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ALTAMONT, N. T. DKG. 29, 188a Troy will colebrate tlie centennial of her existence early in January. The board appointed to select a site for a new navy-yard on the Pacific coast.will prob- ably chooso one on Puget sound. The schoolmaster is, evidently, needed in Alabama if the report is correct that there ore. in the state 370,279 persons over ten years old who don't know how to rend, and that of these 60,174 are white adults. SJLINGERIiANDS. An enjo3'able Christmas entertainment was given in the church on Monday evening. A feature was the recitations by several little ieoplo under 5 years of age. The school and the congregation were generously remember- ed from the Xmas tree. Messrs. Prank Blessing and Benton Fish- :r are home from College Mrs. H. W. Pyke has been ill with pleu- •isy, but is better. Special meetings are advertised to be held in the church on and after Wednesday even- ing of next week. The American steninei- Haytien Republic recently seived by the Haytien authorities, has been surrendered to the Ainercnn men- of-war. A like aggressive movement should t>e made against tie Ciullian government that would cause them to respect our claim for damage done to XJ; S. property in then- late difficulty with Peru. Notwithstanding the anarchists of Chicago had obtained tin injunction prohibiting the police authorities from interfering with Sun- day's meeting, Chief Hubbard would not al- low the hall where the meeting was to take placetobeopened. A'sort of repressive high- er law seems to be continually in order when the anarchists aro concerned. To permit them to meet ineaii3 a fresh menace to the public safety. The most convenient, valuable, and novel business, tabls, or desk calendar for 1889, is the Columbia Bicycle Calendar and Stand issued by the Pope Mfg. Co., of Boston Mass. The calendar j>roper is in the form of a pad containing 366 leaves, one for each day in the year to bo torn off daily. Besides the month, the days of the month and week, the number of the days of the year passed and to come, are specified; and upon each slip ap- pear quotations pertaining to cycling from leading publications and prominent writers on both sides of the ocean. A departure is made this year in that a portion of the quo- tations pertain to typewriting and steno- graphy, with occasional reference to the new Becker typewriter made by the Pope Mfg. Co. The information contained on the cal- endar would, if placed in bock type, make a fair sized volume. Our school has closed for the Holidaya Dan Sloan makes a very good Santa Claus. Mrs. Jacob Schermerhorn is dangerously 1L Mrs. E. C. Case and Mrs. P. H. Case are both on the sick list Culbert Woodworth has traded farms with Henry Blessing of New Scotland. Mr. Jay Newbury and family and Mr. eorge H. Chapman and family, spent Christmas with friends at Coxsackie. Appraisers duly appointed made an in- ventory of the personal property and effects of tho late James and Sarah Helnie on the 22nd inst Cerrospenlensa- KNCX. \Wm. H. Beebe, of Albany, was in town on Tuesday. The town collector will be at E. William's Hall. Deo. 28th and Jan. 11th .1889 for the purpose of receiving taxes. The case of John Jost Saddlemire vs. Geo. L. Ottman, before Elam Williams, justice, ds returnable Dec. 24th at 9 a. m. The funeral of John G. Gallup, on old resident of the town of Rnox, was hugely at- tended from the Reformed church on Mon- day, Deo. 29th at 11 a. m., Bev. Andrew Parsons officiating. Ringing Noises In the ears; sometimes a roaring buzzing sound are caused by catarrh, that exceeding- ly disagreeable and very common disease. Loss of smell or hearing also result from ca- tarrh. Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier, is a peculiarly successful remedy for this disease, which it cures by purifying the blood. If you suffer from catarrh try Hood's Sarsaparilla, the peculiar medicine. •-•—»•«•«—~«—•—— VOORHEESVILZJB. Mr. P. Baumes and wife, of So. Bethle- hem, spent Christmas at_ John F. Terwillt ger's. Eev. Lansing VanAuken of Troy, visited Ms parents Christmas. He was accompanied by his wife and baby. We are glad to announce that Master Wm. Flansburgh, who has been quite sick with diphtheria, is around again. A pleasant famEy gathering occurred at the residence of Mr. James Ostrander, near this place, on Christmas day. A large gathering of daughters, sons-in law and grandchildren, met for a Christmas dinner at the residence of Mr. a Wm. Alken- brach. Miss Iantha Blessing has moved into the house of James S. Eelyea, where she has leased a room and will follow the occupation of dressmaking. The funeral of Mrs. Lucy Smith, who died Sunday morning, took place from the M. E. church last Wednesday. The remains were interred at Mount Pleasanfrjcemetery. Miss Libbie Eockwell, of this place, and the Kev. Eobert Washliurn, of Chesterville, were married at Cohoes last Thursday. It issaid the happy couple will reside in this village. Mr. W. S. Swift and Mr. Albert Borst, two prominent individuals of this village, started off in \highjglee with a double team lr.st~ Friday morning for; the purpose of draw- ing logs from the premises of Edward Chese- bro, Guilderland. Everything wenl smoothly until they reached the buckwheai lot of Mr. Chesebro, adjacent to the woods, where the logs lay, when suddenly the horses went down as though in quick sand and the the two i>rominent gentlemen's eyes stuck out in amazement Between Swift Borst and the horses their was some big flounder- ing amid the ice, muek and water. Finally the teain got on their feet and a cable afc tached to the wagon pole drew the wagon out of the mud. They looked no further for logs, but quickly retreated for Yoorhees- ville singing, \a logging we did go.\ In Love with His Wife. \What can I do to regain my husband' love\? writes Mrs. Carrie S., of Toronto. She adds that seven years ago siis was mar> ried under the most happy auspices, and un- til six months since happiness crowned hej domestic life; then her husband became dis- tant in his manner toward her, until now he is positively cold. Mrs. E. gives no details, but if she is afflicted with diseases peculiar to women, if hereheekshavelosttheirbloom, and her eyes their sparkle, it may explain the cause of her complaint. In this event Dr. Pieree's Favorite Prescription will effeei a magical change and restore her to health. As a powerful invigorating tonic, Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription imparts strength to the whole system, and to the womb and its ap- pendages, in particular. For overworked, \womout \ran-dom? debilitated teach- ers, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses, ' 'shop-girls,'' housekeepers, nursing mothers, and feeble -women generally. \Favorite Prescription\ is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic' GXTII.DER1.AMI>. A. M. Lagrange of Fuller's Station, sells the Smith Adjustable Swing Cattle Stanch- ion, the best in the TJ. S. for ease and com- fort to cattlo and the quickest closed and opened. CLARKSVILLE. Mr. Alva Kniffin works P. H. Flagler's farm another year. Mr. Morgan F. Barber is building an ad- dition to his house. The Tarrytown church Sunday echool had a Christmas tree on Monday evening last. The Eef ormed church of this place had a Chicken Supper at Houck's Hall on Monday evening for the benefit of the church. The Christmas tree and entertainment at the SI, E, church was a grand success. The speaking by the children and the singing by the choir was excellent Eev. C. Miller was presented by the ladies of the church with a fine office chair to be used in his study. FULLER'S STATION Mr. William Gilbert and Miss HattieMain were married on Tuesday, Deo. 25th by Eev. H. M. Voorhees, The Eev. J. C. Fisher, of Sprout Brook, is to preach in the State BoadM. E, church, 4h Sunday, Dec. 30th at 2:30 p. m, Allen J. Siver, of Meehanicville, Iowa, is visiting relatives and friends on State Road. Tygert & Ohrfce have put a new hay press in their bam. David Coss is doing the pressing for A. Fuller, Aliss Libbie Clute is home from New Brunswick for the holidays. A team belonging to a Mr. Traver eloped with the thresher and cleaner of David Eel- yea, Monday morning and came near con- verting it into kindling wood. The machine was left near the schooi house badly damaged. FAEM POK P>T.TI—Ttw farm of the late Eobert E. Carhart, containing 120 acres of land. Said farm is located on the Old State Eoad, f of a mile north of Fuller's Statf ad £ mile east of the West Shore road. If not sold within a reasonable time, will be rented. For particulars enquire oil the premises. Mrs R. R. Carhart MEW SCOTLAND Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bender have returned from their wedding tour. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor MeMiUian gave a dinner last Thursday evening to a seleot party of eight , Miss Delia Eelyea, who is attendingtthe classical;Institute at Sehenectady, is at home on her holiday vacation. New Scotland society promises to be very gay this winter, three parties, are dated for January and there are more to follow. The children of the Sabbath school gave a Christmas entertainment Tuesday evening, consisting of singing, recitations, and speech- es. The little ones of the primary depart- ment were made happy on the arrival of Santa Claus who came laden with presents for them, each little hand being eagerly stretched out to receive its candy bag, and handsome Christmas card donated to them by their.teacher, Mrs. J. E. Wayne. Last Friday evening- the closing exercises of our district school took place in the church. The children were encouraged by the large audience which greeted them. The recitations, singing and dialogues were gone through with, and the children deserve great credit for the happy manner in which they rendered their parts. Grace ; Long, Jennie Cdughtry and Nellie Raynsford desire special mention for the pleasing impression they left on the audience. The prize for attendance was taken by two little boys Alibroae Miller, and John Long, aged respective 7 and 5 years they having been present every day since the first of September. • Grace Long and Anna Miller stood second, having been present every day except one. The 1st prize for writing was taken by Nellie Raynsford; 2nd by May Hilton. For spelling, 1st elt Grace Long and Anna Miller; 3d class An> broee Miller and Helen Taylor. The teach- er was also the recipient of a beautiful pre^ sent given her by the children. The school have a vacation until after New Years. Tfie Verdict Unanimous. WrD. Suit druggist, Bippii3, Iud., tes- ifies: \I can recommend Electric Bitters as the very beat remedy. Every bottle sold has giysn relief in every case. One man took six boteles, and was cared of Rheumatism of 10 years standing.\ Ab- raham Hare, druggist, BellvMe, Ohio, af- firms: \The best selling medicine 1 have ever handled in nay 20 years experience, is Electric Bitters.\ Thousands of others have added their testimony., so that itbe verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the liver Sidneys or blood. Only a half dollar a bottle \at Davenport & Frederick's drug store. MEADOWDALE . Don't write 1888 for 1889. J A happy New Year to you all ; Mrs. Elsie Loiier visited at Will Blessings on Tuesday. Eev. J. S. Harkey and family dined at Mrs. John Fryer's Ohristmas day. The latest \fad\ in society is to issue wed^ ding invitations and then recall them. Mr. and Mrs. Coss and 0. Hallenbeck and family spent Christmas at J. A. Belyea's. H. O. Hilton and brother Flavins are home from Hartwick, spending their vaca- tion. Jacob H. Eelyea is very sick with inflan> matory rheumatism. Dr. Barton of Alta- mont attends him. A party of young people from this place visited.at Wm. Young's, near New Salem, on Friday evening, despite the snow and blow. GUXX.D££U,ANX> CENTRE. Eobert and Jasper Hogan are home from school, enjoying the Holiday vacation. The temperance lodge of this place will ;ive a Pumpkin Pie Social in their Lodge room on New Years eve, Dec. 31st 1888. The social will consist of free literary exer- cises, pumpkin pies, cake, coffee, cream, etc. A good time is expected. The committee extend a cordial invitation. An exceedingly interesting and well render- ed program was given by the Sabbath school of St Mark's Lutheran church on Christ^ mas eve. At the close of the exercises each member of the school was presented with a latchel well filled with candy. Some pretty Christmas cards, ordered for the occasion, 'ailed to arrive, but will be distributed at a later date. A telegram received late Tuesday night by Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Waggoner brought the sad intelligence thatjtheir daughter Anna, wife of a Mr. Lasher, of Bethlehem, wasser^ iously ill, Wednesday morning, as they were about to start to see her, a second dis- patch announced her death. The funeral occurred on Friday. She leaves a husband and four Bmall children. FEITRABTJSH. Dr. John Lagrange is visiting his fath- er, Christopher Lagrange. •- Miss Kate Lagrange,' of the Meehanicville Institute, is at home'for the holidays. A large audience almost filling the church heard the sermon last Sabbath evening on the \Raffle.