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XW>IM^M££9£ i — lis <* tJ> 0> WfcDMiaUA*-;-^' t^UiuJU P.:mM*^l tite mWilbU.WMVh, *N &fcNI£©A SlKfiff, OJ&i&VA, ^ ¥») ,* • «*ty ^ 4 ^f\ ^ %Ei«gSiA¥, X6-¥iSJiyK.%r,: HUt,-- i; in.i. i „,.... J.—»~i».;.•* ..jiiy.,.11< L i• m ? i-wv^^^a^iai^m^t;, '?' -\^ 1-j ,1*'^\ASri^ ^ Jl^Wa^y^ifep^«rf*yf*^'\fr <•« ^>^'»\ - »qf •I-TW^^?.I ^iiijui Ay WMW& &»L. > <» ^ X t in iliil'n en '\\i u ' ' '\ ' ' '1| ' T'—\\^tSJ' — -^*~ 1 ~-' > ~ -r~ MM -T A sa TTBSiaTiw» « BOT1LES. \ • i^BuSiAPlOTl.:' ^HE ; sitb^iber .proposes-to earn* iliifno^siairiee be* departed ! received orders for a sufficient q^aa \fferT tity tojustify theexperiment WpNN^-'tilligV -subscribers* f wo Boi-i w \\\ b^ farmed: at\ the Hew*lf.orh *• '$%&i- p#B% f^entg pir annum, pay- - wholesale prices adding two thirds/of • 4 -«ffiW*Blfe«'iy.: :.',: • ' r-f - •. •' \ -'•'' '- '-- -* ^-^—*~-• -~* v#»\llio8ie iiWng^o»t of #eyMlage. ^pPh#. %%ee, f WO ©ollars* ii»a^a|Wt|i1te^ ? or if #n<*ua|ty of the expense of tran&piartationj, aad : warranteicf^qual iK.ppintpf quality, if not I^j^^.ji4.'tjhe..^^.£<i>'gi l sti ; Boffes, atid exactly ihe same ia ap- 'ance. iwttw»wpM*»iri>)>iii<<iiwii«iifcji .i|,.u<,,» a*. (M£jftic«a«ito*n3M«w*N^ Mistake® views ojf Meligim. —-Out earn© which iratpedes the reception ot i<?iigion»*v§o among the well disposed is thai garment of sadness which peo pie delight- i» suppose her drt-ssed; md a llfoofhard, pining abstinence, which titey ;prete»d she. enjoins oii her dits.eiplii^, ,And itwere well i£= tbib ^ We mp only miirep resent aliens' ol h*«r declared enemies ;. bat uuhajMlj, it k too v frequeat misconception of hn inj^dieiouB friends. But such an o v@V*harged picture is not more tioa jiritt^Ie th«.n.it is ynilko : fof I wMi bat indifferent, if you will release him .Ofiit of prison, I pledge myself never to forget the kindness as long as I live.\ \f is taid that the j«st had such an in- ituenee on the committee, that they lojniediately restored the poor clergy- man. - .' .—**!- Just Meeewed, el%y fNwt;|»rC Se'^&arfei^ .. „. f 'ed|rip&n*%'of 1» o*\ upwaras If^l^d^aTrit'e, One Pollar and \'^|f| -o|jjift#ise ?; T%o Boi&rs, i^HB*!^ for less than six months li|tSwfase£ pay;i^ advance, No |. nt?tsic—A soldier asked his comrade, 0 ne evening, to go into a drann shop, to hear a fiddle; to which • ha other repiied-r--*None ofyonrfugty music, for me; give roe the rearing of * 2il pounder, a clap of thunder, and now and then an earthquake.\ AN &nwtd$\ & Epaulettes, WKi|l»j tpgeifrer wijjb his fotnter stock, maftejj a „lnrge & general asa«r« - me»t^ whieh 1 will sell unusually low • jtorl ^«#ini|#%itl»oat payment^ f^ Cash. Officers who wa«t E^uip '#'M : \iSf aVrcrKg^lv '•. •; :• 4e»ia* will find it their inter^t' tegiv \ f \ \'' \ • \ \ J -^\*- 1 \ ~ * • #J§^ .. DWORDS for IiiJaotr AiMwky\ Bifie and Dragoons A'tn^TTSfc, m^vv andWhite 3a.' f I Rates of MwftisWg. } .Adkrfwehiealig tiot eXeeedihg a »«quw will he inserted three weeks for ^•da^'ffoli^il-nd.'fftr every subsequent 1 pj umeg an( j Beft-fiates—*Ai»o Ht« insertioii,tiventy-fiv&'Cents. A dedac- p| ttt Mipr lofantrv aStd Anifierigts tiunM twe^ty^five .per eent msdej? ^ pe Bad of ihe'subseriber at rent; ^hop wfeo advertise by thr.y ear.-No c ^ prices, and every favor grfttefa'IH im^ktti&tiii^Ws dMecpntinued without; - . . •- f!^i^#ii*|yiisettleinient.-' '*'' '•'••'.'\». *|ffW;Letter».and ComDiHnica-; iiohl roust beW%t paid. ^^/'Mi^TiNa. •.••• ,tfbi3$&& OAftbs.