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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, December 12, 1878, Image 4

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Publishers’ Notice. T o Subscriber»». I’lie Daiiv M o r n - in r N e w s w ill be d e livered b y ..■arncr*» .it your door e v e r y m o rning ii 1 an y p.u'l o f i c;ity free o f A n y t .crson failing to receive th e ir p a p e r will report to us iri [>ersm> or by m ail. 1 hr newspaper lavv is ■ follows: “ Any pcrstm who receives a newspaper and m a k e s use of it, whether he ha* ordered it or not, is held inl.ny to bo h subscriber. If subscribers p a y in advance they .ire !»>und to give noth.e tu t' lt: pnblishi-r at the end o f their time, if t h e y di> nut w r h t^ mti- tinue taking it; othsrwise the publisher ih auihur- ired to send it on, aud the subscriber will be re­ sponsible until an express notii.e with payment of arreurt is sent to the publisher.” T o A d r e r t i i e r s . W hen an advertisem ent is sent in to this office it must be distinctly m arked on the copy the length of time it is to run; if not, it will be taken for granted that it is to b t left in until ordered tu t , and c h a rged up to them accordingly. Let our advertisers take p trticular pains with this, for b y being a little careful it w ill save a great deal of trouble. A d v e r t i s i n g R a t e s — One inch square one week, $ 1 . 5 0 ; 011« month. $ 4 . 0 0 . Quarter column one week, $3.00; one month, $9.00. Half G o lu m n one w eek, $5.on; one month, $17.00. _ L o ­ cal or reading notices, 5 cents per line each inser­ tion; 15 per ci;nt. discount when in a w eek or more. Special rates w ill be given for advertise- merits running longer than one month. Settle­ ments m ade quarterly with regular advertisers. The only daily paper in the c ity, and is there­ fore the best advertising medium. LOCAL, g o s s i p . — ¡¿tone’s store windows are very attractive. — F r a n k Beard, the artist, regis­ tered at the St. Jam e s . — Dealers on the “ d o c k ” pay $3.50 per cwt, for pork. — The low land between here and Attica is covered with water. — Catching on *'bobs’' is the fa­ vorite recreation of the small boys. — There is now a lively bemand lor boots and shoes and overcoats. — Neil Bryant, who is confined in the Buffalo jail for debt, is very sick. — A ll his neighbors curse the man who doesn't clean off his side­ walk. — The way to make your holiday trade lively is to advertise your goods liberally. — Herman May is doing a lively business at his grocery store on Jackson street. — I f this weather continues pork will soon come into the market in large quantities. — Cyrene Commandery of Roch­ ester give their annual reception at the Bracket House this evening. — A cigar b o x nailed on y o u r lenee post or o n a tree in y o u r d o o r yard will insure y o u r N e w s being safely delivered. — The Le Roy Gazelle says there is a doubtful rumor that a change will take place in the Le Roy post- office within the next twenty days. — The Advocate yesterday issued the last number of volume 67, and yet the Advocate has never before been 20 lively as it is in its old age. — Patrick Dunn, of Hartland, Magara county, has been indicted by the grand jury for killing Mich­ ael iicott, in an altercation over a game of cards, on the 5 th of the present month. — The passenger train from the east on the Erie Railway, due here at 11:04 a. m. , did not arrive until about 4 p. m., yesterday. The washing away of a culvert near Coopers’ caused the trouble. Water has done a great deal of damage to thé road in a number of places. — Fresh oranges have been re- I ceived by our grocers — The Graphic containing “ Bata­ via Illustrated” will be out one week from to day. — The Young Mens Celtic Club expect soon to produce ‘ ‘The Streets of Newr York.” — The will of the late Mrs. Ual- ista McLean, deceased', was filed for probate in the Surrogate’s office yes­ terday by Henry J. Knsign and Louis McLean, the executors. — Corfu has a lady7 printer, and, from a specimen o f her work in one of our hotels, we should think she would meet with better success in the more masculine employment of blacksmithing. — Supervisors Moulton, Parmele and Nichol have been appointed a committee to ascertain the expense of removing the unsightly fence in the rear of the court house, the de­ molishing of the out-buildings that are enclosed by the fence, and the construction of new necessary apart­ ments in the basement of the court house, with suitable plumbing and drainage therefor.