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• n nryin i i*if\n* I^UM i nyijn i i<|f>i '» it}f» ~i iifii~i ifii~i ifu — %* i — %i i iiyiiii IHJLH 1 Video Cable TV Program Log j WEEKDAY DAYTIME PROGRAMS WNEW-tV(2) WSYR-TV (3) WNYS (4) WOR-TV (5) WPIX-TV (G.) 7:00 2-The Mighty Heroes 3-Today 4-Little Rascals 7:15 6-Morning Report 7:30 6-Popeye and Friends 8:00 2-Huckle Berry Hound 5-Cartoons 4-Lady Bug's Garden 8:30 2-Bugs Bunny Show 4^Jack LaLane Show 8:50 4-Fashions in Sewing 9:00 2-The Flintstones 3-Ladies Day 4-Mike Douglas 5-Adventure 6-Time for Joy (Mon. Only) 6-Biography (Wed. & Fri. only) 9:30 2-Yogi Bear & Friends 3-Virginia Graham 5-Friendly Giant » 6-Fashions in Sewing 9:40 6-Jack LaLane Show 10:00 2-Movie 3-Dlnah's Place 5-Romper Room 6-Tell Me Dr. Brothers 10:30 3-Concentration 4-Galloping Gourmet 6-Debate (Mon) 6-The Puerto Rican New Yorker (Tues.) 6Jewish Dimension (Wed) 6-Encounter (Thurs.) 6-The Council of Churches (Fri.) 11:00 3-Sale of the Century 4-Market Place 5-Straight Talk 6-Suburban Closeup (Mon.) 6-Focus: New Jersey (Tues.) 6-Equal Time (Wed.) 6-Your Leg^l Right (Thurs.) 6-Black Pride (Fri.) 11:30 2-Midday-Live! 3-Hollywood Squares 4-That Girl 6-Tennessee Tuxedo 12:00 3-Jeopardy 4-Bewitched 5-Nino 6-Coui-ageous Cat 12:20 6-Fashions in Sewing 12:30 3-Who, What or Where game 4-Password 6-Father Knows Best 1:00 2-Ladies Day Movie 3-Hollywood Matinee 4-A11 My Children 5-Joyce Brothers 6-Movie Game 1:30 4-Let's Make A Deal 6-Movie Favorites (Tue-Wed. Thurs) 6-Something Special (Mon) fi-Continental Miniatures (Fri) 2:00 4-Newlywed Game 6-Abbott & Costello (Fri Only) 5-Virginia Graham 2:25 3-Local News 6-Afternoon Report 2:30 3-The Doctors 4-Dating Game 6-Patty Duke \ 3:00 2-Casper & Friends 3-Another World 4-General Hospital 5-Whal's My Line 6-Popeye Show 3:30 2-Super Heroes 3-Bright Promise 4-One Life to Live 5-Underdog 6-Magilla Show 4:00i 2-Bugs Bunny 3'Daniel Boone 4-Bozo's Bigtop 5-Dick Tracy 6-Felix The Cat 4:30 2-Lost in Space 5-Mr. Magoo 6-Gentle Ben 5:00 3-Wild, Wild West 6-The Munsters 4-All About Faces 5-Gigantbr 5:30 2-The Flintstones 4-News, Market 6-Batman 5-Dick Van Dyke 5:50 4-Sports - Parton 5:55 4-Weather 6:00 2-The Flintstones 4-ABC News 5-Get Smart 6-Star Trek 6:00 3-Local News - Fred Hillegus 6:10 Sports - Joel Mareniniss 6:15 Local News - Fred Hillegus ' 6:25 Weather 6:30 2-Petticoat Junction 3-NBC News 4-Here come the brides 5-It takes a thief 7:00 2-1 Love Lucy 3-Hogan's Heroes 6-1 Dream of Jeannie 11:00 4-News, Carr 11:20 4-Weather - Meredith 11:15 4-Sports - Parton 11:30 4-Dick Cavett Show WWNY-TV(7) CBOT(9) CKWS-TV(ll) CJOHC13) 13&8-University 7-Today Show 7-Comment 7:00 7:25 7:30 13&8-Yoga 7-Today Show 8:00 9&ll-Schools 13&8-Hercules 7-CBS News 8:25 7-Extension (Mon, Thurs, Fri.) 7-Library News (Tues.) 7-Social Security (Wed.) 8:30 13&8-Polka Dot Door 7-Today Show 8:45 9&11-Mr. Dressup 9:00 7-Captain Kangaroo. 9:10 9&11-Schools 13&8-Schools 10:00 7-The Lucy Show 10:30 9&11-Friendly Giant 7-Beverly Hillbillies 13&8-About Faces 10:45 9&11-Chez Helene 11:00 9&11-Sesame Street 7-Family Affair 13&8-Market Place 11:30 7-L.ove of Life 12:00 9-Luncheon Date 11-News, Weather, Sports 7-Where the Heart Is 13&8-Flintstones Goldfish in America Although the great show- man, P. T. Barnum, sup- posedly imported goldfish specimens as early as 1850, a New York City pet shop is credited with first selling them to Americans in. 1865.' 