preparing the bud- BANQUET APRIL 14 I get for its final presentation at the an- The father and son 'banquet of the I nual school district meeting on May Voorheesville Methodist church will 6. be held in the social hall Apr. 14 atl' : 6:30 p. m. Tickets must, be secured \ %\ mn \ s J u „j 0r LeagUC Banks, William S. SMcEwan; bust? tabled for lack of time. Two meet- ness and industry, Theodore South- ings were held Wednesday and Thurs- worth; clubs and organizations, Miss day of this week at the high school. no later than Apr. 9. For reserva- tions call Mrs. Fred Blackman. RO 5-2303, or Mrs. S. E. Mintlinej RO 5-2307. CARD PARTY APRIL 17 Card party Thursday, April 17, at 8 p. m., at the Clarksville fire hall. Sponsored by the Ladies' Auxiliary. Prizes and refreshments. CARD PARTY, BAKE SALE APR. 17 . A luncheon, card party and bake sale will be held at the Presbyterian church, Guilderland, Thursday, April 17, starting at 12:30 p. m. The event is sponsored by the Hamilton Union so- ciety. • • FOOD SALE-LUNCHEON APR. 17 The Hamilton Union society of the Hamilton Union Presbyterian church, Guilderland, will hold a luncheon and food sale in the church basement on Thursday, Apr. 17, beginning at 12:30 p. m. Everyone is invited to attend. All members of the church are asked to contribute to the food sale. Fol- lowing the'luncheon there will be a card party. BAKE SALE APRIL 18 A sale of home baked goods will be held on Friday, April 18, at the Alta- mont Super Market, beginning at 2:30 p. m. The sale is sponsored by the F. C. M. class of the Altamont Re- formed church. CAFETERIA SUPPER APRIL 18 A cafeteria supper will be served at the Clarksville Methodist church on Friday, April 18, starting at 5:30 p. m. Ham, meat loaf, potato salad and es- calloped potatoes; tossed salad, cot- tage cheese, jello, rolls, pie, cake, etc. FIREMEN'S BALL APRIL 18 (Postponed from Feb. 22) The annual firemen's ball of the Altamont Fire department wdll be held at Altamont Elementary school Friday night, April 18. Continuous dancing from 9 to 1 o'clock, with music by Keith Witter'sT orchestra. \Open house\ will follow the dance. MINSTREL SHOW AFrR. 18-19 \Happy Days\ minstrels will be presented Friday and Saturday, Apr. 18-19, at 8 p. m., at the Legion hall, Voorheesville, sponsored'by American Legion Post 1493*' l CONFERENCE APRIL18-20 The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow* ship conefrence ,will be held at Camp Pinnacle Apr. 18-20.' FOOD SALE APRIL 19 * The Ladies' Aid of the Gallupville Methodist church will sponsor^ food sale in Carl's store in Schenectady on Saturday, April 19. They will al- BO spousor a rummage sale at Kilty's To Register Applicants On Tuesday, April 15, at 7 p. m., registration for Kiwanis Junior League baseball will be held for boys between 12 and 15 years of age, at the Alta- mont Elementary school. A fee of •$1.50 will be charged for insurance costs. Those not making the team will be refunded their money. This year Altamont replaces Albany in the four-team league. Boundaries and teams are as follows: McKown- ville, from Russell Rd. to the Thru- way bridge; Westmere, from Thruway bridge to Venezio Ave.; Guilderland, from Venezio Ave. to Carman Road; Altamont, from Guilderland Center to Altamont. The league begins Saturday, June 7, and the winner of the league will rep- resent the Capital district downstate. Other registration points -are: Me- Kownville, Hannan's drug store; West- mere, Westmere school; Guilderland, Wells' store. v CENTRAL DISTRICT GROUPS URGE ALL VOTERS: REGISTER QjMIUimillllllliiiiiiiiiiiHHIlmMMIIUIllHIIMIIMlMflMIII I|HIIIIIII R] (. Enterorise Ads | Our long list of advertisers speaks | | well of the value of advertising In | [ this paper. Use Enterprise ads to tell | i readers about what you have to sell. f 3j\\HIMimil l IIIMIMMIIIIIIIHIiaiHIMIIIIIlllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIMimill(£| (18 