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Knowersville enterprise. (Knowersville, N.Y.) 1884-1888, December 06, 1884, Image 3

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\. \ )*>• • ,, M0twri*y, Dec .6th, ISS4. Term #a#D#JI«r •>«• 3W to Ticisity Corteipondeace. ESPEKA^CE. ,*r T«U»8 West A.M. 8,49 9,13 11,15'K. '~ P.M. a 83 K. A. TI. VoK'se iivendjto move 1-is hard- ware buM\e:-s tc> O^Weskill. We regret TBVELfcRS GUIDE. ! wljat wo j ^ 0 ^. w j.,,, wW gai - u P. eV H. Co. B. R. To and frota Ojrl|w t ., !he ^ iray l;i ^ , Be D , mo . •orafcs did ii.ii ini-ciis lirgxs jmad* us was [ <• xpi:cted,' l>a a' 1 nre-jaut ti>>k :in a-jrive ! lj.ii I iu thv p-itado Arid .ni-ide the ..ifreeic 'i»r Fjsper.iiiu^tit^-wi'vh.o'io.sr^.'for Oieve-> 1 laafi »ii\.i ll.-mlnck* \••'-•. j W* McOu'fVe 'wishes to soil out. I A \V>*rM'tntwidii tomiura his busi- I. 0.88 U.45 11,87 BH* tn Sua nWady. Mr. J >Uu (.' 111 Tretne •*•!*«•« JC. runs to Knower ,iueah«sklR> aie • i < r«u >VG • init front. ti X -V 4 th. H-->rn> B. $«al>dg». BUIM. F. and A. »!.. •leeta at \M' if lotlje room, on Cburcl> 'Street, •y*ry ••o.M^and fourth Saturday i _j; e;i ] 0 h) SS»fc«» I of- t.ti« « With.rw.x'• Hatl I l'Staie«. Yiviiiii ac J-nuostowa, by thf i K ifJis'i Hi' 1 7. N'w V.nk ii- M'.uthatt&ti r»l.«id, by i.ht •Miry -»I%C,«MQ teM Saturday in each iu «5ri«'»T* of 6. T. iha-'Du'oh in Ifew J«.ieBy \i\H\ Has«tc ! us't.ta. a_t 1'iyn^ptli. by the Pu- rita<-k<iti KiS'). Xe# mrujwhive at Dover, by tha Eti ay evening at 7,30 P. M. *» ^«4 -V*» 9 Ur* HJU^rchWet.-1 S \^ r X, ,, gt M , b the E ,„„ WarfJe Becker, W. S. iCnowar**! 1* I<il»rf WMosiation meets em the laetSatsmlayof April Mid October- £. <\ CraoaDes Secretary. }. A. K. meet«--«t Witherwas Tfall fvery fosirth *itiirday in each J. T. Stafford Com- in l)«!awsrehy tbuS^ed.-.s »nd Ii is in IOCS re:;9H>lvanii l>y tho Swedes in 1643. N rtSi Carolina by eiei^rant* from V r S>nia about ICoO. Suulk Carolina by the Kn^lish in 1670, S »tit.h C!*^•lilla iu c«p.iMtcd from N. Carolina ittlO&a. w« ftfJ up ••* UttUfrlik, bvtjiutmn him going over •tfuliilU. |t« it re limre we Had oni Wid- .***£*)/ ntgffii hui Tti'drMay we earnt to dinner bt% h fini,'' l 'oitr Turkty^ had wfil '•lloaeaty Cigarg. -—The H»5 m»ikst tfi in full Want. U, ityJuaiet Oif'.etbnrpr, where the city of Sirani'ah now atanda in 1733. B. GSJU.WEilL.V5TD CE QUAKER STREET. American Hotel, BARBER SflOPi &BEAT BAUGA25TS Thestor* of Messrs Wilbur and Me- . _ . .._ , « « AMMAA A vf AW 0 , . . * \• DoauM, were broken open S»turd,, ! G 0 0D 1 CC OMMOD AtlOI S , Pnttltal H*tr Q*Vti n a»d BUaW. t V, by Burglars—5Uey attempt^ t- H. MACOMBEK, Proprietor. blow\tho «*fe but wore uasuooo>t»ful, j ' of iT r SR SXBT&ET V hey obtained fifty dollars »ud made theii ! \ ' \ ' they obtained fifty dollars »ud made theii oecapa. No tracs of them have been dis [ covered as yet. • • • • - • •: A Fox bunt was. the amusement hort | Tbaiikngiving day.-What n»t. : ••Tue Lord hath n^od of the' Jl 'i Knoivtrt'citle, JS\ Y. DEAtEii i s ALL KISDB or. Farm For sale! The Reaper sai 1 nnd j ' Another bill has.been i,r tnppUuled to ii •h)o«so n iu t.