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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, December 13, 1880, Image 4

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A £ W A D V R R l l H k M E N 1 S. S o m e th in g New« Delicious H o t soda, Coffee, Chocolate, Lemonade and Ginger at F. E . W r i g h t ' s ti3-6t G o to Anderson 4 Chesley's ior your wrappers and draweis. 6 i tf For the best and cheapest driving gloves in town, go to J oh n T h o m a s ’* ------- - --- ♦-*-» -------- - Gloves and mittens in great varie­ ty, at Anderson A Chesley’s. 6i:-tf If jo u want the best white shift in the market, go to Anderson & Oh.es- ley’s. 6 i L o o k at the fine display of useful holiday goods at (6o-ti) R. O. H olden & Soar’»* I f you want to buy the best ulster- ette in town for the money, go tc Anderson & Chesley’s. 6 i - t f ---------- -------------- G o to Anderson & Chesley’s foi your hats and caps. 6 i t f ---------- « » » .......... — T r y a quarter of a pound of ou; ‘ G o o d L u c k Baking Powder” anf' you will then know where you can ge an article to be depended upon fc your pastry cooking for holiday, s Better and cheaper are testimonial we are daily receiving. 62 6 t S h a w & S t i l e s . R . O . H o lden & Son will hav another large remnant sale of goods on M onday, Dec. 13th. Remna.nl o f goods from every department will be sold, and great bargains can tr found. T h i s is the last remnantsal'- ihis season, and will last only g i k day 60-ti ---------- «•» --------- E legant goods for Holiday pre; ents in Perry, Smith & C o .’s win­ dows. 5 ^ ^ M e e n c lia n m JPlpes, warranted genuine, at V andusen ’ s , 97 Main street. T r y Atm o re’s H o liday M utko M eat for m ince pies, at Kenyons’ . ------------------------ Rem em b er, Monday, Decent Wi 13th, R. 0 . Holden & Son’s rem­ nant sale. v 6o-t< - w - Th o s e Silk Umberllas in P. irv. Sm ith & C o . ’s windows seem to 1- tract considerable attention, T i w are elegant and there is nothing Vet ter for a holiday present. Best entertainment of the season is in having Perry, Smith & Ct* show you their fine silk handlier- chieis. $6ii — - ------ ««>---------- T h e finest assortment in men’« furnishing goods in Batavia for h o li­ day presents, is at R. O. Holden 6: Son. 60-tf Inquire for the “ Argosy\ at A<~. derson & Chesley’s 61-tf A n o th e r N e w G rocery. Henry T . Weiss wishes to an­ nounce to his friends that he.' las opened a new grocery at the corn: r o f Cem e tery Main streets an<l stocked tji.e'same with a fine U,t I first-,oiSss goods which he will sell cbfeaper than any other grocery i n ;town. l i e extends an invitation to his friends to call. if Our stock o f shawls, cloaks, <!oi mnns, dress goods, white rose blank ets, and all winter goods, we art ol fer ng at greatly reduced price t o ie duce stock. 6 0 - tf R . 0 . H o l d e n & Son. W e have a large stock of M n’s Overcoats which we are offeriru at greatly reduced prices to close them out. Great bargains can be found in our m am m o th stock. 58-tf R . O . H o l d e n & S o n ---------- -------------- Finest line of Christmas and New Year’s cards ever shown in Batavia. Imported and Piang’s including Prang’s ft,o o o , #500, $300, #200 prize cards. Com e in arid see the prize cards whether you want to buy cards at two cents each or .none a t a ll. S h a w & S tupes . BATAVIA DAILY NETS, S«jucTlptlon: T m Conti p n W w k t Delmcid without extra charge any whereon the corporation. To out-of-town subscribers, 10 cents per week, postage prepaid. A d T e r t i i in g Hate» Made Icnown upon application, The Nlews is the only daily paper in Genesee county. Its circula­ tion in Batavia is larger than that of any other paper, and it is consequently the best advertising Monday , December 13, 18 So. niEBC! 