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/\ / >s (F *- +jm-!m [ ,**rmH-m' [ J. f is pt>er„-r day. last ,(iai 4*6^ianate\ dgy for evih derer^T^ .iPe»n*1Eaa~ 'qsestfea was '^^Jfrlie#re the\ l«egislatnre, and decided in'tbe negative by amajbrity •pft#hetee», • /.- . _\ • ,,/ Th$3 ! the hopes of the Perin-Tanr Jteys are blasted, at\ one fell swoop\ by theohiinftcyofsx, majority, ojftlhe T^gi^alBre, , vWeregpet \\ ' for We -VWI*i yjibpes that three '©rfotti? miles square, wi#.Pe|in-Yan in 1 , the centre, Would havlf b'gen feet off fntd a territory^ s6 ^ihat^^farfc' ^otiity sjhould BO jior>|ef^e,trou^d; .wjtb: a : cla^whaare detelbfcd>-to :v .f'.rnje^ •mk^v^m^ iift^tiae^dkstpjM^ '.^^IkMt&^mmmi :ifat vlftig© are otft IBMES\''^o.uWtry^fbr' we f a^lsierty ^|.-th^.£ tpo without* '$&'r dfcpntra- . dl^iQtt, $liat ibers. are some-'-rspme • boh* rp4§&t SddjjmrMbut we believe #% wauM^#i»gly le«tv:e the.placet ifipari&hUsers CGrtdB he f6uhd who dare •^Iti^eKei,':' . >:' '•;'•;. '•'•[' : '\ due time wlll^ no dott^t, be thade pub- , He. It ma$ ^tjj&iproper to ob- bptievoilnt citizens pf PJhjJgdeJpMari servC tltat it was 'hot. antil several A i»6m ! l»ea%r§nd:Mig calalnjly seldom ai^i«til,an# cotpptipit^ 5 the *|f^f^ ; i^aij;C^^-I^Mse lots. ^5q- the%*et, has reBrt^Uished the \etlalyfi^fii merit ofthe Athefican Watch- mltti, pshlifefed at Wiliaihgtori*/ His . t^Ml^^^sfnof ipng5 hot what is ', l^ttei* J& the • pueppse;-' i$fe \says; s^e^or >' has 'the i m,eaits\ ; atief s the {.dfepe-sitidn? •W'%rV^*gj&iSefai' i satisfeg* tifii ^ si} \v^hb have ^'asonahfe arjd (ifcisi'Viie.wS'df a• J |^l 1 t^fV^^%:a1^d- ; . c$mp : enmtio<ri^'~ The?*#fr%#i patrptK .^ge others;jte w^orSe tbaig:j(noek^,y. ^^|jQsl|^e '^jT'ifypgfi$$& : ^$yi ,widili0Ming:''^e!!l^^^^a|rn^d h^ea'dWith , 0ne hand, and intercepting suppl hi • with the ether.' Relateproprietor •oveeithaiife \to many rgat'patrons afd friends. To deltiiqtient-suycri- blrs and advertisers, he fishes a bet-, ter iii^inor^^ahd^to malicious ene «»>es a »- ^Maiy! has* ah • ate u#it^ article* in whibh he eanvasses^ t|ie MWs 0f the, candidates- for the P»eslden«y. and* yg#i5^hdTd3y av^ws tvlgtt marty are' ftn|tt^ce|f%y,; hut whoilare i^pt say |t],4nat l hiswhpfe €«fto Mtn who will pay most liberal* 'Ij^i^-'^- 'J^ongth^iew:b^e';pre- ; ^ ite^ons he notices isDe Witt Clin-; cMms'if not -so \Weighty are of older dat% %ne/s Mv^Be Witt Oli^toiij gdW^nof-^-^e^York.\ Whis'g^h'-; ' tlemai*^^j(i\ *fi» • ^ A •g^t^^' J --'•\-; j, ^S%fep 'tobWl all the '1aW ^ dafI; atl^yTSj ^nsoked lanes, 'dJf'^ \ ' Aii 0#bass |^eW^^i^v#Boist^ ^aLhotJI^ine' te ten yea^agprtP.fW'ang^ jpatters s& that he might step into #»es|detrt: 3#adis0tt^5 |eat, arid a paper Galled «Th4 Pilot, \was published a fefe' months uiider his -an^picies, to favbt|r jhp llectioE^and to (!pnviric0 us ITat^ keys that ji^K was the best ma.tt %r . lie Was|>&^e# o^ver, again and again, •aB4?Sft<^ lo.be (brought vp a; third trmeasarmr^DetHori forgettihg those things wjbf ^h are behirtd, aiid r6ach* 4iig^W|P^ to4hose whidi age be-* fbre. Btiti^e have n6t chosen him liejtthjer 5, for that he wrpte to ns ia flat- ^rinjg aiidj deceitf^ letter ajb.^ut four years agOj yery^%My comttjetiding •our paperi andsolicting the tn<?«|- jgeKG&Q£ heqomingaatfbscribe.r, which ind^lgen^&^as read^y grautedi and, nvhi#ihjt% |i(BV^' been.m^t with aiiy *wres$on4ing* return on life paj^*-rr ^l|ereforevve will none of him*'* ', l¥e. bQp% for the Jhoaor of t}ie istate, that f the last paragraph is not literally ttne^jlmericari. the jDrphaijj 4%Him, a dharitable in stitution inl^iladeiphia, Was destroy- ed by fife }m^ A>f 91 pop/children iwidy three perished in v t!