\ H AK DRILLS, ; 3S^B0tfTte-& ' WIT.B..'N:EATN.3|'SS,,.A^CU- .. ;;;P J A^ApitJM OFFlpJ, ;' acknowledged. ty ' ^ li3l S^'^ee^iitty 'reeeived ^ n 1 w r&up- lAttch tower price» tlifan tbey haave eV• ' W beeiitold iti any p«rt of this jeleuo- '^'try.* awd ai\J^ very small advancp frotn *• the *ff«w-Wf^ ( ^prtees, for','Casltv— '' \ ^y'|ieifett*eann«4 obtain gpuuitti tiied- * 'lefties at any olher piaee' on beiter \tWmW Also, a supply of ; ;-i'ftf Wt . topieiNJEs, , ^it^tbferf la;tter(y diispoyert:d^ which fcaveWoved to be mere efficacious in ^oy>^ise,^868, tharj reniedtes toriner- ''•'- ; ly'itt i&ae. '* ;' J^m.-' puhlie' ,t'a;..;r0\of- leer th^t he stiil ear ries «tt the 0BAIH, M4 'jLi)mk business at'\ ;tlr? old stand, eorn# oil • -Jfciin. & '@$rtl«<-«tr#eta / - A# be%as heret^forV been unable to waitoi. cnstdniers as pitne- •lm he ' ttvpuld w'ishv fj^aie^iilM'ftftJ: </i«« having suifficient roaterlals.De m forms.-'hi^-'fretids that aticfc arrange rafints are made as will enable hint **' finish his work; in a complete style, and when promifed. He wjli! soar, have on hand a variety of Fancy> Bamboo, and Wiftisor veriiure to nffifaj that leiig|on, with all her beatiful and beeoiniug sanctity 1 imposes fe.We'f- fa&rrfiee«.uot ratioaa •&•**$*}»$$& tr-'m^C^tmi^-' •mcouti oiled d#uj|uiv|? of whatever ^ice. Her ptemee isf ot only perfect sifsty, but IVeedo^ pie is not sotyr ju'OJZHiga* l*a^^,'W •exaeti.ng & lie warn, nor so>tfe»|ir4ie as Fashion JUet us try^.^e datsefiy a parall>ii. »ad examiti|>|tv*j3^|'es affeeiiugou* virtue, but odr pielfsTire, Does Reli- cfioo forbid the chferfiii eojoyinent ol life, as rtgorottsly flea Avanee torbid^ .itethF Does she requlie ftueh seerifi •'ss of our ea«e as am'bifioii; or s,uci »euuneiations of ofti 4 quiet as Pride i Iloes Devotion murder ileep like -.di* *5tpaiion? -poes she destroy heaIth likt Intemperance ? IJflf* she annihiiau fortune like\ .Ambling? Does she em tuiter iik* ^i««50i'd^fOr;abridge it like Doellutfi':! • T^p^^ftg*tf«, ^imyxi^' nt\re .,vigi|iffea : 'aWan'.S.u»picion-| m half s,o- »}ia»i|^ : «j»irtififtaUons as Vam ty ? Vice has hf-r mdtrtyi»,aBd the ino«i u*Ure and asoetick (who mistake the .§etiiui of Christianity aCmost as her enemy) never lamented herself with jsdeh v,ru'et atiicl causeless sevisrity, »« that with vwAI$h iSht% ia«erates her ufthippy Vuliries. Worldly honour iWiges /us iu ,Jbe at the trouble of re- «ft»|in^ iojtirif*, but religion spares u> tliat ineonvenienee, by commanding u» to forgiyo thera; and ^y this injune- ion, consults our h»|»|'iness no iesp than OH'' 1 virtue j for t]he\ torment of '•«enst«nt'ly %ti^l^^[jmii %d idjwt tio fairly mad^ #211 *is the haianee •learly on the, idffji\ of Religion, even in the artiele pf ]j($Q&mi%~P()tifand statesman* DEFERRED ARTIGLE8. Sfew-JZork* JWtJ. 8. i^otir.' Ffaur J Mour l*» llhe sp^a -•rJ^rs?: f^t#-*;f;l>r J $k? v *\^n W'd#* |f * geoua, ? * wure yesterday in a ge*t .flot- «pr, at a Liverpool ship, just Tele- graphed: More white hats, white f»uta, and white faces were visible on •• he battery, than Mr. Be Clew, of the Slag itaff, remembers to have seen ince Corn wall is was taken • Every -py glass Was in requisition, and 'tis uie lad mentioaed km been offeretJ f giooo for the 57 tnirked by hi01.. It is expected, they w/i!t P«t^ ^tm-Sj^^M fbese fish- are kn«wn by the »^#^ »f Black Whale fish, and formerly wera epnomon on our coast, htt*^ , h|t|f'%*l been seen far many; ^.aifs jftrtr JR r W ; said to be peeuftar tf «|ll» nfm, ,| thev find themselvei in shallow wator, from Iright, .or'other $m$ ktyftfy shore and perish. ' \ * *V stsjteofperfestpr^ foutidn«ar Italiotttffea, on ttu^~b(6|^ ^ d«rs of the Frci|ii| Oceati r * ^a?