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V o l. i l l — W h o l e l u m b e r 6 9 8 . B A T A V I A , ft. ? . F R I D A Y , E M E N W * SE P T E M B E R 2 4 , 1 8 8 0 . P r i c e T w o C e n t s CLOSING EXERCISES OJP THE GEN­ ESEE ÛOONTY F AIM. Tli« E x b iM tion i e r t c r i l a j Visited by N ine TiioagaiiiL People. Yesterday was the third and last day of the county fair and the weather, which was the most aus­ picious since the fair !t>egan, served to draw a large crowd o f people to­ gether. It was a grand success, and the officers who have ¡labo-red assid­ uously to have everything pass off smoothly, were well rewarded for the pains they have taken. At 9 o'clock in the morning teams began to arrive in town from neighboring villages and the dust was kept thor­ oughly stirred up until 2 o 'clock in the afternoon. Arriving at the fair ground all was bustle an-d excite­ ment, and everybody ea^er to take everything in that was to be seen. It is estimated that nine thousand people were on the ground, the village of Batavia making up a fair sized portion of those assembled. First on the list of the many dif­ ferent articles on exhibition which were not noticed in yesterday’s N ews came the outside show of plows, a space 20 by 30 feet was occupied by the Wiard Plow (¿0., of this village, who had twenty-five different varieties of chilled plows and the attendant waskepi constant­ ly busy in answering qu-esiions in regard to their celebiated work. This firm received the first premium and highest award, as they do near­ ly everywhere they go* P. P. Brad- ish and the Syracuse Chilled Plow Company were also present with a fine collection of their’nosrti. Agents of various kinds uf mowers, reapers, drills and other farminsr implements had their share of talki ng to dn par­ ticularly with the f& rixters, all of whom thought their 0 wn best. On the north side of the tu c k A. J. Waldo and J. . Swed of this vil­ lage, and R. McCord o f Rochester, had on exhibition'as fine a display of buggies and phaetons as we have seen in a great whilfr; they were greatly admired and elicited no lit­ tle praise from those who saw them. Leaving this part of the ground the writer's attention was next drawn to the sheep and cattle pens, located at the southeast part. Here a number of farmers and farmer’s sons were found viewing the stock. In the display of fine wool sheep Messrs. S. B. Lusk, B. F. Peck, Warren J. Tyler, Hon. Eli Taylor andHenry Hoffman were the most prominent, and Mlrs. N. K. Cone, B. F. Peck, F. B;. Redfield and L. E . Heston took the lead in their exhibition of Arsfayre, Dur­ ham and Alberdy cattle, The Pol­ led Angus or Aberdeen sEock shown by Mr. Redfield wer& the object ot admiration. The display of young cattle and swine was also very cred­ itable. The east end addition of Floral Hall was crowded all day long, where could be seen a line show. The first bit of space on the north side Messrs, Kenyon Bros, made a display of 99 cent and other goods, which took the eye of all present Near by, W. H. Wilson and C. W. Tali- man displayed their ¡collection of photographs. Mr. Wilsun carried off the first premium, H e is a first class artist, and can compete with either Rochester or buffalo on first class work. Among the exhibitors on the south side of this hall were F. P. Terry, piano and organs, G. W. Bartlett, Singer sewing machines, C. O* Stetson and Albert Benchley, picture frames, Vo'z Sros., stoves and tinware, and E. D. Fisher & C o , of East Pembroke, canned goods. The balance of the room in the hall was taken uj> in the display of fruits, vegetables, ¡tnd dairy pro­ ducts raised by farmers in Genesee county. Among the collection, which was very large, wa;s noticed a squash raised in the town of Elba, and weighing 133 lbs. This attract­ ed considerable attention, as also did the large squashes exhibited by 1. 2 . n ó - 5- 4 - i . 2 . 3 ’ 4 5 - Mr: Henry Todd, in rear ot this addition to Floral Hall was; arootherib uilriing for lancy fowls and pigeons There was quite an array o l differ ent breeds, and a number o f exhibitors. THE RrAGES. JLboup two o ’clock the people crowded into thfc^wand stand, and on either si^e of ah e track to witness t:he speed mg ol tie different trotters. The first to be: called on were the four year olds, T he result of the race wlaioh was somewhat ex­ citing, is given in t he following S B M M M ’R Y - St. G o i l a a r d , ........... 