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I: A 'fl HIS PRIN'IIJNG OFFICE, IN 8ENECA, STE$Ef r GENEVA, (N. Y ) \v\.\* 1 .^JMWBW^IIIIIIIIII.IIII ' AMJIQO IMP MM •WEW«S«*:,.FEBBU^»t'7, 1821. Number £66, |7H' -ir—yr?. ' •fr*rf^i l : , -? [ --7 i, .- l -r-v -; f '•-• 1 -j ; T '. nm--' • :; .' i r • i;\; n • i ,., imi i f The^oUowjng are the, TERMS on which lliis paper will .be^pubiished, aiwl eatf, iji no instance be departed. from. ' , .- •'_•.'. , t *TV : --. - TV villaee subscribers, TW«H tftrs and Fifty Cents per annum, p%V aMe half-yearly. -' } ' •'/.--' 3% those Itvihf oillif, the village, who, ca|J *$.$£ Jilp^^^ potters, • payable- aVlfwie*. /• „ '\ , - . \X£* tto.'ii&sejribers^ Two Dollars, p^0m'W : 'Mt i tm(ie', or if punctuality fs'ndto1*serye.d> Two Dollars and Fii% *y Cents wiH be charged. '„ Te those left by Post-Riders, S3.so, payftblet quarterly. ' To AOmpanieg of is or upwards who pay\ in advahcej One Dollar and #% Cents.3 otherwise* Two Dollars. j^aMe^alffryWrly.''*.-'. 1 Sub^i#^rs for less then .six months mujsl malt cases pay 'in ad* ance. No j^ab||{^t&f^iliied. without payment in fail of arferages. K Bates of Mvertising. Adyejrtist>merits not exceeding a «quaire will be inserted three weeks For 0ae Dollar, and for every sub«eq«e nt. insertion, Tenty-fi** Cent*. A deduc- iionrof twenty^five per cent jntiade u> Ihoie wlm advertise 4>y the year N-Q .*dVer$^«*en;£s ^iseoutihued without «rd#sand a se^tieirtent. f^* All Letters and Communiea tioas m iu%i. be postpaid. '....V'.ijte.v&e. &c. '•.\••\ -:BKfiaUT-feP . WITH NEATNESS,' AGC1J RACY AND EXPEDITION. AT THE PALLADIUM OFFICE. From theNew l r orlc Baity tfdvhtisjFP 0.^tatfr9 : Bav1i;'^ate8^bi^V a y^^'' :: ^ tbis eify '. •\• : -.» ^.'*'\'~disrW NEWARK' CW AW'ST&Tfr* • •\• ••>••• r •••' iiifiTOl.*^'''\- •'-'-'' Hew-fprk^ty3Ws: •*''•' Barkers' Exe$ange; ; $all^ anksor Albany B^nks^fTro^- ••..•••••• >iowh^Wk Bank, Schenetady ;f^aWin*gbnrg. s Bank -•' '\'. ' -'\' Bank ot Newburg if not aifeoed' r WTfJYredink \8* par p&r 'par« pav par ••fl*. wlrtifedink dis. 1-2 Dp. payabteiii Itbica t Wa8bin^tnn\& Warren B. 60 a 62 i -2 W&nge! Oounty Hotes ''*-\ i-« Catskill - 14a3* Hudson Bank 87 1,2 a 90 '±•2 4-2 U •a iiff'.n «i IT . •*?»• |>;<nn«fJT. ; »trM*a'Ba. \' \l;hi^«rttt^delielii|hi§- |»(qr^lii^. : tied-fji man e twenty$pe gear's. ,1; was, ^rtjpidtig to pity hinj, bulhe e6l IH ou n»f^ to ^ejaice^ .*^Are you not. Veaj-ied 6uiwit| ijhe length of.your .vfilicCiop' ?*\; ^Vyearjed,;' : Sirff 8aid' v |»e • JVO., nature w©;tjjd ; ^oon ^aioL \hm> liod s.u»u»ias tap'; I could Hi tj£re a uotftfer tWeuty-jjive yearaK,,if ftpftased •(iorf* I have found ihisfced to be the 3 ha-ye been extinguished, leaving the commercial injuries un'atoned f jr. loth; \Gi0 WM?$ tarried !-.«W % different parties in the $cm4mtioy~-&5 >u4'tbis elaii*tr.inM the rebelling par- i^ h|ive establisliedastparafee indepen^ deaee j M hatve resulted in the sup- liressioB nf^febeH&B-^ f have terniin- afed by'c^p^romisej/^a^d'vrtv between Spaio, and. the* i«roJ|l|!il^ i O r y!n.ces' t»f ,'Sflmt^ Anjeriea, ,^lt ! -u»dil«r#in#.'; • ; : liliBlt WarsonaccU^tito^pdi^Uk^ «»fif this class—8 called erusades, a by Mahometans on christian nations j V I^f ftle £ heay^.