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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 16, 1880, Image 3

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A , l U i . lilw a j, FORMERLY E R I E R A H W A Y eU L iiM A N ’S Best Drawing Room and Sleep Uri 'Ji>;iohe!',,GOiubiutE|j.,aC ;l oderntmprovenienti. *re ran through on all truitts, betwenu Buffalo 'i&iszi.v* Falls, 'OiwwHil'’ ' ’'«itinnati. St X.oui; , ;id NT «w York. i bstraci of Tim e 'table, Adopted- M a y 10. 18S0 --------- W ESTW AR ii. ST A T I O N S - No. I SlewVotkL’ve C:>roinß. Ì5ìtb „,.-A r r . ■yVayl 3 B*l- ¿ i v o n i a , . \ \vOB» «•* Rochester LeJRoy- Batavia- Attica .... Lieneseo . “ Mt. Morris “ Oans ville “ B u ffalo... \ Ntag. Falls “ • 3 u s p , B ’d g e ” Clifton.. . \ 9.00AM 7.14PM; 8.iï “ 9.11 “ 9 -S1 \ , 10,15 “ tr.QO 1 ra.is AM t.08 Ä.M 1.13 i.ao M o . 3 * j N o . * 7 j N o . 1 1 T .O O P M 6 . 5 0 A M 7 - Ì 3 ■* : 8 . 3 t « 9 . 1 8 • 9 - « “ t . 5 5 PM 2 . 4 6 “ 3 - 4 8 ” 4 . 3 6 “ S - i o \ a 1 0 . 2 5 “ 6 . 1 0 “ . .... 1 0 , » 7 “ 6 . 0 4 “ , 0 , 5 4 “ 6 . a 8 “ c i , 1 7 “ 6 , 3 1 \ ■ t O lit \ 6 . 3 1 “ n k • « • C 0 4 3 *• E l , 2 5 “ 6 . 5 1 . “ 7 - 3 ° “ ............. c a . t o 8 . 3 0 “ Tt;03?W 9 -!,S “ i ; o 8 “ 9 - 3 ° “ v i ; n 9 - S 5 *' KASIWARX STATIO N S C l i f t o n . . . . L 1 v e Susp, B ’dge \ if lag. Fails “ Buffalo. . . \ A t t i c a . . . . \ 8 at»v 5 ft.. ** L« Roy • Rochester. D a u a v U l e . . 1 M t . M o r r i s 1 Cieneseo.. . ' Aron. ..... L i v o n i a , . . . \Vaylajad... dsth.»..—.. Coniiittg Mew Y o r k . No. ix* No. 8 No. 16 No. 6 I.45 i’M 7;05-VM i, 45 rM , , , , , , , 3.00 “ 7-15 '* J.OO “ 3.05 “ 7 . JO “ 2.05 “ ............ 2.50 '* SiOo “ . ........ 4.IO \ 9.05 « i-S J \ IO 42&M I 3 .SS “ S jji \ S - n \ 10.34 2.17 “ 943 “ 5 . 33 ' ‘ 11.30 ** 4.00 '* 9.00 \ 6 .10 \ T.25AÂÎ £.30 “ 6.^6 \ 1.30 .......... . 3.30 “ 7.16 \ 3.3® “ 3-ao “ 7-34 “ 3.ao “ ........ .. 4.00 “ 9-43 “ 7'37 *' ............ 5.06 /' 10.04 \ 8.30“ . . . . . . . S.48 h 10.40 “ 10,04 “ 6.46 “ irt.aS 11.50 “ •»»«»»• 7 . 3 * “ ta,os=n r.ooa.m • » * • 7.35 am JO-IO'1 1 11.as pm A D D I T IO N A L T R A I N S L& A V E from Avon for Rochester,Express 9.48 A . M lo.io P. M. Acc. 8-ao A., M ., 12 M., 4.00 1 23,6.00 P. M. Sundays. 0.48 A. M. Fro.n Conesus at 9.03, 9.49 A. M., 4.17, 9.3s P . ftf. for Rochester and w a y . Sundays 9.02 A . M. ¡from Avon, 6.30, 8.oo, g.05 A. M ., 5.30 P. M. for A ttica and way,' 8,20 and 9.05 A . M -, aad6.o5 P . M . for Dansvilleand w a y . From Avon for Corning* 8,13,8.30 A . M., 3 00, 4.40,7.37, 9.43 P. M. Sundays4.40 P. M . from Sochcster for Coctesus, 7.30, 9.00 A . M-, m o , 4.00, 6.10 P. M., and for A von 7.20,9.00 A.. M-, 1.00, 4.00,4.4c», S.io P , M . Sundays 4.00 P . M. tram Attic:» for Avon antE *0.7,8.30» 10.3a, 11,40 A . M.,4.50 P. M. Y. CEN T R A .! R A ILW AY. G OING iKA^T. Oi. Y. E x . . . . . * 10 a . M Way F reight..8 18 A « Spc l D j y E x .9 15 a M Atlsuitio &x . . j 30 f M • A . c c o m m . o d t ’ u . 6 o o i m St. L.ouls B* to 03 t id G O IN G ’WEbT. -Miglit Ex.... 6 45 a M I SEitugruu... 5 30 t M Accoia-odt'u. 9 »3 a m j D a y - 2 s: ........ 6 50 r m Pacific E ) c ..,ri 05 a m j iN, V , E x . . . .00 o o r u Way Kieight. 3 40 r m | C lu c a e o S x .. . 