1 1. 1. Semarims,. ............................ 2. 2. 2. George'Venture, . ................. 3. 3. 3.. Time: 2:55,3:39# , 2:49. Between the h easts the band plaved sotne (if their selections which were highly apprcci ated by those near the grand standi The 2:50 class was the ¡next racoi n order, and after some little difficult-v was settled, the five horses were started, and the race was won br Mr. Cary’s horse Lightfoot. Eel©\r we give the S U » I M _ A R Y . Lightfnot, ....... . . ..............x Billy Wfilmarth, .................. 2. Prudenae .............. . .. ............ 3. Frank, .................................... 4. Mohawk Maid,. . .................. 5. Time: 2:49, 2 : 4 3 j ^ > 2 : 4 0 Before the last heat of this race was trotted Profl Allen went up with his balloon Aite-r going up some eight hundred feet, and performing on the trapeze ho «descended in a lot next rot he lair ground. The third asid last race was the free for-adl. There were but two entries in this ra.ee which was won by L.idy Raffert y in three heats, as will be steen by th«e following S f 1 I M S A . R Y . Lady JLaflei ly . „..................2. j. 2. Lady S»milh,... ............. 1. 2. 1. Time: 2:39^, 2:39#, 2:36^. WneiL this race, which was the last, m s fin! <hed it f>nd became quite late a V, . ie peqpMe who \,tu. i> ~.:y and tired, left fortiheir several homes well pleased witft the day's sport. Thus ends the forty-first exhibiton given by this society, and the present' officers are deserving of a great deal of credit for theirindefatigable labor. FAI 2 t ..NOTES. Damon gave a» exhibition of his speed yesterday, trotting one half mile in 1:16. In going to the; grounds a horse driven b y Mr. Johan Bannister tipped the buggy over to which he was at­ tached, The occupants were thrown out, though considerably frightened they weire not iiljuired. J. A, Waterman’s familiar face was noticed with the band the first day. The snare «drum was well han­ dled by him foE:a short time. Messrs. D. ’W, Tomlinson, S. B. Lusk acid Benjamin Childs, judges in ther«tces, w-sre impartial in their decisions. At the close of the fair two or three ont-of-to-mi rowdies tried to get up a fight, tat were stopped by the officers. One noticeable feature at the fair ■which w e omittecS to mention yes­ terday was the ca_rd writing executed , by Herbert Lamfcin, a young lad 13 years old, It was finely done and would do »credit to a practical penman: -------- «-#-* -------- Cliesap» Goods. Messers A. B Waldo & Co., who are carrying on -a general Auction Store at C. T. Bwxton’s old stand, have just received twenty-five of the celebrated Emerson & Fisher bug­ gies, consisting of side bar, end. spring and phaetons, all of which, will be sold at thee same prices charg­ ed during the stioimer. In addition to the above .g«o*ds they keep con­ stantly on han<I si large assortment of harm esses, wimps, tobacco, cigars and other needful articles. These goods will be solid at prices that will astonish the people, all of whom are invited to give ¡them a call. 66-ti Gain«, For the benefit uf ¡those not ¡post- j <d and who desire to keep within 1 lie limits of the law, we give: 1 the iollowing summary ©i ihe kinds-of game and'when they a re. lawful! prey, •also the penalty for lulling out of: season: • Willi ducks, gees.e and h^ant from (October 1st to May ist, p*erialty : $ 5 <=>' ‘ ' Woodcock and partridge ifroni August 1st to J muary 1st, ¡penalty , | * 5 . * ' Deer (rom August 15th to* Nov- eniijei' 1st. . If chased with d<qjs> at any other time it is a misdemeatier, ■besides being finable in thesuim of I50. Rabbits and quail' from Novem­ ber 1st to Januar) 1st, penalty $10. Squirrels, black and gray,, from August 1st to February ist, ¡penalty $25. Trout, speckled1, salmon, from April ist to October ist, an«d then by angling only. Trout, salmon or lake, from April ist to Octobcr ist penalty $10. Black bass and MuskaLlonge, ivith hook and line, from Jane ist to January ist, penalty $25. The penalty for destroying, wild birds nests, except those oi »crows, hawks, black-birds and owls,( and in eases where they del&ce dweilEiags,is 45 « The penalty for kiQling an eagle, woodpecker, nightfaawk. yellow bird, wren, martin, oriole, robin, bobolink or any sotig