\ The fourth of the series of sermons in pop- ular subjects will be delivered next Sabbath (to morrow) evening, the subject being \The Dance.\ Niles Moshler and Miss Estella Bradt were married at the bride's residence on- Thurs- day, 20th inst The ceremony was perform- ed by the Eev. John H. Scarlet Santa Claus surprised the dominie, Rev. J. H. Scarlet on Monday night, with a fine tur- key, the gift from friends at Tarfytown. It was an excellent gift and the dominie efc pressed his thanks to his Tarrytown friends and Santa Claus. The Bazaar for the benefit of the Reform^ ed church took place Wednesday and Thurs- day evenings. The house was crowded both nights. At the close of the second evening a handsome 6ilk quilt was presented the pastor, Eev. John H. Scarlet, with the com- pliments of the congregation. The net gain of the fair was f 260.00. SOUTH BETHLEHEM. Skating is the main pleasure of our young men at present. Miss Bertha Caufnan is home on a vaca- tion from Sidney, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Jolley spent Christ'' mas at Slingerlands. Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradt of Soheneotady have been visiting friends hero. Mrs. W. J. Bently, Albany's favorite vo- calist, and Miss E. F. Eaton of Kingston will be the main stars at the coming concert given by the South Bethlehem comet band. The Christmas tree held in the M. E. ohurch Monday evening last was largely afe- tended. The exercises were interesting, es- pecially the recitation by Miss Jessie Kose and the solo by Miss Helen Callanan. The church, was handsomly decorated. The presents were handsome and appropriate to the recipients. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A Woman's Discovery. \.Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady in this county. Disease fastened its clutches up- on her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed im- minent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She brmsfht of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption and was so much relieved OD taking first dose that she slept ail night aud with one bottle has boen miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs. Lntber Lutz.\ Thus write W. C. Hamrick &. Co., of Shelby, N. C— Get,a free trial bottle at Davenport & Frederick's drug stored The Young People's society of Christian Endeavor hold their meetings every Sunday evening in the Reformed church, near Guil- dorland Centre, at 7 p. m. The meetings are held one hour, and are led hy the young people of the society. There is a spirit of deep, earnest, consecrated feeling, together with unity and love in these meetings, which is the secret of success in any Christian work. Dear friends we extend a cordial in- vitation to one and all to attend our meet- ings and join us in this grand work for the Master. Come thoughtfully, prayerfully, bring a blessing with you, as well as expect ing to take, one awaj'. May the love and Divine missing of our Heavenly Father, rest upon each one of us as abundantly in he New Year as it has done in\ the past. BY. AN ACTIVE BERNE, We visited the Christmas entertainment at the new M. E. church on West Mountain on Christmas eve. They had two trees well loaded with about $15 worth of presents for the Sunday school children, besides many presents from friend to friend. The house was crowded, a nuinber being compelled to stand during the entire evening. The ex- ercises consisted of speaking, recitations and singing. The entertainment was, indeed, a treat for the people of that locality, as they have but recently had a church in their midst. One old lady was heard to