12:15 11-Spotlight (Mon-Wed-Fri) 11-Front & Center (Tues) 11-Dog's Friend (Thurs.) 12:25 7-News 12:30 7-Search for Tomorrow 11-Bewitched 13&8-Movie Matinee- Mon. Thing\ Tues. Wed. Thurs Fri. - 'Love Is A Many Splendored His Majesty O'Keefe\ (1:00) \Prince Of Players\ • - \I Was Monty's Double\ Interlude\ 13&8-Edith Serei (Tues.) 1:00 9-1 Dream of Jeannie 7-General Hospital ll-Peyton Place 1:30 9&11-Family Court 7-As The World Turns'. 2:00 9&ll-Galloping Gourmet 7-Love Is Splendored Thing 2:30 9-Four For The Road 7-The Guiding Light 1'1-Kingston Calendar 13&8-Mantrap 3:00 9&11-Take Thirty 7-The Secret Storm 13&8-Another World , 3:30 7-Edge of Night 9&11-Edge of Night 13&8-Anything You Can Do 4:00 9&11-The Psychiatrist - 7-Gomer Pyle, USMC 13&8-Flintstones Symbol of Authority The mace is the only visi- ble symbol of authority in the United States. This sym- bol was adopted by the House of Representatives by resolution in 1789—there is no mace in the Senate. CABLE-TV CHANNEL LINEUP i. WNEW-TV (Ch. 5) New York City WSYR-TV (Ch. Syracuse, N.Y. WNYS-TV (Ch. Syracuse, N.Y. WOR-TV (Ch. 9) ' New York City > WPIX-TV (Ch. 11) 1 New York City 3) 9) 7 WWNY-TV (Ch. 7) Watertowri, N.Y. A CBOT-TV (Ch. 4) ™ Ottawa, Ontario CKWS-TV (Ch. 11) Kingston, Ontario WNPI-TV (Ch. 18) Norwood, N.Y. CJOH-TV (13 & 8) -Ottawa-Cornwall 11 12 13 All stations listed herein are available on Ogdensburg Video System on Cable-TV channels as identified above. Those without Cable-TV will receive area stations on their licensed transmission channels. ' Editor not responsible for changes in program schedules received too late to permit correction. MONDAY PROGRAMS WNKW-TV (2) WSYR-TV (3) WNYS (4V WOR-TV (5) WPIX-TV (6) 7:30 2-Hogans Heroes 3-Truth or Consequences 4-Bewitched 5-Wild, Wild West' 6-1 Dream of Jeannie 8:00 2-Truth of Consequences 3-Laugh-In 6.-Please Don't Eat The Daisies 4-Nanny and the Prof. 8:30 2-The David Frost Show 4^Sports Challenge 6-Father Knows Best 5-Million Dollar Movie \The Counterfeit Killer\ 9:00 3-Movie \Coogan's Bluff\ 6-Perry Mason 4-NFL Football Rams vs Colts 10:00 2-News • 6-Ten o'clock news 10:30 5-Digest 11:00 2-Alfred Hitchcock Presents 3-News, Sports, Weather 5-Twilight Zone 6-Channell 11 Film \Two Women\ 11:30 2-Movie ' 'Humoresque'' 5-Late Movie \We were Strangers\ 3-Tonight Show 12:00 4-News 12:30 6-Nite Final 4-Mini Movie 1:00 2-Sea Hunt 3-News, Weather, Sports signof 1:30 2-News 1:45 5-Joe Franklin WWNY-TV(7) CBOTO) CKWS-TV(ll) CJOH(13) 9&ll-Drop-in 7-Bewitched 13&8-Bewitched 4:30 5:00 9-Mr. Wizard 7-The Monkees 11-Dick VanDyke 13&8-P€srry Mason 5:30 9&ll : Get Smart 7-Truth or Consequences 6:00 9-The Good Life 7-WWNY News 13&8-The News Program 11-Andy of Mayberry 6:30 9-This Day Tonight 7-CBS Evening News 11-Dateline 6:30 13&8-Beat The Clock 7:00 7-Marcus Welby, MD 11-Family Affair 13&8-Doris Day Show 7:30 9&11-Irish Rivers 13&8-Medical Center 8:00 9&11-Partridge Family 7-Gunsmoke 8:30 9&11-Anne Murray Special 13&8-Nicbols 9:00 7-Here's Lucy 9:30 13&8-Miss Canada Pageant 7-Doris Day Show; '-. 