9IKNTION. PEICSU N A L S . J. W. Clem ent was in town Sat­ urday evening,. N. T . Bogue has returned from his reccnt Southern trip. E. R H a y and J. D. Buxton, former Batavians, were in town yes­ terday. Mrs. Nancy Burley o f Albion, N. Y . , a lady 87 years of age, who has been visiting in Chicago and other places in the West, is visiting her sister, Mrs. L W, Fox, on Bank street.- ---------- 4 «* ---------- A m b r o s e Steven». — We hare tried your rale before And from it no goad* came, If you do not burn afoot ol gas* Y our bill is just the same. — “ 1 have done it.” — Batavia has sixteen gioceries. — Last evening was not one of the best for a promenade. — Pocahontas, alias John Stnith, was a p for examination this after­ noon. „ “ But the tongue can no n*an tame; it is an unruly evil, fu.ll of deadly poison.\ — Our Gentlem en Friends’’ will draw a large audience at the opera house Thursday evening. — Daciana, the well known trot­ ting horse, belonging to 3 ). W. Tom linson, that has been sick for som e tim e, is on the gain — Another social hop will be held at the H e m tz H o tel in A l e x ­ ander Thursday evening, Dec. 23d.' The cards of invitation have already been i^sved. — K e n y o n Bros.’ ,store is now stocked with a full supply of holida} goods, and is daily crowded with people who are making their Christ' mas purchases — A. G, W h itcom b , proprietor of the W h itcom b H o u s e in R o c h e s ­ ter, died early this morning He was well known throughout West ern New York, W h o se death occurred at L e x ing­ ton, K e n tucky, Decem b e r io t b , was born in Batavia, N . Y . , March 37th, 1807. H e was a graduate o f Devoe College, Geneva, and also Union College at Schenectady. H e also was a graduate of the Medical' Col lege in Philadelphia. Studied law and practiced for several yea.rs in New York, H e was married twice, once to a M fts Marshall of Trenton, N. J ., who lived bu t a short lime., In 1842 he was remarried to a Miss Schennerhorn of New York, who still survives him. O f his six chil­ dren but two sons have outlived him. In 1848 he made some of the first importations of short horned cattle to this country from England, his partners in cattle dealing were the late Col. Sherwood of Auburn and the H o n . Lewis F . Allen, ot Buffa­ lo. From 1830 h e was most ©I the time a writer tor the different agri cultural journals o f this country. In 1854 he was elected by the dem o ­ crats to the assembly ot New York from Genesee county over H o n T. C. Peters, and was the only (demo­ crat who ever represented Genesee county in that body. Deceased was the democratic candidate for the as­ sembly speakership, but was defeat­ ed by Dewitt C. Lutlejohn, In 1S63 Gov, Seymour com m is­ sioned him as Major of the 47th regiment N . Y . volunteers. A t the request of the late Gov. Dix, then in com m and of N e w York city* he was in 1864 m ade Colonel o f the 123d New York, and alterwaids Colonel of the 186th N. Y. voluteers which position h e held until the war closed. During this time he acted as legal advisor to Gen. D ix and as judge advocate o f the court nvartials held ;n the city ol New York. A t one time he was engaged in fa.rming but without success. Up iill six years ago his hom e was alternately in New York and Batavia, when he removed t o Kentucky. A s a politi­ cal speakerhad but few equals, and in 1844 m s largely instrumen­ tal in carrying- thé state of New Y o r k for President Folk. Mr. Stevens was largely known am o n g cattleand horse dealers in both this country and England- H is death resulted from gravel and Brights disease of the kidneys A déplorable accident, auu 011e wiucii was ac ursi tftougiu w-ouiU prove lauti, ii*pp*ueü to iexry N u- gent ot ima wriiajje Saturuay naau iVir. ;Nugeiuifcj em p loyai as coacn- iu .tn ut tue i'Miuuuou, and u s«e»îus Wciu tu tue »laitue ¡.o ¡i«tiues.i up nis> team, and ^otaitag 111 closie com csi wiUi a viciuus uorsc nuctieu 111 une ot me sûm es jcccivcü a severe tien m tue lace twu<n ¿(.uoikeci litui dow 11. H e was conversa 10 111s îoom auU Dr. i'uucr wtiuwas p ressai ai tncuuie was canea. Up-on exatniuaiiun u was iuana tiiAHni uecii ca i iu iwo diiiereui places near me icil eye anu in ciob« piuxuiiuy lu me leui- ple. in e wQjiid was Uic&>e<|| ty U 1. boiler, aaa we leain 10-uay luai me injareo uun geuiu^ Hiong niceljr. ---------- 4»» ---------- 9 r 4 i»iU»klii(> M u .P ia t i i , o r u s s w ish e s 10 m - torca ttie la.