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THE ENTERPRISE, Ai.TAMPHT> ^ Y >, FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 1958 —Mr. and Mrs. Fred Case of May- ville, N. Y., spent several days recent- ly visiting the John Armstrongs. —Mrs. Irving Taber, who has been ill at her home for a long time, is feel- ing much better and is able to be about again. PAGE FIVE Holy Week Services Listed Laurel By St Lucy's Church Here; Att m ish Hall William D. Laing Contributions to this column will be appreciated. Please phone your news items to: Mrs. Maxine Hoover, UN 1r8734; or to Mrs. Ada Ross, UN 1-8065; or to the Enterprise of- fice, UN 1-6641. William Deans Laing of 53 Lishakill —» i • ••\+•„„ v ,Road, Colonie, passed away Monday,. Palm will be blessed at the 9 a. m.' The March meeung of the Laurel March 24, after a short illness. ~ \ \\ \ Band class of, J A i t 4 a ™ 0nt Reformed' „?. or ? in Dundee, Scotland, Oct. 3, —Charles Townsend is a patient at Albany hospital. —Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Becker of Cairo were dinner guests of Mrs. Wil- liam I. Becker on Saturday. —Mr. and Mrs.. Robert Gemberling returned Saturday, after visiting rela- tives in Pennsylvania for some time. •—Mrs. Fred Becker of Old Forge. spend the week end at Saratoga. \. I * \«\ WJIX UCU1RBCU fJL Hi e Z> a . III. „ *\~ ', ; AH-aiw, . i-auiUI - —Robert p P nnm»i. M= n i. A u Mass Sunday, Mar.-30, at St. Lucy's Band ^^ of , J A1I < . a n t Reformed 1 --- , —. ~, returned Lme Xr ^ndin^' m!f CafchoIic church ' Th « procession of ^Ch was held *t tte parish hall 1883 he migrated to the United States weeks in E^ope for thfr&,i F. Pa * m Sund *y wlU be composed of Monday evening. Mar 24. Ethel m 1908 and settled in Cedar Hill. He ectric company Mr PorSnv/r wh'n mem ^s of the various church socie- Reanhart Pressed. Mowing the married the former Isabella McKin- is with the Teceivinrtu^SrCnt ties a - nd ' the ^ildren's religious in- »\g»ng of the hyain. What a Friend n?n. also of Dundee, who '.survives visited Germ'invTL,. a ^ P # i i* struction classes., Men of the parish We Have in Jesus, devotions were hm - -MriSil Sr^tJFi^i wil1 r * ad the gospel account of the given by Margaret Preston. | At the age of 17, he enlisted in the at brdge Tue da? g eveni n e 5er Passion according to St. MaShew? . The minutes of the p revious meot .' Cameron Highlanders and at one time guests were C rl* r?' nV Mrs. Gertrude Canavan will direct * n S were read by ™ e ' ^creiary and was a member of the King's Guard B^n*l^ G \\T 1 ^^e'<^sLiT. accepted. The treasurer's repor y t wa a s for Edward VII. * M^T LuthefSec^r S Wrf\wnUam 0 Soo n '' Thl^Mas! ^kolyThursday will given. Report of theWne com- Until his retirement in 1954 he was ver Mrs Si. J »/? be at 5&0 in the afternoon and will mittee was given by Helen Secor. , always employed as gardener and care- Robert Kiltz. ' ' bm0r ana Mrs ' be.offered by *e p^tor The to- Committee for Wednesday evening' tal <fr for the late William HL'Keeler, —Mrs. George Naginev was ho.te« ' diti( >nal Procession to the Repository Lenten service l^uflwAlice Freder- and #<« *<* the latter's soil in Lou- to her bridge club.TuIdaTiffi'^ 111 teke P lace at the e \ a of the\*. Ruth BradtGreta Si.