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(g>.». \ \>»MIII||| II „ I /Uban J r County Weekly I The Enteral* u .. * 3 «>f c.-'Ci.i'r 8 the ° ,dest ' • • ahlw i and oarrle » news a-hundred communities in- \^»- »3.00 a year. ' \\» ......,.„„„ from half to 3,000 homes MIMMIIIHIIUJT] iEVENTY^OURiiTiS fgjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiM|iniiiiiiiin>iiin)iiiiiitniiiiiitiiiimiify Enterprise Ads i Our long list of advertisers speaks I | well of the value of advertising in 1 | this paper. Use Enterprise ads to tell f = readers about what you have t o sell. | 3 Mil\! IIIIIMtllMIIMI IIMlllllllill lltlllllMIMI*IIIHlflllltll[7I \\ NUMBER 38 i IH K AT ' CENTER ' CHURCH -^The Rev: Paul W. K^hdohk^s'insMiied as pastor of thb weioerberg Reformed church, Guilderland Center, at a service in the church Sunday afternoon, March 23. Pic- tured above are pastors and others who participated in the installation service. FROM LEFT: Raleigh V. Moffett, organist of Helderberg church, and son of a former Helderberg pastor; Rev. Paul W. Kranendonk, the newly installed minister; Rev. Cornelius J. Meyer, minister of the Altamont Reformed church and vice- president of the Schenectady Classis, who conducted the service, installed the pastor and delivered the charge to the congregation; Elder Robert Korn, of the Helderberg church consistory; Rev. Norman E. Thomas, minis- ter of the First Church in Albany, who preached the sermon; Rev. Gerard Van Heest,' minister of the Lynn- wood Reformed church, who delivered the charge to the minister; Rev, Charles E. Pope, pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran church, Guilderland Center, who gave the Scripture lesson and prayers. (Photo by Vernon Davis) ST. MARK'S CHURCH INSTALLS REV. C.E. POPE AS PASTOR rrJhf R f I C } &rleS E - P °P e wa S for- FVLI y^ed as pastor of St. Mark's Editor's Note \-^gW of Edu- cation of Guilder*\ <jW«l School SStXSStA ^SvottrfandT^r Lut herW cnurchT GuUder faf tte S«S« **nj CrS 4 p C r ter ' T ° h n Sunday ' March 30 ' at tor rne aiumo^ ^ H * , t p . m The servIce opened witn , «A wh m L i u •'Z s m charge of ^v. Henry Mc- The Board «f » ™\\ has care jK™ght, pas tor of St. John's Lutheran fully considered tnejwesDon of whe- 2 1ureh > Altamont. First Lesson: I ther it should VW 11 *™ Personal ''\™ ,h >' 4:6 \ 16 ; second Lesson: John registration of ***&f school meet . l&:l-lo. ings and bond eIec \S^ '• Th( ? vrmon was delivered by Rev There are two nw«s[Prescribed by ^oenck Auman, pastor of the Luth- the education IaW p w «ch this may £ ran Church of The Good Shepherd, be accomplished ^t • td; >t Glenville. It follows, in part: Under one provW»» Aboard may • \When I thought of what my own submit to an annu««fflecalmeeting lnstaJ 'ation had meant to me and what the: question of J*%2f r fte school : ad brou ?ht me together with my con- dis.trict shall be dwlge^inta election • s re ? atl0 - rl . I thought of three works of .www •=\\*: :»i..i a districts, and if j»»t.». voters; the board «•*•• under some*p — by the •' ^\Pture - Psalm 43:3, John 21:14 divide the :and J c ^nnthians: 6 — which seem to ^„„„„, . 'Complicated • work lnt0 a Pattern as a basis for con- rules respecting the »^>er of voters f re 2 atl , on and pastor — a prayer at in each district, Hie &*mbon of the' \ rs 'j tnen a challenge, and then a re- boundaries thereottte^UMication of . minder. the description thereof etc when \ (1 > Is it not proper to start with this is done, voters njustfiigBter in the r a prayer for the truth and the light of particular districts >J|jJ™\ wey reside,! Almighty God, working in the hearts and, except as to tw; annual meeting • and souls of congregation and pastor 7 for the \'\^^^i^ budget, I •• (2. Our Lord said to Peter, 'Follow vote at a designate pomng place in »„i= ~- =„*«* -«fa,,\*\-~ \'.