| x€* ||e flesh, the tusks, ears and tail had been ^Qltby? the mW^tiit * skeleton has freen tamzd v^tiifs- - bnrghj a distance of <yf£ aii^s.^ The head weighs 460 lbs. the horns* are nine and a half; feel Ibng^ and weigh 400 lbs; the heighth of the back 10 l-%feet, and the lengtij 14.1+% feet; tbfbristles of the bafcfc were of a reddish colour, and many <,iidthat a dealer who was in for it I of them measured tw^o feet foa'rinplie^ ro the snm^ tune of 10.009 barrels.! ,;, • . ' ivorrowed our friend Mr. lialimer'f, uleseope, (which, by ihv- bye, is aft.' -xcelieiit one, and he wishes to sell it) 1 n order to have a better peep at thp Euphrates, when. lo. and behold. * apt Reed telegraphed that flour in Kngland had fallen to its old price, ttid the erops were better than expect ed The knrfwiag ones, who had sold »iat, went off tu dinner with % ^NtU\ ml shake uf the head, ajvil drank e Judiciary,—An iattrtstin^ discussion on this subject, tank place i& the convention during tha last weak. The debate, ear readers are aware, resulted in rejecting tha prepasitioB t* remove the present incumbent*,^ in re» taitiingnearly every feature of theexisU log judiciary system, This result warn ' jnst aad honorable, and sueh «• all snoderate .men must approved [ It is ns| probable that the vo^e in the eemmittso .;',* -i. ^hich,.cures the <£ot*t, Rheunaatism, »enlaRfetneent^ andj^tiffness of the|omfs ^js^ijl^liurated ela:«tdiilar tumors ' ' i \^fc^ : ^^pf§EHTMt- causes of B^ntery, fibolera Morbus. €hap- iich he Can and will sell as |ov* a. they can be purchased in the v^lifcgf and of as ^eed workaianship. ', Geneva, jffarcli 7+\ i;$2l.\ , ' .$?&•'' 'SS^Sawarfv 7AS* sfolett frcjUi the gubserttjer^ on the night of the 23d idst. 0110 brown cloth surtout coat, one brown'clotb dress coat, a vest vritb pi Mixture, Piers«ij*s Anti ^rarre for the Hoophtg pltte^ glass buttotis,'a pair of brawn *!€5o«f b. •$alt Rhtiem/Lotion. Htarpa cloth pafltaloohs, a fine muslin shirt; ^^^at#?€aneerffintment.&e. &c and an irhitationhandkerchief: Thi! :»-. •••&f$&\' • fy,^j'X'.'it.E<i... i.jjtiiji.L'j ¥EtoieRIS, MARKER, 1*h«r# iii a fci|4 y fiaen, who may be classed un^r tb| .name uf bustlers. .* hose business k|^ps them in perpet Ml moii^n,' '$et #|iiOsV motion alwayfi^ nifties their 1 $&&%$#»;• who are al\' «ays to do what |«Vy never do ; who^ cannot stand still, beeause they are ;Wa^te4-'- ' n another place; and wh« die wanted in, nt|ny places, because can stay in ' and an irhitatipift handkerchief, above property was taken by .^ fel- low named T&0MA3 HOl^KfS^ whp is ahout 5 feet t inches highi ^dark conaplexion and hlaefc hair, by papers discovered about hiin, h^ was epnvicted iErSeneca cou/tt^, Jf. ; ¥. of horse stealing, knd sgi»feB*-jd f J tothe state prison For sfeven jj^ars, bat • received Ms pardon the 6th May last. It is exited be is in the^western part of the state of N^w^ork^ion: h|s w/ay to Cariada. Tlie ab;oVe reward; will be given ior securing h?«» mmy. gaol in the state of N* ¥<>vk> or ^wp-'Del^ lars for seenrihg^^the^property. , Ghest^ Morris i!». W'J. hijffefc ¥i2g%g has the hWor te an ^awtj^ata the public, tfeftt he has in vended a ittaehiiie of ^more asUtnishitig powers, tliatt auy heretofore; heard read, or thought of. c From ani^ng the many experiments, made to ascertain JN powers, he sglects the following Havingputalivitig mm into the hopper he pot the machine in operation^ and jn a fow minutei. thero were ground out from it, a bat, sufttiiit, eoat» waist- c-oat, pair of prmfalooDi, pair of boots. two powder haras, Mr quarters «f mut^onvdressed in various ways, head and^phick, dr#«sed b«h plain and furtleiashion. IS pounds sausages, 10 pounds eandlei, a leather apron, and ittariy other artleles^^ numeroins fo\ mention. ^Phe waehW Way be pro pel led by animals, water, steam, ar especially by perpetual uiotion.