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V o l 11!—-VHiôle H u m b e r 76 7 . BATAVIA, W. Y., WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 15, 1880. Price T w o Cents PA T N H ’S COLONY. 'f'li» O f t » l> o o ia f r u i e i t - r i K ) Col» on U t» A n i m a t e d b y Ite i t ^ l o u » F e r x o r — T r o o p » f r o m F o r t R e » » . C a l d w e l l , Kan.. D e c 14 . — Dr. Wilson this .morning started for Washington hoping 10 accomplish something to relieve th e situation on the border, and if possible pre­ vent bloodshed. T h e setvlers broke cam p early on Shoo-Fly Creek to m o ve to C a ld ­ well. One o f the leaders said to­ day that they were goin g to get on the recognized road through the Territory along which the cattle men travel to and from Texas, and they say they will not be stopped along this road unless the cattle men and other travelers , re stopped. T h e settlers seem to be animated by the religious fervor that animated the early settlers o f Kansas. Most ol the settlers are old, gray-haired men. Major Randall, com m a n d ing Fort R-eno, has arrived and announ­ ced that reinforcements are hurry­ ing up from the fort. T h is did not in the least deter the settlers. Five wagons and twenty m e n joined the colonists here. A proccssion o f citizens o f Caldwell cam e out to meet the coLonisis and escorted them through the principal streets, ladies sa v in g their handkerchiefs, and men cheering. A C l i c a B ig a m y C a ie. U tica , Dec 14 . — F , C. Fadner, editor ot the Watchword, printed at Rome, was ordered acquitted o f the chargc of bigam y by C o u n ty Judge Bliss o f R o m e upon Fauer's coun­ sel, Jos. J. Layles, presenting what purported to be a certified copy o f a decree of divorce granted by Judge Van Brunt ot New Y o r k city, A u g . 14th, against Fadner’s wile. Judge V i n Brunt says he never signed such a decree, C o u n ty Clerk But­ ler o f N e w -Y o r k certifies that no such decree ha* been recorded in his office. T h e names o f the alleged referee and alleged counsel for Fadner do not appear upon the list o f m embers oftlie New Y o r k bar, and what purported to be a certified copy ol the decree was not certified at all, but the Court accepted it, and upon its presentation Fadner was releas­ ed, Fadner was charged with other offences in the West. J\ay tto u ld ’ » P a r c U a a e * . St. Louis, Dec. 1 4 — T h o m a s Allen accepted ja y G o u ld's propo­ sition this morning. T h e stock sold by Allen is nearly 40,000 shares, and the purchase m o n ey amounts to $2,000,000. H. G. Marquand also disposes of 20,000 shares of stock, about half 01 his in terest in the road, to G o u ld. P a l e s t i n e , Texas, Dec. 1 4 - — T h e rumor in *the city to-day that Jay Gould had purchased the I. & G. N. R. R. is denied by the Presi­ dent. F a t a l B o i l e r E x p l o t l o u . L o u i s v i l l e , Dec. 14 — T h e boiler of Fabel & ¿cm ’s soap and candle factory exploded this afternoon, k ill­ ing Phil. H e m p e l, a carpenter, fa­ tally injuring Conrad Sparkle and Lizzie Ott, and severely injuring Peter Bolenboche, a fireman. T h e explosion ¡leveled the center of the building, a two-storv brick. Loss $75,000. F i r e l u u ieau - B radford , P a ., Dec. 14 . — A f i r e in Olean to-night destroyed the Buffalo H o u se, E x c h a n g e restau­ rant, and three other buildings, be­ sides Merritt’s block occupied b^ several firms and six families. It is reported that the fire was caused hy the explosion o f a lam p in the Buf­ falo House Loss $¡15,000. R o b b o r y In ïSiiflato. ( ^ p e c u l t o t h e N e w s , ) B u f f a l o , N, Y . Dec. 15.- pert’s hat and cap store was entered by burglars early this morning and robbed of eight seal-¿Is in sac-ques, valued at $ 1 ,6 3 7 .50 . C o m p lete V ln d i c a t l o u . S c r a n t o n , Pa., D e c. 14. — T h e case against W. W. W inton,charged with em b e zzling m o n e y s o f the S e c ­ ond National Bank of Scranton, o f which he was President, was heard before the United States C o m m is­ sioner at W ilkes B a n e ihis after­ noon, and resulted in the defend­ ant’s vindication. Fancy tea pots in planished and agate ware suitable for Christmas presents. V o lz Bros. 6 7 -6t A n U n fllfial Son» C a n t o n , Ohio, Dec. : 4.