(ie a;* dou o* i'tradiso-»ii«. r.l:e liitV chile) of i^warf. \\*'lber, jrho riiiv 1 very sii'iJonly VVoliusilky in frn'uiir, t'.u j tuuer.ii .«orrivj:-s w:ro h«!il Friday. J- ! laiw uU i «l« i of fnmids «y>npir.h'ntJ wiil.'j -hem in their bereavements. M, 3. II | —C. P. Dearstyne manufactures O'i? llout K'y i'igara. A FA'RH Center, N. V. 200 Ia B*>ts, Shoes, Eats,. Cups, Glares, MitUu,. Dry *••*> H*»U*Mi s*4»la»#a>r •ortmsot »f \ ' • • . . LADIE'S i V —V-Wertise ia rbe •'EsTKnl•BI^K.\ DR. COATED & i Located, about two miles west of Know- i ersville, along tho Albany aad Susqat- ; hanna R.tilroad. doad fertle toil, adapt- J ed to all Farm Crops ; is well Watered ! and Policed. Good substantial buildings I A. ! soa r»riety of fruit trees. Is ai first i Oa«a ; Pniperty, and wilt be sold at a rea- j . ••icviii.Ve price and on ensy term? to suit BMDIRWEAR, .. V/hieh wiji be sold at Hjnufcet«rs Prioee. tSia SUGARS, TEAS, COFF2B3, g 10B5, FLOUR, FBi», ; •©liA^WARI, fJHOCKKRY, LiMPfi, ORUGJS, PATIN? MEDt CISK*. PA!KTi», OILS, VARKI*HBfl, JAPAlf r»T»B, witn maflyartioleaaat mentioned. CsU •« M7HBEESE & PAFGBTJIIIT'S , Svd a peiiHrman tbj».o<hc-r d&y l.o a sei rant- m \a hotel where he was stepping: \U'ess tny soul. S-.imbn. ho=» blaoV you urc: how, in the name of wouder, cii'l you t:et sobladif \Why look'* here, mtssa, do reason \ am di -de d»y dis chile was born dcy was an Hercnry. WILLIAM FAliLEE, • On the Place.- of Gums and Extracts, at-d j 'ho purchasers. Apply to oof. t.'> conlai'n apirtical of; PhmsW bo. used in all caa«s of ff'a'nh, .Taundico, >ick H.!ad-| T!i«Vv»<in of tho B»)Wrtls f Ut>'u.£hH. | , \Catarrh ami all. diseases of! the ajs'eni in which 8.n..akerati*e is ijisesi [ ^.d HOC! are of eppeoi'S! seVvlcfi ia !*li \(ii*:-' \ the Liver ..Typhoid and Biiioun \Vhey were istradawd tq, rho voiit twfil79 yiparK a : eoi ! aBd ii> >»» Goods for Lowest FtSps^ Kbond receired a quarter for his a.ttis- tncxnry explanation, and, after grinning thinks, ooatinuscf: '\I <-«]! yer what it in, masaa, dis nigger may be brack, but he ain't green' no- how.\ Thf Oyi'pr Supner heM at the.Tes- t«f Si ni >n .f-tcobson Tirwksgtv K WH^ largely at'^nded an.d puse-i nf harmo > on«ly. The prutlfiiit biK-k aste-itsftraileil sweetly while SUIIK! ing in the r&ir waiting an opportunity to reach ne first teblt) \>y commendablef s«-IC-Cintroil combined with an enor-J ni'iu* supply of \nerve\ they adioitly mergfd to the front. Thf uviility dis- p'uyed by Ihesn at the table in ule u« think Uie tnanat;ement would be im- y lV-tfo^o -inieitii'itf rash or else run f-hoit uf y-'wra, aecntlenian suj»ffested 1<> muz/.l« tJi«m a laily said ^he ''guess- ed th«no fellows lmdn't h;ul Hiuthing 1o ent since List Thanksgiving,\-they were (>af to all hints, Jhore was a tn«rV«Kr dn-UtiA iu OystP'ra. Lady frieiidx-ur.e«\t ih»m o desist, they rwiiwl liy using tho word \pig-<ai]'' which interpreted properly probably meant 4 -j<nrchtve tlii^ i>ook or-die'! • »ri' - >ist\ bo lilit'w*. ivi it wiTe: and i liiiij iheir l'Of.k ( -t ;< \vi Ii r l -:u i kers.1hey '••ft 'h* 1 room 1> for Df«imb-r eeateiAs nut only*, great, deal of co id Christmas