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Vol. HI-“Whole Number 728. BATAVIA, N. »„ FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 29, 1880. Price Two Cents A G E N T M E R R Y ’8 C A S H . refu s a l to Deliver Him to tbo State Auttiorltfeg-fudJan» fry. lug to Create Trouble. Denver, Col., Oct, 28,— In the United States District Court to-day day Judge Hallet refused to grant a petition requesting that agent Berry be turned over to the State authori­ ties. It is understood that State warrants will be issued, and in the event o f Berry's discharge by the United States Commissioner, he will be re-arrested and taken to Gunni­ son City. Berry has not yet arrived here. A Gunnison City special says: Small bands of Indians are reported scouring the country endeavoring to create an outbreak, and declare their intention oi liberating Captain Kline, who is in Gunnison City under arrest. Three companies of militia have been formed and the city placed under their control. F a t a l A f f r a y . N ew -H aven , O c t 28. — As a re­ publican torchlight procession was passing the corner of Dak and Dwight streets this evening a num­ ber of boys standing 0« the pave­ ment blew tin horns at the proces­ sionists. This so enraged one of the members of a colored company from Hartford that he struck one of the boys in the face ’with a torch, whereupon the boys took: to their heels. Several of the colored men pursued the- boys, and one Hart­ ford negro, whose name is not yet learned, fired a pistol into the crowd. The ball struck an inoffen­ sive spectator, Peter Sweeney, pass­ ing through his groin. He fell down and was set upon and severe­ ly beaten, his jaw being broken. Sweeney will die. Sweeney being an Irish democrat and his assailants colored, there is much excitement over ttie matter. (Jrim e * a n d C a s n a U i c a . V icksburg , Oct. 28. — Judge Young refused the application of Samuel Hawthorne foi a new trial, and sentenced him to the peniten­ tiary for life. A tlanta , Oct. 28.— Tom Betts, colored, killed H. T. Moore, white, to - d a y near Jonesboro in a dispute about the proceeds of a sale o f cot­ ton. Betts was arrested. T roy , Oct. 28.-—Charles Wilkins, aged 15, a messenger hoyin the tele­ phone office, was run over by the cars this afternoon. He died an hour afterwards. B oston , Oct. 2 8. — Mrs, Gould, cashier of the defunct Ladies De­ posit Bank, has been bailed in the sum oi $18,000. X l i e T a l l j o t t Murder. M aryville , Mo., Oct. 28. A l­ bert Talbott, his brother Edwar.l, his mother, and Henry Wyeth, a hired man in their employ, have been held to trial for the murder of Dr. Talbott, father of Albert, and Edward, at Maryville 011 the 18th of September. The evidence - against the prisoners is strengthened by their mutual accusations. The hired man says the Talbotts committed the mur­ der, and the Talbotts charge Wyeth with the crime, and also with having committed a previous murder. AH the parties have a very hard reputa­ tion. D u t i e s Wrongly C o llected . New York, Oct. 28.— In the suit of William Astor agaist Collector Merritt to recover dudes on apparel brought from abroad by Mr. Astor s family, the jury this morning ren­ dered a verdict in favor of the plain- tiffTor$737. United States Judge Shipman interpretedthe term 4 ‘wear­ ing apparel in actual use” to be such as had been abroad or else where, and not apparel merely in­ tended for use at home, Call at Stone’s 94 Main street and see the new style of ladies’ and children’s hoods and sacks. R e c e i v e r A p p o in t e d . Sr. Lours, Oct. 28, — Judge Lmd- ley of the Circuit Court appointed Capt. Samuel L. Clabb receiver of the Keokuk Northern Line Packet Company. His bond was fixed at $200,000. The Court also ordered an election for new directors on the 17th of November,, and that none of the ousted directors be eligible to re-election. Dioki P o i s o n e d toy C h e m i c a l s . N e w Y okk , Oct 28,— While John ti, ag?d 36, of Brooklyn was mixm.y soineciaem icals on Wed­ nesday night the ■vessel containing them bust. While carrying the nur­ ture into the back pard he was over­ come by the fumes and fell to the ground. He lingered until today and died. Seaurau Killed. P ort M onroe , Q ci . 