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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, November 02, 1878, Image 1

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V*l. I—No. 112 . Batavia, Saturday, November 2 , 1878 . Price One Cent B U S I N E S S C A R D S - H O T E L S TELEGRAPHIC NOTES. r j H E S A I N T J j l A K S H O T E L , B a t a v i a , N . Y. A. G. C oixins & Co. H OOPER m o u s e :, . B a t a v ia , N”. Y . D avid H o o p e r , Proprietor. Good stabling attached. j p A R K E R S ’ H O T E L , Cor. Court & Ellicott Sts., B a t a v ia , N. Y. N. PAIL.L, Proprietor. D E N T I S T R Y . xi. BENJAmii<r, ~ ' Makes a specialty in artistic- artificial teeth. Teeth extracted without pain. Booms over AncLerson & Chesley’s. W M. C. GAltDOEli, makes a special tv of saving the natural teeth. PH F S 'ICfAJVS. D r . h . s . H 1 I V C K I N S , i l U.M KD 1 \ ATHISTS, Office, Cor. of Main and Jackson Sts. Iiesidence, 45 State St., Batavia, N, Y. A T T O R N E Y S . S AFF011D .E. NORTH, ATTOTÎNTP,V AT ATTOEKEY AT LAW. Office over the First National Bank. JOB PRIH T IH G . -NEATLY EXECUTED AT THE— —Daily Hews Office- - AT THE LOWEST PRICES.- _o o 2 Û. © x H Has commenced work in his perma- nent shop at 24 Main street, over Hamilton'» Marble Works. H e m a k e s H<its h i g h e r or lo w e r , w i d e r m th e rim , a n d liiok e q u a l to n e w , S a v i n g , # 5 0 P e r C e n t . r l A i s C a i . l e d F or a n d D e l i v e r e d . P m Hats Cleaned and Stiffened. P- 0 . Address, Box 532. B r i n g U s Y o u r W o r k . H i 5 ? ae p CD B . F . F r e e m a n , GAS FITTER AND PLUMBER. LOver Alert Hose House.] la w n Fountains, Hose an«l H o se Carriages. lawns wTuTn wif’j?‘r,S «■ introduce w a ter on their Sh/fi«indg0s.Wc11 10 Ca\ 0n Mr- Free1™\ “ d ihat rhfr^ n r ,nld.i,av« t*le public understand guardntees -fll k - Vf P>»«nbing work, He trade so farM ^ ^'»'^. tlianks the people for his I so tar, and hope* they will continue, Dailey rhomton,” Mrs. Holmes’ ittew book, for i>i)c. at K enions ’, A G l a n c e a t t h e W o r l d ’s N e w s . Garnier Jages, the French histo­ rian and statesman, is dead, aged 75* The German government has sent 3,000 marks for the relief of German sufferers by the fever in the United States. The nailers in Wheeling, W. V a ., decline to work at the new prices proposed, and will strike Monday. D. G. Croly has retired from the editorial management o f the New York Graphic. Taylor’s woolen m ills in North Salem, N. H ., were burned vester -day. Loss, about $65,000. The New Y o r k W o rld’s London special denies that Beaconsfield has had an epileptic attack. H e is suf­ fering from gout, but otherwise is well. The New Y o r k Herald says Col. Mosby thinks that Republican suc­ cess in the State o f New York, T u e s ­ day, means Grant or Conlding as the next Presidential nominee. * The American Women Suffrage Association will hold its ninth an­ nual meeting at Indianapolis the i2th a n d 14th., W m. Lloyd Garri­ son, president Postmaster General Key says the politicians in California seem unani­ mously opposed to the Chinese, but the em ploying class prefer them to any other laborers and find them docile, obedient, punctual, obliging, hard working and faith!ul. The New Y .trk Sun’s Port Jarvis special states that a school teacher at Thom pson, Pa., was outraged and her tongue cut out by tramps at a school-house recently. She wrote upon the blackboard a description of her assailants, but was dead when found. Mrs. Sergeant, woman laundress at Ft Lincoln, Dakota, and wife of a member o f the seventh Cavalry now in the field, died yesterday, when it was revealed that she was a man. She had been married three times, and was one of the Custer massacre widows. T h e Pennsylvania Railroad C o m ­ pany has agreed upon a semi-annual dividend o f 2 per cent. Dividends will hereafter be declared semi-an- nually. Rumors of impending business failures in Glasgow, Scotland, are again rife. The stoppage is an nounced o'f John Leckie & Co., saddlers, o f Glasgow and London, with we rks at Waitsal. During tie fight near the Spring­ field, Ohio, depot Wednesday night between five railroad men and five tramps, two tramps were fatally in­ jured <nd two railroaders badly beaten. O n e railroader and three tramps were arrested. The weather in N ew Orleans is clear and cool. Deaths from fever, 8; cases reported, 80. The examination of Dr. Spear and Mabal W hitman, of Charles­ town, Mass., on a charge o f poison­ ing the mother of the latter, result­ ed in acquitt l. 