-wart. do ™ n <L .. . T Guests wm M™ Lin oi? y ^^ Mass. Those taking Dart anions the Announcement was made of the i He was a member of James Ten Shlrles W cLccTo S M^ barter morning break%t following Eyck Lodge F & A M ., and Trinity Mrs. Robert KimmeJ Mrs FrankWU' John Osterhout, Thomas Grogan the sunrise service at Tump ike Drive-. Methodist church Albany, li&ms Jr., Mr^ I^yMcNfven Sd Mrs Richard Hol ' bine . John Marion . 'Mich--In Theatre Eas er^ offering envo-' ^ i* ™ ed t by ^ ree guMa*. Warren Jones Tr muNlv en ana Mrs. j w j R p ue li a Richard lo P e s were distributed. : Mrs. Alton R Teter, Mrs. D. Wnght -Mr.- J a°nd eS Mrs Vwrfo m ^ ' *.. 'Chamber^n, Pa™ TyS'n, George ', Saturday, May 3 *e Women's Fci- Zt^l^L^JT* FJ?°' TTV hol'bine ^Douglas Bell, Sam Bell, lowship dinner will be served at the 1 Altarnont; two grandsons, Altor.iR.Te- Paul Mejneker, -Michael McKenzie Parish hall. Prograin^eoiqmittee in .; ter Jr.and Richard L. Teter of Alfred \ rn - • ' university; and three great-grandchild- CHECK YOUR Fire Insurance REMEMBER — IF YOU'RE NOT FULLY INSUREfa- IT'S NOT ENOUGH! CALL US TODAY! Severson's Insurance Agency OFFICE — 114 MAPLE AVE. TEL. UN 1-8081 — ALBANY 4-1805 who has been spending some time with I warren Jones Jr. , , aK 1 warns, nemo J-ugua, Kichard \V\ w 5 lc: \' the David Beckers in Altarnont, will I —Mr.'and Mrs. 'George Milton en- 'Chamberjjain, Paul Tymchyn, George' Saturday, May 3, the Women's Fei- t the home of' tertained at dinner last Saturday eve- £ ol '^ me ' Douglas Bell, Sam Bell, lowship dinner will be served at the Van Zandt at-n^g- After dinner the S^ went ? aul . Mejneker, -Michael McKenzie, Parish hall. Program committee in . oenudi scnooi. Lruests ^f-_,_ • '. _ _. ., ,. . ',,-*„/» +„ s->u„rr.h WnrM c„. n.,_. tia; two sisters m Scot and and nr\p lr -Mrs. Roy McNiven recently en- Voorheesville CeZtiscZol ^esS sTep^eh ^cKe^ny. ' .Ettet Reinhart A gut of $25 was ^ • ^™»^ f wiPd W h f irt„„ „!„K Guests ' wer e Mr. and Mrs. Alfred WhiDDle of ' Glrls representing the religion.voted to Church World Service '1 he . YtL^° %„Z^ n f UeSlS \\-iont,, and Mr. and Mrs. Xood classes will toe Kathleen O'Herin, Pa- church bazaar wiU be held Saturday, ^SraPsK „,„— 1.^„^ r,'. \ . u trinifl ^~>stor^hr.nt f . v>^ir.„„A o,.„— Nov.- IS. with {3raee TA/h nnir. in . r unerai service in tertained her bridge club. uuesli were Mesdames Charles Bleichner Al- Aitamont and Mr and Mrs Elwood —\— \'\ \\- \\\\^^\ w iicl ..i, ± a - .- _ fred Smith, Harry-Grogan, Philip Har-'Pangburn-of-East Berne' ' ' tricia Osterhout, C-Bertrand, Susan NDV -' 15 . with' toaee \Whipple j r mon, Peter Alland, Warren Jones and 1 —Miss Eileen Marion daughter of Brooks . Debbie EJher, Christie Bran- charge of Laurel Band arrangements. Robert Kimmey. ,Mr. and Mrs. Albert-Marion celebrat- ick ' D iana Patnode, Ruth Marion, | ' Th e spring supper will be served —The Altar .Guild of St. John's ed her 12 th birthday last Saturday with Mary Martini, Patricia Crounse, Susan at the. parish hall Saturday, May 24. Lutheran church met Wednesday a Party at her home Her guests DU g', Janice Jensen, Janet McGann, iThe wa y s and means committee will morning for study under the leader- wer e Linda Phillips, Mary Lynn Mc- Rosalie Valvo, Kathleen McKenny, fbe in charge. ship of Rev. Henry McKnight This • Ga