^Lfengih of-toy 2 by.chriatian nations, to eoinpeltheir atni'«ttoii. biri O let njei not call it n**imhhnr 0 ^ h B «« m * „i,.;.<;...,- ** i»„ at IJfiioit l^avwxi. II fc suibseriber having taken the Tavern Stand fornierly ocewpi ep by Johtt Singer, in Water Sti»e^Yi itvijl ficcominodate the ptiblie. and \ |i*a^el fers, in good styles His stabling is good and seen re. tit aUo continues his business as a BiiAGKSMlTH, Opposite the Tavern, where the first *ate workmen are enipjoyed ; ajl titisiuess in that line will be reasona ibly and expe^i>ioH»ly exeented. anit jproduce of every kind taken in pay raeut. ••• WBt. COUTtE¥Otr. Geneva, Dee, i. 4 Iinri II.I I. r ' <•«\ •^•II—•• !.•• ; i '• ••\••I i \ \'• II^MWW^»I'I i MI '**<***»-<+[ - *•'• N^lii»e is hereby giv^n> •^ T^TSI application will be made tMltB Spp^fslature of this state, at the session :hereof iu the month of Janua *£y. mxi* for a New County to be eree- ted within tfce present bounds «f Onta- tiov to comprise the towiis of ftkdps. Seneca, Benton. SUo and Jerusalem and tow nship No Eight in the seeond ^ng? 1 if towiiships in the town of JlMMlm'W.,. and (wo tniies in breadlh •n the east side of the towns of Bdr- ham m& Fmmmgimti'^'Dated ^Vot>.' -i«».- 'I*8Q;\-'-.' .•'•'•••''.•'•_ 0m: Tippets, James Bee^ Jace&Doaf, 8mnuet€oih George (xdiittdry, M. Dtig4tih* 4tfm,B/Balt, \\-WM;®em$. .•JRi Pan Per Bergh, •&. B0pm> ' jnf* SI, Bogert, Naihw Meed, MrahnmDow. ; •.sr^ V order of Daniel W. EewisFiMq. a Commissioner.&e.~ Notice>.m. ] U S?* 1 '^* *o all the ereditors of fe|#W«s Evans, m well in hisihfli- vidjUftl capacity as one of the late %'»•: of|®vnn^. & Goodwin, an insolvent debtor,to slow eause, W anyihey hw** before the said CohinVissioner at fii'a- olfiee, la the village of Geneva* in the County of Ontario, on the temh day of ^braary ne*ti at ten o*e1oek in the 'pretioon* why an assignhient of the J»stoV insolvent^ estate should not be ^TOade and his person disehaiged from ||tt»pri«on(meiit pwrsflrtit to the act en* (niled «'an act to abolish inlprtson- | Went for,debt in certiln cases.*' p*R^ led April f r i$w.-~~D<iied *\ov. 15. - ,8^WS.^VAN|I»..' , ' .-. f , 'i- Insolvent. ;; ; '.WHEA^: 1 ;; : Wiil he reeelVed j n payment •f <lebts due^'af ibis Office. nolantlfia Bank at Hudson Middi^Bistrjet * . Bank •of^fiajara';'' Jacob Barker's nates filleH up withered ink and paya- ble iq' country notes kqite&mt Association eatskiil Auhurn Bank Baok of Geneva Central Bank at Valley Chenango Bank Columbia Receivables Hwdsonw •'' : do •\ ; • Utiea Insurance Company Utica Branch at Cahandai- - gua,'-\ ''';.;.- •. \ •• \••' Dntario'Bank at ditto Ontario Bank -at IJtica Jefferson County Bank Piattsburgh Ifotes i »'EW-Jf:ERS«iV 'NQTEf Jersey Bank Banks in lifewa^ Htate Bank at Blizabet|i- .'•town,', -,' ; .: ; ,.';'•'••;'-•' ... '*• Banks in New-Brunswick ' •' ^tatc^Bani at Paiteraon--,' { -0. Statf &mk at IMiarri^toivn* ^nss*x 87'l-2 3-4 3-4 it- 87 Wf not call it bog.;• it ts sliort, very short, and will *oon be over. These jig|it uflHtctioos. nhiehja-re but fo^ a,moment, Workaoi fer me a far more exceeding and eie-r py st&te for it ? !' saio he as in acts ofdevofi Fheti addreslijsg me -^ * Why, yes, md every th,in» ®od does is to inak< us happy. If h#. qot all love ?