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ft * l. «fc-/ .^' *••> / t). ____... , ... ,. 3%^.. ririue of a, writ ot*' 'ft, fa. i sailed out of the supreme court, I hafttfe taken all the goods and chattels, lands ' and ttnemeiitB, of Oil's Hathaway r in tsiy bailiwick, Vi? : S3 acres aft' the ttorth part of lots No. 1^9 and•'l.^6 : , s as #ede4: V• <*t»fi^omsttoelf, and iluldah yf hfi ^iftf^tja'ilie said Otis Hathaway, tttttr l§! $.«, fche north west i'jiZ*~m deeded % ^^j®$^'&& -Ne-,s : I;\ i5> • ?••'• H; : is* If/ it R«i# ,iMy4, 1817, ? |^;a$**/ jjart of lot No, ljjs ;1|f» $eede*$ oy Jona. Warner to the! _ : ^n)fe;teMV^ km.- • } .' •' «' ; ''At£o*~3.Q acres in the east \^a** • r of lot Ho, ,;-*a$ bounded - north by ./'ft'Wn-ezer Odtlins' iarid, east fey' the «8St li;ke of said Jot, south by the sp«tl» Viae, aad west bya line parallel to the •^Aid eft^t UB$ of said lot and so far '$$fa ,live,'samej as to contain 30 aeres, a|4ptdand^o more, as deeded by I- • -^i^Mal^wayjJr* to the same, •. ~-^&$M~?*$'>'& aejej in, the.. > ,w-orth,.,p,ar.t *fo||(itrKo» 187 as deeded by the sheriff /v jftff'tljMJS Ifu^tly of- Ch».t urJs lo the samej • .;Cia?i|||n| ; k fajeiugforojj*ly.o.w^fd by^areit. I^P^^H 1 ^,' and by hjirai e'»)dto dos'eplj ^l^flRjsIoflfs Snd by\ him to Stephen jBi^Iss afid Joshua Jones, of one of :f|*4ii[/ Alt being in township No. /i^el^^'itlAthe 3d raiige of towns* In •r4% l ^aat|> ; 'af Qaume 9 , west bf the, ',.,K|^is';'o|d meetir.jg house in Wsirm?: ^p|pp|;£#ai^h.l will sell on '4 he 2^ .\:9^af HsM^h ntxt, at fen o'clock in'! ;'..|!#-i||#|«%; M$$- Hotel in the ViK ...Mgfc'^ ^qw&^MqtedFeb. 0,1922. -*£** J.L/SMITH, Bep. ^-il 'f r.i.; ^,*, : ^•i \jmcBsmcs 'generally. 3. subscriber begs leave to in^ ,i|^ihe ahove named classes .ii||||5^jl^ntnityj that he continues . ^^.^|^|^ : 'h«siiiess'at the old stand r • '^^fel^^si $' j^pn<%, in the large v^HtoR^n^ Store, opposite 'the; ' r \W^0^0peef Seneea-str^t, Geneva, < , ^it fcasheeoHie much Mil fashion of %tfe^J0ijl|!eTchaBts oflhisaiidotherl l?|i|^|^^4ifr puff ©it their,pretensions jtb- selKng g04>d~ \and elieap llerchan- ^i#*. > Jhconformity somewliat with ;:^ ; \j^^^-he'- :; assi|i , es 'tfe.' r j30|dic:' €lia|<hCwI!l sell iiis'^rticles- as. Jow'-as' ,?i6^^e*jfl^^^^\ftBy 01164 amd that l||^^S ; j^sorttn«tit, % gelietetl^' (ioinpw- ^^^1^^;:-:;^..- - -y •_'.•/•-.''••'. Rebellionof ''45.-- met with memoirs of the %te rebellidla in Scotland, iit 1T45 anM74i, wri^ ten by the Chevalier de Johnstonej Aid-de- Camp to Lord George Mur- ray, and assistiar/t Aid-de-Camp to Prince Charles MWard.,'' As he was -e^febted fromMs^ytioft mm minutely thei euara^f of the leadiii§; .persoris to the B|elender's v0f } yms remarks throw a Rearer msi ^' upon tte incident he plates, his having-beet) an eye witness of the scenes he describes, gives his mehtoic,a liveliness of style'which no mereconijjiler could attain. T;he [.story is well told, making allowance fof some passages in the French taste) aiid the volume itself is valuably a S containing Authentic information of that interesting; period of Ecottisli his- tory, a;period wliichsincethe publi- cation of Waverly, strongly a wakens our attention. The introduction by the editor, which gives a view of the 1 state of thedifferent .parts of the Island from the commenctment pf the dis^ twrbance m the reigu of Charjes I. down to the 1 period-yf\ the rebellion, is ably written, and forks' an interes- ting\ preface to thi' rae hioir. Both the