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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, January 31, 1935, Image 3

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•Mat Shade* rttery $WMI ~% Perhaps You Didn't Know ^S\ -That the iocaiRejmbllcan Justice f#ut to utiofft. Slste&atfc Mtogfetw nies tba,t fcfrjtet_ ^J*,**j»j«4 ww. 3fta«i^fi»iS«1wSnta faeet matron > CDam,* m«* legiti-elude* iate and besides he would like to iow how come he owes a box of ndy when there were no Demo* rats elected to Clinton County the Section held in November That Fred Carpenter la HI with leumonia at his Washington ave- lue home \- That the scheduled tontgomery Hotel Six-Lacolle aekey game was called off Mon- That Mrs. Robert WaUaccj fcho was operated uporufor appea-received. Icitis in a Woonsocket, R. I., ho*- jtal last Wednesday, Is improving apidly, inspector Wallace returo- I to Rouses Point Monday after wingt spentt af weeke in the Rhode!s liana city. lAuroii* DtjLsno, Vivian Hew, Cat&erf» ferown>attdi »elen fJTreny*,. \Tha mos o th contract sent A by the manager of the Rain* ow0 baseball team came back by eturhmaii fufc for $ome, reason iere's one betdeut. aa&yb* Stanley ehjmge IMS Jhlhd ^-VEhajfc Mv+ . f$fcsf.- Rt-.Ck ': ; 3^ciKenna-'hav^ loved from i^e JBarltep house tojjatter jie fitettys apartment formerly |eu|ied by Mt, and M*s, Don Irihbie — That Customs Inspector larlea Sogardttt^ who received a lonth's extension on. hi* temper- appointment the. arst of Janu- ri completes Jria term of 4uty the Rouses Point office tonight | Eia vM return to his home' at' i lorrjstown, N. J\. — ffcafc Charles aiivreau is limping around the olland on a cane alter he had rained a ligament in his leg do- g fancy dance steps in the lobby. That *n elderly, well dressed gentleman, a resident W Esses County enjoyed his short Sojourn la Rouses Feint iast week although he left rather hurriedly and with* out augmenting his supply „ of ready cash. After- telfing 1 several rather' \fishy'* stories he casually asked a I*ke fctteet merchant for a couple of blank checks which ho The word was quickly passed, however, and everywhere the down-state man went he was told \nothing doing\ when ho pre- sented a check. That is, *wtU be came to Jngair^s restaurant Where he succeeded in cashing one for $3, [ The same day the check changed hand«? several times and finally re- turned to mo lo^al niejtChiwt whof had giyen:pe*»^h^© blanks W* ibrrner Informed the restauiaht owners of th«i«f: «mistak«' < andithe called on <3Mef SaWnrmWho not only got the IS back feul in- formed- the mant he'd v , better '--to moving: out of town |»onto! ouiid rinancial independence CHAMPUlH VALLEY FEDERAL SAVIftfa^ and UDAN ASSOaATION ^'BBESKEteOW Stf <Td. 607^ P1ATTSBURG Investments With tls Are Fully Insured Up To $S,000 , ' We are a mutual savings institution oper; '.. m& >m.i • Money, Satisfaction fTbat MiH3 Alma Taylor is ill at fear home «n Delaware 9tw»et'—* fhat Bettert <SnonkritO Is up. and |o«t»the honse after havlog been bnfiaed to his bed tot a Week — flint $weet writes from fflorida it the real «stat« businessi is oming in the Buasblne State — iat Mjsa $>elphine Wfflett receiv« a fracture of her left am -when tie slipped on the icy sidewalk front of the residence of Henfy rahan On Sljaple street. She will cejj8#ea to the Champlain V&h |y jlospital for ahout five weekt— it the «&rKr«ton Hotel, witicfc iaa recently gutted \by ftre, i»'be- |s ;tor» imm with 3Ph« Bedard Bine tho ™* k — ^**t Wr. and »ii ECl Dragon, former operators too Tmvellm' 'cncw Jan,, are spending' f _ _ „ 5!!lv w i% **fl , 2!?;^i*.5?