bird, except , for the purpose of ha.ving therm sluf- j fed for specimens and in ciseswhere robins are stealing cherji<es and gTapes, is $5. The penalty for fishing or hunt­ ing on private grounds where proper notice is posted by owner to the contrary, is $5. The penalty for hunting, shoot­ ing. or trapping wil d beasts, birds or fishes on the Sabb-ath is $£. ------------- «-»> ------------- A F u f illlitlc Vorryltix. For a good scSiool shoe, 86-tf p* to W oodwards ’. William Hurlburt, an individual from Perry, was arrested by Officer J. H. Ward this afternoon, wlio de­ tected him defrauding the peanut vender’s little girl, at the corner of Main and Jackson streets;. The man was drunk and was determined that no officer should arrest him. He was conquered howe\cr, and upon starting to goap into the office of Justice Lent he struggled so hard that it was impossible tuget him onto tiie first'Siep. With tn*t; assist­ ance of Frank Biddl»eman an dothers the fellow was pu-t into a farmer’s ^vagon, and taken to jail, v/here he will stay until sobered up. -------------------- New Arrival o f Stocfc. Messrs. Perry, Smith & C«,, have received their stock of fall and win­ ter clothing-, and from the manner in which the goods are pilei up in their store it is evident that ithey in­ tend to rloihe every man a.rid boy in Ge >.esei County. They Have a fine line of business and drerss suits on hand, and if yon wish ¡to know the prevading styles here is where you will find them. The »quantity and quality cannot be excelled in Genesee County. Their s'.tock of Gents’ furnishing goods, samples of which are displayed in thedr show •window, are superior in excellence to anything yet brought to .Batavia. Give them a call and be convinced 1©» yourself. *95tf -------- -#•*- -------- Auction sale at the corn er of the Park and Main street Saturday afternoon. Those having property of any kind to sell can be accom­ modated by applying to A. D. Waldo, at Buxton’s Sale Rooms. NEWS OF THE NM<lB.BORHOqi>. A Variety o f Events Cl«ro n ieled in our V lclu lt j Kxcbiiiii;!!!*. The democratic coumv c-iuven- tion will be held at Albion Ojtober 2d, The Venango county fair opejned at Franklin, Pa., on the 21st inst. The republican congressional coijvention will be held at Albion on the 30th inst. The county fair, which opened at Jamestown on the 21st, is by far the best, ever held by the society. At the Western New York fair there will be a handsome parlor stove offered as a prize to the tallest woman. A fire on the Indian reservation on Sunday, the 19th, destroyed the barn and a large amount of hay and grain belonging to Mr. Thomas Sutton. Suit has been brought against the City Assessor of Dunkirk by the Lake Shore Railroad Company for unequal and too high assessments. On the 2ist inst., a barn belong­ ing to Mr. JohnWeterbee of Bfynt, Erie County, was burned with most of the contents. The loss is partly covered by insurance. The trial of Harry English for the murder of Frank Warnith in E lk' county, Pa., m the 17th of April T E L E G R A P H I C N O T E S . TJIE NEWS OF YESTERDAY BRIEF. IX at Ridgeway on the last, began 2 2d. Yesterday afternoon while raising a democratic banner in Buffalo one of the flag ropes gave way and the banner took a tumble, demolishing it considerably. William Laughlin, the would-be suicide, who stated Tuesday night while in Rochester that he had taken an ounce of laudanum, re­ turned to his home in Phelps Wed­ nesday morning. T h e proprietor and city editor of the Bradford Star have been arrest­ ed for publishing a joke on the Mayor of Bradford, adopted from a New York paper. They were let to bail in the sum of $500. Thomas Hackett, an employee of the Erie Railway, caught his foot between two tracks at Tarport Tues­ day night and was horribly mangled by a train. He was breathing but insensible when picked up, and died in half an hour. Mr. Frank Weise, a republican, and Mr. Francis Murphy, a demo­ crat, both of Erie, have made a wager, by which the one whose favorite candidate for President is defeated, must fast for one week under the care of watchers. Yesterday Christian Mertz, ol Rochester, was trying to cross the lailroad track by going between a car and a locomotive that were sep­ arated a short distance on the track, lie had got partly through when the locomotive backed down and caught