|e .ftatpes ! The chiidreR s.^ved werec^ taker*i in thee have eyiuj^edtfiedeepsa gympamy on the occasion, and promptly rforded every vefef in theyp power/ The six- ty eight |tff^kin^ Whianswere pro- vided for at the WidowV Asylurn, and clothes furnished for all of them, early the next morning-—in' which charity the ladies were actively enga- ged. $fhe. cost of the building* ifs furnitfeevctOtlbingj &w. which was all consumed, amsuhted to £M$&Q> on- ly pOO of Which, were/ -insured^- ^Wei#iliVee of the orphans of the ^hiliielph^ -.Jkylemi we^re still mis- sing yesterday at-noonvjithe remain-- der, 68 i# nu«»b#, had beigri comfort- ^blr elothed-hy the liberality and IJIxeftions of the citizens*; and parti- Je|.Tlarly- of the .ladies of Philadelphia, and v Were,c0m#ottab)y accommodated at the Widows' Asylum. Those missing are supposed to have perish- ed in the jiamesV The * pecuniary loss is estimated at $24*000, of which only 600 were ins u red. The mana- gers of'. the Philadelphia Theatre have determined to appropriate the proceeds of a night's performance to the benefit of the Orphan Asylum, anci a numerous meeting\ of the citi- z.eiis Was held yesterday, and ward committees appointed to receive con- e dem^hds were made by CaptyJEUpn, that \tt$ governor e<5rt- ; sented( tp delh'er h|^ tt^« :•,. « Most of ih§cp^a.feef^nd pirate owners ahd agents feife*.hav«f declai- ed war against Mr.' HatrisoD,\ the A- merican cbhsui a| this 'place ; there is no inconsiderable fdrc%here, I as- ?J sure you r * fiomtetfitters.-^A. gmg of <i0i\\ ors, seven in number, we>e ar- rested last weelUn this city, thfough the activity and yigiiahee pf a «um- ,ber of our; ente^pming citizens.—r ^Fhe villains had been engaged in the '.circulation of courHterfeit three dpitar bi)ls of the ** Pittsburg and Steuben- viife Turnpike Company; , • ''•';\';\' Pittsburg Mercury. rOthanSypec'.'2-y. On Thursday rtight we found the' heat extremely pppfessivp. Sinking Under its debilitating influence, with the impatrenee and discontent which mark frail huniani mature, invoked hcavejafor copier breezes, and mtr prayers were heard* , Hough febna the .no^th thx?y 4 camr| ; Clustering on, •hearltrg'o^; their i^i^ifl^itlfois^^^\ zert delights which imparhsuc^h plea-^ s;tire to the lads and lasses of' NeW?^ England. We wish, however, they^ had reserved their favours for to Whom they would have more acceptable, No warmth of gi^atitude can be ^expected for such c1?M;blessirigs. ;'>,: '-'\•• ; About 9 o'clock oh Saturday mor* :rnprrpog \fe saw a man lyirfg in? a >tolet^tbly public street, who had ftoie to death during the previous night. We^nderstand;^ that ahbther mi§- erabie wretch Was fbund ih the street xsn the same morning, wdio, had per- ished in this same Way.- =: v • J?wring Saturday we ^ had flight shower-of hailf and yesterday we saw ice lis tiibs nearly an Tbe bankriipt hill promises to be for .some days cm the tapfe in the in the,h0us,e of;representatives, It will foe debated, we. apprehend, at great length* notwithstanding theSub- ject has been heretofore; so full^ dis- cussed and reported*. Of its jfate it Would be idle to offer a prediction. %.We will only advise those Who loo^ with .inter>se anxiety to the halls of ©on%j v esson this sub- ject, againM being ttiw ^aftgttme |w their hopes from thai Quarter. The talent and the members of the house of representatives \^pear to be more divided on; the su^e^t than ou any other subject of eqii$l importance we. can recoiiect-^-wifli^/thf esctptitin, perhaps, of Mr. dalhinrns imernal improvement biil* Which passed the heyse of 'representatives by a majori- ty of two votes. iSueh- may be the. success of the baiiferhpt bill.