^ Ie ' an d so He says it to us — not only the district in wtoWftHey are regis- [to the congregation but also to the ENTERPRISE BUYS THE ALBANY COUNTY POST On Saturday, March 29, the Al- tamont Enterprise became the own- er of the Albany County Post, pub- lished in Delmar for 30 years, and printed in Cobleskill by the Cobles- kill Times-Journal. Charles L. Ryder, publisher of both the Delmar and Cobleskill pa- pers, on March 25 sold the rights to title, good will and paid mailing list of the Post, to the publishers of the Enterprise. Mr. Ryder had previously pur- chased the Worcester Times in Ot- sego county from Grover C. Shafer, publisher of the paper for 42 years. The Enterprise will incorporate the Post into its own newspaper, beginning with this week. A fur- ther statement on this subject ap- pears on page 2 of this issue. LOCAL CHURCHES Altamont Far Behind In Red Cross Canvass The memory of February's disas- tprp A , ;n a =tnr \ ™ ---i ^°^ snow storms, and Red Cross aid ,. . u - **«* f n «. ' 2, • • • ' m t in followi ng. we find i given to the storm's victims, is fresh The board has «me to the conclu- that in everything we will be bound in our minds Easily recalled aUn sion that this pto^P be quite ex- together . . . 'Follow Me' is a challenge is the water shortage in Altamont a pensive, involving the Utang of a large tnat struck deep into the hearts of the i little over a<*o when Red Cross fed number of inspea«s.^o of whom apostles . . . passed on down through ; 200 volunteers 'at an expense of over must sit on each m OtftegBtrahon in the ages until we are still in line with S400. We marvel at the potential each district the\ use or <Jarge number, the same people. That challenge . . . ! lives saved through the Red Cross wa of voting machines, tr» number of caJls f ° r co-operation — pastor and ter safety program every summer which required may be Jpimated from\ People: people and people; rising above Many residents have taken the Red the fact that at general elections the , personalities, petty differences, charac- . Cross home nursing course Our voters of this district-eag:their ballots I (eristics and traits . . . because of the 'Firemen's Auxiliary (Altamont) mem- bers have been trained in disaster feed- ing by Red Cross personnel, and our sick have taken advantage of the Red Cross loan closet in the American Le- gion hall. Many other Red Cross ser- vices are available to us who live in Altamont. It is perhaps unique am- ong the' many agencies we are asked to contribute to throughout the year, in that it has actually given us many tan- gible results' for our contributions. And yet, with oniy seven remaining volunteer solicitors to be heard from, Hope College Cfcok To Appear At lerne-Knox at fourteen different pejtog places in ' greater understanding and guidance of the four towns into\ whp the district ' ^ e ^ght and the truth. Co-operation extends.. The tewjeajfe, that there i i s Piling together; it calls for work — be a school house m eaa election dis-1 basic, hard, down-to-earth sweat . . . trict or in as many oteuch election i if the pastor is lazy, it is no good; if districts as possible-, m tins district . tne congregation is lazy, it is no good. (Continued on FSge> faction 2) J Working together, co-operating to the ' best of their ability is the challenge of 'Follow Me.' There are varieties of work but it is the same God in- spiring them all . . . The work of the church is yourself, and the witness of the church in your job is yourself. The jobs you are doing on the outside as well as inside of the church are in- spired by God. All of us are full time Christians. All occupations are necessary for livelihood and for sup- port of the church ... As in the mar- riage ceremony, we are challenged in the wedding of pastor and people . ... to a more comgiete understanding, of the ne*s of tfie 'GospeL- \Then thepee is the thallmge^tmtpiXawi.&od. .