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Vrt!. I Ï I - W h o l e N u m b e r 6 6 9 . B A T A V I A , IL Y , S A T U R D A Y \ E V E N I N G , A U G U S T 2 1 , 1 8 8 Ô . P r i c e T w o C e n t s A P A S T O R ’ S T A C A T I O y . »»»v. W . C. le a r n e d Given tlie B e n d e r s o f «lie N e w s a n In t e r ­ estin g A e coixut off W h a t lie Sees an d Liearui. (Correspondence of the News.) A sbury P ark , N. j., August 18, 1880. I promised to write you about my vacation enjoyments but I have come near breaking- my promise, I have hesitated in writing, lest no one •would care to read ■what I write; I am not conceited enough to suppose that others would be sure to enjoy an account of that which affords me pleasure. My vacation thus far has taken a wide range of movement and I will note only a few things that I have enioyed. It may not be known that the shore of Lake Erie, in the town of Evans, is becoming a place of sum­ mer resort. Many Buffalo families find there all the advantages of more favored resorts, except the salt sea- air. The beach is very fine, the bathing all one could desire, and the lake breeze very refreshing. — The farmers around bring you the very best that the soil prod uces to feed you, and there you have abso­ lute rest. There I spent a pleasant day. Among the hills of Allegany county is one of the loveliest valleys ever gazed upon by man. In this valley nestles the village of Cuba.— The Erie Railway sweeps around it in a perfect semi-circle. This, as you ride around it makes it seem to be a large village. You look into a great many back doors Not far from Cuba is Olean. These two villages have indulged in much strife as to which should be the greatest. The oil decided it, and Olean sweeps gaily on in advance, but Cuba has faith. Several at- temps have been made for oil, but as yet, all have failed, and now the success at Wellsvilie, prompts to more effort. They are boring, I saw them do it; may the work prove successful. The pure air of the sur­ rounding hills invigorated me very much, and the week was a profitable one. Leaving Caha, I went to Painted Post, and spent a week among very dear friends. Here I had li.ed six most delightful years. Wxiea the cars are approaching this little village and the brakernan calls out “ Paint­ ed Post,” travelers who are strangers to the vicinitv generally say ‘ *what a name 1 \ This name dates back in history more than a hundred years; the story is full of interest. Alter the battle of the Chemung in 1779, and General Sullivan’s army had returned from the Genesee country, they encamped at New­ town, a detachment of troops sent up the Tioga to destroy the corps, accomplished their work in the vicin­ ity of Big Flats and then moved on to the Chem ung Narrows a spot just below where Corning now lies. Here they met a force of Indians under the lead of Chief Monto is who was arrayed in a shirt of gaudy colors. In the engagement tii.it followed this chief was seen to fall. The Indians carried off his body to a point where the Conhocton emp­ ties into the lio g a (or the Che­ mung more properly) and buried it with Indian honors. A pole stained with coke berries and erect­ ed over the spot, for a long time marked the last resting place of the doughty chief. Here grew tip a pleasant village and its name was Painted Post. The citizens of the village mindful of history’s call have always kept a sheet-iron Indian painted in fiercest aspect, attached to a pole where he swings at the force of the wind. When I was there the citizens had gotten up a new Indian and a new post, and were to have a great cele­ bration in raising the same, While here GeneralGarfield passed through on his return from New York, and that event gave rise to a circum stance that excited my vanity. A boy was heird to *ay to another as I passed, ‘ ‘ Is that General Gar­ field?” I have been likened to General Grant a great many times; but another one is more than I can bear. I learned some things here about schools that may be of interest in our enterprising village. A young man who taught the Union School of the village for $1,000 a year, he has been called to Olean at a salary of $1,400. How much is Olean better than Batavia? Again the sal­ ary of the Principal of the Corning Union School has just been raised from $1,600 to $1,800 How much is Corning better than Bata­ via? A thought has occurred to me in regard to the salary of the Princi­ pal of our