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• i» iiu[i;iifaiulii^ fe#» .**% ^•vij)^>''g(i,i-;:i'-;i-'^Xi!n>f, l 'V'fe'aH:t#^'»'^^4 -•' las\ '•! * -..-•» l, • 'i ,' • - . • §**• K»jft^i-liV.. .a^»^JJ^\l^^C7iX 'i|iH : .,:PUf^*ttIViU^U-FVfCK,. IN .H^MO/A *'ii(U<.T. li.LMi.YA , iN. Y>) ' -t -. -.,„r ,„, f^. ,-,••- :„ ,:i.»rt .i, ••••Ai..,-i ..*.•• .— ..\^'fr&g>A:fl..a. :.-.\L±.*~ .. ....'..-.:•' •• ^ '/-1 _ - . . . , _ , * -, .' , v. . __ , . _.. __ .... -.'.. '.... .'- .-'- '*'.?••• < • • ' : ^ «s»d»^mMSMKteiMniMMMite liiiwiMiiith'C'iMii'wtfaiitf^ wrmimiiiiiiiilitf^m^^^ liV\'-^ \M-fii-tv nifr ri~-r^TTWTr\rirrniiMOT^ttfkWr1n-i l \i*H mil »<••« in **> • 'JLlie fol^MHn^ are the TERMS' on which 4lus paper will be published, and >a» in no instance he departed . '£.p '.\TlVpge subscribers^ TwoiB^lv Lat^a|fdl ? i% Cents per atinhnt, p'ty- »b^.Kli.UVyearly. u . •' -*; j ; \ .',.'- , • _•. iPo. these living, wti of;t?*e fila^e whq 0all ftt i\e ,;q|r^f:^«^'©*Wa:N' Is aofcobserv#,/^w.o Dollars and: Fif- ty ^^^wM^^h&i^ed, , .-* .^ w v: : •..;; ^o$^e%&%^ost^idtjrsj^SQ, '•' p^hrle qttartev^f 1 , - . •;.\ ; r ' T* ioinpames\.of 1^ or jtpwatd* Wlio^ay in ad*anee, One Dollar atld 4iiffcy 'fym$B$ otherwise, Tw«r Dollars, payabl^hs^^eafly* : * -. StthsiprihersfoJvlesstlTian six months Wttjit in ^ cases pay iij advance. No paipefs d)scpn>0nued withoiit paynieijt, it> full ol\ arWttge», r - .4 ..• MY^tbettJeuts not exceeding a iqjiare will he inserted ihreeweehs,for ^e^Boirar, and-for W&f^ iuhflpqiipjit •'''t^Ve^.i^»;^«^-^y*' ; P*' Bt *? A deduce Hon.'of ivvefity^e pw cent made to fl»l>%e%hti y#rtise by the year., No lnt^rflil9|gn^^ without lird^fiS^ftiJaseiileinent. , , %* Alitifttterr tnd Communica- t?«tt8!rt«isi b*» pqsl paid. •'•. A ••\..' : '. &c t \&c.. &c%,-.V.\;'* '.-EXEqU^B -WITH ...'NtAtfiliESS^AOCTJ-; '\\. RACt I^IJ teXPEm*Ib|J. AT THE .' m- ; p.-Bt.ai^,.Ba«Jte* notes ;tiof ; ,j»ftyil>l^ 'jfc. H' ' 5 ^' r<- wm [5Bfe stvhseribef having .taken tb^ ^%«ftn. Stand ^i^eriy?occupi< *P; .b^'^/o/fW^'iSiw^i'j'in:; W : ate,r Street i *.\ ;*v^iw4t|€f}W.WQdatft v< tj^e jnuhiic.' i an« , ^'t!^velMrs4a;gao!4'sfyK^ Hfi*atahltng ; ••\i# goodAtidBeeqrfe. '•;.,... \:• BLACKSMITH, Opposite' tlijB' f Tavern, where the ftfat rate workmeni are employed,5 all httsi tiess in tltat line will he reasona hlj an4 ;expedltiott«ly ejtecuted, ancl *lprodafc^ of ifc-verjp kiacl taken in pay• •'•'toent*: '. -'•\• *'•'.- ' . \t .. r •.•'.;••'• '%Jtf i '€ORTl.EY6lJ.-- • •*^»yW««<W»l»*i^~W<'|i|lM>!iii»\-i»—iipi i—a^^t-)»<WWWWwW^W*«f\W«'»WW»«**'!^~^ '\I i\\\'' J ;,;•. \Holi<^e ;fe 'hereby-;give^;|;';' ><. TIlrATatl application will he o»a*de t#the liP^ialatut'e of this statevat Ihe session thereof io'the month of .Janfla- xy oeitV f<?ir a New Cquoly to be efec^ i#& within thipresent hoqnds of Onta^ #10, jtofc colttfilie the towni of JFhelps^ , sSf?ne.ca^ B^t<M{ i MUa tthA Jerusalem. \ and township pfo. Eight in the second ^«*«lig-e> of' townships in the town ot ^tyttymtf, anti-two miles in breadth it! the east lide of the towns of tjrory %hftto and Fattiiington.—> Dated Jtfpvi ,'f &••. tfmi Tippetst James J?PPS, :%*• JitcbbD&a^ - . •:, SimmlJCdlt % \%''. Qewge&ottndryi &, Mogiirfh, • I ]?•#&& B: mik t ' •: wMWZm& : MI Bogertt ?'