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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, September 23, 1880, Image 2

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E O T E L S . yiie Saint Jantes Hotel. B atavia , N. Y . A. G. Coi. u n s fe Co, B A O ffA O E EXPM E 8S . 1 ^oreau’s Baggage Express, AND GF.NERAL D E L IV E R Y . Orders.It:^ at X-txc b! lames Hotel, \Wa<»hbur’i Houie, llob|)ejr House, and baggage roon.s.. Al' orders t)>'omt\tiYattended ’to dsily or night. DWNTÌ8T8. * ||a H. Beiyiuuiii MAICJES A SPECIALTY I n artistic atti fkcjaJ t e e li. 'Pefe|h'ftjetrarted with o u t pain, Kooras over Anderso.n ¡jc C h e s ter's. ^ m . C. Gardiner, OVBR92 M ain S triist . A. specialty made ol saving the natural teeth.. P M Y H I C I A M . l)r . W. W. Potter, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 133 Main Street, - B atavia , U. Y. Qr. Jftlm C. Davidson, . PHYSIC/AN AND SURGEON, Office over J. A.. Clark’s Jeweky Store. Qr. H. S. Hutchins, HOME OP A THIS 1 . Office.—Corner of Main ¡ina Jackson st Residence—,ii.Sti<to sti-eet, Batavia, N. Y, A T T O R N E Y S , J i F. Mtzgcrald, c o uhtsel o r . a -- j l a w , Rooms 5 and 6, Masse Block, Iiatavia, N . Y. jra B. Steivart, AT 7 ORNEY~AND COUNSELOR A 'l LAW , 94 M a in S t r k k t , R o o m 5, B a tavia, JT. Y. HH| H. PceS, Jr., A‘l 1 O R N E Y AND COUNSELOR A'J LA W . N o . S3 M a i n S t r u m -, O v e r T u r n e r & Son’ s, B a tavia, N . Y. prank 8. WooH, A 'llO R lW Y AND COUNSELOR A ’J C A W Office at Surrogate's Office ^afford I . Nortli, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR A T LA W O ffice o v e r the First N a tional Bank PAINTEtui ^yiliLam \Tood, CARRIAGE a.itd S IG N PA IN T E R . 4 State Street, with H iller & Sch_ad. fin e sign work ol all kinds a specialty. CABINET MAKER, ^ F. Lawrence, CA 1 ZNE 7 SHOP. Jackson Street (in T e r r y ’s- Hall) Furniture o f all kinds m a d e to order. Fineworl a. s p e c ialty. '‘Sm.ddvr cornice and picture tram e f : BOARDING HOiTJSES. O’ Donnell, BOARDING HOUSE, N o . 4 E v a n s street, B o a r d b y th e d a y o r w e e k . Term s reasonable A. F A C T . We may live without books, v. hat is knowledge but grieving-, We may live without hope, what is hope but deceiving, We'may live without love, wi-at is jfossion but pining, But whire is the man that can live without ‘ ‘dining,” We may live without w>rk and have freedom from toil, But can't eure Neuralgia without Eclectric Oil. For sale by Shaw & Stiles: r*r#H Josepjh Rusan, Percy,, Catarro, writes: “ f was induced to try Thom as’ Eclectric Oil for a lameness which troubled me for three or foar years, and I foundf it. the best article I ever tried. It has been a great blessing to m e.” For sale by Shaw & Stiles, BAl’AM A DAILY NEWS. Thursday, September 23 , 1 S 80 . ¡Published d a ily, Sundays excepted, b y the DAJLY NEWS PUBLISHING CO« T omlinson B lock , B a r a via . N. Y, M . D , M I X , - - J 3 d.itor, 1‘T h e wife of Minister Noyes/’ Mrs. Lucy Hooper writes to the Philadelphia Telegraph, \is much benelitted in health by her sojourn at the German baths. Mrs. Noyes is deeply interested in the welfare of her own sex 'in her native land, She has, for instance, learned the art o f making artificial flowers since she came to Paris, with a. view of aiding pour girls to learn, that deli­ cate and artistic branch