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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, November 29, 1928, Image 9

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November 29, 1928 '•'The ^Scou^fta^. to**!* orgran , the teccitory ;co«q>rti»wi. by soil to tSlSfttoa and Essex m specisl raffles have been , the fottowtng troop* during week Troop No. 42 of , Troop No- 2 of Cham- Troop ,%• *T <* Watt*- \ V... .'••'.'•. -\ : fey eyentajr, Nov, 22, rgh trpop No. r? under cQon of Mr. Dwifnt> Beech- r ity ©sxus&wtoner, and Wai- Goodale, Scoutmaster an c Minard, Assistant Scout r, a \Dad and Son\ supper rved at the Y. *L C. A, The x was served by the. mothers ; Scouts. Xt was a most en- U|e occasion with mualc, Btuntfl [demonstrations by the mem- i of tie troop aild the preaen c ot two Star Scout Badge: Ir. W. D. Maebride. The jaew keeled Scout Executive, \Mr. H. •Rogers, addressed the- fathers i Fun and Responsibility in -4.\ • •••'•.• i the same date, the Cham- i troop held a special invest!- ! service for their first three , class, and first four second m Scout awards. Members of | troop, Troop Committee and j two Executives were guests on • i occasion, . number of boys are taking tenderfoot' tests in Port _y, getting ready for« the in- kure ceremony for the new , which will be under the di- i of Scoutmaster Allen , H. : and Assistant Scoutmaster rwieth Hausner. The troop No. [of Ttconderoga with Scoutmast- I Dr. K. J. Bowers wfil be the Ws of the Port Henry Troop iutist In the ceremony. |Tbe second Scoutleader's Train- ; Course has been started at onderoga and the next, meeting •J be held Dec. 5th. This course | open to Scoutmasters, leaders, aitteemen.and any one inter- PUM in learning about Scouting. i third section of the training rae will probably start on Dec. . at Pittsburgh for both ele- •atary and approved courses. [On Tuesday evening, Nov. 27th s Executive Committee of the nodi meets in Pittsburgh with t newly elected officer, and chair- to plan for the new year's v&Tam. The meeting will be held the Scout Headquarters, City \ Plttebgt1 PING SEASON IN FUIX SWING [ *mday of last week marked the of the legal trapping sea- . for. mink, skunk, raccoon, 4 or marten. The conservation i reads that pink taWe or mar- i may be taken from November to March 15 to any manner, ror night, but the open season ricunk and raccoon extends ' from November 10 to Febru- -. 10. Raecooa may be taken ay or night in any manner, ex- by taking out «C *ens or Jes of by cutting down trees, i conservation law also specifies Bkunks mual aot be. tainted, wed or killed by dof» and that - must net be 4ug_out of- thete • or taken by the use of chenv i or by smoking* Kany trappera mm* tfcat pro** '.been * but feoW anaps, co ' n \ ;. the lack ( -retarded the : ;_ i • ' ! id Chevrolet History * a fix in the price range of the The Chevrolet Motor Company announce* The Outstanding Chevrolet of Chevrolet His* tory.., a Six in the price range of the four! Spectacular as Chevrolet's achievements have been in the past.«* notable as its engineering triumphs have proved themselves to be—this remarkable new car dwarfs every previous Chevrolet accomplishment. Not only does it introduce into the low-priced field a new meas- ure of performance, comfort, beauty and style —but it is sold at prices so low at to alter every previous conception of motor car value* The new six-cylinder vatve-in-head engine- developed from more than a hundred mototi designed especially for this sensational cat—stands out as an engineering master- piece, Wiffe a power insateate of appropmately 32% over the previews Chevrolet mo- tor . * . with sensationally greater speed and fester ac- pointed that it rivals the cost lie* creationi. The marveloui new Fisher are longer, lower and roomier with adjustable driver's seat in all closed model*—ami reveal the matchless artistry of Fisher designers. With their modish new colors, their smart dual mouldings and their distinctive concave pil- lars, they achieve a degree of original beauty that has seldom been equalled, You are cordially invited to visit our ahmvroota and secure complete and detailed information on this sensational new car which will lie ready for delivery \ \ \ i •, \i A 1 1 •. ceieratio»l performance that SUty astounding *»• even. to» those who have been aCctjapmed to driving cats costlttg hun* dteds of dollars mote. Jmi it affords an economy aver- aging better than 20 mile J to the: gallon of gasoline! ,. ' na^e been on, ail; TOW5 •iiecttoau-\' v1 lp|^jp«'» fc \•• > marten or sable, however, is i» 6 ; higher' regtoa*- iad . they- are; «iylouaa'in-bi(|timbar.,;,,, ..• .• *e season lMl(,i|»l v .taklag JnaEEear^^^ Ing Chevrolet iideitiaed m become m automotlvfs «n- sation—so smaft* w «*y«in dilily ap- Tlte Koadster . The _ Phaeton * • • • • TftMBt- Coach • .*595 Coupei * The Sedan * # Thfi-Sjpojrt Cabriolet * The Cm Landau H0»ipettv« §\725 TJie 0f'Chevrolet Hlstnry wilt he displayed in a series of advance~xh~awin%* in itte, citie* listed below* N*w ¥orfe, Nov. 24-1% Wtf&vt Atiati* Hotel and Cttevmiet. \Btm&wmy *t 57t!»+.-» wi 24-29, Gtmtd M* tcJr«EtJjf.».«Wa*ntogfoi» t r P«e,t*4, ( Mayflower Hbtvt * * * the. 1^» Vum 'Oil BUs-t Wa Drive & Wabssh Ave» * » , <« i'd, i\tuh»4 riom-' « . San l Olive %• * ». -A«lai»c», Bee* A l Dec rf, Of^ Public AudUort«ai. Sales mud Samee , x • j •4 ' *' ;

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