. Jfathan Reed* • .^ 4 - : . ; ' • Jjtbrahitm Bona a Commissioner, ^tc.-- Jfotice is ty4$vm, to all the ereditors of .•|) i&epMwu9\'$va>tiSi> aa well in his indi , I ^|dttft|ba»]pleity as one* of the late'firm J '\•:- ***!,I%aais' 18t #ood%in, - w Insolvent\ { •• -.|l||r|^r|t^s.ho^' canse, if^any .they have.- thef^% |Jia Said Commissioner at his ! pfeg%Mfi Ifege: of ftetife vay in. the; flinty of 0ntari»i on the tenth dky of •lPe|Miti»¥# neit, at\te» o'clock In the ^ '^|ttt%»qoft, why an assignment of the said insolvent's estate should not he ?|lt«Je and his person discharged from tmprisWmeiit parsiiant to the act en- titled ** ah aet to abolish : \m prison- meat farjdehjt in certain ca^es;\ pas- „**€& hfm 7, *&i*^Jkte& JVow. i5j s Insolvent. • j i *\\\\\i I.'*'' ' ' -ir-\ifr \'' 1 \ .'•'•]l .l-nii,.!..!.! 1 ii- J n.\|-u-i 1 •' --•• .. ii\..i 1V11 ' ' • \ — •' ^ : - - _• WHBAT' .:;; Will be deceived in payment 1 r, *$£ debit im ^&Q&&> '' • 3-4 g-4 3-4 1-2 a 2 par par ,«BaJr her\s ''fe^fiattge^ ''•fenfcs tt£;Adb , a« i y '.<• !^pw'l|^k < %'# 7 Sehenetady Lansiijahnrg Bank * Bank ol Newhurg if npt ; signed ^ithfed^k ; . ' %par \ ^-\Wilh^e^i^- u ' '•' ' = dis. 1-2- #6 r '^ah|^tn'#thiea '.\••' ^ -4 V^ash.ington & Warren B> 60ri 62 1*2 , .%aii^e Gimi$:M*»*m~i . •' • -.. •:.* T ? '€1111^11;., .;,v _;. ; > ;• .-,• • .;. t -.,t^awa-4 fludsoh Bank (l f \87i.2a90 Ooltemhia Bahk at Hudson h2. •Middleflpfetriet'' -. : *••*•/'•..'•'•,' i : 2 Bank of #tagara \ $5 Jacob JBa^fcer'snot'es filled up with red ink and pay/a« ble in cSttntry notes 87 \~2 .Iqoedact Association at OatskHl 1 Anbtirn Bank J : • -' 3.4 Bank of Gterieva 3^4 Central Bank at Cherry. ,Valley : v ^4 Chenango Bank '• is&?% a 2 Columbia Receivables 1-2 Hudson do 0 Utied Bank Utica Instjranee Company 0 Utie* Branch at Gaaand^i- ' S« :a -v' .' -\•'.. ' : -' : Ontario Bat»k;at dittq Ontario Bank at Utka Jpfterson County Bank ' ' Hattsbhrgh Notes 1 . ' NE^-fERSE.T NOTJES Jersey Bank f Banks in Newark . State &&nbV- 9X KUzabeth- ' towtij,' • ;• •;'. _ ifi - Banks % New-Brunswick ^tate '0ahk at Patterson State Bank'at Mnrrwtow# H*«sse* Bank Trentot! Bahking, Gnrnpauy •*i ate J ..Bja»lr-at Benton-, ...':.' 1. #tate Bank at Qamd*a ^ i ¥ , armer*sBa.nk,M«ont Holly 1 1 Cumberland Bank 4 1.. '•'••:\•\..\ '\' --•''-o-o.^-N.KCTiov'r.. '• Bridgeport Bank ' feaafte Bank at Newflavep, if made payable v in this city Hav^ts Bank do. tford Bank if 4o* do. Middletown %|»k Phenix B^nkat ^artfotd Derby B;ajik* '\\\'\ * J \ - , , _MASS•AeH.XT8E-•rTS•* , Boston Banks 1 Springfield Bank f i Hampshire B^nk at North- ampton \•''].' ; ; '' i SalemBanks l Woreester Bank \ 1 Other Massachusetts nbte^ i N.E-wB^MPS.HiER• : Nqtes '••• 1 VERMONT, (Burlington) , RHODE ISLAND Providence Bank Washington Ba^nk' at H^esterly Other Blanks . --.