1 1 25 j< m A T T I C A B R A N C H . AKR 1 VB 0 MAXT S. ¥, E x . . . . K 3» a M | A ttica E x . . . 9 aj a M Kxtra rrmti x i 15 a M | E x tra T rain.11 30 a m Lightu’ j E x .. 3 00 p m | L.ijh.tn'g E x . 3 30 r m S x p r e s s ...... 4 00 p M | E x p r e s s ........ 6 50 r k - B A T A V I A , C A N A N D A I G U A & T O N a W ANTDA. G O IN G E A S T . »■reiglit «a. d Accommodation. . ................. 6 to a m Accommodation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............ 9 30 AM freigh t »ad Accommodation. - ................ 3 35 p k G O IN G W E S T . A c com n iodatioa...... ........ . . . . . 6 45 a m Fall Clothing. \Iki question is how and wheie to gei it! The answer tha*. nobody w ll di-pate is, where you cvi *?et it to the best advantage. Tn.e universal verdict is that Furman' •>, Main and Fro.it streets,, Rochester, N. Y., is this place. He has ever so man/ kinds of new goods, imported and domestic. In :he matter of fine tailoring he stands head and front over all otiieis. Political Isaacs.— Kearney's ad­ vice to all parties is to “ pool their Isaacs.” We think a good deal as he does, that we sliould bury the dead .-9sues ot the past. As a heal­ ing compound for a.ll issues, sores, wounds, Ac., there isinothing equal to Henry’s Carbolic Salve. Beware of counterfeits. U U M O l i O U S N O T E S , A little girl 'ho was much petted said, i like sitting on gentleinxn’s krjees belter than on ladies', don't you ma?'1 Somebody notes that love is more interesting than marriage, tnr the same reason that romance is more enticing: than history “ Howgreedy you ail!” S'1 id one little girl to another, who bad taken the best apple on the disn, “ I was jast go to take that!\ ~~ “ Are we bigger when we are younger, papa?” “ Why, my boy?” Because uncle is bigger than you, and he is much younger. ’’ The only difference between a pig making a glutton of itbelf, and a man making a pig of himself, is that the pig at some future day will be cured. “ What a blessing it is,’’ said a hard working Irishman, “ thatnight niver comes on till late in the day, whin a man is tired and can’t work aray at all at all.\ Striped stockings are no longer fashionable, and hereafter the back yards of our first families on wash days will not resemble a collection of flags of all nations, Time;, 2 a. m. “ My dear,” said he, “ ’s all right. I’ve down getting th’ returns There's no us'n raisin' a row. ’Taint rnv fault, Whatvou want's!) earlier returns.” Motfcer reading: “ And every mornin: an'l evening Elijah was fed by the ravens, who brought him bread to eat.” Lucy, aged four: “And was the bread buttered, moth­ er?” (Fact.) “ What decoration is that you are wearing?” said an Austrian sergeant to a new recruit. The man blushed deeply and responded: “ k is a medal r>«ur cow won at the cattle show. ” “ Byi n ray son,” said a literarv father to bis athletic son, “ Byron never played base ball.1 “ No,\ said the boy, pulling on His orange- colored shirt “ and George Wash­ ington raever wrote poetiy.\ Tived grandmamma (to Harry, aged foar): “ Oh, dear! your poor old grandma's almost worn out, Harry.’ Harry (inquiru^ of par­ ent next day); “ Mamma, shall 1 have new gran'tna when the old one's worn otttl\ At thee Poltce Correctionelle,— “ Madame Bamabe, you are accused of throw ing a basin of dirty water in the complainant's face. ” “ It is true, Monsier le President, but I certain­ ly thought it was my husband. ” -- ------ ---------------- T w o V a r i o f l i o o l t l u t f a t T h i n g s . New Haven Register. Two boys went to hunt gxapes. One was happy because they found grapes. The other was unhappy because nhe grapes had seeds in them. Two men being convalescent were ask ed how they were, One said, “ 1 am better to-day.” The other said, “I was worse yester­ day.” Whcti it fains one man says, ‘ This wall make mud.” Another: “ This will lay the dust.” Two children looking through colored glasses; one said: “ the world is blue.” And the other said: “ I t is bright.” Two boys eating their dinner; one said!: “ I would rather have something other than this.” The other said: “ This is better than nothing,”’ A servant thinks a man's house is principally kitchen. A guest, that it is principally parlor. “ I am sorry that I liv.,\ says one man. “ I am sorry that I must die,” safs another. ^ “ I am glad,\ says one, that it is no worsfc\ “ I am sorry,” says an­ other, “that it is no better.” One man counts everything that he has a gain. Another counts everything else than he receives a loss. One naan spoils a good repast by thinking of a better repast of an­ other. Another one enjoys a pocr repast by contrasting it with none at all. One naan is thankful for his bless­ ings. Another is morose for his misfortunes. One man thinks he is entitled to a better world, and is dissatisfied be­ cause he hasn’t got it. Another thinks he is not jnstlv etr. it!c-:d to anv, and is sitisfied with this». One man makes 'P his account from his wants. Another iliom his asset«. F . P . T E B B Y , AGKNT FOR THE a m ; m , A n d a l s o t h e LIGH T RUNNING Persons wanting M i which jiosicss E A S Y - RTTKTJriN C i A t f D M A NT A.9-EMENTT, D T C T i R A B l X I T S r , G-BEAT RANG--® OF W O C K , A L L N E E D E D S2 al.O, With all usual and some ui. ■ ■ 1 old aiwl ntweon- trivan.'<“s to increase the va , ind apjisam jc « s of these most useful machinis. 1 ould call on ine. A I,SO AC.EN r FOR P ia n o s & O r g a n s . F. P. TERRY, O V E U A H O V S f t B L O C K , B A T A V I A , N . Y . NELPi I Y o u r s e l v e s b y m a k i n g iii« 3 i i e y w h * •i golden chance is offered, tbeteb} always l\ poverty from yom door. '1 hose who alwais lake ad­ vantage ot the good chance* fcr making monc\ that are offered generally become weal th-fc whilt those who d'- not improve such chances rir. poverty. W e want vnanv m n . women» b ys and girls to work for us rijjhl n f i ■ ir own localities The biisini'ss will pay mor il-.in ten limcsordii’ary wages. We furaish an expensive outfit and a 1 that you need, free. No one wV. engages liuils to make money very rapidly. Yo'. . an devote y/onr whole time to the work, or only your spnro momen s. FwU vnformation anti a'\ that is neerteti sent free. Address Stinson S c C o ., Portland, Malme. Meets the requirement', of the r.itiom I imedical philosophy wr ich at present prevr-i's. I t is a per­ fectly ptire ve . etaWe remedy, enib- aci\[2 the three imp'll tant properties of n preventive, ;• conic, anil an alterative. It fortifies the body ag. n is't ciiseast invigorate1; and re-vitalixes the torp’d r,io