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m^0^±H^ : ^3- -' ••^. ••'•/• virti.V^. •i>iSfe«-'^ •' :;: XT- A Tl * < v. « *T * '. •''>•'\/.+***• IfllfEB .,&*££ ftJSIi^liKD' ON wj^DK^tt^, ^/su^imtV* 4*01$ ASS Ar^PlS.'fElNTl^-^OFFl-CE, IN SEISECA STRICT, UI^EVA, (N.'t.) «#yJasr*iB . Number 306/ IM«W nwijm ifjijmwi HIJWUIPM..»,I «UM jpji m • i,, i upa ...^,,.^^,^,,:,,,l^; u •.^-•.»^ r 4^•.• l fc>!•;•.(, •-..•.•»,..w . ••» , hM i,f t THE subscrib'ei' proposes to com- mence the^ rnaniifactofy oPBLAQK BOTTLES, as soon asheshallha^e BENiTVA ^FALLAMIIM. The following are the T^RMS on ; -Which this paper will be published *. . &nd can ra no_'instance he departed received orders for a sufficient qu«a- from. - ! To village subscribers/ Two Dol- lars ated JBH%t'euts per *aBnum,'pay-! &»le half-yearly. To tlo.se living out of the village, tyho call at the ofhcej Two DbllaTs, j^ayahleasabove. *' \ ' \•.\•'. \-' , ; To mail sab&criheTsy 'f^-t-Bdlfe^ 1 pajfaWy - in a*JWke6, *<*f - if punctuality Is not observed, Tvft* Dollars and Fif- ty ' Cieiats will be charged. *$o those left by Post-Riders, ft&tift, payable quarterly. % xomparties of 13 or upwards ivliopay in advance, One Dollar and ifty Cents; otherwise* Two Dollars, yaTyaliie half-yearly. • \ Subscribers for less than six months must iaall cases pay hi advance. No papers diseiontinued without payment in fullof arreragesr^ Mtes of Advertising. Advertisements not? exceeding a. Itpare.-Wii'l be iuserteoVthree weeks for #jae Dollar, and for every subsequent tity to justify the experiment. ^They will be furnished at the -Wew-Yofk wholesale prices adding tw©;t1iirds of the expense „of transportation,^ ^lad warranted equal in poinrof quality# if not superior, to the best English Bottles, and exactly\ the same in ap- pearance. Genem, Oct. 9, 1821. 1 Just ReeewM, . AN ADDITIONAI, SUPPLY OF • Sw&rds k EfauldteSf ^Vhich, together with his former stock, makes a large & general assort- ment, which 1 will self unusually-tow for Cash. ..Oflitcers wlm want Bijuip meats, will find it their interest to gi\< me a- caffi.? JSWOOTBfof Infantry. AriiMery, jfe&e and #raio6ns* 'W A&tWtlfib* Yellow and Whiter •— Plumes and Belt-PJate> : --Also Hat and Ar insertian.Tivenly.ftveCenl,. Adeduc- Plates far.I.tfanUy and^rMlerists thou of t^ty^« per cent made to; «™? *5«*« •t*^ ^^'^^^ se wito advertise by the year JJ 0 .; eed pnees, aod every favor gratettith tft^ye'^l^titfettts discontinued without tf^e*s a^4 a4ettlement. .'*£*'• jAli ^ettterfs\ $ixt& C/onamaniBa- ti^sariUst.fee postpaid/ - , &£&&ft3, CA^»S,;HA^f©-BIi^S. V h'^% ike, '&c. Ike.' feife(JtJ'\fED .WIT^tt NEATN.ESS, AOCTJ- KAGY AND EXPKDITIOiJ., AT THB PALLADI1JM OFFICE. Hrngs, Medicine, aekiiowledged. \ \. JOHN SWE,ENEY.. Geneva,. July 23; ' ' JAMES €AEtER ? -. . '&M ire&enfiy teeeiyed a new snu- f2l ^ ttf BRpeS and MEDI- p^NEr, whitib ar#ftfired fe iale at mtteli lower priees than they have ev- er been mitit Jn s a«y p&t$ of \\m ««ttn- try., anil at a very* small advance frofni the New-York prices, for Cashi-^ Pliysieians eann*t obtain genuine nued- icines at^ any other place on better tetai%v^ Also, asopply of : ,//_ PATENT MEDICINES, !h£& others latterly discovered, which have proved W be more eMeacious in n^any diseases, than remedies former- ly/ in use. OIL SILK, Wlviph cure^ iheGout, Rheumatism, enlargements and atiffnesi of the joints .amd uriduraled glandular turoofs. GHEMIOAL ANTl-DYSENTER- -. V-te^EDiClNB,; * $?or rettiovbg; the cause of ijysentery,' Diarrhea anil^Iholera Morbus. Chap- man's £ottgh> Mixtare, .feier&on's Anti l*ertusjsis, a eftre for the Old Establishment. GEORGE: EM1PP,,' ,BQIESTS. tfee public-to tecol- lect that *he' stilt ear; rie\s on the C3.HAI».'M A - KING huSiness at th» •oi'4 »stat».d f feornejr of illl^jn; ,&'G'astte>%M'eet* * . A»s heiha* heretofort? -been unable td wait m, ,iiM>cU§t»;^*s.as$une * „tuaVJ^y as.v lie »»uhi-i 3 iffatfjittu*&&d^^ ^jS^imMd ^Lawgaag e.