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Daily morning news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1878-1879, July 20, 1878, Image 4

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LOCALS- — The . umpiring in '.yesterday’s game we will leave the clubs to talk over. — The latest reports to us say, that Ennis is far ahead in the walk- ing match. — Dont fail to attend the delight­ ful excursion to Cleveland, on Lake Erie. See advertisement. — Our reporter had the extreme pleasure of witnessing the ball game of yesterday, under a heat of 10 7 0 . It was indeed a rare treat. — As our Telegrams were crowded out dl yesterdays number, We pre- sent them in : tp-days (inside).\ When locals are plenty we intend; crowding ,out Telegrams, far the, benefit of our readers, thinking they prefer i so. — A man in M. B. Adam’s store last night, was taken very suddenly with a fit, they had laid him on the counter and was tenderly caring for him when Mrs. Johnson came in for a pound of tea, and asked if it was a counlcrjiet. — T he Cayuga County Agricul­ tural Society haye awarded a diplo­ ma, to the Batavia Steam Engine Company for the Monitor Engine exhibited by them at the Exhibition and Fair, held June 18, 19 and 20, 1878. — Our correspondents will please take particular pains in writing their communications as plainly as pos­ sibly for we have difficulty in- ready­ ing them. And pleh&e make them as short as possible, with the facts condenced. We shall have to ask the favor of re-writing any commu­ nication, unless it be a private let­ ter. John D. Mitchell, a pipeman oi the steamer “ Dennis’' was instantly killed on Thursday, while wetting down the walls of the Red Jacket Hotel, at Buffalo. Several other firemen narrowly escaped being crushed by the walls of the burning building. He was an old member of the Police Force, and has been twenty years a fireman. He had in his possession many badges for his heroic deeds and brave acts as a fire­ man. Successful Opération- On Thursday Dr. Davidson, of this place, amputated a leg from the person of Mr. Brown, an inmate of the County House. He was assist­ ed by Dr.’s Croft of Bethany and Rogers of Pavilion. The operation was very successfully performed. The limb was taken off just above the knee. H e is doing well at present. --- - ---- ------------ - Exchanges, — “ Corvella left off the ‘ Signor’ when he went to Attica with his slack rope performance. The Ar­ gus says he comes well recommend­ ed from Batavia and Le Roy ”— Baiavta News . That was the voice of the wonderful Covella, at the rate of ten cents per line; but we were ready to take it all back and refund the money, after we saw him grace- fully seated in his little .swing; crying out, ‘ ‘ Mister; give ni^ one more ■penny and see; me swing,” His tight rope performance was -aband­ oned.— Attica Argus. H e didn’t even pay us for our glorious old pu.ff. — The D aily N ews of Batavia, is a lively little sheet.— A ilka N m s . Neighboring Places. ■ -—Courtney will probably row at Silver Lake this year.. — The “ Johnson Grays,7\ of Hor- nellsville, are in camp at Seneca Point. — Mr. S e x tos at’Silver Lake, in­ tends putting up new bath houses. It would be a good thing and no better spot could be chosen. — The Ennis-Guyon walk contin­ ues to draw large crowds to the rink. Both men are pressing on at a rapid pace, and are in excellent physical condition. Ennis leads by twenty- five miles. — Rescue Engine Co. No. 1. brought out their Engine for work and inspection on Saturday last. The large cistern in the celler of the St. James building, one hundred and fifty barrels of water, was pump­ ed dry in a few moments. The en­ gine was then taken to the bridge and to the Western Hotel, where it did some, fine work— she threw a good stream, and the .water can be tak^n ‘50 feet above any building in town. Foreman Fay had charge of the job and handled his men nicely. JThe members took to the brakes like veterans, they are £ fine lot of young men, and will make good firemen. Everybody voted that Rescue Engine Company was a suc­ cess. — Attica News, If we are not mistaken, this is the Engine sold by the corporation of Batavia. We have seen the time when “ Old Number i , ” did some magnificent work in our streets. --------- ..