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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, January 31, 1935, Image 5

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J* «« *\* SSft-i«Mr|IL-R H* S. Five Trims u as A result Of the. T& MOUTH COUNTRYMAN Approximate *«\ parcels of Ian* to Oto«o» 0S*»ty ware sold At pubHe^Wielios; HMfc weeu. The ^WJW*-MS»j J«to Boawa l?OioF Higai School COU rt house at *WYlljW i^^** 11 *«** Urn- County Treasurer S. IX f «NfoW«8nR| 8t^'i Aoademy auiatet, Charge. About f5,0***WU« «««*II»(JK :*J]*****urgh f jSTTifS n St Johns Academy MM* $» locaracftool court last > The score wa* 12 to 2 at the end of the first quarter and 22 to 6 at half-tame. Sfc John** registered 'only one basket in the thirds** ##/!*» «^i-~^~«~^ir ~*TTt **\'\i tod whiIe *k* Bouse* Pointer* goi ISSL^Jif K:^i*!* & **»*• «d 4» latter «owd^ |«W<*W»« More for its, ragged, ***>*«» Iplaying and humorous »it- *««tlii^^riitiiei! than any of the Mj&l that go tO make up an contest. Mouth Wash Users A, solution -ftwttr **ti*iyffo even diluted! one half, Positively ouuM* IrxitsAa *e&- oate tissues. , dives yttn 1« full for Perhaps your favorite mouth wash is Mi 31 Solution. If not we ask that you compare j& : &9^-lk& : hQm jnouth yre&4ormmimi& : *»* <#* fectiveness. Yo^llJBSikai^y^ favorite. , .'.; r -.':. ; -''/'\- 49c r IWfe&ftrol^traijy^ueaUote • mj$»&my of Gfcjiton'* crack . •& 3B» IS, B. outfit, the absolute in- affectiveoe** of the Hattaftdrgfc outfit isjade it look itk* a, real *WfcMw$**er. W Coach CBaitton had *o#ac»eed, the. score oOuld just aa wait been 78 aa 43, or maybe even more, SJvary member of the House* foint squad participated ' in the same and the lack of real opposi- tion slowed up the game some- what. While George Hoag made 5 basket* storing the time be played in th» gain* he could just aa ea«Uy have had aa many more, for *fcsn be wa* under the basket and fa pcwfasaion.of the ball' with plenty of chance to shoot, he pass-\ ad ii back to gtvo someone else a chance. So ineffective was the passing *na b*E jaandiiaif of #» vMtor«|MJepatis»v that t^ loctf players walked right * Up a*** toole tte;MtOnt«f mix Sands. : '-\-V™r.'\• .-.. .\.•-•.';•.- -: ^r.-. I ROUSES POINT, If. *-•. more in the final status while the St. John's boys accounted for three points. iKfce Hneup J follows: * - v * JR. JR» Br. s. Q, Hoagv rf BE. Ashiiue, rf ft-wood, M«— B. Carpenter if. Q. .Barney*'c fit. Yelle, c, P. Hoag, rg Ski Jumping Tourney and the 8th Annual Winter loo Carnival at the Olympic Arena bring the February program to a close on Waafclng* ton's birthday. The Sled Ttog IDerby will be held <fc tffcbruary 16; the Adirondack Association &} A. V. Senior 4-man BObeled Championships, February 19| Korth Ameriean Bobsled CJhampiomihips, 2-man races, Feb. %1 and 22; 4*man races, Feb. 23 A 24; Lake Placid Oub 18-km. Ski Eace, Pub. 3i; 50-km. Ski Race, Ipeb. 23. *r The Rouses Point High School basketball team will play Ellen- burg in the latter village Friday night. A, dronkrite, rg R. Johnaon, rg. *D,\ Merchant, ig Totala Bock, rf —.. GarroW, rf ._ Laralley, If Jackstadt, o CrOnyea,rg Kennedy, rg Murray, Ig , w Lama»e« ig.... 21 ..1 .0 . 0 .. 2 \o 0 0 .J- 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 ft 43 TB 2 0 0 4 2 1 0 0 •~* '•\'ili'UTl t \TJofceiiU f U Casb payment of adjuatid aei?- vico certificates to World ''Wair- veterans, commonly eaUed the bona*,' would bring a total «f 1231,378,728 to the state, with CKnton Ommtys ahare, $**l#87, Six member* of tho f acuTtty of St. Laiwronco Vnlveraity, tSmton, ara liatid in the IdSi •«Uon of | \Who*a Who in JomHrnT' VMM * f Qw Checking Account Much Wa At^ Spto«ii»s^. ito re^nse to nunietotta reojjejta ; *o* ; »»'. ^tetpwtatiori ..Of •^ao: ,£j«r reguJating ftoura' •- of employineht of ttruck and bua operator*, qtea, A.'