28.--While the crews of the flc<l engaged in the competitive drill ve-ere shifting sail yesterday, an ordinary seaman, Dan- ie Ciairgon o f the ' ‘Alliance,” miss­ ed his footing and fell to the deck, fracturing his skull. He died this morning. Burglars at Lon g; Brand*. L ong B ranch , N. J., Oct. 28,— Duri ng the absence of the widow of Edwin Adams, the actor, a few days ago her cottage was broken into by burglars who carried away everything of value. There is no clue to the robbers. ACCIDENT ALL Y POIMONßD. E iifillx h Sloop Seized. San F r a n c isco , Oct. 28.— A Port Townsend dispatch pays the revenue cutter “ Walcott” seized the English sloop “ Alert\ for cruising in Ameri­ can waters without papers. -------- ----------- T h e JM Iem r e i*. A fair-sized audience ¡»reeted Baird’s New Orleans Minstrels at the opera house last night. This was their second appearance here and Billy McAllister and the “ F o u rln- vincibles” carried off the honors, ---------- ---------------- L i n e of M a r c b . At 7 o’clock p. in. the Hancock Legions, composed of the several Clubs of the county and visiting or­ ganizations, will form on Ellicolt Avenue and Oak street, the right resting on Main, when the column will move in the following line of march: Up Main street to* Cemetery; coun­ ter-march to Jackson; down Jackson to Ellicott; down ELlicott to Court street, where the Clubs will be dis­ missed. Marshal, C h ief of Staff and his Aids. Batavia Union Cornet Band. Soldiers of the late war under command of Captain Joseph H . Robson. Carriages containing crippled soldiers. Business Men of Batavia, H . N. Ke sey coinrmudmg. W aldo’s Martial Band. •Young Men’s Hancock and EnglisliClub o f Hitavia, J, G. Johnson commanding. E lb a Cornet Band. Hancock and English Club of Elba, Rus­ sell Crosby commanding. Teflev- on Comet Band. _ Hancock and English Club of Attica, Col. R . S Stevens commandmg- Hancock and Engl'sh Club of Bergen, M. W . Towtisecid commanding. LeR o y Drum Corps. Douglas Phalanx ot LeRoy, A . L . lom p - kinsr, commanding. Hancock and English Club of le Roy. Col. L . belhnger, commanding. Hancock and English C lub of Byron, Ed. Moulthrop, commanding. Caledonia Cornet Band, Hancock and English Club, Last End, noitw a Wm. H. Thayer, commanding. Hancock and English. Club of Stafford, Henry Combs commanding, Oakficld Drum Cr rps. H a n cock and English U u b of Oakheld, \V. E. Casey, commanding. ' Indian Cornet Band. Hancock and Eaflislv Clu.ofAkban,a, W ME. Bracket!, commanding* Other' Clubs will b. in line upon reporting to Capt. T.by , Batavia G u n Squad-Geo. Place, Captain,, Batavia 0rganizations. Maj. 0 . C. P A R K E R , Marshal,. ¿apt. T. L y n c h . Chief of Staff, R o c k Crystal Drips for Buckwheat cakes, at K e n y o n s . A f*n* 111 1 nent PJiysleJau of ¡South Alabama Takes a Dose o i Aco­ nite and Ble* in Great Agony S oobi Alter. Dr, H o m ing an> esteemed and well ¡known physician of South Ala­ bama, ;in this county, died last even­ ing under very painful circumstances. Feeling unwell about 5 o’clock yes­ terday afternoon he went to a closet in which he kept the dtu?s, which he uses in the practice of his profes­ sion, intending to lake a mild stim­ ulant, He took from the shelf a bottle: which hes:tppo?ed contained liquor, an i pourinr a m a 11 quantity into a glass raise'-! it • to his mouth and drank it. As soon as he swal­ lowed! the liquid hi- saw that he had lliadt a mistake, and turning to his wife with an expression of horror on his face, said ‘ I ha.e taken poison.” The d rag which ht had by mistake taken was fluid extract of aconite. It began its deadly work instantly and s.0011 Dr, Horning was writ bins* in fearful agony. His wife gave him an emetic and used •every means she knew of to counteract the effects of the deadly drug, but without accomplishing and beneficial result. Dr. Hunt of Medina, Dr. Zurhorst ol Alabama, and Dr. Jackson of Oakfield were sent for. Dr. Zuraurst was soon at the buffering riian s side though he was anable, owing nature of the drug, fprer. The other rived after all hope Homing died about 7:30 o’clock in excrtaciating agony», though uncon­ sciousness bad preceded death for nearly an