'The decision meets with general approval. The Internal Revenue receipts for October last year were $10, 107,360; for the past October, $10,039,754. Total amount for 1877, to October 31st, $38 772,838, and to October 31st, 1878, $39,275,456. Forty-seven failures in Mcnv York city during October have aggregate liiibilities of $3,200,000. This is a decrease of twenty-three in number and $ 400,000 in liabilities as com ­ pared with the preceding October. Try Co :n-lirs k Ifergimn for a good sliave or hair cut. TL ey are two of the best workmen in their profession. Over C. H. Turner & Son’s market. A B i g C a r d . Mr “Budge” ’Wa.teriiaan has engaged the two finust song and dance artists of the age, Tom and Jtrry, who will nmka their first appearance to-day and contin­ ue during the season, Admission, 10 cents. P. S. — “They Mil be hot.” Look at the line assortment of Huts and Caps at Anderson & Chesley’s. A. S, ltoels Works, 99c. at KENTONS'. o f W in t e r M illinery Opening S t y l e s . I desire to say to tke Lulies of Batavia and vicinity that I will, on Opening Days and thereafter, have on exhibition The following is a statement of a ttll6 di k ot .MlQmea Uats aIld a rAindiYA in tn/a mmho nn nnn- , Bonnets for ladies and. children. Also an endless variety of Untrimmed Hats and Bonnets in all the leading styles, with their exquisite line of Trimmings, consisting of two-faced ltiboons, Plash­ es, Satins, Velvets, Feathers, Flowers, Ornaments, etc. Alao a selection of Dress Gaps for oLd ladies. Children1» Hoods, Ruchings, Veils in different qualities and colors, Ladies’ Forme, Dress Shields, etc, Opening days— Wednesday and Tlim'sday, Oct. 30th and 31st. M bs . N. J. N oblbs . Also agont for a -first-class dye house. the coinage in the mints during October: Double eagles, $3,464,- 609; eagks, $737,800; quarter eagles, $336,300; standard silver dollars, $2.070,000; cents, $6,700. Total, $6,625,400. Caleb Cushing’s letter declining the nomination for the Attorney Generalship dated September 23d, states as a reason his advanced age and not possessing the qualifications — five years’ residence— which the constitution requires. Otherwise his personal friendship for Butler would have induced him to accep\ J. F. Coyle in an interview7 with the New Y o r k Herald says Cooper gave him a cipher to use in Florida. Ide (Coyle) sent cipher dispatches, but not to Hewitt. He believes! G1. money l'eiuadeiL that Cooper and Hewitt knew the ■ Shaw & Stiles, contents of every dispatch he sent, as they were the most active mem bers o f the Executive Committee. Coyle said he only used money necessary for legal and legitimate expenses, E x - S h e r i f f P a r i s i » A s s a u l t e d . May Agnes Fleming's. Works, !J9c. at KENYONS’. ----------- -------------------- I f IVIngiu Toothache cures W I I V W l W fcoutliauhe in one min- For sale by OUR WAflf CORNER. JPersm ial, I^U&EKA. F o r S a le . W m. I Parish, a former resident of Alexander and Sheriff o f Genesee county, who now lives in Iowa, was waylaid by two roughs on his return from a neighboring village, where | lie had been to deliver a load o t1 Criiswold, barley. The attempted robbers asked for a ride, and were kindly taken into the wagron. Shortly af-j and lot, No. 18 State st. Esquire of Mrs. S. O. JpOR SALE.—House Dulmage. ^OB BALE.-A house and lot on Hwiin street. Enquire of E. B. BATAVIA. MARKETS. H aiavia , N. Y. - - N> vember ï , ’78. terwards one of the villains dealt Corrected daily by t~\ J. Ferrin and E. L. aiu Mr. Parish a stunning blow on the 1 eByau' head with a club, while the other seized him by the thioat. i\Ir. P. being a strong, muscular man, suc­ ceeded in getting ou t of the v^agon, dragging his assailant with him, and freeing him self from his grasp* Mr. P. gave his visitors a warm re­ ception, which caused them to beat a hasty retreat. Mr. Parish w. s quite seriously, but not dangerously, injured. — [Attica Argus. ------ +-•*-»------------ T h e B e s t A m e r i c a n - B r e a d at Baker & Walkinsliaw’s for «->. a loaf, Until fuither notice. Wheat, w h ite.. W heat, r e d .. .. Oat.s w h ite... 85 80 25 Oats, mixed ......... 33 Cnrn .................... 4 5 Barley, 2 rowed.‘ 7 5 ' “ (1 rowed.. yo Beitis, marrow.... I ^5 “ medium — *i 30 “ pen ........... I 3 ° I 7 5 Potatoes, R«so . 75 Potatoes, Peerless 70 Chickens ............... *0 C O A L — 1 J IN YARD Fleur, Hoxall.bbl g 7 of Flour, white, bbl 0 ot Flour, red, b l-L . 5 5c Oinons, bush. . . . 50 Fork ........... ............. 1 50 Wotil ............... 20.ii£ I-ktter, tub ....... 17 Butter, roll ....... xg Egrgs ................ 18 Uhce.se.................. 8.}£ Apples,,dried.. * 3 Apples, green. 1 00-1 10 Lit-rd.................... 7 Salt .............. 1 oo-i 40 DELIVERED, N u t ............................ $5 75 . Stove . ......... .............. 5 75 No. 4 .........................6 25, Egg ................... 5 75: Grate .... - - ---- 5 75 25 ceiitb discount per ton for Laxl \N1 t i t ........... »... .. S-ii 15 atove ..... û Tj No. 4 ............... 6 t>5 i - g g ...................... <>' 3 £- (irate .......... . . 6 is

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