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Geneva palladium. volume (Geneva, N.Y.) 1816-1828, April 25, 1821, Image 1

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'•' . V™ ISP 1 '-w * t ^ $^ toil:! tie. mam >St tttji of two J mv for a si *ith a *f i he ad to i and vear* cocu- tiugh . few a ugh rmer y rev* M. i?er * and p% oflr r'e- loi S.. te>__. a /! : ' ;1 *V'«iJ|T#ft''^ ft //crxJC, A* HIS PRINTING. ; ,„T^MT'\^ X^il'i'.?.^ \ , \':' i '\' •• !'•\• -\''\•\•-\;-'-'--;*f\^-^--'-- : t f : f^-yr';;.^^'\\\\•• •\\:;T'.\ lli f i , , \ ''\ \ lin ' ' \ ' r,-m^..,n-w,•• _ . , ,,, OFFICE, IN bliNM/A M'UfclCT, GJfife&VA, (N. V ) >,.,.,, •„, - ,i , in i, n l Mi> i '«!tf''TiiriTitji.\? \ •f^l^me f;• ;#ltoN£!8PA^ A£ML 25,\ wsyu Muiaber 2?7V assss mm m i.' 1 'jillti'ni .'.'\'gi'/'t'i'laT'? — ,. r i 'ii. i ii n i . '-y--\ •' ] ^SSSSSESSS '-aaff' (E!teA$W§HE£ CHE At ~T JtedMUnving? are the TERMS on wjbichjtht& pape* will; be published. .ajggf &£& M i*e instance! bis departed '•iiW;' . v'\'\ ' '• i ' •*•• ••' -..\'. *& ^ (T 191 lift ,<^||i^il|y^«^'1i««'i^r'' *Md J &i^Se*1^#«jH«r». \. Hifiiwt ess tliife'six months 1 mow <me&ww i<i advance. Ifo maitfk'kmikmiie^ without payttieiit ^fipftiiVss- „ *n<»t e-xeee. ffid^iifw;^ll''^f!t'-ted' th.r»'e..Me^k!» : i'm ty$W^<ii4 tor every >Hbwq«POt M^^^Otjirfiv^ Gem*.' A iledap- 'fee i^#^i0^# -th* year ^fi ^(^^Mijp' :di*e<|ptju*}eil, ^ Uliout ' jl;i»^« ^iipaptfirtra ' and Coii),ttiiittica- • \:•'-; A MlMIHO- / : .'iStC<:t'&C.-.ife(t*.-: •-.'\••••. ^IB^W' ' WITH' : HE*.™$8»' A«tJU- AN» EX,?EmTIQ.JJ. At THE iRAJLfcAaiUM ©l?Ffc€B, ore THE STAGF^HfJBSE, •v...... QfpOSlTE 'S.fi^f q-A ^8imEET.;r--r.O EN|f y. A, open-; • : ls •.itQ^-'^^etvi«g. ia rai assorfmeitt *• '-'^MMi\*HK*»« M'|5,EB To HIS O0t'D.-->- Lovbt> tfeasure, held $0 fast. Mast, oh ! must we part at last I iieira, my coftl'rsrifling, prying Qh! the dreadfiijl t|«>u,*ltt of dying! vtase rett«eti«in, felad1| tease, lud oiity ;iet 4 me ilt«;b peace 1 lark ! melliinks I fiknt iheih tay^ liovVlo^ spirit i ^djck aw.y I A hiktisihis treuieKVbeirjo^v.s j liwiiii 11 iniwj»m uLLajiwwt; •est iiis&\\^HiS©^' f \^es. : iii th^' From tile latest importations ; all of wbich foe is enabled and diterminie^ to sell ~~^ CJBM4PMR Tfen can be bought m tbe nlfegfe of Genera, for GASH irr HAKD.V ' in joy < be tottglng^^ appears, issailii at* once ui^r «yes and ear»; A iul hoi contioiioB \gin u s-tring. Vdieu ! adtew i I |ifin>ii die i i| Ob wealth! th<tuiltti«% t% misery i Oh gjiitd ! thou hast thy sting j is - c-i^?^ .