of manufac­ ture when she returns home. These lessons were taken in the midst of all the social claims upon her time, For delicate as is her health and fully occupied as are her days, she is punctilious in regard*to paying visits. T h e Pan-Presbyterian council met at Philadelphia yesterday and will continue, with daily sessions, until the close of next week. The Presbyterian church in the United States was founded by emigrants from Scotland and the north of Ire­ land as early as 1689, Th0 oldest congregation was formed in Mary­ land i'i 1690, and the first presby­ tery was in Philadelphia in 1705, The first, ministers and founders of churches were sent over here by London dissenters They were Francis McKenzie, an Irishman, and John Hampton, a Scotchman, who settled on the eastern, shore of Virginia, near the Maryland border. Qiafiing, Under Disappointment. — It is said that the reason -why But­ ler sought tht gubernatorial nomin­ ation wiis because he had not been fairly treated by the republicans. The-best care for chafes of all kinds is Henry's Carbolic Salve, Try it and be convinced.. Beware of coun­ terfeits, T h e l a t e s t a l i o n t M i u N e l l s o u . W h iteh a ll T im e s . The story about her Spanish ori­ gin and the other respecting her gipsy parentage are equally incor­ rect. “ Adelaide Lilian Neilson\ was simply a non tfe iht&ire. The actress was born Martha Elizabeth Bland, at Guisely, Yorkshire, where she lived for several years. Her father was a paper hanger; her moth­ er frequently acted as housekeeper in good families; and little Martha Elizabeth from twelve tofifteen went out as anurse-girl. These are the exact facts, which I have from a lady who lived near Guisely, and who frequently employed the Blands in.their respective capacities. When little Martha came up to London she changed her name. The Spanish story was invented some years ago, when she was playing a successful engagement at the Haymarket. A. friend of the actress wrote a bio­ graphical sketch, which, was pub­ lished as a pamphlet and the Span- . ish bit was thrown in to give a ro- ; mantic tinge to her early life. I re- ! member how she laughed when the author of the biography came to the passage in question— but it went forth to the world. T r a i n o i l m a r r i a g e . George Francis Train says our modern marriage service should be read thus:— “ Will you take it his carriage, these diamonds, for thy wedded hus­ band?” “ Yes*\ ‘ W ill you take this unpaid milli­ ner’s bill, these aftectatiori accom­ plishments and feeble constitution, for thy wedded wiie?,r “ Yes.\ “ Then what man has joined to­ gether Jet the next best man run away -with!” — - — . L a d l e s N o w I s t h e T i m e to select a fine fall and winter walk­ ing boot, or new: style of iubber at 6 5 - 2 8 + C. M . B o s w o r t h ’ s . More than one hundred thousand people have been snatched from a O'>i iumptive’s grave by using Dr, Taft’s White Pine Syrup. Not once has it failed. (See another column.) K IRBE’S REAL E S T A T E A G E N C Y ,' No, 96 Main. St., Batavia, N. V . Desirable Bn sine as Property f o r sale, als o Basina ss Blocks. V e r y Desirable Residences offered. verjr'Glieap. A g r e a t v a r i e t y of''SZa.can.t L o t s offer­ e d lo w , o n l y o n e fo u r th , r e q u i r e ! clow n . wirar*' .