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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 02, 1878, Image 4

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P u b l i s h e r s ’ I f o t i c « . To Subscriber«. NOTICE to subscribers. The Daily Morning News will be delivered by curriers at your door every morning in any part of the City free of charge Any person fail.ng to receive their paper will report to us in person or by mail, T h e n e w s p a p e r la w is a s fo llo w s : “ A n y p e r s o n w h o re c e i v e s a. n e w s p a p e r a n d m a k e s u s e of it , w h e t h e r he h a s o r d e r e d i t or no i, i s h e l d in law to b e a su b s c r ib e r . If s u b s c r i b e r s p a y i n a d v a n c e th e y a r e b o u n d t o g i v e n o tice t o th e p u b l i s h e r a t tfie e n d o j t h e i r t i m e , if t h e y d o n e t w i s h t o c o n ­ tin u e t a k i n g it; o t h s r w i s e th e p u b l i s h e r is a u t h o r ­ ized to sen d it on, a u d th e su b s c r ib e r w ill b e r e ­ sp o n s i b le u n til a n ex p r e s s n o t i c e w i t h p a y m e n t os a r r e a r s is s e n t to t h e p u b l i s h e r . ” To A d v e rtisers. When an advertisement in sent in to this office it must be distinctly marked on the copy the length .of time it is to run; if not, it will be taken for granted that it is to be left in until ordtred out, and charged up to them accordingly, Let our advertisers take p irticular pains with this, for by being* a little careful it will save a great deal of trouble. A d v e r t i s i n g R a t e s — One inch square one week, $1.50; one month, $4.00. Quarter column one week, ¿3.00; one month, $9.00. Half column one week, $5.00; one month, $17.00. _ Lo­ cal or reading notices, 5 cents pel line each inser­ tion; 15 per cent, discount when in a w e e k or more. Special rates will he given for advertise­ ments running longer than one month. Settle­ ments made quarterly with regular advertisers. The only daily paper in the City and is there­ fore the best advertising medium. LOCAL GOSSIP . — A crowded house should greet the Georgia Minstrels to-night. — Read O ’Connor Brothers' ad­ vertisement. It may save you m on­ ey. — A Lockport man has raised peanuts and proposes to try banan­ as. — The late rain revealed the fact that many roofs sadly need reshing- ling. — The net profits o f the late Or­ leans county fair were in the neigh­ borhood of $700. Remember Miss K e n t Mason’s lecture on the “ National Curse\ at the Opera House to-morrow, at 3 : 3 0 p . m . — Tom Collins has been found. He is the Greenback candidate for Member of Assembly from W yom­ ing countv. — R. O. Holden advertises in all the newspapers in this vicinity, and consequently draws a great deal of custom from the neighboring c o u n ­ ties. — The evidence in the Boyce m u r­ der trial in Rochester, is all in, and yesterday the eleventh day, the coun­ sel for the defense commenced s u m ­ m ing up. — Dr. H. S, Hutchins has pur­ chased the east half o f the Tracy lot for $3,500. H e intends to have erected a fine dwelling house upon it next season. — Rufus Sinead, of Le Roy, who is 85 years old, has this season made and put up ready for sale 175,000 brick, at his kiln near Batavia. H e had no help in this task.— [Courier. — Foster Turkey, the Indian, who was sentenced by Judge Bar­ ker last fall to the Auburn State prison for twenty years for killing his brother, is dead. It is said that Turkey died from an affection of the mind superinduced by his con- iinement; and it is also stated on pretty good authority that no Indian was ever known to survive five years imprisonment in nny of our Ameri- , can prisons— [Niagara Falls G a ­ zette. — Jeiome Lee, who was consider­ ed one o f Albion’s “wealthiest men has failed. — Robert Harris, general mana ger, and other officials of the Erie Road, ¡passed through Batavia, yes terday noon. An apparatus for showing the rate of speed and amount of draft was attached t o one of the cars. — The young man Wm. Condon, about whom we had an item yester­ day, informs us that the money he had in his possession when arrested in Rochester, belonged to Iiiin, he having earned it by worldiLg for John W. Mix during the summer. — At what