•• ^msmitxhWA- -' Philadelphia CJItyJSotes Silveri3La;ke , SOaefiS! Oerroantown Bank t 4 a i Bank'of.ip'elawarfrOoanfy-: t a 2 Bank of Chester 1a2 Farmer** Bink of Bucks co. 1 a % New Hope Delaware Bridge -:*,eompahy ; -.. < :: '^,* >.vi -• V'a\£ Bank of Montgomery Co. at ^Noristown ^ ta2 ITnineoporateU \Banks *lfle««tnah8e, 1 a i iw>iwii»ft(MflIl : jj aniwiili i in? fI'W^^VBW.BW'i^^uav ty » WMKIUMI «>mw • K uirifcsiH. par par par •'ft par 1*2' a % 2 a 2 •2- a 2 par pai^ par par • ' 4-3 1-2 12 1-2 1 l-2-a2 1 1 -2 112 .1 1,2, '1ft €-8 uncertainr. t-2 per. c dis ttlbscriber will te- c^iTe CtMticates of Pensions, m& obtain- t|e M^ney li»«m the Agent in New-York, be? of all charges, except what is necessary to be paid for ae- knawledgtrig^ &e. ^J T.l»e shrewdiiesH of ihe inai|*s;repliH.s eooviiiced the'''\Duke that !IP^%-9-S nqv the Abbot, and.looking, stedfasrt^ op him, he charged lura vvUh-'^eiiia^-iHJj.i irnpQstorv The in titer tvrrlbiy-fir'igh4 r eoed, -fill-on his knet's, and bHijwfd inerey, statiug that he was a ser %ln}.t|f'tlie-4bbot* and had undertaken g^d very hard 40 &$••\$&• off; 9a wbieii the Dtike said* tohiol, 4 * I wjll remit ybu^.^^on'^'drclbn^th^t you anaw-'e^he'^H^wfft^^ue/s^teiW^'i How far is it to the\ sky f tf|ow mucli water is there w the sea ? 3 ;|¥hat are • J ¥fc^W& ; *» 'tteHl ? •*- Vf h«i mi I •W'OJWNW'-' .'• . - '-' '• - ;t_.r;\iv ,- -.' The Abbot's heart stm4 wfliln him on hearing these propositions, a»d he saw that he was in worse^ase than be* fore. Howevei^ to get rU of the mat- ter for the present, lie begged time for e««sii(leratioiiV««d the |>tilce\ga?e him tbe whole of the next day: bat, desi- rous of seeing how he wtiuhl get out »f the diflieuity, he compelled' him to give security fo'r his resajjpearanee. As t he abbot was returiitaghoaie, in nielanchdly 0oodv hr^iaet a\man who rented a mill under hi& ;tfrh** miller, speiug him east down, aaid,'*' Whit is t,Ke matter ? what malses you-sigh so ?''| ^reat advani.a^/;.,II«:-pa(ited'-litm«ell' •'1 may wefl^igh,'*'re|li# ifhe Ab-j in ambush where he eouhlitjie m«n : hot, \for his Bightiesj3 threatens to ! easily intercent them on th^ \retain play the duee with rare if 1 do not an-! Soon after he saw them taiqing apoim swerfwur %q'e^lons^^«k^lfherSol'- ! ''flho^;i and when they cume «pposite ( qmah h>f Arlsio^e eo$ld rfoive:'* and: to the place where h»» %, ftrtfd opon he to|d|thl nii#ter wh»r tliey were. them, u hieh threw them into such & The-ifeter was thottghtful a fewmiti panic that they jumped into the river utes and thensaidi •' WieHyif you have and swam to the opposite shore, W'histoli^.hiedia.t^ly-tvo'k.p»HSi>ssi«i» : of the pe-riogue-- and : cargo, consisting principally of peltry- which he conceaJ- ed in a, hollow tree. , ,... . .. 0 . ., When he seeurTed his, prize^ he ns ^ 4 1 atij'witKitgto^vf^^^yojI^V'^dedthe'haQk of this riv^rio reeo- ,n ill ilia itiitlor. »..:lLa«. '1'*- ..i.i'tr^i.*: ^'^-' •_'. -.. '.<.- »•». .. . —-I' __- ^ - ii ^ l .. t..J*. an Abbot,and a better,;&%|:q|iM!k'-$jser ; he w|s, I eon6r.m'-t-lu>';^pVi'ntme.n't*< an^t invest yon \viih hjm benefice; *« you have taken his place, he shaii take your\s\ This was actually done and a* long as he jived, the miller had the iaee'mfc:of 1 he«6h*'y, and t»e Ahbubt %as qhliged Jo content himself •with that of the mili. f fFlmtol, wag one of the most ^Uter prising spies against, tltejlnd\ians du- ring\ the Americau revolution* and,h» genersdly Imade disepveries in tp.e neighhotirhjod trf^rench creek. Being ^ut^^ay excursion one day near the Allegany, he discovered twn m<m in a peri^gue froinJPittshurgh as- cending the river with vi-iskeyipowdie*. and articles ti^tqidp clandestinely wilt:, the Indians. Whisiol pursued »hem is j' until thpy disposed of their;'articles' to a mtna, 1 will get you out of this •SCf'ap.e> , - r '\ ._'• -: •• -. • - --.,'* \Would to Heaven you could/*' -e.»