-1 » m, jlfev^ on banil >0$ ml f sale s con^nt sinpjpfy of se Strops and Pastes One l)oHar. fbnte inv^ntwr. of this Pa«te> feels Hf »eutn.bent op Jlita to .assume,the pub-, Heiithat, no»witli«tai>diog tlif tnisrep ^sentatioiia of some * lio «aye endea v- •»r«d ^o injure Us ^putatittti. he vill continye to insint upon its tupprioritj '••pw&t ej*erf4fe«ijg* %f the kind *«ver be* fflfe oflered, %$<& with the caul ion of u»ot ;i*8it)^ too much, wfeipli is a^ixed .tft ihe direetionn, be trusts he thai! »ot be disappointed. >^he e«Hrtq|^itf:olJPreisitSDr Silmat». «# ##te t!t)IIf§», |W^Q IWJIIUI wot hi *ittt^ps*4 »p?!Pi) M«i ai*» of\ Mr. €re«- %ifeK, aii experienced Cutler,.. fron« : S3lflleU*, together with the vetbal te* ;iitlSouy of thousatids who have used .' ihfew, ;%ijl,*1ife Cbotiltldeiii he auQicieut to SHtisFy the most incredulous. Bsbmrny *$> • V '-. » of wi b^ttiiiigi, public that hB:.h»*|^p menecd ihe ip^f^p;- |9AEi^ii@t hiigfneW|i'i : the buii<lmg t wo doors l^tlj off Vitas. &, Dor ater'l'CJabitiet shop |n Rl aih\8treet.\ where he intends keepitig «n ~ a fijeiie'ral assort- «gfeut,o&'' ,•' 00, La* j(H.d wofkrnnnsl'i|> m my in the '#dni%, and, ai as irea*otiable prices. iwwttl* 4^0 knowledge of; thp oo»i- »«s» H he does not hesitate in reeora- BeahsoJgeet»»ftti h*^, f«r sale, a :'P«i^i%^re*o«:l| : etrt-' 500 Bute's brTlMO^Hf SEE P.-^- A tso > CLOVER mm, FLAt SlEa BOTTER* BEES-WAX, '-'-'• TALLOW, •W'tlfAt; •• • ; -^ : \ Fat and PEARL Genem fob. 6, 1^1: ,c f$ siibserihfer inlorniH thf pfrti-; lie that he earrieK on the 8m»i 'CuttiA^ business in Reading Bteubeo •ounty. w here he., ha* coristatnly oi' hand a Niipplv of , \ --,;G'RAVE^0f^.. ;: >f ail desertpiio|»|«v*^^d^-.^i%ri*4ter- ii^wthieh he «i|l ^«td,v^*y{jfe5v. fet. ^a.Hb^^''tno^W^ 4 tt f.'^oHbt^. For t|ie t>et If r nccoiimnMlat inuof the people of Ontario eouuty. the ftultsert her has mad^ aEr«ii|:eineills witli WM -<v-TTo»^^an> t|^^•^|\^|Si|^|B«|i ; : aeva, tii make coutraetg and reeeki tjriseriptions, | J fe s rmn« agreeing with tuiti. qtay depend on f t»is niiwter, who iotuuated \*t the \»»»- inal thai he had lost something. The %ig set oat ioimedittteiy in qiieut of (he |%aye#; article, and fastened i>n the ^ief,s„\i'hoae guilt on searching him was apparent.; t The fellaw had no whi'^belngj'iita^at'o.re.thie 4»g» fopk it,up bv the-str;^^ttd-b.or*-it.-io.safe-: y toiuiii. '' '\»?• ',' - \ ttM^, Of' s • mz. ,itbetbee? •»!«•\ As a proof of the '•'glorious untsifr- ,'HWty of the faw^' the following «r'- •heimc anecdote way not bfc uiiiuiere^ ting to our readers f~ At tbe f ft8j.i«e* <Vl ;a western couiity^ before ihe pres eni lord eliiefju»!iua Abbott, a nolftri 1 ;»us character w#| ^^atgned at Jb>, nap for stealing s^vetr geese, ffehe ]>fooerty watf ft*uiid ! in fefs posse«*ion. «md every evidencf adduced, BO M to idave no doubt Jptfie,. tltud of eV*ify pernor* preieA o^ eBOviction. Th* east fcfr tlie prnsecutiun being ettded, t^he prwoner tot iffy d||en«e recalled the old w onian (prosecutor's servant) \«*bo identified*hfe%e^to be tb*^r^-1 J»«a;i)|^* tli* •party of^'her'ma^-..\ n «*Yod\ ^fL»eJ^A0^ti- * worn,\ said iii^|feM!iob*r»«|^|- tj 109f •?ee?e wer^ |0«r>1ti»9t*r*a ;• nojw ;t#l yoa swear th«i thVrei weN tto gatiders *jeai» «ld, was playing near * «••'!'»»