nn, Linda McNiven, Christine Hoo- Joan Dil g> Candice Ether, Margaret I Present at the meeting were these meeting was a week earlier than us-' ver . Patricia Walsh, Helen Banard McKenzie, Marie Valvo, Marcella members: Irene Bandmff, Carrie ual, due to Holy Week. . ,' Carol King and Marilyn Jacobson ' Hall > Sheila McGann, also members Barkley, Flora Becker, Eleanor Ben- —St. Michael's College, Winooski' —Effective April 15, Dr Herbert of the Catholic Youth Organization. | son . R- Ut h Bradt, Helen Cole, Mar- Park, Vt, this week announced the' Grover announces that his evening of- I The solemn liturgy of Good Friday g ar et Devenpeck, Charlotte Finch, admission into its September class of fic e hour s will be changed from 7 - 9 wil1 be g in at 5:30. The Rev. Nich-'Ahce Frederick, W-inai Harvey, Ella Edward M. Canavan, son of Mr and to 6 - 8 p. m. daily except Thursday olas J - Fitzgerald'will 'be assisted by Jones, Laurie Meyer, Margaret Pres- Mrs. Harold V. Canavan 166 West- and Sunday. His afternoon hours the members of the Father Joseph I ton . Ethel Reinhart, He.len Secor, ern Ave., and a senior at Guilderland wil1 remain 'tHei same a& at. preserjt. Boldt Council, Knights of Columbus. I Elizabeth Severson, fcva Smith, Grace Central High school I —Miss Donna Lynn Reed, daughter The service of Good Friday will open i Whipple, Ida Witter. Mary Jane —Aitamont Reformed church will o f Mr - md Mrs - Robert Reed, return- with the .recitation of the Stations of j Smith and Mrs. Warren were visitors, hold a communion service with the ed recently from Marcy State hospi-1 the Cross. The gospel account of the, Extinguishing of Lights on Thursday tal w here she'received her psychiatric Passion will 'be read by Grand Knight Dr o „ J t training. She is a junior at Samari- I William Duplis, District Deputy Jos- K • \ ot . , TT ; . , C!^V,«nl „C TVT : or\l l fnffmr ov, ^ r.K,v,^ll™ T->«,,~1 . services were conducted ' at the Fredendall Funeral Home, Aita- mont, yesterday afternoon. Rev. Cor- Is Extended In Area As of Tuesday night, volunteer solicitors for the Red Cross fund service. Klamm's Auto Body PROMPT SERVICE 9 on Body, Fender &. Radiator Work Tel. UN 1-8561 - Aitamont a communion service with the _ xishing of Lights on Thursday . . . evening of Holy' Week, Apr. 3, at training. ,,_...„ „ _ 8 p. m. This service, which uses a tant Hospital School of Nursing. Fourth Century Liturgy, has become _ . n „ . _. . traditional with the congregation,' KAfi I r'nee Hii||'r| .|lv-|VP •and has come to have a permanent j UCU V» »™ flSUU WIIVC place in the program of the congrega- tion. George Naginey, Ernest Walk, Chester Anthony, Edwin Sanford, Jr., Stuart Rombough, Orson Dun- ham, Warren Barker and Donald — — ~.-w~ *-.« Hutchinson are members of the con- ' drive had collected $235 toward Alta- sistory who will participate in the ; mont's quota of $850. The amount fipruir-n - j represents collections from approxi- mately one-third of the total workers heard from to date. While the drive was to have ended with March, it will be extended due to the recent inclement weather conditions. A home nursing course will be offered in the fall. Please give your name to the solicitor, if you would like to be notified of time and place. If a solicitor has already stopped at your house and you neglected to give her your; name, please phone Mrs. Robert Kimmey, home nursing chair- man, UNion 1-8845. St. John's Lutheran Church Rev? Henry T. McKnight, pastor. Friday, March 28: 7:15 p. m. Adult choir. Saturday, March .29: 9:30 a. m. • Senior confirmation,' cjass. . . *'' r ' ' \' ? -' .' 