— There] is a. Wei^in aj&d pajesty in*the Jseriptutvj. tfXppissions* sg>petior to all other vyrib- vb§(5. Jb«t w t|,ke one exampje only •light is sVwn for the \\righteous, tvni joy for the uptight in heart.'' Now in the present, w^fid, our light and our joy, all qur happiness is a trifling seed ; how smsill.' how contemptible sir6\ those delights* even the ri^plurys, tifthe poet or the frenzies jOffcerrestial aitth/iuon. They m\f make an- insig- utffieant 4Jeed 5 it is sown, eoni'initteli to the dust, and corrupt ion, but what is the consequence? The harvest «i nghl at>d ( |oy'.j our eelestial pleasures are the erop. The frttiey /endeavour*. to 'embrace a subject so sublime .• but she finds thstj it. requires a celestial pttwer of apprehensloB. St. Pauf leeins to follow up fhftse ideas, under the full and overpowering hlaze of in- spiration hefcssejrta^ ^ithat he saw and heard unspeakable things not lawful for .oaari to tttter^'* - Djavid, when op pressedj as if it.•werefhy a glimpse of she divine presence, ,s|*ei*ks always iu 4 strain -of- personal, agitaiioa j h<- speaks of hail stones jaud. coals of fire, unable as he wR's^frftn^'the defpet of banian languagejo embody the concept dot) of his own mind* In short, Paul ^ave a«d David saw-: Paul fairly ac itnowledges his incompetency to des- cribe the viftion,^n4 ^*F'>d pours forth all that is graud and pagnitieeut, and yet sinks |berjeath the jfigwty of tb«> subject-^he fidds himself with all his inspira-tion a mortal nia% epdeavouf- s«g io, vftio to,.wield the immortalitj »f the subject tnat.he handles..— Morn. Ghron. ;.;-.. jprom the New-Hamfa Merald. &CONONMY. '.;' Introductory to sorne remarks on economy, permit me to: offer a short anecdote. Some years ago, a man ci'Ossed the Potomaek eastward, be^ .low Bladensburgh, being destined for J that pldce* Ciphting to the main - t'^A « ~*^*^ 1 road, he tqmed to the nsht instead • of the left. Having travelled about then having suiffieientmaterialsjhe in forms his frends that such arrange meats are-mad^ a* will enable hm t< finish bis work iU % eom|)Llet]i ftyle aad when promised-* He^wift .SOOJI have on hand a variety \a$ 4 Famy., Bamboo* and %ndmf^ * Which he can and will sell a:s low a they can be purchased in the Village andof as good workmanship,^ f ^eneva^Mdrth 7, 1821.- 5?0 $5 Mewarf. AS stolen from the sabscriber, on the \night of the 2Sd inst- one brown cloth surteut eoat^ one brown cloth dress coat, a vest with blue glass buttons, ?i paiP of brown Hooping cloth pantaloons, a fineMusliu«sMrt, Cotigh. Salt llhnem Lotion,, Scarpa and art imitation hafidkei-chieF. 3Bye'Water.€aneer Ointment, $tc. &c. above property- was :ta%en by a fel^ i»aints,Oils and Dye^BtuS: low named THOMASv HOPKINS, . dark complexidn and 'black balft-^- 1 by papers discovered iboot him, he was convicted in Seneca connty, IN; , IT. of horse steating, .and serrtenced ! to the state prison for seven; years, but 1 received his pairdon tHe 6th May last; HEE) LEAD, SPTS. :TORPfi]SfTfflE, YERJMGmtS, • CBOME, ^lELIiOW,: FR^SSIAN^BtTO,: OUM'OOFAL, •• SHELLAC, '--•-\ -MAB&Etl, Oft? MM0WOOD. G&ke.x>tti June, 6 ISM. ' . \82^ Received at the Genem' Boolf-Stawfor g J..I ttis expected he is inlthe western part of the state of New-York, on his way to Canada, Tl>e above reward will be given for securing