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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, October 29, 1880, Image 3

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HOTMIM. pi* saint Jfi« v> '^ATAVIA, H . Y * A . G. C o l l i y ? & Co, ■Jhe Waterman H oum *. IL w w v i a A. Y. Tlit only id's'll- yi.tu liuu m Ba­ tavia. M. E. P e r k i n s . Prop BAGGAGE SKFÜE8S. Ijoreau’s Baggage Jikjjm s, AND GENERAL. DELIVERY. O r d e r s l e f t a l th e S t . J a m e s M o t e } , W a s h b u r -i H o u s e , H o o p e r H o u s e , a n d b a g g a g e ro o m s A M o r d e r s p r o m p t l y a t t e n d e d to d a y 01 n i g h t . UrUHTETk. ||a fl. Benjamin \ MAKES A SPSCJALTi la artistic artificial teeth. 'J'eeth extracted with­ out pain, Rooms over Anderson !■ Chesiey’s. 6 . Gardiner, OV*.< IJ Z ¡VlAtK Sl'KBIT. A specially made of saving the natia -1 tee h. PHYSICIANS, j)r. Yi. W. Potter, OFl'ICE AxVD RESIDENCE, 133 Main Street, - B a t a v ia , N. } . |jr. Jolm 0. Davidson, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Ofnct o\er J. A . Clark's Jewels y Store. |jr. K. S. Hutclims, HOMEOPAVmSZ Office—Corker of Main ana Jackson st Residence— 45 State stieet, b&tavia, M. Y. ATTORNEYS, j f F. Fitzgerald, CO l/NSBLOR .4 'J-LA i t . Rooms 5 and 6, Masse Block. Jiata.via, i f . Y. jra B. Stewart, ATI ORNEY AND COUNSELOR A l LAh . 94 Main Stm w t, Room 5, Batavia, N . Y. B â t â T l A M I L Y mm. ||( lt.-reck , J i, A / 7 ORNE Y AND l O UMSEIOR A 7 TJi H ’ No. S3 M ain S t r k w . Over T u r n e r & Son's, Batavia, N. V. panfc S. Wood, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR, A l CAW Office: a t Surrogate’s Office jjafford £. North, A’iJCRN E Y AND COUNSELOR AT LAW. Office over the First National B a n l. wm —^ ^ ————a PAINTERS. ^illuuu Wood, CARRIAGE and SIGN PAINTER. ft 4 State Street, with Hiller & Schad. r sign work of a ll kinds ¡t specialty. CABINET M A j KMJH. ^ S’, Lawrence, CABINE 2 SHOP. J a c k s o n S t r e e t (in T e r r y ’s H a l l ; F u r n i t u r e o f a l l k i n d s m a d e to o r d e r . B’ in e w o i i 1 » • s p e c i a l t y . ■’ V i n d o - w c o r n i c e a n d p i c t u r e tr a m « 1; BOARD 1 NQ H 0 ÏÏ 8 Æ . IH' O’Donnell, BOARDING HOUSE, No. 4 Evans street. Hoard by the day or weidc. Terms reasonable, NOSBS. Cocked up noses are pert and some say not too civil,, me have none, liike a bear when a cub, ' fine stately nose, may some time hide a devil, tid an angel may beam in a snub. 1 ut noses of all kinds no matter their shape, /■ re attacked some time with dis­ order, , itarrh caused by cold, will cause your head to ache_, . ut Eclectric Oil, will soon pat you in order. i or sale by Shaw & Stiles. -------- ------------ D, R. V. G. wilt cure every case o Sick Headache. See other rbl~ inn. , Guaranteed by all Druggists. ------ -------------------- Childrens Button Shoes for $ i.co per pair.. Misses Button Shoes for $1.25 per pair at W o o d w a r d s ’ . Thursday, October 28, 1880 . .Pub.iiih.-ed d a i ly , Sundays excepted, b y the D A IIF iOEWS PUBLISHING CO. X 'otcxiM S O N B l o c k . B a . t a v i a . N . \V. M. D . IS I S . , - - E d ito r ! AmoM’G the men in Ireland mark­ ed for prosecution by the English government is James J. O ’Kelly. He vs?as correspondent of the New York Wkmld in Cuba several years ago, diiling the great insurrection As he cliuse the rebel camp for his headquarters, he was enabled to send his paper plenty of letters m> less trustworthy than spicy. The Spanish government got hold of him alter a while and chose to con sider him a spy and not a journalist. He was pat in irons and sent to Madrid. H e took the whole mat­ ter veiy coolly and when condemn­ ed to death, made arrangements to write up his own execution as far as the final scene, which he entrusted to the ill and o f a subordinate. Cas- telar