inai. h anti liver, and effects a most sa'utary chanet in th° en­ tire system when ii a morbid condition ti'or sale by all Dnnrarists and D«*l«rs Go to Shaw & Stiles for Mrs. Freeman’s New National Dyer* For brightness and durability of color they are unequaled. Color from 2 to 5 pounds. Price, 15 cenits. If you are tired taking the large old-fashioned griping pills, amd are satisfied that purging yourselfE ill you are weak and sick is not goodi com­ mon-sense, then try Carter’s Little Liver Pills and learn how eassy it is to be free from Billiousness, Head­ ache, Constipation, and all Liver troubles. These little pills are smaller, easier to take and give quicker relief than any pill in use. Forty in a vial. One a dose. Price 25 cents. --------- ------------------ Newspaper Advertising compels in­ quiry, and when the article o f ered is of good quality and at a fair price, the natural result is increased sales. -----------4»» --------- - W E a R Y o f l i f e . H o w many a inan has jum p e d into the river, W hen all t’was that ailed him was a disordered liver, If he only had known that Spring Blossom would save, H e never, would have filled a su i­ cides grave. Prices: 50c, trial bottle locts, For sale by Shaw Stiles. H ENTRY CRAFT. C. H. - S U : BIX. NEW YO R K C 1 l> TïUU ÖS H E M Y C B I I ’ T b ( V \VHOl.ESSALE ANU RETAIL OEALàïFS ’»N mi m iS O O A X « 8 4 Wool, Grain, PhnspUaie, Land Plaster, Uc, 49 r I I I g l i e H t G a - ü J ? r l c e V» ■■■ ta r P r o d u c o , Orders for Coat lelt at the Gen? >-'x Co., National Bank will receive proiu^t alien- tioft. COAL AT LOWEST MARfcET PRICE. Office, J ackson S trek r, (Crossing N. Y . C. & H. R. K ) B A T A V I A , N r . 0 Outfit furn'-.lie.l free with lull instructions for conducting the m'ist profitable busi­ ness that anyone can eng; gf* in. The busiuc&.vis -a e.viy to learn and our ins- structbns are so simple and p'a'n ihat any >'nf can nria-e great profits from the start, lio onecai. wl'o's willing to vvovk. Women ar«; as suc- ce sful as men. Bovs and girls can citru large sums. Many have made at the business o^er one hun- (1 ed dollars in a sinel- week. .Notlt l’e l i k e ’t v-er kn .-wn before All who engage ¡tresurprised at ihe ease and rapidity with which thfcy are able to make money. You can engage in thisluisme^ dur­ ing your spare t me at great profit \Vu <.o no h 'Ve to invest capital in it, We take nil the risk. Those w h o need ready money, should v rite to us at or.ee. All furnished free. Address True & Co., A'lffusta, Maine. Htop that Ooiigli! (,)ne dose of O r . T i t f l ’ « W H K c P i n o I I S y r i l Jl will -t p th.it cnugh a' dcureit. We don’t care liovv bad your cough is, or h.,\v many coug'i medicines you ha>'etri<'d, or how mau\ pliy-icans you have consulted. A tet ev ry thing els'* has failed, we guarantee the | W H ITE MN li to cure you every ti^e.orr»- fuutl your money. ForC ughs, Colds, Bron chitis. Whooping Cough and Cuns-aimption, it equal has never been discovered. Don’t waii l unti: you arein the last stages oi onqimptiou, I but get a bottle to-day, a»d sti- nov, soon you | will begin to improve. H E L P is the c r v of th >se aflli led with As -1 thma We come to your relief wicha rente ly 'Vorth its weight in golu, lJr. Tiift’» A s t l l - in a l e IIC is a sure and peri' me nt cure for I this terrible disease, in every lorm_ Crtc dose j will break, the spasms. O e dose will give you \ sweetani refresh­ ing night’s rest A permam n cure is sure to follow i f taken fcr a short time. Get a trial nottle for 35c, and be convmcr.