PAGES) NUMBER 39 The Altamont set for next lieve, but it's the hig night The Altamoprl i Ball is • s iaril to be- ~y, April 18 is •t annual event. f re toping that noiM.w«—- s iry j> uiat no more blizzanf« r\&eoffing- such as the one »»? n P a(e <i their onginaf date (F*#>*»ht cocked your tickets \So far and to*tecend on «Bst social hat Have you yet 7 As usuaW wide are making Altamont to event of the year. This past y< contributed $2, of the new trained and is ^ use of this fine equipment brS? ^ Smen for ** Altamont-Os- deH : ,ni^' ner s association and the Guil- inJ ., taxpayers association are urg- ing ail home owners and taxpayers to n^ S K re 1°, lister; otherwise they will hnLn 6 able u t0 vote tor the election of board members and on the annual bud- fL°r ? es , d ^' May 6 ' at the Guilder- land Central High school \With a near $2,000,000 budget about 10 be presented, and a possible 4000,000 new school building or new school addiuon strongly rumored, WP believe you should be vitally inter- ested in these all-important matters ma affect every taxpayer in the Guii- derand Central School district,\ the spokesmen said. They added: \If you do not regis- ter, you -cannot vote your approval or disapproval of these large expendi- tures.\ The next registration dates and the Places, together with hours of registra- tion, are: Saturday, April 12, at Westmere tJementary school, 2 p. m. to 6 p. m • Saturday, April 19, at Fort Hunter El- ementary school, 2 p. m. to 6 p. m.- Saturday, April 26, at Altamont Elem- entary school, 2 p. m. to 6 p. m; and Thursday, >May 1, at Guilderland Ele- mentary school, 2 p. m. to 8 p. m. All times listed for April are stan- dard time; for May, daylight saving time. ipartment tte purchase •ti*. It has . ffiea m the fte fighting v- . _ . has parti- cipated in county 2 ***; >ufoal aid drills, it has sfi^™** the \big snow \ It responWW am fire can with an average JjCS« J»«. It has proven that its*)\*** ££\«. ser- vice to the comawg; 5™«Y emer- gency situation. JlBip* company has appreciated WfB* support the community has i*Wp !J> P sai it, and the firemen aslr. |Tyoa continue to do so, for your ISf* 1 * * as needed now as it has^lgpys Wen in the To Speak Before District 3, B. P. W. College Choir Director DR. ROBERT CAVANAUGH The Hope College Chapel Choir of Holland, Mich., will present a poncert of sacred music tonight (April 11) in the Berne-Knox Central school, Berne The 64-voice choir under the direction of Dr. Robert Cavanaugh will conclude its tour of the Northeast with the con- cert in Berne. State Tax Reduction For Unincorporated Firms The State Tax Commission has issued official instructions to unin- corporated business taxpayers for ap- plying the newly enacted reduction ,on their 1957 tax returns due Apr. Carol Lane, leading authority on °>^,.„™„ „ • , „, automobile travel, will be guest sneak- • Gov ernor Hamman signed the lin- er af thP AnH,'% .^^o?%SS ,I ^! te ^_ busi I ness *\ reduction past District No. 3, New York State Busi- £Jj 1 . Maj \ 2o - Tt wU »\ ''•«» ness and Professional Women's clubs, S^f , tax Pf> ers as estimated $1.- district director Miss Helena Grimm If'™ 0 >„, al ^r l r ± Cto f n 0f has announced. 15 per cent of tne flrst $ 10 0 of un- Miss Lane, as women's travel di- ^rporated business tax and 10 per rector for the Shell Oil company, will ce \ tof *i?S next $200. The maximum tell more than 200 club members how cu i, ls *\• . . _ ., ^ _ ..-.,.,•„ , ~ -, , , • to get •Travel Profits by the Carload.