School. If I am rightiy informed one of our village paitors has a salary of $1,600 besides his home, and no one thinks his salary too large. Is it worth more, as the world goes, to take care of four hundred saints than it is to be re­ sponsible fur the school conduct of some eight hundred young- sinners? As I write the scene is both beautiful and grand around me. Old ocean is directly in front, back of me Lake Wesley shines in the afternoon sun. The pavilion built out over the water is full of merry hearts. The promenades are full of joyous ones. Life and joy shines forth from all faces. It is good to be here. More anon. Wm. C. L earned . A s s ig n m e n t o f C. F . G ilson . C. F. Gilson formerly of the Lampson .-louse, LeRoy, more re­ cently proprietor of the Clinton House, Rochester, has been com­ pelled to make an assignment. The Democrat says : “ Thursday an as­ signment was made by Charles T- Gilson, proprietor of the Clinton House, m favor of Frank W. Hay­ den, bookkeeper. Mr. Hayden has already taken possession of the prop­ erty and with the avails of it by saLes or collections, he is first to pay and discharge in full of the assignment, together with the wages due all employees up to date. The claim secured by a certain chatttel mor tgage made by Mr. Gilson in favor ol J and R B. Ashley, i1? to he paid after paying the aforesaid debts in full. Ii the proceeds of the property shall not be sul- ficient all the creditors are to be p-iid pro rata. Mr. Gilson, Mr. Havden says, has not been well for sometime, and as several of his cred­ itors were becoming clamorous, lie determined on this step rather than to have suits brought against him. The business will be continued as at present for some time by Mr. Hayden, till a sale is effected. The prospe£ts are favorable for a full dis­ charge of all indebtedness. Mr. Gilson will soon take a trip to the East. A G r e a t S le e t in g o f B icyclist» . [New York Sun.) In September a national meeting of all the bicycle clubs in the coun­ try will be held in Brooklyn, under the auspices of the Manhattan Bicy­ cle Club Clubs from Boston, Phii 1 Jelphia, Washington, Balti­ more, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, and other cities will be rep­ resented, as well as the New York, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg clubs. They will form a procession and go to Coney Island. Prof. F. S. Rbl- linson of the American Bicycle As­ sociation, said to a reporter yester­ day: “ We expect, at least, a thou sand bicyclists to be present, and they will make a novel spectacle ass they spin along the road to the: beach.” Prof. Rollins.n, who is a. good rider, is soon to be matched! in a twenty-five mile race with Geo. Harrison, an English rider. F in e O p p o r tu n ity. Ladies and Gentlemen, Perry,, Smith & Co. will send your collars and cuffs to Troy every Tuesday morning and have them beautifully' Laundried fur 18 cents per dozen. P E R S O N A L S . Will McCann ¡has returned from a three weeks vacation, Mrs. Clara Hill and Miss Josie Norton, of Alabama, who have been visiting friends at Saratoga for the past month, have returned home. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Anderson are attending the session of the Grand Lodge of Good Templars at Cooperstown Mr. Anderson is a delegate from the Genesee County Lodge, also fromOriental Lodge, I. o . g . r . Mr. Alfred Wilkie and wife, who have been in Batavia with Mr. and Mrs. Courtney for some weeks, started to day for home, stopping over in Rochester, to-morrow. This morning’s Democrat says: “ Alfred Wilkie, of Boston, will sing at St Luke’ s church to-morrow morning and afternoon. Mr. Wilkie has been spending the summer in Bata­ via, adding to his repet torie as well as taking a much needed rest. St. Luke’ s is favored by twice having such a voice to listen to. ” — I s s a u l t a n d B a t t e r y . Charles Heidinger of this village, and Jolm Shay of Stafford, got into an altercation at the depot last night, in which Shay got the worst of it re­ ceiving a blow on the side of his head. The cause of the trouble was a misunderstanding between the parties the day before, Heidinger claiming that Shay struck him and to resent the insult pitched into Shay. Officer Robson brought the partiesbetore Justice Johnson last night. They were discharged uniil to-day, but as yet have had no hear­ ing. -------- ----------- Wii,**» this Brio. A disastrous smash up occurred on