-;m^jHs^svery ST. MARK'S INSTALLS PASTOR — Rev. Charles E. Pope was installed as pastor of St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran church, Guilderland Center, Sunday afternoon, March 30, at a service in the church. In the group above are, from left: Rev. Frederick Auman, pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, East Glen- ville, who delivered the sermon; Rev. Clayton Van Deusen, president of.the Eastern Conference of the United Lutheran Synod of New York and New England, who conducted the order for installation; Rev. Charles E. Pope, the installed pastor; Rev. Henry T. McKnight, pastor of St. John's Lutheran church, Altamont, in charge of opening vespers; Rev. Paul W. Kranendonk, minister of the Helderberg Reformed church, Guilderland Center, closing vespers. * ' (Photo by Vernon Davis) —^Ti The'Hope College Cftapal Choir of Holland, Mich, vrall'present a concert of sadred music o&\ Eiclay evening, April 11', ,in the Berne-Khox Central school, Berne The J snSy four voice choir, under the direction of Dr Robert , . <^vanaugh>will conclOde^s tour of the i^|i«oip^|ii^tfetOTce*»Bein& tysar ^Me.'VcRoir Began aErtag & 353 lOTeSfJfcjfWtf.ijdvitedVo'particsBate in :thie<'E6ier Dawn Services m Radio G5ty-'^uic Hall. Since thai fee #Jnasf;MMetJiree Eastern tours, one 1 - , ,.-••_-- <• «, #id-western tour and in 1955 cowed - that we have the inspiration of AI- six m'ousand miles on 'a West Coast mighty God and_ that our job is 1m- tdur; '-ijFollbwing its tour of the North-1 portant to Him. 'eastiv.tne choir'Will giye several con-1 The order, for installation was con- \cerfe |h-Michigan concluding its season I ducted by Rev. Clayton Van Deusen, wi&a''. home vesper concert in Hope President of the Eastern Conference Memorial Chapel during the Tulip Time of the United Lutheran Synod of New Festival. York and New England. Before be- A.well balanced selection of music|£»™ns the formal installation Rev. from several periods will be included in I Van Deusen stated that he had started the program. In addition to the num-1 his pastorate at St Mark s church 20 bera by the entire choir, there will I years.ago and that since there were be individual selections by the women's j no other installations in the near future. - - 'the installation of Rev. Pope wouid EASTER SUNDAY Churches of the village of Altamont have announced their respective serv- ices in observance of Easter. Altamont Reformed Rev. Cornelius J. Meyer will deliver a sermon on the theme, \Resurrection\ at the Easter morning worship service at 11 o'clock in the Altamont Re- formed church. Mrs. Teresa Weidman, organist and choir director, will use as the prelude, Prelude and Fugue in F Major\ by Bach; and \Paean Exultant,\ by Fred- erick Stanley Smith, as the postlude ihe youth and chorus choirs will sing That Blessed Easter Mo-n,\ by Cald- well, as the offertory anthem. The combined choirs will sing \Easter Tri- umph\ by David Williamw for the an- them and \The Hallelujah Chorus\ from ''The Messiah\ by Handel, at the Close of service. During the service the hymns, \The Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done,\ \The Day of Resurrec- tion,\ and \Welcome Happy Morning\ will be sung. & Easter lilies given in memory of loved ones will decorate the sanctuary of the church. Committee in charge of decorations includes Mrs Arthur Gregg, Mrs. Stuart Rombough, Mrs Marvin Vroman, Miss Flora Becker and Mrs. Ernest Croff. Flowers will be distributed among those unable to attend the church service. Easter Dawn Service The annual Easter Dawn service will be held at 6:30 a. m. at the Wes- tern Turnpike Drive-In Theatre, on U. S. Route 20. The program follows: Organ prelude, call to worship, and prayer of invocation by Rev. Charles J. Warner, McKownville Methodist church; hymn, \Christ the Lord Is Risen Today.\ Responsive reading led by Rev. Henry T. McKnight, St. John's Lutheran church, Altamont The Helderberg Quartette will sing \Chnst Arise,\ by Lawry. Scripture Mark 16: 1-14, by Rev. Roger John- son, Knox Reformed church. Prayer by Rev. Paul W. Kranendonk, Helder- berg Reformed church; hymn, \Come Altamont has only $450 toward its quo- £ el %, ^fP^S ? hu rch; hymn, \Come ta of S850. (This quota was lowered I ili^Sl^' T Ral l. e ^ e Strain.