* -cr-Tzc&t&xaKsxxMWPs ’ F a r m s offered i n e s c c l i ang'e for v i l l a g e = , P r o p e r t y ! . Large Farm s oifeie <i Ln exchange ‘ for- SanalLflrrones. S e v e r a l v^ r jr c h o 3 c e f a r m .s n e a r to w n , offered lo w t o ca.sk p u r c h a s e r s . ¿E o u s e s t o re n t io o a t e d o n desira,lbla s t r e e t s . CaLl an d .g’e t a l i s t . ‘ nr-inifiyirn7TTr nriTm'i-iTr-irnr-^-in^nr^— nr n -•» F o r ¡Exohangre— A f a r m o f aboxifc 67 “ S S A c r e s , S o u t h o f A^ttica, in. W y o m ­ in g C o u n t y , m r itl t a k e 5 to 20 A c r e s n e a r B r t& v 'ia o r A t t i ­ ca, o r 'V i l l a g 'e P r o p e r t y . 1( BBE S' R E A L E S T A T E A G E N C Y , No. ^6 Mx.n St. , :ßatavia, N , Y. I : W e are im d aily r e c e ip t o f a ll the new a n d choice designs direct from the loom s. M A T T IN G S ! 200 Pieces New Mnt-tmgs just landed in FA.8CY CHECK ami WHITE in all ntultties. — A iSO — IO VfJ If, GOTOLEWM, , OIX OLOTIlSj, !W<iS. ilLdl TJfi, CAMBIST LIlfltfGJii, etc. All at the LOWEST MARKET PRICES HOWE & SO G E R S 37 State. Str'&et, R O C H E S T E R , N, i. TURKISH GATHS! All we ask is that people will de - fer judgment uniil they hd.ve given the baths a trial. B A K E R & W E A V E R . FURNITURE AMU ÜIIDERTAUNS. W e do not propose to w a i t (or others to in t r o ­ duce LO W P*RICES tarti, NJEW D E S IG N S W e propose to lead, in both. W e e x c e p t n o ci*y house or firm. \We inca-n t o b e up and doino;.— W e a r e alw a y s open to conviction, i f you can al a u y tim e suggest an im p rovem e n t on onr gooib we w ill cheeifulSy adopt « a n d th a n k y o u f o r yo uj kindness. W e xre not m laJlible, and w e a r o u o a lw a y s able t o see e v e r y ’a r t icle th a t lenve^ o -ur store, b u t w e are w illin g to M a k e A n y -A r t i c l e G o o d if it fails in a reasonable use. time o r w ith resLsouabli aßü-a3Ct li A L L E Y , D. R . v . a . CURES Dysieisia, I A n d a litio u h le s a iisin g th e r e fro S ick H e a d a c h e , M s - E a ting, A c id ity of t h e Flatulency, L iver a a d Com p laint, Torpid ¡Constipation, Pil os, h e B a c k and Lim its, P u r ifier in s u c h a s tress after S t o m a c h , IC i d n e y Liver, A c h e s in It is the best Blood the W o r ld . G u a r an- D ruggists to give per- faction o r money T r y it. O iir ' V i t a l - T o n ic Bitters,— the petizer in tlie W o r ld. C a l l for them . D. R. Vi C. Wlfg. Co,1 Prop’s, S Y R A C U S E , N , N’ew'York Etipot 0 . H, Orittoaton, HO’E’ulton Street. \ \“'2SÌ 5 T I E BATAVIA Jl D A IL Y N E W S Is how liii the TMnl near JEsvistence, A n d th e success th a t has thusa f a r atten d e d ;Ls p u b lic a t i o n d e m aslrales th a t it h a s m e t a w a n t lo n g felt fo r a —Newsy and Independents SH E E T TH A T WILL PRINT THE LO C A L NEWS. AND A L L ABOUT IT, TH E COURSE TH E PA- PER H A S PURSUED HAS MET THE APPROVAL OF THE COM­ M U N I T Y , AND IT HAS 1 Large C irc u la tiM THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY, M A K I N G I T A BUSINESS MEM WHO HAVE AN Y T H IN G TO SELL W ILL FIND TH E COLUMNS OF T H E KEWS TH E BEST MEDIUM THROUGH WHICH TO C A L L THE ATTENTION OF TH E PEOPLE TO THEIR W A R E S, AND TH OSE WHO H A V E TR IED IT FIND THE RESULT MOST SATISFACTORY The News will always be found to contain the gist of O n e advantage I la-ve in m a n u facturin g ran} ow n goods