--. ~he Bannoithen b^U|kii|d,, Is hst nf t ait wise }, he jSann^t then do wrong. AV not hi$ pjoWikes yea «and amCn u m Uhriit Jfesos^ he cannot Jtfeen ,4>reaK ii.i8 ; wordi . \N0tfe.;who«ha.ve ; trtis|#,i.ir luih'tiave. ;r'^ep|t^;of -if.* \ Mj day .or 1 •IHifttion |ta>; Ifeek Iweriji five gears' tong ;' bat I nave found, as my &dtj so my stnvtgih fms.Uen- Blessed behi»» r 3-4 3-4 40 1-2 as par par par t 1 1 I 1 1 1 1*4 x-% 1-2 i-2 par par .^.#tr' Trenton Banking CJoittpaBy^ Jar State Bahfe at Trenton .1 %% a & State Bank at Camden ,*i\^a 5 Fariner'sBiink.Mouiil Holly i J-^ a^S CttmberlaBd Bajik i r ^a £ Bridgeport Battfe par Eagle Bank'at N*wHto^% if mad* pay able In0jsci^ par >few-Havein Bank\ dl-\ i•%? \ Hartford Bank if do. do. M iddletnwo Bank ' Wienix Bank at Hartfbftf '' Derby* Bactfk ; V'* /.-^tAStSA-OHTifslBlhrg*. Boston Banks ' %riii|liehl Bank Hainp^hire Bank at North«- aniptoh Saieai Banks Woreeftw Banfc -• i \~- •'. Other Massachusetts notes NEwff'AM.psja'fER 'Notes . VEttiytairT. (Barllngtot») 1 i-2a2 ;•••;• S'K»p;E,is^AJirj* ;; - ' Frpvi4enee Ba^ik It *flr- Wa»ningt6MBahk at Westerly 1 \% Other Banks t i # Philadelphia City Notes para l-£ Silver Lake m a 6^ i 2 (Termautawn Bank ; ' It a |! Bank of ^lav^are: County t a $ Bank ofDnj&fe? 1 a & farmer's Bank of Bricks t?o. %•%&. Ne^Hope Delaware Bridge ; conipany \ ,\\ 1 /\. Ban1c# tBtitgoifnery €o^ af •• No.ristown tTninfeopftrated Banks ^ uucertain •If less thaW m; i a t l^per; c. di» THE subscriber will receive CLOTI* for DnEssiiJa at hjs house iri Gleneval and delivered at the^s^trie place\when dressed. Gustotners may depend on b\% strict attention to its beiiig done in the best manner* and with dispatch. '^-/v'PRdOtefe,;- •'•-'. ..'•' Will be taken in pavment. i FOSTER BAE^fABiK Genevay4ug- 23* 4830. 42 '••...'. • i-'- •-T- i'i—'-j *••-•••• -v,t..,.,:, . ,. ' - Those pet-sons who kitem* paying for ibe Fajladium in ; Pire-Wood, are inforrrjed tbat it BQUst be delivered soon> or it will not be accepted^., '•'•' -t •.•.''••'•'.,\• i «2 1ai 3-4 2 St 2 .1.2, P. w v .^ . t ii^lv nftme i $^f£?*j, JE. d*ire not coon* pi&in. ( \ % JJ^' aft^ctlon « a mercy. • 1; eatne, tiloja^in^'j-wifea' .1 ! w^8;,a youn^ man, when I was wordlyithoughtless and foolisli;. and I dread to thrnk what I inight haya been but for this -itttiction, Before' I was anticted, I went as try* but now I have kept thy word. ' Blesseil is the man whom thou cbastenest hiin ou nHghbors to become chrisiianit,, ii hy bigoted monatchs to reduce heretics^ md 4 to recover leritory from infidejs« in 14< instances the assailing parties have'been vietorious, in 9 the defend' a»ts maintained, and in S no decisive >isredaijty to the'«8tiekirtg place,'* eyj»rt' thttogh we tn/ight have^a vei'dji^^fjom) t he w|||b> tweXtieJfndges. Who known howpverf but> that dame nature in her freaks. ^nd\canAve pretend to.deny ifte has.* s many F a* nt^st ladies^}TO«3F ( have sofnje idea ©T ehanisfingt-th^'burj- theu iniposed upon females, and giv*«- the opposite ^ex some idea of it* bt^s- s|Wg^-i-ttot knpwing Whether*tnis ha really her intension or nut, we«oni- cH*e itoiir duty to advise y*«ng «|ent p and youns: pigs to be extremely cau- ttous in their amours, lest U might 1 ba ik '• •.'t.'.'