9&ll-Front Page Challenge 10:00 9&11-Man Alive 10:30 11:00 7-My 3 Sons 7-Arnie 9&11-CBC News 7-WWNY News 13&8-CTV News 11:20 9-Viewpoint 11-News, Weather, Sports 13&8-News, Weather, Sports 11:30 7-Merv Griffin Show 9-News & Sports 11:45 11-Nighfshift Movie \Wild Seed\ 13&8-Night Owl Movie \East of Eden\ 11:55 9-British Movie Night \The Battle Axe\ By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Nov. 8, Monday ABC—NFL Football: Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Colts from Baltimore. CBS—Here's Lucy: Lucille Ball stars with Ginger Rogers as guest. NBC—Laugh-In: Rowan and Martin star wit,h regular cast and Liza Minelli as guest. Nov. 9, Tuesday ABC-Movie of the Week: \Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate,\ 90-minute suspense comedy starring Helen Hayes, My ma Loy, Sylvia Sidney and Mildred Natwick. ' CBS—Glen Campbell Show: Camp- bell's guests include Jerry Reed, Larry McNeely and the Mike Curb Congregation of youthful singers. NBC—Ironside: Raymond Burr stars in \No Motive for Murder,\ in a Tokyo setting. Nov. 10, Wednesday ABC—The Smith Family: Henry Fonda stars as veteran detective in a family drama series. CBS—Carol Burnett Show: Carol's guests include Cass Elliott, Bernadette Peters and the Ernest Flatt Dancers. NBC—Adam 12: Martin Milner and Kent McCord star as Los Angeles patrol officers in \Ambush.\ Nov. 11, Thursday ABC—Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law: Arthur Hill stars as brilliant Santa PLAY TO BE FILMED LONDON (AP) — \Bequest to the Nation,\ based on Terrence Rattigan's successful London play, has been sched- uled for filming next spring by Hal B. Wallis for Universal. PAGE 12 , MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8,1971 THE JOURNAL Educational TV For City Schools Is Investigated Local school authorities recently met' with Irving Atlas, director of the St. Lawrence Valley Educational Television Council and Rick Van Sant, coordinator of Communications for St. Lawrence County to discuss problems and procedures entailed in the system- wide installation and utilization of educational TV. As a result a workshop was held Nov. 1 at Kennedy School for all elementary teachers to explore the diversified possibilities and materials available through the offices mentioned above. . At this meeting, Robert Brashaw, Audio Visual director, announced that all schools in the district will be wired and operative on Cable TV through the cooperation of Ogdensburg Video on or before Thanksgiving. This will provide a distinct advantage in the quality of reception. Atlas pointed out that most children arrive at Kindergarten with iOOO hours of TV viewing per pre-school year and that educational TV is, therefore, a vital tool which can be used as a resource to fit classes and curriculum for teaching purposes in accordance with a teacher's imagination and ingenuity. Teachers are urged to comment on programs viewed in order to help evaluate materials so that ultimately the educational TV programming will directly reflect the needs of pupils and teachers. Program's guides have been made available to all teachers, grades K-12 from the office of SFTCO (St. Lawrence Educational Television- Council.) Many programs are presently being viewed and evaluated and the TV system will be in full operation upon completion of cable installation. Each local kindergarten