hup in any gaol in the state of N. Yurk, or-Two Dol- lars for securing the*; property. . ; GAREE-T VjJAN, VLEET. , Chester, Morris €0. JV. J. / Sept. m, t82i* -T- ^ - %o. -€-\-»p-Nf TI,L;I.A,&E. . \~MSm)iJUT10N/ •• THE co-partnership heretofore ex sting under the firm of VILSS & Do»* cHEHTkn, is this d^y dissolved by mu tual consent, Those who ire indebj ed to the firm,or have demands agathst it, are requested to ea 11 at tne old Bepafclished ffiOBthlv in New- stand, and settle theiraecouats. '*& I at M pe • ; '•••• M» \-eteie-AL /.W7IEW,/; ; l^ttbMshed ^u^rtgrly^n New-York* al; mty is. SS9 VILE8, JAMfiB % DO^CHEST» Geneva, July Ji, 1S21. H The business : i|ill be continued by the subscriber ftt|the old staud, wliere all kinds of Cabinet Furniture will bl made of the lalest patterns, and at cheapasatany ihoj>in the eotttstry. • ' !WM.. VILES, *. a mile, he overtopli a blajpk man, and enquired whether he was on the right road to Blt»den^bui?gh. \'Yes's mas- ^a,\ was the answer, x< -yen are on the right road 'to Bladenshurgh, but you must turn your horse's head t'other way, or you never will get there*\ So Mr, Broadcloth, we are on the big road to economy ; but we must turn our beads, and our horses heads, and all other heads under our cOn- ttroul-, directly about, or we shall nev- er get there. What nonsense to talk of economy in 'a country, where no man of woman is willing to be buried in any wood short of mahogany—$200,000 annually sent to St. Domingo, and the Bay of Honduras, for mahogany 0 mike 1 coffins, and the wood es-^ ^ttipted ffbui duties, because .it is so ueces%f^, for coffins! c How many th'owsand« are thei;e among us who ^ipj'ms^'ffg to lag ready to ••depart for a better w©rld,w^uld, if they could hav0 .tKelribwu.way, stay here during 'ash aftd ,oak' rather thatr be buried in piiie,,'Wbitewood, maple, cherfy, or auy other wood of our own growth 0 . Whatnon scns610 *&$* of economy in aeoiautry where it.costs as much torrig out a little belle for a cotillion party, s asrit does to fig out a schoon- er fbf-a voyage; and where, not- withstanding Lycurgen Societies, the dressi of; u^r young men is daily ad- vaiVcing i», whimj luxury, and ex- pense. If, with the abridgement of our dancing assembMesj we might have abridged our dancing dresses, the saving Wjould have been impor- tant 3,bmv we are allowed to wear our dancing, dresses to housesof worship; and imj>ious fashion requires us, even While nearing sermons against the vanities df, the world, to assure the preacher by our dres^s, that while our ears are very much at his service, our hearts are far (rpm his subject*— Frobably 1000 persons in this town, are every Sabbath' absent from meet- ing, beca*us# they have hot dress proper for the occasion, The••-tyranny of fashion,; is now as impdrtanfi, as once its redemption from the power of Britain. We may a&vveJl be colonies, and tributaries of Bfh^uv us l P be colonies and tfibuta- ries of fashion. But the decencies of pitblic, worship are of great ircpor- tatsce^o a,ll.^sses f , a.ge& and condt^ tions. - #ar 4|lldiajB read, that m 1 an- client times, *hose who mourned fqv rlational or individual sins, appeared in sack-cloth and ashes* Shall they see (tbeir; pai'ents dressed out in the heiglith of fashion, while they are professing to bow before, the Lord, their maker, ari3 to prostrate them- selyesv'm the dust t confessing their sins ? \ If we/are invited to a funeral, we expect to find the relations serious and hi mburUing, ppt hi their gayest attire,amijsingtlieir guests witli songs and anecdotes. Formerly, we expected some new dresses' 1 at Commencement; r buj now the competition comes round every Sunday.a&farthest; and on Saturday night, taylors, cordwaincrs, miTiners,\ and mantaumalifirs, arehaf dly pressed in the pious work of prepairiiig theif customers for the Lord's day. Men, brethren and fathers! these things ought not to be so, and the day is near at hand when you will think about it as 1 do. From the \ Friend of Man.