- claimed the ^bliot- '* t|f reis nothing I have that T **iuld;-n6t ; give you.\ ••• ••« !>. • • '•» .1 .HCJU 'jjjaaiASF ied his iridignatioii mora than thfcthe'- o-ry of the ewvh wheeling rouhdon its <x*\pt and |»urney round the sun ?, he ha«I. many' st rong logical argnmenis |4g^,inst it, and nailed theni all with seizure; Wheu he first; began to hearvtell of North America, about '^X eve s> V said the miiler DtftiVwffiheiajeces- ili \ \\ iiui-tre the encampinent of the Indiau* \ hhot as I cati;** iW-- eon-. r ^eH<'nF# si»Hted; and in the |no : rnih|p'he \mitten having traust^wecl Vip&eif into a l*VieH-tsei r out for t.lh'Cp.«J»'|ev':, i - '•- • The Duke, surprised that the Abbot shouWhe r^ady^6 r e«;Hy,|tdtired hun to be admitted: and th<? miiilef-havifig nade his rsyeranceyplacea himself a* much >n; the dark \a* he; could, and kept fumbling about his tkee with his baud, to prevent his beinej recognizedi i-he Duke thsn asked hiiti if he was rea.dy to answer ihe quetjies he bad ya,)ds of the place where they sat apu he cnttQpaled himself ?»« art fully ,that K youhg Indian -climbed -up'/,a % g»aji* v live dir* clly overhifihead withbut dis- eovenug him : he rertrain«-d in ambu>l. till the iodians were so completeJy iu toxieated they were unable to standi at which, time he shot the •Indian wb< stood eeuiitrei, rushedl furiously upou them,atid ton^ahav^ked the whole par •ty, vvtiieh consisted of seven Indians, who Were rfllling on the ground, uiia hie to -defend themselves. After scalpinp; thfein he stripped put to* him? to vihicii he replied; iri them pf the most, valuable artieleBhe «he affirmative. *• YuUr Wtghness'si lownd about their persons, which he first question,''said he, '^ was, Howj deposited in .-,% hollow tree. Sonlt tar is it fromhen|e to the sky'f 1 an- • squaws who had. made their escap* *wer, thirty-sit mitliaiai.eight bun* 1 communicated this disastrous inteiii* dred and fifty four thousand, Seventy-! geoee to a neighbouring party of In two miles and a half, and twenty-two' diaos, who ioTtnediately pursued and yards.\—\ You have made a nic^ cal* : took him, just as be waf preparing to ciilation,\ said the Duke; but how do you prove it ?\.—\ If you think.it ia- correct,\ said the other, •**' measure it yaur»elf,and if you do not find it right, me. ?» cross the river. Be was conducted to the aid Chiloco town,. wherl& pre- perations, were made for torturing him. His legs w«re pinioned to a stake dri- ven ID the ground and coajis of firs •' Your second question, How mtich ware applied to the soles of hisf«HBt; water is ihereiri the sea? has given while ha «at ut*tQ>ted.''with anguish, an old Indian squaw who was most ex> travagantly delighted with his tor- tures, was very assiduous in insulting his misery. Her face happened to be turned from him he seized an axe to make,the sea holds twenty five thqu- which lay within his reach and at oair , nine hundred and eighty-two stroke,.gunk the edge into her brains. me a good deal of trouble, because, as there is always sonta