has received a colored TV set. The number of sets available system-wide averages one set per every three teachers with the majority of sets available at the elementary level where the major emphasis is being placed. What is a \cashier's check\? A check drawn by a bank on its own funds in the bank is a cashier's check. TUESDAY PROGRAMS WNEW-TV (2) WSYR-TV (3) WNYS (4) WOR-TV (5) WPIX-TV (6) 7:30 2-Hogan's Heroes 3-Ironside 4-Mod Squad 5-Wild, Wild West 6-1 Dream of Jeannie 8:00 2-Truth or Consequences 6-Please Don't Eat The Daisies 8:30 2^The David Frost Show 3-Sarge 4-Movie \Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate\ 6-Father Knows Best 5-Million Dollar Movie \Sullivan's Empire\ 9:00 6-Perry Mason 9:30 3-The Funny Side 10:00 2-News 4-Marcus Welby 6-The News At Ten 10:30 3-This Is your life 5-pigest - ::,- , 11:00 2-Alfred Hitchcock Presents 3-News, Weather, Sports 4-News, Weather, Sports 5-Twilight Zone 6-Channel 11 Film Festival \The Naked City\ 11:30 2-Movie \Time Limit\ 5-Movie \Montana\ 3-Tonight Show 4-Dick Cavett 6-Nite Final 12:30 1:00 2-Sea Hunt 3-News, Weather, Sign Off 4-News, Weather & Sign Off 5-Joe Franklin . 2-News. Sisn-Off It 10 1:34 WWNY-TV07) CBOTO) CKWS-TV(ll) CJOHU3) 4:30 9&ll-Drop In 7-Bewitched 13&8-Bewitched 5:00 9-Alphabet Soup 7-Eddie's Father 11-Dick Van Dyke 13&8-Perry Mason . 5:30 9&11-Get Smart 7-Truth or Consequences 6:00 9-Reach For The Top 7-WWNY News 13&8^The News Program 11-Andy of Mayberry 6:30 9-This Day Tonight 7-CBS Evening News 11-Dateline 6:30 13&8-Beat The Clock 7:00 7-North Country Sportsman 11-Ironside 13&8-Brady Bunch 7:30 7-Glen Campbell Hour ' 13&8-Eddie's Father .9-The Entertainers B:00 9&11-Mary Tyler Moore 13&8-Marcus Welby, MD 8:30 9&ll-Carol Burnett Show 7-Hawaii 5-0 9:00 13&8-The Smith Family 9:30 9&ll^Telescope 7-Cannon 13&8-Ian Tyson Show 10:00 13&8-The Persuaders 9&11-Tuesday Night 10:30 7-Sounding Board 11:00 9&11-CBC News 7-WWNY News 13&8-CTV News 11:20 9-Viewpoint 11-News, Weather, Sports 13&8-News, Weather, Sports 11:30 9-News, Weather, Sports 7-MerV Griffin Show • 11:45 11-Nightshift Movie \It's A Wonderful World\ 13&8-Night Owl Movie \The Ambushers\ 11:55 9-Adventure Theater \The Set-Up\ Barbara attorney in \Nothing Per- = sonaL\ 5 CBS—Thursday Night Movie: Tony ~ Curtis stars in \Don't Make Waves,\ spoofing love and life, among body- building cultists in Southern California. NBC—Dean Martin Show: Martin welcomes Ruth Buzzi, Mike Connors, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Bobby Martin and regular cast. Nov. 12, Friday ABC—Love, American Style: Comedy shows five contemporary tales of love. CBS—Chicago Teddy Bears: Comedy series satirizes the Chicago gangster era of the Roaring Twenties. NBC—World Premiere Movie: \The Harness,\ starring Lome Greene, Julie Sommars-and Murray Hamilton in a ranch story. Nov. 13, Saturday ABC—College Football Game. CBS—All in the Family: Comedy series starring Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapletpn, Rob Reiner, Sally Stfuthefs and Mike Evans. NBC—Saturday Night Movies: \The War Wagon,\ starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Robert Walker and Keenan Wyrin. jllHIIIIII!lllllllllllllllillllliillii||||||!