\ THE KJVER NILE, Or Specimen of Social Instruction. The River Nile\ rises within a few degrees of the equator, and extends bey»ud the tropic. Its course is such shut it is spring at its head, when it is Winter at its mouth. The fertili fy of the country depends upon regu iar overlowings of the river, which arise from the rains that fall in Ethi- opia, and carry inundation over the level lands of Egypt. So important is this animal inundation generally deemed, that when the water rises to the height which indictates aprodue sive season, the natives, knowing the consequences, rejoice as much in Spring as many nations in harvest. The inhabitants of lower Egypt seud bouts up to the head of the Kile,There it is Spring, j^each boat being load ed with hee hives regalarl'y plieed and numbered) the bees are set at lib rrty and gather honey from every flow er. Every bee returns at night in »tineitveiy.|o-'iU hive, as if it knew the number* When the spring season begin* to change and thes quantity of lldwers, inaterialiy decrease. The mariners of this sweet navigation, move lower down gradually in the night, when the bees are boused amidst their honied treasares—anchoring ID the day, and allowing the active trav •dlers to take their busy range and: col- lect t?ieir honey from myriads of flow- ers, for the fields in an Egyptian Spring, wear tbecrrfwn of beauty and I lie whole atmosphere Is filled with fragrance. The water decreases and th«fi<>wers diminishing,and again the mariners move on and halt again, and again move on 4 till they arrive to greet the Hpring, in the iMlta, amidst the ijnourlis. of a river whielf during so long a course,-from every little flower, and every sweet herb, and every poi- sonous beauty, and every lovely plant, has rendered^ them nothing but the sweetness of honey» and the honey comb. The boatmen now retnfnthe hives as numbered, to vheir respective ow- ners, receiving from each a small piece of money, which amply rewards in the\ aggregate, their care and toil. * This account-was once related to a number of interesting young persons by a friend of youth. They hung on his lips, and were delighted from the expectation which its unprefaced in^ troduetion had excited, for attention was raised only to contemplate indus- try and be rewarded with its instruc five lessons. Butthe inference drawn hy the relator wiks likely t5 Teav'e'TT .^ The frm feast of reason and flow* of soul, is «r '*: The soul's calnt sunshine And the heart felt joy, trae virtue's prize* Carious Contest between two rivaf hovers* . A German ^«ecdEote.~When Max* imilian II. was Emperor of Germany, two gentlemen, the onie a Spaniard, the other a German,' having asked of him inmarriage'teg naturaldaagh- ter, the beautiful Helen iScarfequinn^ the Emperor told then!' that he held, both in equal esdmation, and wishfifcj that their' strength ^apd dexterity should decide the matter between themselves. As the friend of both, however, he would take^ th^ libefty to pi^pose instead of risking their lives in a duel, that they should pro- cure a sack, in which bp who contriv- ed to put his adversary, should es- pouse the lady. The two gentlemen, accordingly contended more than an hour before the assembled court, when at length the Spaniard