—J5os- ton JCaliedoscope. v ?M%miv0:ttt 'th%i0#tyM. Bthlt'StoM iCHW)0I>S 28 l%g-l f MlWllfejbel ikontfl^ iii New- \' * t^dfrmi' per.iear.--AKX) MTBB^RY & Si- lENTlFlC CftlTIGAL REVIEW, mr _ H u uf f^|hed Qttililerly in^New^ork, at made* of the latest pat^rns $$$&$$*$* , cheap as at any shop in the cp THE eo partnershm.heretofote ex sting under the $m-*^*m» .& '^oa- o HESTER. is this Jay ^isMlved by ,japo tual consent.-\ Tjfwse wlio are indebt- ed lo the firm,or have demands agairist it, are requested to call m the old stand, nod settle their accounts. JAM -0i% DORCHESTFEB Geneva. July Si. 1821 91 The business will he continued by t he sobscriber at the old stand, where all kinds ofCabinet Furniture tf?|lj be as hree glasses extra* while those whose L,f fa w ^| e will undergo any materia ttnterprize out stripped their pru- aim.dificatioB ia coaVaatiea, l During the preceding waek, tfcr question of *u»peachntenti was alst a- Vfy and elaborately discussed; and tfcfr result was net lest satisfactory than the one above mentiantd. indeed,th» mannerf iu whiohr the subjects hava terminated—in duly guarding th* power of t~impeachinent, and in prs» serving ancient^and venerated systemtl —-has plased the judiciary on an in3t« pendent and endu ring; basil. •^J^f^ut-^ftkf- deM4 ontM|3Mf#jr_ <nl»j*ct,1iev»r»I members took ottertsisqr 'o eensurt in very uoqualified termir the cosduet of such judges as (toatfop^ their own language) \had entered tint arena af party, aad, dsseendihg 'it* •> pugrlistie contest at the polU.\ An4 it waidistiuitly declared thataljysit every member of. the present judiciary had performed works of |anertr«ga« tio* af this character. Atne»g tht *$* marks on this occasion* yra/iref«#eat ho»ei)f Mr.KiKO. tie desisrrd, ia lHfo«^^ 0f his trJM^ent, Jthat hi would not permit jniticisl officers t» ' miDgle in politics, except to giv» their silent rote $ and'if they dp, h» *« ; a|^'3iia1ko the^n «»e^ab!e is a l*-ib«. nal which, should wrest fhegsfrsihiha jMgment seat. So far ('saii_|te^_|._ would go—so far would I restcaia tfaii esaltedaepartutont of our govorBnieat^, and preserve it fronr the polution of \ p»li lieal contents ans^ animosities^ | would snjlreBch tht judiciary with: *3| the protecting powers! uiidprir^egei which its safety and .purity r«%iiire^ ' bat 1 wauld place tifph guarda a»d 1 checks around it as w*uld prevent tht abuse of those powers, and abftstojent of its sharaeter. ^ # * The termination of these quostions hss ens other yrhwh It amfSjtttally refutes the doctrine 4,hieh hat bl«a * propagated, that one of tbe ostensibla objects of the convention was th* pli^ tra^o»bfthajudiciary,-*Ca^l^JB^ corfor. le^nce, and who woutd not •** look be fore they leaped.\ walked home with long faces, and kolihiquised on the oe centrieities- of commerce Mr^ Lang, could have told them haw it would 1 nrn out, but they scouted his anttcipa »ions.*-;M &&MwtB. Bndgetwn,Y JV '.J'.) Oct 2& VUlaiwus trammtion. —TheMeth- odist Meeting Sou e at Antucketj in this con»*yiwas burned io the grouad said to have been the work of an m- cendiar^ as; no fire has been in or t near the house for several daVs.