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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, August 30, 1928, Image 8

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if m *•'• * '-'•'» ' • £• \ • - •'-'••• ; : . < ..•J I- H. . J-: Thursday, Stronger Than Steel Cable But Lillian Leltzel Can't t . Tata *¥wea!iim Like Folki the g colitran rafees ibsr ivclr;M with Wer figlit arm and ••.throws her agile tody «yer fcer djgbt shQ«Wir 194, times ia atiuiit six nsinwtcs. As ste Avcigiis only aliotit 110 pounds, s5t« thcir^f'W—liits_ with the muscles of ''one' arm'TwiisMj^ 21.000 pounds—or ten and ont- haff tons—ro thai briuf space of time. Ten Um«« & daj prt-tty tiJUan Leitzel perfoiyuf tiiJs ftat pf •titiinh and\ en»is«iat)v-« liofgrt clr« MW »i)fctator».; No flexi^te *n-el •eatle «ver -devisCiS by m^n wt-ulj atand thia itraio. Ea i).aij,:y on \dis* «*•• tf»e lend.ont, musiles, iiga-. vtents Rnd truint-<3 r.trv«i of Uil» *wiiiu-kat>l« arm ihnt ths qween of I)H world'l •trialit.i* dof«ii't da.« in lake * vacation Ilk* other sirlg. **»r U sh« should a top tiairilng or MI confined to her bed for mow tsan ft w«k «he would lose for* tfa« conutil <of that wonderful Of eouraa, naiur» never eon- »*ruclt-<l Uie human frame to ix>r- !>rin any *ucb miracle of ttrcw «-nd »tialn. Nobodjf el*« Mi th< tver undertouk to accomplish erhifvtin.fnt- But If pelite Mis« ea« Uft t«n and one-baJf n»c« in a (ltu« tpora than five mln- at*a undar lh« dlaadvantjueoua clr- «um»taDC«s of bahginr By h«r wrUt • —what ia tltar« rMnainlnc t« b« ac- •ompltahsd tn futur* g»nenitlon».by -ther tnduatrkKM. p«r«l»tent train*r« «C bumao (unction* Uk« the rolce. AM flnxAra, U» l*ca, or, cr«atcst of «U. th« bamaa brain? Th« ?>r.ttT Ulitan, In private llf« MM wtfc «f AJfrtKlo Cordons* fee- &o, 3 g by State enactuaent A i th tell tfcrst and tetoor the streets. States, is September. is suspeaded t Ttett tbe reason j«a at tifXQtm is- to 'get a »irom idi&l Jd ja^n sue That there are jnaujr ; who f-reatlsj and they are not all •|Ja the pulpit either. I in. these modtra |hard to tell iaa from ; few blocks away. <iays it's a Tbat the average life of a dol- lar bill in circulation, is less thaa two years. LILLIAN LEIT2EL *T* licv«f it Is poB£iM« to do whatever out »mke« to tlo—provided on* fight* bard anough tor victory. Bar body w+m undergoing training at a and at S tbia *hlld ot tie \bl« tojT waa an accomplished acrobat. Vtom l that tlma until abc was a sensa- tion ah* \practiced\—hours daily, coaxing her musclei to ob«y tfa* orden of her dfrnijle brain. Th» •tar, however, think* her mothei was the greatest woman acrubat ot them alL When she waa forty-tw« years old, sha performed a • awaa dive bom the top ot Madison Squai* Garden atraigrht down Into a u*». that <KKJI Btretched across the riiNt a» N tight as * drum. She allghtx on the back ot her shouMtrs u»>. neck, bounced twenty-tlvt feet Intr* th* air and came down feet first, h«r white sandala twlnkllnfi like a ballet dancers, Th« que«n of ftartallsts <enjoy* moat the hour* of homerruiklntr un- (JerHtaih her cwn H pri\ate topt* wher* MM Mrs. CorJcna ab« r*lt,ui> btfmmn perfortuaacas. A JJ^; That one of the comf&rta of home is to be able to scratch your mosquito bites as much as'you. lioeattog The Treasury Building want to. \ Ninety £ears ago, when the of- ficials in Washington were quarrel- .• That the best methoji of clean- j ing over the selection of a site for j ing spark plugs that have become; the new treasury building, Presi- ; fouled with oil, is to boil them i dent Andrew Jackson grew tired in a solution of watei. 'isafttf, end •That is a mm. That gooct health 4e$J«tta9 not only upon fresh air Una exercise, but also oa what we mi. That good •djgestIoD_caas__fox_A rafcteuaj -diet and proper Repara- tion of food, i That nqthlng ia the world .is more valuable than good health. The poet Gwea Me«tJithi 4 wrote: We way live without poetry, mu- sic and art, We may live without coasciencs liv£ without heart; .> We may live without £r)ends, we may live without books, But civilized\ man cannot without cooks. of the discusalon' and wralking forth from House .one morning he east, walked 150 yanjj •\ '•'\-' into th« ground <«Put It here.\ There it SM » ANGUS •ATI J-^c^rdV >Pa^lion THURSDAY! AUG. 3o| Efnie Andrews Or SUNDAY and\ Sept. i and 3 \PE*>\ BERNARD . and his famous Ore TUESDAY, SEPT. 4 POLICEMEN'S AlfNUJ BALL Happy Flint's Or DANCING ING DURING FAIR Gentlemen $1.00 Ladkrj Walking U ,the best exercise, but some won i menage in it be- i it l*~un cheap, MMI others they think it makes thew cheap— National R?puW}-> | Minister—-I suppose, James, that [you have a very favorable position \ in your class in school ? | James—Yes, sir; I sit In the Wmte wal Bearthe ftove.—Moores- THE 'NEW 1929 I -^j Franklin and Reo Models • * WiH Be On Exhibition at TJje *• - • , ' ' - • ••: : Clinton County Fair V •'• SET. 3*-4» 5, fij For Sale Fii^e Days and Rights of Pleasure ! OVER 1OO HORSES ENTERED FOR THE RACES AT Clinton County F AIR at Plattsburgfi, N. Y. . BEGINNING ON Labor Day, Sept. 3rd FIVE DAYS OF RACING in Purses BIGGER AND BEFTEB THAN EVER BETTER RACING . ... BETTER BETTER , BETTER IN EVERY WAY Features DATES; , ;',•}••*•-*'U >

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