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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 02, 1878, Image 3

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8,10 and 12 State st,, BATAVIA, N. Y. Dailey’s Furniture and Un­ dertaking Rooms. Appreciating, the lib e r a l p a tro n a g e b e s t o w e d on me <iijd in ¡order to 'g i v e 'file public to understand that'’! appreciate- the sam e , I h e r e b y inform m y friends and patrons th a t I h a v e again Reduced the Prices of All Goods in my line. I am determined to sell, goods all over Mew York SiaLe aadt Inducements to the Public which will make \ 3 at:i via a central point for F u r ­ niture and Undertaking Goods, in my I UNDERTAKING DEPARTMENT! NEWS NOTES. \* Parties desiring to purchase village j property, either houses or vacant lots, or I he Sultan 1 }a.s appointed Baker ¡ rent a house, should examine the B?al Pashi^-one o f his aides de-camp. (Estate Directory at the ooraei of Main The fortification of Rome, which I and Jackson streets was discontinued during the hotter months, has been resumed. ! • ‘ A woman in Clifton Park, N. Y . , was in one clay separated by divorce from two husbands, one of the suits being-decided against her there and the other in California. The best American Bread at BAKE« & WALKINSKAW’S for 5 cents a loaf until further notice. - OJSJLiP: a ^ t W OO DW ARD ’S* The New London Last for ticni*’. Siioes. I have made a great many improvements and shall always be up to the. wants ot the times. I a.111 no w about to introduce one of the latest and nicest Hearses ever seen in Western NcwVTork, and to my patrons let me say 4 IGpIt Shall B e Free When you ar<“. in need of a hearse, team and com ­ petent driver I will F u r n ish T h e m F r e e “® of charge within the village of Batavia or a t a rea- winable distance in th e country. I have con­ cluded that no first-class undertaking establish­ ment can he conducted without .owning its own hearse and team, thereby , Having the P u b lic E x p e n s e a n d Trouble to hire or lo >k after the same. Parties who may have deceased friends coming on cars can hire hereafter The BEST HEARSE, Team and Driver far the Moderate Charge of Two Dollars. Tti.Hikins a liberal pu b lic fo r p a tro n a g e be- stmved on me, I am your0 truly, M . D A I L E Y , To th.3 Public ! In looking around for your Clothing, etc., don’t forget to call at ANDERSON & OHESLEY’S. Tne subscriber will open on - TUESDAY, O C T O B E R 2'M , — French Confectionery, Bak­ ery, Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlors, A t No, i i 5 M a i n S t . , B a .ta.yu. Every Variety of C A K E . SOU P S ’ C H I C K E N A N D LO B S T E R ; SALAD S , H ON E D T U R K E Y , I C E ‘ C R E A M of all kinds, C H A R ­ LO T T E R U S S E , ICES, JELLIES, etc. Oysters Served in Alabama lias an Anti Equestrian Society, based on the belief that horses were never made to carry buidens'on their backs, and that it is extremely cruel to ride them. The whole area of Great Britain and Ireland under cultivation is, ex­ clusive of space covered by build­ ings, roads, waters, gardens, wood and land, 47,327,000. A panorama of heaven was exhib­ ited in a Lutheran Church, in Phil­ adelphia, and it is charged that some of the pictures were of the Interna­ tional Exhibition buildings, altered by the addition o f angels, halos and clouds, Carlo Gatti, who came to London a penniless boy, and died lately a wealthy man, having made a fortune by selling cheap ice creams, hailed from Tieino, the same canton which produced Delm onico and many more culinary celebrities. Mr W ebber, a magistrate in Dev­ onshire, England, has beens lined $100, with the alternative o f impris­ onment, for aggravated assault on his daughter. H e paid the money, remarking: “ I should be happier in jail than at home with my daughter. The Russian leather, so much prized for durability and grateful smell, is prepared by the use of the essential oil o f the birch tree, Bales of it will lie for a long time in damp warehouses without spotting or be­ ing otherwise injured by mildew The prevailing hats and bonnets in Paris are quite a saidy for an entomologist. Swarms of bees and other insects are settling 011 some of the hats. Arrows and lizards are giving way to small ornaments of holly leaves, with pearls for berries. Owls’ heads o f various sizes, some Mo- Scnool Hats for 25 cents at Mrs loney’s. Go to Joba Dixon’s and get a first* class shave, His shop is open all times durino: the ’«■eek. Morion Harland’s Works, 99c. at K enyons ’. All who have tried the Daisy pro_ nounce it the best 5c? Cigar in the mar­ ket. Bierce is slaughtering goods. The best and cheapest Tesb ami Ooftee sold at Heriu. May’s Grocery Store on Jackson St. Great bargains in Overcoats and Un­ derwear at A n d e r s o n & C h e s l e x s . The best American Bread at BAKER & WALKINSHA'W’S for 5 cts. a loaf, until further notice. Call and see the new patterns of La­ dies’ Underwear for 99c. at K enyons ’. Try Dr. \Whitbeck’s Sugar Coated Granules, a never failing remedy for Liver Complaints, Sick Headache, Ha­ bitual constipation, etc. Sold by Shaw & Stiles. Jf iT S O N B U L L 0 CK, DYEING AND CLEAMIÎIG HOUSE N o . 