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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, October 29, 1880, Image 5

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A k W A P i tR'I IS IM&N 7 „V. DISSOLUHOM % 'I ' ; ! partneiv'.,.). ■ • v form ed !•>- '.veen U, J 3 . Luther, I1 1 . T_uther : n • M, Will ans has On.-, c'.v i t>-n dissoiv. { by mulu 1 eonsmi ol . 1 ; i;i.- partk ■ Thg, busi'Ms-, w ill he cuiinii\n.il .-;s her«t->i; i.e by TJ. 11 . F,uther and Ins Son 1 mniel. V. 1 i. t.uxn, L> K l.rrii: i;. M, W n .i.tAM Dated Oci, 27. 1880. Cider and Tinegar. The undersigned has .1 quantity o f Ci .. r and Vinegar which tie will deliver to any pan of the village at the following rates: Cider b y the bbl ............. . ¡ats. par gai. “ “ xa / \ or less ........................ 7 “ “ “ Vinegar ......... .. ...................... . ........... s?o “ \ “ “■ ia quantities of 10 gal«, o r more iscts. or less. Orders left -with Moreau's Express will be promptly attended to. F. B. »««field. THE T0MWAf(DA PIPE W0I|KS supply FA R M E R S AN D O T H E R S Witli any size of Wooden W A T E E L P I P E From 14 inches in diameter, for Water­ works, down to one uicli for Farmers’ use. Also lilS PIPE AND STEM-HFE CASING M T A V I A DAILY NEWS, Stbicrrapfelon: Tec Ceata p®* Wwk, Delivered \without extra charge any where on tbe corporatioa. To out-of-town subscribers, 10 ceiuts per week . postage prepaid. A d v e r tising Rate« Made known upon application. T h e N ews is to« only daily paper in Genesee county. Its circiila.- tioii m Batavia ii, larger than that of any orti-er p.Aper, and .1! i--consequently the best ailvi*r;:inj: •nzediura. Fmidv, October 2p, 1880. I. S. Hobble, (Jeneral Manager. 1 44eow TDNAW A N D A , H * Ï . GRAND OPENING OP FALL AMD WBJJEB T r i m m e d H a t s & B o n n e t s — a t — Miss M. E. Elderkin's, THUESDA Y & FRIDAY. O c t o b e r £ 8 th. a.n.clg 9 th Cordial Imttation extended, to the ladies O V S » SO to 82 IULAIPÎ S T . 23-4 t. Ill D .taEIUB MENTION. — The Opera House was uncoiia- fortablfe last night as usual. — Hot coffee will be served at itive democratic club rooms to night. — TEhe city of Buffalo was crowded | yesterday to hear Conkling speak, ! — The republicans will strive t> outdo their opponents to-morrow — Many prominent Republicans will illuminate their residences to ­ night. — Turner & Son made a fine dis­ play of meat in ther show window? to-day. — The principal places of busi­ ness wer« handsomely decorated at noon to-day. — Charles Gilson, at one time proprietor of the Latnpson Hoa.se in Le Roy is dead. — Luther & Son purchased a cab­ bage t his morning which measured 3 feet 4 ^ inches in circumference. — Some one started the story t hat when Grant passed through lere yesterday, he was drunk, “ We don't believe it. ” — Aik of the business men that be­ long to the democrat party are re- : quested to turn out to-night and carry »dunese lanterns. — George Sherin afarmer, hitched his horse yesterday in front of H u ­ ber's meat market. Upon going to get it found that it had been driven aivay, The rig was found later in the day at his home in Oakfieldi — On the train yesterday Geieral Granif -while in conversation with < one o*f our prominent business men, said t hfct his opinion was that New York State would give the repiatli- cansmot less than 50,000 ma­ jority. ----------- --------------- P EKSON 1 LS. M ACHINE Forging ai*d Job Work, done to or- , der. Als Cai riagc Ironing and. Repairing all its various branches, F E T E B BIlO iVD B R O O K S . I H AV F, leased my Horse-shoeing department to 'i homtas \l'ansley and James Smith, two as good experts in horse shoeing as this city ever had. \Their a rt ot horse-shoeing is already so well known amongst nty customers that further recommenda­ tions are not necessary. P E T E R B'EOADBROOKS. B U S I N E S S C H A N C E . £ Q R S A L E ,— I hexevviih offer my prop­ erty ’and Ic e business tor sale. For partic­ ulars inquire on the premises. CHAS \WALTERS tf. South St., Batavia, N. Y. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. A. Grfud Opeituig of Fi ú M i Millisery ----- will t>>ke plac« on ----- THURSDAY A W FRIDAY, Oct, 2 8 th k 29t3i. A. welcome is extended to all. Respectfully, MISS J. F. KENYON, j Vo,. \TO M ^ a X n , S t r e e t . 20-9t TOBACCO and CIGARS, A ll the Best Brands V a n d u s e n , 07 Mai o St, Kenyon«’ Sew Bargains. Rogers’ best triple plate dinner knives per dozen ................... $4.00 Electro plate Globe Lam p . . . . 99 French bronze hang lam p .. . . 99 Extra gilt bracket la.mp ........... 99 Earthen bail stew p a n . . . . . . . . 25 tf Johra Kelly, the produce buayer, returned to Batavia night before last. Harry D. Vought, of the Biuffalo Courier , is registered at the St. James» Mr, A. Lowe, who has beea vis­ iting friends in the West, h»s re- turn e i home. James Twitchell, business naaaia- ger of the Lockport Union made the News office a pleasant call yesier- day, D I E D . Horning.— In South Alabama, on the 28th in,st,, Dr. Nelson Horning, aged 54. years, iiuieial will be held from the Oiurch. Svuuday at 11 o’clock. G o to Kenyons’ for new fresh dat-cs, figs; Malaga, Concord, Ca­ tawba and Isabella grapes; Florida ora_nges, mince meat, choice con­ fectionery and fine groceries -------- ------------ Cloaks and Dolmans, all me w, a large vraiety ot styles and lower pri ces than can be found in amy oth­ er store, at Stone’s, 94 Main: street. ---------- «#►----------- B lack Brens Silk. Special bargains at 1.15 a y*d. sold generally at 1.50, at Stone’s, 94 Main street. ---- 4+» ---- You can get one pound of best Clhocolate Creams lor 30 cen ts at K«ftyons\ For the best and cheapest driving gLoves in town, go to tf J ohn T hoemas ’ . ---- <•» -------- Kendall’s spavin cure for sale at Troon’s Drug Store. 2-24t -------------------- Rem o val. Miss Jerome wishes to announce to the ladies that she has removed ¡(•o her new store in the M asonic Temple building. Her ^opening days will be some time next week, and the ladies may expect to see a Sue display of millinery goo»ds. tf OUR WANT COEBNEB. Wanted. W ANTED.--A good girl1 to do general housework. For ¡particulars apply at tliis office. ____________ x6t{ ___________ For Sale. ¡OK SALE, — The lot on the east side State street, forty feet front and about eighty feet deep, between Mr_ Dailey’s new building and the Sand forti livery bam. This lot will be sold for the ¡highest ofier to itny person who will erect thereon substan­ tial brick stores. 14 t i S. E. N o r t h . |^O R SALE OR RENT— A desirable JC dwelling on Summit street ior sale or to rent on reasonable terms. Enquire oi Stephen Ciehan, or J. C. Bajnes. 7iti Ì 710 R SALE—The House a.nd lot No. . 48 State street, Batavia^ Terms easy. Enquire oi H. J 3 ost\yick. 7012403 M r s . W. S. L e w i s . For Reni*. T Ü RENT.— A small hoasct to rent on Stattt street. H. S. H iít c h i n s . 2itf BA T A V IA lilABXJBI’S. ¡• atavia , N. Y , - October26, 1880 V/iieat, w h ile.... V> h e .it, r e d ............ Oats, while .......... Oats, mixed ......... C o r n . . . . . . . . . . . . Barley, 2 row e d .. 6 row ed.. Bearis, marrow.... t i e d i m n . . . . $1-03 t-cs -35 33 SO 60 -70 t 2S I IS “ p e a . . . . . . . . 1 40 \ r e d .......... 