*»' ber wtndo-w, to uhieti he liwd^wnd biti way. lie had been .in Jtbe jtobit of l getting out of Ihtf kitefejen w;iu'diii{r# : holliug by his h«»uds.amd dfojp^u^# the giound a small di»twn^ <tiwm&< did oot hurt him, an4 •iw*£^;lfftf'i«».. UVbmttoH uf life, wasva4fctitfc^tt»<fl«a«M I A gentleman call|rt|.;fl'pOif|^|rrii^| in the fiity>vvho wasatlenUed^bf a|&4 oieian from th# we*t, end of the town^ squired of the 4)u<-'tw. on one of hb visits if life diid mfa, &tid it iucOnveoienl »* ait end bi^fr^eu^ froni * saeM'a idiS* raoe'e ? •* jShVt .51 aft, »ir*' f cf I't^d the tfocfor, - *•• for UaVio^ another patirnt in the adjoiniBg sfroet. hgtot-$i(t i%a •iii-rd'*• wivfi one tione.*' \tEJairyoaso?\ replied tb^e sick ni*n* *« theii you are •M»O good a shot for Oie ;\ „«nd dismia- sedhiui. ,nf th^'oU'tf^r*^- ^r <*»• AfeTO^':' Mtm- \€ope- hasteoed ri$ Malr*.w4$bl jMJj^ when lite.ehiUt tbre^V fiiitosSIfV.^Co^ 3te»ftad-be^w %oflt. 10 do teigiiM alffif 1 The steward, a W«dfe ottboir* If he ship^ l*radklin. 1*a» d^e»tt-d,; on she passage of? that v**»ff» fr6hi Oha^tniyti^btflp^ Ml stole\ p5!0t> from the bagg.«|fe of a •ady aodiier : -d^-lit^^'4%tfMih' belongitig^ a geolltman,besidesoth- er ^riieles of valuo; O^ftif^rri^li tlf the B'ranikliu^he Wat committed for .--A'fcfc Mv. - ' f \. •• '• '3* .& it was a daflin^boy, his eje. f«W dfA^r- -^^ mischief; and he depetiditi-gl^ ''^rt^ 1 ';^^^ ing bin' tn> sfendei hold oitii%1«^hf * r ^ f I|,UM1S -ihree storiff\s frOuw tt^ gru$/id* abledfjuriieiiott. *'\\ ''''.:'•'••'.. -' ; ^ ii;B ' The nwiMier' c««td'!«earre^|^^ ' u ere he fel*. 'Was.f lg»;^gf«%^l%' ^ thatbttwy'e¥ : fe^^^li«#^hi^#t • ' Kxi rnorilinury us it jftaf Oppe«#fefta did not break a iim^ Jbujt Re $0 f§ tile ip»;rth betw«f^ltw|^st I 0H«^M^ #£f. so' |i^%w^-t^^\'W^-i(!!9ap*.^|. was^rttartingri^Us^lwjfltliti^v^^^^^^ . Villagehefitfti. • '\.'• ','•.• \ ; ;^, ••Si i'f.J 1 Mi*, tieigjh Hunt.^Ihe Editor of th* 'Condon - BiifltAsHMt^ ^SSa»-;; : '^JMI^iilK^piiiii, guilty of a'libel on the teoaf|^^coi^ mons., .. Two v*9S*h one fft^«i; ^f^jjrfl^f in Bpeei?, 0«4^ e ' ****** tt ' : ^#ii0ft^\ bit 'Migrrt good*, weree -Jt&Slmpi the mou! h af the JUissfesilipi* ll»#$% wendffons g«it*l mt}m Hh ^Ht«Mm •V*tstl in'tl cargoel^ere lOf U '. ,• , - ;A %on^a»/lisftly dM -in ^INMK ^ '\'tm'pogist them ?'* •*« ¥esi 1 ''-:a ; h.S ; Weteil the old wlnian pipVfhf « ihete ^Wctt.# The^foWow^ihgalftrawge^ but .^ell *Rted< oteurrtdcfC^*lMaily iook pjae a few- days oittijtfv -A •»««» ser*aii£lii the employ of th q»4l> of most k#d* of; FroA^e*. \ <\ ^ ev * ^ ,% ^ a »«»^ e* Yiircotnbe* *«»» (•iwrk, being; taken ill, the medical at - endant e» the*itmily wa» *mt for v ho prepared for. the mau a bolus i'rtm -he fanlily meilieiue chest, and havitiji wrapt up in piper 4toe grfaia*wo|^lii.!