\ Quar from last year's S1.002 to make it eas- ier for Altamont to reach its goal in 1958 — an achievement not accom- plished in the past three years). A great part of the funds already tette, \Now Let Every Tongue.\ Rev. Herbert J. Guth, Third Reform- ed Church of Albany, will deliver the Easter message. The benediction will be pronounced by Rev. Douglas iBStions, WhaMted, Cross • ^B^^^^-J^^^../^^.-^-^ , . resident -OT^e^S^ed*®^-^^^ \(3) Finally, the~femmder that noj^J $1,06. rf evferyoMfM-^Sihiont matter what our job is or what we are-jfeere to do this, we woidd-,$e freD over called upon to do —pastor.or people QUJ- quota. If, within the i&ext.week, you are contacted again to give more, or to give where you have riot given, please keep the above-listed benefits in mind and enroll proudly in the Al- bany County Chapter of the American Red Cross: EVENTS TO COME Churches, Schools, Fraternal, and Other Organizations EASTER DAWN SERVICE APR. 6 Clarksville united Easter Dawn service at 6:30 p. m., April 6, at top of Cass Hill. Community breakfast at the Clarksville fire hall to follow the service. FUN DAY APRIL 6. Ski-Land at East Berne is planning a \Skiers' Fun E>ay, Easter Sunday, Apr. 6. Slalom and racing for all skiers. Prizes will toe awarded to winners. Refreshments on sale by Foxenkill Grange. TURKEY SUPPER APRIL 9 A turkey supper will toe served, at Princetown Reformed church, on Rt. 20 at the intersection of ,'Rt 406, on Wednesday, April 9. Serving will begin at 5 p. m. SKATING PARTY APR. 10 The Youth Fellowship, of Westerlo Reformed church will sponsor a roll- er skating party at Knox Cave Thurs- day evening, Apr. 10. Public invited. CHOIR AT BERNE APRIL 11 The Hope College Chapel choir of 66 voices of Holland, Mich., will pre- sent a concert at Berne-Knox Central school, Berne, Friday evening, April 11. ANNUAL HAM SUPPER APR. 12 Knox Volunteef iFire company will hold its annual ham supper Saturday, Apr 12, at Knox firehduse. Serving begins at 5 p. in. Prizes will toe awarded. HAM SUPPER APRIL 12 Hiawatha Grange will sponsor a Virginia ham supper at the Grange hall in Dormansville dn .Saturday, April 12. First table at 5:30 p. m. CLOVER HOP DANCE APRIL 12 The 4-H Council' of. Albany douhty will hold its annual.Clov^ Hqp.Square dance at the Hamagrael •,schbd! ( Del- mar Saturday, April. 12, frorti 8:00 to 12 00. Music by'Reuben Merchant. Tickets can be obtained from 4^H members and at the door.' Also at Announce Plans For Little League Ball At a meeting held last Thursday night, the officers and commissioners of Guilderland Little League Baseball completed' their final arrangements for this, the third year of the league. President Paul F. Cudney announces that the first practice session will be held tomorrow, Saturday, April 5th, at 1 p. m., on the Altamont school dia- mond. This practice is only for the boys who are registering for the first time. The following two Saturdays, April 12 and 19,' will be for all boys who have registered for this year. Wednesday, April 9, will be the last day for registering, and that night, a league meeting will be held to assign the new boys to teams. This year there are approximately 120 boys in the 8 to 12 age group. This will mean an added burden to the league in handling 20 boys per team, but an earnest effort will be made to take care of all. The schedule for 1958 shows the first game to be played Saturday, April 26, at 2:30 p. m. The usual parade through the streets of Altamont will precede this game. Following are the officers and com- missioners of the league: President, Paul F. Cudney; vice- president, Peter Alland; secretary and treasurer, John Zaremsjd. Commissioners and sponsors: Alta- mont Fire Department, William Burke, Ed Pollard; American Legion, Al. Meineker, Dave Cowan; Guilderland Center Fire Department, Howard Vin- cent, Bob Marx; Kiwanis, Peter Al- land, Ed Brooks; K. of C, John Ga- zak, John Zaremski; Veterans of For-\ eign Wars, Bob Chesnut, William Vrooman. Watch the Enterprise for informa- tion about our future ball players. Expected U. S. population toy 1975 will toe 225 million people. 