remark that this was her first Christmas present The gift was a glass dish, and she was delighted. The Ladies' Home Missionary society of the Reformed church, assisted by the Sab» bath school, held an entertainment on Christmas night The exercises' consisted of responsive readings, singing and recita- tionB, with a brief history of the early church by the pastor, Rev. Win. Wurts. A collection taken at this time for the Mission- ary cause amounted to $9. Here is the place to get your boo ts i shoes tapped. The two principal firms in this place, S. M. Stiner and Win. Miller, are now in opposition. Grit and green- backs will move things in this world. Stiner went down to 376; then to 30c. Miller sued his bulletin and inorked 20c. Later Stiner dropped to 18o, Miller 12c, Stiner 10c, Miller 8c, Stiner 6c, Miller 0c, Stiner le. So the bulletins stood at sunset, Dec. 25th. Miller at zero and Stiner at 1 cen for tapping. ENGISE HotrsE HOTEI+ AMAMONT. To (he Public: We desire to inform the public that this hotel is now open ft* the sea^ son. . Lodging at reasonable rates on pilots, tanks and soft sides of hemlock boardi?. Meals at all hours well seasoned with signal, valve and kerosene oils The first night of openings we registered five respectable yonng men of this village. THE PEOEBIETCBS, CATARRH, CaiarrhaJ Dtafniss and Hay ftvir. . A NEW ftdlQB TBEATMCEKT. Sufferers are not generally aware that these diseases are contagious, or that they are due to the presence or Iivingparasite3 in the lining membrane of the nose and eus- techian tubes. Microscopic research, how- ever, has proved this to Be a fact and the result is that a suat* • • *-- - inulated whereby cai , and hay fever are perinanentl- Irom one to three simple applications made at home by the patient once in two weeks; N. B.^-For catarrhal discharges peculiar to females (whites) this remedy is a specific. A pamphlet exblatoing this new treatinent is sent on receipt of ten cents bx A. H. ^\\ \ ° \'%m WestSng St., Toronto, cured in • Sufferers from catarrhal troubles reaa the above carefully,. . W ™ A good steel, four4ined, manure fork for 35 cents at Bewsher's Voorheesville. Don't fail to inspect our immense stock of Fancy Embroidered Slippers: They are cheap and handsome. \We sell Slips for 50 cents and 75 cents that can't be bought for twice that amount in any other store. ur price3 on Shoe3 and Rubbers are a gen- uine surprise to every one, being lower than most dealers can buy for, BS~Don't Forget the Place. 85 Forth Pearl Street, Albany, (Opposite the Kenmore House) WILL OFFER THIS MONTH A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF Dry Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Notions, Ladies' and Men's FURBISHING GOODS! CHILDREN'S WEAR ^e. Meu'e Scarlet, all-wool, ShirtH and Drawers, Men's White and Grey Under- wear, (scarlet and white knit goods by the piece Over Shirts, Dress Shirts, Scarfs, BoW8, Ties, Collars and Cuffs, Canton Flan- > ; . nels, Stockinet, Toweling, Tarns, Hamburg Edging, Corsets, JeweJry, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Umbrellas, Etc,, at # for T. F. Mills, Maple Avenue, Altamont. -DEALER IN- tJse Dr. Lodewick Burdick's celebrated Kidney Cure, for the cure of all diseases offae Kidneys, Liver, Bladder and Urin- ary organs. Manufactured by the Lloyd Manufacturing Co., 219 Htidson Ave., Albany, O. E. Lloyd, manager. TESTIMONIAL. Troy, N. T., Jan. 7, 1886. iloyd Manufacturing Co., ^ Genfs: Too much praise cannot be given to Dr. Lodowick Burdick's Kidney and Liver Cure\ I have used one bottle and nave had no trouble since. Bha'.l ificuniinend it to all. A. APPLE < For sale by Davenport & Frederick. 