— Sat. y We understarrd that tiree 0 . trotting horses te^'m'.riived sr>fe and sp»i?d' ip Eriglaiid^if«m the %¥s!ed States'/ Whence the^Wei^ embarked' last summer. • -We#ave not yet heard of any bets havihgljeert toade among the gentlemen of the turf* respecting the speed of these extraofdinary. aui- mals.*— Bost.' ••(*#& tc he has enqnired of tfusi hy pefsortf^ttt trtat cdunt^, and cSannot learn that this great body of •ivolves'hds killed a single sheep* or dc»ne any damagei'* We perceive that a resolution has passed the Assembly to suspend all payments for bounties until the legls-' latufe act ou till stibject.— fimerfcarti Ctoutittrfciis Discovet£($,^~*Mper- son employed hy Mr. Caldwell* Inn- keeper hi Market-street, to remove the eaanium ftom his stable ysa*d, found tthder tlie heap a bag contain- ing upwards of sixteen theusand dol- lars of counterfeit notes. They con- sisted of |IO0 notes of tjie Frank- lin Bank of New-Yopk. £he BaK timorej and 600 dollar notes of the' Phoenix Bank of New*York. The Baltimore notes were so well execu- , ted that one of that description, had recently been taken by a BrpMr in- one of ©ur banks. -It is supposed that the bag with its centents, had been deposhed under the manure by a man* vvJ10 staid a shprt time at IMfiv Galdvvell*s taverri, against whem spine suspieroii attaches.r- i -F/i^. joa. Forgery.— »0» Friday last, a person '•alhug his name James Maxwell, <d York,-y. C was feoniiuitted to ga^l of this county, by ». f l\ Kibhe* Esq; on a cha>|fe of forging a check'on the Merchants' Bank of ibe city of New- York for §8#o, pu'r§roHitig'ta : be Bign> ^d by' «»ie Juikes Smitft, ana fef obtain- iag gotids aiid BJoney ooder false pre - tenees-. oi'fhaoms Beftte* Esq, oi this v fttge, in the ffTO<Mittt of %%M - ; 8f.*^ OM. Eepub, t y nse'r Establishment^, grTe^ 5 No- tice p Ms €twoMER{<v*aocrifee CiTiziB# of this and ibe ndfa- •cent Counties, that he r$ pre- paring to fo business .wjjj* them on the most advantage^ ous itrms. He is riow receiV* icg andvqperj'ing a very chah^ selectionof Valuable •mm?.* ®> -»•< Mestm* Jan. 1-6- We have a report from HavaDa, via, MantanzaSj-thatLiewt. Ivearfley, of the United States brig Enterprise, after destroying the rendezvous of the pirates at Cape Aritonia, fell hi with\ and captured four piradcal schooners* three of which* ^eing>S3»all vessels, were destroyed. The Enterprize was daily eKpetJted^at Havana with'' theother. ''-•:\ MARHI13D, Oii Thursday last, in St. Peter'* Church, Auburn, by the Rev. Mr. Smith, tlie.Bev. FKA^CIS H. CUM- : MING, ofHochester,toMissCAupLiivE A. JitiRLBual 1 ,' daughter of J. W. Hurtburt, Esq. of the former place. On Satiirday last, by the Rev. O. Clarke, B|r. Morris Wright, to Miss .Ami Mobihson, all of Seneca, Well adapted to the pregehf andi fp^roacbing sea^oi^wfeieB he is detefminea to sell atthq most redtieed prices, for PEffllPT PAY. CJiSB,andtk&higkest price, paid f(ir Pot and Pearl ASHES; for\' WHEAT delivered at Dres- den Mill, or at this place-— and for the principal article of ]Pra4uc^ which the c 01114-' trj, affords* - •- VOET: subscrihei* will' $fy'JTf& Cents per Bushelv m Goods, at IJip Store in Cteneva, at Cash ptices, '$£ gewsd cleanr- : - l : • . :' .