literature. bu« many other well-written^ and intterestinK •rtioles of varieas subjects. \?anti*jo An ' Old Port and Bit of Shore,\ \A Canterbury Pilgrimage,'* and \The Ange licit Painter,*', will rtpiy repry reading; and the household «u Kgestion are emin- ently practical and useful. The illus- trations are numerous, anton« which is a flhe photogravure of the \Mater DulorsV' D-JICL For 1685, we protajaed a se~ >tai by Mrs. JuHa Ward Iliwo, and an- other by Mr. Charles Sarnard, as well a* many uew and Interesting features. MARRIED. VIXE—QUAGJH*»U#K,—At the home ot the brid»s parents, in P/iucetown, Thars- day, Nov. S7tL, t>y Rev.J. K. Rsiohart, William V-ne and Mist. HaUie Quacken bush* BEBXAVRKNT—Oysters in every style, flue Ciguro & Tobacco's, Confectionary &o, at C. D. Whitneys Quaker street Depot. public aboiit - - „ every oaie have given satisfaction, As^ your merchant or druggist for them, and take oo others. • ' -, •-.'. y- 'If' 1 to i Pills. R»r sale fyeeuStr} stores aod dra«gi» ; s. I W. €HESBBRO J£3 r Hedu.csd Prices! To whons ail orders shi itessed. .. . • \._ .:;. d be ad- *.-v i\ AthisRcsideiroi OLD kxawBRsiri£'ii% r. J. 104ani m.Gtett St Wholesale and IWitaU Gro eier, And-Dealer in STAPLE * FASGY-DR T G OODS. Having pur educed the A Ul'MATIC for'Ai- bany CO., Except fU* t**v» >/ KKOX, I ahall' 'awl s*lt known. the beat WAS till SALE. isA SSOlHf, *t grfiitly rrtuMA Isim J look Out For WBBK'8 ISSVM! In which will appear al«ng&y skettsb of thrBeautif nl TiHsge of A. F. ;•-!• Old Soutli Pfa,rl Street Hotel • *. . -J , ,' : 13«S»s$k Pearl'itreot, Albany, ST. T. . - fHK.OSLT i»O0KD-OU,gs EOTK. II TMfl WTt. MUi JS» HAED BEDS TOtJGE ST14K i^ra Tvasnra MMM TAXI*. S*J> nas«i i c* tie itnamt t»i 8c.n#ie* Jfiss w GHOCEBJES W.D. W. Y. per-i — <YA HoiUMTy Cigar is the \.boss 11 ' —'Tin Y«u Benscoten and Warner's F<etor? is SE full blast. y. Mnuikfni ft-at (-'!•»•• rt V\.' w«nmr> >n 'J nr. AND Rfif AIRING SHOPS. bnt f.tie «w«t ai i.eriitu u*s1. »« «11 work warnwtexd. Oar priises nre sat- . \ idfacto y to all. A ; e. of — X i* im{>n»nil»!e to hold a team ofj »«»>»« KR4 I WO hovs at tbe same time, j —TTi«-rfiusJT)* of Hon. H. Smith were ! »o hit atimeatr cobleskii la»t ipiiUir we doubt miiftb if *\\c as-^e's iv<>t !lu- Ii:i1r!iu<>>< Tbc literarv expr«M-»p«< ftt; EK'VUior we e exc-pt- Oveireachiiig and Lame Uorats. Gai'dtrland Station Albanj Ca. N. Y. T2CXAS Sel 29r, and Birolx- a enod 'time to read i The T»1ui»e»of t booVs now in lown» tiv Mi*=i Sitterly Living- tbe j -•'«•> MM.1 >fmnli led an\ Iri.-h love • i l« rf er\ vv;»s Mm eau-e or much merri- t>*» an. apprentio in hlo j \\-\'• Mi-.n. s : Weilvd«lthev biddy actc •#««!». Is the PWSOB of Manter <3«»ref j \^ r-erfe«tion Miw.L'yineslon wsonat T/*«e«*a11.' ^Tnw frtra general sb«Y« \ ! \^ ih * -Oolow-d Oal\ ir fine style while. in often toatfa \That thej j MilW M * n \ wa<t J !ist aB Motherly as to Mtoh a person, dim oouirf be. Mr. Weaver with his \where <«r amyAS»«\ It w«st be bcoans* their **» «M h *-\ wratchw «!M» m»Mt, to 'f<Mt ai* too larrt. . 