*- : ' « , • • - .... » >. i • The jfaet. as stated) :we rinderftand* )^ao tetoeiudiwsly.J»the tunef wH1 h6 a(tesred ott 0rf } ht br ^^ vhich the Savoyard wa# pta|inm. . I : a ^. W8 fleia .bbors. It far exe<jed 8 4fe *\* i^. \W^*™* ?Wti^ ? Qb \' .#tarwferk« M*KCSS, and Go4 <«rvad;, that fat ^ siicb ft|rold woman, fe tows (liat required^ Wch'faith a* the, mendicanr dane# . wrth great WO uld moya c mountain, a Quantity yri^mf^kfflMmW^ wtich We were never &h t. ^reisa^ ««-^-.«H-r—».- w .»-i » W u r ftl ^ nd ^i^ an^ the ass*ver- icst, Cted, thW^acbesf^ Doc^nr lltitchell t of i% taw>»n f:e sangah^ ^ a [ d i° P l * r * m r aurt ' Sl ,sfep * **' toiie contrary notwithi»tandrng. Let • - - - •*-• ^^shebe^i^dance,«iwcon^ f on JPg ce f* ai ^f: W^f this raatter.-~0eor£efcw» ^fe^ropo^ her in. French, m which language sho f an% teplkil flnentlyj and i^ good a'ceent j her language, and a knowledge of'per- son? in-high ttf^^anft'ofhOojks^. which' she ibc^ed in the> eiputise of a few tnip^ iites conversation, convinced me that to IP. lear 'ktit§ hope'of meeting i a?hett^ state The, following very instructive and Interesting article is, extracted! tWtn •'tfe- &$4ftf*f tfit ^inttiltitee of thi. Mass, Peace%ociety, appointed to en quirt into * k What ha*C been tbecausei> of wars, &c. iScc,: since tpe days of 'Constan:M«cf.ne_€Fre-»ti\'.-A.'^' : '. , ; •'\: ^instt** 0afspfafnMtion^u» obtain extent of terfitofy by cbnqjuests. far] have enumerated 44 wair^ af ( magni- tiul«? of this «;lasa. In 17 instances th< assailing nation has been jeompjetelj yij&erioipjU,. In,'^1-9 instances the as sailants have obtained partial augmen tations of territory secure! by peace 2df Predatory wars,— w plunder or tribute. We enumerated 22 in alii The invasion have coranonly ended \*..'•.••. .-' . v ; \ .'•-,'• .'•- rn re 3d\. Wariofrevewge or\remnam^n^ ^ We enumerate, 2* $ of which 3 hntve bien.succeasful-—4^ parttaHy »uece*»s»; ftt'l •—IS uqsu«ce*sriiT^ the assallaW'' have been repeHfd%^ Jell Wiufeter mifiedi&nd gave rise to n>w wartv 4dk*$Pws ip sef^e ,,^ntk question &j konw fur pfetQga&ve* Df this class wc reeord 8 ; in 4 of which the point of honq^r Wjfts gained 3 w^eiPe settled hy a coaipromise— l submitted to a c-6u.nci.i*„ .',' '. •••• i ' v; 4 &th. 0ars arising from dispitteM clapns tostimk territory ^«^Six wnly- Of these the party oceup|ing the }*r\ rilory in question preserve^ it in % in stances-t-in the other 4* partition ar- rangements wort made. . ; t< ; , 6th. Wars arising ffpni dUputeji MMsJto Crowns. 43 of this class fin is, instances the party claiming tin* throne ^eeOiVered it ffom_|he party in possession; in 16 instances th^posses- sor of the throne maintained it, and lit 2 of 1 kese the assailants lost their own crowns in aiming at others; and in 5 other lastances compromised. ' fyi. -ttfitrs- commenced unfar the pretence of assisting some ally, or some friend or person flying from atledgbd oppression. Thirty of these wars ; in 18 of which the protecting party have been victorious; in 6 the defendants have maintained their ground; and 6 have terminated in compromise. * f 8th. fliers which have Afisen from the distrust of JVatians towards e^ch other*-fealowy ofgreainesM, 6rfem\&f increasing JarmatnenfiT or tiviendiiig eo:»^si(6^^2$«fthia.d«9Cfrpf|4«i, in 11 of them the allies or assailants have been socces^ful-^t of them s ^ve been ended fey compromise ; and I fcate-re' sttlted^n the def»at of the coalition. ^t hi Wws : which hum gfotyh out of conVinerce: ^designed for ftiproUt- Hon against • foreign depreditiimw*^ Five of f tIns class •*& have given vie lory tes the e:aer*aching power j and Splendid Misertf.