~- WMg. '• Phineas Davi?, of iFofck, Pennsyl- vania, has made an ingenious little ^a|ch, which is now exhibited in t|ie' hiladeJphia Museum, Its circum- 'etice Is a little less than a sixpein- 'hyjbifj and only 3 Ifiths of ah iiich in depth ; it is a patent ley er,,: good time, and goes hi 4Q hoori It is said to be the most curious and ,accu rate piece of a^chahllm ever ex*- bibited^--,- tjfnim, ' tLaehistet* October 39. On Saturday last, five of the State prisohersat Work on the Rochester iqueduct, availed themselves of a moment when ail were cleSriug the way for a bla.it , te escape. They were closely pursued by the guard, and tour were taken, after Cue was woun- ded with a bayonet The wounded one was left for a molhent, while the others could be overtaken, and in the mean tinn- escaped. He has not since bean heard of. Baltimore, '-Jpcfc''$$. at Mtisua,**- V t f X f\ ~k utumv to 0 oo«n. ontas Fuller* a« celebrated for great memory, had once occasion tto attend on a eommittee of Sequestra- tion sifting at \Vailham , in Esiex. He got into converttftiafr with tfiein and was much commeofled for his jpow- cr#-;4f memory. •''Tie true, gentie- ,\ observed Mr Foileri * that has given me the report of be- ing a memorist: and if you please I will, givp y^u a specimen of it.\— The gentiettten gladly acceded to the proposal; end jkayin^iajtide their bu siReis>.. reqacstaiil^ife.t© htsgi'ov - i '•« Ci|titiemeu,*' sfal^isj*^^ waat a specimen of my meinory, and yon shall have a good one. Your worshij|s have tho't fitto seqtipsirate H poor but lioo- est parson, w ho is riiy aeftr^ighbsr. and commit him toprisjbn. TheuBfor- iiinate man has a family of small chil- ; and as his eireuuistauoes are Information of a husband—wintecl, ; KJ*;ANNE ^LATEE', lata of yort Ocorge, (Upper Canada) now at Rs. ebesteiii (Monroe county. State of New* t|^^o5osf*ari»estl| lolieitsinforBa. lion abaut.ifees j^^jher husband, a gun-ami th by trade, aged S8 years, JleslrueUw „ Lakeman-, ftoni Point f*ttre, (.GuiS.) arrived at Kawhuryport, passed An- tigua 13th Sept. and was boarded by a pilot, who informed them that kit the smalt criift were driven askors, several negro houses blown down, and great ittjuty sustaiasd on the planta tioiis, by the demolition if the caue- fieids, &c. JP*rom the Boston CentineU Uncamwn eircumstahee.^-£ car-is feet 9 inches high, and light *k0$ respondent iaBarnstabhi couptjr in f plextnn, »e came into (be State of K*W r Y*A hist July, atBlsokRtck '.*-»'^e*t to- fiatavii,. (l|ca«|st!*of*t^ * f where ht worked at his trade—thencs * he' went, to Covington, - and worked with Cap?, Smith af tftal fket4 % m €ov%tan a|;f attir^ay, tie ^«| v of October last, M j^^aatot's ftm bar, as is supposed, by land, snd was last heard «f at Bcottsville, Monro* . esttiKyi Shottld this saeet his eyes, be ii informed that his wife and fam- ily are at !fe(M»lacst*r* wtitlftg matt 1 .1'*- '*\* forms us, that 00 Sunday night, a shoal of fish of the Whale species, for the number of nearly loo, came or were driven oa shore, on Indian Keck, and Bach hi II Cove, iu Weelfhet, on •Cape* ^s)d'; where they were left by (he'tiifpj'. \Bpy - Were discovered early on Mfluday morning by a lad who w«s gunning,--lad who marked B of th* host of them for his father, & tfaeBgave inform(pon af the others. They measure from 10 to 25 feet in length, and the oil extracted from them i» said $ b*-.*^m llttls^^ inforier fo iperw oik The value ef the whole shoal is J Mtimatedat gifaoo; and the lather of ; '

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