104 M a in s t r e e t . Gents’ Calf Alexis and Button, only ................................... $3 oc Boys’ Fine Calf .Button. . . . . 2 oo Ladies’ Fifth Avenue . Kid Button, French h e e l . . . 2 75 Ladies’ Pebble Goat Button, French heel................. 2 5.0 Call and See the New Styles. T. P. WOODWARD, 74 Main S t r e e t - B a t a v i a , N. Y. The place to buy the best TEAS, COFFEES and SPICES —IS AT - - H U D G I N S 9 - 6 4 M a in S t r e e t . Where you can ttl'vvajs ftnd a choice se­ lection of J?ore,igrL a n d JDoTrL&stia JSJEt ( T I T S , C anned G oods , C onfectionery etc. Try our Delicalesse, Tidal Wave, Little Joker and R o b Roy S O t . C i g a r s . Also Peri, Brownie’s,. Bagdad and Genesee Pride at 10. cents. G E N T L E M E N S ’ C L O T H E S C L E A N E D And repaired in a first-class manner a t reasonable prices. ! G O O D S T E W S . ! ! Hor.se Shoeing mid all other work reduced 1 at my shop. Buggies mvl Sleighs uf all descriptions at low prices. Call and ex­ amine our goods and be convinced. DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Pure «nid Reliable. Trusses. Supporters a cd Shoul­ der Braces, Perfect adjustment a specialty, ;very large, and gilded caterpillars, 111 S t y les. are largely used to confine bows on O •» -Every Variety o f Candy J\fanu- j hats and bonnets, I G e o . T r u m b u l l . } Moerlein’ s CINCINNATI Lager, Bottled by Waterman, at No. 1 State ^t. factored by Ourselves. Having secured the services of - - - , —her. c h a r j l e s b . j ) w a l — season. Already M ane Koze has The n-imous confectioner and pastry cook, for t been thrown from a horse’s back, “ ! Modjeska has been tumbled out of dmgs m a m a m ie r that .defys a carriage. Genevieve Ward has competition. Please , , , , n - • _ „ r | give us a call. oeen shaken up by a collision 01 W nrlrlmrr Palrn n OnnAinlt.. ' vehicles, and Lotta has narrowly G'SKor 9 Specialty. escaped death by a locomotive, <■ iiocnlate, White Mountain, Pound, O r a n g e ,1 Othci'vA ise known as the iron llOTSe, ‘ P< rams. L a d y T , ^ « ^ ^ that almost smashed her equipage olate E'clairs, etc. trench Rolls, Bread and Corn Muffins for breakfast deliv­ ered free of charge. Catering for Weddings and Parties a specialty. Private families supplied a t Horses are proving valuable a d - 1 (--ents- per Dozon, IM h e iw i iia e . agents fof staiie ladies this 1 Postal cnrd. thrul^h Po’t ° 'ri\c w;u re::eivc j prompt attention. W i n e s (L iici J j C q v L o r a , Strictly pure fo r rnèiticinal use. Stationery, P e r fu m e r y , T o ilet A r ticled, Fancy G o o d s , etc. vertism g 1 :fteen years’ experience in the business, A young man in' Cincinnati de­ sires lo marry a girl of thirteen. S h e is willing and so are her par­ ents, but Ohio law refuses a license to one so young) and without a li­ cense clergymen in that State are marriage /( C C ilo C v-iCi iZ, ) IXIUii Hi. r‘ (e}k r^ e $ 0UP t° O r d e r ! forbi(i clen to perform a M i. als o x t h e EUROPEAN p la n ! ceremony. The pair intend to go MXNER, -25 beyond the reaeh of such restric- tahle board ,S3.S0 a w e e k . tions, accompanied by their rela- A . I T G T J B T U ^ g u e h t i n u \ t s , and to be wedded in spite of 115 M ain street, B a t a v ia . ‘ obstacles. D V E R T I S E ! A D V I C R T l S i — IN THE - D a i l y M o r n i n g N e w s . — DO IT NOW — D V K R T I S E ! A D V K RTISJ C O A L T R E S T L E R T . J I O W A I t D & C o . BATAVIA, N Y. S P L E N D I D CO A I ;, N I C E L Y S C R E E N E D . NO T R O U B L E to LO A D . 2 , 0 0 0 P O U N D Co me and try it My expenses are light, and I ain satisfied with moderate profits. Every customer shall be satisfied.. F. E. WRIGHT, ! 48 Main St, - Batavia, N. Y. I . _ O H ! W h a . t B A R G A I N S ! I _____ N o R e n t ! N o Plated Glass! 1ST 0 E x t r a E x p e n s e ! I B u t Goods down, d o w n , D O W N !!! | B I E R C E sells ready-made Cloth- j i'»g* ' B I E R C E sells Boots and Shoes. ! B l E R C E sella choice family Gro- I ceries. ' B I E R C E sells Wrappers and Draw- | ers. | B I E R C E sells Dry Goods awful cheap. B I E R C E sells g:ood T t T t T t T for 30 cts. B I E R C E sells Best Dollar fsgSt'T for 50 eta. B I E R C E challenges competition,

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