hlstoi^an and the editor agree in representirig the character of the Pretender in 'coloursSvery different frottt thog|s jo whieh we have been accustotned' to view hitn. The au- Vhar iti»pMt0s their greatest disaster? t^|he.obstinacy of the Prince m ne^- jecfing good cOonsel, and his blind- ness hi' tfustmg .kp rash advice. He ^gi*iEs^im44Jflue4»e^Mw-pe^^<^ val-. Oar j indeed he rather hints at a de- ficiency of that qiiality, $0 all iropoiv tant under '.Charles' circwmstanees, and openly blames his depression when hishopes, though checked, were not destroyed, and the cold selfish- ness with which he deserted the men 1 who had risked their alt in his cause, with the laconic message, * f Let ev- ery man seek his own safety in the best way he can.\ ;_** Thus, (says the enterprise with seven men, and abarr- dori it at the moment he might laave beeri at the head of as niany thousand, preferring to wander up and down the mquBtains alone, exposed every iq&anV'tQ- be taken and put to.deaih <\¥af,atjefirgi when I came out of the hay, my.body was so bruised, $hd I was so weak from ex- cessive perspiration* tnat H was w i lD difilcuity I coald walk* leaning on the arm of i|r. .Mart? for my legs j^ould hardly>sitopirt me, ,v ^ He at ia^ artel' many adventures, ped-io^Wofandr - Piir'uig his voyage, wMeh te performed in the [character !<$£ ^ady Jane I)ouglas' valet, he met with a whimsiqal oc- currence. According to his assumed situation, bj*. was placed in a small ; ant^cabitfwith the servant of Sir—-r- Cliftonv v As their confined Tguarters obliged them to come in close con- tact, they became excessively cross & ill tefjpered, fAt night the bed was so narrow, that they kicked each other's Jegs,, at day the rain prevent- ed their goiiig upon deck, \each be* lievkigthe other to be a footman, our respective observations were deliver- ,|j$ in\ aja insulth^g and contemptuous tooe, and tl|f.;Scene woujd certainly have.terminate! unfortunately, ifLa- day.^afte DiiJugias had npf. informed the Baronet at dinner that there was a yoimg. gentlejnan in her suit, who had been vvith pritice Charles Ed>- ward;, whom she wished to invite in hercabiii\10 eat something* tThe Barotiet told her he was ]^ a siniilar predicament as. the pejspn who .acJt- ed as val^t was,a Mr. Cairnie, an ojK* cer in the Iiy.s'h brjgade in the service ofFranceif ,The quain-elsome^oot' men, be%i* thus restpretl *t€> thMr true rank5tbev- became goo^ friends.! ^TK^? 16 ?°* A fheChevafielW^ afterwards ehga|edi >is' highly interV eSting^r^Se complains bitterly, thb' not without justice, of his iiltreatment by his French patrons, and elopes his very:eutertait)ing volume with $0^ iheiancholy reflections, suggested by the retrospection of a long but stoiv niy career.-T- Gonti. Jidv. '\ had fite&i *fk*%;j0fcmi^% the- •«»8: the s%. news bv g mm? dav. CW estate* ^ %rfr .. •«. \ \wr V - a w»« that'f«!,rt r was i&po^ssio,, of ti, e I„« M «toio tU ever. 5he Greeks *™*fTi?hod ^enWfelS* in ihe to**.** if the ?E - ^A IS &*»mt JaHaes He^o o$ tfcisport, and '^ant : fi?\ p Clark of the.W^-^K2? anco were all^.W.-fe jfig^ ^sooietinae ia Bay ; Li|5. E}or^teHa^ n! Was^i n v y^'' dia^to^adeavorto release: Capt Coffin coafrcisahe (,*»««, SO. t-ASigtr turn'$$&6%& Ki Just as our .paper was, ready) f the press, Oujr uewg coll^ptor brou£ us a large mass of Bu^l.tsh papeie •prices Icurrebtj..;!^!'oyds. Juists, ^c, h. brought.,, by ||e Amity, F^hich saih frqna Liverpool on the 6fhDecerri% 3rhexia.a¥e, sjame articles; efint governmeat had prohiMl* tation. •• • .