\ - - _ Cornrmssion President George Aid drills, and 3 false alarms. The meeting will be held at Hudson M - B J^S^m issued these instructions, 'There are four major profits to be to . the unincorporated business tax- found in traveling: Pleasure, education, ^z^ 1 ,, comfort, and economy, Carol Lane tells Enter * e gross amount of umn - PLAN FOR DINNER William N. Quay was elected chief of the Altamont Fire department at the annual meeting Tuesday night. He succeeds John W. Armstrong, who has been the department's chief for 11 years. Other firemanic officers elected in- . elude: Assistant chief, Edward Pol- lard; captain, William Miller; 1st lieu- tenant, Benjamin Crupe; 2nd lieuten- ant, Harry Armstrong; captain of fire police (a new office), John McFarland. Executive officers were elected as follows: President, Harold Grant, reelected; vice president, Peter Alland; secretary, Albert Marion, reelected; treasurer, Robert Way, reelected; sergeant-at- arms, Bruno Klamm. Chief Quay was chosen as representative to the Village Board. Standing committees for the year are listed as follows: Finance, Howard Schaible, Bruno Klamm, Roy LaDuke; building custo- dians, Harry Armstrong, Ivan Mar- tin; property clerk, Neil Taber; mem- bership, David Cowan, Jack Miller, Or- son Dunham; ways and means, Jack Pollard, Richard -Long, Charles Arm- strong, Raymond Hall, Jack Jalet- publicity, Merlin Osterhout, Albert Marion; janitor, William Quay; drill- master, Edward Pollard; law commit- tee, George Nagihey, Jacob Simons, Henry McKnight. Chief John Armstrong, retiring after 11 years service as head of the de- partment, has been an Altamont fire- man since 1935. He held office for about 15 years, filling posts of treas- urer, 2nd lieutenant, 1st lieutenant, captain, and assistant chief. The new chief, William Quay, has held all of the offices leading up to that of chief. He has been a member of the depart- ment for many years. Retiring Chief Armstrong reports that in the year ending March 31, 1958 there were 22 fire calls — 10 grass or woods. 1 chimney, 2. barns, 6 Mutual The department averaged 17 men to a call, he said. There were only three fires in the village and fire protection dis- trict — none of them buildings, with me \ Miss Grimm said. \She has also cor Porated business tax (as computed! practically no loss. Chief Armstrong promised to give her famous demon- °P For H -\> 202) \» Une ^ P a ^ e x > \ ^V} ^.™ e \ ?\ e J? **? b ^ yea ?' stration of how to pack a complete two- FoTm TT-201. The response lathis ja^ ticket weeks wardrobe into a single 26-inch 1 Figure the reduction of 15 per cent | a- ™nirnum. in the matter of keeping fire losses to sale is good.' Igj&Bightly under last year's, but With ijl 9( 3E ,ecJe < 1 last-min- ute sale of tcketfflCis hoged that last Sbly iuSyBraMtft\ i*j, fsrcha&mai William V. -Buike, Daw (twaifand Jfck'Suller wish to thank.. tlose who 1«ve supported fte fire-1 j suitcase\ on the rvst S10 ° ^^ 10 percent on! Saturday night. May 10. has been Often' called \America's First Lady' «* nex*.?2Q0 ™ * separate sheet of >sel.as the tentative: date forJheJrae- of Touring,\ Miss Lane travels we P 3 ^- \me«s annual dmner. Arrangements than 60,000 miles each. Oil company. constaWBfeiL i^r-i tB K 2?K t0r ^STSJifJ™^ - l income tax entered in line 17b Cwhieh Ltompbile. Her, reputation ie authority on motoring is ?5 ^SSSS i^r~£ is the same amount reported- at Une —,. . __ -- , T -± auuionty on motoring is large- _ , ^ toriT fa* in Knp men* ,venturfc T£y proniiseamostjiy dug to her many original^ ideas for g} Q and enter tne total tax m toe successful year in the history \oC-'lHg iire department Ronnie Ceglais; coin cans, Mrs. Mayo ^f^t^ iLl*? HV,J \SLIT con ^°f' ^^fJS^f JPJSt i Unincorporated business owned by L. Coiner; dentists, Dr. William ft N& a *8k flrt^HJSf^ ?