— Joseph K line, a law student in this city, has been a 1 rested on suspicion of causing his father's de.ithi by m o r ­ phine in order to secure consider able property which the sen feared would fall into the hands of a wo­ m a n his father contem plated m arry­ ing- ________________ Negro«» S o ld a t A u c tio n . L y n c h r u r g , V . , Dec. 14-. — Three negroes were sold at auction at L i b ­ erty, Bedford county, yesterday, under an old vagrant la-«, by order of a magistrate, absolute ownership ceasing at the expiiatio-11 of three months. There were but few bid­ ders / a l l D e li v e r y , P e t e r s b u r g , V-a , D e c 14 . — E a r ­ ly Sunday morning four prisoners, confined in the jail at Lawrenceviile, awaiting trial for incendiarism and other crimes, escaped by setting fire to the building, which was entirely consumed. A11 U n f a i t l i f u l S tew a r d . C h icag o , Dec. 14 .— Chcrles H . Reed, a well known a,tu>mey, was arrested on an,attachm ent issued for failure to render I is accounts as guardian in the lrw m estate. It is claim e d that R e e d is deficient from <110,000 to $13,000, Fev«jr htrieJkan. E l i z a b e t p o r t , N. J,, Dec. 14 — Several cases of small pox were re ­ ported in this city to-day. Scarlet lever and malaria are xna.king sad ravages in this neighborhood, espe­ cially about Bergen Point. T'-vo M o il D r o w n e d . N e w Y o r k , Dec. 14..— W hile H e n ry Drinker, aged 72, and Joshua Gcrachly, aged 30, were fishing on the sound yesterday the boat capsiz­ ed and both were drowned. Wife M u r d c a N e w Y o r k , Dec. 14 — M ichael Davren, a coachman, in a drunken quarrel with his wife to-night struck her <n h-j head with a hatchet, piotu b ly fatally. C o tton ISnrned. C a l v e s t o n , Texas, Dec, 14-— Seventeen car loads of cotton lourned on the G. C. & F. R. R . , six miles above Areola yesterday. ---------- — = ------------ T h a t D o ll. T h e doll on exhibition in M iss K e n y o n 's M illinery store, lias been presented to the ‘ ‘Great Expectation Society,\ and will be lor sale at their fair, which takes p la c i at Dellinger Opera House, Friday evening, D e c. 17th. 67 2t ---------- --------------- For fine holiday goods lo o k at Bowen’ s display. 67-6 — - ---------------< » ................... R o g e r ’s plated knives, forks, spoons, nut-ptcks nut-cracks, shears and other fine goods cheap for the holidays at V o lz Bros’ . 67-61 ---------- --------------- Vennor predicts a snow blockade the latter part of this m o n th and we advese everybody to make their pu r ­ chases for the holidays early and be sure and see what T i y o n has for sale. W e know h e can please them. 66 “iS t A sensible Christmas présent; one of those vase lam ps at B o w e n ’ s . 67-6 HOLIDAY GOODS. A N D WUERJS T O O B T A I N TH EM . A X c w a f R c p o r t e r V isit« tb e s to r o n o f T h o s e Wlio Advert!«« «nd I«i- •l>«.*ct<* ah e lr.C lirjU tu in s an d N o w T e a r s 'S l o c k . T h e proprietors of the N e w s de­ siring to give their advertisers the benefit of a little free advertising as the holiday season approaches, de­ tailed a reporter to visit their places o f business and take a hasty glance at the thousands of different articles which the business men of Batavia have purchased to please the eye of ali, high, low, rich and poor. Th e com m and being given, the itemizer donned h a t'and coat and sallied forth upon his mission. T h e first place visited was the auction and comm ission store of WALDO AND NEASM 1 TH. These gentlem en have recently en­ gaged in business and have a Stock consisting of harnesses, robes, cut­ ters and whips, that, will bear in­ spection. T h e y are thoroughgoin g men, and we bespeak for them the patronage which they justly deserve. F, E. WRIGHT T h e druggist, has a fine line of per­ fumes, also fancy articles of all de­ scriptions, usually found in a first class drug store. Mr. W r igbt has lately added a new leature to his business, that is the sale ol hot soda water, it is a good beverage to drink, in cold weather, and we advise our readers to give it a trial. Alter tak­ ing a drink of hot coffee, the knight of the quill departed with renew­ ed energy and next entered he hat store ot JOHN THOMAS. A t this place of business the display of stock was immense, and the Hol­ iday goods, which consist m a inly of the latest styles o f gents’ gioves and mitten?, ¡Vie grained traveling bags, umbrellas, and hats and caps of all styles and sizes. Mr. Thom a s is a youn g man and has been engaged in tiiis business but two years, Dut is pretty well versed in his line ol trade. MISS J. F. KENYON. if any young man in Batavia is desirous of m a k ing his lady love a present which she will appreciate we advise him by all m eans to call at MibS K l i . } ! : / ? ¡r.,..