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PAGE 2 TUESDAY JUNE 29, 1971 THE JOURNAL Separation: Problem In Catholic Country MADRID (AP) - \I'm not single, married or widowed,\ complains an ex- wife of 32, now living by herself. Neither is she divorced. According to many such women, the pursuit of happiness for the separated Spanish couple is a long, expensive and unrewarding ordeal in a Roman Catholic country where divorce is not le- gal. \I was Just a maid for my husband,\ says the former wife. \Because he did not care about me one way or another, we agreed on a civil split-up^ But I can not marry again. There is only civil or religious separation in Spain.\ Carlos Magaz, a marriage counselor, says separation is a problem in Spain because partners involved are denied the freedom of choice. He says more than 10,000 couples gain civil separation annually in Spain. Magaz says 43 per cent of the couples part because of mistreatment by word or act; 20 per cent claim adultery or concubinage, and 20 per cent family abandonment. \After seven or eight years of marriage, Spanish couples run out of fuel and decide to seek separation in civil courts. Usually trouble' begins when the wife wants a baby and the husband disagrees,\ Magaz says. The Spanish church stands for matrimony for life. Papal teachings state that because Christ promoted marriage to a sacrament, the Catholic church rules on the matrimony although it is handled in the civil courts. Canon law says couples should first marry for procreation, then for mutual help and third for satisfac- tion of sexuality. For centuries, Catholicism defended- in Spain the principles of the Roman lclW) enforced by code and decree with strict moral and theological teachings. But since 1963 the Second Vatican Council looked for a more democratized church and suggested that doctrine and morality should reflect the faith and experience of people'. Many psychologists, doctors and lawyers say that present marriage laws don't go far enough to meet the demands of Spanish couples who failed and are urgently calling for a change. To complicate the situation, Spanish society provides few opportunities for women. A sociologist says: \Statistics show that 90 per cent of active women give up their careers when they find a man. Then most of them want liberty at home, but husbands think freedom is for single girls only.\ \The status of the Spanish female is lamentable,\ says a woman lawyer. The Civil Code is one-sided. Only Article 63 allows women to do something without a husband's permission: to make a testament. In other matters, the husband comes first, as per Article 60: \He is the representative of his wife.\ The law states married women can not handle the assets they take to the matrimony if they lack their husband's consent. She also needs her husband's approval when it comes to signing contracts. Church sources indicated some 1,500 causes for separation or annulment were filed in Spain last year. Of that figure, the court gave 24 sentences of annulment, 164 of separation for life, and 205 of temporary separation. The number of separated .couples who never try to solve their problems in civil or church courts is increasing. \There are tens of thousands of unaccounted-for family crises that do not extend far beyond the walls of their homes,\ says a psychologist. Morristown Public Library Notes Book Arrivals MORRISTOWN - Morristown Public Library has the following new adult fiction books in ready for loan. They are \The Drifters\ - Miehener; \The Dancing Man\ - Hubbard; \Mystery In Hawaii\ .Nelson; \The Tenth Month\ - Hobson; \Whistle Me Home\ - Rubin; \BringMe To'The Banqueting House\ - Biderman; \The Stream\ - Murphy; \Mary\ - Nobokov; \Peyton Place\ - Metalious; \The President\ - Person; \To Tell Your Love\ -Stolz; \Up The Sandbox\ - Royske; \Squandering\ - Monet and \Benjamin Grabbed His Chicken And Ran\ - Gordon. Also, \One Dozen And One\ - Taber; \A Plot of Grass\ - Kauffman, \Black Snow\ - Bulgakov. Adult non-fiction: \Birds Of America\ - McCarthy; \Holiday Homes\- Corey; \Black Badge, Confessions Of A Caseworker; \The Cars Owners Handbook\ - Stapley; \Presidential Lottery\ - Michener; \The Consuming Flame\ - Kenyon and \Sewing Childrens Clothing Made Easy\ - Tarter. Juvenile fiction: \Stories For Six Year Olds and Other Young Readers\ - Corrih; \Eddie's Pay Dirt\ - Haywood; \One Morning In Maine\ - McCloskey; \The Long Pony Trek\ - Langstead; \Early Thunder\ Fritz; \TheMixed-Up Twins\ - Haywood; \Under The Green Willows\ - Coastsworth; \The Winner' - Ringi; \Mrs. Poggi's Holiday\ - Lambert; \The Miller, The Boy and The Donkey\ - Wildsmith. Juvenile non- fiction: \The Snow Queen\ - Anderson. Easy reading: \The Clean Book\ - Barflett; \Be Good, Harry\ Chalmers; \Tree House at Seven Oaks\ - Bothwell and \Panther Lick Creek\ - Haynes. \It is not a public problem because partners dare not share their disgraces with others for fear of being scorned. And this affiicts more often rural fami- lies where hard work and the daily struggle for life have taken the place of .love. They don't split up because of the children's sake,\ he says. - \Spaniards prefer not to wash their dirty linen in public, and their relatives and friends ignore their domestic differ- ences,\ he added., In urban areas, there is more op- portunity to survive a wrecked marriage, but the worst part goes to the women. As one says: \A man is not crit- icized when he goes out with a woman other than his legal wife, but a separated woman does not dare to show up in pub- lic with a man.\ Rocky Signs Snowmobile Regulations ALBANY (AP) Gov. Rockefeller has approved a series of bills aimed at tightening up the state's laws dealing with snowmobiles, the governor's office announced today. The new laws apply to such things as the age of snowmobile operators, liability insurance on the vehicles and the jurisdiction of local governments to set aside areas for their use. Rockefeller issued no comment in signing the legislative package. The bills were requested during the 1971 session by the legislature's study committee on environmental management and natural resources. The purpose was to clarify regulations adopted in 1970 and to extend govern- mental supervision of snowmobile use. The newly approved measures provide that> No snowmobile can be operated legally on public roads unless the owner of the vehicle has obtained liability insurance covering bodily injuries, death and destruction of property. The respective amounts are $10,000, $20,000 and $5,000. — A child under the age of 10 cannot operate a snowmobile on or across a public highway at any tame. — Parents and guardians are responsible if they permit anyone under the age of 16 to operate a snowmobile in violation of state or local regulations. Towns and villages may designate county roads as suitable for snowmobiling if those roads are within the town or village. Goods Must Be Publicized To Get Buyer Attention By S. S. Talbert Department of Journalism University of Mississippi Product improvement and advertising are inseparable partners. Neither means much without the other. In an age when constant im- provement of goods and services is expected, no merchant can keep business indefinitely unless his mer- chandise is changed to meet changing demands. A product which was accepted by the consumer yesterday may be replaced by something different and better today. What was considered good photographic film ten years ago would not sell at any price today. The best advertising can not sell obsolete goods. But goods do not lose favor until advertising makes them obsolete. Every man in business can be sure that he has some competitor,who is trying to make his goods and serives obsolete. Often the competition is not apparent. A product or service may be threatened by something entirely dif- ferent which serves the same purpose. Thus, for an established product to stay in the market it must be improved to meet continuously new threats. But improvements are not enough. The public must be convinced of the value of improvement. When the cotton industry was threatened by the new miracle fabrics, research produced new and better cotton products. Cotton took a new hold on the consumer only after advertising spread the news about the improved cottons. For manufacturers and retailers alike, the laws of economics work ruthlessly. The best of advertising does not seU dated goods. The best of goods can not be sold until their values have been publicized. TRAVEL & SHIP Greyhound Bus • Dependable • Reasonable • Safe PHOTO STOP AGENTS Ph. 393-1211 Ford St. Ogd.N.Y. nil GLASS 13 OZ. COOLER WITH COUPON & MINIMUM PURCHASE.. P • C touches off the fireworks with this Revolutionary Colonial Iridescent Glassware! ,,... 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