* radl f tOTS ^ entertainment of .dffl- „ rtnmih ^ reDOrt on Form rr-204. Smith Pr • doctors Dr John Mpii^n ivrill be^ad to fill your request- \drei on long tnps. amicn, rr., doctors, ur. Jonn Mellen.) ^ ^a — Altamont Elementarv \iOss Lane has asked that club &^S£ } partnerships report on Form IT-204- Drua-eists Mrs Charles F ^>l^H<• ^ ; lie place — aiumi«» rjemeraary -iuss l^ane nas asseu UKU. uuu . . ^ «• lS pS Misf Oirktin^^ Duff • iS M 001 °^ en ho f^ at „ the Leg^ manbers come armed with questions , ConSembOIl ReSClTe ilgDUD Bfitttio, iviiaa uiiauiid LIUU, UlSUr- , -„ Ai» amn nt T?lvd. will fnllnu; thoUw* enm* r,f th«r ram trsvrt nroh- vw \***' T~\ O F Be Careful With Your Tar Return Figures future research.' S^n'sworm^MyAl^^ Blv4 WlH toQow'tbe I about'some of their own travel prob- David S. Williams; liquor dealers,'' dBnce - - ' lsnS - and ^ Jonathan Carpenter, Motor corps, Miss Eleanor Byitte; special gifts, Mrs. Benjamin Trendell. Pu'blic relations, Mrs. William O. Bollin; speakers, Dr. Christopher Stahler; displays and posters, Mrs., Gladys Gnesh. Students at Guilderland Central \Lights On,\ Mrs. Charles W. Hfe\ school are planning to compete Randolph and Mrs. Edmund A.\ I™.the 17th annual public speakirig con- Central High Oratorical Test Tuesdayip^^ ^^ pj^e Taxpayers are urged by District ji UKU u-i. \\:\ *:*— i«. n . * 1 1 r TL* V Director James A. O'Hara to be ex- ' to stump her with them. llAO|llma ftnr|l j^ iJUg Jtftf tremeiy careful in the preparation of if she doesn't have the answers now, l/WUlUins njjiu *.v »•\« *v»« , the problems will form part of her Federal income tax returns. Time is growing short for farmers \ ^ e tax official called particular to get into the 19S3 Conservation Re- .'attenttonjo the^ following: points: ; serve program of r he Soil Bank ^- Name and address should be Xnrii 15'\is\ tne signuD deadline, W. clearly printed or typed in the proper m _ , „ , i w Jeff^- chairman. Schenectady\ spaces. If a joint return, both names To Westmere 1st We^g^ &**%$& %i s f^ m n^ b. signed, j uonserva^ou \~umi* ., a i^rrt mmm both husband and Tobin. (test at the high school auditorium on Tuesday, April 15. at S p.m. Mrs. Ranta's first grade at * e ' ^j^ rhe rea sons why farmers program- • - The Van Wormer pn^.fbr.boys will be awarded, also two Key club prizes and two P. T. O. prizes pins tbs Stu- dent Council award- on Broadway in Schenectady on May 11-12-13. P. T. A. MOVIE APRIL 19 The Altamont Elementary P. T. A. will sponsor,a professional movie to be presented in the school gym on Sat- urday, April 19. There will be two showings. HAM SUPPER APRIL 19 The Dutch Arms Club of Helder- berg Reformed church, Guilderland Center, will hold its ham supper at the church on Saturday, April '19. First table at 4:30 p. m., continuing unti 1 . all are served. VIOLET SHOW APR. 19-20 The Capital District and the Al- bany African Violet societies are pre- senting a show and exhibit at the Institute of History and Art, 125 Washington Ave., Albany, on Apr. 19 and 20 from 2 to 8 p. m. Firm To Alter For 4 Groups Each To Sponsor A Boy At Summer Camp For the past few years it has been the practice of the Guilderland Cen- tral High School Faculty association, the Altamont Kiwanis Club, and the Helderberg Rod and Gun Club each to send one boy to the Raybrook Con-' servation Camp. The camp is one of the many youth activities carried on by the New York State Department of Conservation. At Raybropk, conservation, camp- ing and allied fields are demonstrated and taught to the youths attending camp. Each boy has one week at the expense of the contributing or- ganization. . \ This year the Guilderland High school faculty is sending Richard! Spawn; the Altamont Kiwanis is sponsoring Theodore Mbsall, an ehrh+h Gun er cfub ** tteltob ^ Ro7and Gun Club is sponsoring Gerald Champion, a tenth grader in addi- tion, the Altamont Kiwanis is soon soring another boy, yet to be choieri from the Knox area. ' OES S^tf^mlMatron , ToVisit^reaApr.lMi Mrs. Gertrude L.. Becker Tuckahoe grand matron of the State Ord^i the Eastern Star, will SateThe?or ficral visitation to Albahy-Aen^w Schenectady District, Friday fe 11, at Maple Hill school Castletbn on-Hudson. The Eastern\ Stafrn°rn> bers of the district will assemble ^t 8 p. m. There will foe a SP tl 6:30 o'clock precedingTthe v£u!