3-Hour Service Today At Reformed Church The annual Good Friday service from 12 noon until 3 o'clock is being held' today at the Altamont Reformed church, under sponsor- * p -u f t ! ie He'derberg Association of Churches.;,, The people of the congregations represented by the association are, invited to attend the whole or any part of the service, and an invitation is extended to everyone to, fefke part similarly as time is available. Business men of the community are urged to codperate with this dfe- votionahby oloSing their places of business between the hours of 12 noon and* p; rri.^ay,- Good Fri- this time the square dance contest will be held. The winning couple-wiD rep- resent Albany county in the Eastern District dance contest. (Continued, on .Page 6, Section 2) Fire Department To Elect TnMrH Y - Bur £ e ' David c °wan and John Miller are busily engagedf mak- ing plans to. the aLuiOtaSfc «° r^'^R be ^ eId ^day. April 18, at the v Altamont school. Thev have been, m contact with the Weather Bureau, and have found that K zards are in; prospect. z Jack McFarland, in charge of deco- rations, has his crew i n 'readiness To bring an atlra of festiveness tnfho dance hall., . HowardI Diehf hi w e traffic patrol readjtogi^le'best^ parking service V oesi m Feb eC ^ e t h ? f,v e »*P°nanent from .:. 22 > the- firemen are anxiomiv waiting for the evening to^S Merlm Ogterhout promiies that tht \open h648&\ to be held at thiliJSS hall on, Altamont Blvd. will bT^K' best yet:, The' menu regains a « cret, but you can be sure flSfi «3m be a chef's.delight. &t \ Wl11 Keith fitter's orchestra is waiting to provide the patrons with Z ^rf est in dance music. Yes VP nw are ma& and the evening^islraS near. If ym haven't yet.pSS and men's sections of the choir. . -•- —---•- . „f«~ = i =^ •\•*\-. •\. \\-e \--*\\—~\&g —-\.\\ —e No tickets will be sold, however an b e h 15 aan Deusens) last o\ 1 ^ 1 ??jhas named the following candidates offering will be received to defray ihe![° be performed He otterec1 nis President Mhert Le ininger; vice- choir's expenses. A reception for the! b «t wishes and *aid M>. f e f^z u ° ' pres i de nt, Leonard Lindahl; secre- choir and the public will be held in the * e congregation i> - irus BI»^ Norman McGowan; treasurer, school cafeteria following the concert.! shepherd, and to the pastor mi* ls, | Ge 5 rge Gaetz; financial secretary, |\our Flock. _ -Edward Parker; statistician, Robert Closing vespers were in charge or ; Writ .™ 0 ,.. trmtw> William Wuffmir^- Fort Hunter Volunteer Fire de- partment wil hold its annual meeting and election of officers Wednesday, participate. Apr 9 Th nominatin committe j this devotional and inspirational\ serv (Continued on Page 6, Section 2) President, Albert Leininger; vice- church, Rev. Henry T, McKnight will deliver the message. Mrs. Ellsworth Chesebro, organist, will play as- the prelude \Good Friday Spell,\ by Vret- blad, and as the postlude \Chorale\ by Bach. The adult choir will sing \Go to Dark Gethsemane,\ by Noble. Once again, the Easter Dawn service will be in charge of the Luther League at 6 a. m. on the lawn at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Armstrong, Dunnsville Road. Refreshments will be served at the John McFarlands, fol- lowing the service. This is a fine tradition in which the young people All are invited to join in Class Set For Monday Wormer; trustee. William Huffmire; Rev. Paul W. Kranendonk, minister j chigf s ' hirlev Heimlich or Edward of Helderberg Reformed church. Ouii-I Shave; fir$ - assistant ch^ T^Q nominations The Lynnwood Home Demonstra-. derland Center. Rev. Pope pronounced tion Unit will hold a class on copper : the benediction. enameling on Monday, Apr. 7, at the Mrs. George Schiller, organist played home of Mrs. James Groncki, Par- the Prelude \Hosanna\ by Jules Gran- view Dr. Mrs. Warren Winslow of ier and postlude \Festival Recession •tlie Winaire Unit will be the leader.' bv Chester Nordman. A choir