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MOTELS. pie Saint James Hotel. B atavia , N. V A. G. C o llin s âr Oo. B A G G A G E EX P R E S S . j^oreau’s Baggage Express, AND GENERAL DELIVERY. Orders left at the St, James Hotel, Washburi, House, Hqoper House, and fa^ggag^ rooms Al ordsr^proTYintlv at tmdod to «fav ornisfVit DWMT1STB. Ht H. lieujainiu MAKES A SPECIALTY In Artistic artificial teeth. Teeth extracted with­ out pain, Rooms O'-er An&ergon fii Ch.eEley’5;. W“ * C. &ardiu«r, O v c a g a M ain S trhmt . A »pet tatty md« i of :-..wng . the natur .-1 teeth. PMT8IC1AN8,. Qr. John C. Davidson, P H Y S IC IA N A N D SURGBON, Office over J , A.. Clark’s J ewiKy Store. Qr. H. S. Hutchins, HOMjBOPJ T HIS 2 , Office— Corner of Main ana Jackson st Residence — m State street, Batavia. I'f. Y . ATTORNEYS. J f -P. Fitzgerald, CO UNSEL OR-A 7 -LAik, Rooms s and 6, Masse Block, Ba.tavia, N. Y. jra B. Stewart, A T T O R N E Y A N D COUNSELOR A 1 L A W , 94 M ain S t m k t , Room S> ________ Batavia, N . Y. H ' H. Peek, Jr., A l l O R N E Y A N D COUNSELOR A J LAW . No. 53 -Maxn S t r k k t , Over Turner & Son's, Batavia* N. Y. BAX iVIA 0A1LT > m \ prank S. Wood, A 1 7 0 R N E Y AND COUNSELOR A 7 LAW Office at Surrogate’s Office ^afford E. Jforth, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR A T LAW- Officp over the Fir«*-National \Riml. FAINT flub. Wood, CARRIAGE »MU SIGN PAINTER. 4 State Street, with Hiller & Sclad. Fine sfen work nf all lfinds a specialty, C A B IN E T M A K E R . ^ F. Lawrence, CABLNE'I SHOP. Jaeltson Street (in Terry’s Hall Furniture o f alL kinds made to order. Fine wor \'Vfrv^nML1 «runnVp nW'tllT»* *r*»« B O A E D JN G JJ 0 U 8 MS. O’Donnell, BO A R D IN G HOUSE, No. 4 Evans street. Board by the day or week. Terms reasonable --- - ■ i,. A little learning is a dangerous thing, particularly when dabbling in Medicines, far better to use a well tried and established remedy like Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, endurs ed by everybody who has tried it in cases of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Burns and all the Ills that an American Sover­ eign is subject to. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. --------------------- Thousands of ladies to-day cher­ ish grateful rememberattces of the help derived from the use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s\VegetableCompound. It positively cures all female com­ plaints. Send to Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn, MaSs., lor pamphlets. Sold by Shaw & Stiles. -------- ----------- - DR. THOMAS’ ECLECTKIC OIL IN COLUMBUS, O. j. W. Miller* Columbus,O., says, that a couple of doses Eclectric Oil cured his child of Diptheria, after all other remedies had failed. Mr. Miller is well know and will cheerfully certify to aboye fact. February, 14, 1880. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. ------- -«-•-+ -------- T h e D i s c o v e r y of thè circulation of the blood was an important event in thè history of medicine; but if the blood be full of impurities, its cir­ culation, which Providence intended as a blessing, proves a bane. Hence we should cleanse the blood with Scovili’s Blood and Liver Syrup, Published daily, Sundays, excepted, by che D a l l y n e w s p u b l i s h i x « to. F om * jnson B lock . B a i a v i a . N \ Saturday , August , 21, e $8 o ‘W e p r i n t in another column of the InTe^s to day a deserved1 tri bute to Robert J. Burdette, of tlse Bur­ lington Hiiwkeye, written b y Miss Anna 'C. Starbuck, of ^Rochester, and first published in the Democrat of that -city. This tribute was, as the author says, brought about by the publication, of the pretty letter of Burdette to the Phi JKa.ppa Psi Society, whose invitation to meet with them at Chautauqua he was obliged to decline on account o f Mrs. B3s. illness. All wlio have read i a rdette^s writings— and! who has act i 1^—must have been i nipress­ ed wit| the beautiful tinge o f senti­ ment that pervades nearly every ef­ fort; bu_t it is in his home life that he best exhibits the nobility and loy­ alty ofikis heart. It is only occas­ ional])! that men have the op*portun- ity to sltow such devotion as is man­ ifested by Burdette in his- attention to he? who is to him all chat life is, yet, great as must be his regret that the occasion exists for it, there still is a melancholy satisfaction in know­ ing that it is in his power to make the life of the sufferer happy by acts o f the tenderest devotion. It may he to her influence, quite as mucbias to the talent of the genial humorist himself, that thegreat class of newspaper readers throughout this country are indebted for the welcome sketches, which one day bring- t&e teax of merriment and the next that of sympathy. Everyone who rea*ds the newspapers, will hope with M-iss Starbuck, “ tha.t every salt \breeze that kisses the island shore may bring blessing and health to him and his.