is— L tmov/ lLow t h e y a r e m a d e . I a n to blam e if tile -work is not good . Y o u w h o par* chase goods of nae know I am Permanently Located, and I am obliged to stand b y m y w a r runcei whether I want to o r n o t , I a m n o t a travrlin g show , Y o u I ciiqw w h o r e to find me w h e n w a n t e d , R e spectfully-, :} The News of tlie Day, {: And during the present campaign il wil keep its readers informed of the doings, ol both parlies. teed by all! feet sasis-l refunded. i z i ta 0; j test sip- RtWEB To O ut o f T o w n SÜBSCRIBEKS W h o receive their papers by mail, the N ews will be sent from A u g u s t 1 s t T O J a n u a r y 1 s t , F O R $ L 75. fash in Advance, immmr DWCOVEUUR OF L Y S E A E . P S f i l H A H ’ S T r s a m B I i - g mMPQgMB. The^Po sitiyp Cure F o r a l l J e m a l s C o m p la in t s . TIlìs ]>Toparafion, as its name slgnides, ponsliEs of Vegetable Properties that; are fcarmk-^s to the most ! ' 1 ‘ icateln-ralid. Upon ono trial tlie merits of thi? Com* pound will berecogniso'.l, asrellef is immolliate i and when Its rise ¡3 eontinuoil, in ninety-nine eases in t hun. dred.ajjermanentcurci; effi\.-todla 3 thou'jaiids will tes­ tify. Oil account of proven it N tiw'n.y ro- commositlod and presct'il>r*d l,y t!ic* be ¡t plij'diciaas In the con ntry- It \wEll curn entirely tlir* w o r 't form o f falliiiB of the ritorna, Li'.ucoirbaia, irroRtilar anil iiin fal M enstrEiation.allOvarianTroubles, Inllammatioa and Ulceration, floodings, nil Bisplaccrienta and tlio con­ sequent; spin.-l ic. , ;.:.d is os¿«fhiKy ri'-tplod i0 the C'hiwige <*f Lifi*. it w ill d issolve n.n -1 tr;ipi tamora from tlaeutcvusiiiiin * rlysta-re Q f'l( \ . • • *nt. tendencyto rnti<v.i-<i ..shunm rs(here i oli • ■ 1 'very speedilsby iis n * i. In ifact i t 1 ¡ . . i v i ! to '■ eat a n d best ro r i .:>• lìm i ii.it c v r bt-» n ed; lt]>ennf':,t'\< v i*y |iuiu<m of th« rfrt- ■> new lifeand v:,-< I: ; 'vosfn : Mfi!' .(^reat* . fever* .ilfàvea -if 3 . do* No subscription ilora out of town will be received unless paid strictly in advance. Subscn'bers and the Publishers find Ibis the most faatkiactery way to conduct the busi­ ness. 3&tf stroysalleravinfc fur stimulants, a.nu icllovi-a wtiiUncss of the tetdnmdi It euros Bloating-,. Ileadachesj Nervous rrostfttlon, Genera.]'iebilitj,!,li'epli-si-n( .-s, Dcrrc.-sion and IniU* gestiots. That feel inp,'of bra i ilig doivn, causing pain, weight, and backache,dp alw a y s perm anently cjiredby its use, I t w lllut all.tiuaei, a n d a n ilo r a ll eireum-stan ces, a e i ia harm o n y w itlith « law iliol governs th« female system . For KldneyCompiuintM « x tiiii cnni;«junu is unaulpassed. L y d ia E. P! n k h a i Compund Vc?'etal>:e uJ Ispreparoci a( *^an 3 <3 2?& V/.oyttrn Avi»7iu •, I.'* \7l' ^ ■price§ 100 . . Sis bottles fw’ SG. 00 . Sfiit 1 vir.aJinU'« Comi o i pills,ala'i.sn tin1 fon n of J’jnsen^r's, on ife* P of price, .$ 1 .C 0 , per box, fur eitlM.r. Mrs. ri>. freely anssvers r»!l 1 > U r,r?; of inquiry. Send for P0lU piUei. Addi-es - f.i tibovQ Jlentinn this paper. No*family s!ioaldbo witliout LYDIA E. PINKfFA- LITER PILXS. j Xliey euro Cooatipation, Bud 102 ' ’pldity of the Liv^r, 25 cents per box. C .N .C ltlT T E W T O X .d P f : , A ift, 11 ■> F '.r I n S'f.S.V. Sold by S 1 I A W ic Sri'lL ..E S *

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