of ten Mrs. Stanley Heidenreich held a sang the anthem \The Palms\ by Jean meeting on the care of furniture at I Baptiste Faure. An informal recep- her home Mar. 14. March 28,' the I tion for Rev and Mrs. Pope, following first class on short coats and box | the installation, was held in the parish jackets was held at the home of Mrs. • hall. Joseph Mihal, leader. j Rev pope beeari his pastoral duties The next business session*will be! at c-, t 'Mark'* church on Feb. 2. He b *« Fr 3i ay \ AP o' V'-i» t » the home j SUC ceed5 ^' v - G - 0!iver Sands fl 0 demonstration da v at Bethlehem Cen of Mrs. Charles Pergl. Western Turn- preached hi* farewell sermon on Jan. aemwisua __.... , , . „ . , pike, at 8:30 p. m. Miss Enne Levey. 113 1957 and is now pastor of Christ associate home demonstration agent,! Lutheran church of Woodstock. N. Y will speak on \Notes t o the Cook.\ Cancer Crusade Volunteers Begin Albany County Drive Canvassing by volunteer workers in , nine divisions of the Albany County Peat; second assistant chief, Guy Cancer Crusade started Monday as Bratt; captain, aHrold Melius; lieu-{American Cancer society sought $60,- tenants, William Wormer, John Slin-jooOO in local donations for support of gerland, Harold Coton and Arthur research into the cause and cure of Rhodes. There will also be from the floor. Present Demonstrations The Albany County Dairy Club members attended the county-wide your ticket, contact Al Marion at once. The cost of this wonderful evening of entertainment is still S3.00 per couple. Support your Fire company; buy a ticket; come to the dance! BIRTH OF DAUGHTER Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gardner Jr of Altamont. currently in France, announce the birth of a daughter. Mary Ann. March 29. Mr. Gardner is serv- ing in the Army. the dread illness. Volunteers, divided into campaign divisions, will report the results of their effort Apr. 22, the day of the \Lights On\ solicitation program. Divisions are: Auto, banits, busi- ness and industry, special gifts, in- surance, clubs and organizations, doctors, dentists, hospitals. Alan Stevenson, executive director of the New York State Division of American Cancer Society, said Satur- tral Senior High school last Saturday. The hoys put on the following (tern-, d ^ c Crusade luncheon onstrations: Peter raemke pleasing ./^ sheraton . Ten Eyck Hotei . ta the customer; Paul Wime, how to: h Mh count y s goal is reeister a Guernsey: John Daforaval- ....•'. „„ „^„„ J ,„,,'* „™_ register a Guernsey askas, feeding a dairy calf; John Newell, fitting a show box; Bill Newell, how to register a Holstein calf; Tommy Newell, how to tape a ca lf.' — Tommy Newell, reporter. pathetically small when you con- sider the need.\ He deplored the financial limita- tions of the past, which last year prevented progress on $13 million in- scientific research programs. \One of these programs we had to turn down,\ he said, \might have held the answer.\ Trailer Homes Are Barred In Town of Guilderland HOPE CO^GE CHOift -^t^P^eht concert at Bd^KnoxCehtrkl School Friday night, ApK 11 The Guilderland Town Board at its meeting Tuesday night passed a reso- lution prohibiting house trailers in the township, except for those docked at triler courts. In the future, single trailers are outlawed any place in the town, Supervisor John King said. Residents who currently live in sin- gle trailers.have until April 1, 1959 to correct the situation, the supervisor said. Whether or not they dwd the land on which their trailers are situat- ed makes no difference, according to the new resolution. The board emphasized the fact that the ruling will not affect any of the town's half-dozen trailer courts, nor does it apply to citizens storing trailers. It. is estimated that several dozen owners will be affected, their trailers being used as dwellings hooked up to one or more utility services. Mr. King told the- board the resolu- tion was necessary as a health meas- ure, /

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