— [Advocate. T h e A r t i s t a n d C a r i c a t u r i s t . The second entertainment of the Library Association course was fur­ nished by Frank Beard, the artist and caricaturist, last evening. The audience was a large one, and seemed much pleased. Some of the caricatures were very good in deed, and the explanations were quite humerous. T h e artist has the faculty which all caricaturists possess of, by a few strokes o f the pencil, giving an entirely different expression to a face 01 any object The Library Association is to be congratulated on the success of this course. ------------ + « »-------------- m i s s B u r t i s ’ D a n c i n g ¡S c h o o l . Miss Burtis yesterday opened her dancing school in Ellicott Hall. In the afternoon quite a large class of children were present. In the even­ ing a class for older persons was formed. Miss Burtis’ method of teaching is excellent, and we cordi ally endorse her to our readers. Miss Burtis teaches the correct and fashionable dances. She has large schools in Buffalo, Warsaw and Attica. The Buffalo Courier of Sunday last contained the fol­ lowing notice of her closing as­ sembly : Last evening the closing assem­ bly of the first term was held in O r ­ pheus Hall and a delightful time was enjoyed by all present. There were over 200 pupils present beside a number of young people outside of the school, and a very large number of parents and friends of the children. The prettiest dance of the evening was the Court Minuet danced by a large number of the pupils, more especially the little people. Dressed in their bright costumes they presentd a lovely ap­ pearance and they danced the number with all the dignity and grace with which such a courtly dance should be attended. The double lancers and the minuet lan­ cers were also danced, and the rapid imj) rove men t i n dancing and:; depprtment reflect great credit upon the Misses Burtis as teachers. --- —« .»■+— --- LK R O Y £ » C i l S . In spite of terrible roads the perk shipping business continues lively. Louis Kemp seems to be handling the largest quantity. Dr. Blood, the popular dentist, has frequently performed success­ fully the rare operation of extracting,i filling and replacing decayed teeth. Owen McEntee on the complaint of his wife was arrested and brought; before Win, S Coe Fuesday morn-! ing, and sent to jail there to stay until discharged according to law. Thursday night last some burg- lars effected an entrance into the houses of J. B. Walker and B u t 'er Ward on Hast Main street, but were discovered before having an oppor­ tunity to carry anything away. No arrests have been made, Tuesday night or Wednesday morning one of the gates to the mill dam broke and some damage was done to buildings below which were badly flooded. However, the break: was repaired before the water had occasioned serious harm, bat the Oatka is higher now than in spring. The question “What Johnny Ward is going to do” perplexes Ba­ tavia, but L e Roy talkers are wond­ ering who is going to be our next deputy sheriff. The most general opinion seems to be that for faithful discharge o f his duties, upright and honorable behavior in public trusts Melvin R King should be entitled to the office and that he may receive it is the wish of F a x . We are sorry to say that six or eight cases of typhoid fever are re­ ported This and similar fevers have suddenly broken out and many are already sick. The oldest son of Mr. McMannis died o f this dis­ ease Monday afternoon and we learn that one other in the family is sick. O. F. Woodward is doing as