procured his pardon and he was seat to Paris. After doing good service there he went to South America and accompanied Dorn Pedroto this country in 1876, He then took another trip to Spain and wrote up the marriage of Alfonso an<| ¡Mercedes in gorgeous style. Therevwas a story current in the metropolis that O ’Kelly had just got married in New York at the break­ ing out of the Russo-Turkish war, and received orders to depart for the front a t once, but refused to go unless traveling accommodations were secured for his wife with whom he had 310 desire to part company. He retarned to Ireland recently just in time to be chosen member 01 pa.rliantent from Roscommon. ------------------------------ O ne o f the medical officers of Lon'Dn, Dr. S. Gibbon, reports that a Jew’s life in London is on the average twice as long asa Christian's The Hebrews of the metropolis are notoriously exempt from tu bercular and scrofulous taint It is very rare that ca-e meets with pulmonary con­ sumption amongthem. The medi c&l o>icer of one of their large schools has remarked that their children do not die in anything like the same ratio as Gentile children; and in the district of Whitechapel the medical officer of health has reported that 011 the north side of High street, occu­ pied by the Jews, the average death rate is 20 per 1,000, while on the soutli side, occupied by English and Irish, i t is 43 per 1,000. ---------< • y ... The. erection of a monument to perpetuate the labors of Thomas Clarltson as an advocate of slave ema.ucipation was inaugurated on Monday at Wisbeach, England, w-heu the first stone of a handsome naeoooiial was laid. The memorial will be a statue w ith in inscription and has reliefs. It was designed by the late Sir Gilbert Scott and will cost £ 2,000, of which ^600 are still required. I f aLl man’s evil genius, ever in­ vented a more distressing disease thaa AkSthma, I should like to know it. I have suffered lor years and never found perfect relief until I commenced using Dr, Taft’s Asth- nnatene. It works like a charm.— Rev, C. W. Fowler. ubscribe for the D a i l y N ews . HEALTH IS WEALTH ! D r. E. C. W e st’s N erve and Brain Tr.eat.ment: »specific for Hysteria, Diz­ ziness, Convulsions, Nervous Headache, Mental Depression,, Loss of Memory, Sperm­ atorrhoea, Impotency, Involuntary Emiss­ ions, PrernatureOld Age, caused by over­ exertion, self-afctse, or over-iadulgence, which leads to misery, decay and death. One box will cure recent cases. Each box contains one motmth’s treatment. One dollar a box, or six boxes for five dollars; sent by rnail prepaid 011 receipt o f pnce. We guar­ antee six boxes to curc any case. With each order receded b y us for six boxes, ac­ companied with Bve dollars, we will send the purchaser our written guarantee to re­ turn the money li the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued by F. E. W right, Sole Authorized Agent for Bata­ via, N. Y. ’ Wiai, 21 . Tibbs,_wholesale agent, l!uflalo, M. Y - sep3yi Buffalo & ^ontliwestern R’y SHORTEST. Q i M C K E S T AND B E S T R O D V E T O B l l A t t F O H D Pittsburgh, Titusvill-eancliill p.;mts ia the upper and lower oil country. S ’ re connections for Cin­ cinnati, St. Louis an-d CUioago, and all points west. On and after Nor. i6. 