\ •\. '.',„'•: •-< momM JSEEI delivered at his Ashery,^Wh,al|e|i Mr. Nathaniel F-agLkt BruMai*<$f ' Geneve t fan* 39* 0ETO?A tr -tl 7!5J*,' The Chariest* iercury says that on the departure df the sciir. Sa rah Ann,from Havfna, it was report- ed and believed, that the Patriot Goto. fJh^yter, had\taken a large pi- ratical schr, and had hanged the whole crew, said to. consist of 6,0 or 1& persons,; on Berry Islands. We hope that our - readers will iiot be shocked when We Express our hope that it may prove fr«e. A few* &imi- 1 ar \ nstauees of the; stpplic a tion of sum- mary justice w these freeboote-rs.-r~JfjKerJca«. i i soon rid the seas of MOttfe E'fi.OM' Qrl*a O.BtiIirEBS. - Extract of a letter':from a gentleman '\ n holpmews* to his friend at! » Territory of Fhpidn^-^e have receive^ the B^l^l^lpvicting %fthe^ goyej||Hie»t ,of East ! arfd Westi'lpri- da, to ^fefe^pwn by ^be^ibeve name. Its exectttive isto consist of Goyernor, to be appointed by the President for three-years. Its Legisiature to be composed pf the Governor, arid thir- teeliftf and discreet citraens,tp;be ap- ppiriCe«| by the President, the latter m fcrosport, • • ' ^ a visited withih the last fevf Weeks, by two Ameaican .1 v menofWar'* the brig $p^r1^ ; Ca^t. I Elton, :andthe;Sch.^raflTp may establish The Ctrego#y.--As they were understood) laws of the tJnitec 1 States are declar- io be in pursuit nf Debour^ d nptpri- j ed tphe4p iferce in the territory from pus pirate, whe^after tlieir rpbberies,, the passage of the &cU-r-Mfs Gaz. genej'ally ^nds i, » asylum here until Tlie|udicial power to be iftvested in superfof coitrts end magistrates as the thing blows over, the inhihitji&ts had many cpnjecttireS--HSpm^ were plealed with the no^fel sight of\ an A- meriean man of wslr; others knee- ing that Debear and many of his, fol- lowers were on the island* jfeared the Fromifai Cimrtesim ^rcury. Baited States selir^ Alligator, : CJomd't. Stockton, a nchored ptf 9 the bar last evening. She is 33 days from Cape Messurado, West Africa, and IT days from the West consequences j while some were of, Indies, which she run down ori a opinion th|t good feeling and good crnise. Lieutenant Stockton has ef- ^uiewoultfttotonlyr^nlhve a!ldMh*-j fecfed a purchaseibr d most *ihle cullies, but send the American onl- settlement at^Cape^essurddp^for the cep away well satisfied* Whether .AmericanCeionizatiort Society, and this.was exactly the bplnipn of the! had its possession secured. rtpvernnienfe 8 ! pretend^ not to sav :' _-_ '\ governmeait|»i pretend npt to say ; hut ifitwaSj the attentipnt.of Mi Ex-1 ,^tt appears by the report of the^ cellency certaihly didaotdivert that Compti-^iter, that th#e have beea excellent officer, Capt* *Eltdr|i .fmnl paid out of the Treasury of this state, Qteat Calamity.r-Qu the cold flight ©f tlie;$&! ult.,the elegantBlrildingpf|h§duty, which *L_ rt....t-_^ -Ai^.t^i. _ •jL.-.-i^i-.t • €l ^ j^ g g gentlemaBly aild officer like in beuiities for the destruction of a manner, as to inspire with respect Wolves 5 and^ a\pf>ut-|ii-'-e^l ; sjumhas ^ild esteem for him^ even those with beea paid by the eoii8tiesV#a%ihg an whom his duty c&mpe^d him to be agregat© of |t|iO,O0O.* Ofihe boun ^vm w taaet m m positive; Several ofeal letters pas- ty paid by the state, |lf; 185 have arms o£ their deliy^rirs a| they Were sedbet ween Capt. E|ton anri the gov- : beeripaid iwthet : onrtt*'^^fr«rrik1ifr>' fouud in, tlieir bfeiis.: *T he Utile suf^ ernor, the rtsuit pf whichWassofar ais.