hour, He was 54 years of ag>eand leaves a wife but no children. to the deadly to help the suf- phpsicians ar- had fled. Dr. K-epubiIca.11 Line of itlarch. The ‘ ’Boys in Blue” will parade to-ra. orrow, and airu in the evening. The following is t 'e oider of the i'JJin'ilLrn » r C J1'' r^tW.' i-iiiWKUlACi form on East Main sLreet and aiarch west to Bank street, up Bank to North; west on North to Ellicott avenue; down Eliicott avenue to iVLain street, where they will be joined by the second division who will fall in on the Tear. The com- panLes will march up East Main to Cemetery street; countermarch to Ellicott avenue where they will dis band, The line of inarch ior the evening procession will be pub­ lish«; 1 1-morrow, S c a r l e t U n d e rw e a r. -—For Geuts and Ladies, the best goods for the money in Genesee Co,, at Stone s 94 Main street. ------ -------- A.n elegant line of pocketbooks andi wallets at Tiyon’s Drug Store, No- 57 Main street, Batavia. 2 - 34 t Black and colored silks, the best and cheapest goo«is for the money' in Batavia, is at Stone s, 94 street Main Dreg» Goods. Sunday Sell «voi Association. Silk velvets, corded velveteens, brocaded silks, satins, and fancy trimmings. The largest assortment of any store in Batavia, and lower prices, at Stone’s, 94 Main street. — ------ - Ladies' and Children’s band-made knit sacks, hoods and mittens, much better to wear than ready-made go ods, at low prices. Orders taken for any particular colors desired at Stone’s, 94 Main street. — - ------ ------------ - Silk Fringes, beaded gimps, orn aments, cord and Tassels; new style rubber bracelets, back combs, &c., received this week at Stones, 94 MLain street. Cottons. 100 pieces wil' be sold at less than manufacture prices, at Stone's, 94 Main street. Tlte Genesee County .Sunday School Association held their an­ nual meeting isì the Presbyterian church, Corfu, Thursday, Oct. 21. The exercises commenced at 10 o'clock a. ns,, and continued through the day and evening-. Ow- iti£ to the condition ot the weather it was feared the attendance would l.r small ; but despite all difficulties a goodly number (representing all hi-1 three towns in the county)$a.th- e -.'d; until at u o’clock the house 'uc : Comfortably' wdl filled. T h e morning exercises consisted o f a \ 1 banksgiving service, '’ ctiscnssion 0! .several topics, and closing with “ Incidents of missionary lile in Asia, ” by l<ev. Albert Norton ’which was listened to with much interest. Ai the close of the morning exer­ cises, the ladies of the place having prepared a collation in the ¡base­ ment of the church, opportunity was e;iven all im attendance to sup ply tèe wants of the inner man. Nearly one hundred avaiLed tliem- sehva of the opportunity, The afternoon session was devoted to the discussion of various topics, prominent among which were “ T h e .Sword uf the Spirit and how to use it,\ opened by Mrs, M. J. Weaver; 1‘Influence of the Bible 0» the world’ civilization,” by L v , Wm. C. Learned; “ T h e relation oi tract- ibility to Sunday school prosperity/’ by Rev. Benj. Parsons. At 3 o’clock was tlae children’s hour. At 4 o'clock the question drawer was opened, after which came the election wf officers for the ensuing year. D. R. Taylor was un mi- inously re-elecried \ resident; Rev. * Wni. C. Learned, Vice-President; D. J. McPherson, Secretary; John MdCfsizie, Treasurer; R*v. L. E, HUuuia, Coresponding Secretary. The following Vice-Presid ents from each town were also elected ¡— Ala­ bama, James Gordon; Alexander, L? a n . T ? /v T^f 'li ttlfe;-»Bethany, Clias. Lincoln; By­ ron, Chas.-^ook; Darien, K. ML Choate; Elba, S.ev. E. A Wheat, L e R o y , C. B, Gillett; Ostkfield, B. F. Hawes; Pavilion.-C. K. Ward; Pembroke, Jjj'adley Calkins, Staf­ ford, C. J. Remington. An invita­ tion to hold tlie semi annual meet­ ing of this association in the Bap­ tist church of East Pembroke was accepted. Rev. M. Coliycr of- fere-d the following resolution; j ^solved, T h a t the Spirit of Christian love and liberalilj so fully manifested by the fcrelhern and sis'ers ol Coriu, (in. their provision for our great pleasure and profit on tins occasion) calls for the «xpre.