1879, trains wil run as follows from N Y *C. fc H. R. R. R. Depot, Buf­ falo, N. Y., (Ñ. Y.tím e); Q O K A, M., arnve Jamestown 11.ao A, M , OtU O Titusville 1-50 í\. M , Pitiaburgh 7.40 P . M 440 P. M., arriving J.iraesto-wn 8.25 P. M. N 0 change of uan> bctvesa ButFa'o ,<ud Pitts- b.irg. Trains a u ive at n 0 M. and 8.10 P, M. All rains run daily. Eor further informatioa call at general office, m 5 Main street, Buffalo, fvr Y. J, F. MOULTON, A.. S. M cALLISTER , General Manager. f». P- andT. Agent. IN P H E D A B K , When in the dark, her hand I press­ ed, what rapture I endured, But when the candle entered, all was cured, For her face was covered with blotch­ es and pimples. I made her a present of a bottle o f Spring Blos­ som, and n o r shte’s cured. Wed­ ding next wee Is— no cards only tes timonials. Priies: 50c, trial bottles IOC. For sale by Shaw k Stiles. V R iD U . ^asaissa: ■ V -Asrtt— Real Ei Meal Estate Sales Negotiated;, Houses Rented Rents Collected. Mo uses/or rqnt or sale. Desirable Builtling lots /o r sale. Farm and Mill Property fo r s ale. The, Mown over C. Mr Tur­ ner’» market , lately used as wn A r t Schml. A.nd F a m i l y room s o n ''M a in 9 tree t , to r e n t . Loans. Money to loan on good secuiity tor long or short terms. Collections. Notes and Accounts etc., collected. Col­ lections made in all partii of the country at reasonable races. Tens of thousa-iids of dollars are squandered yearly upon traveling Quacks, who go from town to town professing to c u re all the ills that our poor humanity is heir to, why will not the public learn common sense and if they are suffering from Dyspepsia or Liver complaint, in­ vest a dollar in Spring Blossom, sold by all druggists and endorsed bp the facility, see testimonials. Prices: 50cts„ trial bottle3 iocts, For sale by Shaw & Stiles. Messages, notes etc., delivered promptly anywhere in town, Messages or other matters requir­ ing personal attention in any City o f the Union, attended to with dispatch Leave orders with Wm E. Howard, Office with S. E. North, over First National Bank Or with s l . O L w m m m m m Robinson Wagon Co, C I N C I N N A T I , O I I I O - ---------------------- If life is a (lowex as Philosophers say, Tyis a very good hint, understood the right r-ay, For if life is a tbwer, any Mock- head can tell, If you’d have it 100k fresh you must moisten it veil, But if moistened, too much, and you get a sick ¡headache, A buttle of Spring Blossom is the best thing; to take. Prices 50c,, trial bottle 10c, For sale by Shaw & Stiles. Go, to Shaw & Stiles for Mrs Freeman’s New National Dyes, For brightness and durability of color tihey are unequaled. Color from 2 to 5 pounds. Price, 15 cents. O ur P resent B anking S ystem is a vast improvement on that of twen­ ty years ago, as every one must ad­ mit who rem embers the trouble we had with wild cat money. Any man who is so bilious as to deny this should take a dose of Mott’s Liver Pills, a.nd recover his normal billiary condition as soon as possi­ ble. -------- ------------- - PR O T ECT 3 0 L I T T L E ONES. Protect the little ones from the often fatal consequences of croup, with Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil. It is the king of all cough medicines as well aSi a peerless remedy for rheumatism, lame back, sprains, bruises, cuts, piles, kidney troubles, etc. Take i t inwardly and apply outwardly. For sale by Sha-vv & Stiles. - ----- - ----- --------------- A I?o»EUvo Fact. ♦ ThousandsofPhysicians are prescribing James’ Cougli. Pills lor Hemorrhage of the Lungs, Whooping Cough, Common Colds See. These pills were compounded by one of the most eminentPhysicians of New York and are the result of many years careful study; and we:re they timely used consum­ ption would be unknown. Try them price 25 cents They are not cathartic. For sale by Jhiha-w & Stiles. TH IS COM P A NY IIA'VE JUST FINISHED COM P L E T E SHOPS W ITH E V E R Y F A C IL IT Y OF THE LA T E S T I M P R O V E D M / V C r - t f K E R V , A J N f > A . R K PREPARED T O M A NUFACTURE Standard Trade V elicles, Such as Farm Wegons, Spring Wagons, Platform Wagons, Ludlow Spring Wagons, Farmers’ 2-Seated Carriages Standard Trade Buggies. Elegant Brewster Budgies* Etc. Etc. M r s . l y d i a i . m m m . O F LYWH, M A S S . Feitsrpapsr Advertising compels in ­ quiry and when the article offered is of good quality and