> osedr in »veigiiiii|j«»ut* the prober pro haviusj their J»o^wo*of ifst drags; tfft thenv on work^one la tlie best niannerraftd ^^wr^afei^^orf *«HH-4Mtf!f* *h#o»to*, lelivered at firetieva on the alittjrlest which he detire*fne«i(the femaleinl iolice. Samples may be seeit in ttie « Vard. Geneva. fRiMtERS ©ati also he accommodated with , Of a sopertor quality, warranted t'a i'goodserViee.andtobe level. WILLIAM miTToK i hma S50, I82[0. *33' «%•/' WtLi «itI : :pST\ WEC^VB0 - A, .i?B.ES;H : SUpfoiJ/O* ; :: : . Epsom Salts a»d Soda'; Tpn^key Obiiim^twl Aloes; Castor and Olive Qit j Catoinod ^bgnegia; Rbubat% ithd Bark; Crem 'Faftaf and Jalap ; Arrow R^oi and Isinglass ; Glayber Salts and N itre ; Windsor and Uasttle Boap; '\'nnamon and Cfoves; Is? .s as ia Mi*e$ and Oampbor I Whitehead's Essenee Jfliistarrl, e eure for Rheiimivti^m; Anderson's eel- |<ed to etiter, an* Re was according) i-brated\ Cough Orojps ; (loodetd^c 'i Evalw' Ofowu Lttne*ft« } Tjier»* ,i WP i ters VFiess^iap^r*? iDye SHiftk?i^aiht* m oth Mm$> 'm* ^VI»»*H ^ti bB tolff low for Cash in hand, or$%* *ed. • . . ' ;;^IM^i#ii*ra|e.^llhff»^;iit '''The^Jfooail'of pt.:9tk.m#&*&¥*f' the^lipifofhodist. :«m^.1i^ifi ginia* ^a* f^SM f» A».5?'**fe ;,|faTlisiuirgii' : Fa.- ••ftil^-it^lS^^ Ahrw'rtt^aiMK^^ftl^^f^^^, tfeho.«|6;tO'Carr|io-th§rwi^^ '^taijl|it : Mt(5tioflSAtoiad|^;i'to , iy io ti-eaele- Some lif^*ft|(er#ardp Ibis master came to iii«|iiire aboiit tin ;patient, arid foand himKuSeringdndet very uneasy siyWptoros, which the man attributed to the strange kind ol •nedici»e th» Ooetor had ordered for hi«i, aud which he aaid* ^%J?0^d be?vor hft^f got through'WitJ^ had^nt ;Uot cut it itfto tnnaller pieces f but hv thanked (jod thai, though it w ai rat her r«ugl> and Hharpihh, he had got it all dawtt^* r^K%tr account puzzled his master exceedingly, who, Jiowever soon discovered that the man had act ally swalio ved in treacle, a complete €fi>,of brass grain-wergbVs, instead of the boliit, whkh was found lyiing «« ifi^ table, hi liis in^stieir's rooiii- ^rop* e^^emediet wer^ imaiedia tely admio istered fur dislodging' this uncommon lose froni thr inan^ stomachy who sabseqjiently rocftvered frqui his' ill : '••j&U&stoft Whi$> ness, it wouldbe dUffircu^r to findaoat^fp ^ ^llel to this liistanee of implicit faith ' \ iii the power of the euifativ# art, or a nimifarexhibitiqij of astonudihg igrio> rauee among \ iinfledged. amimul* walking on two \*§i. n ~-$fatbt\:Met~ ewy. •'. ' ••'''/'\' \''\ i Cuwmau Giifmets: ,-^-A suit has ia0 hy been determinedv, Uef*itc omrof ttie •> aoed^Sre^ate^ «r\Go*. %t- ilUhteV Ginger Root|and rHutme^^^ug M %«Sog htto** place of tc entertaintnent, at l*ari». was told that life* dog woo d not bep*ttnij \left at the.door with the guard, The young fkiaiif had scarcely entered the lob^ wne» hi* wm% wait attilen f he re» unied to the %wt$. obd praf ed th^t his dog might heodttwted* as tftrough liis me«h*li|; might discover the thief. The dog ytiAwttty ¥v -fWjSlQjMy . ' '. i • .'