th.e Erie roadyesterday afternoon between Darien and Griswold station which resulted in nine freight cars being- badly demolishsd. Two freights were going west, when the forward one became uncoup'ed and before the engineer could stop his engine he struck the other train anti with such force as to throw nine cars from the track. Workmen soon befara to remove the damaged cars from the track. It was half past seven before other trains were able to pass, The train due in Batavia at 5.11 did not arrive until nearly 8 o'ciock in the evening. The engine on the rear tr.iin was somewhat broken up Other than this the damage was light, ---------- <♦> ----------- D r . T a u iie r ,s T e e t h , (Ye'rterday’ s N V. HeraVI.j “ Dr, Tanner has had all of his teeth drawn,” Dr. Gunn siid yes- tetday, “ and he will stay here until dentist provides a new set, then he will visit his father in Litchfield, Ohio, and after that return to this city and begin his lectures. You will remember that the first com­ plaint he uttered after the termina­ tion of the fist was that his jaws were sore. Well, the enormous eating he did and the constant use of his jaws after their long disuse made his gums sore. While he was fasting the gums shrankfroin the teeth, and when he began to use his jaws the motion loosened the gums and at the same time loosened his teeth. Hence the tooth pulling and the new set of teeth. The Doctor ac­ cepted one o f the invitation she had to dine on Coney Island, and after sitting down at Paul Baure s and eating and drinking a luncheon of clam chowder, bluefish, potatoes, and a bottle of Bass's ale, he went over to the Manhattan and there dined, eating soup, fish, tongue, bread, and potatoes, and drinking another bottle of ale. His weight is up to 155 pounds. Whenhe began to fast it was 157 1-1.” -------- -MM! --------- A. S P E C I A L SAJL.E O F SH OES at T. F. W OODW A R D ’S, Including low shoes of all kinds, tor gents’, la lies’, misses’ and children. Look b r Bargiias. 39tf D e s tru c tive O i l C ire s . A special Jisp.vluh from Bradford! to the Buffalo Exfraj t,a) s that all i danger is past from ri.* cumins' oil- tanks, which were su uJtt Lv light­ ning at Dallas City Thursday. Dm ing yesterday forenoon the tide­ water tank made three heavy over­ flows, one of which mounted the dam and the flaming oil ran down the valley more than oaie-eighth of a mile. Three derricks; one dwelling, a 2t;o-barrel wooden tank, and a United pump-sta.tion were destroyed. Anticipating such a result, the Un­ ited Company had their heavy pumps and machinery removed rom the sta­ tion during last night, Trees, fences, and everything went down before the flood of fire for the distance men­ tioned. The United tank boiled over, but the oil wits confined to prepared trenches, A. careful esti­ mate on all the property destroyed places the loss at $.72, 500. The loss on iron tanks and contents alone is $65,000, which is sustained by a general aveageassessment up on all patrons of botl* United and Tidewater who have oil in charge of the pipe lines at the time. On a loss of 20,000 barrels of oil some weeks ago the assessment ol the United lines was 1 73-1,000 of one per cent in pipeage paid out. T h e entire amount of oil consumed at Dallas Citv does no t amount to one day’ s production of the Brad­ ford region. ------ -—4.» ► -------- TELEGEAPHIC NOTES. C o l. H o y A s a in. Col. Hoy, the great temperance advocate, with whom our citizens are acquainted, he hawing con ducted a series o f tent meetings in Batavia about a year ago, -will speak tom o r­ row afternoon and evening in this village; at Good Templars’ hall in ihe afternoon, a.Dd ira the evening at the Opera House. -------- ----------- H o rse Sltot. A n old plug of si horse belonging to Alf. ¡Vlufdock, an Eigle Harbor horse jockey and which had been at Chittenden’s livery since the day of the circus, got cast in its stall last night, and in trying to get up broke its leg. I'he anninial was put out of its misery this morning with a bullet from a pistol. I r i s h Pa|)«r M o n e y . ^London Truth.) A friend of mine recently showed me a note of the republic of Ireland tor $10, It is prsnle<l in .exact im­ itation of a “ greenback” and bears on it promise to repay the $10 with 6 per cent interest sis months after the recognition o f the republic. Many poor servant maids and others are, it is said, swindled out of their savings by meants or these notes. My friend