«arn«*% fsvnyoiiiaionig of\3Ho* :-tor Vehicle*, aaias. . '.; «Tha Ijabor X*1M patwiaea'that the operator of * inotor truck or buetwho ahail hava driven the m- hide ten nour* skaljitftave at least f eight hour* off du^ before driving • again. Orlvar* of Wicki *»S bu**- «« who *e*t or *i*ep on bunk*, or- cotaoopwtwieted «n tha vebtele* do not comply, wltii thi* jwovlaion ot* |h# law, according to Attorney J. i jrasoneti* who baa given an opin; j ion in reaponae to a tequeat for tsMyrtructlon of tha term 'off-duty'. \The l^egiiiiatiia* eontider» ; the irork dona *y *uca operator* aa a trying employmenv the Attorney <3ener*l *ay* > < 'and ft attempt* to 'protect employee* .f^ponl over-*»o>k by providing *«ch » perfed off duty a* will reatora tboit atrength and pieaerve their health, a* wail a* give proper protection to tfte pub- ii© front negUgfht operation «f «** ! W Lte?? A Ciiec&kg ^f$S§^f^^^npii»tb yam houaehold th^^.^V^^^^* 50 *\ 11 ^ ***** that u boflj m^,^$®$$& i*#w* fwx m »ccu^ rate 'd»cfc» <^m$x^ tt- $0* 3K*H 7**** e*«ti-oai ^d—lit^ia^^l^p^g^i^ jpKittre of .your \rate of spond^^ fi^%m^, l& aa attitajbfc for the. young married |soJufc?«j3*» it i*m®pfox&*, eatabliwhed household. , -,' , A checWttg Meoufl&^veji yw n^ety; ooavettienoe afid. ttie ae^ufity 4f receipted t3^»fldtio<ns all in one. K keeps yowr fund* safe in tbc Iswifc^eta you pay feiUa A (*eo>uig amount «t Hjia bank can save you a #e s at «al of money, Qp« pne now, PlatUb ur gh National Bank & Triur CoiSiDaiiy WINTER SPORTS TBOGRAM . PKAK IN FEBRUARY! »iwii>«ii[ifiliilTLi '1Wteii«w«N«»^i^ii ii m •iijB»^nniii|ii,iiiiii l l l i lake Flack, N. Y*—Winter aport* at this wwprt reach their jseason's peak with the February program announced last week. High spots include th v e final, try* outa for the 198$ American Olym- pic bobsled and akl (combined \ayant) teamii February 9-13. The athlete* chosen on, tile basis of their performances here will rep- resent the trnited States in the IV, Olympic Winter Games in der- many neit winter. * , lie bQbsJed teats will be held on the famous Mfc Van HEoevenberg tm, where iwb-racing history was , made during flue m Olympic Win- ter Game* in i9&2, Pound to be in championship condition In *he pre- liminary teat* of the - current sea- gojV the big slide will undoubtedly see new world'* records hung up when the country's \ crack, pilot* ^shQQtthe works\ next mo»th,for the honor* of carrying Uncle Barn's color* down the big Icechute In the BaVartan Alpaia 1«J8\ ! < ' - The Olympic aki try-out* will be staged on interval** Olympic hill sod an * course 1*14 out along a •action:«f the 260 miles cX ski traus that »urrouad L*k« Placid. JwWW' ^**^jjp*^ %4mm&^ *sll» ^fts^W^Msj^ '' 'i i \t nmmtmmmm i i MIWIW utim*^mmtMmmM*mmmmmmmm*mMmmmmmmmmmm THESE PICTURES SHOW I MoJtm Thrtt-Mitwte W«y to < Ease Sort Thrott Warn Pain, Rawneaa, Sorenea* Here** a safe, modern and effective way to relieve tore'throat A was thi! eases the pain* rawness and irritation in as little as two or tare* minutes. Many doctors advise ii ana inu%ii*aiefeao^ All you do h crush and stir $ BAYER Aspirin Tablets in Hiftm of water and gargle with it twioa-^ as pictured here. (If you have sign* of a cold, take BAYER Aspirio and drink plenty of water.) , ; CSefe iiessf BAt£H Asplr&i TableU for this purpose. They disintegrate quickly and completely, making a gargle without irritating piracies., •, BAYER Aipirin prices have been \decisively reduced, so thWs no point now in accepuag other than the real Bayer article you want.. 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