\ ----------- ---------------- W e c a l l the attention of Messrs. John F. Lay, Wilber Smith and Miles El. Bierce to a letter which we publish from Rev. W. C. Learn­ ed, pastor of the Baptist church, to­ day. It will do the gentlemen no harm ¡to read the entire article, for Mr. learned recounts a little his­ torical1 Lnfoimation which it is well for men in their positions to know, but what we particularly desire is that they shall read the paragraph before the last. We have been told by a number of residents irt the sur­ rounding towns that the action of these inembers of the school board is condemned by all former pupils and parents, and we know that in. Batavia,, the best people are heartily ashamed o f them. We wonder if they are not ashamed of themselves. A c a b l e despatch frona Berlin says: “ T h e last obstacle to the ap­ pointment of Count Von Hatzfeldt as Secretary of State Foreign Affairs has been removed, his marriage withitlte American lady, Miss Moul­ ton, having been legally dissolved.'’ Miss Moulton was a beautiful Amer­ ican, ¡girl who married Count Von H a tieldt in 1869. B e r family werepleased that she migrht be ad­ dressed at ‘ ’countess” an 4 ¡Parisian society considered it a brilliant match. It is said that the reason why sbe would not be received at the Court oi Berlin wa.sthat her grandmother was an actress, and not simply because she was an American. ing Territory, at a place about four hundred miles west of Omaha, the ■highest point in the Rocky M oun­ tains which is crossed: by the rail­ road. The monument is to be fifty feet square at the base, and sixty feet high, pyramidal in outline, with three slopes The material will be Black Hills granite There are to be two medallions represent­ ing the heads of Oliver and Oakes Ames, One will face the east and the other the west, at a height o f forty feet from the ground, -------- ---------- - --- A s t r o n g impression prevails in Philadelphia that the reported sui cide of Dr. Buchanan, Dean of the bogus Medical College, was a ruse to enable him to escape from prose­ cution, and that the man who did jump from the ferry boat was hired for the purpose, precaution having been previously taken to ensure his rescue, A Pittsburg detective claims to be able to arrest Buchaman the moment #500 reward is offered. A number of passengers on board, testify that it was not the Buchan­ an himself who jumped overboard, but a younger man who was dis­ guised to resemble the doctor. Robert JT. Burdette. O akes A mes and his brother O li­ ver, are to have a western monu­ ment, to commemorate their good deeds— not their bad ones. T h è moim ment, will cost $8 o,.ooo and will be put up at Shernaa», W yom ­ bobbles up the mirthfu l genius of Burdette’s writings. It is said that he dashes off his humorous sketches first to,gladden the heart of his wife and relieve the lonely hours of her invalidism, then gives them to the public and sets the whole literary world in smiling mood Let us reverently uncover our heads to hi m who has so grartrilv proven himself a hero ! A hero in living his life so unselfishly for another. Tn these days of matrimonial infelicity how noble to come across such a noble exception as his 1 I claim that such, only, are worthy o f t i e marriage state who can utter the the voav , “ for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,” and fulfil it to the letter; not from a feeling of duty, but from heroic love, as does he to whom my pen has wafted this sea-spray tribute. I feel that tny native island is honored by the presence of Robert Burdette and; his saintly little wife; and, as a daughter of old Nantucket, I send my greeting homeward, hoping t h a t every salt breeze that kisses the is­ land shore may bring blessing a n d health to him and his. (Rochester Democrat.) Miss Anna C. Starbuck sends up the following appreciative tribute to Robert J, Burdette; the pleasing contributor to the Burlington Hawkeye\ “ T he world is accustomed to pay its homage to those brave men and women, in whatever sphere of life, who have given their ail in some noble cause, bet it martial or civic, by which humanity at large is bene- fitted. For them is woven the lau­ rel wreath and their names swell the roll of heroes. But each day, all unmounted by the throng, there are individual lives, rounding out their sphere of existence, in such