|%i^^ctiott.i,-Thomaji ^- tkrp«^»« onis'i^le^ediamemberolthe R«||s,ef aodpii^^ree^M flsat of «««f^ f ^eprfesetitflttives. He \ nm\ thol at^d it preserves »s»el| as piritte*^ vldest nieiiili^r of thefioiise, who is TbftLbndOil'iSFdiitBiy J^gaastne Jfar vf .eVurtesv -e&ltedj the m^^f'fhti f^br^af^;|^«iaj»v«^1a*etwi*^ Uohse, tie is thlboly ni.4bertM,o ttei? i«- ^U^^^t^^k^statt. tfM^<^>^NMH^r : \\iii hem io that H$ise, withou>u1iler. i na Ln*ui#,Vfti wift of ]&$*&&&$ -4*., mission^ iiiiijo. tke ! flienioraMe^e^t of being utill under; the ^ec*$}«il^$£: iwr.*~j[bid: ^ Count ^teflvpr^ She i* «*gl|g*i^ iir herdlr^¥*v : pa Ifi» her t^fdt^pii'tl^' earl-Wolff unit iftfimv^*^ «^i^— lf\»»a:.heard I hut *$re ti little j MA«s«cbaseet« courts, the result of. f or«ioiier. 5Je 0-- 'pT^rea^d^evii bU'lst 'COtHered i^«». eii^elope and directed to the plaintilfo. tlftone Sjeargiftot, the stage driver, who was \ charged to take core of it, and Was repeatedly told that it contained .. - _L ^ s»i-' i—..i_u •.*\ >ll J. .^.^ X.B^. O-A. ai(j. laaiik KIM! tat am «k4tt.^ . « nate mother narrow Iy escaped witb her,Hie, •',.,_, ••. , .•.•';•'..' j;lV\V . it h as been '.tf^idfi^^ * competent - tribunal, io %g^Bd, ttnVn ml $$*$*> i^alE- ehnn^e originatiug in a ganfttti nction, \jfM-* ^ood; fecurity hi th» ,.«. moneys and j^aperf a* valuable as iho-* hia«d*\of a- bortfide holder, sr. ooy^tbailie must take eaTe of i& deJ- Tfter* t* m eit*t*iti ^»glaim#niel^ u liver it* M gft his pay m it.\ The p»» been in toe possession of the a*»© ' *poekas p Wi * 8 ^ 8 *> a0 *i* w*theldth*t f«m% f5|l'yearat ' * t lift stage t»ropri«iors were a^eoitotable Ao English pjifrt- ^tMtt, thai * fof «iie ittortey. Although t%is ease i* weaverMn Si'oi laitd ttsA, by o»e wiffi faTfrom^inga novel oti^f •«**• m4iiyfi!ftt-^H*rjsriaRw«M^•«« earrirrt,. og« ofW*t«fity% ^ who a*e igtaoitaot *f the provisiotis of Tit /#»* ift&—*H' ^enta^lfey pape% the law io fc^bif ttiateriat respect.^ throw tog %mM the sareasorof iottteol our:B&steropinl** «dyisipg 4 tlif h»i|kt^ . -«#* oj* &e»tucHy *^ »;*-T( ii* remarkable facf^hieh «ot*>t *wi*f 1fe*!t* and * pom$te%i fieciiti* Ittght^o> bisf generally Unriwn to^ltnusfe mendk tHar tit hank* of H»lMw#|c#l|* keepers, that *tt« hwdred wt> ofrttgs gu^ta^Wisea^tand' CastinO; redeeaf at the present prices can piirehattf? *W0 the it* wit h In t H, s'fiift^l^ efdn!|3n a*d| hundred M. of flour I d Thi* is an opion^^, **n& for iuiall •&&!& wit» liighiy iute^estiiig fact etirineeted with fiei#iyg«» •'- ' '. v s $ 4oro**ti* eeonoiiiyj ; an* oipj .j.o be [ The veiteraBle .WM^M - $$&$&: thought of by every j|m^y both to to^iWherotfE^ town a»d «touintry.--- 0 , A. gentfeliiof WiitnheiHer* 1^<v OiC AribftFt'Wd the state coiitaiu. . tf ^.^• ^^i,;-..A }*miifl» !ed 22i05&$f ItihaWtantf- io?l#»o» *1I: H9v ..- ffi*$eftt$tw: y 4$m .11*. w^elc«,iittle''.:bi|y,' frjf of \0^ Mcoj|M«tta: mm**$ ®mM*M**%> *»% ;Wovkf'»f ^ v ««e f erawh, and is quite & .i.^L'4; • '\ iK- - -byilille^^ oti-' t|u| ;i ?d; ;*•§£ ate : ta'iiiei-%ia- tii«J§idiftii**^* ^f#tf| ^ ^*:

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