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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, January 31, 1935, Image 4

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?HF^ ,WT4 *fc_ ..^iaaaMBL'&m .. >i V Thursday, January 31, 193S The NORTH COUNTRYMAN •v -o PERHAPS YOU DIDNT KNOW tutor tor fjlona (Continued from preceding page) natter fiie direction of Sergeant Giambruno ana additional mem bera are desired for the organisa- tion. Several instruments, includ- ing 2 alto horns, a trumpet and a 3 saxaphones, are available. Two suspicious acting men vis- ited Rouse* Point Saturday night and after makng several purchases in a local store made a hurried departure. In making the purehas- ea at the local store one of them tendered a $20 gold certificate in payment in making their hurri«d exit the stranger* left behind a brand new hat and one of them dropped a package containing a number of 2-cent stamps. It was at first thought the men might have been connected with the $140,000 mm truck robbery last week in Fall River, Mass., although an investigation being made does not bear this out Postmaster Har- old Ashline notified postal authori- ties of the matter and an investi- gation is being made. U. 8. CIVIL SERVKJJ5 CJOM- MISSION WARNS AGAINST BHS LEADING INFORMATION NOTICE That Immigration Inspector A. Servydas is on a vacation — That today (Thursday) is the last day you can una-your 1834 automobile license plates — That Clinton <jouhtf bmm'nim* afllowed to *** main open ' until 3 A, M. 'today (Thursday) by special permiaKion of the Alcoholic Board ~ That in selling tickets for the President's Birthday Ball in CiiampUin, can- vasser* were told among other thngs: *Hfcy, *» mm*& *w • tick**, imfti ftt&akMOM,*' - -'and,; <wl*en informed that the money would ba spent locaUy for the ben- efit of crippled children, several psrties said,' \But m toman any children\ — That, believe it or not, lout lames 1T*le and $».. Con- way, retired immigration inspect- ors, Rousaa Point, have never been inside t&» as^govenna^ in this village — That William Kennedy, Jr., of Cfaamrflain, left -Houses Point Tuesday night for New York City where he will study IsW at Fordham Universiy. Notice * is hereby fetveW$s& JMcense *RJ3*87« has tseoS-Issue* The United States Civil Sery|«af to the ujadersigned to sell beer, Commission says that numerous! wtae aw£^ tetters received at' its office from Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, different parts of the country In-,at The Petit Grill, Champlauv dicate that misleading information County of Clinton, State of New la being given to the ptiblc hy ( York, foTon premise* conaump-j agents of some of the \*-*- —\^ ence schools which give instruc- tion in preparation for civil ser- vice examinations. To guard against the loss. of money paid for tuition of this kind LE50GOVEN Cfcamplain, N.Y, Try djur special Hue £Jaj© din- iiemi^ tfif $&^t#wnej#\ Hotel* the the Civil Service Commission to- ^\home lot the raflroad man.\ ad. forms the public as follows: No one can promise \ appoint- menta to positions for TJnited States Civil Service I mission holds examinations. The claim that such assurance can he 'given brands the person making it as a fraud. Information regarding exanjina- tiona for the United States CiVii Service,may be obtained frofflt Ihei beards of United States Civil Ser- vice Examiners. There is mien a board in each community which has a postofflce of the first or the second class. In nearly all cities the civil service board is located at the postofflce, Before paying