-j. Ltu-ge boi- tle.J1.50. - D R . T A F T BROS., Froprs,, Rochester, N. Y . For salt- by A. D . TRYONr, Batavia, N. Y. TALÜ 1 BLE D 1 SÎ 0 TLRÏ B f M R * - . M Y E l t S . I*ri< :o '25 a n d S O o c m s v*«rj*> 03 C« T H E D R A W IN G A N D H luA U N fr SA L V E Cure«; Carbuncles Felons and Abscesses with­ out th- aid of a knife. THE D R A W IN G A N D H E A L ING SA L V E C u r t' Cuts, Burns and Flesh WMinds. TH K D R A W IN G AN D HEALING SALVE Cures Erysipelas and Ringworms. 1 H E « R A W I N G AN (J H K A L 1 NG SA L V E Cures Piles and Poisoned Flesh. l’H E DR A W IN G AND HEALING SALVE Cures Corns, Inflamed Joints,, Chilblains, and Fr' -st-bites. TH E D R A W IN G A N D HEALING S A L V 1 is highly recommended by all wlao have u<ct it, MRS. JU L Y E MYERS'\ B H U O T I A T l C .C I i l t l i , A Positive Cure for Rl eum-.iBie, Neuraigia Weak Haclts, Sprains, Stiffness of Joints, Se\erc Aches, Cramps, etc. Price $1 per 6ottlc. irial dottle ioc . For sale wholesale and retail b y 398-iy. SHAU- & STILES. AGENTS TVANTE 1 » To take subscriptions for the m T E R H A T I0 M 1 E E 7 IE ¥ , the latest and best American publ'cation, oi the highest cla^s, with original contributions from the most celebrated writers in. the country. Edited by J. T. Morse, Jr., and Henry Gabot Lodge, gentlemen oi he highest attainments and culture, and whose ntunes are alone sufficient guaranty oi the value oi the R e v i e w . Always bright, readable and instructive; cosinopolitan in literature, progresive in science, unsectarian in religion, rid inde­ pendent in politics. Price 50 cents a riaml'er; #5.00 £a year. A complete Agent's Outfit sent 011 ^receipt of $1.00. A specimen copy semi to any address for 15 cents. A. S. BAkNES & CO., Publishers, in & M13 William St., NewYork. B u f f a l o & S o u t h w e s t e r n R ’y S H O K T liS T , QUICKEST A.ND B E S T R O U T E : TO B B A D F O t t O Pittsburgh, Titusville and all points in the upper and lower oil country. S ire connections for Cin­ cinnati, St. Louis and Chicago, and alt points weit. On arid after Nov. 16. 1879, trains wil run as follotvs from N Y C. & H. K . R . R. Bepot, Bul- falo, N . Y ., (N. Y . time): 8 9 k A. M., arrive Jamestown ts.so A. M., Titusville 1.50 P. M , Pittsburgh 7.40 P . M 4,40 P. M ., arriving Jamestown: 8.*s P. M. No chang-e of cars between Buffalo (und Pitts­ burg. Trains arrive a t 10 A. M. aiid 8.to P. M. Alt rains run daily. Eor further iniormatio* call at general office, 105 Main street, Birfftlo, N Y. J, P. M O U L T O N , A, S. M CALLISTER, General Manager. G, P. u»dT. Ag^tit. Cnresl ) } ' iìxjù iNalure?sHysi j). LUNG DISEASES, THROAT DISEASES,- - • BRfATHINC TROUBLES. All It J D l t l V l£ 8 I IN JI'C> the system curatr»« agent'- apd heahr g mr \iin.es. It D B A W S P K O i l l .the diseased parts tit poisons-inat cause death ^ T b o u f i a n d s T e s t i f y t o it x 'V i r t u « *, • ■ nP^ n n n f l n liiir p n Don’t despair until y u ilia-ve tried tHi« S^n'sjBle, Easilv Applied arid K A S I C A K L l E F F E C T U A L ReBiiuy, j Sold by Druegtsts, or sent by mail 0x1 receipt of P r i c e . . $ 2 . 