the Expnss denomin­ ates “ A Charm ing Concert,” given in Buffalo Thursday even ing, the second portion opened wi^lv Lem- men’s “Bird ,of Love,” a solo by Miss Ktttie Tyrrell, of Bataria, which was highly appreciated, and her “ Jainie” given as an encore was quite taking. -------- ------------- nuns GSruiidy’s Ob»erva.tlMifc — M issAllie B. Clary, of -Auburn, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. C J. Fer- ren, on E llicott avenue. — E. L, Kenyon leaves for lSTew York next Monday to order a. large stock of 99 cent and dry goois, — Miss Josie Bender aaid IVEiss Sophia ICreppelt are visiting friends in Buffalo and Niagara FaL 3 s, — Miss Marian Allen leFt yester­ day morning for Erie, Pa., Avhere she will remain several weeks. — H, Parsons, Gen. A g x o f the Commonwealth Insurance Com­ pany, of Boston, was in to r n yes­ terday. — Mr. and Mrs. Clafiin, who have been visiting at the residence of Mrs. C ’s father, C . T. Buxton, returned to their home In '^Va.shing- ton, yesterday. -------- ------------- JL H o r s e K i l l e d . To the Citizens o f Genesee County and the Town of Batavia. To y o 1, one and all, we would most respectfully announce that v e have placed on sale this day one of the L a r g e s t , F i n e s t a n d B e s t S t o c k s - OF -- F E j z L S , ^ C O F F E E S , STJ& J L IIS, SJPICUJSj etc., To be found in any Grocery in G-enesee county, and we have reduced the price on the same to suit you. all. Determined to «ell out our entire stock Before January 5th, 1879, W e would respectfully invite you all to call and examine the same before pur­ chasing elsewhere, as we are fully confident that if you once examine the same, U T o v l T i t i l Bzcy N o w h e r e E l s e , . ------ § - f f i - § ------ A b o u t 9 o’clock yesterday morn­ ing a horse belonging to Mr. Albert E. Martin, who lives on tie Alvin. Pease farm, became fright ten ed by the cars at the Jackson street cross­ ing and threw himself violently to the ground, fracturing the odon tide process o f the axis or second bone of the vertebral column. Dr. EL j ¿Sutterby was sent for but the horse j was past helping, and died in a few i minutes. Uncle Tom ’s Cabiiii T h e Auburn Adveriis-er says o f the performance of the Wilkinson's w h o appear here M onday night; “ I t is no metaphor to say that the Opera House was filled to overflowing last night. Standing room wels at a premium, and many were turned away unable to squeeze in. T h e aitraction was the Wilkinsons in Uncle T o m ’s Cabin, but the great feature that secured the c i w d was the low price of admission— 25 cts. We venture to assert that i f the rates were 50 and 75 cents a corporal's guard would not have beeai present. This shows what low prices will do, and should serve as a valuable guide to the managers of even the so-called “ tony” shows.” Remember) That We Will Sell t« You (Remember j- Standard A, 9c. White C, c. -j Remember) Yellow, 8c. Brown, 7c. (Remember Bear in Mind ) That We Will Sell t« You ( Bear in Mind >- Good Green, 20c. Roasted Java, best, 32c. 4 Bear ill Mind) Roasted Java, 27c. Roasted Rio. 25c. ( Beal in Mind T T E A ! We have placed our prices on the best Gunpowder Tea in Genesee county at 70 C E N T S 70 And you cannot beat the same in Batavia for 80 cents, or perhaps 90 cents. Japan Tea for 45 and 50c. T Others sell it for 50 and 60c. We would most respectfully ■ ■ call your attention to the above, also to those mer- chants that have so much to say about their tea trade New Georgia Bank Codfish, 5c. New Siscoes, 4c. Best Raisins, 8c. Rice, 8 c . , Soap by the Cord, Starch by the Hundred, — ALSO - ■CURRANTS, SA L E R A T U S , SO D A , M U S T A R D , C R E A M T A R ­ T A R , O A T M E A L , B A R L E Y , T A P I O C A , B L A C K I N G , B R U S H E S , B R O O M S , SYR U P , M O L A S S E S , PO R K , LA R D , FISH of all kinds, And, in fact, everything ia the Grocery line marked down this d.ay until further n< >tice. liest New Salt, 280 lbs., only 95 cts. per barrel. Bushville and Batwvia Flour always on hand—$5 per bbl. Thankful for past favors and wishing a continuance of the same,-we are yours respectfully, I T . & E . 0 ‘C 0 N N 0 R , } 26 MAIN STREET.

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