money for tuition, or signing .a contract, it is adviB- __ . able to make nquiry concerntog '^ FIVE TOMORROW |the prospect of examtaati^a, ••-'•- rVi - :; [There is reason to believe that The undefeated Champlain *93or- 'agents of some schools deceive tae' der B*wks% wlifc ihar^ahodttttg public is to the probability of early Dwttfcy Coonan ontt» firing line, ^aanitoations. - ' are biUed to tangfc mm iaePiatts- j No si&jol has advance tofotms- f bttrgfcJknior IftCi team on go* n^ardtog the need for *»• illllliHmniUHi.1 y , (€fmm Map k m »BIIHttffl|'I t l'J. ..- \ >«* Mary Kearny Hill (above), member sf socially prominent Kiclunond, v*a», family, has been tentatively tfeoaen tutor to Gloria VanderbUt, recent pawn in a court battle be- tween the 9-year-old girl's mother, lira: Reginald Vanderbilt, and Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, aunt. \BORDER HAWKS\ WILL PLAY PLATTSBUBGH the Champlain court tomorrow (Friday) night in what promises to be one of the beat games of the) season. Coonan, who is touted as a second \Joe Etheae\ made seven Held goals lit the recent fame against the strong Rouses Point Legion quintet and was the leading scorer to the *®*a*sf* bther -con- test <with the Dannemora State Hospital five. On Tuesday night of next waek the Champlam team playi the Peru Fire Pepartment on the Cham- plam court Both games were call- ed lor. '8' IV If. s' H. C. GOODKOW VWIDICT KtlNSTATED BY N. Y. STATU AXOPSALS COURT Mr. and Mrs. Foster Strickland were Sunday visitors in Platts- burgh. '.' . . „' Miss Hannah Deal, of Platts- burgh, visited her mother, Mrs. ~\ary .tJeai. ''-•'• Miss Carmen Erwin hits been' confined to the house by illness. , The jiethodist Foreign Mission- ary Society held its monthly meet- ing Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Clifford LaPlante. That a petition is being circulat- «d to iMs.a^etiaii which asks *hi .<*n*dlaa i&wemm. *> .-*** 1 : leniency f» the esse «f Pete Col^ «*e, -f»mjto*. t **? ** *&? srrest la a «t &ty* Q*, £W* ta foHowmg a scume with officers during which Colombe was shot TJ»e aMtaMWMs M» ed hy a|*i?oa1unately 5W Nortlr Country i*sidents, cites ti» chax- acUr of Mr. Coloipibe as Wtofex- ceptlonally-good, that he has bsen. punistwi. sufficiently as a result:rf; the iBjuties 'rtceived and askftnAt H-.0&U the hospital, U.«s>. , have a hearing to aUtftit weeks. He is charged wiHi : Ule^ally jfaaqmtiag alcohol into '\' Dominion. ROUSES POINT LOCALS • Charlie Barney, Jr, clerk at the local A. ft P. Store, is out on the street again after a week's illness with, the grippe. Influenia in a mild form is pre- valent to Bouses Point and many children and grown-upa either are, or have been UL In its present form the disease appears to run about a three day course with the usual grippe symptoms, including chills and a high temperature which subside Quickly under treat- ment School attendance has been affected to such an extent that from four to a dozen pupils are absent daily in each of the various rooms. Mrs Amelia King and Rufus King are back from New York and will open their Rouses Point home within a day or two. At present they are guests of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Myers. The Court of Appeals has una- nimously upheld the Appellate Di- vision of the Stat* of New York to retortattog the verdict of $8,000 returned by a Clinton County jury iri \favor -'of Harry C Goodrow,', of Rouses'Potet, former United States customs officer, M a libel action against the New York Times. : \ 1R$^'11B. 4S4TWS* ***«& \iMt sprtag hefore' Judge