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Vol. Ill-W h o le Number 742, BÂTÂVÏA, N. T , MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER fò, 1880. Price Two Cents run aground . l i t « a n d t i l e fc‘ H l a c l t - b l r d . ” T w o H u d i o n R i v e r S t e a m * e r ( o n tli© R o c k « —- O n e a T o t a l L t n - N o I i i v e n L o s t . Poughkeepsie, Nov. 14.-Theside- wheel steamboat “ M o n itor,\ plying between Peekskill and New York, left the former place about 9 o’clock last night with 400 cans of milk and assorted freights. It was a bright moonlight nigfct with but a little wind. At 12:30 this morning she ran on the rocks off Glenwood, north of Yonkers, and sank to her main deck. The Peekskill tug “ Sarah E. Brown\ managed to get alongside of her and took off the milk and other freights and convey­ ed it to New York. W, rdlyatt of the tug says the officers and crew of the “ Monitor” including the pilot David Goetches, wereallasleep when the accident occurred. The “ M o n i­ tor’s’' bow now lies within twenty feet of the Hudson River Railroad track and her stern is sunk 10 the main deck. T h e force of the colli­ sion snapped all the iron rods which upheld her spars and her bottom ■was torn away by the rocks. The tug lay by her at dark to-night, but it is believed she cannot be got off and that the northwest wind -will tear her to pieces. She is owned by Captain Craft of Peekskill who bought her for $20,000, but before the accident she was not valued at more than $12,000. She -was par­ tially insured. No lives were lost nor was anyone hurt. P oughkeepsie , Nov, 14. — While the steamboat ‘ ‘Blackbird” ot Sta- rm’s harbor fleet was corning to this city from^Newburgh Saturday night, with about 150 excursionists, she ran on a rock, ten mil«-\s above Fort Montgomery, and sprung a leak. The Captain backed her .and the m n went ashore, made a fire, and bivouvacked there for the night, la the morning between three and four they were taken on the “ Drew\ in small boats and brought to this city. The “ Blackbird’s” leaks were patch­ ed up, the tide raised her, and be­ fore noun to-day she had reached Pier 18, North River. In a day or two she will be all right again. No­ body was seriously hurt, though sev­ eral men were injured. Theie were no ladies on board, the excursion­ ists being a political association from Brooklyn. Mania 11 IV.tii*. {Special to th« News,) A ’special to the N ews brings word that Hanlan, the American champion oarsman, has beaten Trickett in the great race on the Thames by four lengtls. Hanlan rowed his final practice pull Satur­ day privately; Tricked also rowed over the course with La.ycock, Tric- kett was the favorite in the betting, 6 to 5 being freely offered on him. Friday the betting was about even in some cases, the odds heing in favor o f Hanlan. Politic« va. H u m a n ity. Q uebec , N ov . 14.— Small-pox is committing dreadful ravages among the Canadian Indians who people the scanty and widely separated set­ tlements nn the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Information just received uy the Government re­ ports thai they are dying in hun­ dreds. A panic has seized the sur­ vivors, and they flee irom the d<-. 1 and dying, leaving the former u i- buried and the latter uncared 1 , toseek refuge in the woods, wlk.t: their trails are marked by lines of corpses Instructions were immediately given by the local government to a physician of the adjoining county to proceed with medium»- to the relief oi the sufferers. l'he Provincial a u ­ thorities ha.ing, however, learned that the doctor in question was a political opponent, ’have rescinded the order they had issued in the in­ terest of humanity andleft the panic- stricken district to itself until a med ical man of their own political stripe can reach it. F a tal R a ilro a d Collision. k C heyennf , Wy., Nov. 14 — A fa­ tal accident occurred yesterday at Carbon Station on the Union Pacific Roa/i caused by the parting o f a train containing Mormon emigrants. The brakeman had ndt time to flag the freight train following and a col­ lision resulted. One passenger and the brakeman were killed. Several passengers were badly wounded. Wrestling* Match. P ittsburg , N ov . 