-v • the'prison \and fhe .faNfc of t|»e Spanish Secret .Irtqaisition have been thrown open lor the public inspeetion, by order of the Cortee. The course which B-ussia intends I to pursue as uncer maintain counts be true, have,nearly akiihila^ tlve iiaval force of the Forte, The Russian troops are kept upon their feet,*and the different divisions are frequently reviewed. The young men of Naples, it is said, are leaving their country to joia the Greek forces. We hope they will fight better for their neighbours than they did for themselves/ An article from Zante, of Oct. 8, announces that the Turkish fleet had been joined by a squadron from Egypt, together making upwards of 60 sail, including four line of battle ships* On the 9th the fleet sailed for the Levant. A letter from Smyrna, dated Oct. 17, states that the Crreek fleet, re-ar-^ rived and equipped in the islands, have proceeded to the east coast of the Morea. Accounts from Trieste, to the 2d of ; November, give two several ac- counts of the total defeat of the Turk- is|i fleet, by the Greeks. One ver- j^ K u , %A A ^- ,•••-. - sioh,of Mmtytoto the lat^r<^f.^^^.!^• 1 ^« , *^*^ twenty onk of thefcyessels,- an«i buimi^ixteen. Andther vei'sion fc twelve\ transports/ Tlfel!^- ^^^f* 313 ^ i%maln1fer jSed' to Ih^ tfarfiour of ^ante, where the Turkish ships, in a bad condition, and almost dismasted, arrived on the 21st of October. InW mediately the people collected, -anti endeavoured to pr^v^nlv/ih^:..^^?'' froai entering the; poet, ^helEt they perceived at a distance the victorious in full gait, pursuijig^ KmM a Portland; bouncJ t^o|^|^ : had spoken four dajs peti^, whale sliip fbom the jm\tf.£j&- that had been %oardfi4##p^|S a pirate, xlidnot }^mS^mM where she belonged^\.' 1^^ Evejv person i)M-%00$$. j Capt. Coffin h^s rWn|^j}W • . AIso,.aj*nved at |idga#o^ sftip Golden-Farmed A}|fey, \y$& I45J ' bhlSi The mate, (Be^aph,i%ai4 died about ihe 1 20th v ul*», : ,.%e^cp|| mate^bad^left tire ship. The^adiy I room News Bo<o& staties? tha^. ftjtte o{\ ness aad dteserdom.. ii i '.,:• • t* • 4 ^ lon^i^.to the ^|J)'Ul^ily, ^obelau^ qfmh^rej 'm&$ aj^sel of »g ^^^nese. ; w^^ 4 ,, JfymW^i aarias ir^iijedm*\ 1 *'\*\*-- S^JV ^oQi).a, OS y--- • •\mtts 3£lanBeB, Blankets. iweres, Bomba\ Calicoes, tinfe *t ^'^e^fi^lteani -and, Power.Loom ;^§^in^, ftom^tie.: Plaid, Levant ^e^P^rebce and Satin Silks, Ital* •\ :|^aM ^njllsh jewing Silk and •. .^^sifjCanton^Crapes. of various co- and: white J ,SiIk (Jloves, Cotton Tarn, Candle- \\V-^j&c.- •\•;* *\.•'••' fe§ lump, loaf, and muscovado et ; Ind%o ; Starch;\ Spanish [ pa$ Tqbacco, &c.-Togejher wMi iSMmwd Assortment of ~*— LlQUOlg'vrz- • Jamaica anf St. Croix RtJM ;|Jol . wAMsfo&i • ^MgB, pn,4st»Bg of Tea Cups and Saucers^ ' Ots, Cream and Sugar Bowls, m ?# * «ifflers and Mumrts, j^tge, Ug&$ ©ishes, Bowls, Pitchers^ —*LSOr-'' \ . •' • • m§ sizes,; ;• '- :\ -0- .. ing hk Stock wor- thy the attention: of all igc&ai wish to supply diems^lves with Itoodii at alow/rate;: „•''\-\•/ • •' /, V. Butter^ &>• (>t by the detachmilBts^of thfe;Mnj^ish|^e,^ e? that ire^p^hant, Privf trbops sent by the Duke of Cumbei^iletters ahhoiih|§ on Ihe authorial ma m pursuit of him, and who fblrj ihe London Courier, ohedav S lowed him closely, often passing Drear him> and from whdm he escape^ as if by miracle/ to putting hirhself at the head of a body of -brave and de-r termimed men, of whose fidelity and attachment he was secure, and all of whom would have shed their last drop of blood in his defence.