—Om ^^ evening\ in stiin4er, I happened ^o^e Jn one of \\mf streets that led from tbe strand •owa^ds the wverV D-waif a street to vhich there was 00 outlet, and mmt~ .quentiy.-jfreg f>*om passengers, ''A Ja- .yo^ar'd;- was grinding hi* disjregajrded »rgari j a dark shad'' ^M.>bli)iuf»i|r w a- crps^the'street, andsttiere w^aia, i nie1^. diich|ly produced by\ t|e surrounding eircujn&tances that excited hjy atten^ 'ionv\\A famale beggajf sd^denly rose J'rorft ihesteps of one cf thadaor$,>arid BJttraordiuary, he has uever»ince beea^ 10 the lei^t troubled with it. Wonders will never cease.-- A very respectable and honest farmer declared in market yesteiday mornuig ?< . that Ije kilted a barrow eut of which ne took aide pigs; he asserted that however great an anomaly it might appear', be ^ coiild^ and would brini* fjvelv? neigh-\ bftars; >fa -v- ry competent ^»ry}.to J»t test ^Enpmfc This asserjtien is^so pawh ar r i?ar with the original estalblished order of things, that we cannot but tie* Iieve some nmiakc has, occurred as Jfo the sex of tlie animal, although we matt admit that the fajrmer whoraisef poffc* 4ias an exceltm^ opportunity juf being w$U qualified t» decide pn suck matters, Solemnly as* the above ha» befen affirmed, we\ cannot screw oirt? f l&ene, ,(JV. ff.f Jam, 4<J. Ji targe load of wood!-—The Irtew inaion, of Templeton, Mass. <he> J9u«t4tave had liberal education, W presented, on Tuesday la»/» wlklk ^ Jhjt tb-ejiad neen amongst the c* .WR^!^ a ?^? *T T 80 ^. ™^ h measured full thirty five cords ! Th«r bi^et* e|as«i^jf soeiety. Vpan jnqiii-.... . • ^ - . • 1 - • J.^,-^ r^#rtom^ethats4was^a.pible ?M Ayas^t feet m length, agd 12leefe \ ••••'••^- \ 1 • •-• •----.- MU breadth, and W'as drawn by 76 yoker mm, whdti name sha wowld not in- 1 »*•* r W B ' Jf« w ™*™ W J* 3J»\ jure? b j telfeg hernwn j that she had *f e ^ t} a : 0»e tndiv^naf aejreed -t; -arJy^isgScId nerselfi and thatfal- ^ 0 ^ i « luch wood as anoj^r would; ^#o#bad# ^orse, shehad sunk car ^ ^, ttt , 0De ,oa f , Tftere n m *:o, herxpresent miserable Cohdition;.-' #**?* ** n ^ danger of cle*^ men a- f asked herwli^ sKtdid not en^eavar : ^'OS S'T^ ^ealth by this nrethodi toaefintasemeoftkoseasyltims which of \provoking to good works^ W» ilie fitrmanity of ' the ingHsh ^atiqa r ^ !,ect a « s,fl,,Ia r N* 1 *^ l n &l* •- •-' - - > town many yoars since. One Individ* ual declined to make a'donation,In a^ tiaf provided ..far' want arsd Wretched ofss : 5 ,sjb.e .teplied with a^\ countenance • upa i .?(ic ,1 PPIK« Willi U «((ttUlcuftUV6 , i » I ' * • •» - 1 ' , »f resniute &na1^«>ouc a ndon but »»*^ v « rf *«*« J* thinar more for* mi th4 to %ive me w ?» l< * ^P pa * mnc1t W^J *A lft * g .more for hclf a crown: '»d pay far my Meimir^t eover as much piotipy aa t that ^it^ii^m , abe mTdrunk ^% r ^ ,d *** ^ *nd send it t# my bed^.Bag^oi^'a fW « |att8ter - * ie ™ m , of *\**% do/lfarsjwas immediately planked? and wi|hitt n^f'een minutes put into th<r kands of the minister* Effects of surprise. ~An attorney