the wagon on the rear end, crushing it together and smashing both wheels as if they were pipe­ stems. The body of a man aged about 60 years, poorly clad, and nearly insensible was found on the towing path side of the canal near Lyons Wednesday. He was removed to the court house and a physician called, but died soon after. Noth­ ing was found upon his person to identify him. From the appear­ ance of the man the supposition would be that he had died from starvation, he was reduced almost to a skeleton. -------- ------------- Remember the place to buy hai- nesses, whips, Buggies* etc., is at Waldo & Co.’s, Buxton’s old stand. D. R. V. G. is guaranteed by all Druggists to cured Dyspepsia, or money refunded. T he cheapest and best school shoes in town at * 95-281 C. ML. B oswokxh ’ s . Why suffer with Dyspepsia, or many ailes caused by it, when Di R. V, G. is guaranteed by your own Druggist to give satisfaction, or money refunded. Subscribe for the D a i l y N ews , \ Colt option or Odds and Kiidls from a ll part* o f tlie World. The fiist snow of the season fell at St.uve, Vt., on ''•lount Mansfield, yesLtrJay morning. Durbin & Co.'s druj: in Denver, CoL, burned le^'-rday. SeveraJ other stores were damaged. Loss $60,000. Eleanor Daniels of Franklin, Mass., whs arrested Wednesday charged with the murder of heT ille­ gitimate child foiind strangled in a pond. The Cigar Makers' International Union at Chicago yesterday, adopt ed a resolution that all local union shall suspend inaugurating strikes for an advance of wages until next spring for the purpose of raising a sufficient fund to resist the bosses. At the weddrng reception of Dr. Denton and bride- in Hancock County, HI., 70 guests were danger­ ously poisoned. It is supposed that a drug was introduced into the drinking water. Some guests are alarmingly ill. No deaths yet. The papers in New York against whose publishers the grand jury found indictments for publishing lottery advertisements are stated to be the Notts, World , Sun, Star, Truth, StaatsZdtung , Commercial Advertiser , Police Gazette , Frank Leslie s Illustrated Paper , and the Dispatch . The managers of the National Soldiers/, Home at Dayton, Ohio, have removed Gov. Brown and ap­ pointed Ger», Patrick of New York. Governor H mck. of Milwaukee will be superseded by Gen. Sharpe of New York. Gov. Brown has been appointed General Inspector of 11 omes. It is understood that there was a strong fight against the chang­ es. Pickets were fired upon by the strikers at Cuming, Ohio, Wednes­ day night and returned the fire. As far as learned n'O one was injured. It is said that most of the miners living at Corning would return to work at a sliding scale of prices but for fear of Ihe vengeance of their as­ sociates in the Union. The Lexing­ ton Guards, who had a skirmish with the strikers on Sunday, were yester­ day ordered home. Two other com­ panies remain on duty. The min­ ers held a secret meeting at Straits- ville yesterday. A gentleman is in Des Moines, Iowa, soliciting aid for the people of Phillips, Sherman* Decature, Sheredan, Rowlins, and other coun­ ties m Kansas. In Norton County 1,800 people are in absolute want of food. The wheat crop in the above counties has failed. In June the ground was plowed up and planted to corn, which has been de­ stroyed by the web worm. One family lived eleven weeks on wheat bran; another three weeks on corn meal. The local papers, it is as­ serted, suppress the facts, àb they would injure the State. A public meeting was called there last even­ ing to procure supplies. -------- -------------- Good. New«. The citizens of Warsaw owning stock in the Hawkeye Mine, whose claim is staked in the Willard dis­ trict, Box Elder County Utah, are feeling quite jubilant from late re ports received from the superinten- ' lent in charge of the mining work, Dr. O. B, Adams. The latest veri­ fied assay by Prof. F. W. Hurd of Ogden City, Utah, shows $45 pure gold to the ton. The quartz rock they are now working is two and one half feet thick, growing richer as they blast further into the moun­ tain. Among the prominent citi­ zens owning stock are Messrs. George C. Otis,' S. D. Purdy, Frank Lewis, S. W, Wade, Si D. Lewis, Dr. Zera T . Lusk, Jas. E. Bishop, N. R. Stedmore, Frank Wilson and Charles A. Williams,

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