« a * Mrs. Becker is past mat*vwT,r^ «.\ United States' Chapter 592 ^L* 6 She has served. aaSUKn^ matron; commissioner of annealf^ grand conductress of ^ im? &nd Mrs. Becker WiU ma ke her official visitation aj: Saratoga District OK ££ urday, Apr. 12, It the W«w a JS Methodist church, 17 Thffif tf S* Waterford; llura St > Mr. and 'Mrs. George W cWvL : « _e will sponsor a Albany-Carman Rd hn^' ^°^ on °f cafeteria supper at the Grange hall, from a thfee>morrth ^ e „?^iF?#' o f ^s mo \ ft ^'^•^•iinSS- in DUrihsvUle stai-tiiig at 5 p, m. Apr. t Gbrd'a, Ma. SeW $ffl-&*&*&* Pe^y fund ^iMi^W^^m. 26. Card party wi follow at 8 p.m. was devoted to &&$£&&* titafe &asiurn. &FWL ~ ^W &r, Westmere Elementary- school- now: erested in retiring all or a a joint return, wife must sign. 3. Ail withholding certificates, Forms W-2 for 1957 should be se- TURKEY DINNER APRIL 23 The Youth Fellowship of the New Salem Reformed church will sponsor a turkey dinner Wednesday, April 23, in the. church fining room. First ta- ble at 5 pj hi, BAKE SALE APRIL 26 The women of the 'Beaverdam Re- formed church will sponsor a bake sale at 10 a. iri. Saturday, Apr. 26, at Sissbh's meat market. West Berne. CAFETERIA SUPPER APRIL 26 Gifford Grange will sponsor The P. T. O. of the school, is spon- has a picture of President Eisenhower are ^'^ eligible cropland are , soring the contest this year and is on display. The picture, sent to Part ot \•-*-» following ques-,'surety attached to the return contributing two of the prizes. them directly from, the White House, summed up m tne wnu =. H J 4 Ant hmetic should be double Each of the 15 partiapaBng students is a gift from the President. to ^ . } d in the Soil! checked by the taxpayer is given from three to four.minutes to , When the children heard ot the Are Venation Reserve bfcause | 3 - A return should not be marked deliver his prepared address.'' Facultj- President's illness last Novemher, Bank 5 Coronanonn \AMENDED 1 unless a prior Form members of the high school .serve as nteT decided to add an extra thought J^ Can «! r «er^n-\ land in the'3940 » *}\*& on ' Me \ Should a coaches and advisoB to thfe candidates. ; to 'the rooming prayer that is said. •Are • y M r^er. ^ er desire to submit an amend- QonaQd Carlson, Edward Behan and 1 each dav. The state suggested pray- ^ ^\L^^ll help pay taxes ed Form 1040. he must forward fthe Neil Brown are the committee in er i- \Almightv God. we acknowledge gram W^.*^ n P e JJ | amended return to the same district charge. Town fflstoram Arthur B. , our dependence upon Thee; and we or ^'^] T Jr^d \n using the' directors off.ee m which the original Gregg will be the moderator of the •«- -\.- KW^„ TO .r^n us. mrr oar- Are >ou intertsitu beg Thy blessings upon us. our par- --\= ^ Resen-e program ents. our teachers and our country, ^*' vour farTn land and improve To this they added \Goa otess oonserv ^ ^ ^ ? President Eisennower and keep him Its *;' auest ions give you an idea wil-\ 'J v „th e r farmers are interested in Early in March the children wrote «•\> °^ Contact the Schenec^ ^r o -;j„„- rJlinc him in \ie program- v. J,J„ Watori t 0 return was filed. ! 6. All tax returns are due on or j before next Tuesday, Apr, 15. to the President, telling him tady County A. S. C. office located typical\ ax year old manuscript, ot ^ x - r y am g 0 f the County Court their prayers. Along ^th _the chil- g^^^ Schenectady, for further de- tails and information. The firm seeking ^S^^rap Jo con- struct three office ttfawgS'm. Western Ave. just west of 'ff 1 ^ ,lfaft. 3tfe- KbwnVQle, will SUIXBS ag^w^plpt plan in an effort to ov^^ ~*echmear ob- jections of the to»fg9«& Zoning Board of Apepals ro iK ••construction Pr j P °R d- McIlN^.g a ^ i ^ the zoning board, sa^ ^^£. ^ no objection to the ^||i£g|%r ^ e \ \ 'Our'l^g^ssafte. tech- buildings, riical,\ he said. *j».f( dren's letters, went a note trorn Ranta. , ^ On April 1. the following letter came from Sherman Adams: j Dear Mrs. Ranta. ' Died April 10. Mrs. Annie of Altamont; nv in the prayer which they^^.