at. a fair price, the natural result is increased sales, Carter’s Little Liver Pills will pos­ itively curesiclc headache and pre­ vent its reta rn This is not talk, but truth. One pill a dose. T o be had of ail druggists. Send for Designs and Prices, to R O B I N S O N W A G O K C O ., C i n c i n n a t i , O, H e n r y E a s t o n ’s R E A L E S T A T E & LO A N D v c r l t b e g F l r s t P f f l t i o n a l B a t i k , B a t a v i a , ST. V . Great inducements arc i :ow offered in Farm Property in thi •• ; iid adjoin­ ing counties, both FRUIT, GRAIN AND D A IRY- FARMS, also places of business like D R Y GOODS, GROCERIES, 1 HARDW A R E , LIVER Y STABLES, BLACKSM ITH SIIOP.S IIOTFLS, etc., etc. Western and Southern Land in large or small parcels. Houses and lots in town that can be bought at a bargain, or in Roch­ ester, Syracuse and in adjoining towns. Farms to exchange for village or city property. Call at once and examine my lis- o f over 8oo farms now in the agent cy. Stop that Toothaeh«, K I N G ’ S M agic Toothache Cure stops toothache in five minutes or money refund­ ed. Price 25 cento. Shaw & S iiles agents* DISCOVERER OP L Y D I A E . P I N K H A M ’S' V E K m J M SOMPOTOD, Tlie Positrvp Cure mu mu MB T o r a l l I ' e m a l e C o m p l a i n t s , This preparation, as i i s nam e signifies, coasista a i Vegetal) Je P roper lies th a t a r e hcrm iesg t o tlie m o st del­ icate invalid. UpntLono tria l tha m e rits o f this Com­ pound will b e r e c o suizoa, as r e lie f i s im m e d iate; and w h e n its use isconthuicia, In ninety nine cases in a. hun­ dred, »perm a n e n tcureiseffected,astliousnnds iviU tes­ tify . On account o f it-j proven m e r its, it Is to-ilay re- coinmonded and. in'escriScil by the b e s t physicians in the c o u n try. It wDl euro en tirely the -worst form o f falling o f the uterup, Jjfncora'linea, irre s u l o r and jiainiui llenstraation, a ll Owarioji Troubles, Inflammation, and Tllceratioii, Floc-ding-s, oJl Displacem ents and tlie con­ sequent; spinal w i'uiuiess, and i s especially adapted t o the CiHunge o f Life. It w ill dh.;olve and expel tum o rs from tire uti riisiitM i on TlyKtoEra of dove! >pmpnt. The tendency to cnncti tji.islm mors t h s r e is clioukuil vory lipeediljF b y its use. In fa c t it lias proved to lie the great­ est and best rem w ly th n t has ever been discover­ ed. I t perm eates pvpry portion o f the system , and gives n e w llfean d viffor. Itrem o v e a fointness,flatulency,de­ stroys a,Ucm ving f o r stLmulants, a n d relievos -woakne» o f t h e stomach i t c u res Bloatlni', llendaclies, K c rvous rrostratlon, G e n e ralD e b ilitSIci.;.l<'E sni ss, Depression and Indi­ gestion. Tl.at liearin g d o w n , eansinu pain, w e ight and bcciov *»«•. Ik a lw a y s porinar cntly cured b y its use. I t wil 1 tt a l l tl m er, and under t.U <\\< I'inatan. ces, act in harm o n y i~itU the law thr.t th* fem alosysteni. For ICidneyt'omp.lati’t 14 of either s>>\: this compound is unsurpassed. Lydia E. Pinklvani’s Vegetable Co»ij)ound Is p r e p a r e d a t 23 ll a tidaSn W e s tern A.'venue, I.yim , Muss. P r i c e $ 1 . 00 . S ix h o t l l e s f o r $ 5 . 00 . S e n t b y m ail in the fo r m o£ p ills, a lso t a th e fo r m o f L o z e n g e s , o n re c e ip t o f p r ice, $ 1 . 00 , per box:, fo r e i t h e r . M rs. PIJiK H A M fre e l y a n s w e r s a l l k - t t e r s o f inquii-y. Send fo r r a r o ' p h let. A d d r e f« as a l u v o JUmiian this pnper. No fa m i l y should ho v sathout L Y D I A E. PINKH A M ’ LIVER, PILLS. T u e y c u r e C o n s t ip a t ion , BUluusne® a n d T o r p id ity o f t h e IJ^er. 26 c e n t s p e r Ijox C . J i . 0 K r a T E N r O N , ( i e n . A g t ,1 1 5 F u l t o n S t . N . Y . Sold by SW U k W «E S T I L E S .

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