Q. pj>. ferewster: to Supreme Court at the jury fcifcught to » verdict of $^000 to favor of -Mr. Goodrow and attorhies for toe New York newspaper asked that HMR amounC be reduced m tti«sdeath grounds that it was escesat^e. Judge Brewster stated .....that fee, would grant' the motion unless the plaintiff and his attormes would agree.to accept MM® tn settle- ment, this jthey refoifed t* do am| an appeal was taken hf d'ConneM Brothers, 7 who represented Mr* Goodrow, to tite Appelate pvi- shm, which re#st*ted |b4.,o«ginal $8,000, after which the Times took the ease to theGourt of Appeals. ployees or the probability aminations. of ex- CHAMPLAIN LOCALS ALTONA LOCALS €)F.J*£ : *' ^Hf: ^W^ \•smsssmimmm •-*&#*•'& M^£p£§at ;: iSSim: .**•»«• Or«*««rr ..-Sane-.. 0r«rol*tt4 10^ 48c Sii^Hiet-Swn^r 1 --'' j!ii*iijyftL. CARD OF THANKS We wish to es^Kress om- thanks and appreciation for the many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy at the time of the death of our husband and father, the late Joseph Baxter. Mrs. J. H. Baxter Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Taylor Miss Florence Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Alden Baxter Mrs. Orville Burl and her new baby. Kenneth Joseph, came home from the Champlain Valley Hospi- tal on Friday. Rev. Stanley Brooks and family are enjoying tin comfort of the new Naxarene parsonage. Barbara and Howard Brooks and the Earl Watta' children have been sick with chicken pent The women's missionary society of the Nazarene Church met with, Mrs. Frank Duley last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Gertrude' Ducatt Mannix, of Ak'-on, Ohio, who was called home a (week ago by the sudden of her father, Charles Du- catt, is .stay&g- fit lew wieks w^th ief..-moi^viu^„8|5!(^is.^.. . Mrs. %ronica CNell, of Cteve,^ land, Ohio, is visiting her .father, B. W. Tj^mbley, a^d otiier rela- 'km,- .,.•'' •..-*., I ^ori from Kfo apd Mrf. Wm. Neemith eays they are happily settled for a. few weeks in Lake- land, SlorMs»'^^.^^^;«-. • •\.* Mrs. George Parmenter gave a birthday party Saturday evening for her husbandv A pleasant evtea* tog;»an~d $ ^g« nirthdiy cake was enjoyed by-the^youiig people. t pktt\|^F; pm W«Ma|c-tfc» Has* *?&.££&&• WsssMtlM Tla1as*aWl i Wh^tt JOSEPH IttAJOR, OF CHAMPLAIN, DIED AT OGDENSBURG SATURDAY Joseph Major, of Champlain, passed away on Saturday morning of last week at an Ogdenaburg, N. Y., hospital following a long illness. Funeral services were held at St Mary's R. C. Church, Cham- plain, on Tuesday morning at 0 o'clock, the Rev. Robert Dufort, pastor of the church, officiating. Burial was in St. Mary's CSemeterf . ' Saftssfeaial' amsMl* moou DOT Defender Hot Water Bottle or Fountain Syringe. Regular $L00. We're selling them for 79c each at the Rexall 32nd Birthday Celebra- tion now going oh nt the EHdriage Pharmacy, Rqusea Point. Come & Rouses Point and S%%&, Sale will continue all through- -February, but get here early for the negt bargains. , , Ptllilmry .\\I ynilijM 1 ^'\IITIJ>IIrlu\n I^I FtiaotfB* Pork Loins tfctJ* f %\ JWttlllasVwho?* otaniw*li*« DeUcAbat Fr*Wstf«rlai >* X7c Sliced HaUbat ' n,2L W»f«e fM *»sW FRESH PORK Shouiaeirs ;*v iirM\ 'II'I'I^ it'li'i'BIW n^lpti'li^n' r mm- GraDeCruit ^as^sv aasp '^B^BS^BBBar ^ps^^s^HR ^pmpsaaB| ^BBBI. W<wWWIi\WnWim.Vwi^MiinlliHi|iW[iiW illln llll»1w|lnp—i\<y>il t*ii|iy<li|i|^w»p»nlHi '••,, fitfllrTi' I! &8Zr* ^Ws^sMssMMa; ' :8liBlcl^\\jUHKlMmii **^ unwm i^m sBK «' raiiBaB,B, «' ,w \« iK ^^ «aaVafc' ^vsi «ak# *m&,\ • mmc^ ..mOm^\ ^^

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