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The North countryman. (Rouses Point, N.Y.) 1928-current, March 01, 1928, Image 1

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»* s* RTH G • .••.•*•*• £wtrt :> ::h[yX->;'V-hwr$iltiy MartbJ, . /;. ,_ „_..*,„,:.;.—_-,„.,..- r*->. • •V •;->•,\. |lls for Appropriation of $40,000 for .Construction of Xm- Road to Canadian Border—^Reuses ffbintllteeply Interested large grand of aland-' ard make from; one of th« '.local. nuwlcal instrument house*...'' Tb^ purcliaae prtca was saio! to ~ Ha^a nm toto four figure*. The Jjiano was set up imd tuned a^d .bad be*n its u»e only I A couple of daya wh«n a stranger, appeared tn the m«ti' ager** offiw and'.; stated that he had been sent by the c6oac!ern from which tha piano was pUrchaaed to inspect tti« '^natrurnent make' aure that it wa« In shape 'i be manager lad tbe banquet room and was terastod spectator while Uie yer thtuaped : ti\ key board ' and 8 looked Into the work*. ' :% }Mr »atd, ''but People ' Ask Public Hen. !•\.. •(\'. Mumii, member-'*>f Assembly from. Clip tori I. . . . . ' • ' <:pa^biH.mthrN«^ • itiit; t<.) prm-ide' iiT the •construction\ .Jimi\ ' maintenance, byj and a. n««r oae will 1 :'tatc *«1 -Nov Yitrk, <>t\ the mile.nf 'niefhwav extendinir fronit^•'.'& tt' 8 I '.Jutlaml ruilrua<l tracks in ,ihe village af Hoiisej* I\>int 2^ .,\ Zzl vard throug)! what ie> iflo^rn fife the'''• Coihnwns- •Vaiwdiari'line..''•'••/.\•••'. -. • .-'•.• •••:,:';•;.. ! :..''\'•. t* of \;thie;' ::1tnu \aorl'-' •!•;••• ;•'• : • • • filed with [ Ujrnjway \|e ja ' of'tlwigwl -•»>«»- thte a» j •';•!'- Serrire' CAmmiasiArt a ; ;: pr^««i ;8paflkt ''<&<&••' 'jft&svni. of of-'- 11. • tt | ••«i it is 1 because of rbvb$«~Jt \t^i thaa SO nailea tp is beUeved that It <WB itka pointa and the Canadian A clever thief stole- a braat} WfUr quet rouat of one of thfi largest t9W d»y* .ago' and, what's inwa, Use hotel noaoaftir and a rfBt aw«v with tbi» n ^ bow it to i» one of tbe of Canaii* rooms wi; ^ to. amvm.-towurd of had fUwls which 'aw the t»r«aier ban. of out ''Of operation ffcr a »itort : d' tla». i*t«r; Wfactory to tb» people of the • to?north part af this eor:.?, Pat«a» f P »'« day at »«at and///eturn to tbetr » p tlwy mutt «i*nd uw W^toi\ '' road i»fl- to if1&'|:^H\r'':,WEEKL¥. Rodger « and of 'gravel, eooatrurtion. • Reeled to heavy tourist traf-'j t wiB go *o ptecian quickly and i '\ w/ oi tl» Ither the lo*ra, <h» vt»agT\or the' [inty .6av* tf« jaweaaary fundu, ;iabie \to reaiirfac* It w«ii con- ; It should b« re- /fS«e TWT\j NEW FORD CARS <: red'outside of the m«tropoM- diKitl*c&;.\'*«»'*• : broHght ' toi • '--e Pdlnt day before yeaterriay JiaJiph R. f^wis, Ford dealer of f \ \?s ttiraed mm to '• -;tts« ' if of tlie. Bou8B8 Potot Station,; the 'Food, ;-D«ig...and.- : ,In9«cticide j ...,.-*.:.3... as .^V, 1 /? O ^ -3C JuKttficatkla f«^ «M •arvtc* acc«oin«r«»« one, r*al -^f53g •>••'•-'•;**'#!*• • -. 'V'i •*' ' \j^ -. £n ' • \- « . ,\''^ ' ^ - ijtf .want* jjfM^IIPiiliC^ 'SiMns iww^ his car.V which Is a coa|xl mo-j is one Of five purchased,by tbe ; .\.rtinent for Oie tine of th? staff-i. fbe- local -.~«tatk»- Ma\ Oie~-)snforc«> | t o f tlie Import lAlk °nn'd.! «•\ acts ; tmd«r'' ijts j^ilsdBcUoa. ••] ' remaining:.' four.'.'cars,; ', iiaa\ v-i.' modelst; ar« eicpected to -ar-1 1 in RowgesuB&'iBt within a! *.* new.- -coop®' attracted entkwi ;t^ tho M.rtmt» gf the vil^ f and the fUtractivenesa of its i-nod mi5ch favorabk comment, j Mnaa-ta-.inf'. OJ«--WIW Ford in all #A8T BASKET I-<ocal' A. A. TF*ain TL'wtcs Mijr- ! riaonville Aggregation / Into Camp ! The Itoncea FObtt A. A. basket I ball team won «M of the fastest i gamtm seen oa the loeal court ttu» js«a«on wh«i they took th» crack j Mo<tiaonvfU« town tcainl -into'camp i ; ja»t ^nlght by a ncore ©f';84 to W, 1 ; \ TOp lc>cal banket toaaera. went ;.a|ter\ Vn# w.alp« of rt/>wn «»untly from the sound of feh^_ «ad the victory wan'rar- :l l^pai?»#'of th* fact thiw '*>re fts'rced 'jo .°Iu»t .irifrjltt in Morriswivillr. i\alpU: Cfcilton att^ft aj» v .'Ki\J(-» t while f»f-ofes»<>r Oxidin^, of th>; \'Iwa! \\S^x , school, \xc\i\ tb«- >-('IM •wiilsh., (MX* fj«b<> muff ,x.\:or»' t••«•!, • er an^ $»t a big imnd when fir- chalked ]ip the final aan e. The V|* acore: ' KliffMrH Point ii.F, A riitty «r«J Ban«»y (*. Barney *md

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