41tamont, N. T. —To Bent! Rooms on Main street, Alta- inont. inquire of C. M. Osborn. H BALING Without\ \ -AT- DR. VESCELIU<S'S HEALING INSTITUTE, 73 NOHTH pBAKt STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. A lady who was skeptical is now a firni heiiever in Dr. Vescelius's t.kiil a3 a Heal- er. »irs. Margaret; Shafer, from Cobles- kill, is visiting friends at No. 5 South Kiiox street, Atbacy. Mrs. Shafer has been & great sufforer more than two years from fheumatismj both fehees stiff. It was with difficulty she could ascend the stairs; a stiff neck, with exerucii'inj; pains, prevented her from naoving her head up or down; she was troubled with roafbg in hsr ears and deafness; her eyesighj; difn. Her friends urged her to place herself under Dr. Vescelius's treat- ment; She was very skeptial, but finally consented to receive eeven treatments. After the first treatment she was greatly benegted, an<i begen to have some faith. The improvement continued with B b h pv subsequent treatment, the seven d h Sh h eacB treat- Groceries, Hardware, Flour, Feed, Tobacco, Cigars, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. —SPECIALTIES COPfEE, TEA, CEOTJNSE'S BAKING POWDEK XKD Christians Superlative Flour. Cor. Prospect Street & Helderberg avenue. CURE YOUR GOLDS —-BY USING-:— FS QQVQR ST THE BEST COUGH BEMEDY IN THE WORLD. 25c for a Large Bottle at BEADT'S DEUff STOEE, 55 and 57 Washington Ave. Albany, N. Y. q , ments cured her. She says she cannin doubt any longer, as the 'evidence is too strong, Mrs. Shafer is well known to Cobleskili and 4ibany, and her sufferings hate enlisted the sympathy of her friends but.now thej rejoice with her at her speedy recovery. As some are skeptical, a few more cases are given* Ir. would re- quire' a large volume to give a description of all the cures effected: Miss Louise Sargent, 9 Canal St., Albany, cured of amaurosis: she was nearly blind when she placed herself under Dr, Veseelius's M M J Wd 24 e treatment. Mrs. Dove/St., Albany* th kid Mary J* • Wands, 24 N Y., cured of liver, h fi , y* , , stomach, kidney and heart affections. Josiah.B* Jones, 49 Second St, Albany, cured of paralysis, three treattbeiHs> for twelve-hours Mr. Jones could fiot walk, see or speak, Mrs. Josiah B. Jones, wife of the above, cured of catarrh and gener* al female complaints. Mrs. Zena Bab- Cock, from Chesterviile, N. Y., was car- ried in arms to Dr* Vesceliu's offisc-; she had been helpless from rheumatism for years; cured by Dr. Vesoeliiis'sm four o five weeks. . . . ... His terms are very reasonable. He giveg-tbree treatments for 15, or 7 treat* merits foe $10. BORN. BEOKEK=-On Sunday, Dec. 23,1888, a son to Mr. Frank L. Becker and wife. GILBEKT—MAIN^Dsc. 25, 1888, by the, Eev. H. M> Voorhees, fa W. Gilbert to Sattie Main, both of Fuller 's. A large concourse of relatives and friends of the families made the assembly a joyous one, and the nuinber and .character of the wedding presentsf were of a beautiful design. gB ^ Hal I II Ml DIED VANBENSdOTEN--Tnesday, Dae. 25th at hishpmeinAitamont, Jacob VanBenscoten in the 47th year of his age. •WjfHEBWAX—Wednesday, Dec; 26th at her hpinein Guflderlanct Centre, Mrs. John Witherwai, in the 62 year of her age. Funeral from the Lutheran church Guilder- landCentre/ on this Saturday at 11 a. m, STEINWAY PIANOS. CHICKERING PIANOS. WEBEB PIANOS. & SOIT'S 49 State St., Albany, Invite yon to see the finest line of Pianos, jnoiuding a large number of splendid Up- rights. $10 down aud $5~ per month will btiy a piano. down nad $2 pet month will buy art organ. Secure A f ISCHEE PIANOS. PIANOS. ESTEY OEGAN& guarantee repaint if not satisfactory. imposed of only the itoit C6*tly and Finest Materials. - DON'T use any paint nnlesB the maker* ggve written guarantee for satisfactory work. - - ° • sAetual Cost less than $1,25 PER GALLON. •- For Sale by J. F. Mynderse, Altamont, ]S1\ Y. DEFTAL ANHOTOCE- MENTI Of interest-to all who wish First Class work at one-half the usual prices. Teeth made in four hours to aecom moaate persons living at a distance. Our chief aim will be to give to all our patrons complete satisfaction and we shall rely upon skilful conscien- tious efforts and the employment of choice dental materials to accomplish thai end- No charges for examination and advice. Or. B. F. Carmlchael, 201 Union St., Cor. Ferry, jScheneetady, ST. Y. A Having recently opened a Tin Shop in the Tillage of Altamont, we would re- spectfully ask the public patronage; It will pay you to give us a call and learn prices before placing your orders for Tin or Slate Hoofing, GutteriB2 s or or anything in the line of General job? bing. • \We are willing to work at \let live prices, and will guarantee satisfaction in every instance, Secor & Manchester, Altamont, N. Y. C. E. TABEE Roofing, Gutters, &c, —DEAXSB IN— 8T0YE8, RANGES, PIPE, TIN- WARE, ETO. Satisfaction Guaranteed. MAPLE AVE., - ALTAKONlC A. R. Miller. 