0 0 . ; | : SendnrTes- XjflC “ O n i j ^ L l l i l g P a d b c . timomals and \ 5=7 “££' WILLIAMS BLOCK, senH r teJ0111 t.T : T I i O I I ' , m i r l l ’ “ A Light m ¿/u Dark,\ '' HeSp for the Weik, Nervous and Debiiitafed I Y A L E ’S MhdRMWMUMMNUJtaU&l PHOSPHORIC SPECIFIC) Arrests I u.ulun. tary Losses cures Nervous Debility, Prostration 1 apse of Memorv. Loss of Virile ir’owei, S e x u a l D e b i l i t y . Disease« re-ultingg from P h y s i c a l ^ Abuse leading to Premature Decay, Softc-.Mig or the Brain, Pai-ivJ. ysis. Diseases of the Ki.lravy- .nd UV’nary Sv tem, impcitency, Spenna orieba, Heart Disc & and Paralysis, Neuri itjii', Female V/eaki’ess. £ restores Wasted Energy, Rrjin Power and Vila Force, Causing a R.'new»1 ot Life in the ert\r Nervotts System, siipp'yin? tn the IIrain the«b* sent Vital'S’ist'-nanf Tones and rejuvenates1 3 tf entire man It isa;s.. tiatun».! Stimulant tottto Perfectly llfalti I'm i lilctcontaining tntoriiaa. worth t!iouv«m' „ wile<J free on recelpi ol ■i' > tr>p Send for it. V i<! P l l o»l» !> <v i ! <*■ S j>ce III« is sold *'-y all Uro-gjiisUi. l'ritc j.i .i |jackage ; Vial of l ow- der important in old ai.d obstinate cases, Prii e, t i . 5 r' or five package? and Vial of Pow-der forge, Forwarded postage free l>y mail on receipi c) price. Addres* YA L E N fT G U O ., 130 Ch'iir:b\‘vSt.*-NfW York Sold in Batavia,N. V.,iDyShaw & Stiles, who wilt give you our valuable pauir>hlet free. Re-'** •t, it la v f von life. -aa'iW!ii— iiumilili fii.iiinwi ammasti D . R Y . G . , C U R E S ! DjspBpia, lifiis t i m - — — t J And all troubles arising therefrom, Side Hi-,a(lachi., Dia- Eating, Acidity df taa Flatulency, Liver arsd Complaint, Torpid ¡Constipation. Prlfcf, he Ba ,d Limbs ^ - i i’urïfiiii'ian te»d by a ll feet sutis- refundedt. , i i i n g such as tress afteri S tom a c h , K i d n e y L i v e r , Aches i i ___ It is the best Blood the World. Guaran- Druggists to give pcr- faction or money T ry it. Our V i t a l - Tonic Bitters,— the ___ petizer in the World. Call for them. D. R, V. C. Mfg.; Co., Prop’s SYR A C U S E , N . 1 . New York Depor 0 . N, Crittonton, 115 FulUa. Street DAUGHTERS, WIVES, HOTHESS. Or. Maichisi’s Uteri ne Gstholicon. A P O S IT IV E C U R E FO R F E M A L E 1 C O M - P L A I 3 NTS, ■ • . i . i t i . Thirty-five years of ainnle anti varied experi­ ence has proved beyond ilie stsado-w o f a doub* that D r . M a r c h i s i ’’» U l « r i i i « C a t l i o l « c o n will cure ^Prolai.biS. Uteri or tailing of tlx* womb, Leucorrhoea, F h w Atbus or White*, Chronic Inflammation and Ulceration of the womhp Incidental Hemorrhage or flooding, PaiTiful, Sup­ pressed and Irregular Menstruation, etc. , vith ail* their accdmpanyuig evils (caucet cxtcptfcii,) itof matter how severe, or oflong standing, Sanateti oamphlet free, with treatment and c«rHnc*t«ts fronti phviicians to H O W ARTH & RALti.AR 0 r Utica,’N\ N Y . F o r S a l e i f a l t I>ru£g;lR t*;. Price |i.s0jp6r bottle. Be sate anti. afcST (at Die*. MarchW*» CMholicon. Tak* Do oth«r, Utica, Y . F o r S a l e l y a i t I>rti£g;lR B e sate aud aiwc foif '

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