[u.iV sto:e and select <.:-c <f those fine hat& or one o' : 1 • la esi p a u u n nnets. Th e r e is .. display ol rff and a great many nth ;r articles which would nu k e a handsom e add valuable present. fh e N e w s glean­ er called next at the mam muLh va­ riety store ol E. L. AND G. D. KENYON. T h r o u g h the kindness of Mr. J. H. Yates he was taken througii the estab­ lishm ent from top to bottom . T h e third story was literally packed with children’s toys, fancy cabinet ware, glass and wooden ware, all of which will please the eye ol the little ones on Christmas morning. T h e second fl or was next in turn, and upon eijixim g, he pencil pusher was fairly dazed at the sight which met his gaze, Packed on shelves and in every c-mceivable shape may be s^en a** i purchased, at astonishingly .u\ puces, ali s;<rts of gold band tea &us, china v . * , japan ware, chromos atiW i- 1 p l a t i n g s . In tnis room is a 2 5, 50 and 75 cent counter from which to select. One moTe pair ol stairs to descend and you are on the (-•rotiiid floor. T h is room is filled j to overflowing witl 99c goods, jew- eleiy, books, albums, holiday lamps, fan' y rockers, silver plated ware and to;.-' on one side and a com p lete stuv R of first class groceries on the other. T h e Messrs, K e n y o n s' as usual are piepared for the holiday trade, THOMAS YATES, the “ boss shoe m a n ,\ has also se­ lected a stock of goods in his line and we assure those who call upon him that they will get the full bene­ fit of their money. Lu he 1 >u..J a n i u i.] to .1.1) s, idi. J lljo I,-, SHAW AND STILES, the enterprising druggists, were the next ones to be bothered by the re­ porter. T h e stock is so full and com p lete tin t it is al iiost an impos­ sibility to give it the notice which it should have. T h e stock for ele­ gance far surpasses any which they have shown in former years and must be seen to be appreciated. After leaving the drug store of Shaw & Stiles a close inspection was given .0 the stock in the store of E N. STONE. Betore entering, however, the •scribe gave a hasty glance at the tastily trimmed window which was idled with a display of velvets, silk handkerchiefs and numerous arti­ cles of fancy ior the fem inine eye. fh e interior of the store, which has been tastily trim med under the supervision of J. L . Donohue, pre­ sents an attractive appearance. Mr. ¿tone has purchased for the holiday >.rade a line of goods which cannot k i l to please, and is selling tnem at prices which com e within the reach o! all. A m o n g the most prom inent ¿ue the stocfc of silks, silk riboons, diess goods, zuphyrs, underwear for i-idies and hosts o f other articles 'vm ch we hdve not the space to en­ umerate. H e has nine clerks in his em p loy and it is seldom that tfi y.g e l a chance to play between meals. L. R. BAILEY AND J. C. BARNES T h e clothing merchants have their usual fine line o f Gent’s furnishing goods on hand, which they have recently purchased and will sell at prices that deiy competition. L. E. HALLOCK, T h e new dry goods m erchant in the M asonic T e m p le block was the next man to be interviewed. H e has one of the best lighted stores in Western N e w York, and it was plain­ ly evident from the manner in which his clerks were stirring about, that he was doin g a fair share of the dry goods trade Mr. H a llock has a full stock for the holiday season both in the dry good and notion depart­ ments, all of which are tastily ar­ ranged. H e also makes a specialty in the sale ol G e n t’s furnishing goods, silks, ribbons and velvets. c. H. HuGAN, another new comer, who lately opened a r-hoe store in the same b'nek is doing a lively business and b a , a stock of goods for Christm as .1, tt will 1 lease all who favor him v u i h a call. T h e reporter then cl 1.nt> the stairs in the D e llinger Diuiit and spent a few moments in conversation with W H. WILSON, the photographer, who was busily engaged in putting on the finishing touches to a large t atch of photo= graphs. Mr. W ilson is now m a k ­ ing a new style o f panel pictures which