14. — The wrest­ ling m^tch between W. J. Farrell of California and ¡John McMahon of Vermont for the championship belt of America and $ 1,000, here to­ night, resulted in a victory for Mc- Mah&n, who threw Farrell twice out of three times. A large cr wd was present, An hour and a half was consumed in the contest. S p izo o t le P«l»«nln£. E lmira , N. Y\, Nov, 14.. —A lad named Fred Palmer, son of the mana' er of the Western Uumon of­ fice, has Inst an e ye from epizootic poisoning. His other eye is endan­ gered. H e wiped his face w th a handkerchief he had used to clean the spitde that his horse had cough­ ed on his sleeve. Funeral «1 Mis. Mott Philadelphia., P a ., Nov. 14.— The fu neral of Lucietia ¡Mott took place this afternoon from her late residence at Ctaelton Hills. The body was interred at Fair Hill Grounds according to the riles of ; the Friends. There were fully two thousand peop e in the cemetery. liaiid JL.ca.gu.« Itle«Uaiir. L o w e ll , Mass,, Nov. 14 — The Loweit Lind League oi'it 1 ni& after­ noon. Thirty five new members joined. A braach league is to be formed in Lawrence. It was voted 10 send $110 to-morrow to Parnell. C r i m e » , a n d C a s u a l t i e s . N ew Y ork , N ov . 14.— t dward Haggerty, a wealthy glass manufac­ turer died from a pistol shot wound received while examining a pistol three weeks ago. Long B ranch, Nov Nov. 14.— While Charles H, Golden was driv­ ing on Ocean avenue this afternoon ■with a companion both fell out of th • buggy. Golden was instantly killed. Both were intoxicated. Red Bank, N; J., Nov. 14.— Henry Vinturn, aged 39, was in­ stantly killed at Port Johnson foun­ dry last night by bciitg caught in the machinery, --------- ------------- Sunday Seli&ol Concert. The scholars of the Presbyterian Sunday School gave their usual moiuniy concert at the church last evening, which m s attended by a it u rnber o four cttizens,. Th e different pieces weie rendered in an able manner, and the scholars deserve consider ible credit for the progress whicti u e y have made since their last concert, We buy all of our goods in such large quantities, nauci larger than is usually purchased by any one house. It is certainly clear that there roust have been great induce­ ments offered to lead to such in­ vestments. W e pledge our reputa­ tion that a large proportion of our stock we are enabled Jo retail to our trade at the ordinary wholesale prices. tf R . Q H oiden & S on . 83 & S 5 Main St., Batavia. Children’s soft and stiff hats at tf John- Thomas' 200 Perfect fitting cloaks, the third arrival this season just received. R . Oi Ho idem & S on . tf 83 &8$ Main St., Batavia. -------- «•» -------- Subscribe for the D a iw News. i . ON T R I M F O lt 80 R 0 ER T I A V o ting W om an Olmargcd With Gi~ving fcoye Powder to Her Bean. 5 k most curio-us and amusing case, says the Newburg Register, was brought before Recorder Waring this morning for settlement. A man named Riley, who lives- in the Wes­ tern part o ft lie city, appeared be­ fore the Recorder with hi\» wife and daughter, and complained that a you i k woman named Quinn was administering a love potion to a son of Mr. Riley for the pujpose of gain- in.t; his affict ion and indueng him to marry her. The son is about 21 years o f age and'keeps company with the Quinn girl evidently against the wishes of his family. It was assert­ ed in all earnestness by the Riley family that Miss Quinn went to a Mrs, Lockshin, a fortune teller, and bought the love pution from her, which -was given to young Riley, and which produced ttte desired ef­ fect. As proof that the love powder had worked, Mr. Riley said that un­ til last May his boy had never had a sore on his body. Siaice then he has suffered from innumerable boils. The woman denied having ever given Riley’s son any love powder, and said that the ci-arge was made against her only because Riley went with her against the wishes of his parents The Reo u:;«r put the ex­ amination down for biiday morn­ ing. -------- *-•> -------- T i m e I t w a s D o n e . The Niagaja river at Ton a wanda has for some time past been wash­ ing away ;ts banks and encroaching on the ground used as a cemetery, even washing out some of the graves. The JVews of that place in­ forms