\ e author accords high praise to Lord George Murray, arid goes so far as to assert, that ^vif the Prioce had gone, to sleep at the comrnencei menit of :ths enterpriae, leavihg the comritanti tollurray, lie Would have awoke with the crown of iSngland ori, hishe^n*/' . ' '••\'• ' * ;'-.'^s-..^- Tho Chevaliers accountofhis adven- tures after the fatal battle of Cullo den, is interesting* • Sonife of his ad- ventures were lttdierdsts eiiohgh. In to favor his esca|!e, he exchah^ than we have received/ that -Peri lias* tiot; oaly declared War agar* the Turks, but actually commejlpe hostilities. \'I'he siame f 7 that Russia Mad put her ;ajh«ries(j motion for^th^comn1enc^e5aetlt0f|' , tilipies agalt^t the Porte; : a%0^3 latter story^e are inclir^tlto^: TheRussian arm;es have hee|ln I tion these teii minths ^ ^feS^fc appears in the papers^ • vl|||p. wot induce us to hejieve AlexlWer m| decided than hefotei # A paper of the^ ^Veiiih^ rff the ^i liny effgj^alricheck has been m as boing Jagged r .arid;/''exhal|ng a pestilential odonr. 5 ^4r-Bdt this wa& not the worst; after wearing them six weeks, oui? unfortunate Ctealferdis- fcovered what he might have e^gpect- e(j, that they had \imparted to hjnar a disorder'which the slanderers of S^ot*- tlland have.distinguished as ^ei^lfa^ - ^^^lme*'-/.Th^^^.:--i%/;^^«^ : Ser.c]hies could not have Ween' in^re ercuies could not nave Tjeen w^re lerrihle than these rjoisonedrags^ was.;ohij^e|j^;assum€:-^^ OrjcO: moi'ei an|^^^inihent\b^iore. his 1 |protectre^lMi&td^ ;^ffnie^ofigias. It is ^wus:mg to observe hina trem> bling at tliiis disg^racl, iisftd wfehing to VuH; tft© risk of bel^ hanged, rath/ er e a loatedmo disguise* the lifehse Of \ in M- .'life fiecotttinue^n ;So^1MS/\two months, when hearmg thai 4is;;|lli- denco was suspected and ^pe^ilng that the house would fee sear61e|j| his friends looked round fpr a place of ijoftc^ajinejjt, feftt iMinr. no plajCNg ^ithih dp'01% theyH |o^r; Chevalier tin^ei 1 a ?e sfjeitt a spent- hht shminer's M when he emetrged, he des^ * himself as being parboiIed. , r tifee most dreadful s ten o'clock in the .mating- e aUnight, remaining always in me attitude, without power to If, and bathed in swea^ I m \ tpitie ca3reejjpf/^rage : 'i^ tjnj^.;p%j§^^ '. : \ These aceo^ntitar^ generally o; most distressin^^^ ders are more Ire^efttj au#if pos ble bore bafbar0^< - Sixteen or sevehleeii persons wei murdered by fir% ^at cine fell swoop. '* Throe ai these «ufferersr were 4tt* fents! two werel«hildren of fuller yearx.. A lovoly :and very young woman, respectably tplifiected, and who was on a vl^lt *t© the famjfer, made the sixth l f0emf.. Shea^ird his wijfe, .tln^.i^ii^t-'^^^^^ •^^#e^r;1tfgtm^^^«r«l : -S to.rsMfeen/; -.'pE\o»e^^ther wemye y^et, %. .speak, it dK0»pped from : the womfe^f iti paroint;;^fen%er man*- fled carcase wa^liifdl^ Oi^early^foilsflgiedi- 1 '*..''' '' .-fctttd- W^mk-iitsS 'issued • * pro.clanution, oft^riia^t^ reward of I Mi!* e*fehj M.i^'^^itjMi%oti. of •Iftift 'first ;j|#e of th^ ^a«0 who murder id t hmfaaillv ofc«!%l|kejtt ner.soji^janV other tool, each for the apjpreiiension of tliei se^wi^fiye* , Some al^ appearad to exist in -Pob^.t.Ai^'f^i^itig^'bee&'hild,, to take ineasnres/to .prevent any' put/ rages in'tWat )|if|. '•• W* the destr&eiioiiflf. ttit Tunisian fleet difTuniB; in i gale oT wind, »h?ri, it Is said, all hands on board perished, amounting to twd-thousand persom • ••/ .'u^-r- : •»-'-„,.,.» '- tetters received from 0hinaandBa- t»vi«; to the 87th#«^ m*te that no les« than seventeen tlwufsand of the iithabitanfs had heen ijarri^d off by [the cholera mfom. The ritse ... , v ( . w ^aa„ „.. |lle%ef^rde^a(«^tTf>^% n^t^etHg satisfiedres^ctlagm^lpu^ hie.