fell, on which the German^ Andrew Eber- hard Baron de Talbert, placed his rival in the sack, took him on hi* back* and deposited hitn, tojhe infi- nite diversion of all the spectators, fit the feet of the Emperor; and the next day married the beautiful Helen* A man in the Brifish province of New-Brunswick, was lately fined 2$ ' pounds for damning the king, 'th* laws, and the constitution. A man b.y the name, of Mofess, is now living in Virginia^ who is 112 yean of ag^j his wife who is also living, is 105 years Old) and they have been married 79 years. The common fluency of speetih in many men, and most women, is ow- ing to a scarcity\of words; forwho- I ever is a master of languages, and hath a mind full of ideas, will be apt in speaking to hesitate upon the choice of both; y^bereas common speakers have only one; set of ideas, and \One set of syofds to\ clothe them in j and those are always ready at the mouth: so peopl^ come faster out of church when it is almost euip* ty, than when a c^tt4 Is at the doojr.. lasting impression. Thus ? says, he \ The worm that dietlinotyiind the lire that is not qtretipbeld \ ^ A jmost wonderful confession, by a dyingrinan, has lately been made, explaining things that have loiig£ been hidden in mystery; and unfold* ingascene of horror «vhich makes die eyes blood shot to lOdk upon. A few years ago* a barn w$s burnt; all attempts t© discover the conflai* gratof proved ineffectual. The dy- ing man referred to, tortured by the pangs of conscience to which those of de^th_wete^enSa^e»s of-pleasur^ had the horrid secret wrung from his soul: He^onfessed'that h^ had rob- bed and murdered a man, and plac- ing the corpse in the barn, had set it on fire to conceal his crime. He had an accomplice'; tha| accomplice h still li#n^ and |#t|ce^ though slow of foot, vt'iil surlly oy|rtake him. Such is 51 part of iue stqry related to us in a\ \way „to command our he* lief. Farthest, particulars shall be given soon. lb tlie 4*^an time, deit t him that meditates evd know-', that God is*, the aven^e^ of crVmes^ and murder never escapes jpunisbment,-—< Village Record. k - Midshipmen.*- We understand that the exaniioaition Of Midshipmeii lui* been epeluded, a«nt s |||t Upwaids of teyenty-iiave nnder^oiSie tteTIu^uali'w \ my dear young friends, you are now in the. spring of life, make use of that energy irt which'industry^delights ; seek that serenity whieh religiou alone can give, Thni as you move on throii&h life, you will gradually ac<*&- mulate in mental gnotf, the sweetness you have been' cotitenaplating amidst native treaaure-s.-^YouWill from eve* ry adyi'rse circumstance, from every poisonous, bitter or pleasant fiovvfr, goither as you go,^-and increase in strength, knowledge, virtue- and peity** Solemnity closed a serene jMinimer's evening, and the' juvenile party, re- turned to rest as if the honey dew qf Heaven had distilled upon them, in affectiou and friendship. sctftitinyi and nltpiad passed fofe proniotiout This igvefedtbj* to thase young';g ( ftptl^'men-.' . .'• .---, ' ' 1 s The#ffiifcer« of tlie tTaited Stated navy, on t&e ^hiladljphia station, hbtv* resolved to «reet; ^-^luitneht to |ho memory, of the laid ^nnuudorfi Mm;^ GamMm^JShfc Western Sby states, that alati6ittitt^ of the &rand 5ury of the ^%-^4|it%f ^Cmcbnari* upwards of f^a^sew^ewions, euVb^a* :'ein$,. Ii*xvm% ::&Mfj$jtsi MerfrhanV, •ftr^kefSt •^ltte^.-#tbdte [ s and <&h- -| i!^n«i^-weire ifidMM for wa^Wib^ • \ eootrar|Nid %? : $qtme in sueh *mm frtad^ am* prided, and a«$i»ui th«* peacfr m$ dignhf of the slat* *f O- •v^'A.'t }\ * t

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