(),ies ot lia u v i a th a ï sh e ts iîo w pieynpad 10 u u aiessuioiiiin^ a i the Lowesi p o s s ib le rates. iV 1 ü>. ^ r u s s w n l e u a e i g o o u i by th« ua> or receive cü e woin. ai lier n o u s e uu K o s s S treet, U-ar tue U m o u ^ c iiou. uouse. Û 5 2 L D o n ’t fail to look at the fin« as sortment o i Men's and Boy’ s cloth­ ing, at Anderson & Chesley's. 6 i - t f « ---- »——— ——— —— i R. O. H o lden & Son are making great reductions in their c lothiug de­ partment to reduce stock. Bargain.« can be found in men and boys suits, overcoats and ulsters. 6o tf Look a t those elegant holiday hats and caps^, at Anderson & Ches­ ley's. 6 i t f An immense stock of Buffalo Robes botlh lined and unlined all new and selling cheap at J ohn T homas ’. The cheapest place to buy Solid M eat Oysters for Christmas and N e w Years, i s at Kenyons'. 45 tf --------- + * > --------- Kenyon’ s Art Gallery will b e illu minated ewery Saturday night until after the holidays. Thirty-six n ew French chiom o s will be added this week. A ll aje welcom e. tf B r la r w a o d P ip e s — a com p lete assortment— at V anduseh ’ s , 97 M a in street. We are oifering our large stock o f Cloaks aaid Dolm a n s at greatly reduced prices to close them out. 58-tf R_ O . H o l d e n & Son. ---------- <•»---------- Childrens Hutton Shoes for 41 00 per pair. Mlisses Button Shoes /or $1.25 per pair at W oodwards ' . * --------- *** --------- Don’ t fail to exam ine my stock o f Buffalo* W o lf and Fancy H o b e s betore m aking a purchase. ♦6tf J ohn T homas . ---------- ---------------- Desirable Sjuilding lots for sale. N o payment acquired down. A p p lv at Kibbe’s A g e n c y 96 M ain street. 3-7»t --------- «•* --------- B o o lu lo r llie H o lid a y * , Tennyson''s com p lete w^rks only 50 centsi W e also sell twelve shill­ ing books foar 9 9 cents. Boobs for the old! books for children! books for the ¡babieal Com e and see, 58-tf E. L. & G. D K enyon . ■ --------- -------------- Wanted! A few more customers to try our ettracts of lemon aiid va­ nilla before Christmas. Sold in b u lk in any quantity you want at a great saving in pri ce. 62-61 * Shaw & S t i x e s Cigarette», all the popu lar brands, at V andiîsïn ' s , 97 M ain street. Look at tlie nobby styles o f stiff and soft hats for young men, at (46tf) John Thom a s', OUR V Ï A f l Ï CORNER. r r W A.NTED. - A tenant for. a pleasant place on State slreet. Rent $23^ weekly witli use of barn, or $2.00 without. Apply at No. 6 Masonic Temp’.e Bkick. 63-tf ______ I I / A N T E D . —A dog of the Newiound- V V land or Mastifi treed. Appi:'at this office. 59 ^ W AN T E D .— We -wotuld like one of our country subscnlbeis to bring us a load of dry chunks of wood.. ___ For llm t . r i l O R E N T — Allel«gant suit of rooms JL over 22 Main street. Enquire of J o s e p h H a . m i i . t o n . 5 i-tf j T'Oli SALE .— 1 intend to change . Business, I will oflei for sale all my stock of Groceries, Crockery and E xlures contained in the “ Jiast fad Store, ' cor. of Ellicott and Liliert) struts. Ä good loca­ tion and cheap rent, Plea4« call and examine stock; will gave a good bargain. 51.12t J. R. Hchwa-rtz, F O R S A L E ,— A good second hauti piano. Enquire of Miss J . F. Kenton, 70 Main st. f ^OR SALE.— 'thedal1 on the east sidt State street, forty teel tiant and about eighty i eel deep, betw:eiui Mi- Dailu)’.-- nev building und the Sand 01 d Li Wij <>arn This iui w \ j 1 sold lor \he highest ofier to any person who will erect thereon subs tan lial brick stores. 14 u fi. I No»'! H. jL 'O R S A L E Ob. JtEMT— A desirable X dwelling cn bummit stieet lor sale or to rent oi. reasonable ier*n.->. EnjuJie o. Steplu.11 Crehan, or J - Barnes. 