1 15-x 25 Clover seed m e d ,. .4 00 •' inam ...4 75 Potatoes, R o s e ... 35 Potatoes, Peerless 25 New Poutoes.... Flour,, new process.8 50 Flour„Haxall,bbl $ 7 *5 Flour, white, bbl 6 00 Flour» red, bbl... 6 00 Pork . .................. 5 7 ° Chickens, dressed 10 Wool ....................... 30-35 Hntt«r, tub ................. . Buttfcj-,£:oii. ........ -22 E g g s - ...................... 18 Cheese ................. >3 Apples, dried... -5 Apples ........... 75 100 Lard . . . . - ......... 8 S a lt.» .. .......... 1 2* Satimaw S a lt... . 1 25 PETR O L EU M M A B fiK T . The following is reported by L. H. Best Broker m Petroleum, 22 Wert Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y ., showing market fluctua­ tions to 3:15 P. M. Prices hid for old un­ less otherwise specified:— O il C ity Oct. 26, 4 p. m.* Closed 92^. October 26, 10 a. m„ Opened at 91%. Highest 92 yi. Lowest 9 1 ^ . 3:15 p . m ., 91^ . Market closes Saturdays at 3 o ’clock. Found» A place where you’ «ciui buy boots and shoes cheap for cash, and Mr. A. Joslyn, a life-long: experienced boot and shoe man to show them to you, at 104 Walker block, 2 5-z4t C. 31 . Hogan. — - 1 » » ---- New SI10 p. I would respectfully call the atten­ tion of the readers of this paper to the fact that my new shop in the rear of Kenyons' Grocery is open, and I am now prepared to do all sorts of blacksmithing at the lowest living rates. I thank, my customers for their past patronage, and as many new ones as ¡«re disposed to give me a call. 85-tf W illiam D oyle . ---- * ------ For a good school shoe, 86-ti go to W oodwards ’. ..... - — «-+► --- Call and see the: new Bam bo Rocking Chair, only $1.98 a*. Ken­ yons’. ---- ♦ m ► ---- When you want a good pair of gloves or mittens, you can save money by going to John Thomas’. -------- ------------ Cliineae R e s tauran t. Cheap Melican man hellfr I W.hopee chop houst: Ratee soupee . ...................... '.2 cen ts Soupee ratee .............. ............... .. cent Melican man feed..... . cait The cheap soupee-fiouse around the corner. We votee as we washes, allee samee— 40 cents. A h Sin. An immense sLock of Buflklo Robes both lined and unlined ail new and selling cheap at J ohn T homas ’, Desirable building lots for sale. No payment required down. -Apply at Kibbe’s Agency 96 Main street. 37 ' 2t _____ __ ______ $20 000 dollars worth nf Fall and Winter Clothing; extra inducements offered in Overcoats and our ¡new style of Knock-about Suits for men and boys Call and look at our new purchase, at R. O. H olden & S on ’ s . 83 and 85 \Main St., Batavia, ---- ------ All the nobby styles in stiff and soft hats for young men at tf J ohn T homas ’. Having purchased' the interest of J. C, dartres in the I t Batayia and Le Boy, 3 have made a great reduction in the piice of e\er) line nf goods, marking every line of goods in my entire stocks at a very small percentage above cost, which gives the purchaser on many articles fully one half the ordinary percentage Be­ fore you purchat-e: anything in the line of CLOTHING 01 m N ISH IK « 0001)8 please call on meat Batavia or Le Roy, and examine prices tmd my uew method o f doing business. --- My Stock, is Now— in all lines of goods. My own make of clothing is ui qualcd ioi snleand durability', by any in the market. :• § ! & & 4 - H i L . R B A I L E Y , FALL GOODS. K OD S J O B L O T S Milss H. Bierce. Sef>t, 2 , j S 8 o. MRS, M. M. ROSS, L & DINING ML L iö 8 t-ÌS West Maiii- Street, • 61 -Opposile Reynold’s Arcade.» Meals and Lunches served at all hours, as formerly 81 Exchange St. R O C H E S T E R * , N . T . Paricr f o r iAe Use oj Guests. £ ’JL,UMlU 2 M t m aki> m m fittin g , Green-House Work. Call and see the Latest ImprovonientH in PHuinhhig Before purchAsing eLsetvn vr«, Bath tubs, water closets, \basin bowls, '«’ash- stands, cast iron water tanks (capacity from 500 to 2,000KaUons), globe valves, srtcp and waste cocks, lawafottntains, iron pip« and fittinc.s the lowest prices. Ai-l Work WA.KRAttrsD. ft. V. F R E E M A N . No. a Strut' st., Batavia, N . V. And all diseases of tbe Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organs by wearing the Improved Excelsior Kidney Pad It is a M arvel of H e a ling and R e lief S im p le , S e n s ib le , D i r e c t , P a i n l e s s , P o w e r f u l . It C U R B S where all else fails. A R e v e l a ­ t i o n and R e v o l u t i o n in medicine. Ab­ sorption or direct application, as opposed to unsat­ isfactory m ii'mai medicines. Send for our treatise on K id iey troubles, sent free. Sold by druggists, or seat by mail, on receipt o f price, $2.. ,\nn otps This is the “ Only” Lung Pad Co. Original and ney Pad. Ask W ILLIAMS BLOCK, for it and take no ether. D X T B « 1 V, iUiCll. FURNITUR W e ó. duce nr'jpov i. rS O »niro. LO W I * B I C E S unit NEW V&M 6 A * We propose ti. eatiin both. We exc«:[.i no ..uj hojse or firm W e mean 10 bt- up ano ..uni,;,— W e are alwaysitpeii to convictiun, »! you 1 ,,n 1 any time suggest’ an improveniiM cn> our por. » we willchesrfuily adopt it and tluink vOufor yr,.t kindness.. We.tr« noi ìnìalilble, an..w e ait 1 always ab)< to w e every article tk-n leavr.- r, ,r Store, but »r uic iv/Uins to ^ Make-An;y Article Gooci i f i t f a i b m a r o a ^ ^ a b l e tim e or w iU » -^o»jal>.c use« ujy <13 One aJViii’ 11 'c i fiavc m uua iwngood»- Vuovk how they <ir*- nade to b lam e' .m • *ik ^ not good, ’ »i. „• i ch*Ase ^ o o u '' u» 9 know i m ParniEReiitif L o c a ted, and I am otiigrv. 10 stand by my warrantee whether I want to o r not. 3 am not a trave'.x; show. You l:i'Owwhere to find me when wantecl, Respectfully, BAILEY. HARRY G. FER R E N , W m e e ( D w i i w r e LESSONS. Monday, ‘Wednesday and Friday 4 » FBOH 5 TO 3 P. & To PferTOTis SnlJer«r»«-The Great E u r o p e a n B e m c d y - S r . J . B . Simpstm’s Spec Stic niodtcine. It is a positive cure for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Impotency, and aJl diseases resulting from Self-Abi;se, as Mental A nxiety, Loss of Mem­ ory, Pains in | -------------------- “ Back or Side, and diseases that lead to Consumption, tnsanity and .inearlygra-ve The Specific \f“dicine Is. being usci i n’lth wondertui success. Pamphlets sent free to all. ?et full particulars. Price, Specific, jti.oo pea package, or six pack- tges for $5.00. Address alt orders to J. B. SIM P SON M E DICINE CO., Nos. 104 and ro&Hisirt St, Buffalo, N. V, Sold in Bntavm hv S H A W & S T I r K ? W rite for them snd ('u r m b r A . B S O R F U O A (Nature’s >y *j;i ill LUNG DISEASES, THROAT DISEASES, BREA7HINC TROUBLES. It B H 1 T E S IN T O the system ruratm agents and healirjj med icities. It D K .iV .W S F U O . H the diseased parts the poisons that cause death Thousand ft T estify to it» Virtue*. M s M M M M Don’t despair m.lii you li.iv» tried thi- Sei^’h '■ Easily A'ppl'eti at'C B . A D I C A l l ' * IS F 'F I B C T i r A L i Remedy. . , i _Sold byJDrnggi^ts, or sent by mail on receipt ot i ooia oy. xjriiKjicjui, or sejj«. uy u u ... __ . I*rlce, $2.00. ‘',,e ‘ lu e iP a il Co. WlLliMS BLOCK, _________ D E T B O I T ) Mlct- G ents will find all the latest styles! o f soft a n d s t i f f f e l t hats at tf , J ohn T homas ’ , 66 Main sU timonials and our h o nk, \Three Mil­ lions a ïe a r ’ sein (r«e.

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