^e^ql^iion^/l^t^o^'llft 1 :' iicox,. &ur consul, ; J'9hiedL'%'$e menean ^residents, explains, aijl stt^ ftroar^oes,, ^nd tkCljifle^j* aathori-. ^s, diiring whieh'the : Aijrerioaos e* je seamaijt whtedat^.lia^ng \has guilt loved, and ^&any >. threads were; rown'out mtUpi)th^^h^»i^ , i |hg'\the; and' othe|l-.e^erp^ -. ' \ wa^, ^ikft.,air«ed^iaf ••' it'?was. also a*: ?eed tha$ the €Vi(lenee of the ,0ife eni ^houid be, adra^t^d as^e^ ks; the 'b^ineie j when <5on^a;red%ith their- timer eoDduct on simiiar oeoasionsj horein tfee E«%lish w^r^cpneefined, as cofisiyiered M Cariton asa proof 5 f theiria^ouFable sentiments towards- e Jttnerwiaiis,; hpweyejp,;'itt .:ihe#a»^ onld be fptind guihy and then •not given ftp to bcpuiiisibed aocurding, their ja*vs, an iinme^te stojipap »M t rn^md- .m\erm*m4: wijl,.. w* ulbt tajto: ;place.*-i^ - : .$M$. stmgsv The rallying cry of the chibbts is, '*•*. Tr&gaMperro,\\~. 'They announce that the 00vernmeut has mfiewit^prodiiee auouhter^fev- plutipn^ and that it must be taken [possession of by fdrce!\ **• - From th^ London Courier of Bee. 3. Paris,?— Rumours, with respect to France, of a very contradictcfr'y na- ture, have prevailed since yesterday morning. One that the King of {France was dead; another, that the C hamber of, Depud es bad been dis- soived-—that the French experienced 3 great fall, &q. case, as 1 in most otherSj we are a v ^ to lay befoie the phblie inielhgenee J: he news from ParisV is certainly of an unpleasant nature, s^far AS re- gies to cbmmuiiicatbns between fhe King and the Chamber of Bephtiesi The, Chamber of Deputies have pre/ sentented an address to the ICing, in which tbey indirectly insinuate, diat peate has been preserved by sacrifi-| ces incompatible wjih the honor of the French name and the dignity of rem tB& Mfl$mng$on ,e ? -s^te s ; cQmpQ8ed#f 4$, niomhers r^seritlag-tnO' fcst^%.,^e>-alk j^. the^^fii^ti.of €k A,Epdney, i> JDela^afe, |w|Hj;feaf no| yet ta- f!iis«eaJt,) in ^ttea^^ni!6oii iMr e noiise bf^pp^setilatives, cott^ g of IS 1 ? members aiif two del- tas, represeMiijgtr6nt^foa ' two territories, ive all therewtdi ex;ceplidn of three alisentee^ viz t Tt>mlinse»h pf Cbnriecticnt, '(on. leave ^ Louis-II%an#^#S#^ ware (indisposed 5) aad 0&&y ,#•• Ryan,pf ^ennessee^ ; (M%ip4flM-W l^|^)iiscon^ss)hi thedalty trass*- sactioooftfeieirieg^lative J '^^\ i/aro, at yt^m0 9 : Wo yacan * oies in tliat 4ody, vii : one- in ihe New-York deJegRtidn.'dccasiOfled the resigaatlpn pf,§plononn y an selaer^; aii^ anptlier.i'a''Pela_w. : the recent Election of C* A. to the Senate. «^r- : A store ki W'oodbwy, HetV^ersey^. was r'ibbed on suaday r»ight last. A botfe'was Jti the store w4wh contain- eda small quai»ti(y of Antiwonial Wine, whicfe was drank by one of the y robbers^ and soon rnade it neces- sary for owe of e Mi mfflp0¥ OB t t& taheeare of blm,4nd le»ve their pWi- d;er : h% a neighbouring wood. [ff e traeks, oftb6robber? led to tb^f.de* teetioOjon^ of them (th#i?evverp three concerned) faadfet -vbic[i rooa«ui*ed f,«|)wards of iiiaohes.* the wagon- er they employed tP corjvey then) to- wards Philad^IphiavlieWrd tliiflrt JP*J. ingtli#feltew about his antiinofn^

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