us that an appropriation has been made to build a dyke to hold the water irt check, and the contract has been awarded to E. A. Betts, who will begin work as soon as the water is frozen. We should think it was time. -------- ------------ Anotlier Unfortunate. young inan named Henry Pierce, who resides in Rochester and is employed as a brakeman on the N. Y. C. & H, iR, R ., while coupling cars at East Rochester Saturday, had his hand badly crush­ ed oetween the bumpers of the cars We understand that this same imn had his font and ankle crushed hst August. T h e B e r g e n B a n d . Th ’ citizens of Bergen have been very busy lately raising money by subscription for the purpnse of buy­ ing a new set of brass instruments for the Bergen band. '1 heir en­ deavors thus far have met with great success This band shows carefu 1 training on the part of the leader, and a general interest in its weKi’*\ by rn'\^h>pr<? ind it will compare favorably -with any country band. Uncle Torn’i CaM a. This great moral drama, with the famous Lottie as Tbpsv, together with a band of Jubilee Singers, are to give two of their immitable enter­ tainments isi Hodge Opera House on Friday and Sa.tun.tr v evenings nest, also a matinee on Saturday afternoon. This is said to be the most complete company traveling, carrying their own &ce.nery, a n a full orchestra and brass band.— Lockport Union -------- «•»> -------- Sale of Pictured* SUctelie*, Etc. On Monday, Tuesday and Wed­ nesday evenings, N ov. 15th, 16th and 17th, Geo. B. Edwards will of­ fer lor sale at his rooms in the Turner block, a collection of pictures and sketches, representing his work in landscape during the past summer. Many of these pictures possess a l o ­ cal interest, and the entire collec­ tion* consisting of oil, pastel and water colors, will he sold at extreme­ ly low rates. 3$-5t '■Mie Snpervlvora. SATURDAY AFTERNOON SESSION. The resolution Mr, Reed be­ ing called, Mr. Giilett offered an amendment that resolutions shall apply o n ly to the Surrogate and that it shall call for a report !or one year. The vote being had on the am­ endment it was declared carried. The vote being had on the ques­ tion as amended it was declared car­ ried. The members of the Board re­ tired to work: on committees, after which* oaiikotion of Mr. Walker, the Board adjourned to Nov. 15th, 1880. SEVENTH DAY. The Board met to-day pursuant t_' adjournment, all the members being preseat. The tnimi tes o f Nov. 13th were read and approved. The Chairman appointed Messrs, Parmele,. Giilett and Hawkins a t ommittee u.nder the resolution of Mr. Parmele adopted Nov. 13th. Moved by Mr. Giilett that the matter of tnaking an appropriation for a Surrogate’s Clerk be made a special order for 1 ¡30 o’clock p. m. Mr. Miller moved an amend­ ment that a committee of three be appointed to ascertain the law in re­ gard ito a Surrogate’s Clerk, and ?-aid committee report at 1 ¡30 o’clock p. m, ! he vote being had on the amend­ ment it was declared carried. T h e vote being had on the ques- ' ion as amended was declared car­ ried. T h e committee on erroneous taxes presented their report, which was, 011 motion of Mr. Walker, read and received. On tnouon of Mr. Green, Resolved, That the fixing of the salary (■( School Commissioner be made a special order of business lor Nov, 17th a.' 1:30 o ’clock p. m. * .111 na«>u n of Mr Staples, Resolvid, Th«1 amount of the town a’ dits. U 1 .* - several towns he !aise± by tajc upuu ihe several towns against which t:ey .re audited and that tlie usual orders be drawn by the C 3 erk for the same. Mr. Throop presented the follow­ ing report in regard to the schools in the coumty which was on mo­ tion of Mr. Parmele, received and ordered to \be placed on file and published with the proceedings. Th«e members of the Board re­ tired to work on committees, after which, on motion o f Mr. Parmele, the Board adjourned to the usual time In the aiternoon. Els^ty m iles an Hour. Col. E. A, L. Roberts of Titus­ ville, Pa., has made a contract with the Bald win Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, for the construction •>f a passenger engine. He claims that &aid eregine will be able to run eighty males an hour and keep it up ;or a lundred miles. Col. Roberts