are very handsome. c. W. TALLMAN Another one o f Batavia's leading photographers is also busily engaged in “ m aking laces’’ of G e n e seecoun ty people, those who patronize him may be sure of being suited. T. F. WOODWARD. In going down the north side of M am street, the p. p. inadvertantly tailed to call upon the above named gentlem an, but we will here sUic that his line of boots and shoes are V No. i, and if the girls desire to give their best feJlow a pair of slip­ pers Dec. 25, W ill and H o ward will be pleased to wait upon them. H B BOOTH, the grocer, in the Dellinger block, has a fine display of groceries, also a general stock of im ported and d o ­ mestic wines, liquors and cigais which he offers at low prices. T h e north side of Main street b e ­ ing finished the reporter crossed the road and called upon the crock­ ery man, GEORGE p. BOWEN. Th is is one of the best looking places of business in Batavia and would do credit to any city. Mr. B ‘t '-i made his holiday seiec- in < a liner stock o f crockery, g;la<« vii- Japanese war«, etc., can- no1 h'* 1 •:md in any store in W e st­ ern N e w York. PERRY, SMITH A m CO . , Another enterprising firm w h o have carried on the clothing business at 105 M a in street, for the past two' veats, have made excellent selections 'jr the Christmas season, and are •¡ell.ng all manner of Gent's furnish- og goods and d o t t i n g -at eom p ara- ively low rates, T h e sbow window ••hich is so nicely trim m e d , shows .'l.dnly the quality of the goods that ivay be found on .the inside. J R VANTDUSEN The artist in smokers'* articles at 97 Main street has a com p lete stock on ■land. T o convince o u r readers hat the goods are first class, we ask hem to look at his show window m d judge for thcraselves, After ighting a fine flavored cigar at Mr. V a n d u sen’s expense, d ie pencil push­ er entered the double store of R. O. HOLDEN ANX) SON. The first thing which strikes the eye a pyram id of silk tia-ndkerchief», >f the m o st beautiful colors; they dso have for the holidays a depart- nent devoted entirely to the sale of • locket-books, fringe«, chair ^dys, gloves and other fa ncy articles by ihe hundreds. T h e ■windows in both the dry goods and clothing de­ partments ha.vc been handsom ely • irranged by Messrs. Lay, T h o m p ­ son and Sprague, and we m u st con­ fess are beautilul to behold. J B AND H. HEWITT. T h e s e young gentlem en are not ,my behind in their holiday display. I’heir stock is more entensive than ever befo '*! and they are: prepared to ■ffer unusual bargains in novelties of every description. T h e ir show windows have also been handsom e­ ly trim med by C. J. Englehardt. MACYEY BR. 0 TH 3 ERS, the news dealers, have on hand tneir annual supply of holiday pic­ torials, childrens’ magazines, holi­ day books, candies, fine cigars in boxes, harmonicas, Clm stm a s and N e w Years sheet m u sic and m u sic books, stationer,pocket-knives, etc., etc. ANDERSON AND CHESLEY Are doing their share of the cloth ­ ing trade, and for Christmas and New Years have m a le num e rous purchases in the line of G e n ’ ts fur­ nishing goods, w h ich can be bought cheap. 61 M a in street is the n u m ­ ber. a d . xm roN The w e ll known druggist is on hand with presents for the old and young, i'hey consist of gold peas, perfumes, gut books, stationery aod toilet sets. G ive h im a call, and we are certain you can be suited. C. M. B0SW0R.TH, Last bu t not least, com e s the above named establishment. Mr. Bos- worth deals in fine shoes and slip­ pers. l i you give him a call you can rest assured that yeu will be honorably dealt with. For decorated ch im dinner, tea and cham ber sets, see Uowen’s stock._ 67-61 ---------- *«>. ---------- K e n y o n « ’ «jroal Store. H a s more holiday goods, H a s more clerks to wait on you, H a s a greater va r iety H a s the lowest Prices, A ll ready for the greU rush. 6 7 -tf Brecch and m uzzle-loading guns selling very low d u r i n g the holidays. A very handsom e present; exam ine our stock and be convinced. 67-61 V o lz Bros. ---------- 4«). ---------- See our new Bread arad M i l k sets. 6 7 -tf E. L. & G, D. K e n y o n . . .. . .... .... -OE» ............. Just received for the holidays, ladies and gents pen knives, table cutlery, childrens' m oits & c ., at low prices at V o lz Bros'. 6 7 -6t

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