-bion oi a mesi hearty vote of thanks iro n us for theii marked hespilalily and cordially m the name oi out Heavenly Easter, May tlicv receive in the (utuve as during the pati winter, the Lord’s blessing in rich measures presse! down and rmuring over. During the evening addresses were listened to from Revs. Gillett, Wheat, Hafcna, Parsons, Dexter and Crowell. Subject, “ The Love of Souls, \ a motive power in Sun­ day school teachers of Genesee cocnty go to God in sacret^prayer every Sabbath morning at 9 o'clock, asking i/w b lessin g s upon their work. — Bakvian. A. S u r e T e » t . Two friends from the interior put up at a Galveston hotel and were given oue room. Ine man in the ne:xt room o-verheard the following conveisation about daybreak the next morning: “ I say, Bill, are you awake V “ I've been wide awake for the last two hours.\ “ Lend me five dollars.'' “ I've dozed off again,\ “ I knew you were lving when you said you were wide awakei \ ^ _____ G ents ’ W rappers and D rawers . _ Extra bargain sat 40c. 50c. 62 j^c, 65c, 75c. and $x., at Stone’ s 94 Main street. - --------- --------------- TO Clow . «E 4 2 US NEWS. A Collecti on of Interesting N o t» I’roin all Quarters. Charles M urpliey was killed in Albany, Tuesday, by falling down stairs. Trank Ingram, charged with rape at M orsville, has been assigned counsel. Miss Congden of Binghamton fell over a dog in the street Tuesday and broke: her arm. Joseph Dipler dropped dead while mixing mortar for St. Mary’s church at Amsterdam, Tuesday. ‘William Woffurday of Buffalo, while hoisting a stone from a canal boat, the chain broke and struck iiina on the head, killing him in­ stantly. The Adelphi Hotel at Saratoga, closed for the season Monday night. It has had a very profitable year. The Arlington will remain open all '.viutei. Burglars entered the Fort Edward postoilice Snnday night and stole about $250 worth of property. Among the plunder were $60 worth of postage stamps. Da.vid Champion, who was Want­ ed in Rochester for the alleged theft of seventy-five dollars from Mis. Solomon Yoeman of that city, was arrested in Oswego Wednesday. The much-talked of case of John Yusten, who was killed by rough handling by Albany police officers, came: to an end by the fining of D. A. Van Dusen and Jolui Ward $75 each. The condition of the boy at Al­ bany, Clarence A. Burt, shot by Joseph Lyons over a week ago, is so precarious that the examination o f Lyons has been indefinitely post­ poned, A small boy, named Thomas Stanton, in Albany, stole a popket- book. containing thirty-live dollars H e was An unknown man sprang upon John Bartholmey, district collector, on the public highway near Harris- ville, Lewis county, on Monday, and robbed him of $40 of school money. The robber has not been found. -------------------- Marriage Bella. * The marriage of Mr. George Acker and Miss Teressa Molon«y touk place at St. Joseph’s church last evening. After partaking of a sumptuous repast at the residence of the bride’s parents the happy couple took the cars for New York and Boston, where thev intend to spend a iew days among friends. Macrame thread, white spool lin­ en, silk thread for knitting, ciemels, zephyr, &c ., a full assortment Stone’ s, 94 M ain street. at New styles o f fall and winter caps for men, boys and children, an im ­ mense stock just received at John Thom as’. ¡Fresh Oysters daily at Kenyons’. p j i p Advertise in the D a ily News. Pure mohair and silk wrap Brill- iantine cost 1.25 and 1. 50, at 55c. per yd. at Stone’s 94 Main street. T h e largest stock o f trunks and traveling bags in town, selling cheap at John Thomas”. ---------- --------------- For illum inating, wax, sperm, or adamantine candles, in colors and in all sizes at K e n y o n s ’. New stock of Lap Robes just re­ ceived at J o h n Thom a s’ . tf -------- *•» -------- N o t i c e * All persons having claims against the town of Batavia, will present them with their vouchers at the Town Clerk’ s office, on or before the 4th day of November, 1880. H. N. K elsey, 25.51 Tow n Clerk, ----- - ----------- -------------- C l i l l d r e n ’ i C l o a k i * In navy b lu e and seal brown, from 4 . years up to 16 years o f age, at Stone’ s, 94 \Main street.

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