well as could be expectcd. Willie Bax­ ter had the fever but under the skillful treatment o f Dr. McNaugh- ton it was broken up, The wife and sister of John \Viss, Esq., are also sick. -- - ----- » ----------- The largest stock o f Toys, Games, Fancy Goods and everything else, for the Holidays, at J. A. Clark's Prices lover than any other place. R e m n a n t 9 a l e M o n d a j, D e c e m b e r l 6 tk, w ill offer a large lot of Rem n a n ts a t very low p r i ­ ces, to close out. E . N . Stone, 94 M a in St. Do not forget that W m. H . W ilson x s still a live and th a t hts g a llrry is in per­ fect order. T h e tLnely retouch p o r ­ traits that h e is now m a k ing are u n e x ­ celled in G e n e s e e county. A .11 p h o t o ­ graphs w arranted e<jual to specim e n s , subject an d circum stances being equal. If you are th in k in g o f h a v in g p h o to­ graphs tak e s for Clira-tnias gifts, h a r e your photographs taken before the e le v ­ enth hour, Changes and Lemons ‘¿ « • O E M S P E ll D OZEN . At K enxo -V s ’. S p e c i a l A . n u o u n c c * n e * i t ! T h e E r ie Itaihvn y , h a v in g been reor­ gan ized April 27th. 1878, w ill thereafter toe kn o w n by its n e w name, “ T h e New ■York, L a k e Erie & W e stern E. It.” For the presen t, h o w e v e r , th e old nam e — the tra d e m a r k — ■will be u s e d for advertising and on th r o u g h tick e ts and baggage checks. C o n tin u e therefore to p u rchase tickets via E r i e R a ilw a y . If you want the b e s t and most sub­ stantial C u tter or S leigh go to I ostek s C arriage F a c to r y , State Street, Batavia, : k y . ___________________ Those large M a r s e illes B e d Spreads fo r 99 cen ts h a v e arrived at K e n y o n ’s. C h ip p e d , d r ied o r sm o k e d \beef in la r g e or small quantities, chipped fresh a s w a n ted at O . H . T u r n e r ifc Son’s. A large asso r tm e n t ot out-glafis bot­ tles and bottles su ita b le fo r coverin g ju s t received a t T r y o n ’s, No. 57 IM a inst. C a s h ! C a s h ! ! C a s h ! ! ! F o r cash ive w ill s e ll roast rib s o f beef fo r 8 cents per p o u n d . All meats sold cheap. L . H . D e L a n o & Sous. L o o k at th e fine assortm e n t of Hate and C a p s a t A ndkrson & C u e s l e y ’ b . MOYNIHAN sells C L O T H I N G an d G e n ts’ F a m ish in g G o o d s At rock bottoiu prices. A lp h a b e tical B lo c h s , b u i l d i n g blocks and all kinds o f gam es in great abun- d a n c e a t T r y o n s . ~~ OUR WANT CORNER. iJt5“ U n d e r this head w ill b e in s e r ted a d v e r ­ tisem e n t s of “ Wyants,” “ L o s t ,” ‘ ¡F o u n d ,” \F o r S a le ” and “ F o r K e n t . F iv e lines o r less, 25 cents each insertion; ad d it io n a l lines 5 cen ts cach. A discount o f 15 p e i c e n t , on ad v e r t isem e n ts ru n ­ ning one w e e k or more. A c c e p t a b le \P e r s o n a ls” free. L o s t . L O S T . — I h a v e lo s t m y achesaaid pains by sleep in g on those B e d Sprin g s s c l d by F o x B r o s . F o r M e a t . ’T j 'O I t K E N T . — A h o u s e on South M ain -I- st. E n q u i r e o f J. S . Stewart. ‘T T 'O lt R E M * . - H o u s e a t N o 41 State street. E n q u i r e on th e premises. O R RENTT.— A h-mse on Center street. C e n tral location and all conveniences. E n q u i r e of T . F . W ood* w a r d , 74 M a in st. ___________________ OILY m DOJLLAlt, N E W Y O R K j ^ | | W e e k l y T R I B U N E F O R 1879- T h e S e m i - W e e k l y T r ib u n e for 3879— S2.50. Subscribe at MACKEYS’ Jfews Room. D id y o u not k n o w th a t C . O . S T E T S O N , a t N o . 70 M a in street, i s sellin g first-class F r a m e s at c i t y prices? PHOTOGRAPHRAMES, F T w o handsom e ones, 8x10 in., for on ly 90 ccnts. WINDOW CORNICE, 4 % in., a ll walnut, 75 cts. W ith la c e curtain fixtures. LARGE CHROWIOS, 24x30 in., inch frame - - $i-75 MOTTO FRAMES, Only .... - 25 c. CHROIOS AND FRA.ME, O n l y - 25c. C. O. STET80S, JVo. 7 0 M a i n S t r e e t , Opposite M a c k e y s ’ Ne'A sR o o m .

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