had received it, as a cur­ iosity, from an acquaintance of his in New York. This latter gentle­ man was “ running” for some politi­ cal office in that city, and had agreed to pay cash fora certain number of these notes, on condition that an equivalent number of Irish voted for him. E X C l'U S I O N . Thursday, Aug, 26 th, the schol­ ars of the Presbyterian Sunday- school have an excursion to Avon. The train will Lea.ve this station at 9 o’clock a. m., returning at 6:28. Others than scholars who wish to at­ tend will be charged; 75 cents tor the round trip. tf N O T IC E . A ll persons are cautioned not to purchase a note fiven by Olmsted & McDonald to Anson Higley for $466 04; also & note given by Pat­ rick Murphy to Judson Barr for $4.7 and payable at the First Na­ tional Bank of Batavia. 3 t TOBACCO and CIGARS, All the Best Krands V/VNDUSEN, 97 Main St, THE? iWBIPS O F X E S T M B D A I IN xtmmr. A C o lle c t io n of Odds a n d E u d s from a l l p a r te of ( lie W o r ld . i t is st ited that the Spanish.Gov- erruTietu will shortly disband 14,000 mr^'i -if theCub.m«army, 1 if 0 Dr ran was hangH yesterday, in Corsicana, La,, for the murder of Joe Fitzimmons in June, 1879 The prisoner said he would prefer 1» be shot or guillotined. Patrick McBride, one of the vic­ tims at the railroai 1 colission at May’s Landing, N J., i*ied in Philadelphia Thursday night. This makes the total killed at twenty-one. A dispatch from Constantinople savs that orders have been given for immediate repair o f the forts at the Black Sea entra.nce to the Bos- phorous. Dispatches from Corpus Christi, Texas, state that it is reported that Brownsville, Texas, near the mouth of the Rio Gradt, was nearly des­ troyed by a fearful storm along: the Texas cost on the 12 and 13th inst., and that many lives were lost. An order reducing the rate of pos­ tage on newspapers mailed to foreign countries belonging to the Unrveisal Postal Union was issued by the PoVioffice Department yesterday. After October 1st tlie rate will be one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. The existing rate is two cents for each iour ounces or fraction thereof. The officers of the Grand En­ campment uf the Knights Templar, elected Thursday* were installed yes­ terday. The conclave yesterday afternoon adopted the report of the Com miitee on location of the next triennial conclave, recommending San Francisco as. the place and the second Tuesday of August, ’83, as the time. The expanse of the Triennial Committee for decorations, prizes, e t c , are approximated at $65,000. Albert Huxley of the town o f Clayton, Wis., a farmer aged 78, was shot yesterday morning by his son-in law, Norths Emmons, who lived with him. Emmons then shot himself, both men dying within an hour. It is understood that the tragedy was the result of family and business difficulties. Both parties were well known and respected, Miss Adelaide Neilson was buried in Brompton Cemetery, London, yesterday. Among those attending the funeral were Lord Henry Len­ nox, Admiral Carr-Glyn, Henry La- bouchere, John S, Clarke, the Am ­ erican actor, Edward Compton, who accompanied Miss Neilson 011 her last tonr through the United States, and a number of other actors and actresses. The Rev. J. D. jMos- singham read tlie funeral service. The remains were enclosed in a pol­ ished oak coffin, which bore simply the name of the deceased and the words “ Died at Paris August 15th, 1880. ” the coffin was covered with wreaths and other floral tributes. The 2.23 class in Springfield, Mass., yesterday had eight starters, Wedgewood won, taking the second, fourth, and fifth, heats in 2 23 1-4, 2.23 1-2, and 1.1:6 1-2. Dick W ri­ ght took second money, Keutucky Wilkes third, and Charlie Champlin fourth. In the paceing race four ipacers started. Mattie Hunter was the favorite-, but Rowdy Boy took the first heat in *, 17 3 4 , and the second and fifth in 2.17 1 • 2 Lucy took the third in 2,17 1-4 and the fourth in 2.19 1-2. There was great excitement at the end oi the fifth heat, when Rowdy Boy won by a neck. Lucy took second money, Mattie Hunter third, and Sorrel Dan fourth. Only one heat was trotted in the 2, 25 class, which was postponed until to day. “ Draw it mild\ as the the decayed tooth said to list. Toothache can be using Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil. For sale by Shaw & Stiles. boy with the den- cured by

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