1 ^' u ^ * tniir\ won considerable aiiplciusp. \ ' \ ' ' j %f r. TloE«n=« song \counting your «. *T. T. Tawnta* »re tbis week j chickens before I hev are batched\ was •«*i»a»p*7»«»'a»t«»*cnof a wy nice HiokoryCaM. well np to tbe mark. The Duet by ^»« tan»mbl« J.*n \V. B«ebe in commero- ».'•!• f nsat Osaoeratic Victory. p y anfl presented by Miss. A«gi« Ostr&nder and Miss Nellie Bb i KNOX -•AH eotamnTitot tlons expeeted to be inserted in tha SnterpriM must hereafter Dvrreeived by W*dnssday morning, with the M,ms of tli« writer. All anonytnou* ooMaranleaHon wiil not be enserted, we do not •••the ntM for she sake of pub- lication, but to protect o«rs»Ivea. We have |«eeiv*d & timber of articles, that «a voaiaMM .ladly pnblished.b«t there _ The Thanksgiving service of the M Mag so n.m > atUaaed, they were con- K> Churd< wa8 ft 8ucc68S . We ar0 aorry •tgaed to the waste basket. to bay tfiat Velona Marshall has goue —The Robbery at Quaker street on Sat-] J*w»y, perhaps never to return to Krwc nrdaylast w*sa darinst and bold one. Our (again. Our young men in this place •»»w>ntlca was sailed to notice tbe safe of i do nos wnit fur the ladies to give them WUbari,wbere there had been three holes'the mil ten, they, take them voluntar- -4ri!l«d in U» door, and one of them near- j ilyfgiils take c.ire of your mittens un- ; was simply superb. On account of the owner not feeing disposed to side walk tl e lane Eddie ha* discontinued hit semi-weekly- ped- estrian trips Willie however Alls the position quite we!l. • J. I. C. the oombination look was bro- %en. the knob feeot. and the cans* of the rofehere leaving iw mystery. They left* -piece ofrailfoad raft, about two feet long and tiedaspucd it, a top of a rubber boot, and made tbtlr Mcape. it 5s hoped that the party will fee oaneht, and the psual- tie* of the law dealt out to them. : -»-T||e •iM>.s ; > ?eat advantage Knowers- vHk b»«i-ti<f'l?ajfs««!« can i>ell at! his pro • duoe a€*liiS|ili*ee*nd reoieve more money for it Ctakiag outthe expense of eoinp to Altiai^Jrthan. if be weut through to tneCi^f. \ shoe*, <*«*• a»\he <?*• in tha City. Oat his fana'nroparly, iawrsd b.v Benj. Crounst •i* life, by C. B. W»rnerhis Furniture •f Johx Th{«MU« get warm by «f the JLavbvtitviiU Sous* or Union 4»!,V»f #»arC*al^« Smith Philley, less y 0U have plenty of time to knit more. Mr.K. Williams twd family have been visiting'their friends In tbe town of Wiigh.% ,Mi«s Minnie Baxter and Mis.Aiia j Pier, have just reiurned from their vis- j it »t \?est Berno. We are glad to say Mr. Willie Pram- era health ia improving. Mr. A. Denison is repairing his barb. Our mail carrier has been visiting w-«.. k n .t.< .i. ^ ! Ms brother in Albany. ^^OTO^MT^^ Z L, Mr ^ s - Che S eb,o of Berne spent | Thwiksaiving with his father. Kr. Madison Wolford ia the happy father of a girl. Mi-3. Ann* Shell of Knox, and Mr. J. Willjamson of Berae 'were joined to- gether in the b/Hui of wedlock last Sat- t . t arday evening, by Rev. Mr.Doig. fergatttet *#» ftoflsr pays for the sub- A ^ A - «srraei0B fr|sw f»r on* f^ej. Lea^e ta 4» «l¥UniiB yon Ofdera foe Ttmr jnb ' ea, home and feel EITTEEPEI3E. i V:l nr-lera a1dre«er] to him, at Guii j ierland CWer, AlbanjGo;, N. Y „. wil! receive prompt atte it:6a.