7 1 111 L o s t , L O S ! . — On ¡Saturday the aitn, lielween Cary and Batavia, a biown seal skiu tippet. The ftndei will l>e suta.bly reward- ed by leaving it at this office, 65.21 \W C . W o o i s e y . L OST.— A Black and Tan dog with name ol the owner, Thomas Cook, on collar, A iukable reward will be paid for his return, 59 u B A T A . V I J m A U K K l * . tiAi avia, N. Y. - Dccembw ij, ¿¡¡Ho Wheat,while $i 03-1 05 Wheat, red .. 1 08-x xo «Jat:, w ttite....». 40 Oats, muted ........ 37-38 ( J o r u . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Barley, 2 r owed.. 75-bo 6 rowed 85-90 Ocrins, mirrow. 1 25-40 '• medium.. .. c 20 “ pea ....... . . 1 «0 '* red ....... X35-E 50 Clavirseeu ..ed ..4 00 \ man. ..4 Potatoes, Rose... 35 Potatoes, -Peerless 25 F.our, new process.9 ot/ Flour,Hajcall,l>l)l $ 7 75 Flour, ■Vilnte, bt)l 0 Flour, leu.bbl... 6 5 Pork . ........... .. 5 5 Uliiickexs, dressed 1. Wool...... .... jO- 41, Biuter lao ................ ^ BiLtter, rail... -a .............. -i Okecse. ........ appes, doried. Apples,.. ..... Lara . ............ .. bait . .. . . . . . . biiginavy S.ilt... xv i 75 >■ P E r i t O L E i m M U i K K X The following is reported by L. £. Et ai, Broker in Petroleum, zi West Seneca ¡•t., Buflalo, N. Y., showing market fluctua­ tions Lo 3:15 p. M, Tnces bid lor olef un­ less otheiwise specified. O il C ity , Dec. 1 1, 4 P.M., closed 91#. December 13, 10 a m . opened at 9 1 # . Highest, 91 % . Lowest,, 90. 3:15 ?. m .,9 1 # . Market closes Saturday at 3 o’clock. Vennor predicts a terrible storm with eleven feet o i sntow a day or two before Christmas. Be wise- and gu to Santa Claus 'headquarters now lor your gifts, which is always at £ . L & G . D. K e n y o n s » 56-tf im p o r t e d Cl|{»rs, warranted lirst-class, at VANDtrsENs, 97 M ain street, T h e largest stoclt o f tru n ks am- trav e lin g b a g s iu t o r n , s e l l i n g ch o a jj at J o h n TTHoaiAs'. ----------*-•-* ----- - -- — C igar a n d O f iarette Gasies, very handsome, at V a n d l t s e n ’ s , 97 Main street. For a good school; shoe, 86-tf go to W o o d w a r d s . Newest styles ot solt and stiff hats, cloth and plush caps all new, and selling cheap at J ohn Thom as, ti ----------- ■«-# »- S p e c ia l » o t l c e . Persons desiring the service« ol either Dr. T o z ier or Morse, during the night can com m u n icate with them by telephone from their office where an attendant will be in charge. 36_tf ----------■»-« >. — Tobacco B o x » i f pouches, etc., in great variety at Y andusen ’ s , 97 M a in street. ---------------------- - --- - S m o h lu f a n d 01 ie w t n ( Tob««eo«t a full line, at V a n d u s e k ’s^ 97 M a in street. 1880 HOLIDAVTRADE ISSO The largest and best assorted stock of Fancy and Staple Goods for tie Holidays can be lound at the store [oi fi urn .1» U • 1 1 U U ! G reat inducements are b eing offered in ou S h a w l a i d G o a l D e p a r t m e n t TWO HUMORED Cloaks and Dolmam all new styles to be ■old cieap u reduce our large stock. Special prices are offered in our Dress Goods Department An elegant assortment of Î a t I 2 # c ., 25c., 50c., and 75 cents a yard. For the H o liday Trade we have an unusual fine - assortment of Fancy Goods. F A N C Y T I D I E S , FA N CY TOWEL 5 Special Bargains in LINEN TOWELS, NAPKINS, TA B L E LIUEr FA N CY BORDERED H A N D K E R C H I E F S Also, LAD IES’ AND GENTS’ HEMMED AND ITEMSTITCHE H A N D K E R C H I E F S . Some beautiful Novelties in Silk liandke chiefs, Ties, aiid the latest designs* •n Ladies' Collars, Ladies’ and Chil­ dren’ s FA N CY HOSEER\ NUBIAS, LEGGINS, HOODS, K N IT JA CK ETS PORT MONN 3 ES, AND K ID G IO VE In our - Domestic Department, we are also ofler ng some special htrgaii A fine line of Prints at 5 cfnts and c The best 4.4 wide Brown Cotton at 6 cents and 8 cents a yard tliat can be four A good assortment of Dress Ginghans a Prints, Table Spreads, Bed Spreads, Ma Rugs. La U t 8 3 & 8 5 MAIN ST B A T A V I A , N -

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