silent, noble, patent fashiosn, that their moral heroism escapes the superfi­ cial gaze, but upon which the keen eyes of angels look down with the noly applause, ‘of snch stuff are heroes made/ ” Since vou have published the let­ ter of Robert Burdette to the society if Phi Kappa Psi, tn which the beautiful sanctuary of kis home is ¿iven to your tearful eyes, I shall not be invading the s&credness of uis domestic lile if I p .y m y little tribute to his heroic devotion to his iitle wife. Just as we woale lay a modest spring of magixonette at the shrine of some hero, ’.vhose; marble statue fills a niche in historic halls. I have talked with one who has Utely been at Nantucket, where the ¡¿enial “ Hawkeye” is spending his vacation, and 1 have learnerd that he who touches, as with a fairy’s wand, the fountain of mirth a.nd laughter md cheer for olhers,. bears in his own heart the constant pain— hard­ est of all pain to bear— of seeing his nearest and dearest a helpless inva lid. And yet with a devotion, such as few men are capable of, his brave young strength is freely, sweetly, tenderly given to her whp he has promised through life to protect O f him it may be traly said: “ Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.” For daily, bourly is this service of his readerei. Mrs. Burdette is as helpless and as dependent on her husband as a little child. Wherever he goes, she goes; she his guardian angel, and he hers in a literal sense. About the streets oi the island tovrn he wheels her wicker chair so carefully that not a jostle pains the sensitive body or startles the nerves of the invalid. — Into the dining room of the hotel he comes, bearing bis fragile wife in his arms; every want, every most trivial wish of hers is attended to by him, and all “ for love’s sake.” There is a kind o f patience that submits with dumb resignation to whatever burden God may send; theire is another kind that lifts its head and sings God’ s love the while, shedding human sunlight over all, and healing its own heart at the same time that it heals the hearts of others. From this latter patience -- + + + ----------- M A N G L E D B I T H Y E N A S » A F r lg litfu l Spectacle at tlie Filt­ rado o f Coup’ s Circn» in W in­ chester, Va. (Cor. N .Y . Sun,): Monday, while Coup’s grand cir­ cus was parading in Winchester, the keeper of the cage o f hyenas was pounced upon and torn to pieces by the infuriated and treacherous animals. The keeper, who was m the cage at the time, had his back slightly turned toward the hyenas, and was looking at the cheertng multitude. The spectators fell back aghast when they saw the whole den of hyenas suddenly pounce -Uf>on the man and, throwing- him to the floor o f the cage begin to mangle him with their teeth and claws The keeper, whose name -was Drayton, rr ade a desperate effort to save his life, and despite his critical position, assumed his usual cool tone of co m- tnand, but the beasts, maddened by the taste of blood, did not heed him. The people who witnessed his brave strugge for life were pow­ erless to help him, as they feared that by opeaing the door of the cage the hyenas would pounce upon, them. At length some o f the show­ men succeeded in rescuing Drayton, but he was so badly wounded that his life is despaired of. G r e a t B u t t e r Oonr«i [Mark Comstock in Country Gent’eman.l I expressed the belief in a former letter that 25 pounds of butter a week is pussible It is claimed that that amount has been exceeded by the Scituate cow, the butter being actually obtained from nailk, not es­ timated Mr. A'vord claims for Jersey Queen 770 pounds of butter in a^year, and considers it “ the big­ gest butter story yet, ” O f this it seems that 676 pou nds were actual­ ly made, and the remainder estima­ ted from mile otherwise disposed of. I see no reason to doubt that the estimates are fair and the tests genu ine. As the cow was farrow, she had an advantage in that respect, but her case had a parallel in Euro- tas, whose score in eight months reached 612 pounds, and she has been carrying calf since January 31, and is now (July 20) making pounds a day. Had she been left farrow, she would in the year have made doubtless a hundred pounds more than Mr. Alvoid claims for the Vermont cow, and I think she will equal her as it is-, though the intention is to dry her as rapidly as possible after September 10th, at •which time her test will have con ­ tinued ten months. Her calf is due November 10th. I believe the not very distant future will demonstrate that it is possible for a cow to pro­ duce 29 pounds of butter in a week, and that 900 pounds 'will be obtain­ ed in a