coming into it, or going out of it. iris scarcely jpossi- ble to be exact | hoi*'ever, P accbraiug to the nearest estimate Ir have been able Wenty yea^ago, h^ipiild^n,^ me that..a i?tfe;,w^^M^:^dyh»t He;-, Saw it tr.oro: the C-as|le^^|^f J Jip|» iohurgh.' I ram»nthe4''a|i|^^w'«iP', will, a night that 1' 1M$1 wi^h Wjm^ baut saveateiw years ago* tt* «$&. '•J)'?i4Waiter Rtyden, betjter ^noAyU|hy thil^pp^llation of C«w >^*t> ^hoiaas H'p^n. the celebrated fiyin^Jfetti'ick ratlor, and mysetf, Were all drinki% ma little eh unge-hnuse dne evpsi«[^ ^fterth^ whiskey ha<l fairly h^SUfrH* 1 \vperateiTianllatt aod Caw Wat wefcfkp taggerhe^ds about Hel^*hdut whif 1 \ (heir tenets of belief totally tfffaQ The dispute was earrted ot» witft iwt aeriuiony on both sides^that Wat b- several tjimes heaved his,s;feat end eJi ,aj|id thireatued t« Mock.hiS opp lenl^owpl Jjitdla* p|reetvin§ thit t%e r tailpjftand I w«pe almost e-oovwU w*ith lauglsier, joined nsjar sont*t* Bl, wj|h a|l-hh heart; bur ail at «nce<h iieg|n t f|^ook grave, and the\ te^rsto*t4 ^vfci^p. *• Ay, ye jpay lattgh^* ^ailfke^** great* goov^als! ttVwaer ken,d thatye're just lWaUhaVJ^}t^b at ^ evepy thing that's'sg&HJv ^ ^ ft \ mair need to pr*y for the paor auid ' heretic than ta laugh at hinuwhetr ye -*.ets that he's on the braid way.tijat h'ad* to destruction. I'm really sorry h t r the poor ttiild scoundrel af^lf^alU aud troth 1 think vve *ude join an* prav for him. ¥V n{y own PK|^ ,-,h>H.hsftJrmy mite.\ p« h\ lhat h)i hi-h of hss old, sl»?uepjml* bat* ajrd itnoeleddown on^thf ftoujr^ lea«in^&fi»^ ward o*t a-ehmr* Wh(*re)^ grayed, a- loUg pfayei for CoW \l\i, as ,h«- m* lniliarly called, whert reptesenting hi* forlorn ease to his MUkijr. * JL do not know what I would UOv give to \*\# a copy*of that piayer, for I never 4 lizard any thing; bk« if. It was so 'litting tbit before the end^Wat ro^a ^ 'up;'f»a.m;iug with iaa;e, heaved his s fek. and *' r ipd, ** l ,vil 5' e * S*\ 1 » wr » \ Lftidlaw, I wtnna he pray- d Ur at that gA^e.'* * ' If there weip differetit plaeee and degrees of punishment', he said, as the -•old hoary. repriObate^^^ v niftintaii > iecl-- ,'hat wMt*^?^^^^fe r: /*^^^WSl 'fehenlie ;|^aye4-thatrpciir jCtf^ ; --JB^i • 'i might'be, prefwred,w^lfe:\«aisiesj^;|ttje t - '^ •*W<> eudna-expfrc^t^l^fe*^^^ •••' ; he said,- *> and.' injtee^^|^h^^|a>. . •: shamed 'to ask it*,.• ^^|ftki:tH^|^et* ..;' : hand, , *,h^.;c^nt;in?«e«^?^P^^i;1^^ % that the .object »f our pe||^^b^||A;; p Jame« : <2hnnin^ erhope, out o' from bvp/*r t^iEM?'4*t«^ > .L der pounds* lamh#l|e|,whyi.^wM:|l*:tev\, hardly as% any sica#it%t^»forthi^| .< an' if it be farther tru% ihatheleP ^>; \his.aiti \wife> N^a|#t^l^''#l^! took up with ano^ar^(wi^^aJ^i^ ' med name and sutham#,5^?^^?^* have hstrdly the face tu ask lay ntM* gatinn forhjui at aV* ; 4 ; •? The\taiioc and I*••ifeii!ff'li1ih*lt«i,---$TOfe* 1 have forgotwho it Wa>, bus thhikvit was prababiy jtdieV Aherlusks wert obliged to hold Wat by ma|u fnr|5] upoh.his ^lair till tha prayet? was fia ifhed.\ MiRBhttH, the singer, retarnt0| \W< 1820. 4- -;;;':';vfO%;;- ;,;.' I^hbse persons who intetiti paying for the Pa;ll^iMtti\ in Fke-Woofl, are infp^ael that it nvnst; b©^llverod sooner it will not be ^c«fpt6^* millions of hogsheads* seven barfceU, She bounced from her feet, and the ln> twelve quarts, and one pi^t.