^ ?XM Sharp of Schenectady; sis- momdng. He.is mdeed grateful ^ff^^Zvd and Mrs. William y ^^L ^ ZSF^^Sd girls ' vlnSe of Canada. Solemn Requiem s-rj-v-ts: r ss^ri* xn&ite may f might like to b^leL S &^^P^:5ho^raph for ^r dassroon, ij ( St, Pet^ano formtty with djr.««p^^ afc xomes to you wrth tea, every „ ^ ^ ^ L mittmg. a new pll^^,.-'..: • Iwish. A heaiing on M^MWsg of Bevenvj-ck Mg^KSste^* last *Wi^j§8BS§&*F tt Hall The dewf^S£^^8ra*6ini is headed by P^S'Wm^^&L^ jpiiting' the piw%< Shopping CenterJ^i The site is *~^ ness.\ A meeting or be held April 18 ment firms ne* The three 25;00O to 30,1 PTA TO SP Tlie Altamor^ sponsor a profff\ scope in the sC Aprils 19, at V&• of this movie *% Dr.PattorsonTtt^Mak^ Ft tfnnta- s may call Friday eve- ning at the Lenz funeral parlors in CarTajoharie. Interment a< Calvary cemeteny. Glenmont. Buys Bowling Alleys Ralph T Carpenter, 67 Hite Cf. illowbrook Est ^u TT^ w^r^PTA announces Ralph T Carpenter 67 Hite C\., that Dr Paul Patterson, rctoase of Savage's Bowling devoted io dcop-soa ffsmhg? J sale. speaker at ffi? *™*®£ ^ g ve a Schenectady. Carpenter purchased ? ? m ' •^IvIaSnon-' All par-1 the property from Jerome W. De- lecture on S^Educanon ^ felt ^ of 91 - A] . bany S t, Schehec^- ! SS ^ Itomativ\ discussion will tady. and the papers were agned tew that this uitoi-mauvc^— ^ v Ah . lrf _ Frjday carpenter said he planned to make improvements and that auto- matic pin setters would be installed by fall assist them in instructing *^JJ* ' rpn nrr this Sllbiect. A quesnon an &°pei*d «oll 'follow *e tecgare^ ' DurinK the business session, the nom- 'eons for candidates, and to elecnon off officers for the year 1958-o9 will *%£* ^d scheduled date for to «&M PariW will be announced by Jo- S llfiSom. chaimian of ways and fflJSmW RUfreshnifflits will te Served! foUbwihg; the meeting. First polio shots of a new series will be administered Apr. 14 &t the Guilderland telementary school. The second clinic will he held May 26; the third Will 'be fft the fall S:... ' ..• Town Fails To Get Bids On Garage Demolition At a recent meeting of the Guilder- land Town Board it was learned that tho old town garage in GufEderlartd Confer, slated to be demelshed! before June 15, had aroused no inKerested among wrecking firms. In' the ab- sence of bids. Supervisor John King said that the town will probably have to pay demolition expenses. Land occupied by the old garage may be put to use as a playground or a small park, board members said. The board also heard the Guilder- land Youth Commission commended for it project to employ high school youth this summer. Supervisor Xing disclosed that about 150 teen-agers have already filed for summer em- ployment but that only ar few mer- chants so far have indicated they have job openings. The board passed a resolution assess- ing billboard and poster board owners an annual $25 fee. The board also agreed to amend the zoning ordinance, changing 1671 Western Ave., Westmere, from resi- dential to local business. The request Was made by Gordon and Joan Robin- son, sam,e address, and a public hear- ing on the petition was previously held. Youth Job Need Says King ' Town of Guilderland Siipeijvisor John King, a member of the Yduth Commission, has indicated that tine .response for jobs for teenage** \has not been as fruitful as waS teopeo!.\ Expected- job opportunities 5 !fi»j ISO teenagers have not materialise^rtKus far. Advertisements have 'been |$#ced and boys and girls are registering for job placements in* the Town hiill^il Guilderland. .,...-. ... l M 1» •Jif '11 II '%! 4* Mil §/< 'it its i' I ' i li '.*A • ^^mmmmm^^^^^m^^^smmmm^g^ ^•^>%^^M>V>J!K?«**SW

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