| WrH|e, during that pcrmdj^S^IO^o^ iereri wer<e\ih tl# third &tory, and the known here, as the.delivery of one Of fy bave .bccn' ; rtcei^d\;Jrt..!ax^:from' ''\\ vvhicrl tooli fi-qm a .ito*.e in the Oebour'sinen to the rnited States.1 that cotintVi, artdd tli? sta#'ll^s' v room* increaled so vapidly as to bafi3e\eipfer* eflort tp sftve ihem,-— bur's.men_to- the United States. From this may be expected a detail- ed aecotvnt of their, piracies, wjbich in county a« m sttftjfe besides |3I,S90 '% tor- the arrears of ttd|j-resideilt taies '•*-- iOO Pieces Blatck, BluljT BrowQ, Scarlet and OrimsoA pluih and &- gored Bombazets. 4 Do. Black Bomhazins* 200 Yards real Tartan Plaids=- imndsome figures and - superior qualities. 3 Doz ( . plain and bordered Cassi- mere Shawls and Hanliefchiefs. 20 Pieces Sattinetts. Green Bockirig Baize, Flannels. 1 Case Blue and other Calicoes. Caroline- Plaid fJinghams, Plain and Figured Lenos and Book M us- lins, Silk and Cotton tlmbrellais.-— Gilt, Plated and Black Hooks and Eyes. A good assortment of knives anrl Forks-^-and many••other articles* making a. eompSete\ tresprtriieilt of ©oe*ds» ~ «• ' , Gemm, Feb 5. Fine and Supeiifine FLOUK Constantly on hand for sale by H> TEN EYCK. EFAUIT havhg been niade ii) ?ibe payment of money secured to be paid iiri; and by a eertain morlgagfe, exeeated on tie ninoteehthday of Feb- ioaryr 1818, by X,tither Bristol, of the 'nwn nfWiJIiamson, in the coutKy of Ontario, to JSfaham Benjamin, of Phelps* in the sard county, on *<all that certain tract or parcel of land, sitiiate in the town of IS illiamson, county and state aforesaid? to wit: all that certain pieee of laod, being unm- berfourteen, in the fi*eo»d jranpre of tounships in the aforeg^idtovrn, tlie e- quaj south one half part of lot norrther tiifte containing fifty acres,he the Same ptore or less—bounded eas% .^e>t and ijonib by thf rcspf dive boundary lines of said lot, aij^ north fey a line rtfttning parallel with>ai(l lot. soeh a (listaBe e north froth tile south bound -of^14:lot, nfjto include, as near as may he, one half the quantity of land cojitaiued in Bahi lot--- Reference hoing had to the map . ••or--*aid/'tawii*Ki.p'''«^An<l: : the.ferHhem said niortgoge fovlng been re^ttlfert* a'fti^ned to the 8ttfeVihJfr----ik*ofice | is hereby given, That /tlje above des-- cribed premises ^ ill bii gdld ai Puh- lie 4n?tioii,at the liotel, In Geneva, on the totlvday of A u??«st «ext#t 1 Oo'eiock in Ifte foreoor»o. a^cordiitsjvto the p*at- uie in «iif*% CAse made a-nrf\-pro.y'ide.d.~~' \ % ¥«>$;•'•' • .'•• .-•' jjMgRtam.. iHE subscribet's are now reeek fiopds, GPiisistingof 30 Packages m'Ww^k^m^. elish and I n|ia Sobds-^ '; ' AMON© irmiih MAY BE 4wim- AndmuGhio^eT tta n* W-: •|fe^ soa,:\.Y.o#ng-- per\ SO.Gbests Wresfa ®0 nor \\•\ Ilpon^ • ' .TIAS;, 25 Bags and Pimentov 40 Boxes 7 Hbds. Eoai Brown 20. €mies CfeOfcJtttf ? A .50 Casks assorted Cut itefe 10 .Tons \Euss'i^ '&we\deWi^tl ; -\ EnglisblEON^.i , fltai . V7 , 1 . «\.-'•*• ' ' ''' '\'-\'•'\'-'• TOPETHEB Wl*fl ^•^M I Janiaica, St. Ct6ti atid S^e\^ England RI?M ; Madeira, London, Part'ictdaiv Tetietifie, Colmanar^ ancl Cteet WINES. And^ many other scarce and vatm* %le 4O0^S, not usually found in t|e coaiitry. All of which W%L fen parchased just at the clolje ©JT '' the season, and on the most advapta^ , geot|S terms, they are enabled tdolA Wholesale Of R«tajl ? ,atkl $\ ' tmott reduced prices. - \ \ \ Most articles of cotratry FP*^-V\\ DUCE will be received in paytEe>\fc •' at the highes market prices , -, \ CASM. AT AH Maps PMO /an *HSf*T, POT ftf RAKb '4iilB,POKK3t^ j j*

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