9:45 a. rii. Junior choir.' ' 10:30 a. m.' Junior confirmation class. Palm Sunday, March 30: 9:45 a. rn. Criurch'school and adult Bible class. 11 a; m. The Service. Nursery. 7 p. m. Luther, League. Holy Week \~ Monday, March 31, through Wednesday, April 2: 8 p. m. Service of prayer and medi- tation. • Holy Thursday, April 3: 8 p. m. The Service, with Holy Communion. Good Friday, April 4: 12. noon to 3 p. m. Union service at the Reformed/, ehi&Bh. 8 p. m. Worship. Easter Sunday, April 6: 6. a. m. /^oung people's sunrise ser- vice in the parish hall. 9:15 a. m. Church school. A mov- ing picture of \The Resurrection\ will be shown. 11 a. m. The Service, with Holy Communion following, eph Coffey and Chancellor Douglas Bell. Others taking part in the service [will *ibe Knights Francis Tferfiblay, Clifford Shoro, John Dooley, Carl Walters, Ernest Orsini, J. Zaremski, James Coogan, George Hol'bine, Hen- ry Flanagan, Thomas Walsh and Raymond Bohen. Seats in the church will be reserved for the members of the Father Joseph Boldt Knights of Columbus Auxiliary, the Colbmbiettes. FREDENDALL FUNERAL HOME, Inc. 199 Main Street ALTAMONT, N. Y. S ; TEL,, UNion, 1-661,1 • We offer a truly under- standing\ service to assure that final moments Shall become treasured memor- ies. • Those' Russiaii satellites sare letHal things. So far they, (have rgsulted in the death of. one dog and one tax cut. -i- Changing Times. ., .'• Altarnont Reformed Church Rev. Cornelius J. Meyer, minister. Sunday, March 30th: 9:45 a. m. Sunday church school. Herbert Sensible, superintendent. 11 a. m. Morning worship service. Sermon: \The Cost of Our Deliver- ance.\ 5 p. m. Inquirers' group meeting at the parsonage. 6:15 ,p. m. Youth Fellowship or choir meeting. 7 p.m. Joint (meeting of Youth Fel- lowships at the Helderberg church. Tuesday, April ist: 2:30 p. m. Missionary society wild meet at home .of Mrs. Earl Barkhuff. 8 p. m. Meeting of consistory at the .'parish'hall: ' J. . Thujrsd^-AprH 3rd;. , 8 p. m. CommuHion service with the extinguishing of lights. 9:10 p, m. Chorus choir rehearsal. Fridays-April. 4th: ..,12 noon. Three hour Good Friday service under sponsorship of the As- sociation of EjvangelicaL Churches of 'the-Helderbergs at the Aitamont Re- formed-church. Sunday,.April 6th: ©!30 avm. Easter dawn service at Western Turnpike Drive-In, with the Rev. Herbert^ Guth, minister of the Third ReforhTied church, Albany, speaking. Reservations may be made with Linda McNiven for breakfast at the following the service. Phone UNion 1-8510. 9:45 a. m. Sunday church school. 11 a. m. Mferning worship service. Sermon: \Resurrection.\ Honor Bowlers Maridrt G. Keenholts, Agent; ..\'.-• Everything in Insurance 119 Maple Ave. * Phone UN 1-8071 Aitamont OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL NOON — WORSHIP AT — ST JOHN'S EVAUGEUCAL CHURCH 142 Maple Avenue, Aitamont. Ne\v York Henry T. McKnight, S. T. M., Pastor • ' HOLY WJEEK PALM SUNDAY: Sunday School and Adult Bible Cla'ss,'at 9:45' a. m. The Service, at 11 a. m.^ MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY: 8 p. m., Service of Prayer aqd Meditation. ' .' f HOLY THURSDAY: 8 p. m., The Service with Holypqrpmunion. GOOD FRIDAY: 8 p. m., Worship Servioe. We unite at 12:00 noon with the churches of the Helderbergs for hours of worship, $.tHe Aitamont Reformed Church. • EASTER SUNDAY: Young People's Sunrise Service, in the parish hall, at 6 a. m. ' . Sunday School, with presentation .of the moving picture, \The Crucifixion and Resurrection,\ at 9:45 a: m. The Service, 11 a. m. The Holy Communion will be adminis- tered, after the Service. Guilderland Center Mixed '• Women B. Mallette ./ ::.'. 157 J. Sholtes ;..,....-. ::.,....:... 418 I ; • '.. Men ' -. jH. Vincent ,, ..-..'. 197 IT. Thompson^...,:......:.:, 508 Wdmen's Commercial [Doris Doty .,,..../..... .-..! 171 Doris Doty .•;>...: ..• 476 Guilderland Smoke League Women Ester Hite ,. :. 174 Ginny'iRelyea 456. Men Roger Wells ,,...,...... 198-518 Altambnt.Business Men Herb $Wbeck'.:l 213-573 ' ' Helderberg Vic Tymchyn ,....: 233 |Buck Clother '.. 631 Aitamont Mixed Women Liz Cromme 160-456 ' Men Frank Callahan 203 Ken Crosby ...-. 5541 Aitamont Recreation Mixed Women ' EUa Van Eck '. 203-513 Men Bob Barbagelott 213-581 IKen VanDenlburg 581 McKownville Fire Mixed Women Helen. iReli'han 201-494 Men Han Van Wbrmer .: 204-541 New Salem Red Men Mixed . v. ., Women i Margaret B'oeck 191-534] 'Margaret McVie 170 Kay Perrault n .... 170 ..-•\ Men .\. '•' ' |Herb M6ak .,.:. .•..'..'.: 209-543 Aitamont Business Women Gloria Tymchyn $ :..?.:;. 209^516 \^ JollyjiMixied I Women Ruth Sehultz 184 Kay Tymchyn 486 I Men Dick Johnson 212 Harry Kott 577 I Since the government started farm support payments to 1933 they have cost more than $4 billion. \Fiberglas\ is not affected by sun- light, Aitamont Kiwanis Next w.eek being Holy Week, the, program at the Kiwanis meeting Mon- day night will be in keeping with the season. Rev.- Cornelius J. Meyer, minister of the Aitamont Reformed church, will be the speaker. Key Club Induction Four new members of the Guilder- land Central High; ^School Key club were inducted at ceremonies held Mon- day night in connection with the din- ner meeting of th£;Altamont Kiwanis club. The local Kiwanis group spon- sors the Key club.. ;r Preceding the induction ceremony, the group singing, jfas led by R<* Gould, one of the'.'Key'clubbers. (Bob has the voice, and did O. K. after some songs were chosen flat he could sing). Another pre-induSion ceremony was that of inducting-fflauL Kopper as a member of the MwMsi- club. Carl Walters, past presTa|B|»dia the honors and congratulated ^tfiTnew Kiwanian. Jack Ether, 'Kiwanis president, in- troduced Frank Biting, faculty mem- ber at G. C. H. S.|.at9\ leader of the Key club. After k Brief talk, Mr. Bruno turned the meeting ovgr to Ed Canavan, vice president'.of the' Key club, who conducted thfinduction pro- gram. . _ §? Tom Carpenter; >' Spoke? on the \Pur- pose ana Scope»QfMe$&^lL.and 12 members of .