- - GUILDEULAND, NRWYORK? J&2V,xvfacvu7?eT of rhh Htid at MONUMENTS. HEA.DSTOXES, POSTS COPING etc F. DECKEH. One full blooded White, and three Brown Leghorns, Cppkerels for sale. Enquiraof 3. C Crounse. Auction Sale On ^Atnsday Dae. U. Mr> F. Hasley will sell at public Auction, all his house hold Furniture, consisting of Bed Bed- , Stove, Chairs, .Tables, to. A GOOD CHANCE FOR AN ENTER PRISING MAN. Mr. W. J. McDuttee of Eaperance. wishes to dispose of his stock of dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, etc. The store can b» rented for a term of year*. Apply at once and seeur* a bargain. XAIIi CliOSKS At the Snowers?ilia Post Office as follows: Morning nail, east .7:40 m.a Through mail, west 9:03 a. in. Through mail, rase. 1 rf)8 p. ro. Albany to Ouaouta. (arrives,) 5:88 p. m. . CKOUSSB. I'ostmas* er. KNOWEITVILLE MAnKET-Dec. C.tb Be TT«R—24 eecte per ppnnd. EflOs—^6 cents s>er doz. : ' KYG—03 cent* per bushel. O ITS—37. Nsw HAT—f 7 to 14 per ten. STRAW—$ 11 per ton. BUCKWHEAT—GQ cenU per bnshel. STOVE COAL—13.25 per ton. PEA COAI,—f4.25. ' OHEBTSCT $5.25 per ton. BITCMISOUS—16.50 per ton. MABKET— rt.th tations are 21 to £8 fo> onoic? SI toMk*.. for fair to good. Koflo.—Fresh jitoook is quit* firm atS6 to J80. Western 21 at to 24c. OUAIK. —Rye at 60 to 70o. for A0 lbs. Oats firm at 40 to 41c^ Cora at SO to 3<5e. for yellow, J .— Af$W* st %100 to IPO•t Kepairing; promptly done C ititrdK A'tti DET GOODS. .T. 11. ii 27 State , Schenectady IT 7 Special Announcement for .Kail- Grea< Reduotieja in ever Department. - - . Black Bilk at 00c. atsdfl.25 per yard, tnd Warranted. Cjlorad and Black 0 isbineres 40 inches wide, from 25o, to 11 00 per yard; Dress Goods. In this De- partment we are offering Spleuded Bar- gains at 6 4, 8, 10 and 13c. per yaro and upwards. VELVETS AND PLUSHES, B11AWLS, BLANKETS, .CLOTHES, CASSlXSItS, CLOAKINGS. j FURNITURE Of every ColdtkstG3ESS Feathers, And any, and everything pertaining to the line ef \FUBNITUEB [ WOULD A&SQ. AXJSrOUJTCE THAT TAXPBErARBB T9 CASKETS & COFFINS, And will attond to all branches of \USDERTAKSR •» Call oa, or address «M> We lSr ,,e Furnitu, d.ale, jsQ^Jj Insured If a»t caH es ,;••?- I. SCI00II1KE8. Contractor adn Builder. THIS SPACK HK3SHVRf> FOR We are ofiertng • heavy Uubtacbed Sheeting full yard wide, at 6|s. per yard. Domes ic Dry Goods wer» never known to be so cheap as they are. this f»!i. and we have •eoured »OMe*D»oided Bargains, *nd shall place, them before our custom- ers at. a slight advanoe.above coat. We also hare a Fancy Goods Department, ia which will be f6uad OERMANTOWN WOOLS, s HOSIERY, GLOVES, HAHDKEBCHIBPa, KNITTINC YARNS, ETC., ETC. . Floor Oil Cloths mm in mrnsi You will find it UyoM advantage to visit and asake jour Fall purchawB of u«', as our pricsa for First Glast Goods &re always (3M LewaaT. JTBTO. 127 State street- Who ia Agent for and Insures Agassi FfRF AND UGHTNIN6, IJT SETBaAL FIUbT CLASM QQXPlSSEa. C L SI. I>«?o;lei» in AU Kind5 of BIHLDnTG LI MOOSS, 8ASU, SLIABB, -LlXM, ! l ilding papar, etc, stc TSIMWMO. 27 Dock- t-j'*»'.-_(H.~l« J «w^.<_^ t ;

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