^*!»«*\which7Sea he |evGt«tf at Sefots, Their daughter, ss Mhrgaret D^flgon,,!* emnley- at the apartment of aft, and rs, Gotdoh smith. *!Smt ROsCmyer \&: ,t3ta««; Rouses Point depaxtmenl %fli sjart exte»s«?a remodeling operations on Monday which will include the transfer ©f the women's • department to the side now occtt*, pied by me»'« fumisninga, with the latter department taking over the women's: section •—• fhat Mrs, Ed Raw^dn hgs been very ill at her home — That Mrs, Jf. & Maya received a fraetuto of an arm when she alipped on the icy sidewalk near the -corner of, Jjake and WJ* erty streets, while on her way home from church Sunday morn- ing, January 20th. ,— That the 1 Teflsyit Board has not yet acted on the request of Montgomery Jftast, American Legion, Rouses Foint, for an annual allowance of $200 j which is allowed under a new state law — fhafc ttie malority ifentt- fnoent in Rouses Point appears,, to be that Haupbcoana Wilt not -befj convicted of first «tegres inurder| in «be «idnapi»ig of the lindbergh' baby because, while the State of' New Jersey has \definitely proved t; his sonnecfton with the t ansom money, 4ho aotesi aiad the Jfldfde^ It is not thought that Iha indict* ;4 murdered*- r i\iiiiiiiiiiiiiijiii nwiniiiji'iiii iiftiiiuiimnijiii lli|HnlimUli»l»i1|imililiiilii!]il(llii SsS iii sil iMMtf IWHIII'IMIni'Mi iiinnj; \i M. ! Thajt business M~ picking »p at |e RouseS'^oint'onlc'e 01 Ayerst f |cKenha «„ Harrison, jnanufaetur- of pharmaceutical prodnct^ hd additional employees have been the baby, hm shown. .• lucctt ' C0nelvstv$>ly> >ttii ll 1.jMl.i t . J Jtf- ^and, nu»heringf-lf' ; ••member^ v ls; rehearsing Thursday <^fj£t» ltt : ,tho| Pose Rooms. The locat post Wish to make, it kn6wn that»» ebarge in now being* athdo for rehcnTfals -^Continued on next page) Home of The Railroad Man 9«l | Hotel Montgomery 0]UATK BIIKIUB,, MfT. Opposite D. ft H. Stttion KOVS3B» 3P0IHT* % Y., IXIU If I AW ll^Jto ^IJWJE T0-GO AFT^ JHWIS^, COHTJULS-FimJMMIB IMl BYJ^ES t0RNiTi]« <ja/s siG Fimm&m' «AUt rtes are Greatly Rectece«l »*- Savinp mo frcte 201« 50% —»Byrnes* Is the places — fey. Terms' mi, i?rea l>eijvery^' ; io new in futt pwaig *>», Aft -ri Now IQ the Ti^ To ;-j&iy See BYRNES for BEST VAtUES! '\intitimf Djiji] 10*ipjece ConsWja-'oiE jO^venpor* '-<&cea4^ ; cstoi?'; -iOe^slEsp^'t#ie; \ Bridge l-amp - ' 2 Tablo Runners AW for' $»0® 2-pc Living Room Suites Tbe> t^geati vadne 'we Id^-j^sp-fteca .stole to---piter for enly •• •-» #^^«.»:-•.« •»•« »> »•*>!>«»* : • •%» * * *« •. ?w«8w' >J3-p|ece > • ©Oasllte' cap- - Vanity & Bflrror-' '\ ' Be4 ; '' Drcssor Spring ftlattresa - % FWows Vanity Bench 2 Boudoir Losaps Clienllo Rug AH for mmmmm Twin Size ,'-,. $27.75 Chtieo of Cover* fi^yCharo Guest Chaire ... Boudoir Chairo . Windeor Chairo Coxwell Chairs Kitchen Chairs $16.00 $ SAO $6.80 0 4.00 $12.50 $ 1.40 INNER SPRING MATTRESSES <-r i mim*nwm \ HUUi iijdl^ijmnjo w^m^iml^TM^m^iimA^t)-' Blm Plate Special Dinntn a •Wi^^^^^^ffp^i «W]iii»(iii4p 114.50 »i «Jrid Tables .,,,..,,,, $1.60 Coffee,Tab!^ , M ,, M , $2,75 % ^oom Tables , $5,2$ Console Table? ..... $9.00 Kitchen Tables ,.^ tJ , $6.50 ,; 7 Porcelain Tops Y&U SAVE 20 to 50% ON HUNDREDS of OTHER BARGAINS NOT LISTED HERE ' >fcy T «Ur^k j irottBeds .......... $ 6.00 Double Coil Springs $ 9.00 Bridge Sets $ 5.75 Smoking Stands $ 1.25 Magazine Racks — $ 1.40 Dressers $14.00 Chests $40.80 i>* Byrnes Furniture Co. i&~ &&maf$K PLATTSBURGH KITOHEX CABINETS —x^ftBi -^1 a f,t

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