^p^fo^^dSa in- turn- to recite the 5 iZ^I^^Bfffiie 'organiza- tion. ••' 'mm'MW- : - Dirck Westervelt \gaVefia welcoming speech to the new members, and they were then introduced !By\'|Ed Canavan, as follows: Fred Caster;'ftobert Han- na, Richard Brunk' ana'-|loward An- derson. Each of the,.nj»w members, as his name was caljMjJ-advanced to the speakers' table amlaignted''' a can- dle. The. Key club pledge was then administered. ' ; 'j; Charles Frink, chairm^i of the Key- club committee of the r ;Kiwanis club, expressed the feelings J6f the' parent club toward Key club ifjfmbers. He pledged support to the.;,,.young Key clubbers, and asked for tjieir assistance in Kiwanis projects. ( :/, . Senior Key club members, most of whom were present at till, dinner-meet- ing, are: Ronald Sands'^.Jock Farns- worth, Bernard Bachanj.'Edward Can- avan, Thomas Carpenter',, Edward Cox. Robert Gould. Alan Halstead, Duane Kent, Art Kocsis. Fred.Marks, Jack Jenner, Robert Jacobs® James Mc- Clelland, Gibson Peasle$ Ted Retaj- czyk, Dirck Westervelt,.Clifton Yaun. .—sa£i_ Subscribe to the AlSniont Enter- prise — $3.00 per_ye|Rf^ ||llflllflMMWWWlnlMM|iiMifWWWMIft - DON'T WAlflf *58 ^j Life. Insurance is the KEY { \ to Family Indejiefidence | THE TRAVELERS I Millard H. Severson, AGENT ALTAMONT, NEW YORK . Phone UNion Jj,Bp65 t lormed church, officiated. Burial was at Bethlehem Rural cemetery. Altarnont Masonic Notes At the regular communication of Noah Lodge No. 754, F. & A. M. to- night (Friday), R. W. Prescott Nead Jr., district deputy grand master of the Albany Masonic district, will make his - official visit. Refreshments will be served following the communica- tion. Monday, April 7, R. W. Bro. Nead will make an official visit to Onesque- thaw Lodge at Coeymans. On April 9 will be his homecoming. ARMSTRONG'S Milk and Cream Grade A Pasteurized ALSO ALL BYPRODUCTS: HEAVY CREAM CREAM CHEESE CHOCOLATE MILK (with whole milk) BUTTERMILK ORANGE DRINK Phone UN 1-6630 ALTAMONT, NEW YORK J-.| _i THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 6 CHOCOLATES So Fine, So Famous, So Sure To Please Sampler THE FINEST BOX OF CHOCOLATES IN THE WORLD \k New Packages, New Assortments \k Visit Our Candy Department Today! --EASTER GOODIES-- By CANDY CUPBOARD, PALMER and LUDENS CARDS - - - By American Greeting ALTAMONT PHARMACY GILBERT J. DE LUCIA, B.Sc, Prop. \Accuracy — Courtesy — Service'' • PHONE UN 1-8861 — RESIDENCE UN 1-6631 STORE HOURS — DAILY 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS \rfe %, A v , Mvto.inPjM^/ ( ' > .»ifo*? •;«.«! Find out what we mean by power at the wheels! INTERNATIONAL Trucks have more usable horsepower. Tb find out exactly what that means, test drive one of our powerful new INTERNATIONALS. Drive it wherever you want... up the biggest hill, down the roughest road. Notice how it takes everything i n stride without strain. That's because INTERNATIONAL engines de- liver more power at the wheels. More power a t lower RPM. More usable horsepower. It's another reason why fleet owners' cost records prove: INTERNATIONAL Trucks cost least to own! Find out for your- self, today! *\ INTERNATIONAL- TRUCKS OUR PHOira lifuMBER UN 1-8831 Please mark- in your book! WET WASH 99c --SPECfU.- WASH, PASTE WAX and POLISH $12.50 This Offer Expires lilarch 31st m i The World's most Complete truck line—'/2-ton to 96,000 lbs. GVW.' INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, cost least to own! L 102 Prospect Terrace Altarnont, N. Y.

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