iieing greviously afificted with; the ( - I • *- ~t- ••. L A n 11.' . A gentleman having called a trckeHf out, whielihad confined hitn^everal. ^^^ ^ a me » ^U& W*i weeks Whis ehantberi Jaiinchedratit 4n, j J^J ]^ Taidf it w^lKeF^And] \ toal| thosefixtravaganeer of passm, wa ^, ^j the e^u^aft ^^farhr, I ;5»bich genetaHy attends that exeruei* ating disorder. His pain was an ex* but there is a d-~—& diifercace be-^ j twe^nour > co«rfs. ,> t ' :\ r '\ ,•' '^ „ q When Mr. Fox wascanralyine faf/ Mr/Fox replied,«« Stp, I admire yttye candour^ but damn your manners J\:5 Aeertaio barone f t had a iloii^ if!tp> pray,\ said the gentleman Jocularly, y is yoiir caat of ann* the same as . ... s ,-.. . _. u . . ,, . f the Duke af Bedford'* f\ <«ifci to b eeitpe, that tlioogh at other times he mr urm^ymf honor,\ eays the par. f. was^ nojt addicted to pr^taneness M ^ rr « Ibelteve thiy are much ahke, } speech, be upon this occasion exercised hitt -fa^ * a . rf __ld. ,r,{Ki^ rt „ a K«. V his tbttgue in tlfe- mostbittei' invee r lives* cursing his leg, and wishing the D**i and d •*»--.n> would rid him of it, rather'than undergo suefr torture and « r w • . .». *i^a* t r x. J pain. A chimney'weeper beingkrec. . We | ^f 1 ^ he «{ | W * * b * c ifS ^d that da^tlewleeV the lichen' J n ;^ %?* > ^t^^?*^* OT chimney, sent his boy^ith a message! Vef. The night of th^cleavfer,wtthi that he would immediately follow * the : ^.?f WBW I 0 t ^ ***™™ A h ? *5* boy, in or«to prepared his ^\jStS^^'LS^ « ter's comings got up the cHlniney to -™ f a * mt| your llcart * * • miie ?* obgervo the state of it| but in Coming down he mistoefc his cojiirse, and Came dfpAvn #e chitttney of the chamber Where thei attorney wasfitting cursing . his gonty leg. To afecoont for the at <*»-^ °f eleven or twdm, rosea* boy's wi^akei it must be ebstrved, the rani of a.*J%*or. ftne morning that both kitehen and chamber ehim- aia inotber hearing a n»i$«*Sn the »ur, ^ey» had the lame funnel to convey sery, rang the bell to know the causa e smoke. The boy seeing the of it. «It is only,\ said the r aervetttr made hb obeisawce in his '*.% «%V gteettiig for Ws j?or* and said* \Your servant sir, ridge**? ' < > nay;, ntaeter is coming immediately,' : ''--' Cbe 'attorney forgetting, or probably being unacquainted with the eircuna* #tancc rof the Chimney heijwg to be fis 6e saw in one of tb-e wards three swfefit, thought;that the intpr^oationt Frencliinctt who h^d^jjeAeived sama he had utterent 1^*Area4'ly;'eyie^ foirth; very severe contuMoW,) by the fall at the devil: he was therefere sd agTta- a seafiRlId a feV days before, fyift^ in , ted, with the idea, that lie forgot*the • bed; »poa approaching then* the found i ^ disorder he lahbred under* and j«|4i.p-, one dead, another dyia^, aftd thfe*fe# l t r ped *ff his chair, and to the : aitonisli4tii|, the middle sitting upright t/aJtha^ <• naeni of all his %mily, went d«w« 1^1^ \ bed, fiddling to several inv*|i£s»;9^r*fr , (lie Jtjtelien as: thonglt, thegftut fedltv^re^^ne^g at the foot <^f it««,lW;-*V neverviijit.edhiw^ bi9 : J^^atiC:a»^ ' t-'^ > aj' <.' . •'• ••*•*.» ''i-'tJ-y- .\N' . •'!•.- J* .,• I • • •- * , V,* Ppon an English surgeoa, some years sioee visiting an hospital at Ta« /,

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