stated to a ^Buffalo Courier reporter that be m s on his way to Philadel­ phia to give the work of construc­ tion bis personal attention, and the plans and specifications are excep­ tional. The locomotive is to weigh thirty- eight tons, and will comply with the s.andard gauge. The drive-wheels will be six feet in diameter and the forward trucks and those on the teu- der will be made of paper, which will end ure more strain and wear than steel o r iron. The wheels will be of the patern known as broad tread, which will enable the loco­ motive to run on roads of either 4 feet inches or 4 feet 10 inches gauge, The most importaut fea­ ture o f the engine will be the intro­ duction of Robert’s patent cylinder and piston, which has proved itself capable of saving at least twenty per cent, in steam pressure. -------- .,•#*. -------- Decorated Chamber Sets at re­ duced prices, to close out. Call and see at ^Kenyons'. s i a th im w s . A. Collection of Interesting Jfolei Front all Quarters. An unknown man was found drowned in the canal at Rochester Saturday. The report that a man w is mur­ dered on the steamer Escort near Tivoli is discredited by the officers oftheihoat. The jury in the case of David R. Halsey of Ithaca were divided in opinion. The foreman and others thought the death accidental. The schooner Snowbird of To­ ronto, with lumber, went ashore Saturday morning, below the East Pier at Oswego. The crew were saved Edward Tenner of Rochester stabbed George Coxon in Front street, Rochester Saturday. The ’.round is a serious one. No ar­ rests were mac)« The citizens of Rochester held a meeting Thursday night, protesting against the new depot being placed at the point indicated by the rail­ road company. The schooner Cortez, with 19,- 000 bushels ot wheat from Milwau­ kee to Oswego, went ashore Satur­ day aiternoon near Sandy Creek. The crew were saved. The prisoners in the Fuitoa jail, Walter Wilbur and Mike Sampson, arrested for assaults on ladies in the street, escaped by the aid of friends outside. Thursdav night. A lamp exploded in the house of C. H. Graham of Schenevus, Otse­ go county We .nvsday night, and Mr?. Graham was ft tally burned. “ She blew into the top of the lamp.” During a row in a hotel at Knapp’s Creek Nation, N. Y ,, Thursday evening, a rough named Thomas Scott fatally shot John Dougherty, an oil-tank builder. Scott was arrested. Saturday afternoon John Doyle, aged i 4, living at 33 Allen street, Lockport, was shot just above the left eye with a ball fronf^a revolver in the hands oi Willie McGregor, aged 14* Next. The safe in L. J. Bundy's office near the village of Ontario, on the Lake Ontario Shore railroad was blown open Wednesday night and $)0 stolen. T h e burglars also stole a horse and wagon and escaped. Superintendent Eaton hopes to have the Senate chamber in the new capitol ready for occupancy aext winter, but it will not be complet­ ed. Eighty workmen were dis­ charged Saturday and more to go to-day. A daughter of Richard Repson of Rochester died in that city Saturday under singular circumstances. She had been bitten by a vicious dcg, and from hearing her mother say continually that the dog oigh t to be killed she became depressed and finally died. The jury in the case of James Mc- Vey were unable to connect the men arrested on suspicion with his death, and they were discharged. The jury gave it as their opinion that Mc 7 ey came to his death by falling from the cars while under the influence of liquor. With the exception of a portrait 01 Governor Cornell, the collection of pictures o f the Governors of this State, which has been got together by the: authorities of the city of Al­ bany, is now complete* T h e por­ trait of Governor Robinson arrived last Saturday, and is exhibited at the Mayor’s office in Albany. T h e price paid was $1,000. About 2:30 o'clock Saturday morning a man named George As­ ton, who is employed as a brake-1- man by the Central & Hudson River railroad at West Albany, was thrown off a freight car, falling under an­ other car. The train was moving, and he was thrown under the wheels. Before his fellow-work men released him he was dead. Aston leaves a wife a.nd family.

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