year. There is some evi­ dence for belief that both have been accomplished. Sargent Bros. Druggists, Delta 0; write that they are having great success with Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil, and that they never sold anyr thing that gave such universal satis­ faction. For sale by Shaw & Stiles, ----------- «-•-* ----------- Advertise i n the D a i l y Mews. We donot.piopose ti -wait for ot&crs ,to in*va. duce LOW PBJCMS and W E W D E S I G N S W e propose tolicad En roth. We except no city house or firm, “We mean to be up and» doing,— W e are alwaysiopen to conviction, if you can at any time suggest am ¡improvement on. our goods - HM.V aiiK-jufi w yiL q we will cheerfuiay atSopt it and thank you for“ycmr kindness. We a re not infallible, ana we are no always able to see every article that leaves our — Tv!, but w ear« wiBling to M&keiJVni' Arti cle Good if it fa-ls in a reason.time or -with, reasonable use. One advantage I b*ve in nvmul.^turing my own goods is—E ltno-wl*ow they are made. I an» to blame if the w orfc is not good. You who pur­ chase goods ofme ltcao»r I am Perimntly t o M , and I am obliged 10- stand by my wana-nee whether I warn to oe not, I am not\ a trave’ing '¡how, You know wBier-e to find m.e wlien v, mud ««speclSilly, 265-230! » . 1 M T L Ï Y . M S M r Ï S Î i œ . K I B B E ’ S R E A I L E S T A T E A G E N C Y , N o . 9*5 M a in . S t . , B a t a v i a , N . Y . Desirable Kuslmess P roperty for sale also 33 u-stn.ess ¡Blocks, Very Desirafol2e Residences offered, ve ry- Cheai, A great v a riety Vacant L ots offer­ ed low, o n l y one fourth required down. Farms offered »Jiexcliang-e for village Property. Large Farms o-ff&red in exchange for Sm=al£er ones. S e v e r a l very oZhodoe farm s n e a r town offered 1 ow “to cash p u rchasers. •WMT— lii'-inwunmnTnrri—in-vm^ ~nfirwwnm * .... . H o u s e s to r e n t located on desirable stre e t s . C a E landg'eta list. For Exchange—A. farm of atout 67 Acres, South of: Attica, in Wyom­ ing- CóuMity_ 'Will tabe 5 to 20 Acres neo-r Batavia or A t t i ­ ca, 03 .* V illage Property. Ï «a IBBE’S jREAJLESTATE AGENCY, No. 96 MianSt., \Batavia N. Y. MRS. LYDIA E. FMKHAM. OF LWKN, M A S S . Di==tt*vi:iiER o r L Y D I A E . PISVKHAEWS n e a t RZÆPDÏÏHD. Tip 1-oNitiTr 1 tire F o r a l l Z F e m a l e This préparai! .»i, ssJ i s name signifies, c-'.nsists of Vegetable Pro)«- .¡ci tliataro L.-iri iloss \to tlie most del­ icate invalid. pon «one- trial the : -.erits of this Com­ pound will be rr as reliol’ is iraniediate j and when its useiscsi’itiieuca, In nintfj r' \ ensesin aliun. dred, itperinin: :;tcn-rcls eirf,.-ted,astli0'uw.--.ds will tes­ tify. On account o f Its proven merits, It ia to-day re­ commended anêl pi'fscilsjcd by the best physicians In tlie country. It -will ciu-o tntEjcly the -worst foim of falling of the uterus, Ieu-ool'2-liœa, feegulEcr and painful Menstruation,nOl OveirlitJiTroubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, i’lor ><!!i)|cs,H-ll Displacements and tlie con­ sequent spinal wviaisicss, and is especially adapted to the Change of 'L-.ife. I twill dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus i n a n oao-ly fetag-e o£ development. The tendency to can ueroasltumors there is checked very speedily by itsusse. In fact le lisas proved to fco the (jreat- est and best reriieil y fchat lias evor hcon discover­ ed. I t permeates oven-yportion of the system, and gives newlifeandvipor. Etremovos faintness,lla-tulnncy, de­ stroys all cravi» g fotr stEnmlauta, and relieves weakness of the stomach It cures Bloatang,, Hcadachcs, Nervous* Prostration, General Debi’.lt j , Sleeii-essness, Depression ai ü Indi­ gestion. That tfeelling^f hearing down, taa. in*-*- pain, weight and bar i. acltiejs always permanently ui'Pd by itsuse. It wll JatinittTnc^, and under all * rurastan ces, act i n hairmon_yAs?itlithe law tl'-' governs thi femalo system, l ’or Kidney ConipladnCa of either ■ tliis compounu is unsurpassed'. Lydia E . Îiiik lia n ^ s V e g e t a b l e Compound Is prepared atW 3 aiu-dffio Western Avenue, I,’ n n, .’ iass. Price$ 100 . . SLx borttleas for ÎB-OÛ. Senti y nmiliil th® form of pills; alsoiiL the form c.f Lozunces, ^ re^e p of price, $1.00, per box:,, for eith' - ill's. freely answers tall lr-tt’rs.of in«, ^ry. Send for pam phlet. Address îu aibo^ c Mention this pctpcr. ^ So family 8lioiild'E)e without LYDIA jE. PI.nIv.HA 5 LIVER FELLS. Tli«y cure Constipation, Eiliousnc» .Hid Torpidity »£ the= IMer; 25 cents per box. C.N* CB 1 T T I S T 0 H j(S en. A g t ,l 1 5 F niton ^ i • ^ • Y, Sold by »»A W & SIIL B I»

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