\ ~ M How dians observing her ludicrous motions can you possihty tell'?\— ** I have ta* in the convulsion of death, tell into a ken all the pains I coukV' replied the vehement fit of laughteri They re- other; «*but if you have doubts about garded this.as a signal .act of heroism, the matter, get a 8umei»nt uumber of He was in consequence immediately set barrels, and youi wi|l then see.\ | at liberty upon condition of consenting \To your third question, What are- to adoption into their family : A shoot> they doing in Hell ? I feplv, they ing match was proposed, at which h® are hangyig, drawing, quartering, and beat theni all. The Indians Weraun- flviyiugv much as your Highness is do- commonly delighted with his perior* Thir I was told by a mance, and exnlied in this valuable acquisition. As soon, as his^feet wefe healed, he was taken on a hunting ex- cursion, and shortly after made his escape. ^ ''.--. ing here. man who had been there, the same from whom^Daute the Florentine, gat his information. He is now dead} but if your Highnass disputes wliat I sayj; *ettd for liiflt.^ .'-, • ,;. -J . ** Foiir(hty ( you demanded, How.' 1 In a, letter fo the editor of Black*- much your Highness was worth ? I wood's Edinburgh Masajsiue, 3ames I answer, nine- and twen|y shillings.\ Hogg, the Btt^fk Shepherd, has the When l^essire j^i-nal^s heard tbiSt followiug divMtwig jtneedote of 3ames he ftew inta a furious ^asHon, and said, Tjaidiaw^ott^^ «' A muraiu take ybu, do you hold nae; *» He was ,at#ays, a,singular an4 in no highereftiuiation than a pottage- kighly amusing ehara^tlr, ?herishing p 0 t.\-_ i* Sire,^ ieplied the other, ever;}* abiliquated and exploded id^a re^ trembling all over,'»you know your latingtoretigion and politics. Henev- Ldrd was sohl-for thirty pi eces of sil- er was at school, ana whatscrapi* of yer, and l thought t must takayoa at education he had aitaitred bad all been one less thati hiia*'* t picked, up |y hituseifl Nothing excV from a concert, where he made a little too free wiih tlw bottle, across a s a mischievous builjM he fell fast askep^uTOr~r-hedge, and was there found bytheanimah which,' howeveri only attacked his hat* that had fallen froui his' h,ead» and was layiug at a lijtle dsstao**.' &«* ing awaked by th4 grumbling of thfc bulh and thinking, %t \hk mo«ient>- that he was still at the concert, h« called out to the horned^ musician, whom from hi* note he took for th* basson player ^ Siguor fagotto, sound your A.-.—*>*••> you block-head^ that's B flat S\ . English Liberty,*- Froni Ha %ng« listi Correspondent. Two house* «p> posite each other, at a small Ian* m Loudon, being in a \ ery decayed state, they were secured by a post reachhr|f acrossthYlane? this was considered by disappoi|bted (reformers, 8tc» a«* it visry;t«tired*'jand(comfortable plaa« lo l hang themselves;, and almost every niortthrg there w^re found twtt-'gt l#n e of thesa ntiserahle-tubj^ti ^fRiging * tilt at last* it became a tHIfSttflfl, and the police being vWy attentive placed a:con«tabi«,ou.th^ *potl'ar pr^mtKs^ ilia like aratisemefyti* »<^n»iy l ¥vi

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