||||||MlllllllllllMllllllllllll|lilllllllllllllillllllliillH!lilllHMIIIIII!lllllllllllf| CHANNELS UJNPE UHANNtL b = CTV 1 fi 4 81 ??I!IIIMIIIIIIUIIIIIIIMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII[l!IIIIIIIIIIIIllllllilll!llllll>illF. Sunday 6: 50 Masquerade 7 00 Civilisation 8. 00 Firing L»ne 9:00 Masterpiece Theater 30-00 Chicago Sounds Monday 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Performing Arte 10: -.0 R'pples' JO 45 Your Earth 11:05 All About You 11:20 Americans All 11:40 Love of Ar t 1200 Canterbury Tales 12:30 West Civilization 2:00 Living Things 1:20 To be announced l:dO Electric Col \ 2:00 Alive and About 2:20 Ripples 2:35 Art 2:55 To be announced 3:00 Because We Care 3:30 Computer Science 4.00 Sesame Street 5: 00 Misterdgpr's 5:30 Electric Company 6:0C Hodgepodge Lodge 6:30 Antiques 7:00 Turnedon Crisis S: 00 Special 9:30 Bookbeat 10:00 Martin Agronsky 10:30 Hathayoga Tuesday 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Physics 10: Is Process and Proof 10:35 Of Al l Things 10:50 Science 11:05 Rhythm 11:20 World of Things 11:40 Alive and About 12:00 Vanishing Wilderness 12:30 Nobody But Yourself 1:00. Performing Arts 1:30 Electric Co 2:00 Process and Proof 2:20 Jambo 2:40 Americans All 3: CO Spectrum 3:30 Computer Science 4:00 Sesame Street 5-00 Misteroger's 5* i0 Electric Company 6 00 Hodgepodge Lodge 6: 30 Firing Line ; : JO On the Job $.00 Masquerac 8: -.0 Advocates g-.-iO Black Journal 10:00 Martin Agronsky 10:30 Your Children Grow Wednesday 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Alive and About 10-20 Art 10:40 Word Magic 10:55 Imagine That 11: 10 Science 11:30 You and Me 11:45 Primary Art }2:00 .Western Civiligntion 12:30 Government 1:00 Science is Discovery 1:15 Rhythm 1:30, Electric Co. 2:00' Your Earth 2:20 World of Things 2-40 Cover t o Cover 3;0C Vanis'h'g Wilderness 3:30 Health Education 4:00 Sesame Street 5 00 Misteroger's 5^30 Electric Company 6; 00 Hodgepodge Uodge 6:30 Your Children' Grow 7:00 On The Job 7:30 About Welfare 8:00 French Chef 8;.i0 This Week 9:00 Dream Machine 10:00 \Martin Agronsky 10:30 Bookbeat Thursday 9: 00 Sesame St. 10:00 The World 10:15 Listen and Say 10:30 Living Things , 10:50 Science is iDscovery 11:05 World of Things 11:25 Imagine That 11:40 Cover to Cover 12.00 Americans Al l 12:20 Process and Proof 12.40 Science 1:00 Of All Things 1:15 AH About You 1:30 Electric Company 2:00 the World 2:15 You and Me 2:30 Search for Science 2:45 Imagine That 3:00 Ca-tterbury Tales 3'30 Nobody But Yourself 4-00 Sesame Street 5.00 Misteroger's 5:30 Electric Company 6:00 Computer Science 6:30 Oleana Trail 7:00 Mad-ing Things Grow 7:30 Our Street : 8: 00 30 Minutes 8:30 Washington Week 9-f.O TV Theater 10:00 Martin Agronsky 10:30 Hathayoga Friday 9:00 Sesame St. 10.00 Government 10: 30 Jambo 10:50 Cover t o Cover II: 10 Your Earth 11:30 Vamsh'g Wilderness 12:00 Spectrum 12:30 Canterbury Tales liOO Listen and Say I'. 15 Ripples 1: '10 Electric Co. 2:00 Primary Ar t 2:15 Physics 2:30 Word Magic 2:\5 Listen and Say 3:00 Government 3:30 Health Education 4:00 Sesame Street 5: 00\ Misteroger's 5: 30 Electric Company 6:00 Computer Science I 6:30 World Press 7:15 Critic at Large 7:30 Wall St- Week 8:00 Civilisation 9:00 Masterpiece Theater 10:00 Martin Agronsky 10:30 Soul

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