— « * • * . ---------------- Yesterday's Same, At about 3 o’clock yesterday after­ noon a “ scrub” nine left this city for the purpose of having a little sport on the “ diamond” with the Caryville boys. They arrived tliere about 4 o’clock, and as nobody met the boys, it took a long time to find where the celebrated field was, where the contest was to be had. After a time the boys found it, however, and proceeded to the spot. They were greeted with yells from tne crowd of small boys that generally congregate at such a place, and after waiting about an hour and a half for the Caryv-ille boys to get their nine, the game began with Tom Agar as Umpire. The Batavia club was comprised of about one half of their regular nine, as is usually the case, and every boy had his little word to put in, Fhe Cary’s had a very strong set of boys, and , they played well, The Batavia’s did some very fine batting, nearly every, time, sending the ball out of the held and over the fence. A representative from our office made the best5 bat during the game. McDonald and Loomi also made some famous hits,' Mr, Donoghue badly sprained his ankle in the fifth innings, but on remov­ ing his shoes, he managed to steal three Basses pretty lively, and made his score, - It was a. terrible acci­ dent Mulligan of the third base had a ball part hfs hair in the mid­ dle, and strike ham 011 the head. He soon recovered however. As Skelley, the catcher, was coming from first base home, he was struck in the back of the head with a ball. It is only a wonder that the boy was not knocked senseless. Mr. Skeily stood-behind the t a t 'till his hands were puffed out of shape, but he did not give up, ’till the game was finished. Peck's throwing was excellent and the Caryvilles found it difficult to strike him. The best play on the part of the Caryvilles was made by Davis, who took a hot liner and made a double play. Their catch­ er had bad luck with his pantaloons ripping. As fast as one side was sewed the other would rip and a good deal of amusement was afford­ ed. The game at the findsh stood 17 to 18 in Batavias favor. It was a gala day for Caryville and the ob­ servatory in the Sera inery was crowd­ ed with spectators- The grounds, like the gamej was the worst we have seen in a long time, as far as “ muffing ” wild throwing is con­ cerned. There were fences on all sides and it was decided that anyone knocking a ball over a fence would only be entitled to one base, This was a poor thing for Batavias; for heady every bat made would have given three bases. When the re­ turn is played we hope the boys will have their regular nine. Had we the time this would have been writ­ ten in better shape. £1UQMLS. — Mrs. Leanned intends leaving for Bay City, Mich., the forepart of next week. — Willie E. Osborne and' Cous­ ins from Buffalo, left yesterday morning for a visit to ' Ogdensbuig and the St. Lawrence- ------ - —«*»■ — -~i — 1 Prom Pômbroïs- On Monday last R. B. Phelp’s of Tompkins County, sustained a se­ vere fracture of th e : leg above the ankle, by the overturning ■ &f a bug­ gy. He is doing well. I Mr. Sampson, colored, was com ­ mitted to jail on a peace warrant, issued by Squire Kinney, having i made threats to injure the persons | of different people, j Mr. Alexander, aged 73, acci- | dently fell and fractured the neck j o f the thigh bone. H e lies in a ■ritical c condition, and is cared for by Dr. Phillips of this place, and Crawford of Corfu. i The excitement of Thursday was ja Divorce Case, before a Referee i from Buffalo. X. --------- #-*-» ------- — * BA SB BALL. Games yesterday : Buffalos 7, Manchesters 5. Stars 1, Hornells 2. Lowells 5, Rochestersi. Milwaukee» 1, Forest Citys o. Last two clubs had five innings each. j g t Advertisements like this 5 cents a line. Try Shaw jSjj Stiles new Nickel Cigar. Closing out o f Millinery gdodsat »cost, Mrs. Ohas. Holton. For choice Tefts, i|cli and a^ iatic in flavor and at the lowest prices these goods can be sold call on Joseph C. Sliultfi. Smoke the New Genesee Pride—ask your dealers for them. 274t ■¡Joseph C. Slrnlts sells the Best George Bank Codfish for 4 cents. Call at W, H. Brown’s and get one of those beautiful Couches, Mu ckey’s Circulating Library. A con­ stant succession of new books loaned by the day week or year, Soda Water drawn, from the Morse Patent Soda Apparatus, Fruit Syrups, at Mackey’s News Boom. The best Coftees in Genesee County con be found at Joseph C, Shults. Get your Job Printing done at the Daily .Morning News Office. 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I l Y o u W a n t ------ to buy a good quality of------ M d D d i T S & 8 M & E 8 , GO TO BOSW OBTH’S Opera House Shoe Store. Where every thing is J u s t as it is represented to be and at the LOWEST GASH PRICE. B. F. FREEMAN, GAS FITTER ft PLUMBER, Liawn [Fountains, Hose rind Hose Carriages. All persons wishing to introduce wat­ er on their lawns, will do well to call on Mr. Freeman aud see his Fittings, 203 - ,n * *

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