39 Washington Avonue Albany, H, T —USB— * Millers's improve.d Condition Powie? RBADY MIXED PAINTS a specialty. —ALSO— Paints, Oils, Glass, Brushes, ;* A. B. MILLER, ALBANY, N. Y. 46 6m. O. , WHOLBSAL AND BETAIL DEALER IN 0LOTHINB MEN'S YOUTHS' AND BOYS', 18, 20, 22 and 24 JAMES STBEET Corner Maiden Lane, ALBANY, N. AUCTIONEER •VTOTICE TO CREDITORS.—By orde* -^ of Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the county of Albany. No - iceis hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims or demands against. Isnac., Albright kye of the f.owu of New Sontv* land io said County, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, witi. tho vouchers in support thereof, to the Kubpcriber, the Expcuror, Peter 8. A\-t bright, of said deceased, at his place of * transactinif business as such ICzecutor at the office of James A. MoKown, No 1}- State street, Albany, on ov befurs the 2511 day of March next. Dated Aibuny this 12th day of Eeptem- ber, A. D. 1888. Peter S.Albright,. Executor &c. N OTICE TO CREDITORS.—By order ot Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the county of Albany. Notice is hereby givan, according to law, to all persons having claims or demands against Johtif\ athan B. Gray, late of the town of GEJJU\ derland in said county, deceased, ths^s they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers mrsupport thereof, to the subscriber, the Administrator of the ' gocds 3 chattels and credits of said deceased,/ at hie place of transacting business ma I sach Administrator at his residence in the * town of Guilderland, .Albany Co. N. Y, on or before the 2ud day of April next. Dated this 17th day of September A, D. 1888. Walter Gray, Administrator GUARANTEED. Post.ffice address, Central Bridge, N. Y. N OTICE TO CREDITORS.—By order of Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the Connty of Albany. Notice ia hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims or demands against Wil- liam Siver Ute of the Town of GnU- derland in said County, deceased, th»t they are required- to exhibit the SJC with the vouchers in support thereof\ .1\ the subscriber, the Executrix of tbe last will and testament of said deceased, at her place of transacting- busi- ness as such Executrix at her residence in the town of Guilderlund, Albany Co., N. Y., on or before the Fourth day of March next. Dated this 37th day of August A. D. 1888. ANN EMMA SITEB, Executrix. M OTICE TO CREDITORS.—By order of Francis H. Woods, surrogate of the county of Albany. Notioe is hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims or demands against Joseph I. Sbultes, late of tbe town of Berne, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with tbe voucher^ support thereof, to the subscriber, IUB executor of the goods, chattels and creditk of said deceased, at his place of transact-Vy ing business as such executor,- at the taw \ office of John D. White in Berne, Albany \ Co., N. Y., on or before the 15th day of January next- Dated Berne, this 10th day of July. A. -D., 1888. ^* ARTHUR W. SHUXTES, Exeoutor.. B^-A IBAMi GI SAVINGS INSTITUTION ESTABLISHED 1850. BANKING HOUSE 47 STATE STREET &.t the Gity National Bank Building: Deposits and $2,300,000 Which are Securely Invested aooording to the Laws of the State. Money loaned on bond and mortgage and on securities allowed by law. In terest paid on deposits 3^ per eent. Com- mencing first of each month. DepeisU may be made by mail in post-office orders bank checks, or cash in registered letters or by express, and bank books will be re turned, by mail, to such depositors i^ registered packages. OFFICERS. EDGAR COTRELL PRBSIDBHT. JOHN G, WHITE, \ VICE-PRESIDENTS E. DEL. PALMER, f AMOS P. PALMER TBEASTOKR RUSSELL C. CASE SECRETARY, P. M. MURPHY ASST SKCBBTART. ED WARD J . GALLIEN A CCOUNTANT. TRUSTEES. JOHN G. WHITS, EDGAR COTRKLII, A. P. PALMER E. T>B L. PALMER, P. M, MTJRPHY JAS. W. COX JR. J. M. BATTBBMAN HENRY MAYKLL, GEO. I. AMSDELL RODNEY VOSK, SSLDENE. MARVIN GEO. H. THACHEE^. ISEAN HESS. FRANCIS H. WOODS \ ALBERT

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